Lilith 5

“So just…”

“Stop thinking about it so much. Let it happen.” Alison watched Claire, sitting on her bed with her eyes closed.

“You say ‘let it happen,’ but I have to think about everything at once,” Claire said, breaking from her stillness and opening her eyes again.

“No--you command and the necklace responds,” Alison said. “It’s just that same as working with a single object. Give everything the same, super simple command. Nothing crazy.”

Claire shook her head. “I mean--everything in my house? Are you sure that’s not going to, like, drain my life force or something?”

“I already showed you that I did it with your kitchen,” Alison lied, still not letting Claire in on her permanent power. “Seriously, Claire--just give the command. Talk to your stuff just like you’re talking to a group of people.”

Claire clinched her teeth, frustrated that these things weren’t happening for her as easily as they seemed to for Alison. She’d been playing with the necklace today before Claire arrived home with Cassie, but she almost seemed adept--like she’d been using this power for years.


Both girls looked up at a cross-armed Cassie, standing in the corridor to the basement stairs.

“I thought you were sleeping,” Claire said, grabbing the necklace.

“Couldn’t sleep,” Cassie said, walking into the room. “What are you guys up to, exactly?” Claire and Alison shared a look, but neither said a word. “Wow, okay--so something, then.” Claire made a face, and Alison shrugged, rolling her eyes.

Oh, bite the bullet already. Alison wanted Claire to spill. The more they explored this, the more they could find out about it. Claire’s cautiousness was holding her back.

“Check it out,” Claire said, showing off the necklace. Cassie narrowed her eyes and walked over to the sectional sofa, looking closely at the jewel.

“’s huge. Where’d you get that?” Again, Claire looked to Alison for help.

Are you shitting me? Do you want my permission? Alison didn’t want to push this in any particular direction, but Claire was practically begging her to.

“We don’t know,” Alison finally blurted out. “Claire got it shipped to her--at work.” Claire unclasped the necklace and let Cassie get a closer look.

“At work?” Cassie asked, holding the silver binding close and looking at the detail. “I mean--I don’t really know anything about this stuff, but it feels heavy--and the detail is really nice.”

Alison made the back of Claire’s shirt pinch her a little, trying to get her attention. Claire reacted, scratching her back and never looking back at Alison. As soon as Cassie brought the ends behind her neck…

“No--don’t put it on,” Claire said, reaching for the pendant. Cassie’s brows sharpened. She pulled back, holding the necklace and turning to Alison.

“You guys are being weird,” Cassie said. “Are you fucking with me?” She went from Alison to Claire and back. If there was an inside joke here, neither of them were letting on with a tell.

“Just gimme back the necklace first,” Claire said. “Please.” When she reached for it, Cassie pulled back again. Alison shook her head, hating every second of this.

You pretty much HAVE TO tell her now, dummy. Alison watched Claire bumble every step of this bluff, and it was getting painful.

“Alison, are you going to say anything here?” Cassie was pissed now. Claire, the stoic, rational center of this from the start--was turned to mush by the prospect of her sister dropping out of college. Between that and the necklace...she couldn’t do this alone.

“I’m sorry, Claire.” Alison calmly raised her hand into the air, and the necklace pulled itself from Cassie’s hand and sailed into hers. Claire drew back, waiting for Cassie’s reaction. Cassie’s lip trembled. She looked at her empty hand and swallowed hard.

There the necklace sat--in Alison’s hand. She was so nonchalant about it--unreactive to the fact that an inert object lobbed itself through the air and flew into her hand. Cassie couldn’t put it together at first. Alison’s blank expression finally turned to pity when she noticed Cassie’s reaction.

“H--how…” Cassie said, taking a step back and leaning against the wall. “Claire, did you SEE that?”

Claire just nodded, pursing her lips. Alison tossed the necklace on the coffee table--no powers added. When it crashed against the wood and settled, the sisters were still locked in a stare.

“Claire, tell her already. Or give me permission to.” After Alison spoke, Claire finally exhaled.

