Couture Capture

3 - Decision


one week ago


He tried to roll himself over in bed, but there was nothing under his arm to push against. He flailed half-asleep until he sensed his body rotate from the momentum.

“Whoa!” Derek relaxed, finally realizing what was going on. “Hey, I'd really wish you'd wake me up and then make me drift into the air without giving me a say in it.” Laughter from in front of him. When he saw it, the lump in the sheet covering his waistline grew.

“Sorry, baby. Nurse's orders.”

It was one of Jackie's nurse uniforms, with a couple of...unprofessional substitutions. In fact, the only real components were the buttoned white shirt with shoulder patches and the latex gloves. The rest was far from official issue. White translucent stockings ran under a tight white skirt and tapered down to white patent ankle boots with red vinyl crosses stitched into the sides. The cap hovering over the shirt was novelty too, as evidenced by the same vinyl patch.

“Besides, you've been sleeping up there for an hour quite peacefully. Mr. Willy must have liked it, because he came out to play for a little while. I thought about helping you along, but it didn't feel right without you being there for the fun.”

The thin white latex gloves sexily traced their fingers over each other at the ends of invisible arms. Derek was remembering his start-to-finish hand job Jackie's ivory satin gloves had given him a couple of days ago. It was glorious. One ghostly hand pumping madly as the other cradled perfectly, both dancing their fingers in rhythm...It could only get better with these. He savored the thought of slippery latex gloves all over his cock.

“Oh my...your secrets just get dirtier and dirtier.” Derek heard a giggle. “We've found something you're really interested in, have we?”

Derek's jaw dropped. Could it be that they...

“Oh, Derek. Derek, Derek, Derek.” He heard something shuffling on the bureau. It was a box of unpowdered medical latex gloves. He heard the rubbery flapping with each new glove that pulled itself from the box. Suddenly there were four additional inflated latex gloves, then a dozen. Now they flew out in clumps, separated, and bulged out with force. There had to be thirty pairs of slender latex hands now, all partnered up and aimed at Derek.

“Now hold on, ladies,” One of the gloves said. It flew over to a dresser drawer and pulled it open. Derek knew what was waiting inside. A second later the latex hand emerged with a large bottle of clear viscous fluid. “Everyone line up. This needs to be a proper examination.” The latex gloves obeyed, pairing up their hands in a line.

Another glove swooped in to uncap the bottle. Once it was open, the glove holding it turned it upside down, squeezing the slippery lubricant over the other latex gloves liberally. Derek heard a chorus of quiet feminine giggles and squishing noises of lubricated latex on latex.

It had been weeks now since Jackie's clothes revealed their secret lives to Derek, and though there were still times when he found their fun a little imposing, he had long passed the point of resistance. It occurred to him that he fulfilled the role of pet more than anything else; while he was made comfortable in every sense of the word, he was never left unattended.

Panties and socks and gloves and shirts hid in his car, even keeping watch over him when he left the house. Jackie's dirty clothes in the bathroom would spring to life the moment he shut the door, and Derek had assistance—welcome or not—with every shower or shave. But the biggest event of the day was always in the morning, right after Jackie left for work. The mesh shirt and jeans outfit had once affectionately named Derek's usual wake-up call “a cure for morning stiffness,” though the stiffness the clothes were talking about was acutely and pleasantly exacerbated before the actual “cure” took effect.

This morning was different, though. They were already cranking into overdrive, and though he wasn't at all disappointed—he still had to wonder if this mysterious force (or these for-ces) could actually read his mind. It seemed to get a lot more enthusiastic about the gloves after he went over the memory of the satiny hand-job he received.

When he reacted to seeing the latex gloves drifting at the end of an invisible nurse's arms, he thought for a split-second about how interesting things could get with more than two hands. Without missing a beat, the force had reacted very affirmatively. Now better than half of the gloves were out of the box, filled out to slender feminine shapes and being greased up with clear, frictionless lube.

“You know how fucking quick you're going to make me cum?” Derek asked, his mouth twisted into a smile. As far as he knew, it was true. His cock was pumped with anticipation, begging the slippery white fingers to wrap around him, cradle him, tweak him and tease him.

“You'll come when I want you to come, silly boy,” The nurse's outfit responded. The door creaked open, and the mesh shirt and tight blue jeans strutted in. The nurse's outfit turned toward the door with its unlubed gloved at the outfit's hips. “You could knock.”

“I don't think so,” the mesh shirt chuckled. “If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be here to interrupt.” The outfit stopped and turned to Derek, crossing its mesh sleeves under its chest and slightly lifting its invisible tits. “Much as I hate to say it, you've got a decision to make.”

> >“Me?” It didn't process. Since the day Jackie's clothing came to life, he was effectively deaf to the words “you”, “decision” and “make” in the same sentence.

