The Ritual


"We've gotta rush, Felice, or they're gonna start without us!" Deborah hurredly popped open a tube of lipstick and painted her pink mouth crimson, smacking at the end to spread it.

"Well, if someone's alarm had gone off in time..." Felice said, pulling her stockings on and catching one leg of them on a toenail. "Shit! That's another damn pair." She ran to her drawer and pulled out another pair of stockings.

"From the toes up this time, genius, or you'll do it again," Deb rolled her eyes, closing up her blush and unscrewing a tube of mascara. "I'm way ahead of you. Now hurry up!"

"Fuck off, Deb, I'm working on it!" Felice did as Deb suggested, laying on her back and bunching up the nylon before slipping it over her toes.  "You don't really believe in all this shit, though, do you?" Deb shook her head.

"Hell no, but that doesn't matter," she said. "Lucas does, so whatever. I'm going to be there, and I want him and Gina to have as little time alone as possible!"

"So this is all for Lucas," Felice groaned, feeling had. "I thought you were really expecting something crazy to happen." She straightened her miniskirt and pulled a pair of heels out from under her bed with her toes. "Besides, he's not going to be alone there with Gina. Pete and Grace are there too. Six works best, right? Isn't that what he said?"

"Pete and Grace will be fawning all over each other, Fuh-leese, and I don't want Gina getting any ideas. Now are you ready, or what?" Deb stood, looking back at her. Felice was pretty decked out, and now she wondered if the competition she should be worried about was her own roommate. "Damn...that's--a pretty hot outfit, Felice."

"Well thank you, pushy," Felice said, smoothing her shimmering red halter top and pulling down her leather miniskirt to cover a bit more of her thighs--which was a mostly futile effort. "Not bad for fifteen minutes. Let’s see you."

Deb stood up in burgundy mid-calf boots and tight jeans, pulling down her white concert tee. Felice just stood staring.

“Well? Come on.” Deb looked down at herself. “Tell me I got makeup on the shirt.”

“Nah--not at all. You look pretty fuckin’ great, Debbie.”

“So--let’s GO!”

Both of the girls walked through the campus, getting more than a few looks as they passed partygoers, stoners, and greek society uppers with their pledges. They crossed the sports complex, weaving through maintained grass and pavement until they came to the newest expansion parking lot--an unfinished expanse of asphalt that hadn’t yet been painted or lit.

“Fuck!” Felice said, almost tripping over her black heels. “Why the hell do we have to be all the way out here?”

“Because we need to see the position of the moon,” Came a smooth, dark voice. “And as you can see, it’s not exactly easy to track right now.” A cell phone flash LED lit up, shining on the two of them. “Wow, you guys--did you just come from a party?”

“Maybe you wanna come to one when we’re done here?” Debbie said, flashing her pearly whites at Lucas even as she squinted in the harsh light.

“We’ll see,” Lucas said. “All depends on how this goes--and if everyone shows up.” The light went out again, replaced by the softer glow of Lucas’ phone screen. “Come on--Gina and I have drawn most everything up. We’re just waiting on the lovebirds now.”

“Shit...” Deb muttered under her breath. She wondered how long Lucas and Gina had been out there under the stars. Both girls pulled out their own cells and pointed the screens at the new pavement. Deb followed Lucas closely, while Felice stopped when she found a thick white line drawn in chalk.

“Whoa, Luke--how big is this thing?” Felice asked.

“Fifteen foot radius,” Came a softer voice in the distance. “We remeasured a couple of times--so we’re pretty sure it’s right, but it would’ve been easier with a couple more people.”

“Hey, Gina!” Felice said. “It’s my fault we’re late, actually. The plan was to nap a few hours after class, but--”

“It’s cool, we managed.” Gina held up her cell. “So come here, Felice--you’re going to be center position.” Felice did her best to hold back a laugh.

“Center position? Why me?”

“Because you’re our virgin,” Lucas said, matter-of-fact. “Right?”

“Who says?” Felice said, knowing exactly who it was.

“Well, I mean--you weren’t really keeping it a secret,” Deb said, “and it’s not like we’re not all friends...”

“Ha. Well, now I know why I’m here,” Felice said.

“Relax, sweetie,” Gina said under the glow of her cell phone, her short black hair shining in the light. “If this actually works--you’re the focus of all the power. Saving yourself has its benefits.” Gina pulled out a silver pendant from her pocket, unclasping it.

