Enchanted Panties

Enchanted Panties 5

As Kate examined the attractive girl, a cold chill went down her spine. At Penelope`s side was a pair of red lace panties, hovering on their own. A devilish grin formed on Penelope`s face when she saw Kate`s expression.

"You`re not...you can`t be--"

"Aww, you look like you`ve seen a ghost," Penelope giggled, inching closer as Kate slowly backed up. "Don`t you find this body pleasing?"

"How is it you`re human? There was nothing in the spell book saying that enchantments could take over humans." Kate stammered.

"I didn`t do it by myself silly. Let`s just say I had a little help from a mutual friend."

Caleb, Kate thought. It was that warlock who did this.

"But now we can have all sorts of fun together. Aren`t you excited?" As Penelope crossed the threshold, Kate continued stepping back, considering dodging for the book. Penelope turned to look over her shoulder, and the door slammed and locked itself. "All this power comes so naturally to me now, Kate. You wouldn`t believe what I can do. I`m practically unstoppable."

Kate tried to lunge for the magic book on the kitchen table, but she felt her robe shift as it loosened around her waist. The ends of its sash coiled around her wrists, pulling them to her sides and behind her.

"Silly girl...as long as I`m in this form your book is useless." Penelope said seductively as she licked her lips. Kate looked down at her body to see her robe part, revealing her supple body to Penelope. Wearing nothing underneath, she struggled against the robe as Penelope giggled.

"You`re not blushing, are you, babe? It`s not like you've got anything I haven`t seen before. Remember, I used to be wrapped around your crotch at least once a week."

The robe released Kate`s wrists and pulled itself off her body, filling out to her shape behind her and grasping her shoulders with soft, terry sleeves while Penelope got within kissing distance from Kate.

"Judging by the times you've gotten wet while wearing me, I`d be willing to bet you`re a closet bisexual," Penelope said as she forced a kiss on Kate. Kate struggled at first, but the deeper Penelope kissed, the more limp she became, sandwiched between Penelope`s warm body and her living robe.

Penelope leaned against her, wrapping her arms around Kate. At the peak of the passionate kiss, the two girls and the robe hovered slightly into the air. The red lace panties that had been waiting at Penelope`s side bounced to the floor beneath Kate`s feet and slid up her legs until they were snug around her hips, playing at her crotch.

"And this is where the fun begins my love," Penelope whispered...


It was early morning, and the blonde that Penelope had terrorized the night before found herself in bed at her apartment.

"What the hell?!" She exclaimed as she sat up, fully clothed in her pajamas. She frantically looked around and then looked down at herself. Her breasts were still. She couldn`t feel her most sensitive parts moving of their own will. She sighed.

"A dream. Of course it was a dream," she said to herself. She slowly got out of bed and started toward the kitchen to make her breakfast. As she pulled out the milk and cereal to pour herself a bowl, she kept thinking about how realistic her dream seemed. She shrugged it off when she headed to the table to sit down, but as soon as she hit the chair, she felt a slight flick on her clit.

She jumped up again, panicking. She held her crotch with her hand, but nothing was moving.

"Ugh, I must be losing my mind," she said as she took a bite of her cereal. The rest of breakfast was uneventful save the thoughts of the dream that kept floating through her head.

"Huh," she muttered. "I guess I probably need to get laid?" She couldn`t shake it off entirely, though. What had happened the night before? Walking back through the kitchen, she found her cell phone, which had a voice mail notification. When she realized what time it was, she knew exactly who the call was from.

"Jenna, this is Ingram. We had an appointment this morning, and you`re a no-show. Not like you at all. If I don`t see you in half an hour, expect me at your place. At least call back if you get this.

"Shit!" Jenna rushed back to her room. She dug through her closet to find acceptable business attire, but the blouse she had in mind was gone. So was the skirtsuit.

After taking a second to look around at the shelves and hangers, she noticed that over half her clothes were missing.

"What the fu--"

Before she could finish, she felt a stirring between her legs. She gasped and shoved her hand inside her panties just in time for her snatch to suck her middle finger inside. She gasped with disbelief as her own pussy started sucking her finger. Her own hips joined in the motion, grinding her clit against the hand she stuck in her pajama pants. Jenna shrieked and jerked her hand free.

"You`re kidding me right?! You`re fucking kidding me!" Her voice was shaking. She backed into the wall, trying to get her bearings when she felt something push against both her nipples. She gasped again, opening the top buttons of her pajama top to pull the fabric away from her chest.

It didn`t stop the sensation--her chest started squeezing and contracting just like the night before.

"NO! STOP IT!", She cupped her breasts, trying to hold them still. It was no use. Her enchanted tits squirmed inside her hands, gyrating, lifting, and bobbing. She couldn`t keep a grip on them.