“You, Derek. It's not very fair, seeing as you're a little weighted right now,” A mesh sleeve reached out toward his midsection, and he felt unseen fingers tighten around the lump in the sheet. Derek sighed. “But I trust your strength of will,” the shirt continued, gripping his manhood and pulling. “Just remember, you only get one answer, and once the decision is made, it's made forever.”

“You couldn't wait until I was done with him?” The nurse's outfit protested. “I've been waiting very patiently for my turn, and he's been fantasizing about me ever since you let us reveal ourselves to him.”

There it was again. The outfit was right. Derek always wanted to see Jackie in some fantasy hybridization of her work uniform, but he held back on telling her that. He imagined being a real nurse kinda killed the fun of dressing up as a sexy nurse, but that didn't stop him from thinking about it. He'd been waiting for Jackie's work clothes to join the ranks of the others who'd played with him.

“I'll be fast,” The mesh shirt said. “Derek, you've got three options. First, you come with me. You don't ask any questions about where we're going or what we're going to do. If you come with me, you agree to stay with me until I release you.” There was a pause, and just as Derek opened his mouth-- “Second, I leave alone, and you stay here with them. They're your girlfriend's clothes, so whatever plans they have with you, I'm not privy to them. Keep that in mind.” Derek started considering the two options as the mesh shirt continued. “Third, I leave alone, and my gift to them comes with me.” A sleeve pointed at the nurse's outfit, and the latex gloves at the hips rose up and pressed against an invisible face.

“You can't—”

“Hush!” The mesh outfit commanded the nurse's blouse. The curvy mesh torso turned back to face Derek. “As I was saying, choice number three is that I leave here, I take the power I've given them with me, and you'll never, ever find yourself in a situation like this again.”

And now there was a deliberate pause. Derek saw his chance.

“'re letting me think about this, right?” He watched as the legs of the jeans pulled themselves under each other, bringing the outfit into a hovering cross-legged position. The outfit hovered over the bed and next to Derek's own hovering body.

“Conviction under pressure, kiddo. You've got sixty seconds to answer me, starting now.”

He could tell she wasn't kidding, and it was already killing him. Despite all these fantastic events, Jackie came into his head first. He knew there'd be no follow up questions to clarify those choices—it was clear that they were offered as is, and the mesh shirt had already been explicit in the finality of Derek's decision.

“Forty five seconds.”

Choice one was out. He couldn't leave this house alongside that force without asking questions. He wouldn't abandon the woman he loved. Choice three might have held some appeal when all of this started—when Derek was more than a little nervous about the his perpetual magical company.


Choice two seemed rational—though he still wouldn't be in control, he'd get to stay at home and he wouldn't forfeit the incredible supernatural attention that he'd become accustomed to. Also...while he really didn't want to believe it was a factor, the thirty or so pairs of greased and lubricated latex gloves hovering nearby pushed him further in favor of this option. The mesh shirt had said Jackie's clothes would have plans of their own, and Derek though back to the cryptic conversation they'd had some time ago—the first time Derek really allowed them to dominate him completely. Are we really sure we want to do this? Don't you think he'll be happy?

“Fifteen seconds, lover.”

He tried to bring up the conversation later on, but the mention of it lead to a lightning-fast response consisting of gagging and tickle torture. After experiencing the teasing tactile punishment from the second offense, he dropped it. While there was something kinky about being kept in a cage of sensation, this force didn't know the meaning of slow down. Derek much preferred to cooperate. Invisible blow jobs and hand jobs were addicting rewards.


“Much as my curiosity is nagging at me,” Derek cut in, “I can't just leave Jackie, especially without asking questions about what's going I'd like to stay here with all of them.” Derek waved an arm at the living sexy nurse outfit, the closet and and the dresser. “But since I'm not going with you, can I ask a few questions?”

“Not a one,” The mesh outfit said. “You can direct all your questions to your new mistresses.” Its voice was matter-of-fact, but not in a rude way. “I'd like to say goodbye though, if no one minds.”

“So long as you don't make him cream when you do it,” A lubed glove said. “We know how your goodbyes can be.”

“Yeah,” another chimed in. “We already called the happy ending.” The slick fingers of the glove coiled up and the glove moved up and down, pantomiming exactly what they meant.

The outfit must have taken the banter as a sign that no one minded, because it soon hovered over Derek and uncrossed its legs, floating down to straddle his bulging cock with its tight denim thighs. Derek let out a groan as the mesh shirt leaned into him, pressing warm invisible tits covered in netting against his own bare chest.

“Your girlfriend has made an exceptional choice, Derek.” Invisible lips took his own before he had a chance to mutter any thanks. A velvety tongue forced its way into his mouth, making his cock inflate between the denim thighs. “You should know they're very proud of her decision too...and they all like you. Very much.” The ferocious invisible kissing didn't stop, but the voice continued. “And I'd say if you continue being as obedient and cooperative as you are now, everyone here is going to be happy for a long time.” The denim hips danced against Derek's. “Mmmm...a long, long time.”

