4 - No Holding Back

Dave: College Sophomore / Philosophy Major - is the recipient of insanely powerful TK abilities he can’t control
Terry: College Sophomore/ Science Major - Roommate and friend to Dave, Bit of a geek and tries to help Dave control his new power.
Jeana: A popular girl who has the affection of both Dave and Terry, finds a way to use Dave’s newfound ability to her advantage.
Krista: A playful goth girl who has a boyfriend named Pete. Accidentally given apparently semi-permanent powers by Dave.
Annie: The captain of the gymnastic team who can be a bit of a scatterbrain.
Pete: Krista's boyfriend. Outgoing pothead and gamer.
Hayley and Janice: Psi Sigma Psi Sorority sisters decorating Janice's room for her roommate, who recently Successfully pledged.

LOCATION: Campus somewhere in the northeast. Late fall.
TIME: Around 4 AM, following directly from chapter 3

* * *

Krista was waiting for Dave to get his shoes on. He fumbled with them, and she just chuckled, shaking her head as she made them slip on and tie themselves.

“Hey!” Dave said, looking up at her.

“We’re kind of in a hurry here,” Krista said. “My boyfriend’s about to have a heart attack.” Dave stood up, and they both bolted down the hall. The elevator button was already glowing, and the doors opened just as they got there.

“Did you hit that when we were still in the room?” Dave asked, pointing at the button just before they got inside.

“Yeah, obviously,” Krista said. She looked annoyed at him. “Were you really tying your shoes by hand back there?” 

“I can’t help it that I’m trying to keep some normalcy around here...I mean, I think Terry and Jeana are getting used to it, but what happened with Annie is kind of a bad sign.”

Krista gave an agitated sigh. “You don’t speak girl, do you?” She asked. “You really think she was passively annoyed by this whole thing? I bet she’s playing with her clothes right now, wondering what kind of things she might be able to do with them…” Krista raised an eyebrow.

“You’re kidding, right?” Dave asked as they rode down to the ground floor. She shut her eyes for a second.

“Uh...nope. I was just guessing, but she’s totally messing with her shirt.” Krista narrowed her eyes at Dave. “Are you disappointed she called you ‘other end of the hall guy’?” Dave shrugged. “Not to freak you out, but I can read you really really well now.” Krista grinned like a fool.

“What is that?!” Dave laughed.

“You gained like, quantum psychic powers and elevated me to some kind of semi-godhood, and you’re fumbling with laces and pining for the curvy gymnast at the other end of the hall like a mope,” Krista said. “You couldn’t READ that attraction, Dave? Are you trying?”

The door dinged, and they both got off. Krista led the way as they headed across campus.

“I mean--what I did with you was an accident,” Dave said. “I’m trying not to take advantage of people with this thing, you know?” Krista scoffed.

“I wonder if Pete’s getting pegged by one of my dildos. He’s a complete wuss when it comes to assplay.” Dave frowned.

“See, that’s what I mean, Krista--you aren’t worried about that thought just escaping you and becoming reality? I just...I don’t want to--” Dave stopped. “Why would you have a dildo at his apartment?”

Krista shrugged. “Pete’s a good guy. He’s cute and gives me good weed, but he can be a bit unadventurous…” She stopped and thought about something. “We can levitate, right?” She asked. “You think we can fly?” Krista waved her palms toward the ground and lifted into the air when Dave pulled at the waist of her jeans, hissing at her.
“Come on, dude--what if someone sees you?” Krista laughed.

“It’s the middle of the night, Dave, what better time?” She relented to Dave’s pull, heading back toward the ground. “Okay, okay--no flying. For now. But can we, like...try something? I wanna get us there a little faster.” Dave raised an eyebrow.

“Tell me you’ve figured out teleportation.” He laughed to himself and said it aloud. “Wait, maybe if I do this. ‘Krista has discovered teleportation’.” She smirked and closed her eyes, grabbing onto Dave and tensing her body as her grip tightened around his wrist.

“Did that work?” Krista asked, holding her eyes closed. Dave swatted at a bug as they stood under one of the sidewalk lamps.


“Well, then--we’ll do my plan,” Krista said. “No flying, per se--but...watch. Just follow my lead.”

Krista pointed a finger at Dave’s sneakers and gave a quick command. “Listen boys, you wouldn’t mind speeding up with the rodeo down there, would you? We have places to go.”

After the end of her sentence, Dave’s shoe laces tightened themselves, pulling up in the air and tugging. Both shoes gave a tight but gentle squeeze under Dave’s soles as to give a sign to him that they were about to do something. 

“Whoa,” Dave proclaimed, rising no more than an inch or two off the ground. When he tried to take a step forward, the shoe slid a little under him, like he was standing on ice. As he tried to steady himself, he watched Krista push to her side and glide forward--just a short distance off the ground herself. 

“You gotta think on your toes,” Krista joked. “Get a little more creative, psychic boy.” Krista retorted with a smartassed grin. Dave shook his head and gave a smirk in return. 

“Are you sure you want to save your boyfriend, or do you just want to see your stuff push him around?”

“Let’s go!” Krista said, ‘skating’ along the sidewalk as Dave followed behind. The motions were awkward at first, but Dave found his own shoes helping to keep him balanced as he sailed along behind Krista. It helped that there weren’t any wheels actually touching the ground. Krista speeded toward Pete’s dorm, hoping that her things were content messing with him and not spreading into the rest of the dorm.

Annie was leaning behind the corner of her door as she looked out to make sure she was still alone. She was still surprised by what transpired in her room with the appareled apparitions that played with her a few moments ago, but now that Krista seemed to make the things listen to her, she was a little more than curious. She was still in her bathrobe as she stuttered out the words to test more than her silky camisole. “So, uh--is it just my cami that can come to life?” Annie asked.

“You really think Annie likes me?” Dave asked. “She didn’t even know my name.” Krista scoffed.

“That was banter, stupid. If you weren’t tripping over yourself about the prospect, you’d see it for what it is.” She started skating backwards now, looking him in the eye. “Dave, use these gifts to your advantage. Stop worrying and play with them.” She smiled. “You’re a good person, Dave. You know that, right?” Dave could feel himself blushing. “I can see inside your head, dude--and I can’t find a part of you that seems scary...except maybe your lack of confidence.” She leaned back with her arms behind her, propelled backward by her sliding sneakers. “You’re so fucking altruistic that you used YOUR FUCKING POWERS to give me abilities you don’t even seem to have. You need to come to grips with this thing and stop worrying so much. Being cautious is fine, but that worry--it’s eventually going to cause issues. You bend reality’s rules now, Dave. Maybe even break them.”

The two psychic wielders stopped their back and forth to look up at Pete’s dorm building. They’d arrived. 

“No more skates,” Krista said, pointing to her shoes. She landed on the ground. “You neither,” She said, pointing to Dave. He tried to picture Annie, reaching out to her like Krista suggested. When he did, something happened. He heard her...intentions? A thought? It wasn’t clear, exactly--there wasn't a clear language to go with it, but she had asked something, and wanting to know how he could get into her good graces, Dave had ‘answered’.