“I’m not friggin’ saving myself,” Felice growled. “I just don’t want it to be some random asshole.”

“No shame in that,” Gina said. “Here, pull up your hair.” Felice did so, and Gina clasped the pendant around her. Felice dropped her hair and looked at the dangling metal.

“You guys really think this is going to work, don’t you?” Felice sneered.

“We’ve done the precursor rituals,” Lucas said. “And if you’d seen what happened at the last one, you’d know this is going to work.”

“If Grace and Pete get here, though, right?” Deb said, her voice coming from the same vicinity as Lucas’.

“They’ll be here,” Gina said. “They’re probably smoking a joint at the treeline or something. What’s the time, Luke?”

“Eleven thirty-nine. Four minutes.”

“So like--do I have to say anything, or...”

“No,” Lucas said to Felice. “Everyone just needs to be in their places. I’ll do the incantation from the synodic point.”

“The what?” Deb watched in the darkness, seeing a bobbing light approaching them. “Hey, I think that might be Pete and Gracie.”

“Peter!” Gina shouted. “Is that you?”

“We’re coming, we’re coming!” Came a squeaky voice from the darkness. “We dropped our joint, and it took like ten minutes to find with Pete’s lighter.”

“We made it, no?” Another male voice asked, approaching with the accompanying light.

"Barely," Lucas shouted back. "Now hurry up! I don't want to have to wait another two years for this." The light began bobbing faster toward the rest of the group, and before long, all six of them were together. "Look for your circles on the five points. Grace, Felice should be slightly to your left as you look at me; Pete, Felice will be to your right."

"So, wait..." Deb said. "What exactly is this supposed to do again?"

"It's a lunar antenna," Lucas said. "We're basically funneling cosmic energy through the dark moon."

"Uh...huh," Deb said. "So what's that do?"

"Ninety seconds," Lucas said. "You're on my left, Deb. Stay in your circles while I'm speaking. When it works, we're all going to know it. You ready, Gee?"

"Absolutely," Gina said. "Like Luke said, everyone make sure you're in the chalk." The glow of four cell phones and Pete's lighter all shined on the black pavement as everyone positioned themselves. Felice rolled her eyes as she balanced on her heels in the center of her small chalk circle.

Lunar attenna... Felice thought. What a crock of--

"Potens ipsum fiunt nostri. Virgo potentis fiet omnipotentem," Lucas chanted, low.

"Is that latin?" Pete asked.

"Shut up!" Gina said. "Just stand in your circle and let Luke concentrate!"

"Potens ipsum fiunt nostri. Virgo potentis fiet omnipotentem," Lucas chanted again, louder this time. "Potens ipsum fiunt..."

Felice felt stupid. Not only was she here as a token virgin, but she'd been dragged along only so Deb could lust after the weirdo speaking in tongues. And sure, he was cute in the kinda mysterious goth kid way--but only because he wasn't the usual skinny, pale oversensitive type. There were better looking guys that weren't into all this--

"...ipsum fiunt nostri! Virgo potentis fiet omnipotentem! Potens ipsum fiunt nostri!"

Deb noticed it before Felice, who still had her arms crossed and was looking at the starry sky--the chalk lines were beginning to glow. At first, she thought it was an illusion brought on by the contrasting white talc against the pitch blacktop, but it wasn't just reflecting the light of the stars--it was beginning to illuminate the ground. She looked over at Lucas, who almost seemed to be in a trance as he continued.

"Virgo potentis fiet omnipotenum!"

Virgo...Omnipotentum? Felice thought about the words. She was pretty sure that Virgo meant virgin--which, she supposed, was referring to her. But...omnipotentum? Did that mean what it sounded like?

"Potens ipsum fiunt nostri!"

It had to have been ninety seconds since Lucas made the announcement. Felice was about ready to tell him to knock off the bullshit when she looked at the ground and turned to face Gina and Pete, whose eyes were wide--almost nervous.

The chalk lines were glowing.

"Holy hell, what's up with--unggggh..." Felice's question was stopped short by a trembling feeling from between her legs. She looked around again, unable to do anything but moan, and now the faces were in shock and disbelief. Grace had a hand over her mouth, watching Felice intently. Deb looked almost transfixed at the sight, and though Felice tried again to ask what was happening, all that came from her was another moan. her knees were buckling and shaking now, and the feeling between her thighs went warm and silky, sending a tingle throughout her sex and straight up her spine.

