Medusa's Momentum

A rare 4-panel request outside of my usual subject matter for Azel98. Sometimes if people ask real nice, and I otherwise like the character or find the content interesting, I will challenge myself. This was really more just a bit of fun than anything else. 


Gift art for Meg: a drawn interpretation of Domina Nyx as a Technoauthority. She captures Meg with help from her little robot friends.

Worship Me

Gift art for a dA user who followed me. She did a few domme glamour sets, and I drew this for her.
Like my account, her account's long gone, else I'd link it.

Amy Rose's Ride

Sonic's Amy Rose topless riding latex balloons in a request for Cyan60

Terra BE

Terra breast expansion for ChaosEcho

Mysterial Studies

OmegaSyntaX's sorceress Mysterial studies some ancient texts.

Sock Selfie


Cotton Kiss


Zach's Nursery

Zach from Heiress in Bloom has an extra-embarrassing day in the mansion. 

Sweater Grope

A woman enchants her sweater to play with her breasts.