Chapter 2

A jingle of the keys in the lock on the front door, and Lexi was home at last, her green eyes dilating just a bit to adjust to the complete darkness within the living room. Everyone was asleep, just as she had suspected. Mom was rather successful in her career, but it demanded a lot out of her in turn, and Steph never was a night owl, Lexi's sister rather enjoying the opportunity to sleep whenever it was available. Just as well, considering there was the matter of this book to deal with.

Lexi moved her way over to a lamp by the couch and turned it on while snuggling up near the arm rest, placing the book upon her lap before she opened it, starting to flip through the aged pages reading the titles as she went along.

"Luck spell. Time spell. Transformation spell...?" A pause as she started to read the first paragraph to herself. "This spell allows the caster to seamlessly switch from male to female until the spell wears off...?" She looked up for a moment, thinking of a few things the spell might be useful for, smirking as she came up with a few ideas, then going back to to flipping through the book again.

A few page more, and Lexi stopped, a wide grin upon her face as she found something she could enjoy quite a bit. The spell was a spell of animation, upon reading further Lexi found that if cast correctly, it would imbue anything with a life of its own to follow the command of its caster. There was more, of course, but Lexi had already shut the tomb and got up from the couch with a rather lewd grin upon her face. She already knew what she was going to animate with this spell.

Lexi raced up the steps, skipping one step with each leap until finally reaching the top, slowing her pace down to a slow walk, as if going too fast would ruin the moment. Her sister's bedroom door was a few paces away, and as always, the door was wide open, the bathroom light across the hall serving as a sort of night-light for the eighteen year old. A few more steps, and green eyes turned to take a look in to the room, and saw exactly what she wanted.

It was crazy, she knew. If anyone, anyone at all knew about her fetish for socks, she'd probably have been put in psychiatric care. Lexi always hated the irony of her fetish, if she was honest with herself. Even when talking in a community with the most depraved of desires, talking about living clothing got you shunned. Irony at its best: Shunned by even those that are shunned.

The incantations were slow at first, and Lexi was sure she had said numerous words incorrectly. The blonde found it hard to focus, thoughts jumping from ‘will this even work’ to ‘of course it won’t, you idiot’ to ‘god, please make this work.’ Blue eyes focused on the focus of the spell: A pair of white knee high socks upon her sister’s feet. The leggings were scrunched down, of course, so it was hard to see the three red stripes they had at the tops, but that would all change in a moment or to, right? Lexi kept on repeating the words, the thought of seeing those stripes continuing her desire to press on until it's completion. Eight times, the archaic words were spoken, and she was sure all eight times were different as well. It didn't matter, so long as it worked. Eight times. That’s what was required of the spell.

“So now the magic happens, right?” A soft whisper, blue eyes on those knee highs poking out of the bedsheets, unblinking.

Until...they moved. Lexi blinked, then rubbed at her eyes before starring again. That could have been anything, right? Stacy stirring in her bed. A harmless twitch, reacting from a dream. This wasn’t proof. Proof would be...

"Hello." The voice was telepathic, and sounded exactly like her sister's voice, if only perhaps a bit older, and a bit more provocative. The sudden sound of the voice caused Lexi to jump a bit, but smile even wider. Lexi barely had time to register the voice before witnessing those knee highs start to pull themselves off Stacy’s feet of their own accord, eventually leaving those limbs bare before falling off the edge of the bed into a pile upon the floor.

"He-hello." She couldn't help but giggle a bit upon saying that, finding it hard to believe she was actually talking to a pair of socks. She giggled a bit more, figuring she might as well speak the truth after all of this. "Can you stand up?"

"Duh. We are a pair of socks, after all."

"Can you?" She whispered softly, suddenly feeling very embarrassed, as if ashamed to talk to a pair of socks about her fetish that revolved around that very thing. “I-I mean. It’s just that, I would-”

“-Like to see us? Feel us?” Without question, those red striped knee highs filled out, as if her sister's feet were standing within them, the leggings pulling up invisible legs slowly so that not a crease was to be found. Once everything looked perfect, they started to tip-toe their way towards Lexi until they stood directly in front of her. Not missing a beat, Lexi reached out and caressed over the right leg, feeling how soft it was, yet firm as though she were touching her sister's leg.

"Do we feel nice?" Those socks said gently, that childish demeanor still within their tone.

"M'hmm. I bet you taste nice too.." Lexi pursed her lips, realizing what she said right after she said it. Was she now hitting on the living socks? Once again a feeling of embarrassment, when there was no logical reason for one to feel suchs. Then, Lexi supposed, logic might as well be thrown out the window at this point. She was looking down in to an empty pair of socks, standing up as if worn.

"Then lay down, and let's find out." Lexi arched her eyes in surprise at the comment, finding the demand a bit odd for the briefest of moments, before deciding to go with it and lying her back on the hallway floor, looking to those socks.

Her sister's socks then proceeded to lift up their left foot, pressing it firmly over her lips, the side of the foot pressing up against her nose. With a soft moan, Lexi took an inhale, taking in the sweet aroma of the soft poly-cotton fabric before parting those lips and giving the sole a gentle lick. The resulting giggle made Lexi's head wave with lust.