“Shit,” Dave said aloud.

“What?” Krista asked. “Things okay?”

Annie’s panties started to ride up between her cheeks. They rubbed their silken texture against her already wet mound. “Ooohh...come on, not again..” Annie bit her lip as her own panties started to play against her ass and clit while the robe she was wearing went to work on her nipples. 

Dave sighed and turned to Krista. “Um, I think I just--uh--’reached out’ to Annie.”

Krista smiled as she telekinetically pulled Pete’s dorm building door open. “Really? And what happened?” Dave shrugged as the two entered the building.

“I think...I did something. I’m not sure. I’m trying to focus, but we’re about to get into this thing, and Annie’s already been through enough for--” Krista stopped and grabbed Dave by the arm. She rolled her eyes. “We’re not as fragile as we make out to be, Dave. You gotta trust me, the girl wanted to see more of this kind of excitement, sarcastic as she was.” Dave looked at her, concerned. “Don’t lie to me that you aren’t turned on by the idea, mister tight jeans.” Krista pointed to Dave’s nether regions, showing obvious signs of his enlarged package. Krista raised an eyebrow and made the denim grab a hold of Dave.

“Krista, stop!” Dave said, trying to flush the activity from his pants. He couldn’t overpower her.

“No one is running out of here like madmen,” Krista said to him, making his briefs join in now. “That tells me...that I can probably take care of this myself.” Dave stared her down.

What are you doing? Dave projected to her. We’re struggling to keep this under control.

“No,” Krista said aloud. “You’re struggling to cope with the fact that you’re ascended, and you wanna pretend everything is normal.” She telekinetically squeezed his package now. “You did something to me, Dave--and you can’t take it back. I don’t want you to, and I don’t think you want to either.” He struggled to respond, his biology betraying him as Krista lifted off the ground and toward the stairwell. “Come on.”

She lifted him this time, and both of them sailed through the first floor corridor until they reached the staircase. Dave thought about what she was saying, trying to focus on Annie as he let Krista guide his body. When he entered the stairwell, he looked up to see Krista levitating up to the third floor through the center.

* * *

Annie layed on her bed now, licking her lips as her clothes played with her. “Eeeeasy. Go easy.” It still freaked her out that her clothes could act on their own, but being that this was the third time it had happened--and she knew that she could text Krista if things got totally out of control--she was a little more inclined to experiment now.

Plus the fact that they...seemed to actually listen to her now. Her silky camisole stayed suspended in the air over her bed, and she watched it--as if waiting for her to say something.

“You should...sneak over into Dave’s room and give him a taste of his own medicine,” Annie said. Annie’s eyes went wide when the airy top pulled away from her, floating toward her door. She thought about what someone might say if they saw her clothes drifting down the hall, but it didn’t worry her that much. It was way more interesting to see an object following through with her command as the door clicked open on its own to let the silky top out.

It bobbed out into the hall. As the door began to close, Annie jumped up to go hold it open, only to find that it held itself. She didn’t even touch it.

“Whoa,” Annie said, looking at the door and then back at the lingerie floating through the hall. She watched it actually go into Dave’s room before she let the door shut.

That is, before the door shut for her. Which was even more interesting.

“Did Krista do something in here?” Annie asked. She looked at her smartphone on her nightstand, and it unplugged, sliding off the small table and hovering toward her. “Ohmigod, ohmigod.” She held out her hand, gingerly grabbing it when it was within arm’s reach. She looked at the light switch on her dorm, and the overhead light came on as the switch flipped itself. “Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit,” Annie said excitedly. She didn’t even have to say the words. Did everything in her room listen to her?

She focused on the bottles of water in her minifridge, and the fridge popped open, producing one of the bottles. It eerily bobbed in the air the same way her cell had, and Annie started laughing. “This is so weird.” She glanced at her closet, making the doors open and close again. Her eyes shot over to her dresser, and the drawers bagan opening and shutting as she looked at them. She could feel the swell of excitement building in her.

This was real. Whatever happened to Krista, something like it happened to Annie too. She looked at her phone hovering in space, considering getting a hold of her, but as the messaging app opened, she waved the phone away.

“Nah, not yet,” Annie said. She wanted to experiment a little more. She looked at her long pink robe, which drifted toward her. She held out her arms behind her, and the robe helped itself on, tickling up her shoulders and hugging her a little as the pink sash tied. Annie made a pleased little sound, remembering her first encounter with this strange phenomenon and wondering how much different an...encounter might be now that she had some power over it. She had another idea first, though--she wanted to talk to Dave.

Her door opened on its own again, and Annie wondered if she even needed her keys. She called them to her, marvelling at how easy it was to mentally lift them off her key hook and drop them in her pocket. She had so many questions about how it worked--why she had it and how she’d obtained it. With her phone and her keys in her robe pockets, she slid her feet into her slippers and headed down the hall.

When she got to Dave’s room, she gave the door the lightest knock.

“Who’s that?” She heard on the other side, barely enough to hear. But it wasn’t a guy’s voice.

“Just...just let me see! Please?” That one was a male voice, but it wasn’t Dave’s. Annie watched as the light in the peephole dimmed. “Um, Annie, right?” Terry said through the door. “What’s up?”

Annie was caught off guard. She couldn’t remember the name of Dave’s roommate.

“Um, hi. Is Dave here?” Annie asked. Her face flushed a little. She’d sent her camisole in here after Dave, but since someone else had come to the door…

“Dave’s...in Krista’s room,” Terry said. He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to say that to yet another attractive girl, but he had other things going on. “Wait, are you sure?” He said audibly after Annie heard the female voice mumble something about a shirt. “Annie, did you, uh--lose a top?”

“Now that you mention it…”

* * *

Krista had wondered why she hadn’t heard any obvious hysterics when she got to Pete’s room. Both her and Dave were taking the scene in, marveling at the coordination and singular focus of the clothes. It almost seemed like Pete didn’t even notice them at first.

He was gagged by a balled up knee sock, while its mate was untied but curled tightly around his head. His moans were present, but they couldn’t be heard through the door--and they certainly didn’t sound as panicked as he was on his phone call to her.

“Well now, this doesn’t seem like such a crisis after all,” Krista said sarcastically, hovering up to meet Pete in his position near the ceiling. He was facing toward his bed, and one of Krista’s sweaters had his hard cock in her sleeve. He was wearing a shirt that was clearly too small for him, a pair of thigh-high socks that absolutely weren’t his, and a pair of violet panties that were hiked up his ass. The front of the panties were pulled around his member, leaving his sack to be fondled and juggled inside the purple fabric. The vibrating dildo that Krista had worried about violating him was under his chest, darting from nipple to nipple and buzzing against them.

Pete looked at his girlfriend, defying gravity like it was no big deal. He tried to say something to her, but it was still muffled by the gag.

