It was early evening on a hot summer day as Olivia paced around her bedroom, shedding sweaty clothes and leaving them strewn about without much thought. Her hair felt remarkable clean despite the gardening and other activities she had done that day, but in many places her mocha skin shined with the evidence of heavy perspiration. Her socks had been discarded underneath a chair, and now her feet felt free and comfortable as they strode across the carpet. Her favorite blue jeans lay draped over the back of the same chair, and the pants looked just as tired as Olivia should have felt right then considering how much she had done that day. 

But despite a very active life and a very active day in particular Olivia felt restless. She kept moving around her room as she shed her clothes, half because she was enjoying the feeling of the cool carpet underfoot... and half because she was too damn hot to stand still. She labored a bit to pull off her tank top, her breasts heaving for a moment with the daisy-yellow fabric before being freed. As they bounced back into place beads of sweat ran between and over them, tickling Olivia as she tossed her top to the side, completely uncaring as to where the article of clothing landed.

Olivia just stood there for a moment and breathed. Now that she was wearing nothing but white panties it finally felt as if there was little left to hold unwanted heat to her body. She stood there with her eyes half closed, absorbed in the feeling of her air-conditioned house as the cool air flowed over the curves of her body, removing her discomfort. Her sense of restlessness, her feeling of unexpressed energy had built slowly over the past two weeks, and she knew all to well what it meant. She was horny, she was sensual, and she was very much hoping to be visited again by the strange powers that had pleasured her so fully the month before. 

She touched her glistening skin, feeling both the coolness of the air and the inner heat of her fingers upon her body at once. She ran her hands down the top of her breasts... slowly, her fingers gliding smoothly over her moist skin. Slick fingers touched rapidly cooling nipples, and she held them in her warm grip, feeling her body drift into an increasingly aroused and sensual state. The cool air flowed over her shoulders, across her back, under the curves of her breasts, down over her stomach, and across her thighs. The only place upon her body where heat still remained trapped close to her was between her legs, and she was coming to enjoy the sensation. 

Within her white panties it felt like a sauna, and as she slid her hand down and touched her increasingly erogenous zone she decided that taking a nice long shower sounded very good indeed.

Olivia's bathroom was modest on the whole, but at least her shower was larger and classier than the average fare. She could spread out; she could stretch her arms a bit and caress the smooth, ivory colored walls. After adjusting the water from outside, she climbed into the misty atmosphere of the shower, admiring the floral patterns decorating the walls around her and being reminded by her surroundings of a greenhouse. She took her showerhead down from its holder and began to indulge her body in the joy of the liquid warmth. 

The water was not too hot, and therefore still felt refreshing, but in some places it did not feel quite warm enough. She lifted the showerhead and poured the caressing water through her hair, feeling it brush through her long curly hair in long, warm strokes. Much of the water flowed down her back, speeding between her shoulder blades and tickling down her spine. She lifted her chin and poured the water upon the front of her neck, feeling it cascade downwards over the front of her body. 

It dove between her breasts, cascaded over their tops, and flowed off the ends of her shapely bosom as if she were an erotic water feature, a beautiful Venus perhaps. And as the warm water flowed across her stomach and down her legs she felt like a goddess... a goddess very grounded in the world of earthly delights. The water cascaded through the curls of her pubic hair and stroked all of the sensitive skin within, traveling farther and farther down between her legs with an exploring warmth. Her body was feeling abnormally sensitive to its touch, and yet still it only scratched the surface of her need for stimulation. Smiling happily at the freedom her privacy afforded, she brought the showerhead lower down the front of her body... and lower...

Its many thin jets of water tickled and teased her body in a unique way as they passed over her, and as they began to part her pubic hair Olivia's mouth opened with lust, her tongue sweeping over her lips in response to the enticing and promising sensation. Her free hand kneaded one of her sizable breasts with a passion and a sense of uninhibited joy, and as she brought the showerhead further down soon the region around her clitoris sang with a similar sense of free joy. Her aroused love button pulsed with erotic energy underneath its cover, and Olivia moved her free hand down to better expose it. As she pulled back its sheath and pushed it into greater prominence under the jets, she was hit with an intense ecstasy which caused her to let out an excited moan. 