"Virgo est omnipotentum!" Lucas cried in an almost exalting tone. "Virgo est omnipotentum! Tradidero corpus meum ad vos, exaltabitur virgines!"

Deb watched as Lucas belted out these new phrases with an almost religious zeal. His head dropped back, pointed at the sky as he held out his arms. A split second later, Felice turned to face him with an uncharacteristic look in her eyes.

"Venire ad me," Felice said, almost growling the words. Her voice was her own--still feminine, still Felice--but her words ached with sexual hunger. "Meam potente consummatus." Felice held her arms out to Lucas, whose spine arched. The way his head was thrown back and his arms were still outstretched, it didn't seem possible for his feet to keep him up. His body seemed almost suspended.

"What the fuck is going on?" Pete cried on the other side of the circle. "What's happening to him?" Gina watched Lucas with growing excitement, a smile showing on her lips.

"It's fucking working, that's what's happening!" Gina looked at Felice, whose chalk circle glowed even brighter than the other lines. Felice looked to her, and the two women seemed to exchange the same thought.

"Virgo est omnipotentum..." Gina muttered, smiling at Felice. "Tradidero corpus meum ad vos, deas."

Felice turned back to Lucas, still weakly murmuring latin verses through his trance.

"Meam potente consummatus, Lucas..." Felice said, her eyes now burning white like the chalk lines. "Venire ad me." Deb gasped as Lucas' toes lifted straight from the pavement, removing all doubt that he was being held up by supernatural force.

"This is fucked--this is so fucked..." In a panic, Pete tried to run from the circle, but the first step he took led him nowhere. Felice held another hand out behind her, and now Pete was a few inches in the air as well, kicking and screaming, unable to move from above the circle.

Not a second later, Grace started screaming as well, and Felice responded by turning to her with a mischevious grin, pointing a finger at her and making tiny circular motions.

Grace seemed to melt under some strange effect, shuddering and clamping her hand over the crotch of her pocketless black pants. Satisfied with her work, Felice turned back to Lucas. His splayed, arched body was hovering toward her, and Deb almost swore he was smiling, still murmuring latin through fading vocal chords.

Now Deb and Felice looked at each other. The white glow in Felice's eyes died to a steely blue.

"I'm going to give him to you, Debbie--but in order to promise that, I need him once." As Felice said it, Lucas' jacket slipped off his broad shoulders and fell to the ground. Felice turned to Lucas and gestured with a hooked finger, and suddenly, his black button-down tore down the middle, exposing a tight charcoal tee. Now she could see the definition of every muscle in his torso. As he hovered closer, Felice brushed her hands to the side, and his shoes pulled off and fell to the ground as his jeans unbuttoned and unzipped themselves.

"Tradidero corpus meum ad vos, deas..." Gina whimpered. Her hands were cupped around her breasts, and her eyes were fixed on Felice, begging for her attention. Felice turned to her as Lucas' pants took it upon themselves to pull down his legs and over his ankles.

"I'll have you soon, Gina...but for now, give yourself to Debbie." The two girls looked at each other--Deb in shock, Gina with excited anticipation.

"Felice," Deb said, looking back at her friend, "What the fuck is going on?" Felice's eyes narrowed, and she gave Deb a sly smile.

"You’re gonna get what you want, Debbie--as soon as I get what I want.” Felice looked back at Gina. “Show me, Gina,” She purred. “Show me how you’ll worship me--and use Deborah as your altar.” Gina obediently stepped out of her position, walking toward Lucas’ now unoccupied circle. “You see, Deb? She wasn’t even after Luke. Now join her.”

Deb gasped as she stepped out of her circle. Her shoulders swung themselves in Gina’s direction, and she looked down in awe as her boots lifted her legs and walked her to the point nearest the descending dark moon. Losing control of her legs as her boots and painted-on jeans moved her forward, Deb felt like she might fall over, but the concert tee around her torso seemed to hug her, fluidly moving her forward until she was in the synodic point.

She looked down at Gina, whose own outfit--matte black mary-janes, thick knit stockings and a pencil skirt--was controlling her body just as Deb's was. Gina appeared to be kneeling before her, but her stockings kept her knees suspended inches above the asphalt. Gina reached up to the waist of Deb's jeans, but Deb--still in control of her arms--put her hands over Gina's.

"Gina, stop! What are you doing?"

"Whatever Felice asks..." Gina answered, "But I guess I'd be lying if I said this didn't make a great excuse to get into your pants." Deb was confused as ever, and she turned back to Felice for an explanation, watching Lucas' undershirt peeling itself off of him as his black underwear began rolling down from his hips.