“Let’s just--take it down a notch.” Claire sat on the couch, in front of the coffee table. She stared at the necklace. “Before we continue.”

“Come on, Cass,” Alison said. “It’s cool.” She joined Claire, sitting on the far end of the sectional.

“Is it?” Cassie said. “There’s no way that was even a stage trick or something. I had a GRIP on that...thing.” Cassie stood behind the couch, looking at the coffee table. “I’m still not sure what happened.”

“You gotta sit down, dude,” Alison says. “There’s a lot to see, and it gets weirder from here.”


Sunny spent the first few minutes after Alison left sorting out her and reorganizing her closet, if only to make space in her apartment again. She found holding herself back from testing outside of organizing her clothes. She played with her phone, answered a couple texts, and got through one episode of some stupid drama she’d been following.

She had her head in a lap of her own jeans, snuggling against the thighs on her bed as the last of her dresser drawers sorted. She sat up, shut off her TV, and looked around. She lifted the shade over her window, looking around at the world outside and thinking about what kind of things she might be able to do with a worn outfit under her own control.

Something to try later. She promised Alison she wouldn’t apply this power outside her apartment--which...Sunny figured was all the same so long as no one saw her using it. That meant she had to have some certainty about her control.

Sunny saw Alison make a cup of coffee with her mind. She saw her clothes moving around her room and filled with an eerie force that made them seem as if they were filled with invisible women--and she’d done that herself. She’d brought ALL her clothes to life at once, and it apparently surprised Alison by doing it.

She brought as much as she could under her power before Alison took the necklace back, and with her wardrobe mess nicely cleaned up, it was time to try some more...creative things.

Before she even left her room, she tried something. She wanted one of the chairs at her dinette set to place itself in the middle of the living room. Once she committed to the thought, she heard the sound of the chair legs clicking against linoleum. Despite all the magic with her clothes, she perked up--thinking carefully about what she was going to try next.

“Come with me,” She said aloud to the jeans. Sunny left the room, and her jeans rose off the bed and followed behind her, sauntering down the hall behind her as she approached the living room.

She looked over her shoulder, thinking about how strange it was. She could picture the thing happening carefully--focusing on details--and it would follow them faithfully...but when she gave a verbal command, they just knew what the words meant. Sunny didn’t understand how.

Sure--it was supernatural...magical...but there were obviously rules that Alison understood and figured out--which meant there had to be other weaknesses, strengths, and degrees of control to this power.

And there it was. The chair sat on the rug in the middle of her living room. The jeans stopped behind her, and she turned around. She nudged her head with a silent command for them to sit in the chair, and they did so--deforming in the ass and thighs a bit as they pressed their non-existent mass in them.

“I wanna know more about how you work,” Sunny said, swinging her hand to the chair. She pictured it rising into the air--tied to the gesture--and it was so. It rose smoothly, and the jeans began swinging their cuffs over the edge. She watched as the top of the thighs came up to her eye level, where she stopped it.

It seemed easy enough to Sunny. Chair up didn’t feel any different--but there was really nothing in the jeans, and she could actually lift the chair by hand without too much of an issue.

Sunny’s mind went to her vanity drawer, where a pair of shiny black scallop pantyhose pushed themselves out and wobbled to life, standing on noodle-like translucent legs until they took Sunny’s graceful shape and drifted out into the hall on shapely toes.

Sunny saw them come around the corner, practically dancing. She laughed at the sight, approaching the hose and holding her arms out.

They leapt up to her, and she gasped as they landed, not hesitating a moment to obey her silent command.

“I can feel you.” She narrowed her eyes, hefting the empty legs up a bit in her arms for a seconds before letting them back down. There was weight in the stockings--real weight--but it wasn’t what she expected. Stockings themselves couldn’t be more than an ounce or two, but a pair of actual invisible legs would be about half of a person. This wasn’t either. It was somewhere between a heavy coat and gym bag. A couple pounds, maybe?

“I don’t get it.” Sunny dropped her arms, and the pantyhose dropped onto the ground, bouncing on the balls of their feet and standing again.