Unbeknownst to her at that moment, her inner energy had suddenly sent out a pulse into her surroundings. In that sudden burst of eroticism, lust, and passion, Olivia had sent out the equivalent of a powerful message that stirred the energies of the unseen world around her. She had assumed that after her experience in that erotic dimension that she was now somewhere far away from its influence, that she would have to wait until she next dreamt in order to feel its touch again. 

But the energies of that plane had lingered with her, and though she was unaware of it, they were keeping her company more and more as a secret power developed within her soul. Her pulse of passion and intention now gave them the necessary bridge they needed to manifest in her company, and to affect the physical world...

As Octavia moved the showerhead over her clitoris in a variety of patterns, she noticed something... change, as if there was some other force in her presence. At first her gut reaction was to fear the unknown, but as she opened her eyes a little to look around she was greeted a familiar, soft red hue. She was astonished; the room seemed to have taken on a slowly pulsing red hue, and then she realized that it was actually not the lighting of the room itself but in fact an effect upon her very eyes. Waves of soft red washed over her vision, and her body began to feel energized and increasingly sensitive all over. She knew intuitively that she had nothing to fear from the unexpected presence, and as she felt every surface of her body become aroused and more sensitive, she felt anticipation for what was to come next.

Despite her initial surprise, she now made a coy smile, and moved the showerhead slowly downwards and in between her legs, her breathing deepening with excitement. But an unseen hand seemed to take hold of the showerhead, or perhaps something now animated it, either way, she felt its weight disappear in her grasp. She slowly loosened her grip on the handle and discovered that it now floated in place, unaffected by gravity. She smiled with awe at the enchantment she was witnessing, and then she smiled for completely different reasons as the showerhead continued on its journey. 

As it swept between her legs Olivia passionately squeezed her breasts and tugged at her nipples, and as the many jets of water played upon her lower lips she let out a long, soft moan. The showerhead angled its head forward and began to move back and forth between her athletic legs so that some of the streams also played across her clitoris. Olivia made a primal purr of pleasure and one of her hands shot outwards to brace her self against the shower wall. She was so absorbed in sensation that she didn't even stop to feel amazement as the water from the showerhead began to run UP the curves of her body. 

Countless streams of water now ran upwards from the epicenter between her legs. And soon the myriad of tiny rivers, seemingly more water than the showerhead could have put out, began fanning across her stomach and twisting up the sides of her legs to jet upwards along the sides of her body. The jets of water continued to lick upon her sex and clitoris, a sensation more exquisite than any past lover had delivered with their tongue, and even as they began to spice up their patterns of stimulation countless streams of water embraced her body in increasingly intimate ways. 

Some of the water flowing over her stomach curved along the undersides of her breasts while a few streams gathered into one larger river and flowed up between her shapely mounds. The larger stream headed up towards her neck and parted, flowing to either side of it and caressing her with liquid warmth. Each stream then re-converged behind her neck and plunged down the length of her spine, warming the small of her back and even playing upon the bud of her anus before falling to the shower floor. 

The smaller streams curving around the sides of her breasts paused their movement, taking the time to accumulate more and more water in cylindrical forms that resembled handle-less rolling pins. The water flowing up the sides of Olivia's body joined in, pouring itself into the increasingly large cylinders of water that flanked her breasts. Olivia tilted her head back and continued moaning and cooing in response to the attentions of the mystical force, and soon she discovered the intention of the strange cylinder shapes. 

