Unforeseen Consequences

Unforeseen Consequences 4

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, I felt ghostly fingers gently poke and prod my groin, causing me to recoil with a gasp.

“Hey!” I protested.  “Now what are you doing?”

“Awwwww…” she said.  “Looks like you’re beginning to wilt here just a little bit.  Looks like we’ll have to coax him back to life.”  I felt a ghostly hand gently pat my groin.  “Just leave everything to me.  I know just what to do with naughty boys like you!”  She chuckled.

“What—what are you—”

But before I could even complete the thought, I felt her hands grab the front of my shirt again, yanking me off-balance.  “C’mere, you!” she commanded firmly from the air, and the unseen, yet insistent hands tugged and plucked at my clothes, gently but firmly towing and nudging me back toward the bed like an unseen tugboat towing a steamship into a safe harbor.  

“What are you doing?!?”  I repeated, and rather pointlessly I now realized.  

“Well, you’ve had your fun,” she said.

My mouth dropped open.  “My fun?!?” I barely had time to blurt out before she went on:

“And so now it’s my turn to have mine!  And I'm in a perfect position now to just take what I want!  Aren’t I?  After all,” the hands tightened on the front of my shirt again.  “You’re not exactly in a position to argue with me now…are you?”

I slowly shook my head as I stared mutely at the air before me.  A ghostly chuckle sounded, and the hands released my shirt with a final tug.  I looked down and watched as my shirt proceeded to unbutton itself.  I stared, fascinated, as the buttons unfastened themselves, one by one, and much more rapidly than the ghostly blouse had done to itself earlier.  Instinctively, I reached my hands up to complete the task myself, but Camille quickly slapped them away.

“Now, now!” she scolded.  “I told you to leave this to me!  I'm taking charge here!”

“But…!  But…!”

“Now, now, just relax,” she said, her voice softer, more soothing in tone.  “Everything’s under control.  I'm just making you a little more comfortable, that’s all.  After all, I'm naked, so let’s get you naked, too!”  She giggled.  “Oh, that’s right, I forgot!  You’re not invisible, are you?”  She chuckled, and the buttons hastily resumed unfastening themselves.

Once my shirt was fully unbuttoned, it quickly proceeded to strip itself away from my torso, followed by my T-shirt, which pulled itself up and over my head in seconds, leaving me naked from the waist up.  

I then felt another firm tug, this one from my waist, and I looked down to see the uncanny sight of my belt unbuckling itself, after which it parted, its now-unbuckled ends pulled themselves away and dangled at the sides.  Next, my jeans unbuttoned themselves, and the zipper quickly descended of its own volition.  Once it was fully down, a firm yank to my jeans pulled them down to my ankles.  Reflexively, I slipped off my house-slippers, glad now that I had changed out of my shoes earlier, thus removing the need for unlacing them now at this critical moment.

I stepped out of my jeans, standing only in my briefs, and braced myself, not know exactly what was coming next, but having a rough idea of what to expect.

All was still, as though Camille were silently planning her strategy.  When I couldn’t take the silence a moment longer, I spoke.  “Camille…?” I asked the empty air around me.  “Sweetie…?  What are you going to do…to me?”  I paused, waiting for a response that was not forthcoming.  “You’re not gonna…” I hesitated.  “You’re not gonna…hurt me…are you…?”

“Now, now, just relax, Sweetie!” her voice softly purred from the air with a wicked little chuckle.  “I'm not going to hurt you.  I'm just going to…indulge myself for a little while!”

Suddenly, I felt her unseen fingers softly stroke my exposed skin, running their caresses all up and down my stomach, sides and back, causing a shiver to run up my spine.  “Gahhh!” I squawked in surprise.  Then just as suddenly, the fingers withdrew and were gone.  More fingers surprised me moments later with a quick caress down my chest and stomach, running diagonally to my ribs and hips, causing me to recoil with another shiver.  More ghostly strokes and caresses followed soon after, running up my inner thighs, the sides of my neck and cheeks, tweaking my nipples, grabbing my love-handles, and generally toying with nearly every other sensitive area of my body, all accompanied by soft, throaty moans, sighs and gentle, musical laughter swirling from the air around me.  It was like a slow-motion, less threatening and intrusive, and more titillating version of her earlier Invisible Tickle Attack.