She thought about the shape they were taking. The jeans too. There wasn’t anything specific about it, right? She just wanted them inflated--like Alison showed her. It was an unspecified attribute. She changed that.

At first, the silent command was ‘inflate’. Both of the articles obeyed, and Sunny supervised the action right up until her jeans started popping.

“Whoa! No--no. Stop!”

Both pieces obeyed again, and Sunny checked looked over her jeans. They seemed to be okay, but they were ultra-tight.

She thought about it again. Maybe it was an expectation thing. In her mind, ‘inflate’ meant forever, and the jeans could’ve continued until they burst. The pantyhose would have made it, but…what about the jump?

When they leapt into her arms, they had a weight that didn’t make sense to her--but they way they moved and gave to touch, she expected to catch something more substantial than nylon and air.

Expectation. Maybe it was some kind of key.

“I want my favorite pair of panties,” Sunny said, taking a seat on her couch.

While she waited for them to emerge from her room, she looked down at her robe and realized something else. When she asked ‘all her clothes’ to puff to shape, the only ones that were affected were in her room. She didn’t put it that way verbally--but that’s what she intended. It’s what she expected.

She mentally asked the sash on her robe to open, and the stillness confirmed her suspicion. She never tied herself to the robe on her own body--so she couldn’t control it by thought now.

Her black and red panties hovered down the hall. She watched them from the sofa, narrowing her eyes--trying to imagine a woman walking in them. The linear, simple hovering motion morphed right in front of her, becoming a walk that displaced one leg-hole after the other. She smiled at the victory, ready to try something a little bolder.

I wanna wear you, she thought at them, commanding them toward her. The walk made her flush a little. It looked like a ghostly woman strutting toward her--confident and unstoppable. Sunny bit her thumb and lifted her legs, pointing her toes as the panties approached.

She felt the lace climb over her toes and the coolness of the red satin panels as they climbed her legs. She sighed a little as they slid past her knees, slowing as they went up her thighs. Sunny’s teeth clamped over her lips now, and when she leaned forward on the couch to allow her underwear to finish settling on her, she swore they pulled her forward, helping her up.

Which Sunny didn’t command, exactly--but maybe the ‘expectation’ was her getting herself off the couch?

The thought was lost on her as soon as the satin-and-lace bikinis were hugging her hips. The satin panel at her clit made her jump a bit when it touched against her. Her mind knew that both her hands were elsewhere--and this was something else...practically someone else.

A little naughty. A little interesting. She wanted more.

She made a come-hither motion to the pantyhose, knowing exactly what she was doing next.

The hose practically leapt toward her, accordioning down even as the waist flared. One leg parted, and the cylinder stretched open, sailing to Sunny’s toes as she pointed them through another enchanted article of her clothing.

The stockings were something else. Nylon had a way of stretching and sliding that made the motion of the things different than a simple pair of panties. She could feel her lower leg engulfed--swallowed by the stocking leg until its reinforced end slid gently against her toe. It rose to her knee and stopped, and now she watched as the other leg held itself open, waiting for her.p

“So fucking coooool…” Sunny muttered, watching the other stocking leg do its thing. This time when she stood on one foot, she swore she felt the first stocking and her bikinis helping to hold her up. When she planted her foot again, she reached down and grabbed her inert robe, pulling it up all around her.

She grinned as she looked down, watching the pantyhose fit and shift themselves evenly over her legs as they encased her thighs and hips. The gusset nuzzled the thin strip of fabric covering her up, and she let out a little moan--feeling a new kind of stimulation.

It wasn’t her own fingers--and it wasn’t the usual feeling of clothing against her skin. It was neither--and somehow it was a little of both. When the clothes pulled themselves on, it was something like the technique and care her own dexterity would provide. Instead of that dexterity existing where her fingers met the fabric, it was in the fabric itself.

The best part was that it wasn’t her directing it. Not exactly. She just gave the command, and let the clothing figure out the best way. Based on...expectation. At least as far as she could tell.

When she thought about the jeans sitting in the hovering chair, a new experiment came to mind.