The columns of water beside her breasts suddenly rushed over them like hot crashing waves upon a beach, flowing over her curves with insistence and passion and submerging each of her breasts completely within an inch-thick cocoon of water. Olivia let out a moan of lustful surprise and looked down at her breasts, which now bathed in an erotic warmth that felt magical as well as physical. Her free hand began to touch and inspect the water that immersed her breasts when that water began to move, massaging and manipulating her large mounds and causing her to brace herself against the shower walls with both her hands.

"Ohhhh.... gggooooodddd..."

Olivia's mouth opened and hung open in a silent gasp as she felt an intense orgasm coming to fruition.

All across her body small streams of flowing water washed across her skin, and the liquid caress of the enchanted waters did even more than caress her body. In places she felt the water suck or push against her skin, like the romantic kisses of a lover, or insistent touch of passionate hands. While Olivia's neck, breasts, stomach, sides, and back all enjoyed such pleasures, two epicenters of pleasure remained. Her breasts where manipulated expertly as they were simultaneously held, kneaded, and sucked upon at the nipples by the magical waters. 

Meanwhile all of the wonderful places between her legs where pleasured at once, and as the jets from the showerhead beat upon her pussy lips and her clitoris she enjoyed the river flowing down her back that tickled across her anus. And as she began to orgasm, this river pushed some of its flow inside of her. Warm water suddenly felt solid as it took form and parted the bud of her anus, slipping a phallic form a little ways within her. 

She let out a heavy breath and moaned anew, adjusting for a moment to the new sensation, then feeling her orgasm flooding back to her, the sensations between her legs now feeling more intense. 

Her body began to buck and shudder as waves of passion rushed through her, and her hands gripped tightly whatever they could use for balance. At that moment she had a sense that the energies around her were experiencing a very conscious feeling of success and pleasure from the results of their efforts. And as her body shuddered with pleasure she felt additional intentions pulse through the enchanted water that embraced her. 

Even as she came she felt the jets of water from the showerhead move in a new way, and as they beat upon her sex she felt the magical waters spread apart the lips of her shuddering pussy. Even as her body bucked she felt the showerhead keep its position between her legs, and once her lips were fully spread, revealing her hungry sex, she felt a sensation as if a strong tongue were licking up the entire length of the valley between her lips. 

At first it swept forewords over her, and then it swept backwards with the same pressure, passion, and moist heat. The sensation was driving her to climax, but as the waters licked backwards across her sex they pushed her into a shattering climax and began to send her right into another orgasm as some of the warm water became solid and entered her. Olivia cried out in ecstasy as her entire body was continuously stimulated in new and exciting ways, even through a shattering orgasm. 

And as she enjoyed the sensation of two short phallic shapes within her, each radiating heat, she sped towards her second climax. She looked down at the warm water encasing and manipulating her breasts, cooing lustfully as she did so. Then as the enchanted waters kneaded her breasts and simultaneously pushed deeper into her sex she flung her head back and shouted with pleasure as her second climax took hold. 

As her body shuddered even harder with passion her legs drew closer together and bent at the knees, the muscles in her legs putting all of their strength into her orgasm. But before she might collapse or lose her balance, the mystical energies that were making love to her held her aloft just as they had levitated the showerhead in the air. And so she continued to cum, her passionate soul roaring like a fire of erotic force as she stood almost weightless in her shower. 

After the energy of her orgasm finally subsided, so did the intensity of the pleasures being lavished upon her; she felt as if the waters coursing over her were now quite relaxed, and now the showerhead moved around her slowly. She continued to barely stand, the mystical forces around her holding all of her wait, so that her feet were firmly upon the floor yet did not need to be. 

She stood breathing calmly, the showerhead slowly circling and washing her body, and as she continued to calm down from her intense experience she felt an invisible presence in front of her. It felt the same as the waters did, as if it was of the same intelligence, but at the same time Olivia felt as if she were in the presence of another individual, like another human being. 