Derek felt his lip playfully bit and pulled when the kiss concluded. When the gloves mentioned the possibility of the mesh outfit “making him cream”, Derek thought they were joking at first. Now he was starting to see how it was possible. The mesh shirt wrapped its sleeves tightly around him, and Derek felt a cheek press against his own as a whisper came into his ear.

“You're one of the good guys, Derek, and good guys get rewarded. Your girlfriend's clothes are a little obnoxious, but their loyalty to you is real. Trust them, okay?” Derek slowly nodded as the soft invisible cheek left his own. His attention was once again drawn to the beautifully displaced mesh shirt pressed against him. "If, however, you find that weapon of yours inside a magic sheathe--think twice about the kind of power you're firing into it."

How ominous. It wasn't the first time he'd been cautioned about a magic pussy, though the last warning wasn't nearly as colorful as this one.

“As if any of you could have any more power over me than you already do," Derek said. No response from the outfit. "Will you, uh, come back to visit?” Derek asked, bringing his hands up to the outfit's hips.

“Probably not,” The outfit responded, “though I'm sure you know—now more than ever—that anything's possible.” The torso sat up, pulling away from Derek. Once again, the outfit hovered away from Derek's body and down to the floor.

Derek looked at the door as a large black leather handbag hovered into the room, the long straps curving as if draped over an invisible shoulder. As the bag approached the outfit, the jeans deflated and folded between the legs, the again at the knees. The voluptuous mesh shirt kept hovering as the folded jeans placed themselves inside the bag, now holding itself open like a hungry mouth.

“Take care, Derek,” The mesh shirt said. He felt something grab his cock through the sheets, but the shirt was nowhere near him. “And you take care of him,” the shirt said to the nurse's outfit, still waiting patiently. “He's trusting you all. Don't abuse it.” A giggle came out of the crowd of gloves.

“He's gonna like the kind of abuse we've got in mind,” A pair of lubed gloves wrung their hands together. “Don't worry about him.” A mesh sleeve waved as the gorgeous shape fell out of the shirt, which folded at its shoulders, then in half. As soon as it fell in with the jeans, the leather bag closed, swung around, and headed for the door.

“How's she going to leave?” Derek asked. One of the unlubed gloves at the uniform's hips pointed at the door, and it slammed and locked.

“She's got her methods,” the outfit said. “Aren't you more interested in finishing what we started?” The glove pointed at Derek and twirled a finger. The sheet that had been covering Derek flew out of his reach, and now he was naked, hard, and suspended in the air. Now all the lubed pairs of gloves began to surround him. “Ever had a prostate massage, Derek?”

His face dropped. Laughter from all around him.

“Well, that's a no.” The outfit chuckled as the laughter from the gloves died down. “You're dating a nurse and you've never explored your own g-spot?” Derek looked around at all the primed gloves.

“I'm just not really into--”

“Shh...” The outfit pulled one of its gloves up, placing a finger over its invisible mouth. “You don't trust that we know what you're into Derek?” He watched as the first of the 30 pairs approached him. He felt cool, slippery latex fingers against his cock, wrapping around him and polishing him with lube. Another hand went underneath, cradling him and greasing him down. Just as he moaned, two more frictionless latex gloves pressed against his shoulders, beginning to massage them. As he marveled at the two slender ghostly hands pumping him up to capacity, 2 more pairs approached, one pair going to each of his thighs. Now another four gloves at his back. Now two more pairs at his calves. More slippery fingers sliding up and down his forearms.

Derek moaned louder now, his body convulsing involuntarily as teasing fingers danced over every sensitive area. Strong, immovable gloves had their fingers clamped around his ankles and wrists, and even though he could slip around inside them he couldn't break free.

Not that he wanted to. Lube covered thumbs glided over his rigid nipples. His thighs, calves, and back were being worked over by expert latex fingers. He was being pumped faster and faster, his engorged cock now inflated to full capacity. Gloves squeezed and played with his ass, sometimes roughly grabbing a cheek, sometimes sweeping in closer and closer to Derek's obvious taboo. He'd been going along with everything, but he cringed when a latex finger tried to work its way into him.

“Relax,” said the glove. “It'll feel good, I promise.” Derek made a worried sound and tried to look behind him at the intruder, but another glove pulled his chin to face forward. “Listen, boy. Do you like what you're feeling now?” Outside of some traffic trying to go up his one way street, he loved it—but he knew better than to say that. They were looking for a yes or no, and a 'no' risked the possibility of every wonderful slippery latex finger ceasing in that moment.