“Honey…!  Sweetie…!  Please…!” I moaned, almost in tears.  “Please…!  Don’t…!”

“Now, now, you big silly,” her breathy voice spoke amusedly from the air.  “I told you, I'm not going to hurt you.  I'm just…seducing you, that’s all!  Just think of it as a little Invisible Foreplay!  A ghostly, one-sided petting-party!” she giggled.  “Besides, you can’t stop me anyway, so you might as well just stand there, relax, and enjoy it.”

“But…!  But…!”


“Honey…!  Sweetie…!  Please…!  Come on…!”

“No…you come on!”  

The unseen hands continued their soft caresses, exploring all areas of my nearly-naked body, my flesh quivering reflexively from their ghostly touch.  But despite my protests, my fears and my apprehensions, the caresses nevertheless achieved the desired results, producing a stimulating effect upon my libido.  My firmness, which had diminished only slightly since the end of the tickle-game, almost immediately reasserted itself, pressing itself ever more insistently against the inside of my briefs.  Little by little, my fears and apprehensions began to diminish, but my firmness did not.

I was by now absolutely stunned, amazed, and more than a bit puzzled by Camille’s behavior, her sudden sexual aggressiveness.  Even though she had never before been sexually repressed or inhibited in any way, her extremely assertive behavior now in these circumstances came as a total, complete surprise to me, and a rather disturbing one as well.  Though it wasn’t the first time she’d ever taken the initiative when it came to lovemaking, she had never taken it to such an extreme degree before.  I had heard that other women who’d used the Invisibility Potion had experienced a similar loss of inhibitions when it came to their sexuality, so this was not entirely unknown to me.  Even so, to see such behavior suddenly manifest itself in Camille did come as a bit of a surprise, to say the least.  And even though it was a pleasant surprise in an odd way, it was also a rather threatening one as well, though I didn’t want to admit this, not even to myself.

As before during our one-sided tickle-fight, I again tried to reach out to my unseen lover, so that I could try to return some affectionate caresses of my own.  But she always managed to stay well out of reach, and the only result I got was to grope blindly at the empty air, as her teasing, disembodied laughter filled my ears.

“You poor thing,” she taunted.  “I bet you’d love to get your hands on me right now, wouldn’t you!  But you can’t, can you?  You gotta catch me first, and that’s not so easy to do, is it?”

Her ghostly fingers suddenly ran up my inner thigh, gliding tantalizingly close to my crotch, causing me to shudder with a gasp.  “You see?” she laughed as the hand vanished into space.  “I can touch you wherever I want, and as much as I want, but you can’t touch me back!”  She laughed in delight at her statement of the previously unstated obvious, causing my firmness to respond almost explosively to this one-sided love-battle; a battle which, paradoxically, continued to both frustrate and excite me.

“I have to admit,” She went on with a light, musical laugh as her voice continued to circle around me.  “It feels kinda nice to be the one doing all the grabbing and feeling-up for a change!”  

Sometimes, her ghostly hands seemed to be reaching from behind me, other times from beside me, while other times they seemed to come from directly in front of me, but I could never tell for sure at any given time.  Nor could I even guess from which direction they might approach me next.  I tried to anticipate, and face where I guesstimated Camille might be, but it was useless.  No matter which way I turned, she invariably counter moved just as quickly, her unseen hands reaching in at me from a direction I wasn’t expecting.  

I was utterly helpless, completely at the mercy of my unseen seductress.  And we both knew it.

As the ghostly fingers continued their caresses, they moved ever closer to my groin area.  A couple of times, they became bolder and even made direct physical contact, and I feared for a moment that it might lead to a premature release on my part.  Which, of course, neither of us wanted.  

Camille must have sensed this herself, for her caresses suddenly ceased.  “Hmmm…” her voice hummed thoughtfully from the air near my stomach.  “I think you’re getting about ready to pop your cork now…”  Though I couldn’t see it, I could easily imagine a huge, anticipatory smile on her face.