Hardly stopping to be amazed anymore at the phenomena she was experiencing, she embraced it with adoration. Though she could not see her mysterious lover, she could feel its very tangible boundaries with her hands. As her hands explored the invisible body that stood closely in front of her, she discovered that it was very much that of a man. She felt broad shoulders, a chiseled torso that felt warm and inviting to her touch, and as her hand quested further downwards she found an aspect that defined him as very... VERY much a man. 

As she explored her invisible partner she felt his touch upon her. A loving hand upon her waist moved upwards along the side of her body, and she felt another hand settle lightly upon her cheek. She placed one of her hands upon the top rung of the invisible man's abs, spreading her fingers wide as she tried to feel as much of him as she could in that one point of contact. 

Olivia felt the hand upon her side move to her back and begin to pull her closer, and the hand on her cheek went to guide her lips towards an unseen kiss. She parted her lips a little in anticipation, and before she even felt his touch she thought she could feel an exhilarating breath washing across her lips. And so she spread her lips wider in perfect time to meet the onrush of sensation from her lover's kiss. She could feel his warm lips embrace hers, lips that seemed to pour passion into her very being. 

They kissed for some time, the mystical lover holding her with a hand upon her cheek as she held him back and lost herself in the touch of his lips, forgetting that her lover was completely unseen as she closed her eyes. Olivia felt his tongue enter her mouth often to play with hers, and its every caress felt as if it touched her very soul, sending pulses of erotic pleasure up and down her body.

Everywhere drops of enchanted water glistened upon Olivia's mocha skin, and the animated showerhead continued to caress her and send warm streams of water cascading down the curves of her body. 

Olivia put her arms around her lover's upper back and pulled closer, pressing her bosom snugly against his chest as she continued to kiss him. The showerhead circled around Olivia to her front and washed across her neck and then her breasts, directing its jets to pour down between them, creating a rushing river that cascaded between the two lovers. The water hugged Olivia's body as it rushed down the center of her body and dove towards the space between her legs. The magical waters paid special attention to her clit, and indeed Olivia felt her hood being lifted up out of the way to allow the waters to rush directly over her sensitive nub.

Olivia cooed and angled her lower body further forward, bringing her body in contact with her lover's sizable manhood in the process. She felt the long, half-erect shaft rubbing against the underside of her body as she moved forward, but as she neared its base she noticed something unique about it. Rather than invisible coils of hair her lover radiated a soft, pulsing field of energy that surrounded the base of his shaft, and as his phallus came to rest along the length of Olivia's pussy lips the vibrating energy seemed to quest further outwards from his body to embrace Olivia. 

As the water continued to pour across Olivia's clitoris, she was greeted by the additional sensation of her lover's erotic energy as it crept outwards from his groin and flowed across her lower body. The enticing, tingling sensation washed up her body to her navel, circled around her waist, and plunged between her legs. 

As the energy fanned out across her body, Olivia felt her lover hardening between her legs, his shaft becoming more robust and beginning to pulse with energy as it lay against her increasingly eager lips. The streams of tingling energy that washed around the sides of her waist and over her sex met behind her and poured over her shapely buttocks, and as she felt the invisible man's shaft becoming increasingly hard she also felt the energy that embraced her becoming more tangible, as if it was beginning to hold her lower body firmly.

The showerhead diverted its jets of water onto the invisible man, and as Olivia felt his mouth gently leaving hers she slowly opened her eyes. As she watched, the water poured over the unseen form of her lover and made the shape of his body increasingly visible. The water covered the curves of his form and created a liquid silhouette, revealing the width of his shoulders, the slope of his brow, the subtle smile that now spread across his lips. Though Olivia could not look into her lover's eyes, she could sense the love and erotic energy that would have come from them, as it was constantly communicated in the way he held her. 

Nevertheless, she looked into the space where his eyes would be, and she felt him positioning himself beneath her. The length of his idle cock left her lips and was soon replaced by the sensation of its wide tip pressing lightly against them. Olivia felt the energy emanating from her lover take a firm and definite hold of her waist and as it did so she was lifted from the ground. 