It was idiotic. He accepted the fact that he could be picked up, thrown into a wall and sucked off by nothing more than ghostly empty clothes...he could be their pet and comply with their every command with no second thoughts...but he couldn't handle some advanced assplay? It was time to be brave. Derek finally nodded. It was delayed, but delivered with convincing enthusiasm.

“Then that's all you should be worrying about, boy.” Derek felt his cheeks spread by two gloves, and heard the squirt of the lube bottle. He gasped when the cool lube hit his opening, but when a lubed finger slowly slid into him, he went completely silent. “It'll feel a little strange at first,” the glove said, muffled, “But once I find what I'm looking for, all this wonderful teasing is going to be amplified by a thousand.”

It didn't hurt, but it was a pretty alien feeling. Luckily Derek had other things to focus on, like the lubricated gloves tweaking his nipples and grabbing his pecs. The latex finger sliding up his ass didn't have any negative effect on his erection, and just as the sensation was about to slip into all the other wonderful hands sliding, prodding and teasing all over his skin...

He shuddered, emitting an otherworldly sound to match the outrageous sexual pulse that just fired from deep within him. Feminine squeals and shouts of encouragement came from the gloves.

“That's it, baby!”

“Yeah, do you like it?”

“Just wait until you come...we're going to shake the house down!”

Derek didn't have the presence of mind to answer. As the well lubricated latex gently played against the wall of his prostate, he clinched and sputtered and moaned.

“I think he wants more,” the muffled glove behind him said. He felt something thin and slippery squeeze between his tight ass and the finger already inside it. “Ready for this, Derek?” Suddenly, he felt something bulge inside him. It only took him a second to realize that another lubed finger swelled in his ass. He was jittery now, ready to explode. His prostate had never gotten such direct attention before, and he was already hard and waiting for release from the moment the nurse's outfit woke him up.

“More, more...” Derek managed, his eyes rolling back as he shook with uncontrollable pleasure.

“That's it, my little sex scout,” The nurse's outfit said. “I like a man who can handle a new experience.” Derek came back into focus, looking at the outfit. The unlubed latex gloves were hiking up the tight white skirt, pulling it up and over the hose garters. Once the skirt was pulled up all the way, Derek saw that the garters were attached to a white garter belt, pulled just over a matching pair of crotchless white satin panties. “I want you to come into me.” The outfit turned around, showing Derek the wedgie the panties made between the tight invisible cheeks. The outfit bent at the hip, tightening the panties around the unseen curves.

Derek's body began to rotate upright, and every glove followed the motion smoothly, continuing their dancing fingers without a pause. The entire nurse's ensemble hovered back toward him, lifting and spreading its legs as they presented an invisible wiggling ass. Derek's already impossibly hard cock jumped at the sight, even as it was pumped by the shining disembodied latex hand.

As the gloves at his front moved aside, the satiny ass of the outfit pressed against his stomach, sliding down closer to his cock. The two latex fingers inside him pressed against the wall of his prostate, and Derek's face twisted with raw pleasure as his cock jumped again, this time meeting the opening of the crotchless panties.

Think twice about the kind of power you're firing into it. Was it just a metaphor not to let them get too carried away? Derek had been invisibly sucked off, jerked off, worked over by his own clothes, Jackie's clothes, a silk scarf, and an enchanted condom... What was dangerous about fucking it that wasn't dangerous about all the other things they were doing?

It was warm and wet. Derek pushed himself against the damp invisible slit again and again. When the outfit finally made its move, it was a full assault of pleasure. The invisible hips gliding their pussy against the top of Derek's cock suddenly shifted down just as another powerful stroke came from the fingers within him. He let out an animal howl as the hips pushed against his cock, surrounding him with tight magic pussy.

Whatever. The power he was 'shooting' couldn't make that much of a difference. These things were bending physical law, if they haven't already broken it.

Derek's arms were held out to his sides by the latex gloves gripping his wrists. Now the back of the nurse's outfit was riding his stiff cock, gyrating and pushing, driving him deeper and making him harder.

“Drink it up, ladies...I've got him inside me!” The outfit squealed. Whoa. Did it make a difference? The latex gloves all over his body were starting to make pleasurable little noises of their own now—almost as if they could feel what the outfit riding him was feeling.

Derek watched all the other clothes parading in, pulling themselves out of closets and wandering into the room from downstairs. He was harder and deeper into the sensations of his throbbing cock than he'd ever been. The countless smooth slippery fingers all over his body had something to do with it, but they were right—the prostate massage alone was pulling him into an uncontrollable and transcending high.

The pink robe, camisole and panties were there. The purple pajamas and ivory gloves were there. Sleeves rubbed between legs. Gloves teased puffing and camel-toed panties. Derek could feel it all around him...they were waiting for him to come. He didn't care what was going to happen to him. Whatever it was, it certainly beat forever wondering what this could have felt like.