With that, I felt her hands grab my shoulders and spin me around like a top, after which a hard shove against my chest propelled me backward toward the bed.  Another firm push followed, and I flopped backward onto the mattress.  I immediately struggled to prop myself up on my elbows, and as I did, I stared wide-eyed as a pair of deep impressions formed in the mattress on either side of me, Camille’s unseen knees sinking into it as she straddled me.  I felt her weight gently settle down upon my upper thighs, almost—but not quite—resting on my hips, leaving my throbbing masculinity untouched, and begging for attention.

Her ghostly fingers continued to caress and fondle me, only more firmly now, more insistently.  I watched, amazed, at the impressions formed in my naked flesh by her unseen fingers, as they kneaded and massaged my body like so much soft clay.

The brief massage ceased, and I felt and watched the waistband of my undershorts gently…every-so-gently…expand…and lift itself up and over my now-throbbing masculinity, careful not to even touch it, as though afraid of disturbing it.  Slowly, deliberately…gently, the waistband crept down my hips…then down my thighs, as Camille repositioned herself further down my limbs. 

Once the shorts were down to my knees, my unseen lover proceeded to playfully toy with the area just below my navel with the very tip of her tongue, little by little easing its way downward, ever downward to my groin area.  I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, and began to softly moan in sweet, suspenseful anticipation, silently begging, pleading for some merciful release, as I doubted that I could hold out for much longer.

But wait I did, because Camille clearly had other ideas in mind.  I gasped as I felt a ghostly hand gently take hold of my masculinity, while an unseen tongue and pair of lips proceeded to tease and toy with its very apex, as well as the hypersensitive soft tissues adjacent to it.  Tears of pent-up frustration slowly rolled down my temples, and I all but begged aloud for the sweet satisfaction of release. 

“Well, my Love, are you ready now?” Camille’s husky voice asked from the air above my groin.

“You gotta be kidding!” I exclaimed.  “If I wait any longer, there won’t be anything left for either of us to enjoy!”

“Then what do you say, Sweetie…?” she whispered teasingly.  “Come on…  What’s the magic word…?  Say the magic word…  You know what it is…  Now say it…”

I shut my eyes tighter, squeezing more tears out.  “Please…?” I softly whimpered in complete, abject surrender.  “Please, Camille…?  Please…?”  I opened my eyes, and stared into the void where I’d hoped her face might be.  “Please…?” I whimpered pitifully.  “I…I need it…!  I need you…!  Please…?”

“That’s a good boy…!”  She softly purred as a soft hand gently patted my cheek.

I then felt the full weight of her unseen body descend upon me with gusto, wild and free, which resulted in an immediate, furious, wildly-passionate penetration with the very first descent, thoroughly engorging herself upon my throbbing maleness in that furious, initial plunge.  

“Ohhhhhhhhhh my gawwwwwwwdddd!!!”  I moaned at molar-rattling volume against the bedroom walls.

She followed immediately after with a swift ascent, then another, equally- ferocious descent.  Then another.  And another, soon developing into steady, vigorous rhythm of wildly passionate, lustful abandon, gradually increasing it to a feverish, furious frenzy.

I had never experienced such raw, explosive sexual power from her before; never!  Her sudden, unanticipated, and seemingly boundless sexual energy was downright astonishing to me, even frightening, and I had no idea where it could all be coming from.  It was beyond nature, beyond reckoning.  It was like a soda-bottle that had been shaken up and then suddenly uncapped, allowing its pent-up, pressurized contents to erupt explosively from within. 

Again and again, on and on she drove herself and me, as though she were riding a thoroughbred toward an unimagined finish-line, determined to win an unknowable race by twenty lengths.  I felt utterly powerless beneath her, thoroughly at the disposal of my invisible, sexually-empowered girlfriend, almost as though I was merely a passenger along for the ride, coasting along on the crest of an uncontrollable female sexual tsunami, which overpowered anything and everything that came within its path.

Time and time again, her titanic rhythms built to inconceivable crescendos, reaching peaks unknown and unknowable by any mere mortal man, and her deep, guttural moans and groans rose in both pitch and timbre to approach the higher-frequency tonalities of absolutely pure orgasmic ecstasy.  And not only once, but multiple times!  Again and again and again, her seemingly-limitless sexual furies drove her onward, on and on and on again, as though she were riding an out-of-control roller-coaster that could not stop until the wheels had worn away to nothing and she had run out of track.