“Uh huh. And that’s pretty basic compared to the other things I can do,” Krista said aloud. Dave watched as she stared into Pete’s eyes, and even though he didn’t really want to zero in on it, he could tell that she was saying something else to him through telepathy.

“Hey...Krista?” Dave interrupted. “If things are cool here, did you want me to--”

Just wait a minute, she responded through her thoughts. I need you to see if you can feel what I’m feeling here. There’s something going on here, and it’s not just in this room. It’s nearby...but I can’t What it is exactly. It almost feels...Different.

Dave gave Krista a confused look when she glanced back at him. Different how exactly? I thought you could feel all of your clothes running amok whenever they’re stimulating someone--like your boyfriend up there.

Krista shook her head, keeping her attention on Pete. It’s kinda hard to explain. I can feel my own stuff in here--especially the socks, panties and sweater--but there’s something new. It’s a feeling of something else entirely, and it’s hard to pin down. There’s also some kind of background noise--which makes me wonder if anything’s out of control back in my room.

Dave closed his eyes and focused--zeroing in first on Krista, then her things, then a sort of psychic aura that surrounded them all. There were convergence points between her and her things that seemed to either reflect or multiply each other--and another type of field seemed to emanate from those points, flowing up, down, and out--like a starburst pattern. Dave tried to retune himself to follow it.

These were embodiments of Krista’s will, playing with Pete and feeding on both of their responses. Not just Krista’s responses herself, but her things’ responses too--as if they were actually getting something out of the action. Krista’s physical presence magnified the effect, but the odd hybrid aura seemed to exist anywhere her things were having an effect.  

Dave tried to follow the waves in a direction, and he let his thoughts drift with the energy. 

Pete looked down at Krista, trying to mumble through his sock gag. She seemed lost in thought, and he tried to get her attention while getting rubbed down by her red patent gloves. He had given up trying to make sense of all of this, and the fact that Krista floated in the air next to him meant that she was more than part of this. She was pretty central to it. And this Dave guy--was he just here watching? His train of thought was broken for a moment as the sleeved shirt started to tighten it’s knitted grasp upon his shaft. 

“Mpphh!” Pete moaned. He was stiff as a rail, and the reality of being manhandled by women’s clothing and the sight of Krista showing up--hovering--along with some guy he barely knew made him frustrated in more ways than one. Pete tried to thrust his hips, begging for sexual release if he couldn’t get physically free. Krista’s sweater sleeve moved with him, though--denying him any extra friction that might put him over the edge. 

Krista heard Pete’s muffled groans and hands smacking against the ceiling. “Hang in there, babe. I’ll let you come once I figure this thing out, but for the moment--I need you on-edge. Try to enjoy it.”  With a quick wink from Krista, the gloves that were massaging Pete’s back moved their attention to his failing hands and then slid themselves over his wrists. The gloves moved his hands over his chest and began to rub the leathery tips of his fingers over his nipples through Krista’s thin tee. The panties cupping his balls started to rub circles along with the motion of the sleeve pumping his manhood. The dildo that had been circling his nipples floated along his body, diving between his legs and moving behind him, where it moved up towards his asscheeks, insinuating its rubber shaft between them. With the thin panties wedging between his ass and now with the dildo rubbing in tandem against the edge of his crevice, his eyes rolled back, his cock aching from its swollen state.

Dave was distracted by Krista speaking aloud, and he snapped back to reality just after he realized what was happening. He looked up at Pete’s body being embraced in Krista’s clothing. He couldn’t help but make a slight tent in his pants at the thought of being coddled by Krista’s clothing again, but he had to focus. He had just hit on what was happening before Krista spoke--and he had to mentally get back there.

Krista wiggled her nose, giving a signal to the socks that Pete was wearing to kick his feet up and let a pair of her own knee high purple ugg boots slip on and rub against his soles. It was nice to see him getting used to this kind of attention, looking at her with dreamy eyes, his muscles twitching and tensing. At some point Krista was worried that he was going to lose his mind, but now Pete seemed to be safe and sound with her girls protecting him.

Pete’s head arched up as the sucking motions of the sleeve became more intense. The panties forced his hips to thrust harder into the fabricated sex sleeve of the sweater. The clothing holding him up to the ceiling slowly lowered him into his beanbag, now drifting through the air as well.

The dildo rubbing between his ass cheeks moved away, joining with a nearby pair of tanga panties, wiggling their filled out curves at the sex toy. The sweater’s other sleeve wrapped around Pete’s shoulder as its emulated breasts made contact with Pete’s chest. The gloves controlling his hands drove them to squeeze the sweater’s ghostly curves, sending a rippling surge of pleasure through the sleeve swallowing his dick. The sleeve’s vibrations sent more pleasure to Pete’s dick as every fiber swirled tightly against his shaft and made a sucking motion, pulling on his cock all the way down to his balls. 

The uggs on his feet rocked his feet over the edge of the floating bean bag as the sucking motion grew more intense on Pete’s privates. “Hmmhph!” Pete bit into his gag as he could feel the pressure in his dick building against the sleeve’s constant pounding. 

Dave was in his mind again, syncing the growing energy of the room with the trails it was making outward. He had given Krista her powers by accident. If he had the ability to do that, following the energy and resolving a greater awareness outside of his body was just a matter of focus. As Krista’s extrasensory power filled the room--escaping with her and Pete’s pleasure and tinged with Dave’s own arousal--Dave rode the stream he was attached to before, sailing upward and into the next floor.

The room was empty--of people, at least. It seemed to be a double, and based on the decor, it was occupied by two guys. Movie and video game posters lined the walls on one side, and sports memorabilia and ephemera occupied the other side. One desk had a decked out PC with all kinds of accessories seeming to indicate an avid gamer, and the other had a spartan setup with a laptop. As Dave took in the space, he realized the PC screen was flickering.

A closer look revealed...a full-fledged weeaboo. Hentai flashed through the screen--videos played, folders flickered through images one after the other, and before long, he saw something moving under the bed.

It was a secured foot locker, sliding out as the combination locks dialed themselves in and unlatched the case. There was a hissing noise coming from the opened case, and Dave focused on it as he watched something rising out of the case, translucent and reflective, shining back the light from the monitor.

Is that what I think it is? Dave thought, watching the thing take shape. It was clearly a sex doll, filling itself and coming to life. A drawer slid open across the room, releasing a couple of jockstraps. Condoms burst out of the same drawer, and Dave’s ethereal copy watched as they each bulged at the center, bursting open and unrolling over phantom phallus shapes.

No way. Are we--are they--causing all of this? Dave asked himself. The laptop on the opposite desk flipped open, and as soon as it was up and running, the same thing happened--except this time, with images of athletic, well-built men in various states of dress. Jockstraps, though...seemed to be a regular theme.