Her feet lost contact with the white tiles beneath them and Olivia was levitated upwards and forwards just enough so that she was positioned directly above her lover's groin. The man, no longer so invisible, took a hold of Olivia's legs and guided them behind his waist. Olivia snugly fastened her legs around him, and she began to grope lustfully at his heavy pectoral muscles as she felt his phallus part slowly part her lips and begin to push against her entrance.

She uttered a single phrase...

"Take me."

The energy around her waist pulled her body downwards onto the man's long shaft, and after its head pushed open her entrance Olivia felt him flooding into her for what seemed like a delightful eternity. His entrance was long and drawn out, but as he pulled back out of her again he began to move faster. In long strokes that tantalized her body he began to make love to her in full. 

Olivia groped at his body and kissed him in a myriad of places as she rose and fell upon his cock, and his hands moved in to knead her breasts. Capturing a nipple between finger and thumb he rolled and tweaked it in his grip even as he continued to massage the breast which it adorned. Olivia bucked her head back and let out a series of lustful praises and vulgar coos of joy as she received such excellent attentions. 

She felt the energy that gripped her waist begin to vibrate over her clit, and as the thought of additional stimulation aroused her to new heights she snapped her head forwards and looked into her lover's eyes. Rather than an empty space beneath his brow she now saw a pair of gleaming yellow lights where his eyes should be, their light glinting in the drops of water that surrounded them. Something about this mystical being continued to wreath Olivia in feelings of erotic safety, and his "eyes" somehow conveyed a distinct personality, one that was taking great pleasure in her responses. 

Olivia looked into the being's gleaming eyes as she felt her clit vibrate more and more, and in response she licked her lips with lustful passion and mouthed a long, silent, "yes."

Her lover's shaft continued to piston wetly between her lips at a relentless pace as she rose and fell upon it. The mystically guided showerhead moved behind Olivia's shoulders and poured warm water down her back in the midst of the lovers' passion, adding one more sensation to the overwhelming array.

Olivia put her hands on the being's shoulders and gripped him in ecstasy. He slowed his pace for a moment to bend foreword and nestle his head in Olivia's cleavage, once again using a finger and thumb to play with the sensitive nub of one of her breasts. Olivia put her hands behind his head and held him close against her as he kissed her lovingly upon her chest. She held him for awhile like this, gripping him still with her legs and slowing rising and falling upon his shaft unconsciously. 

After the brief break of tender and subtle touching the two resumed fucking with renewed intensity and passion, the shower echoing with Olivia's cries of pleasure and the quieter rhythm of wet bodies colliding. Soon the slurping and smacking noise of incredibly wet sex came mostly from the place of their joining, where Olivia's juices ran freely and abundantly, covering the invisible man's member and running down his legs. 

Sometimes their pace would slow as the man made a few slower strokes that lifted Olivia further into the air at each apex, grinding hard and driving deeply within her much to her enjoyment. Other times Olivia's lover would treat her to a quick flurry of thrusts that pistoned in and out of her faster than the eye could register; at such moments her eyes would roll back in her head and her mouth would hang open in an expression of ecstasy as her body was almost overloaded with pleasure. 

But finally as Olivia approached her final climax of the night, her invisible lover did the same. Olivia felt a change occur in her lover's member, sensing the difference even through the myriad of other sensations pulsing across her body. She looked into her lover's glorious glowing eyes, her wet hair hanging down her back and draping in strands down over her breasts, the skin of her shoulders and chest adorned with thousands of tiny droplets of water, and her mouth alternating between heavy breaths and smiles of supreme enjoyment; she looked into her lover's eyes and threw her lips forward to embrace his, and at that moment their long session of lovemaking saw its finale. 

