Ride Home

Ride Home 2

With four hands caressing me, an invisible mouth passionately kissing me and another nibbling gently at my ears, I was losing myself in sensation. Add to all this the warm soft curves sandwiching me between two nicely filled outfits and the lack of gravitational pull, and I was in heaven. And just when I didn't think things could get any better...

"I'm sure you won't mind if we slip into something more conducive to the mood," the voice behind me said. I felt the outfit detach from me, unwrapping its powerful legs from my own and hovering around in front of me. The mind-blowing part of all this was that I still felt lips moving from my ears to the back of my neck, even as I watched the gym outfit 'land' and saunter over toward a huge closet.

Only now, in fact, was I focused on the rest of the room. No bed, no dresser...just a great vanity against the same wall as the closet door, and a red leather couch and armchair on the other side.

Now the lips wrestling my own detached with a smack, and I heard laughter as the hand on my manhood pulled more vigorously.

"Mmm--you're just so...solid," the voice said in a throaty growl. Up to this point, I was a little worried whether I was doing enough to stimulate these entities, but both of them seemed quite happy with where they had me. "I just knew you'd like me more in shape," the voice continued as the outfit rose above me a bit. With the massive translucent chest in front of my face, the sheer shirt pressed itself against me, surrounding my senses with soft warmth and a lilac scent that made me even harder. "If I push this poor thing much further, it'll just explode," she said, the huge breasts mashing themselves against my face. "And you might, too," she giggled.

Just then, the top pressed against my face collapsed onto it, losing all evidence of anyone inside. It fluttered lifeless down to the floor, but the black shorts and tights remained tightly filled, turning themselves around and spreading their legs as the hand in my boxers disappeared as well. I now had the view of a curvy black bottom dancing toward my midsection, carefully positioning its crotch above the tent in my boxers. As they approached, my boxers took on a life of their own and pulled down my sides, making me squirm as they moved over my rigid protrusion.

"Relax," the other voice said. "We've got plenty of playtime before your meal is ready." I noticed it sounded close, despite the gym outfit wandering off into the closet.

I moaned as the upper thighs of the shorts tightened around me, sheathing my dick in plump softness. The booty of the shorts rocked against me, and I looked down inside the empty space again to see the outline of myself snugly wrapped in the crotch of the shorts.

"Ooh, that's good," The voice said, almost in a whisper. "You certainly don't disappoint." Not at all disappointed myself, I wrapped my hands around the bubbly waist of the black shorts and pulled them into me, thrusting with the rhythm of their dance as I grumbled carnal pleasure.

"Are you willing to share this ride," the other voice asked, "or should I stick to entertaining myself while I watch?"

"Mmm...as long as he keeps this up, share all you want. I couldn't ask for more." I started to pant as I rocked my hips against the shorts and leggings, more than three feet off the ground. I could only imagine how they were going to 'share' me until I saw a pair of wet-look polyurethane leggings strut back out of the closet, accompanied by filled out opera length black satin gloves and a black vinyl bikini top wrapped around magical contours.

The younger voice must've decided she needed a change in top too, because one of the drawers on the vanity slid open, releasing a shiny cropped red tank top that looked almost like a sports bra. It floated over to the space above the shorts and leggings I was happily playing with, its straps and the glossy fabric in the front ballooning out when it settled in place. Looking through the empty straps, I watched the negative space inside swell bigger and bigger, pulling the fabric tighter.

I grabbed the empty waistband of the shorts and leggings, fishing inside for the band of the thong underwear. Seeing how these beings kept the clothes filled without tangible curves, I wondered about something. I pulled the thong playfully, using my other hand to reach for the shiny, filled out top. I reached around inside it first, tracing my fingertips along the smooth hollow contour of the breasts.

"Oooh!" The whole outfit wiggled under me, and the ass and tits in the phantom clothes all grew a bit bigger. "Oh, mmmmore. More!"