The sex doll almost seemed to regard Dave for a second, staring at him with its vacant, painted-on anime eyes. He looked back at it, wondering if it could ‘see’ him somehow, until it approached, walking right through his point-of-view. When he shifted his focus, he realized it wasn’t looking at him at all--it was heading toward the dresser drawers of its owner. Two drawers opened up--one containing socks, and the other holding boxer-briefs. These things began to crawl out of the drawer on their own, filling to a skinny shape and standing all around the doll. One of the pairs of briefs began to hump against the vinyl form, which responded by ‘bending-over’, at least as well as a blow-up doll could do.

The jockstraps and condoms on the opposite all this were joined by some things from the small closet on the same side--a-shirts floating off the shelves, swelling to muscular disembodied torsos, a couple pairs of athletic shorts, and something trying to dig out from the rear of the closet, which turned out to be cold weather under thermals--shiny black leggings that someone training in the cold might wear under shorts.

It’s...anything. Anything even remotely assigned a sexual charge--either through impression or-- Dave was sure his physical body downstairs was blushing… --or through experience.

The jock roommate clearly swung the other way, but that didn’t stop a couple pairs of the hentai fan’s skinny jeans from leaping to life and parading themselves around the more athletic forms. Clearly someone had a crush. Though Dave doubted that these affections were requited, based on the exclusively female materials flashing over the PC screen on the other side of the room--it didn’t seem to matter. Clearly some of these things were assigned a sexual charge by the roommate--and that’s what mattered. Anything with a sexual meaning gained its own energy through Krista’s alchemy below.

Dave snapped back to his body in a split second, and found Krista riding Pete atop the hovering bean bag. She turned and blushed the moment she saw him watching--as if she felt his awareness return to his body.

I’m...I’m sorry, Dave, he just...he was so fucking hot just taking all of this. I was in his head, and he’s, like--it’s like he’s worshipping me now. I couldn’t hold myself back. I wanted him inside me.

Dave couldn’t help but smile a little. Under any other circumstance there’d be a fire of jealousy in all of this, but he was in her mind too--sensing her affection and her embarrassment when he snapped back to his body.

Hey, it’s your boyfriend. Dave replied to her. Whatever connection we have...I mean, it’s something else. You know I like you...enough, obviously, to have somehow ascribed this supernatural power to you...but I think you were right about Annie. Dave felt an invisible hand grip his cock and stroke it. Krista’s red gloves were now off of Pete’s hands, which were firmly and voluntarily wrapped around her body. They floated to Dave, one of them stroking under his chin while the other massaged his chest.

Did you find anything out? Krista asked. Dave’s eyes went wide when he realized he’d just been dawdling here, playing voyeur to Krista’s body bouncing atop Pete.

It’s...spreading! Dave’s telepathy insisted. The room above doesn’t have anyone in it right now--I guess they’re both out--but their stuff is going wild. Krista stared at him, her eyes almost gleaming.

We’re unlocked, Dave. When she grinned at him, Dave could feel her in his mind as well as toying with his body. Our connection goes beyond intimacy now. It’s something more cosmic than that, and I know you can feel it. We’re destined. Dave swallowed hard, hovering into the air now. Krista licked her lips, and Dave’s pants popped open and down his legs.

But, Krista--did you--

Follow it, Krista said. Let your body react to this, but follow the power. I see what you see, Dave. I want to know more.

A telekinetic pair of lips wrapped around his shaft now, and Dave took a deep breath as he tried to split his focus like Krista asked. He thought the sensations roaring across his erogenous zones would be distracting, but Krista was right--the tantalizing attention only made it easier to follow the stream of energy to other places.

A floor below--two girls. Attractive girls, Dave noted. They both had greek shirts on, and both of them were blowing up balloons one by one. It had to be almost four in the morning! What could they possibly be doing?

“You’re sure she’s coming back before class?” The brunette girl asked, looking around at the room. It was about knee-deep in balloons, mostly common 12-inch balloons with a couple of larger ones around.

“Uh huh! And she has an early one, too. When she sleeps off-campus at Jason’s, she usually gets back here at like 6 to shower.” The blonde rifled through a couple of plastic bags full of the things, looking up at the banner on the back wall that read CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW PSI SIG SISTER! “We’re not even half-done, though...so we’re gonna have to step it up!”

At first, the effects were subtle. Dave could see the ghostly streams of energy moving through their belongings, making things on a closet rod sway a little, or rattling some object in a drawer.

“Did you hear that?” The brunette asked. The blonde shrugged and blew up another balloon, tying it and dropping it to the floor.

“I can’t hear anything but hissing at this point,” She said, taking a couple of deep breaths. “What was it?” She went back to another balloon, slowly blowing it up and stopping suddenly halfway through.

“I dunno, I thought--” The brunette looked at the blonde, holding the half-inflated balloon between her fingers. “--is something wrong?”

“Um, I dunno.” She held the little pink orb out in front of her. “Maybe I’m just hyperventilating a little. I swear it felt like this thing moved in my mouth.” Dave’s focus was still in the room, watching the girls, but he was well aware of his extremely hard cock one floor higher.

Stop holding back, Krista said in his mind. You said it to Terry, remember? The best way to control it--to truly master what you’ve done to us--is to flow with it. Dave watched the blonde shrug as the brunette laughed at her.

“You’re losing it,” the brunette said. “Take a break if you need to; I’ll keep going.” As the blonde went to finish the pink balloon she was working on, Krista spoke to Dave again. Luscious lips, aren’t they? She cooed. Even better than mine. Pillowy--like Annie’s. Even split from his body, Dave could feel the quickening of his pulse. Krista was pushing him. Drawing his attention into these two girls. His ethereal focus split again, and he was somehow able to watch both of them up close--as if he was inches from both sets of glossy lips.

Fuck, Dave thought. Something in him bottling the effect--containing it for as long as he could--finally let go. A floor above Krista’s room, the energy had simply activated anything with a sexual charge. Here, though--the effect was going beyond that. Dave himself was the charge, and Krista’s telekinetic blow job had him fixated on these bouncy, shiny objects filling the room. Each of the round, squishy globes had these girls’ lips on them, and Dave’s awareness swelled in the room.

The brunette gasped now, the half-inflated balloon between her lips shooting away from her and propelling across the room as it deflated.

“What’s up?” The blonde asked. The brunette swallowed hard, shaking her head.

“I dunno. Now I’m freaking out, I think. I, um...I think I know what you’re talking about. It felt like it moved when I...holy shit, Janice, look!” The brunette pointed across the room at the spent balloon that landed on the desk. It flopped over on its own before its neck seemed to stretch open and stand on end. Both girls watched in disbelief as the thing began to inflate on its own.

“Hayley, Hayley--are you--are you seeing…” Both girls glanced at each other before looking back at the balloon again, swelling and elongating. Dave wasn’t so much watching the scene as he was occupying it. The balloon wasn’t resolving to just any random shape--it was the part of him receiving Krista’s best attention.

“It’s…” Hayley couldn’t help but giggle a little, feeling delirious for a moment as she watched the familiar shape fill the green, rubbery form. “It’s a...cock?” Another hard swallow as she looked to the blonde for confirmation.