“You guys really aren’t fucking with me,” Cassie saw Claire make a face when she said it. “Claire, you’re using the fucking FORCE. Get over it if I drop some f-bombs.”

Alison couldn’t stop herself from laughing. Claire was wearing the necklace, and there were a bunch of things set up on the table. A pad and pen, a few coins, three kitchen glasses, a spoon...and a folded pair of silver leggings.

“You gotta show this to someone,” Cassie said. “I mean--something like this shouldn’t be real, but if you got that necklace randomly, then--”

“No.” Claire said, staring at Cassie. “No one learns about this. Not yet.”

“Cass, think about it,” Alison added. “If you showed this to anyone, all sorts of people would be on you guys and this house. Good and bad.” Cassie nodded.

“I guess so,” Cassie said, looking at the coins. “I mean, I didn’t think about it--but don’t you wanna find out more? How the hell does it work?”

“We haven’t really shown you anything yet,” Claire said. “You saw Alison grab the thing--and you saw me stack a few coins.” And then Cassie blinked.

“Hey, yeah--how did you do that with the necklace if you weren’t wearing it?” Cassie asked.

Heat went through Alison. She’d never manipulated the necklace wearing the necklace, had she?

“Anything you move while you’re wearing this will still respond to you after you take it off.” Claire seemed to say it with some reluctance, looking at Alison after she said it.

“Holy fuck! REALLY?” Cassie’s eyes lit up, and she grabbed Claire’s shoulder. “I wanna try it! Lemme try it on, Claire.”

Claire’s answer pulled the attention away from Alison immediately--and Claire didn’t seem to be suspicious. Now that Claire was trying to keep details from Cassie, Alison felt a little better keeping a detail from her.

“You’re going to,” Claire said. “We’re all going to.” Claire looked at the pad on the desk, and took a deep breath. Cassie took a step back as the pen jumped to life, rising off the table and scribbling on the pad as Claire seemed to focus.

It was outlines, at first--big balloon letters that spelled out ‘ONE STEP AT A TIME’. Cassie watched the animated pen, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. Now Alison scooted over on the couch to get a better angle, watching the pen furiously tracing lines, light and dark.

Claire closed her eyes, imagining the balloon letters in her mind--shaded and perfect. The clearer she held it in her mind, the harder the pen went to work.

“Claire, that’s amazing…” Alison said. She looked up to see Claire’s eyes shut tight. “You’re thinking hard about the image, aren’t you?”

“Being specific,” Claire said. “Is it pretty much done?”

“It’s been done,” Cassie says. “It just keeps going--like into finer detail.” Cassie bit her lip, reaching out to the pen--hovering her hand over the motions and letting the sides of the instrument bump her fingers. She started to close her fingers around it and swallowed hard when she found the courage to clamp onto the end of the pen.

She kept her arm loose, and the cylinder kept darting around the page--following through on finer and finer details as it carried Cassie’s hand with it. Possessed. A giddy sense of anticipation welled up in Cassie as she read the message again.

One step at a time.

Claire opened her eyes again, watching her sister grinning at the page as she held onto the pen. She commanded it inert again, and Cassie felt the motion go from it until it rested in her hand again.

She tossed it a couple inches into the air and watched as it hit again, rolling along the table and falling off. Claire’s mind caught it before it landed, and it sailed back up on the table to land on the pad and settle again.

“Okay--that’s pretty cool,” Cassie said. She looked at the table and reached for the leggings. “Spoons, glasses, coins--you’re gonna make them all do the same thing, right? How about these?” Claire looked at Alison again, taking off the necklace.

“Your turn,” Claire said. She held the necklace out, staring at it hard.

“Alright,” Alison said, reaching out to grab it. Claire pulled back, furrowing her brow.

“Why do that if you’re already connected to it?” Claire said, shrugging. “Show off.”

There was something about the way Claire said it that made Alison consider her suspicion again...maybe it was time for a talk with Claire after all. It was hers, after all--and Alison knew they had so much more to learn from it. Claire and her had found it--Sunny and Cass had simply found out.