I felt us float down and back toward the leather couch, but even when I landed on it gravity didn't seem to be holding me there. The shorts and tights pinned me to the creamy red leather, grinding against me harder. I kept playing my fingertips along the tanks' inside, but when I pulled at the thong again, the forms back seemed to arch. The top curled back, closer to my body. I took the opportunity to reach around the outside of the slippery smooth top and grabbed a handful of tit, not being at all gentle this time.

"Fuuuck. Like that, like that." Solid or not, between the shape of the clothes dancing against me, the intensity of the motion and the passionate sounds encouraging my male drives, I only lost myself deeper in response. I couldn't get enough, and by now I was driving my hips against the huge bouncing butt and tightening thighs gripping me. My eyes jumped from the ghostly ass jumping up and down to the inside of the shiny tank top, its unbelievable breasts deformed and manipulated by my wandering fingers on the other side. I loved how after every grip, the bouncy round shapes would faithfully refill with smooth curves.

"Save some for me," the other voice said as its outfit approached us. The shiny polyurethane legs opened wide as the outfit hovered over the shiny red top, its crotch aimed right at my head. Before they wrapped around my face completely, the last thing I saw was a bulging, shiny black camel toe. Now there was only darkness and plump fabric peach at my lips, and I didn't hesitate to start working at them with my tongue.

"Unnnh...this one really knows how to jump right in!" I felt satiny gloved fingers running through my scalp before grabbing handfuls of hair and pulling my head violently into the crotch of the wet look leggings. I tended to it as if I were trying to please a warm-blooded woman, and this non-solid entity appeared to appreciate every lingual motion. The voice let out a low moan as the glossy thighs tightened around my head, and I moved one of my enthusiastic hands from the bulging tits of the shiny red top to the tight, smooth ass of the leggings, goosing it.

Peals of laughter and unintelligible passion surrounded me now, and my cock was getting closer and closer to release. There was no ignoring this level of stimuation by one of these beings, let alone two.

What I didn't know was that everyone was getting in on the action. Downstairs, while pots and pans shuffled about in the kitchen, the teal dress seemed to watch as a flute of white wine was poured by a bottle hovering on its own.

"I didn't think today was going to be quite such a special occasion, but c'est la vie..."

Just then, my boxers walked into the room all by themselves, standing across from the teal dress, which reacted with a giggle.

"Oh my...the girls didn't waste any time." My boxers turned around and shook their butt playfully at the teal dress. "Goodness, this is exactly why those two need supervision -- if they don't know how to direct all that energy, I'm going to end up playing headmistress to a whole new group."

The boxers turned and approached the teal dress now, and the appearance of an excited part tented under them.

"No, no, you naughty things. How is he going to wear you home if you're allowed to behave so badly?" In front of the dress now, the boxers shifted, and the hole in the front opened wide and stayed open, as if something substantial dropped through it. The voice in the dress let out a surprised noise as invisible hands appeared on its spread, lovingly massaging it.

"Ooooh...what are we going to do with you?" As if in response to the question, the front of the teal dress was lifted up, and the boxers shimmied beneath the flying hem. "Unnngh...great goddess, you can't just--oooooooh," the dress giggled. "Mmm, maybe you can!"


Upstairs, I was having almost too much fun with these feminine entities to worry about how my release would be met when it hit the lively occupied fabric.

"I'm...gonna...come," I struggled out through waves of pleasure, pleading to my hosts. I had no idea whether they shared the same exprience, but I assumed from all the happy giggling and cooing that I was doing as they expected at the very least. The only places I could apply my own attention to, after all, were those that were covered by clothes...

"Do it!" Called a voice just above me.

"Don't hold back," sang the other.

I had no idea how all this had started, and I certainly didn't expect--even in a strange and flirty new world of non-solid women--to conclude by shooting off to the affections of apparently empty clothing. But I'm not ashamed to say: that is exactly what I did.

Every part of me went tense; every muscle in my body contracted against my selectively tangible seductresses.

"Amaaaazingggg..." The voice purred, loosening its grip on me slightly. "Your body doesn't have many advantages over ours, but being able to do things like that must be one of them."