“Hayley, what the fuck!? How is this happening?” A drawer on Janice’s dresser pulled out, and a couple pairs of her panties jumped out, filling to her shape as both of the girls squealed. “Hayley, what’s going on?”

“I dunno, I dunno--let’s go!” The brunette said, having seen enough. She grabbed her phone and started snapping pictures of the scene as she pulled Janice along with her other hand. Before she could get two steps toward the dorm room door, though, a couple of the tied balloons on the ground rose up into the air and bounced against her. She gasped as she was knocked backward on the bed, pulling her hand away from Janice’s.

“What the fuck?” Janice shouted, trying to grab onto one of the balloons. As she tried to put her nails into it, more tied balloons on the floor started bouncing and hovering into the air on their own, some of them crowding against the door as if to block the girls’ attempted exit. On the bed, the open package of uninflated balloons rose into the air and overturned as the girls watched in horror.

They didn’t fall to the ground. Instead, they all filled with air simultaneously. Some of them filled the expected teardrop shape, while others stretched and morphed into odd shapes. One more filled to the shape of Dave’s dick, and the girls both embraced each other as the remaining bags tore themselves open.

Hayley was mumbling something, and Janice began screaming. The green balloon that had first taken shape bounced away from Janice’s dancing panties and headed straight for her mouth, turning her scream into a muffled exclamation of shock. She reached up to grab the latex cock penetrating her mouth, but two uninflated balloons stretched wide at their mouths and swallowed up her hands one at a time, filling just enough to bind her hands in what looked like thin ball mitts. Hayley watched as the loons held Janice’s arms out to either side, and she began trying to tug at one of them in order to free her.

In the room, the rest of the balloons began to fill the empty spaces, most of them filling to tight, overinflated teardrop shapes. The group of oddly-shaped balloons began to shift and coalesce, though Hayley didn’t notice as she tried to help her friend. Janice, in the meantime, tried to get her attention, glancing down at her waist as her tight jeans unbuttoned. The rubbery green phallus thrust in and out of her mouth, and she moaned into the rubber as her panties began playing with her.

“Janice, your clo--ahhh!” As soon as Hayley noticed Janice’s jeans struggling to pull themselves down over her thighs, she felt her own leggings begin moving. Instead of pulling down her waist, though, they began stretching around her, as if they were filling with air themselves. “Oh my god--are we like, freaking out?! We didn’t even fucking drink tonight!” Hayley cried. As she paid attention to Janice’s jeans, the other cock-shaped balloon--this one in red--approached her. She slowly looked up at it, then over at Janice.

Janice’s expression had gone from pained terror to a sort of dumbfounded surprise now, and both girls looked down at her chest, where a couple of the well-filled balloons began squishing their rounded ends against her breasts.

“Pl-please don’t hurt us,” Hayley said, pleading directly with the red rubber cock in front of her. Then she finally noticed the shape in the background. The strangely-shaped balloons in the middle of the room had formed...a body?

Can you feel it? Krista asked Dave. Can you feel those pink lips around your dick, Dave?

Janice had started out attempting to bite on the green rubber shape stuffed in her mouth, but that didn’t stop the thing from fucking her mouth, and as her panties played against her clit, there was some sense that whatever was happening--she couldn’t resist, and it wasn’t exactly...awful. Shocking--unbelievable for absolutely sure--but not the worst thing she’d ever experienced.

They’re getting receptive, Krista said. And I’m about to put a face on this scene.

Dave watched in awe as a focal point of energy seemed to grow at the heart of the body-like form. Something beyond a simple telekinetic effect was happening now, and the latex shapes seemed to start enmeshing, fusing together at their walls and incorporating the latex at the outside walls of the construct.

Hayley watched it too...intently now. When the red tip of the phallic balloon pushed against her lips, she swallowed hard and grabbed the thing, pumping it a little. She looked over at Janice, whose eyes tracked to the form taking shape in front of them, then back to Hayley’s gaze. Janice seemed to nod at Hayley, who took a deep breath before slowly opening her lips for the cock-shaped balloon.

Feel it, Dave. Feel all the pleasure we can give you if you just have the courage and will to reshape us, Krista told him.

It was indescribable. There were literally three sets of lips on his cock now, all running in tandem and working over his shaft without interfering with each other. By sucking on the balloons, Janice and Hayley’s actions were mapped directly to Dave’s own cock, and along with Krista’s remote blowjob, they made a triumvirate of supreme dicksucking that Dave could have never imagined.

Hayley pulled back, moving her hand up and down the red shaft, arcing upward now as she could feel herself soaking her panties. She had some sense that she must be hallucinating, watching her friend violated by magically-possesed balloons as she sucked off a disembodied rubber cock. Standing in the middle of Janice and Caitlin’s room was a woman, composed entirely of pink and red balloons meshed together through some unknown effect. It almost seemed like it was smiling at them, and suddenly a voice echoed into their heads.

You sorority sisters are as nasty as your reputation suggests, Krista’s voice said to them as the rubber golem’s lips moved. The girls looked at each other, and now the green phallus even gave Janice a break, as if allowing her a chance to respond.

“Wh-what are you?” The blonde asked. “And--what are you doing in my room? With my stuff?”

Just another student on campus, the golem seemed to say, though as you can see, my talents make me stand out a bit. The golem posed in front of them, its curves swelling with air as it turned to profile and held its own tits before facing them again.

Krista, is that you? Dave asked.

The golem made a motion to both the phallic balloons embodying Dave’s cock, summoning them to her. The green one plunged into the translucent golem’s pussy, while the red one dove into its mouth.

Not...exactly, she said to him, a telepathic giggle running through him as the rubbery golem lifted its legs off the ground, spreading them as it rose into the air and let both cocks piston in and out of its formed mouth and pussy. The girls watched in awe, and Hayley’s hand slipped down between her legs when she noticed, again, that her overinflated leggings wouldn’t let her reach her own pussy.

You want deeper down this rabbit hole, my dears? The golem asked after pulling the red phallus from its mouth. I can give you both a taste of this magic--and you can have anything you want. Any man, any woman--any experience. All you need to do is give yourself to me--and the one who made me. The blonde looked uncomfortable now, squeaking as her panties continued to tease against her. She tried pulling away from the rubbery globes teasing against her breasts.

“S--Satan?” Janice asked with a frown on her face. The golem grinned as a telepathic laugh echoed in them. Even Krista laughed in her own body.

No, silly-- not Satan! She laughed. Nothing like that. Another student, like me. You’ve both been...enjoying him, the golem motioned to the red cock shape hovering next to her.

“Well, how do we...do that?” Hayley asked, poking at her hyperinflated leggings.

I will bring him to you, the golem said.

Dave snapped back into his body once more. Pete was mumbling that he had to come, and Krista was hovering just above him, sliding her entire body up and down his cock.