Seizing the opportunity, Jenna`s pajama top unbuttoned the rest of the way and forced her arms upward. While it slid itself off, her hands were held in place, allowing her pajama bottoms and panties to slide down without interference. By the time both articles of clothing reached her feet, her top slid off the rest of the way and re-buttoned itself, filling well beyond her shape and puffing up like a windsock. While her tits continued kneading themselves, her panties and pajama pants pulled her ankles out from under her. She fell backward, her ass landing on the overinflated pajama top.

Now, with the full length mirror of her closet door in front of her, she was left completely naked except for her socks, which proceeded to force her legs apart. As if she knew what was coming next, she looked down at her vulnerable pussy. She watched in horror as she felt and saw her nether lips part on their own. As her opening swelled, she felt something substantial slide inside her, like she had just been penetrated with an engorged but unseen cock.

"Ungggh..." She tried to fight the uninvited stimulation, but her own cunt was betraying her. She watched in awe while her opening yawned and contracted, the phantom love piston diving deep into her and pulling back just enough to tease her.

She gasped as one of her breasts abruptly lifted up, the negative space of unseen fingers squeezing and contorting its round shape. She shuddered as she felt something flick over the nipple on her other breast, and followed with a squeal when she felt ghostly suction surround her entire aureola. Now she watched as the pink circle seemed to be pulling forward, stretching her tit out in front of her as if it was being sucked by the mouth of an enthusiastic ghost. Her nipples hardened under the assault, and she let out a loud moan--another sign of carnal surrender to her own body`s otherworldly act.

Jenna couldn`t pull her eyes from the mirror, where her displayed body was being treated to unseen advances of all kinds. It was as if an invisible man was fucking her, but when she waved her hands in front of her crotch, there was nothing but empty space. She took hold of the tit being invisibly sucked to find the sensation continued right through her palm. The force was unstoppable.

The hyper-inflated pajama top she sat upon was bouncing her up and down as well, working with the accelerating rhythm of her ghostly fucking. Her back arched and her hands grabbed the puffy shoulders of the pajama top under her. She was going to come.

"OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK", she yelled as her orgasm hit. Her hot body shuddered sexual energy while her release echoed throughout the room. She was too lost in the moment to notice her lacy panties leap out of her filled out pajama bottoms and head toward her dresser drawers.

Just as Jenna`s orgasmic experience began receding, another round was already firing up. Miles away, Penelope was receiving the excess energy from her massive release, and the taste of this pneumatic blonde was simply too sweet to let her magical fucking simply end there. Already at the peak of her sensitivity, her breasts were fondled and sucked even harder as the imaginary penis inside her seemed to expand. Her clit joined the action, tapping itself and slithering back and forth.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh..."

As her hypersensitive skin lit up with the magical ministrations, the socks she was wearing slipped off her feet, no longer needing to coax her legs open. Her eyes followed them to the laundry hamper where she saw other clothes rising out and filling to her form to join the party.

Her gym clothes--a sports bra, tight tee and clingy heather yoga pants--filled to her curvy form and assembled over the socks, walking over to her pink sneakers. The cute sneakers obliged, pulling open and allowing the socks to step inside before tightening and tying up the laces.

Making labored, shortened sounds of hopeless pleasure, Jenna`s attention on her living gym clothes was abruptly shifted when she heard something tap at her window. She slowly looked toward the window and to her horror saw a bullet vibrator tapping against the pane.

"Nnnnngh...no...no w-way," She managed to moan, already exhausted as the enchanted fuck session brought her closer and closer to a second orgasm. The window unlocked and slid open, allowing the bullet into the room.

As it hovered over to her, she looked down at her gaping pussy, held open by the magically intangible force fucking her yet again.

"No-o-o...please...can`t take anymooore..." She pressed her hand against her open cunt, desperate to block the bullet, which was now on and vibrating. As she held her hand in place, the otherwise unoccupied pajama pants leapt onto her shoulders and squeezed their soft thighs around her head, causing her to lurch forward. She used her free hand to catch her, but it was mostly unnecessary thanks to the loving grip of her pajama pants.

Now on one hand and her knees, she refused to pull away the hand over her pussy to let the overzealous living vibrator in. No longer resting her ass on the puffing pajama top, it pulled itself upright and joined up with the bottoms, which shifted over her shoulders to straddle her back, horsey style.

The pajamas wrapped their legs about her abdomen and bounced up and down, reaching a sleeve behind them to slap at her ass. When she still refused to move her hand for the bullet, she felt something playing at the bud of her exposed asshole.