I, for my part, had long since achieved my one and only orgasm, which, though deeply satisfying to me, as it had resulted from the fulfillment of my long-held fantasy, it nevertheless paled pitifully in comparison to the titanic,  rapturous orgasms which had taken firm possession of Camille, possessing her in mind, spirit, and most of all, her now-transparent body.  It was all I could do to merely maintain my firmness for her sake, silently hoping that I had the necessary stamina to last long enough for her to slake her insatiable desires.

At last, after what felt like an ecstatic, erotic eternity had passed, her seemingly boundless sexual energies began to subside, like a wave slowly receding from the shore and returning back to sea.  At length, I felt her draw herself up for one final, climactic plunge, lingering there for one unceasing, blissful moment with a final, long, low, breathy moan…after which she then ceased and fell silent.  

All was quiet, save for the sound of her deep, heavy breathing, and I opened my eyes.  Though I could still feel her atop me, I could, of course, see no visible sign of her, save for an eerie, semi-translucent sheath of sweat, which faintly defined her head, hair, shoulders and the uppermost part of her arms and breasts from out of the thin air.  She now looked like a bust-shaped crystal bubble or ice-sculpture, except moving slowly, rhythmically as she breathed.  It was an eerie, captivating sight, and I watched, goggle-eyed as the ghostly, crystalline form gradually evaporated, dissipating into the air like a morning mist.  

I then heard a long, satisfied sigh from above me, as she gently rolled off of me, taking her customary place in bed beside me.  I propped myself up on one elbow and watched as the bed sheet seemed to rumple itself up in mid-air, then draw itself over the unseen, but unmistakable form of her upper body, over the vast expanse of her magnificent breasts, their contours beneath the sheet defined by shiny, silken fabric.  Simultaneously, there appeared in her pillow a deep impression, as her head gently settled upon it.  Within moments, a spot of dampness began to appear in the center of the impression, gradually growing larger, and the soft sounds of her breathing could be heard issuing forth from it.  

I continued to stare at Invisible Camille in bed beside me, the only indications of her presence being the impression in the pillow, and the sheet pulled up over her breasts, which steadily rose and fell with her every breath.  I still could hardly believe what had just happened; that she was really there, beside me, made invisible, just for me.  Or that she had, and quite evidently so, obtained just as deep, satisfying, and orgasmic a pleasure from her invisibility as I had.  I could hardly believe my intense good fortune, and I felt waves and waves of deepest, most profound gratitude wash over me.  

At length, I saw the sheet and impression in the pillow shift slightly, as the unseen presence between them slowly rolled a quarter of a turn toward me.  “Ohhhhhhhwoww…..” her disembodied voice sighed from the void above the pillow.  “That was….incredible!”

“It sure was!” I agreed, and gently laid my face upon her unseen chest.  My eyes welled with tears of gratitude.  “Thank you, my Love,” I whispered to the air above the pillow.  “Thank you…for being invisible for me…”

I felt her soft, unseen fingers gently stroke my hair.  “I'm the one who should thank you,” she said softly.  “For asking me to do this, for giving me this wonderful opportunity…to be invisible…!  Darling…thank you!”  I felt movement beneath me, and a ghostly kiss landed itself upon my forehead.  “Thank you for making me invisible!  It was the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had in my life!  The sensations I felt were incredible!  And the sex we had was amazing!  I must’ve come at least seven or eight times!  Maybe more!  I lost count!”  She giggled nervously.  “That’s never happened to me before in my life!  Ever!”  She released another sigh of absolute, pure satisfaction, and a moment later, I felt the hand, which had been stroking my hair, gently glide down from the back of my head, and slide down past my shoulders, reaching around me to gather me up in a tender embrace.  

I felt another kiss, this one to the top of my head.  “I'm so glad that you trusted me enough to share this with me,” she went on.  “And I now understand why you did it, too.  I understand everything!  What female invisibility means to you, why it’s so important to you, everything.  I understand because now I know.  I’ve lived it myself, firsthand!”