“Come for me, baby,” Krista said aloud. “Give me your fucking cum, Pete. Every drop of you.” Dave looked down at his cock, moving on its own from the effects on its balloon copies downstairs. Already hovering up the air, he called back to Krista as he floated toward the door.

“Krista, wait...I’m--”

“Going to go play,” Krista moaned aloud, shooing him toward the door with a gesture. The door opened, and Dave sailed into the hall against his will, his cock still manipulated by phantom sensations in the open air as he bobbed toward the stairwell.

Pete looked up at Krista, mentally begging her to let him come. She slammed against his body, whispering something to him. Pete’s hips thrust hard, and as he howled, gripping Krista’s backside, the door burst open again as every piece of Krista’s clothing that wasn’t adorning Pete’s body made their way out into the dorms.

When she felt Pete come into her, Krista levitated both of them higher into the air, almost bumping her head on the ceiling. Pete’s drawers and closet burst open, and now his clothing began rising out, filling to his shape and assembling themselves into whole outfits. Krista held out her hands, energizing the outfits and making some of them greatly exaggerated Pete’s frame. A strip of condoms sailed out from under his bed, and a foil strip peeled away from the whole thing, releasing 5 rubbery forms, all unrolling themselves over emulated invisible dicks.

Even in his afterglow, Pete looked down at the commotion, seeing his clothes begin to storm out of the room after Krista’s.

“K--Krista, where’s everything going?” He asked, panting as she leaned into him, laughing as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Wherever it wants to,” Krista said, gripping him tighter. “And speaking of that--tell me, Pete--who’s the most attractive girl on this floor?

Dave dropped slowly through the stairwell, watching his cock stand up straight as he felt some kind of surge. Krista’s powers were spreading--he could feel it--and now not only were the rooms above and below affected, but he could sense her influence spreading stronger along the hall, now above him.

As he drifted into the hall one floor below, a door opened at the other end of the dorm. An attractive girl walked out, dressed in running shoes, a loose tank, and a short, shiny pair of athletic shorts. It only took Dave’s attention to make her belongings start twitching, and when her shorts began to tug at her waist, she gasped and looked down, then back at Dave.

She screamed, and Dave tried to wave his hands, gritting his teeth. Her attention was pulled immediately back to her own outfit, and she grabbed at the waistband of her shorts, which tried to pull down again. When she looked down, she saw her shoes untying themselves. She panicked and slipped her feet out of the sneakers, and now the shorts pulled themselves straight down her legs. She looked back up at the naked guy sailing through the air, but he had stopped somewhere midway, turning to one of the dorm room doors, which opened itself.

As he drifted inside, balloons began streaming and bouncing out into the hall. The girl was fumbling with her door keys, which somehow wouldn’t cooperate with her motions. Her tank top flew up into her face, and she dropped her keys...which fell up--landing on the ceiling as if gravity was reversed for them.

Dave floated into some kind of insane fantasy world. He was projecting to Krista what they were going too far now, but she wasn’t responding. What he saw didn’t even make sense to him. Both of the girls in the dorm room were half-dressed, their most sensitive parts exposed to...balloons. Now they were rubbing against the girls, teasing them just like the clothing that he and Krista had been affecting.

“You..you’re--you’re in my anthropology section!” Hayley said. She smiled as she looked down at his cock. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I didn’t expect a guy like you to be that stacked,” She giggled, looking down at his dick.

“Wh-what the fuck…?” Dave couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This brown-haired girl was in his anthro class, he didn’t realize it before--and, yeah, she was cute--but she was sunk into a latex balloon three-feet in diameter, floating atop it like an inflatable chair as her pants and panties were pulled down to her knees. Between her legs was the same hollow latex dildo she was sucking on before, teasing at her crotch but not really inserted into her. Dave could still feel it echoing back to him.

She was speaking to him as if this were some kind of informal mixer, while not 15 feet away on the other side of the room--a blonde was hovering in midair, her face buried between the legs of a rosid-colored translucent woman that looked like…

“Krista?!” The shiny form was eating out the blonde’s pussy as the girl moaned into its rubbery cunt, but on Dave’s exclamation, its head pulled back and looked at him, giving him an alien smile and shaking its head.

Not quite, darling--but we share similar shapes and opinions. It was Krista’s voice in his head. He tried to see through the visual cues and into the energy, but there was way too much going on now. As soon as he was in the room, a fully inflated balloon bobbed toward him, stretching its end wide around his cock and pulling against him, like it was sucking on him. The brunette looked on in delight.

“How is this just--Krista, what have you done to them?” Dave shouted. The door to the hall was still open, and between Dave’s protests and the would-be jogger, things were getting loud. People would absolutely notice.

We showed them what’s possible, Dave. What you can make possible. These are volunteers to the cause.

“So, like...she said you can give us, like, magic powers,” The brunette said, her eyes lighting up as she watched more of the inflated forms begin playing with Dave’s body. “Is that true?” Dave couldn’t believe what he was hearing or seeing. Minutes ago these girls were prepping a room for their sorority sister, and now they were just giving in to this psychosexual insanity?

Seems like you’re the only one trying to hold things back, the voice echoed. Look at how nubile and willing they are, Dave. He swallowed hard, looking back at Hayley.

“How is it that you’re just...okay with this!?” Dave struggled, grabbing the red globe sucking on his dick and trying to hold it against him. It didn’t stop the rubber from pulsing and pulling on his shaft. Her face turned a little red. “I mean--the ‘fill the room with balloons’ prank thing was kinda my idea,” she admitted. “Kinda my secret thing.” She pressed against the sides of her squeaky flying seat, viscerally reacting to the feel of it. “I mean, don’t get me wrong--I’m still pretty freaked, but it’s not everyday that your fetish literally comes to life.”

“A balloon WOMAN!?” Dave pointed to Krista’s shape. “And you just go with it?” No wonder Krista’s abilities soaked into the latex toys. This girl had a thing for them.

“Well, who says no to magic?” Hayley said. “You’re the one that hovered naked into my room, guy. So is this, like, a dream--or are you really going to give us magic p...powers?” She shuddered as the latex cock inserted itself. Her eyes rolled back as she gripped the balloon she was riding. Dave moaned, feeling her pussy around his emulated dick. He watched his shape compress a little inside the balloon sucking him off.

Was he going to make the campus one insane, reality-breaking orgy? Could he stop himself? He looked back at the blonde, really going to town on Krista’s emulated shape. He didn’t understand it. Did that form shape itself out of ordinary balloons? Telekinesis couldn’t really account for that, could it?

It’s just a simple material, Dave. One that can be stretched, compressed, and fused. I’m telling you--you can do even more than you’re imagining. You’re limiting yourself and we’re trying to make you let it go. You’re unlocked now--but we can’t open the door for you.

“I...I don’t want to hurt anyone,” Dave said aloud, still looking around the room at the chaos. In the hallway, there was shouting now. Based on the timbre, he found himself on an all-girls floor.

