Enchanted Panties 2

The very next morning Kate found herself lying in bed almost as if nothing had happened. She slowly rose up and had an excruciating headache.

"Oh fuck", she muttered under her breath as she held her head. She glanced down at the floor and saw no sign of her clothes.

"I must've drank myself to sleep last night; that would explain this headache and that fucked up dream." Kate got out of bed and walked toward her closet. "I mean, it was a dream right?" She asked herself as she slowly opened the closet door. She then saw all her clothes neatly hanging in her closet. She poked at a pair of jeans, and then tugged on a shirt hanging in the closet.

Ok--this is fucking ridiculous, Kate. Pull yourself together; it was only a dream, she thought as she finally put on her pink robe. Still shaken up, she peaked around the corner to the kitchen, making sure no hostile clothing were waiting for her. When she was sure it was safe, she sighed and made her way to the kitchen table.

She grabbed an apple off the table and began to eat it when she noticed a folded letter by her fruit basket.

Chills went down her spine as she picked it up. Who the hell has been in my house? Kate thought as she opened it. She began reading the letter:

I have your spell book, meet me in the lobby by the desk around noon.
- Caleb
P.S." Your welcome

Kate began to feel faint as she realized that the event from the previous night was no dream. She looked at the clock and it was fifteen minutes to noon.

I guess this creeper who wrote the letter somehow reversed the spell, but if that`s the case how did he know what was going on, and why was I naked when I woke this morning? Kate thought.

Kate was reluctant to meet Caleb, but needed some answers. Besides, it`s not like he picked some dark alley to meet in. She went back to her room to throw some clothes on when it dawned on her that her room was unusually clean. Then she remembered that the last place she remembered being the night before was the floor. That meant that Caleb must have carried her naked to her bed, which also raised the question: why was she naked in the first place? The clothes were raping her, so she would have been wearing them.

"I don`t care if this guy did reverse the spell, that doesn`t give him the right to take advantage of me!" Kate exclaimed as she went through her closet. She opened up her underwear drawer and noticed that her black silk panties were missing. There was nothing in her dirty clothes hamper and the floors were spotless. That perv has my panties, Kate thought as she finished getting dressed.

Kate left her apartment and headed down to the lobby. As she entered the lobby she noticed a short skinny guy, about five feet tall with spiked black hair. He was sitting by the front desk. He had a small tattoo of a cobra on his forehead and was wearing a long black coat, which was odd considering the hot weather. When he saw Kate, he got up to meet her.

"Are you Caleb?" Kate asked him in a slightly accusing tone.

"Yes. Now move outside; we have matters to discuss." Caleb said sternly, guiding her outside. When they got outside, Kate pushed away Caleb`s hand and glared at him.

"First of all, what the fuck were you doing in my apartment last night, and why was I naked when I woke up?!" Kate yelled.

"I suggest you shut the insolent mouth of yours before you cause a scene," Caleb said, "especially considering I saved your sorry ass. As for what I was doing in your apartment? I sensed the presence of rogue magic and went to investigate. May I suggest the next time you need to get yourself off, you just use your hand?" He smirked.

"You have some nerve," Kate replied. "And you still haven`t explained why I was naked when I woke up. But what do you mean by rogue magic?"

"Rogue magic is magic that has turned on its wielder, most likely because of the wielder`s inexperience...which I would say is obvious in your case. As far as why you were naked this morning, when I entered your apartment your enchanted clothing stripped themselves off in an attempt to escape, and I simply reversed the spell." Caleb reached into his coat and grabbed the black spell book.

"So, if you reversed the spell after they stripped off of me, then why weren`t they lying on my floor this morning?" Kate asked with a puzzled look.

"I`m a bit of a neat freak. I put the your clothes back in your closet and carried you to your bed. I did you a favor, so you`re welcome." Caleb handed Kate the spell book and started to walk off. "I probably shouldn`t give this back to you; you`ll just get yourself into more trouble."

"Excuse me?" Kate said raising her voice again.

"What now?" Caleb said with a sigh.

"My black panties; they`re not in my room." Kate accused.

"Do I look like I wear panties, dumbass?" Caleb rolled his eyes.

"I didn`t say you did; I was wearing them last night and now they`re missing," Kate said. "If everything happened the way you said it did, the panties should have fallen with the rest of the clothes."

"Come to think of it, your window was slightly ajar," He said. "Your panties may have escaped before I finished reversing the spell. Oh well, not my problem." Caleb said as he started to leave again. A feeling of dread came over Kate as she looked back at her room, knowing her panties could be up there enchanting other objects to rape her.