"Has everyone gone sideways? How are you doing all this, Felice?"

Felice watched as Lucas' clothes exposed every inch of his body to her, paying close attention to his cock, unleashed by his escaping briefs and stimulated to rigidity.

"I dunno, Deb--I really don't. I just know that after Luke started saying his magic words over there, I felt something waking up in me--like another sense."

Gina fought Deb's grip, giggling as she went for the button of Deb's tight jeans, and as Deb tried to force her away, the hem of her t-shirt pulled up her waist and over her chest, exposing her white satin bra.

"No, no!" As Deb moved to stop her possessed tee and pull it back down, the entire shirt flew up over her shoulders and head, pulling itself behind her and forcing her arms to her back.

"Stop fighting, Debbie," Felice said. "Trust me." She snapped her fingers, and Deb's jeans popped open without any need for Gina's greedy fingers.

Gina watched in wonder as Deb's zipper slowly rode down its track, followed soon after by the second-skin of denim pulling steadily down her hips. Gina's hands were at her own tits again while she looked up at the vulnerable Debbie and the outfit betraying and restraining her body.

"Tell Deborah what you want, Gina," Felice said.

"I wanna eat your pussy," Gina begged, looking up at an incredulous Deb. "I wanna suck on your clit and make you'll come soooo good for me, Deb, I promise."

"Gina, snap the fuck out of it!" Deb growled. Felice laughed.

"I'm responsible for that fabric bondage you're both experiencing," Felice admitted, "But Gina's mind is just as lucid as yours, Deb. Isn't it, Gina?" Gina nodded, looking up at Deb's face with worshipful eyes.

"Let me eat you out, Deb," Gina whined. "I want to taste you..." Deb wriggled her arms one more time, but the t-shirt held her wrists behind her like soft but immovable cotton cuffs.

"Felice--why are you doing this?"

"Because the ritual isn't done, Debbie. In order to finish--we ALL have to finish." Felice snapped her fingers over her shoulder, and behind her, Pete's wallet leapt from his back pocket, producing a condom from it. Grace's purse pulled away from her shoulder and produced another condom from its interior pocket. Felice looked over her shoulder, giggling. "And I'm so happy you two came so prepared...I've got wonderful things in mind for both of you."

By now, Lucas' dick was throbbing hard, pointing at the sky as he hung suspended. His head still thrown back, he opened his eyes to see Gina and Deb, upside down from his point of view. When he gathered the focus to lift his head, he saw a glowing Felice admiring his body.

"Oh my's fucking working."

"That isn't all that's working, Luke..." Felice said, making a come-hither motion with her hand. His body sailed higher and pulled closer to Felice, and now his manhood stood rigid before her lips. "Now, wonderful as this is going to feel--you're not going to come until I do." She grabbed his cock in her hand, tightening her soft fingers around it and making it throb harder. Luke could only groan. "That goes for all of you," Felice added. "We come at the first sliver of moonlight." Felice wrapped her lips around Lucas, who cried out with pleasure.

At the same moment, Gina's hands worked their way around to Deb's ass, pulling her waist toward Gina's dark crimson lips. The front of Deb's panties slid aside all on their own, giving Gina plenty of room to work. She started with a kiss to Deb's clit, then made the restrained woman shudder as she blew a soft wisp of air from her pursed lips.

"Unggggh!" Deb cried, trying with futility to ignore the attention at her clit. "B-but how, Felice? How do you know what to do? You were as skeptical as I was!" Felice took her mouth of of Lucas' dick, continuing to pump it with her hand.

"How did you know how to lock lips with someone, Debbie? How did you know how to fuck? I can't explain this--I just feel it." One of the condom wrappers sailed over to Deb and Gina, tearing itself open and magically unrolling over an invisible cock. Deb watched as it bobbed in front of her, whimpering as Gina sucked and licked her sex. "And now, because Pete and Gracie keep these silly flavored novelties instead of properly lubricated ones, I'm going to have to ask you girls to do the job yourselves."

Deb tried to pull away as the ghostly blue condom hovered to her lips, and turned to see Grace experiencing the same thing a few yards away. But while Deb resisted, Grace happily took the phantom latex member in her mouth, greedily sucking on it as her hand in her pants worked her clit. Pete simply watched his girlfriend in awe, no longer interested in trying to kick and fight his way out of Felice's magical levitation.