The invisible man's tongue met Olivia's with such passion that the two lover's seemed bent on coiling around one another. The thrusting of his cock reflected the stroke of his tongue across hers, and as the energy pulsating across her clitoris increased its intensity Olivia was almost lost amidst sensation. The touch of one of her lover's hands upon her breast sealed the deal, and as the invisible being's palm cupped her breast from the side and his fingers tugged at her teat, he kissed her deeply and sucked erotically upon her tongue, sending her into her final waves of orgasm. 

Olivia's mouth opened wide and her mouth parted from her lover's as her body shook with pleasure, gripping the phallus that drove deeply within her and making it feel even harder. With her hands she clutched at her lover's heavy forearms, including the one which held her breast. Her body came long and hard, and in unison so did her partner; from his member poured forth a blaze of warm and tingling energy that filled her sex and sent waves of sensation cascading through her body. Even after her initial orgasm had hit its peak she continued to cum, and she felt the same surge of passion roll on and on, her body shaking anew as each consecutive climax took hold.

After three incredible climaxes her lover no longer stimulated her. The energy playing upon her clitoris had subsided, and the invisible man simply held her in a loving embrace as she continued to "cool down" from the intense experiences which had exhausted her. Even after being disengaged from her lover's cock she still felt the arousing energy which he had poured into her as it tingled within her sex. 

And even some time after he had pulled out she felt the tingling warmth within her trigger another orgasm, and as it took hold her hands stiffened once more for a few brief but sensual seconds. Her head lay upon his shoulder as he held her, her long black hair cascading down his chest, and she breathed heavily and let out soft moans of pleasure as the late orgasm washed over her. After it ended, she kissed her lover on the neck, and she felt one of his hands run lovingly up and down her back. He lifted one of her hands to his lips, and kissed the back of it.

The showerhead which had previously given Olivia her initial experiences of pleasure had long sense lost its enchantment, and it now roosted back in its holder, silent and inactive. After being suspended for so long, Olivia disengaged her legs from around the mystical being's waist and let her feet drop to the floor. 

She stood on weak legs, and as she pressed her body against his she brought one of her hands slowly down his back. She took in his broad form with her touch, and as her fingers meandered further downward they came to rest on one of his firm cheeks. She slowly kissed her lover, enjoying lips that seemed to be crafted from her fantasies, and the man's tongue caressed her with the same articulate passion that his hands expressed. His hands encircled her waist, half resting there and half holding her steady on her tired legs. 

And her legs were becoming increasingly tired.

As her movements became slower and her eyelids grew heavy her lover bent down and shifted his hands upon her body. Then with one swift motion he swept Olivia off of her feet and into a reclined position against his chest, and then he proceeded to carry her back into her room. The being's feet seemed to leave no footprints upon the carpet as he went, and very little water could be seen dripping as he carried her for the enchanted water that had adorned their skin was drying with a magical quickness. 

Soon he reached the end of the hall and carried Olivia into her bedroom, where he laid her down gently upon the bed. Olivia was almost asleep, with her eyes mostly closed, but as her lover pulled apart from her she caressed one of his arms with a slow and sensuous touch. The invisible man looked at Olivia's lithe form as she lay on top of the bed, her nearly flawless skin the color of mocha, her long dark hair shimmering slightly in the light... she was quite a sight, and the being hoped that he might see her again. The invisible man looked over to the dresser by her bed and saw a gold coin with a familiar symbol etched on it. 

He smiled, he had been conjured to her that evening, but he had not known what she was, or rather what she would become. He would have to ask his masters what they had planned for the girl when he returned to their side, though they might not tell him. Either way, he thought it likely at that moment that he would be seeing her again, and knowledge of that likelihood made leaving her then much easier. 

As his eyes left the sacred seal that lay upon Olivia's dresser, the invisible man turned and walked through the doorway leading into the hall. As he walked into the hall his invisible body began to become untouchable as well, becoming a different kind of matter entirely, and within seconds he was "gone" in regards to all forms of scientific detection. He was now like the energy which still surrounded Olivia, energy which she would one day learn to command.