"Aren`t you going to help me?" Kate asked with a fearful tone.

"You have the spell book now, help yourself," Caleb sneered. "I`m through babysitting, and I suggest you start memorizing some of those spells in case you lose that book again. I won`t be there the next time you fuck up." As he said that, he seemingly vanished into thin air.

"What the..." Kate barely muttered and then firmly gripped the spell book before walking back into the lobby.


Kate`s panties had fled far from the apartment, and had managed to escape across town unseen. Because of the nature of the enchanting spell, the panties fed off of female sexual energy. The more energy the panties had, the more objects they could bring to life. They had enough energy reserved from their earlier encounter with Kate to bring about five articles of clothing to life (or other objects depending on the size), and given enough energy, each article of clothing could bring other articles to life. Eventually the panties could create a small army to force Kate to chant the spell that makes the enchantment irreversible.

As the panties floated around town, they looked through windows of houses to find a girl with roughly around the same waist size as Kate. After about three houses they came across a bedroom with a five-foot-seven, eighteen-year-old blonde with D-cup breasts. She was sleeping in her bed. The panties flew into the open window and landed onto the bed.

The girl was wearing a pair of pink panties, some white socks, and a white tee-shirt. Kate`s panties used some of the reserved magic to slide the girl`s pink panties off. After the pink panties left the girl`s feet, she started squirming and stretching in bed. She opened her eyes and saw the black silk panties filled out floating at her feet. She gasped and kicked herself to the back of the bed.

"What the hell?" She said under her breath. She felt her socks twitch around her feet and then it was like a pair of hands held her feet still. Kate`s panties started to slide up the girl`s legs when she started to scream, but she barely let out a yelp before her pink panties forced themselves into her mouth. Then, to the girl`s horror, she saw that the shirt she was wearing had somehow molded the material to form perfect cups around her bountiful chest. The shirt started to squeeze and massage her breasts.

Even though the girl was scared out of her mind, she was quickly getting aroused--and the panties sensed it. They quickly slid up the rest of the way and felt a jolt of magical energy when the girl`s love juices started to soak their crotch. The panties then decided to try something new as they focused some magic into her wetness. The silk material molded the crotch area into a pair of lips and started making out with the girl`s snatch while the moisture inside her pussy formed a water-based tongue and started flicking her clit.

At this point, the girl had decided that this had to be an extremely vivid and wonderful dream, and any fear was left behind. Her hips started gyrating as the panties magically licked out her pussy.

"Ohhhh, fuck--I`m going to cum," the girl said as she arched her back. Her shirt was sweat-soaked at this point--as the shirt manipulated her breasts, she noticed that it molded emulated mouths at each nipple. Her sweat magically traveled down to her nipples and formed little tongues to lick at them, even as the mouths sucked.

All these sensations were too much for the girl and she came hard with a muffled scream. She squirted into the panties giving them enough moisture to increase the size of the tongue licking her out. The tongue buried itself inside her, finding her g-spot and flicking it violently while the silky lips kissed at her clit. The pink panties in her mouth crept out and covered her head, leaving the crotch area in front of her mouth while forming a mouth out of the fabric.

"Oh, fu..." was all she could manage to say before her pink panties started making out with her. The sweat trickling down her stomach turned into little water-based tongues licking her all over. The girl couldn`t take anymore and came even harder, nearly falling off the bed. Her bedsheet caught her and cocooned her while floating in mid-air as Kate`s panties tongue fucked her harder. Now her pussy was super-sensitive, causing her to squirm violently inside the bed sheet that imprisoned her. The tongue-fucking wouldn`t relent. The girl wanted to scream, but could barely muffle a sound through her pink panties, still forcing kisses on her. The shirt massaged her breasts harder as she felt the tip of a moisture-based cock at her ass. Her eyes widened as it forced itself inside and pumped her virgin ass.

All these sensations were more than the poor girl could bear, and she came for the last time before she passed out from sheer exhaustion. The bed sheet rolled her out onto the floor, and all the clothes that were fucking her stripped themselves off.

Kate`s panties used the energy gained from this encounter to bring the rest of the girl`s clothes to life. Numerous pairs of panties and socks leapt out of her dresser and floated toward the closet. The doors flung themselves open as pairs of pants, skirts, shoes, and other items danced themselves out. Soon all the clothing left the room, leaving her completely naked with nothing to wear.