"Mmmfff!" Deb exclaimed as the condom pushed its way between her lips. Her eyes rolled back as Gina's lingual motions geared up, and before long, Deb was instinctually sucking the raspberry prophylactic as she was eaten out, inching excruciatingly toward orgasm.

"Bigger," Felice whispered to Luke's cock. He moaned as his prick jumped up, hardening further and pumping itself to capacity. "That's a good boy." Felice hiked up her skirt and stared at her stockings, which obliged her silent command by tearing a hole at the gusset. She laughed as the front of her own panties pulled aside, exposing her wet cunt. "Now the fun can really start."

Felice floated into the air, gasping a bit as the ground disappeared under her feet. With a hand at her clit, stroking herself, she stared at Luke's waiting cock as she aligned it with her pussy.

She momentarily turned back toward Pete and Grace, hovering away from their circles to meet between them, lining up with the other two pairs and making a three point line toward the darkened moon. Pete's belt flew open and slid quickly out of the loops in his jeans, allowing them to pull themselves down to his ankles right along with his boxers. They stayed there, constricting around his ankles. As he watched his own clothes restrict around him, his belt jumped to action, lopping around his wrist and pulling it to his other, where it coiled his arms together. The mad leather strap threw his arms over his head as Grace was on approach, her own pocketless black pants unclasping and pulling themselves off of her entirely. Her damp lacey panties followed, sliding off her legs and hovering over to Pete's exposed cock, where they coiled around it behind his balls.

"Fuck..." Felice whispered, grinning at the pair.

The cherry-flavored condom pulled itself from Grace's mouth as her body joined with Pete's, and now the two were staring each other in the eyes as his cock glided between her legs--sliding along her clit and teasingly close to insertion. As the lace panties tightened around his root like a makeshift cockring, his member perked up. Grace watched as the saliva drenched condom rocketed beneath them, disappearing under Peter's body. He gasped as the enchanted latex played at the bud of his ass, shrinking itself as it carefully slid inside him. His lip trembled as Grace's face lit up, correctly guessing exactly what just happened to the possessed phantom condom. He moaned as it expanded slowly inside him, setting off his prostate and making his cock even harder. Grace pulled him closer, moaning as she slid her hot pussy against him to take him deep inside her.

"Fuck, my darlings. Fuck," Felice said, looking at Deb and Gina this time. Both women sailed into the air now, but Gina maintained her oral exercise with Deb's dripping pussy, sucking at her labia and tonguing her clit back and forth. Now the phallic latex lollipop in Deb's mouth flew away from her lips, arcing under a levitating Gina and waiting as her knit leggings curled mid-way down her thighs. Without so much as budging her tight skirt, the phantom dong deftly navigated between her legs and found what exactly what it was seeking. Gina hummed pleasure through Deb's pussy as the magic condom inserted itself. The sound vibrated against Deb's clit as an already aroused Gina was filled with the bulging latex.

It was only a matter of time before both couples would come by Felice's command. She could feel the cosmic energy already filling her, building to the moment of climax.

"Meam potente consummatus, pueri," She purred to Luke, who smiled feebly, almost as if he were drugged. He looked at her shining eyes, bathing in awe at the Goddess he helped create.

"Oh, god--my body is yours, Felice...put me inside you!"

Both of their bodies shook as Felice's clit teased against the tip of his cock, starting the final stage of the ritual. Felice felt the warmth of his flesh filling her, and now the power she felt when Lucas began his chant minutes ago was dwarfed by the renewed surge of white-hot magic flowing through her.

"Da mihi omnem potentem!" Felice shrieked, the words spilling out of her like second nature. "Da mihi omnia!" Her magic pulled them both higher, and as she surrounded him more deeply, she rode Lucas' cock furiously. The two other couples joined their cries of passion, levitating in perfect alignment with the new moon, pointing an exact line to the celestial body as Felice filled with cosmic power. "Da mihi omniaaaaaaaaaaah!"

All six sang the last syllable of Felice's phrase, their bodies tuned like celestial instruments dripping with the scent of sweat and sex. The glowing lines beneath them faded, and now all that remained was a single beam of white light, a nearly hollow thin crescent eminating from the moon. The first waxing rays of moonlight sent orgasmic power through Felice, bringing her into cosmic ecstasy that echoed through the five others.

She looked down at Lucas, who was watching her in wonder as their bodies surrendered to the power of ritual sex. Lucas' body, tensing like steel at the orgiastic moment, was softening now. He pulled her closer, and Felice embraced him, kissing his neck all the way up to his ear, where she rested her head over his shoulder. The carnal howls of the others died to coos and murmurs as Felice whispered in Lucas' ear.