"Things like...making a mess of what you're wearing?" I said, trying to catch my breath in the afterglow. Loud, giddy laughter in response. The entity in the tight polyurethane leggings let me go, and I see the shiny legs recede from around my shoulders.

“Ohhhhhh, was that what you were worried about?” The black shorts tightened for a second, squeezing my dick. "I should've told you that we take care of that just fine.”

And now it occurs to me—the fabric cradling me so perfectly isn't soaked near my tip. I'm dry—and the spandex curves are too.

“Wh—what did you...”

“I've been told not to try explaining my...processes to your poor blown mind.” The leggings and shorts let go and hovered away from me along with the hovering red top. “Suffice it to say 'yummy', and that — for someone like me — a first solid is like... well, like a rite of passage."

"And it's about time," said the black vinyl bikini top and its wet-look leggings, now stretching and bending themselves in front of a full-length mirror. "Now that you've done the deed, maybe we can get some solid women next."

"You do this with women, too?" I asked as I dropped slowly onto the red leather couch.

"Absolutely," The black shiny outfit said. "In some ways, we can get even closer to them than we can to you... but there's just something about that fleshy spear of yours that's so intriguing."

I let out a little laugh, suddenly self-conscious about my bare state.

"So, where are my clothes, anyway?"

"Don't worry about that," said the voice from above the red top, "We've got a whole new look in mind for you." At her words, the closet door popped open again, and a black silk robe and slippers stepped out of the closet. Like most of the other clothes I'd seen on my journey, the robe was filled to feminine curves, so imagine my surprise when the sash's knot slipped open and the robe flaps billowed out, almost as if they were reaching for me.

"That's--a woman's robe. Isn't it?"

"Mmm-hm," The younger voice said. "And that's what's going to make it all the more wonderful when it's wrapped around that electrified skin of yours." Before the robe could reach me, though, the red top and stretch pants stepped in front of it.

Well--into it, really. The sleeves looked as if delicate hands were passing through them, only to pass through unseen at the empty cuffs again. Then, suddenly, the shiny top and tights fell to the floor, leaving only the robe and the thong.

"Oh, you were just changing?" I say with a sigh of relief. "I thought you said that was for me."

"It's for both of us, silly." The robe floated around behind me, and the the thong stayed suspended in mid-air in front of me. I felt satin dance up my hands as the sleeves of the robe pulled themselves over my shoulders. The robe wrapped around my body tightly for a second, and I felt hands through the draping back, grabbing my butt. "Mmm... this is fun," she said, all around me. "What do you think?"

"I--uh--" The front of the robe flapped open, and the thong approached as one end of the sash wound itself around my dangling manhood, which jumped at the feeling. I groaned.

"Yeah--see?" The sash tugged gently, and I moaned again. "Now I don't hear you complaining about this being a woman's robe..." Fingers seemed to trace delicately through the silk around my pecs, and I could only stand there wobbling on my feet, wondering what else was in store for me here.

"Ah--you're making me want one now," Came the voice from the PVC top. The opera gloves went to work on the round shiny tits in the bikini, eliciting a giggle from the voice occupying them. "I think we should play dress up with him. Then we could split all those wonderful sensations between us. Plus he'd be a totally helpless captive." The stroke from the sash continued, and the thong hovered up to me face and brushed against my nose.

"I imagine he's ready to eat...something more substantial this time," Both voices laughed. I watched as the thong danced around me. "But be sure to save room for dessert, honey--because we're far from done."

The seat of the robe bent under me, lifting my legs into the air and carrying me across the room as the door opened.

"So, again, where did my clothes go?"

"That doesn't really matter, does it?" Came the younger voice from all around me, seeming to come from the robe itself. The end of the sash coiled around my cock gripped and relaxed. "Besides, they're not 'your clothes' anymore. Now--let's get you something to eat."

The robe carried me back down the stairs with the thong panties and the other outfit in tow. As we approached the kitchen downstairs, I could hear moaning. The swinging door to the kitchen held itself open, and the first thing I noticed was the teal dress was bent over the kitchen table. My boxers were behind the dress, filled out to my shape and ramming the hollow space in the pulled up hem.