Alison shrugged, calling the necklace to her. Cassie leaned away from her, getting an eyeful of the magical necklace clasping itself around Alison’s neck as she lifted her hair for it. And then something hit Alison. Something warm and pulsing, running down her spine as the clasp hitched. She closed her eyes and absorbed the feeling for a second.

“You okay?” Claire asked.

“Hmm? Sure!” Alison said, her eyes popping open again. “That hum that you got--I mean the first time you put it on--have you felt it since?” Claire shook her head. “Me neither,” Alison lied. “I was kind of looking for it.”

The fact is--she had felt it--and stronger. Her mind drifted downstairs, into Cassie’s room. The things that had gotten out of control. Something happened to them--having to do with her orgasm, she guessed--but something happened to her as well.

“Watch the leggings,” Alison said, waving a hand at them.

Cassie stared as the foil leggings began to inflate and roll. The lower legs fell off the side of the table, but the top half stayed right on the edge, inflating. Cassie gasped as the leggings puffed to life, waist first. The ass filled out, hanging on the edge of the table and puffing to capacity as the thighs and lower legs started taking shape.

“This is--this is fucking crazy! This is like...real life special effects.” She looked back at Alison, who was looking right back at her. Claire had to concentrate, but Alison didn’t look like she was working at all. “Is that really easy?”

“With some things, you can be really inspecific,” Alison said. “Sometimes you can just set things into motion. Claire seemed like she was focusing on what she wanted the pen to draw--but I just asked them to sit on the edge of the table.”

Cassie looked at them carefully, walking around them. The ankles seemed to hover just above the floor, and the fabric shifted all at once, as if there were joints and muscles tensing inside them.

“They’re safe, right?” Cassie grabbed the pen without much hesitation, but here was half a person, for all purposes--sitting on the coffee table.

“Claire and I messed around with this stuff a lot yesterday,” Alison said. “Play all you want.”

“Make ‘em walk over in front of the couch,” Cassie said. “I wanna see something.”

Alison obliged, and Cassie followed them closely. Once they stood up from the table, they walked into position. Cassie giggled at the fact that they weren’t meeting the ground--weren’t making the impression of feet in the carpet below them.

“I can’t like...hurt them, right?” Cassie asked. Alison and Claire looked at each other.

“I mean, I dunno what you’re planning,” Claire asked, “but as long as you’re not talking fire or scissors...I would bet not.” Cassie got behind the leggings, getting a look in her eye.

Cassie charged the form. She took three quick steps and dove for the legs, surprising Alison. She hadn’t told the leggings to stand stiff or anything, but she didn’t expect Cassie to go in for a tackle. Without even thinking about it, the thought was there…

Don’t let her get hurt…

The leggings took the blow, stretching at the thighs and deforming with Cassie’s shoulder. The legs wobbled for a second before puffing out again, and Cassie wrapped her arms around them as they tumbled back, wrapping their shins around her and keeping themselves between her and the floor as they eased her down.

Laughter. Crazy, runaway laughter.

Cassie was lying on the leggings, tangled in the clothing bubble keeping her semi-aloft. Her toes were dragging along the carpet, but her knees were just above it--the top-half of her held suspended by the twisted silver legs.

“It’s HOLDING ME UP!” Cassie shouted. Claire giggled, unable to help herself. Cassie was a wreck when Claire picked her up from school. Now she was...maybe as close to carefree as Claire had seen her since the accident.

In the unreality of the situation, they’d all acted a little different. Alison was a little more playfully impulsive, and Claire was more careful and reserved, but if Claire was being honest, she was happy to see her sister more on the Alison side than hers.

“They’re strong,” Alison said. “But I didn’t think you were going to try and tackle them.” Cassie gave the leggings another squeeze and slid down, letting her knees hit the floor. She stood under her own power, and the leggings got back into position, standing upright again.

“That’s so, so weird.” Cassie ran her hand down the flank, then up the backside of the leggings, slapping the ass. She laughed. “Is that your actual butt, Claire?”

“I dunno. Is it, Alison?”

“Your leggings,” Alison said, “so I think, yeah--my expectations filled you out.”

