A fairy helps a guy take flight.

Laura, for Drekarys

For Drekarys, of their OC Laura. 

The Darkest Capture

A dark fairy ensnares a guy with latex magic. For Tigerzet


This was inspired by some kind of catalog image of an intensely attractive woman in a golden one-piece. I added the really hot background and lighting effects to, like, add to the metaphor.
You get it? She's hot?

Man-Eating God Eater Outfit

Alisa's outfit from God Eater dresses up a hapless guy. For Tigerzet.

Tied Up (Com)

First official paid commission I received on dA, years and years ago. I've come a long way, but this still stands up okay.

Eau D'Erica

Anonymous-69's shapeshifter character transforming into bathwater.
You can find his stuff on deviantArt and CHYOA.com!

Tickling Leather

Tickling Leather gloves for Darkside007.

Dahlia's Dynamic Tension

In a request from Matthew250, Dahlia from Xenoblade riding a balloon while inflating another.

Dance for me

I believe this was a little thing I did on my own during a slow request night. A warlock making a little pack of leggings march on their own.

Sunny on the Couch

Misterdoe asked me to draw Sunny from Lilith, using her newly discovered abilities. Sunny has always been one of my favorite characters, she's also one of my oldest, and the quintessential bad girl in Lilith until Elise shows up.