"Mmm...don't mind me--just cleaning up a bit..." The robe didn't hesitate to bring me right up to the table. A chair pulled itself out, and I hovered down onto it. "I trust--everyone had fun upstairs?"

The sash coiled around my prick was pumping it back up to capacity again as I watched the bouncing mounds of the teal dress pressing against the table as my boxers continued pounding away. I tried to keep myself from looking too interested, but the silk robe wrapped around me appeared to sense how my body was reacting.

"You like watching her, don't you?" The younger voice said.

"I can't help it," I reply, looking down at my erection. "You guys don't really seem to let up with this stuff."

"And why would we?" The outfit behind me said, its tight wet-look leggings strutting in and sitting at another chair at the table. "You obviously don't mind a bit."

"Like I even have a chance to protest," I laughed. "Even if I tried, my body's kind of a dead giveaway."

"That's one of my favorite male traits," the teal dress purred, leaning in close to me. "Deception is hopeless; you have no way of lying to us."

"So, I don't want to seem ungrateful, but what are your plans with me?" As I asked the question, the silk robe tightened around me. Ghostly fingers in the silk rubbed my shoulders as the unrelenting sash stayed on my member, keeping it pointed skyward.

"We'd like you to be a regular guest," The teal dress said between its growls of pleasure. "The girls will want to see you again, and I want you to bring more of your wonderful collection back to meet me..." I leaned back, watching my boxers go to town on the rear of the dress. There was something odd about the visual of two apparently invisible people fucking, but whatever made it strange also lent it so much power and possibility.

It was silly, but I was jealous of the boxers. Hearing the teal dress moan and coo, bent over the table and receiving untold pleasure from my haunted skivvies, I wanted nothing more than to take their place. Maybe I just wanted to be back inside them while they were possessed, letting their haunted shape force my body to swing with their every motion.

"I'm hungry," The dress said, leaning closer to me over the table. "Maybe I'll have a little snack while you do." A plate hovered over from the counter. On it were waffles and a few strips of bacon. A syrup pourer bobbed from a cupboard and placed itself on the table next to the plate.

I tried to extend my arms toward the plate, but was held back by the silk sleeves constricting around my arms.

"No, no--don't lift a finger, darling." A hovering fork and knife joined the plate, never placing themselves on it. They hovered above the waffle for a second before the fork speared a corner, allowing the knife to cut the piece. "You like syrup, right?" The pourer hovered up and over the waffle, waiting. I nodded, and the pourer tipped, dousing the waffle in sticky sweetness. "I like syrup too."

The dress stood up, and the boxers backed away from the teal fabric. I watched intently as the dress wandered around to my side of the table. My chair shifted sideways, showing off my bulbous prick still being stroked by a silk sash.

"Now, you're sure you don't mind, honey?"

"Uh-uh," the younger voice said from inside the robe, which gripped me tighter. "I wanna feel you playing with him."

The sash retreated from my dick as the teal dress leaned over in front of my seated body. I could see all the way down the tube dress, watching the ghostly sexy curves inside. First, the hollow teal breasts made contact with my knees, sliding themselves up to rest on my thighs. And just when I thought this experience couldn't possibly give me any more surprises, I felt pure heaven wrap its luscious lips around me. I was being invisibly sucked by the being in the teal dress as a forkful of syrup-coated waffle hovered up to my mouth.

"Mmmm..." I'd never eaten one of my favorite meals mid-blow job before, let alone been fed while getting a magical blow-job. As I chewed, the enchanted fork went back to retrieve another piece, and the unseen lips and tongue going to work on me made focus nearly impossible. At first, I didn't notice when I started rising out of the chair again.

"Wow, control yourself!" The younger voice giggled.

"Mmmmphh, I can't!" The teal dress squealed, never breaking its intangible lips from my shaft. "I don't think you went and found just any solid here..." The ass of the teal dress began inflating and jutting higher into the air, as if presenting itself. My boxers moved in behind it again as the hem at the rear hiked itself up. "Fuck me, fuck me, FUUUUUUUUUUCK!" The dress chanted as the boxers plugged themselves in again, railing at the rear of the dress once more.