“Well, no...of course not!” Hayley said back to him, thinking his words were for her. “Neither do I. I just...I just...mmmm...think I could have a lot of fun with this--if you let me,” she said, running her hand under her shirt and grabbing a handful of tit. “Krista said you were a kind of gift to anyone with a fun sense of...imagination.”

Dave watched her in an obvious state of arousal--and his biology betrayed the same. Still, he fought. Krista, we CAN’T! We’re not going to hold this back! Where does it end? Dave shuddered as his cock pulsed harder. By now, Janice noticed his presence and looked up, moaning as the living balloon golem stuck a long rubber tongue inside her.

“Ohhhh fuck...are--are you, him?” Janice asked, licking her lips.

We can’t hold it back, Dave. It was Krista this time. The real one. There’s no holding it back. We can only direct it in the best way possible, and thank whatever runs this universe that it’s someone like YOU that tripped over it. Dave gritted his teeth, thrusting his hips against the bouncing ball pulling him off with its tight neck. We’re not going to hold it back, Dave. We can’t dam it up. We have to direct where the river flows--but we can only do that...if you LET IT.

As Krista’s voice echoed in his head, he shot a load into the balloon. Hayley watched, mouth wide open as his cock erupted behind the shiny, rounded film of latex, squirting inside of it as her nerves were overcome by some intangible static electricity. The cock-shaped balloon curled upward inside her, nuzzling her g-spot and making her come. Janice howled, gripping the rubber Krista’s legs and wrapping her arms around them as she came.

* * *

In the dorm hall across the campus, Annie held a cupped hand to her crotch--totally self-conscious about it after the fact. She looked up at Jeana and Terry and blushed.

“What was that about?” Jeana asked. Annie shook her head.

“I...I dunno, really. I um, felt something.” Annie turned away from the pair and resituated her robe, making sure there was nothing moving on its own down there. “This is going to sound really stupid, but like…”

“Dave just came,” Terry said, matter-of-fact. “Yeah, it is stupid...but I could feel it too.” Terry sighed. “I mean, it’s not any weirder than anything else that’s been happening,” he said.

“So first Krista, and now you get superpowers too?” Jeana asked. She rolled her eyes a little. “What’s a girl gotta do to get leveled-up around here?” She sneered, looking at Annie. “Maybe Dave’s got a thing for you, too…” She smiled, trying to mask her jealousy.

“I barely knew his name before this happened,” Annie replied, her cheeks turning a deeper red. “What makes you say that?” Terry grinned at her.

“Are you kidding?” Terry said. “What dude doesn’t like a gymnast?” Annie crossed her arms and glared at him, and Terry felt the panties he was wearing pull up behind him and wedge between his cheeks. “Ow, come on! I’m serious!” Terry said, trying to pull down the panties behind him. “He made a huge deal about seeing you on the way to practice a couple of weeks ago.” Annie tried to hold back her smile.

“Really?” Both Annie and Jeana asked. Jeana’s was clearly more irritated.

“Of course, really,” Terry responded. “Are you guys really so clueless as to what kind of horndogs guys are?”

“Maybe most of you,” Annie said. “I dunno...I saw you and Dave as more the intellectual type. You kind of keep to yourselves. I mean, I never see you at the hall events the RA sets up.”

“So is it just telekinesis?” Jeana asked. “Krista seems to have some kind of telepathic awareness as well--and both of you think that Dave just came. Can you, like, communicate with him or something?” Annie shrugged.

“I...I don’t think so,” she said. “Like I said, I’ve barely talked to the guy.”

“Try,” Terry said. “If you’ve got psychokinesis now, too--it seems like this is some kind of pattern.” Annie had a look of confusion on her face.

“Try…how?” She asked. Terry shrugged, but Jeana seemed to think about it.

“Think about him,” Jeana said. “Like, for instance – think about where he might be, or like, try saying something to him.” Annie shrugged again and closed her eyes. She felt stupid doing it, but, then again, she could obviously move things with her mind now--so whatever she thought of as possible clearly needed to be redefined.

Suddenly, there was heat. Annie could psychically sense raw sexuality happening all around her. She could feel her body flush as if she was in the middle of some steamy encounter.

"Holy shit," Annie swallowed hard and held up her palms, clammy and shaking.

"Did it work?" Jeana asked, approaching her. "What did you see?" Annie shook her head.

"I didn't really see anything," Annie responded. "I just felt…hot." She chuckled awkwardly. "Not temperature, I mean." She shook her head. "You guys, this is so fucking weird."

"Yeah, tell me about it," Terry said, motioning down to his outfit with both hands.

"What's going on with this campus?" Annie asked. "I mean, earlier tonight one of my leotards like, had its way with me." She threw up her hands. "I mean, that feels so stupid to say--let alone to people I barely know, but we seem to all be in this together."

"Hey, we've eaten together more than a handful of times!" Jeana joked. "Suddenly I'm a stranger?" Annie rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"No, Jeana, you know what I mean…" Annie said. "I'm not exactly comfortable talking about stuff like physical arousal even in front of close friends, but based on…well, Terry's outfit, the way I was handled earlier tonight, what I just felt and everything that you two have been telling me…it all seems to tie into sex in some way or another."

"At least you and Krista got superpowers out of the deal," Jeana said. "I've mostly been watching Terry play dress-up," she laughed.

"Which you seem to have been encouraging and enjoying every step of the way," Terry added, folding his arms.

"The point is,” Annie continued, ignoring the banter, “should we like, try and figure out what's going on?" Annie asked. Terry shrugged.

"Meh. It hasn't made any sense to me the whole time," Terry said. "And honestly, I'm gonna snap if I don't get six straight hours of sleep at some point here." He unbuttoned Krista's pants, which buttoned themselves right back up. Terry sighed.

"Interested as I am in all of this, Terry's probably right," Jeana said. "Maybe the best we can do is try and get a few hours of sleep before the sun rises-- and try to get some real answers out of Dave and Krista tomorrow."

"It's practically tomorrow," Annie said. "But, I don't know — you're probably right." Annie looked at Terry again, smiling a little. "Hey, did you want me to try to help with your…situation there?" Terry's eyes lit up.

"Oh my God, would you?" He practically begged her. "Tell them I'll wear them tomorrow after class. Tell them they can share the bed with me, and I'll even snuggle with them," Terry said. "But for fuck's sake my skin needs to breathe in order for me to go sleep..." Annie smirked at him, looking puzzled.

"Tell them?" She shrugged. "I can just...force them off of you." Terry's eyes went wide, and he waved his hands, shaking his head.

"No, no you can't. If you do that, they'll just wait till you leave and slide themselves right back on again." Terry said. "Dave tried it before. This isn't some simple act of a telekinetic command," Terry told her. "It’s not like Krista is somewhere holding these things on me every second. These things – for all intents and purposes – are alive…or something like that. Krista seems to have given them some kind of will. You have to, like, negotiate with them." Annie gave Terry a look as if he was fucking with her.

