ZeroConfidence's OC, transformed into a naga.

Easy Chores

I believe this was someone's inspecific idea on a stream about someone doing chores with telekinesis--but if I'm being totally honest I can't totally remember where this one came from either.

Yoko's Balloon Ride

Gurren Lagann's Yoko Littner laying on an inflating balloon for Matthew250

Worship Me

Gift art for a dA user who followed me. She did a few domme glamour sets, and I drew this for her.
Like my account, her account's long gone, else I'd link it.


This was inspired by some kind of catalog image of an intensely attractive woman in a golden one-piece. I added the really hot background and lighting effects to, like, add to the metaphor.
You get it? She's hot?

Zach's Nursery

Zach from Heiress in Bloom has an extra-embarrassing day in the mansion. 


Lissa breast expansion for ChaosEcho

Sock Selfie


Cotton Kiss


Amy Rose's Ride

Sonic's Amy Rose topless riding latex balloons in a request for Cyan60

Medusa's Momentum

A rare 4-panel request outside of my usual subject matter for Azel98. Sometimes if people ask real nice, and I otherwise like the character or find the content interesting, I will challenge myself. This was really more just a bit of fun than anything else.