“Well, I'm just glad—and relieved—that you’re so understanding about it all…and that you enjoyed it.” I replied, sitting up to face the empty pillow.  

“Oh, I did, believe me!  I loved it!  I absolutely love being invisible!  It feels wonderful!”  She paused for a long moment, then continued, her tone suddenly sober and contrite.  “Um…I'm…I'm sorry I got so carried away earlier.  You know.  With my teasing and everything.  I—I didn’t mean it.”  I felt fingers softly caress my cheek in what was no doubt intended to be a reassuring gesture, but which only made me flinch instead.  “I didn’t mean any harm.  I was only playing around with you, in fun, that’s all.  I'm…I'm sorry if I…crossed any lines.”  She paused.  “You’re not…you’re not too angry at me…are you?”

I hesitated for only a moment before I replied.  “No, no,” I said.  “It’s…nothing.  Forget it, don’t worry about it.”

“I can’t help it,” she went on.  “It was mean of me to pick on you that way.  And after you’d been so wonderful about all this, giving me the potion and everything.  But…I don’t know what got into me.  It was the damnedest thing, but all of a sudden, I just couldn’t control myself!  Just realizing what I could do made me go a little nuts, and I just couldn’t keep my hands off of you!”  She paused, and the impression in the pillow disappeared as empty sheet sat up in bed.  The sheet then crept closer to me, and I felt her head rest upon my shoulder.  “I'm sorry I took things too far.”

“It’s all right,” I said, trying to sound reassuring.  “Don’t worry about it.”

“I don’t even know why I did it, either.  It’s so strange…”  She paused, then went on.  “Maybe it’s…oh, I don’t know if I can even explain it exactly, but I'll try.  I think…I was getting off on the power.  You know?”  Another pause followed, and I remained silent, giving her my full attention.

“You see,” she began, as the sheet shifted slightly.  “Invisibility gives a person a feeling of power, there’s no question about it.  It’s just like they always say in the movies and stuff.  You feel like you can do anything!  Anything at all!  Anything you want!  And get away with it, too!  Since no one can see you, no one can stop you…!  No one can…touch you…!”

She paused, and I swallowed…and began to sweat again.

“There’s a certain…anonymity to being invisible as well,” she went on.  “Because no one can see you, no one knows it’s you doing it…!  All kinds of ideas start to occur to you!  All the possibilities!  Every dark little impulse that comes to your mind, suddenly realize that you now have complete  freedom and impunity to do!  Anything you like!  And you suddenly find yourself thinking and doing things that…ordinarily, you would never dream of doing!”  

She paused again, just as the excitement in her voice began to rise.  When next she spoke, her tone was more quiet and subdued.  “And I guess I just…” she took a deep breath, and I felt a shudder run through her unseen body.  “I think that’s what was going on with me.  And I just…couldn’t handle it.  I just couldn’t control myself.”  She paused, then finished in a soft, quiet, rarely-heard, tone.  “I'm…I'm sorry…”

“I understand,” I said, though doing so was still a considerable effort for me.

“Even later on,” she continued.  “When we were making love, I didn’t feel like I normally do when we make love.”


“No.  Instead, I felt more like…like…”  She drew in a deep inhalation…then slowly released it as she completed her thought.  “I felt…like a goddess, subduing and mounting a mere mortal atop Mount Olympus or something!  And that every one of my orgasms would crack the universe wide open!”  She concluded with a sudden burst of embarrassed giggles.  “Silly, huh?” she sighed, and the sheet seemed to shrug.  “Like I said, I'm…still getting used to all this.” She concluded in a quiet, pensive tone.

“Yeah, I bet,” I said, still trying my best to sound sympathetic.

“Anyhow,” She sighed.  “I'm sorry I…went too far and…was kinda mean to you earlier.”  She gave me a long, lingering kiss on the cheek.  “But I'm still really glad you chose to make me invisible anyway.  Thank you.”  Another lingering kiss from the air.  “Even if I did go a little nuts with it.”

After a long pause, I couldn’t help but ask the question that had been on my mind almost from the beginning.  “So…do you…” I hesitated.  “Do you think you might like to…maybe try this again sometime in the future?  You know…get invisible and just…see what you can do with it?”