It was almost like a siren. It started as a low rumble of a moan from Derek, and a wailing crescendo from the living clothing followed. When Derek bellowed, it was swallowed up by the feminine shrieks of pleasure surrounding him.

“!” One perfectly forced thrust from the outfit made its enchanted pussy swallow Derek's cock entirely. All the gloves contracted at once, pulling and kneading Derek's flesh as he shot hot cum into this magic outfit via the soft phantom body he couldn't see.

“Oh my god, give it all to us...” One of the hovering lingerie sets across the room shouted, teasing its own tits and clit with invisible fingers. Lubed gloves smacked Derek's ass as he continued pumping his seed. Normally the ejaculation would have peaked by now, but it was still intensifying.

Derek panted and growled like a dog as his orgasm continued. His muscles tensed and relaxed with every pump of his cock, and he was too caught up in the sensations to be concerned with the chaos that was unfolding in the room. Jackie's clothes were getting rough with each other now, pulling on bra straps, squeezing handfuls of invisible tit and sliding enchanted panties aside with naughty invisible fingers.

“I'm coming!” The nurse's outfit shouted. All the clothes around the room echoed the sentiment. Every surface of the room was occupied with what looked like an invisible sapphic orgy, spilling shouts of feminine release all around the room. The outfit riding Derek leaned back, pressing its invisible ass into him while twisting the translucent stockings around his knees. The more intrusive gloves retreated from Derek's body while the ones massaging him remained.

Derek's arms were released, and the second he realized it he reached out and around the blouse, grabbing the tits and pulling the blouse back toward him. The magic pussy pulsed against his cock as he finally realized the extent of his actions. The room was filled with coupled and grouped outfits, some filled Jackie's shape, some filled beyond. They were hovering, cooing and groping each other with unseen touch...laying on the ceiling, plastered to the walls...somehow, the scent of sex was everywhere.

No one spoke a word for minutes afterward. Derek had noticed some of the gloves head out of the room, and he heard the shower going now. Were they washing themselves?

“Mmm...yes, they are, lover,” The outfit said, raising one of its soft unlubed gloves behind it and touching Derek's face.

He knew it! They could hear his thoughts.

“Of course we can,” Continued the outfit as it traced latex fingers over his lips. Derek parted them and began sucking on a latex finger, making the rubber bulge in his mouth. “You've given us your most intimate energies. We know even more about you now. Maybe even more than you do.” A couple of the other outfits in the room laughed as they drifted back to their places in the closet.

“Thanks, Derek. We owe you big!” A pair of satin panties drifted back into the dresser. A pair of pants approached. Their hips stretching the fabric even wider than Jackie's did.

"Wait until you feel that from the other side.” The pants said.

“Um--what?” Derek asked. A latex glove swooped over and smacked the living pants on the ass. Another glove joined it.

“Get back in the dresser and don't waste your voice.” The pants turned, shaking their booty at the gloves. It only earned them more slaps.

“Wait, what's that about?” Derek asked.

“You gave yourself to us, Derek.” The remaining gloves massaging him starting tracing teasing patterns down his skin. The stretch pants that had apparently almost spoiled the surprise retreated to a drawer in the dresser. “You obey us, you chose us, you came for us.”

Which didn't answer the question at all. When Derek tried to ask again, an invisible finger pressed against his closed lips. He knew what that meant.

With the departure of the mesh shirt, Jackie's wardrobe behaved basically the same, but the items started to use Derek for gratification even more frequently. They got bolder, even when Jackie was present. Socks and stockings obscured under desks and tables would play footsie with him, even with her in the room.

Despite the change of regime, Derek assumed things would go on like this. He was wrong. The next step was set into motion. In a matter of days, things would change rather drastically.


the present

The air on the sea was beautiful. There was just a gentle breeze, and the swaying of the boat didn't really bother Derek. If he could handle being levitated and turned upside down, he could handle the rolling sea. He was laying on a bed in the master suite of the yacht, recovering from his last release.

“It's almost time now, lover.” The voice didn't seem to come from anywhere in particular. It was strange to feel this presence without having any clothes to look at. It was one thing to be haunted and played with by targets that he could see, but since he'd been kidnapped, he hadn't seen so much as a pair of gloves or underwear.

“Where are you?” He didn't exactly expect an answer, but he asked anyway.

“Pretty much anywhere you want me to be, Derek. Does it bug you?” It didn't bug him so much, but he did feel more comfortable with a form that couldn't simply be muted. The way the being made love to him was amazing with or without clothes accompanying its presence—but in moment-to-moment interactions, he preferred to have something to direct his voice at.

“It's hard to explain.” Which meant, of course, that she was going to pull it out of him now.

“Try.” The voice was firm. He didn't have a reason to hold back anyway.