"No, he's right…" Jeana said. "Like he said, it's not as if her attention has been focused here the entire time. These things are acting on some kind of autonomous programming…or instinct? Which, don't even ask me how that works."

"Well...how can I help you, then?" Annie asked.

"Just try like I told you to," Terry said. "Try to convince them." Annie started laughing.

"Okay…” She took a deep breath. “You can hear him, right?" Annie looked down at his outfit, trying to sound convincing. She snickered again, and Jeana joined her in laughing this time. Terry looked flustered, and Annie calmed herself again. “Okay, okay. Sorry. Listen, girls – I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but you have to understand how weird it is for me to be talking to clothing. Terry needs to sleep, okay?" Annie paused for a second, trying to make her case in earnest now. "I don't know if clothes need sleep, but humans do-- and he won't be nearly as fun to play with under a couple days of sleep deprivation," she said. Jeana flashed her an okay symbol, and made a gesture for her to keep going. "So, um--if you heard what he said, take that as a promise and just let him go. At least for now. Let him at least get some sleep."

Terry's teeth were gritted. After a couple seconds, the pants popped open and unzipped themselves. Annie's jaw hung open as they exposed a pair of Krista's panties beneath. She had apparently convinced the programmed clothes to comply, and she turned away from Terry to let him keep a shred of dignity.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Annie, thank you..." Terry mumbled, watching the clothing gently pull away from his body as she waved a hand at him, still turned away and staring at his door.

"Jeana, are you cool?" Annie asked. "If so, I think I’m gonna try to get some sleep too."

"I'm cool," Jeana said. "Terry, are you good?"

"Oh, god--I’m way, way better--" Terry responded. "Annie thank you. I owe you.” He looked at the cami hovering over Dave’s bed, seeming to stare at him. “Uhhh, did you want to take your camisole back?" She looked at the pink silk hovering over Dave's bed. She shook her head.

"If it's alright with you, I'd rather it stay here so that all have some sort of signal when Dave gets back," She said. "If you want, I can tell it to, like..."

"No, it's fine-- I trust...your stuff," Terry said awkwardly. "You don't have any younger brothers in your family, do you?" He asked. Annie smiled and shook her head.

"I'm the youngest," Annie said. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Because Krista does," Jeana laughed, "And based on what happened with poor Terry here, it seems like she was a bit of a bully." Jeana patted her on the back. "Let's go. Good night, Terry."

"Night," Terry said, watching Krista's outfit reform as it slid into his bed. The door closed as a sleeve grabbed his sheets and blankets and pulled them up, patting on the mattress with the other sleeve as if to invite him. “A promise is a promise, I guess,” Terry said, admiring the shape in the outfit. As soon as he laid in his bed, the hips turned toward him, snuggling against his thigh. Krista’s tee nuzzled between Terry’s arm and his bare chest, and he couldn’t help but hug it back, noticing her perfume still permeating it. “You know--this I could get totally used to,” He said, yawning as his blankets tucked them both in together.

When the girls came to Jeana's door, Jeana put a hand on Annie's shoulder.

"I have...a little favor to ask you," Jeana said. "I didn't really want to ask in front of Terry." Annie nodded at her.

"Sure, what's up?" Annie asked.

"It's a little embarrassing, but..." Jeana whispered into Annie's ear. Annie smirked a little, her eyes bulging a bit at the scandalizing thought of it.

"Uhm...I can try," She said.

"Try to make it happen after Terry falls asleep," Jeana said. "I don't want him to be any more freaked out by all this."

"I mean, I'm not sure exactly how this all works, Jeana — but I'll try." Annie could feel herself flushing red again. Jeana winked at her. "You know that's not how I got my powers, right?" Annie asked.

"It's…just an experiment," Jeana said. "I just want to see." Annie shrugged.

"You got it — I'll do my best."

"Thanks," Jeana said as she unlocked her door. "Good night, Annie."

"Finally," Annie said, waving. She bit her lip as she walked to the far end of the hall, planting the suggestion that Jeana had asked for.

* * *

Downtown, Krista's clothing had escaped the secondhand store and began walking the streets in a small clique. The late hour kept them from being seen up close by anybody, though a paper delivery man took a second glance and rubbed his eyes when he wasn't sure what he was seeing.

The group headed toward a bar, obviously past last call at this point and occupied only by the staff doing final cleanup. Like the rest of the possessed objects, they were following human impulse — and had something of an idea of where they were headed.

Meanwhile, at Krista's house, yet another epicenter of chaos continued spreading. Her brother Robbie was tied to the stool of her vanity, hovering in the air as a mirror floated across from him. He mumbled panic into his sock gag as Krista's leftover makeup began painting him up. One of her brushes sailed through his hair, and he looked in the mirror beyond his made-up face reflecting back at him, and at the entirety of his big sister's room--in which it seemed like literally everything came to life.

It was like some kind of nightmare he would've had a decade ago when she was still dressing him up. The high school senior watched as his secret stash floated in front of him--a tiny lockbox containing pot, a glass spoon and a lighter. He looked around the haunted room again, praying for some intervention that didn't have to do with his parents waking up and finding their 18-year-old son this way.

He also hadn't seen Lanie since she’d innocently asked about “swimming” in Krista’s room--and he prayed these ghosts weren’t doing anything to hurt her.

On the contrary. The youngest of the family, Lanie, was led down to the playroom in the finished basement, clapping her hands as one of Krista’s empty outfits stood nearby, animating Lanie’s toys.

“Kris, how’d you turn invisible?” Lanie asked. “Can you show me?” The outfit shook its head, and Lanie looked a little disappointed. “I’m hungry,” Lanie added, watching intently as her collection of dolls seemed to interact as toy cars rolled along the floor and fairy princesses sailed through the air. Lanie stared at all this with awed but fearless attention, marveling at her invisible big sister again. “I wish you were here more, Krista,” Lanie said. “This is fun.” One of Krista’s dresses flowed down the basement stairs, a bowl of ice cream and a glass of water in tow.

“Ice cream?” Lanie said. The dress bowed, presenting the floating bowl to her. Lanie cackled and took the floating bowl, grabbing the spoon and going to town. “Kris, you’re the best big sister ever.”

* * *

Minutes after Annie and Jeana left his room, Terry was asleep. Keeping to its unspoken word, Krista's outfit snuggled with him, content in his bed as he sprawled out, finally able to sleep.

On the other side of the room, Dave's underwear drawer opened. A couple pairs of briefs lifted out of it, and the dorm room door clicked open as quietly and slowly as possible. Inflated to Dave’s shape now, one of the pairs stopped at Jeana's door while the other bobbed quietly toward the end of the hallway.

Across campus, things weren't so quiet. Half of Pete's floor was awake now, along with most of the floor beneath his. The ones who set out to see exactly who the hell was making so much noise in the hall were the first participants--willing or not--in what Krista's telepathically projected voice began calling "the evolution of psychic energy."