“Oh, yes!”  She said without hesitation.  “Definitely!  I really do want to try this again sometime.  Preferably sometime soon!  Now that I know what it’s like, and what to prepare myself for, I think I’d have an easier time…you know, adjusting to it, and dealing with it and everything.”

I grinned.  “I'll be looking forward to it,” I said.  “If that’s the right way to put it.”

“And I—”  She giggled nervously.  “I—I promise I'll try not to get too carried away next time!  That is,” she chuckled naughtily.  “Not unless you really want me to!”

“Welll…” I replied thoughtfully, flashing her a grin.  “We can discuss that later…” 

Though I couldn’t see it, I sensed she might be smiling in return.  “But yeah, I'd love to do this again in the future!” she said.  “A lot!  As a matter of fact…you’d better be prepared to not see me quite so much in the days and weeks to come!”  She laughed.

I smiled appreciatively.  “Well, you know,” I said as I crawled unsteadily out of bed and pulled on my robe.  “As we discussed earlier, if you really do like it and want to try it again, we can always buy more of the Potion.  And the most economical way to do that is by the gallon.”

“Wow, they sell it in gallons?!?” she cried.  “Wow…!  Just think of all the things I could do with a whole gallon of Invisibility Potion to play around with!” She giggled, as the sheet pulled itself away from the unseen form beneath it, and the impression in the mattress disappeared.

“Mmmmm, just think of the possibilities…!” her voice now seemed to move around me as I stood still in the center of the room.  As before, I tried to track her location by the sound of her voice, but I was still only guessing.  

“Oh, I don’t mean like robbing banks or stupid stuff like that,” she went on, her voice now sounded from somewhere to my left.  “But just…you know, fun things we could do, just the two of us.  Like we did tonight.  Me, playing around with you, messing with you, having fun with you!”  She giggled from somewhere to my right. I had the vague sensation that she was circling me, like a shark.

“Or like maybe I could, like, get a head-start on you some afternoon,” she continued.  “You know; arrive home maybe a half-hour ahead of you, take the potion, disappear, and then just…invisibly lie in wait for you to arrive!  You’d walk in the door, suspecting nothing, and then I would just silently, invisibly…sneak up on you and pounce on you!”  

With that, I suddenly felt myself grabbed from out of thin air by a pair of ghostly arms, pinning my own arms to my sides.  “Ha ha ha!  Surprise!” her voice laughed from the air directly in front of me.  The arms tightened around me in a surprisingly firm hug, and I felt a warm, moist kiss planted full on my lips, her tongue playfully exploring the interior of my mouth.  The tight embrace slackened, the lips and tongue withdrew and proceeded to run up and down my cheeks and neck, while her fingers cascaded up and down my back.  “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” she purred softly from the air.  

“Oh, yes…!” I agreed.  “I would!  We’ll have to try that!  Maybe next time!”

“Mmmmm my, yes…!  The idea is very appealing to me now, the more I think about it…!”  Her voice became more ragged and breathy, and ghostly fingers crept inside my robe, running down my chest and stomach, tantalizingly close to my nether regions.  “I'll be able to tease you and pick on you and keep it up for hours!”  One hand slipped down quickly and took my crotch in a gentle but firm grip.  “Just like I'll be able to keep this guy up for hours!”

“Oh, you naughty girl!” I laughed.  The ghostly hand released my groin and slipped away.  Simultaneously, she released me from her embrace and stepped back.  I reached out my hands and try to retake her in my arms, just as I had tried to do many times before, but once again, she had eluded my grasp.  She was very good at that, I had to admit.

“Or maybe I could even just…pack small amounts of the Potion in a small flask or something, that I could carry around with me in my purse,” she went on, her voice speaking from behind me.  “Then I could just…take a small dose every now and then, like maybe an hour’s worth or so, and then just…disappear!  Whenever and wherever I liked!  Just a quick little mini dose and…poof!  Gone!  Then I could sneak up on you and surprise you!  Anywhere!  Anytime!  Just long enough to…tease you…!”  She laughed wickedly over my left shoulder, as a ghostly hand crept inside my robe to gently fondle my genitals.  “I could touch you anywhere, anytime I liked!  And you’d be powerless to stop me!”  She chuckled breathily, the sound now circling to my side as the ghostly hand quickly withdrew from my robe.  