“I think with the clothes, it's--” Wait a second. Why'd he need to explain it? “Hey, can't you tell what I'm thinking?”

“Not right now I can't. I'm focusing on something else at the moment.” Derek swore it was the first time he heard the word 'can't' in relation to its abilities. “Try and explain, please.” The register in the last sentence shifted so sweetly that Derek almost thought he had an option in the request.

“It's not loneliness, because I know I'm not alone. You know, my body senses it, my mind suspects it—but when I'm just talking to you I want something to identify with. Some form to recognize you.” He still couldn't put it into words. He tried, but what came out wasn't it.

“But you just said it--Your body senses me. Your mind suspects me.” She turned it into an immediate demonstration as Derek felt his body rise off the bed. He moved steadily in the cabin again as the boat swayed around him. Invisible hands started massaging his feet and moved up to his ankles. Halfway up his calves, they disappeared. “You know where I'm going next, Derek.” He looked between his legs and waited for it. It couldn't have been 15 minutes since he last came, but his cock was already jumping in anticipation again. “Even if your mind doesn't, your body does.” Unseen fingers wrapped around him, and he saw the impressions of every silky emulated digit pump him slowly.

Derek's eyes rolled back as he absorbed the hand-massage coaxing him to attention. “I've come to realize it's not a lack of control—I'm handling that pretty well, I think,”


“And it's not that I need something visual to be aroused, as you've repeatedly proven since you kidnapped me.” The hand stopped pumping him. Derek was rigid now, and the entity gripped him tighter and held on.

“Are you still calling it kidnapping, my dear? Aren't you happy to be here?” He was so hard that it hurt when he laughed.

“Of course I am," Derek cooed. "It's still kidnapping. You restrained me, kept me in darkness for three days, and now I'm gliding over the Pacific with no way to contact anyone." Still hard. Still being held. "Even if Jackie's safe, even if--for whatever reason--she's NOT worried about me, you still kidnapped me." Derek was getting bold. This entity was all about play, so it couldn't hurt him to try and get in on the game. Cock hard, eyes smiling. Still no response. Just gripping him. Waiting. “Alright, listen," Derek chuckled nervously. "You blindfolded me, took me from my home, and brought me to an inescapable location. What would you call it?” He was grinning wide feeling the smooth fingers start pumping again.

“I'd call it an adventure,” the voice responded. “But maybe you won't see it my way until I show exactly how easy it is to escape now that we're all the way out here.”

“Which is...”

“The Pacific, obviously." A smart-ass laugh followed. "If that's not specific enough for you, you can see where the coast is using the GPS on the bridge. But that won't tell you where we're going.” Derek got the same jolt one gets in the first split-second of free-fall in a roller coaster car. How easy it is to escape now that we're all the way out here. Our destination has nothing to do with solitude. He couldn't help it. Where was she going to take him?

“So why don't you tell me where we're going?” After he said it, the hand gripped harder still, eliciting a moan from him. It slid down his shaft, all the way to the base. He felt four more fingers and a thumb wrap around the upper half of his cock, and both hands started moving now.

“Soon, Derek. Soon. You'll learn more as the the last remnants of the sunset fade to stars.” The sun had set. Distracting as her silky double-handed stroke was, he had just been sated; it was the only time his body stood a chance against her luscious phantom touch.

“More, but not everything.” He sat up to rest on his elbows, watching the skin on his member slide up and down over his throbbing cock. The entity laughed as the exhale in one of Derek's deep breaths came out as more of a hum of pleasure. He started lightly thrusting his hips in motion with the hands.

Her sultry laugh was the only response he got for the next couple of minutes. The higher hand eventually released, and before Derek could blink it was replaced by something warm and wet. As soon as he felt the lick from under his shaft, he knew she wouldn't be stopped from finishing the job again. Still, she could talk...

“How long are you going to make me wait?” He watched his tip gyrate around on its own, manipulated my wet, invisible lips as the emulated hand at his shaft continued its tight-gripped stroke.

“Come for me once more,” the voice said. “Give yourself to me again, and I'll tell you more than you can handle."


three days ago

Derek woke to feel himself stiffening from the stroke of a pair of black leather gloves. He laid in bed with the blankets off of him, and this time a sleeping Jackie was right next to him, breathing softly and steadily.

He couldn't tell them to go away, and there was no telling how things would go if he tried to stop them. The soft, moist leather worked him up and down, and he soon realized that the quicker he came, the quicker it could be over.

He closed his eyes and let himself sink into the sensations at his cock, but it wasn't going to be as easy as he expected. The pillow and bed fell away from him, and when he opened his eyes the ceiling was three feet closer. He was still being pumped and cradled by the leather gloves, but this time he couldn't make a sound.

Could he? If he shouted, Jackie would wake up before he fell onto the bed. Right?