"I could kiss and lick you girls all night" Lexi whispered lustfully in to the sole of the left foot, taking another inhale of the fabric after doing so. Far too clouded in her own fantasy to notice that her jeans were starting to unbutton themselves, with the laces to her sneakers slowly unraveling as well.

"This is why you animated us, isn't it?" The red striped white knee socks collapsed upon Lexi's body just then, the toes lifting in the air and slithering around their sister's neck like a pair of ivory snakes. Finally the toes rising up to look down at Lexi. "What's stopping you, sis?"

Lexi grinned devilishly for a moment before lifting her head up and gently snatching one of the socks by the toes with her teeth, lying back down as she rubbed her tongue across the knitted toe-line, moaning softly as she felt the animate cloth push back, playing with her tongue.

Both Lexi and those red striped white knee high with the three red stripes moaned softly at the 'french kissing,' the tops of those knee socks slipping out from around their sister's neck and piling up next to the V-neck of the long sleeved T-shirt. With a silent command, the neckline of that shirt lifted up, allowing the openings to slip in underneath.

Immediately following was that black laced bra, a gentle brush by the living socks, and the article of clothing immediately unlatched, revealing those perfect breasts and the nipples underneath. With the bra slipping out from under the shirt, those red striped openings covered each nipple, starting to suck and twist upon them as if they were mouths.

The magic simply blossomed from there. The tops of those white knee socks continued to kiss and suckle at those erect nipples, causing Lexi to moan a few more times before the toes of the left sock pulled out of the mouth, leaving the teen wanting, and attempting to follow before she found her hands being forced up over her head. Those looking to her left to watch the long sleeved shirt she wore start to pull upwards, leaving her body. Soon enough her head was covered by the shirt, leaving Lexi blind for a few moments before it stood on its own, as if a body was still in it. At the same time, she could feel her jeans and tennis shoes doing the same, coming to life and leaving her body naked in the cold air of the hallway.

"Did I just.." Gasping softly before she could even finish her sentence, Lexi felt her white panties press up against her already moist lips, rubbing against them gently in the process. The teasing continued for a bit longer before they too slipped down those legs, and off of Lexi's body to go join the rest of the living clothing.

"Nope." Lexi's sister's knee highs giggled softly, the toes of the socks curving in to a smile as they looked down upon their naked sister. "Seems like you gave us the ability to, when you spoke the words to the spell." The right sock leaning down near an ear, as if whispering in to it "You did mess up a lot of words."

While Lexi had some time to think of what she had done, she could feel those soft little anklets pull away from her feet, and move to balance on her slender legs. She moaned softly upon feeling their soft fabric moving up her bare skin one step at a time, those blue eyes facing upon the red striped knee highs that had just stripped her naked in an instant.

"Now we can play, right?" The teen's heart skipped a beat at that question, sure of how to answer it, but at the same time trying to take in the reality of the situation. Shortly after the question was asked, she could feel her own anklets pressing up against her pussy lips, the toes constantly teasing as they pushed passed them, causing their owner to moan. "We will take that as a yes."

Without any time wasted, the right foot of the knee high started to press back up against Lexi's lips, forcing its way in to her mouth before filling up as though a foot was within them, wiggling their toes around to play with that tongue, letting Lexi taste the fabric for a while.

At the same time, those anklets got to work as well, the left one finding it easy to locate the bundle of nerves under the the flesh and begin to stimulate it, rubbing up against it slowly at first, before picking up speed, causing Lexi to squirm a bit on the carpet floor in response, her breathing becoming heavier with each stroke.

The right anklet was the one that start to do the fucking, pressing its foot deep in to that pussy and starting to slowly thrust in and out, those toes pressing and pushing against those moist inner walls as the muscles contracted to try to push the living sock out.

In tandem with the right ankle sock, the one at her mouth started to thrust in and out as well, as if fucking that mouth while the tops of both knee highs continued to work at those nipples, grabbing, suckling, twisting, and kneading. Sending wave after wave of pure bliss through the teen, all while that outfit she once wore watched on.

"C'mon Lexi. You dream about us doing this to you..." A new voice now, was that her anklets? The voice sounded much like her own, if only a bit older, more..lustful? It was hard to think with her body being used in such a fashion, feeling that ankle sock push deeper and deeper in to her body, and loving every second of it. "Why not come, like the slut we know you are?"

“Wha-?”Another loud moan. Lexi couldn't deny it, she wanted this, it was why she cast that spell after all, but this was unexpected. That new voice? That wasn’t her own. Her anklets? Did she breathe life into them as well? Those blue eyes tried to focus on the ceiling, looking at some singular point with which she can attempt to gather her thoughts, even as the two pairs of socks fucked two of her holes.

It wasn’t working.

“Seems like you fucked up a lot of the spell, Lexi.” That first voice coming back, that of the knee highs around her neck, the right foot continuing to pump in and out of that mouth, while the left’s toes caressed that jawline. “It’s like you gave us control to animate clothing. We can even give other socks you’ve just heard from your adorable little anklets.”

Just then, that outfit of clothing started to walk off, heading in to Stephanie's room and out of site. Those blue eyes watched curiously, even as Stephanie's red striped knee highs, and her own anklets continued to fuck her. As if they read her thoughts, Lexi received the answer she partly knew all along.

"Don't worry love, the outfit is going to free some friends..."