"Oh, this is too much..." The PVC outfit said, one of its opera gloves going for the crotch of the wet-look leggings. "I want a little something too."

The thong panties hovered over the table and the syrup pourer stopped still over the center of them. A slow, amber trail of syrup dripped from the spout and landed on the crotch of the thong, and invisible fingers appeared to smear the glimmering syrup across the fabric.

"Eat me out, then," The younger voice said, coming from the thong now. The syrup coated crotch of the panties bobbed over above the shiny black bikini, and the older voice laughed.

"With pleasure--but I want more."

I, on the other hand, couldn't possibly ask for more. My cock was attended to by the finest pair of silky lips I'd never seen while substantial invisible tits bounced against my thighs. I was hovering in the air, courtesy of an enchanted pink robe that was content to squeeze my ass and hold back my arms as I was helplessly pampered. Forkfuls of sweet, syrup-soaked waffle were brought to my mouth in comfortable succession as I was massaged and sucked by unseen feminine force.

Now I watched and listened as these creatures pleasured each other and me, apparently experiencing something new themselves.

"Oh god, I've never wanted a cock more in my life!" The PVC outfit cried. "I wanna get fucked like you." A shiny black opera glove pointed to the teal dress, which was now tensing and bouncing against my body as it continued greedily blowing me. My enchanted boxers were slamming against the exaggerated teal ass as hard as ever now, and I could feel the dress shift against me with every phantom stroke.

The swinging door to the kitchen popped open again, and my button-down, pants and socks walked in together, appearing to hold an invisible me inside them.

"Yeah...come here and fuck me!" The PVC outfit demanded. My clothes obediently walked over to the table, and I watched as my pants unbuttoned and unzipped, opening to emptiness.

I was shaking in the air now, restrained by the pink robe as I was driven back toward orgasm by an unearthly mouth. The fork that mad been feeding me was replaced by the pair of thong panties, forcing their syrup-coated mound against me and 8 me lick.

"Oh gawd, we're nevvvvvvver gonna let you go," The younger voice said. "You just feel too goooood..." The robe tightened around me even more as magic fingers sank into my flesh. The voice in the teal dress shrieked and hummed, blowing me like a hungry slut as my boxers power-fucked them from behind. Now the sleeves of my button down wound around the wet-look leggings and disembodied fingers pressed into the shiny fabric ass as our two outfits got close and started swaying with the same rhythm infecting the rest of the room.

This time, it was different when I came. There was something about the energy in the room that made me sense them; I was aware of what these intangible phantoms were actually feeling. Their orgasmic song would've been enough alone, but as the bizarre invisible orgy peaked, there was a vibration searing every molecule of the air with passionate fire. It was almost as if some part of me understood how they operated.

The thong collapsed onto my face when we all came, and the teal dress and shiny PVC gear did the same. Only the robe seemed to maintain its animation, still cradling me in mid-air after the release.

"Mmmm..." The older voice laughed. "Well, it's up to you, my dear--but after that, I wouldn't let him out of your sight."

"Now I'm really jealous," the other voice said. "Your first solid, and you pick out a real companion."

"I know...it's like a fairy tale." The pink silk robe seemed to embrace me all over, playfully squeezing my ass. "I wanna give him a choice, but at the same time--"

"He better choose correctly..." The other voice laughed.

As soon as my post-coital mind allowed, I jumped in to the conversation.

"I'm hearing a lot of discussion about my fate," I sighed, "and it doesn't appear that I'm getting much of a say in it."

"Well of course not, baby," The younger voice said, gently swinging me to and fro in the robe. "We know what's best for you." The two other voices giggled mischievously.

"So, you're not going to let me go home?" Laughter from all around.

"Oh--no, no--you don't understand," the older voice said as the teal dress lifted itself up off the floor. "You're certainly going home, but you're going to be one of our honored guests from now on."

"I am?"

"Uh-huh," came the younger voice as a soft whisper in my ear. "We're gonna have lots of fun together..."