Whatever was going on with the force playing with him, it had already warned him not to try to reveal it. He'd be breaking the rule, and he knew it. Then he realized he shouldn't even be thinking the thoughts that just passed through his head. He was getting a weightless hand job from a pair of soft leather gloves. The entity knew what it was doing. If it could dodge at just the right moment every other second of the waking day—if it could skim Derek's thoughts, then it could certainly handle this without waking Jackie.

All Derek had to do was cooperate and let it happen.

“You've proven yourself worthy of our trust again and again, Derek.” It was a barely audible whisper. Now Derek began turning over in the air until he faced the bed. “You're going to get a reward like you've never gotten before.” He wasn't restrained, but he was absolutely weightless. He realized it when he moved his arms.

He hovered over Jackie as the gloves gripped and pulled at him. Jackie let out a pleasant little sound, pulling Derek's attention to her. She was smiling, but her eyes were closed.

“Don't worry, she won't wake up,” The whisper said. “Now watch, Derek. You'll like this.” Jackie made another sound, and Derek watched as the blankets on her began peeling themselves away from her body. They pulled down to her belly button and stopped. Derek watched in awe as he saw indentations dance over her perfect breasts, playing around her nipples before becoming the negative space of a full, squeezing hand.

“Yeaaaaaah...” Jackie's fingers gripped her pillow tightly as she was caressed and fondled by ghostly hands. Derek didn't know what to think, watching her respond without being roused from sleep.

“Relax, Derek. I told you, you've nothing to worry about.” Both hands gripped Jackie's tits tightly now, pressing them up as they spilled between the invisible fingers. Now she was giggling, starting to breathe heavier. She was obviously enjoying herself. Even through his initial anxieties, Derek couldn't avoid his natural biological response to hearing Jackie's sounds of pleasure—to watching her gorgeous body prodded and teased by the same sexually ferocious forces that had him at their mercy. “That's my boy. Enjoy yourself.”

One of the gloves traced its fingers over Derek's stomach while the other continued its work on his rigid cock. It moved up to his chest, dancing over his pecs before sliding over his collar and lightly running a leathery finger around his earlobe. He did his best to keep his low groan to a minimum.

“Oh, don't worry about that,” The voice said. “Now that I've got her going, you can make all the noise you want, so long as it's related to this.” The glove at his face flew somewhere behind him. A second later, he felt the leather fingers grab his ass.

“Mmmm...” Derek made his pleasure more audible this time as he weightlessly thrust with the hands stroking his cock and squeezing his ass. He eyes were focused on Jackie's thighs as her heels gently slid away from each other on the soft sheets. Derek licked his lips. Tufts of Jackie's trimmed pubic hair moved around on their own for a second before her labia spread open. Jackie gasped.

“ want to lick it, don't you?” Derek couldn't believe what he was hearing. The shadows in the room danced over Jackie's pink pussy as invisible fingers spread it open. Her clit seemed to flick itself up and down. “Ooh, yeah—like that, like that, like that...” The commands were so confident—so coherent. Was Jackie really still asleep? The voice had already twice insisted that she was, but... “Suck the honey off of me, baby.”

Her eyes never fluttered once. Jackie really was talking dirty in her sleep, and Derek imagined that she was having some kind of phenomenal sex dream—maybe something the voice had planted?

“Oh, that's—mmmm...that's excellent, baby. Keep going.” Derek's cock was pulsing with tension again. Jackie was glistening now; wetter with every enchanted sensation moving over her. Still being stroked, fondled and squeezed, Derek didn't know how much longer he could hold back.

“What if...what if I c--”

“Don't worry, boy,” The voice replied, cutting off Derek's question. “It's not a question of if. It's a question of when, and when you come, we'll catch every drop before it hits her pretty little face. ...not that it wouldn't be fun to see you let loose all over her—but that might be one of the few things that could wake her up.”

“Fuck meeee...” Jackie moaned, her lips sliding up and down with the invisible mouth and hands exploring her. She was spread open again, her moist darkness yielding to a protruding invisible tongue. “Mmm—fuck me, fuck me. I want to be fucked now.”

“Are you saying I can just let loose?” Derek whispered.

“Yes, yes. But not just yet. There's something I want to try with both of you.” The glove at Derek's cock leapt a few feet away and made a beckoning motion at the bed stand. The top drawer slid open, and a condom hovered out, bobbing toward Derek. The wrapper tore in half beneath him, leaving the hovering latex pod in front of his tip. The enchanted condom rolled its way up his shaft, and he swore he felt the latex contract around his cock for a second. “Good. And now that I have the proper mold...” An edge of the condom lifted up, letting air into the condom as it slithered its way back off of Derek's prick.

“Wait, what are you—mmm...” Derek groaned when the glove behind him reached around and grabbed his cock again. The other glove hovered down toward Jackie and began rubbing her clit with two leather fingers. The condom had pulled itself all the way off now, holding its shape as it bobbed between Jackie's legs.