"You can't tell me you thought that would happen," She said, tightening her arms around him as they gently floated back to earth. Lucas sighed.

"I’m still not really sure what happened, Felice. How do you feel?” The pair reoriented as they approached the ground, and Felice grinned.

“When it started, I felt tethered to the sky. Then it was like--moonlight pouring into me. That probably doesn't make much sense."

"Ohh, god..." A groggy Deb said, finding Gina in her lap. "Gina, are you okay?" Gina hugged Deb's waist before her eyes fluttered open.

"I'm fucking wonderful." She looked over at Felice and Lucas, who grabbed his underwear and slipped it over his legs. "So--it really worked...right?"

“Dude?” Pete zipped up his pants. “Um--Felice?” Quieter. “Jeez, Gracie, what did we smoke?”

“Shut up, Pete,” Gina said, standing up and straightening out her clothes. "How do you feel NOW, Felice?"

“Like I could use a long night's sleep,” Felice said. She looked back and Pete and Grace, trying to get themselves together, then back at Lucas, who was getting the rest of his clothes on. "But--holy hell--what was I doing?"

"You don't remember?” Lucas asked, slipping on his undershirt.

“I remember, but--I mean, is everyone okay?”

“A little surprised and a little freaked,” Deb laughed, “But--um, I’m pretty sure we’re all pretty okay.”

“Did everyone pregame mushrooms?” Pete asked. “Someone wanna tell me what just happened?"

"I think it worked," Gina said, looking at Lucas. "It really worked."

"Well--what was it that we were trying to do?" Grace asked. "I mean, you didn't even really tell us, Lucas...and suddenly, we were--"

"Hovering! We were fucking hovering, weren't we?" Pete asked. "I'm not crazy?"

"Hovering, among...other things," Deb said, glancing at Gina--who was staring at Felice. "I think Gina and Luke owe us an explanation."

"I dunno," Gina said, turning to Debbie. "The ends justify the means, don't they, Felice?" Felice smiled uneasily at Gina, then looked back at Deb.

"Well, to you you the truth, I'm kind of out of it," Felice said. "Whatever happened, I think we should all sleep on it."

"Amen to that shit," Pete added. "I'm pretty sure I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and realize this was all some crazy mental light show."

"It's real," Gina hissed at him. "You were stoned, Peter--you weren't fucking hallucinating. And neither were we." Felice stepped around Gina and toward Debbie, reaching out a hand.

"Walk me back, Debbie? I think I've gotta sleep."

"Felice," Lucas said, "we can come with you if there's anything you n--"

"She said she wants to sleep, Luke." Debbie took Felice's hand and pulled her in the direction of the dorm rooms, but Felice didn't move. She was going back over the ritual, remembering what she promised to Deb.

"On second thought," Felice said, "Luke--I want you to take Deb out and show her a good time." Deb squeezed Felice's hand, and Felice leaned in and whispered, ever so subtlely--"Trust me."

"Anything you want, Felice." Luke looked up at Deb, smiling. "You mentioned a party, didn't you?" Deb grinned.

"Walk me back, Gina," Felice said to a beaming Gina. Then, to Deb, "Go have fun, dude."

"You're sure you're okay?"

"I think you know I'm better than okay," Felice said. "And so are you." Deb smirked at her, then sized up Lucas.

"Alright, Luke..." Luke flashed a sly grin at Deb and put his arm around her shoulder.

"Off we go." Huddled together, the two walked back toward the sports complex and the downtown beyond. Gina just stood staring at Felice.

"Seriously," Pete said. "I have no idea what the hell's going on with everyone, but--" He squirmed a bit, reaching behind him. "but--what the fuck is--" Grace tried to hold herself back from laughing.

"You really don't remember what happened?" Felice asked Pete.

"I think he's recalling right now," Grace said as he reached into his pants.

"What the fuck!?" Pete cried, sticking his hand down the back of his pants and feeling the open end of a very familiar latex object sticking out between his cheeks. All three of the girls started laughing.

"Well...I'd be lying if I said I'm not confused as fuck," Grace said, "But that was also pretty fucking exciting." She looked at Pete, whose face was glowing red. "So is this one of those things we never mention again?"

"I dunno, Gracie," Felice said, grinning. "I have a feeling that this is just the beginning."