"Ohmigawwwwwd!" She shouted as her asshole yawned open, feeling like it was penetrated with yet another invisible cock. The hand she clamped over her pussy moved to the floor to balance her from the shock, moving just long enough for the bullet to fly inside her. Just as it happened, the phantom cock in her cunt vanished, allowing her pussy lips to seal around the enchanted vibrator.

Even though she had just been fucked by a substantially-sized intangible member, now her pussy went tight as a virgin`s. She could not get so much as a finger inside if she wanted to. She bucked her hips wildly as the bullet spiraled inside her, the vibrations dialing higher as her ass was drilled by invisible force. Every time space in her asshole swelled, it pushed her contracting vaginal walls against the possessed bullet. The masterful attention in both vulnerable spaces sent a storm of vibration from her g-spot all the way to her clit, which was slipping itself back and forth, glistening with intensity.

"Ooooh, oooh...ohhhhh, SHHHHHIIIIIT!" Jenna came even harder than before. The force fucking her aching asshole retracted, but when the bullet pulled itself out of her pussy, it went on vibrating against her clit. Exhausted, she tried to let her body drop against the floor, but the pajama pant-legs tightened around her midsection and pulled her up, lifting her off her knees and flipping her back again, sending her hovering over to the bed in the arms of her living pajamas.

She was panting, trying desperately to catch her breath as she leaned back against the billowing pajamas. Now she saw a throng of her own clothes standing over her bed, led by the gym outfit she saw brought to life earlier.

With most of the contents of her dresser drawers, including lingerie, camisoles, socks, tees, and almost every pair of stockings and jeans she owned all standing over her bed, waiting for more, the panties she`d been wearing under her pajamas now hovered by the closet. The mirrored door slid open, and whatever was left began marching out--evening dresses, boots, coats, and whatever professional blouses and skirts were leftover from the earlier couture exodus she hadn`t witnessed.

"No, noooo...please stop, I can only stand so much of this," she whimpered.

Just then, her door clicked open, and a big bottle of water hovered in, floating over toward her bed. Out in the hall, she saw a figure--a human one--approaching.

"Hello?! Help me, please!" Jenna didn`t know what anyone could do against all these enchantments, but she was desperate for any attempt at relief.

A short man walked up to the doorway, watching her writhe and pant on the bed. He was wearing a long black coat with a cobra tattoo on his forehead.

"Have some water," he said with a sadistic grin on his face. "You`re going to need it...your workout`s just beginning."


Penelope and Kate hovered across from each other in Kate`s living room. Kate was letting out little moans, her arms tied behind her with the sash of her robe. The red lace panties were lapping at her clit as Penelope flipped through the pages of the book of magic hovering in front of her.

"There are some great ideas in here, but I still need more power," Penelope said. "How would you feel about a new house, Kate? One that`s more fun and a bit more...roomy?"

"What do you--uhnnn--what do you want from me?" Kate asked through the red panties' play.

"Well, it`s hard to say, really. On one hand, you did bring me to life...and before that, you took good care of me, kept me clean--mostly," Pen winked, "made me feel pretty and let me spend whole days wrapped around your gorgeous, warm little body..." then Pen frowned. "But on the other hand, you also wanted to hold me back." The book floated aside, and Penelope hovered closer. "I owe you so much...I want to make you feel as wonderful as possible. Make every dirty little fantasy in that head of yours come to life, you know?" Penelope giggled. "Don`t mind the pun."

"So wh-ooh...why are you restraining me like this?"

"First, because I know how much you like a little bondage play," Pen laughed, "but also...because I`m not sure I can trust you." She kissed Kate again, this time grabbing her tits as she did. Kate melted at her touch, enthusiastically reciprocating Penelope`s tongue work with her own. "Mmm, that`s the slutty Kate I know."

Penelope`s skin glowed for a short instant and the smile on her face grew wider. In addition to the clothes and toys gathering power around the city, the woman she found yesterday was a mini-generator all by herself.

"Ahhh-ha, that cute blonde had a lot more energy than I thought. In that case, maybe I should shift my strategy a bit." Penelope`s eyes lit up. "Ooh, I have an idea..."

Penelope hovered a short distance from Kate and held out her hands as the white button-down blouse she was wearing stripped itself off of her body. The black dress pants slid gently down her legs, joining the blouse. Both the items re-zipped, fastened, and buttoned, filling themselves out beside her as if she was still wearing them.

"Go bring us another girl, I wanna try something new." Penelope commanded. "Take a few of the sluttier things from Kate`s closet if you need help."

"What are you planning now?" Kate asked panting.

"Oh, nothing much my love. I just figured we might try a little group activity. I promise it`ll be fun." Penelope winked at Kate, smiling slyly.