“You're going to love this,” the voice said. The leather glove at Derek's cock released him and slid up his stomach, tracing its fingertips back over his torso. His engorged and aching dick hung stiff and heavy. When the haunted condom made contact with Jackie's slick pussy, Derek gasped.

He felt something against the tip of his own cock, something soft, wet and velvety. When the sensation came a second time, it was a lasting fire at the tip of his prick, and he refocused on the phantom cock sliding side to side, teasing Jackie. When the condom moved, Derek's member did the same, but what was happening wasn't completely clear to him until the magic condom burrowed itself into Jackie.

“Ohhhh, YEAH! FUCK ME, DEREK!” The hollow latex bubble filled Jackie slowly and rhythmically. Derek's own cock was compressed by invisible flesh as the familiar feeling of an emulated pussy surrounded him, teasing away at the same pace the haunted condom fucked Jackie.

“That's amaaaazing,” Derek moaned. The anxiety was drained from him now as he gave in entirely, watching himself manipulated by an invisible pussy as an equally invisible member penetrated his girlfriend. The leather glove slipped over his shoulder and worked its fingers through Derek's hair.

“It gets better, Derek.” A sultry laugh dissipated into a wail of pleasure from Jackie.

Jackie stopped pulling at the twisted sheets beneath her. Her arms sprang off the bed as she reached out for the body of the invisible lover throbbing inside her.

Derek gasped. He felt arms wrap around his back and grasp him. Below him, Jackie's arms seemed to rest against an invisible form. With the realization of the full effect, Derek reached his own hand out in front of him to see if it worked both ways. Before he made contact with anything, he felt something grip his wrist and pull his arm up. The other followed behind it.

“Let us do everything, Derek. Just enjoy.” On the door, the pink sash of Jackie's silk robe danced out of its loops while the robe remained lifeless on its hook. The sash wrapped itself around Derek's wrists once and coiled its ends down his arm. Tying was unnecessary; dynamic constriction was much more fun.

The leather glove playing with Jackie floated back up to Derek, tracing around his torso. The glove in Derek's hair joined it, and his cock stiffened harder inside the magic pussy when ten leather fingers dug into his pecs.

Jackie's hands worked their way down the invisible form before her, and Derek felt her displaced hands grabbing his ass and pulling him against her body more urgently with every thrust. Carefree laughter spilled from Jackie's lips as the disembodied cock inside her lit up every nerve.

“I'm gonna come...I'm gonna come, Derek. Fuck me HARD!”

But it wasn't up to him. He felt his body pushed and pulled against soft invisible flesh as he hung suspended in the middle of the room, his arms held over his head by the silky constricting sash. The leather gloves teased his nipples and stroked his chest. His thrusting shifted gears, sliding him in and out of the magic pussy faster, driving him in deeper with every stroke.

Derek was panting like a dog now. Jackie's squeals and shrieks sang imminent orgiastic release as the pair each fucked the other's ethereal form. Derek could feel the orgasm building in him, ready to erupt.

“Do it, Derek. Make her release.” The gloves twisted his nipples, and the magic hands at his backside grabbed his ass tightly, pulling him in for the final thrust. Derek came, letting out a quiet but triumphant moan as his cock pumped into the warmth of the invisible body. Derek's ejaculation sent Jackie into sexual nirvana, and the ghostly hands moved up his back, scratching him as he sounded with the sweet agony of release.

Derek lost himself in the sensation for a few moments, the caresses over his skin turning softer and gentler again as pleasure washed over his body.

He opened his eyes again when the invisible hips pulled away from him, leaving no sign of any fluid outside the slickness. As Derek's glistening cock slowly softened, the arms around him fell away as Jackie's own arms slumped back onto the bed. Jackie sighed, still lost in sleep.

“You trust us, Derek.” He was still reeling from the ground-shaking orgasm when he heard the tender voice. It seemed different than any other time it had spoken to him. “I think you're ready for more.”

“Wh—what do you mean?” Derek's whisper was almost sub-vocal. He wasn't sure if he should ask.

“I'll show you tomorrow. For now, get some sleep.” The sash loosened up and slithered down one of Derek's arms, sliding around his torso as he turned over and floated back toward the bed. He watched as the condom—still filled out to his shape—hovered over to the door of the bedroom. The silk sash followed to the door and threaded itself through the loops, at which point the robe came off its hook and billowed up with Jackie's shape. He heard giggling from down the hall as the robe followed the disembodied latex phallus out of the bedroom. “Sleep, Derek,” The voice said again--the fingers of the leather gloves gently working themselves over his shoulders.

Just before he fell asleep, he felt a glove tousling his hair again. It felt so familiar to him, so gentle. It felt like something Jackie would do.