“That’s what it’s based on?” Cassie asked. “Expectation?”

“I mean, as far as we can tell,” Alison said. “Like...sugar cookies.”

“Hmm?” Cassie asked.

“Sugar cookies,” Alison said. “I want your kitchen to make sugar cookies. Shhh.” They heard things bang around in the kitchen until Alison blinked. “Oh. Huh.”

“What?” Claire asked.

“I don’t know what’s in your kitchen,” Alison said. “Milk, eggs, butter--easy enough from the fridge, but…”

“So you can’t do it?” Claire asked.

“I guess I can get as far as I can get with what I know,” Alison said. “It’s’s almost like a muscle I can’t stretch. I can feel the command missing something.” Cassie shook her head slightly, working something out. She ran to the kitchen to confirm it.

“You got it,” She shouted back to the living room. “Everything in the fridge is out. The milk is actually like...hovering in place.” She heard Alison laugh.

“I’ve raided your fridge before,” Alison said. “I dunno where your measuring cups are, though.”

Alison and Claire came into the kitchen with Cassie, who was reaching for the milk jug. She struggled to pull it out of place in the air. It was like it was fixed in place.

“Are you making it mess with me?”

“Nah,” Alison laughed. “Leave it there. It’ll stay.” Alison telekinetically unclasped the necklace and tossed it back to Cassie. “I think it’s your turn,” Alison said as Cassie caught the jewel.

“Totally your turn,” Claire agreed, nodding at Cassie. “But before you put it on, you’re going to promise us the same thing Alison and I promised each other. Deal?” Cassie eyes lit up, and she nodded.

“Deal,” She said. “Whatever I need to do.”


“Fucking incredible,” Sunny said, cross legged on her bedspread. It was flattened, pulled out against all its edges and tight enough to support Sunny’s weight, letting her sink into it just a bit--as if there were an air mattress under her.

At first, she was nervous to drop her focus, but the more she did, the more she realized it: once a command was in place, it seemed to stick. For how long, she didn’t know. Until she cancelled it? Until she slept?

Regardless, her experimentation had gone much better than expected. She rose off the bedspread effortlessly, looking down at her legs and swallowing as she felt the pantyhose themselves lift her off the floating blanket.

Sunny bit her lip, and a ripple of nylon was sent from the gusset to the front of the waist, traveling right over her clit. She smiled as she let the feeling flow through her--soaking her nerves.

Something about the feeling seemed to strengthen the connection between her and the things she focused on while she wore the necklace. She felt it earlier, too--and under the same circumstance.

When she first put the pantyhose on, she had the faux-scalloped forms lift her off the ground on their own. When it happened, she couldn’t help but feel the pull against her sex...and something about the feeling of quasi-weightlessness totally set her off.

She controlled herself earlier--but did she really need to?

Her mind drifted to a pair of long satin opera gloves in her closet. A couple rooms away, they took shape, filling to Sunny’s slender arms and joining her in the living room. Just as she was about to let her imagination run with this new gift, her eye caught her silenced phone on the table, which lit up with a text from Elise.


Sunny could barely read it, so she called it off the table and made it hover closer. In quick succession, Elise fired off three more texts:

like 1 dude here when we opened
no1 since then
Tell me ur actually busy today

Sunny thought about it. Alison was working on Claire. In a matter of time, Claire would decide whether she ‘officially’ wanted Sunny to be part of the crazyness Alison showed her.

For Sunny, that meant it was only a matter of time before she was able to show the necklace to someone she really thought might appreciate its applications--her friend Elise.

She hadn’t thought of it until her extremely well-timed text, but...corsetry? Cuffs? Domination? Sunny practically growled at the thought, putting her hand over her mouth. Elise would be the perfect partner-in-crime to put this ability to the test. She had to tell her something about it. Even if it was a little tease.

“It’s only a matter of time.” She said, justifying it aloud as the opera gloves hovered in front of her. “Get in my purse and stay put for a while,” she told them, reaching out for her phone.

It sailed into her hand, and she sent Elise a single text back.

stop whining. 30 min