“Or like when you’re at work,” she went on, now whispering from the air directly in front of me.  “If you were in a meeting or something, I could just…sneak in and settle right down in your lap!  Get all nice and comfy, and then just start…fondling you!  And feeling you up all over!”  I felt her unseen body press against me, her erect nipples pressing against my chest, as her ghostly fingers reached inside my robe again, caressing my sides, my back and my butt.  “Think of it, my Love!  Just think of it!  There I’d be, groping you right there in public, in broad daylight, with all those people around, and nobody would even know I was there!” She giggled.  “Nobody other than you, that is!”  

She gave me a quick, unseen kiss from the air, and softly purred, “Wouldn’t that be nice…?  Hmmm…?  A little surprise visit once in awhile from a ghostly girlfriend…?”

“Oh yes…!  I’d love that…!”  I smiled, as I once again reached instinctively at the air for where I thought her face might be.  To my surprise, my fingertips actually made contact with unseen flesh this time.  But then I realized that she must have deliberately let me catch her.  I carefully leaned in close to her, approaching where I estimated her lips to be.  I guessed correctly, and kissed her softly.  “It would certainly liven up an otherwise dull, boring, afternoon meeting.” I said.

She slipped out of my hands again, and her voice now seemed to circle around beside me.  “Or like maybe if we went out someplace together,” she went on.  “Like maybe dinner at a nice restaurant, or lunch at a sidewalk café, or a picnic the park, something like that.  I could slip into the ladies’ room, take a little mini dose from my purse, disappear, then come back, sneak up on you, and…” I felt unseen arms grab me again, this time from behind.  “Surprise you!”  She laughed, as she proceeded to gently nibble on my ear.  “And then just…start invisibly groping you…and fondling you!  All over…!” her breathy voice spoke in my ear as her hands crept down to my groin area again.  “Get you all nice and worked-up and everything, and then…!”  The arms suddenly released me.  “Just slip away, before I reappear!  Leaving you there, all by yourself, all worked-up and nothing you could do about it!”  She laughed wickedly from the air.  “Wouldn’t that be naughty of me…!  Heh heh heh…!”  

My heart pounded, and I broke into a sweat as I imagined the various scenarios she described for me.

“Mmmmmmm, The Invisible Girlfriend is gonna be sooooo naughty to you…!”  she purred sexily into my ear.  “And do the naughtiest things…!  And you’ll never see them coming…!” 

“And I’ll be loving every minute of it!”  I said.  

“Beware of The Invisible Girlfriend!” she chuckled wickedly.  “No one sees her come, no one sees her go…!  She can sneak in anywhere and do anything she likes to her man!  Heh heh heh…”

I grinned unabashedly.  “Oooooo, I'm getting all goose-pimply, just thinking about it!” I said.

“Oh, yeah!  You think you had fun tonight?  Well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Baby!  Just you wait and see…!”  She chuckled.  “Or rather…you won’t!”

I grinned widely, unabashedly in anticipation.

“Ooooo, yes…!” she said in a breathy voice.  “I'm going to really love being invisible!” “It’s going to be the top-favorite, go-to recreational activity from now on!  For me…for the both of us!  Or should I say,” I felt a ghostly hand playfully pat my groin area.  “For the three of us…?”  She giggled, and the ghostly hand gave my rapidly-recovering firmness a gentle, loving squeeze.

“You naughty girl!” I laughed.  “You naughty, naughty invisible girl!”

Unseen arms gently crept around me and pulled me close, as Invisible Camille proceeded to smother me with ghostly kisses.  

“You know, Sweetie,” she said from the air when she broke off her kissing.  “I still have a few more hours of invisibility left before the Potion wears off, so…why don’t we make the most of them?”

“Sounds good to me!” I said, my smile widening.

With that, a pair of ghostly hands reached down and yanked on the sash of my robe, untying it and pulling it off me.  Invisible fingers and lips then proceeded to explore every inch of my naked body from out of thin air, while I savored every moment of it, a huge grin never leaving my face.