Enchanted Panties 7

In the heart of New York City, there existed a hidden organization of witches and wizards who upheld the law of all wielders of magic. A witch by the name of Victoria Ainsley was the head of this organization, currently in an emergency meeting with her board of trustees regarding the outbreak of rogue magic in a town called Luxemburg, Florida. Mrs. Ainsley was 84 years old, but due to her conjuring abilities and anti-aging spells, she looked no older than 25. Her long brown hair fell all the way down her back; her black robe tightly hugged her perfect hour-glass figure. She was among the most powerful witches in her organization, and the wisest among them by far...

"Mr. Adams, if I`m not mistaken I believe it was your agent that was sent to Luxemburg to neutralize this outbreak--am I not correct?" Victoria`s accusing eyes met his.

"Yes, I sent Caleb Ricci." Adams' hands trembled. "He`s a Class A wizard--more than capable of handling this situation. I don`t understand why it is not resolved." He tried to match Victoria`s gaze, directing his own accusation to his absent student.

"At the beginning of this ordeal, it would not have taken a Class A wizard to resolve this. Now the outbreak of magic has increased tenfold overnight." Another accusatory voice in Adams' ears, this time from another board member. Before he could respond, Victoria continued.

"Mr. Adams, wasn`t it you who told me that Caleb had a special interest in this case?" Victoria looked down on him.

"Ma'am." Adams nodded, burying his eyes in the floorboards at Victoria`s feet.

"Since then, I have looked into Caleb`s record. Not only is he half-demon, Mr. Adams--but the classification of that particular half is that of an Incubus."

"With all due respect Mrs. Ainsley, Caleb is one of my most respected apprentices. His heritage gives him an understanding of the current situation that--"

"Do you care to stake your career on that, Mr Adams?" Victoria conjured a crystal ball at the middle of the table. "His heritage is exactly the danger! A lack of maturity is a lack of self-control! It would take miraculous will for your young half-incubus to resist the buffet of sexual energy coming from Luxemburg right now!" Jenna`s apartment appeared in the ball. Gasps were heard around the room when they saw Caleb towering over Jenna. She was being sexually assaulted by an unseen force along with all of her enchanted clothing.

"But...that can`t be!" Mr. Adams watched in shame.

"He played you like a fool. And if that wasn`t bad enough--look at this." Victoria waived her hand, and Kate`s room appeared. Penelope toyed with Kate while the spell book hovered before her.

"Take a good look at that book, Adams. That is not just an ordinary tome; that is Selena`s Book of Shadows. For those of you who don`t know, Selena is the daughter of Lilith, a Succubus from ancient times. According to legend that book is possessed by her spirit. The book is drawn to sexually depraved women and can even turn them into a low-level witch that it can easily manipulate. The very writings inside even change, making spell-casting so easy that the wielder can be easily trapped by their own spells." Victoria waived her hand and the crystal ball disappeared.

All the board members looked toward Mr. Adams, who was at a loss for words.

"I t was no mistake that Kate got her hands on that book; Caleb could have planned this whole thing from the start. We must get it from her--any more spells uttered from that book could awaken Selena in her ethereal form. Even our powers combined couldn`t stop a being of that might." Victoria paused and then looked toward Mr. Adams.

"In light of this current situation,  you`re relieved of your current duties. I trust in the future you`ll take greater care in vetting your students." Victoria faded away with a contingent to take care of the problem at hand.


It was nearing midnight, and the girls had been playing volleyball for three hours. Since most of them had class the next morning, they decided to call it quits for the night. Shaila in particular has a test the next morning in psychology, and like a typical college freshman, she`d not yet studied for it. They all stepped out of the pool and headed toward the dorm except for Shaila, who had to go to the locker room to grab her stuff.

"Hey Jessica, I`ll be back in ten minutes. I left my stuff in the locker room." Shaila said as she waived her off.

"Take your time, I`m meeting James anyway," Jessica grinned.

"Where the hell are you two going this time of night?"

"All I know is I`m getting my freak on...woohooooo!" Jessica exclaimed as she skipped back toward the dorm.

James? Shaila thought. What happened to Brian? Todd? Keith? Jack? 

While She was friends with some of the sluttier girls at school, Shaila held higher standards for herself. Not that she was waiting for marriage or anything, but she didn`t find a new guy every week either. Not that she couldn`t have one; she was the hottest of her group by far. Her skin was lightly tanned, and her body was athletic and well-toned. Her brown hair was in a perpetual pony-tail, and she had bright green eyes that could captivate anyone in her path.

When she got to the locker room, she decided to take a quick shower to rwash the chlorine off her skin. As she walked in the community shower, she unclasped her pink top, revealing her beautiful full C-cup breasts as they flung free of the fabric. She ran her fingers down her petite waist to remove her pink bottoms, revealing the landing strip toward her tight mound. As she washed herself, her black pantyhose watched in anticipation, wanting so bad to caress her bare skin--but it wasn`t time to make their move.

Shaila stepped out of the shower and dried herself off while walking toward her locker. She sighed when she saw her black cocktail dress, pantyhose, and high-heels. She put on her strapless bra and pulled up her pantyhose, which felt unusually snug against her crotch.

Ohh, I should've dried off better. They`ll all bunching up... Shaila thought.

She shrugged it off and slipped on her cocktail dress and shoes before walking outside toward her dorm. As she walked, she felt the pantyhose ride up her crotch.

"Damn it!" She attempted to pull the material out of her nether lips. The material wouldn`t budge. In fear of being seen with her hand up her dress, she began to walk faster. From behind a tree, the pantyhose spotted Penelope`s pants and blouse hiding with a fleshlight wrapped in its sleeve. The blouse gave a nod, and the pantyhose released some magic into Shaila`s pussy.

"Unngh...what the fuck?!" She felt a tingly sensation inside her. The material crept out of her crotch, and she sprinted back to her dorm now. Using the magical signal they received from the pantyhose, the blouse and pants brought the fleshlight to life and sent it hovering carefully back toward the window of its owner`s dorm.


Jenna continued to writhe and pant on her bed as she stared at Caleb above her. She choked as the enchanted water bottle forced itself in her mouth.

"Fuck you! You`re with that witch, aren`t you?" Jenna said under her breath.

"You know, considering that you are looking at the only one who might be able to help you out of this embarrassing situation, I`d show a little more respect." Caleb inched closer to get a better look at Jenna`s enchanted pussy. He pulled out a pair of regular white panties.

"What are you doing now?" Jenna asked.

"Just trying a little experiment," Caleb said as he rubbed the white panties on Jenna`s wet pussy. "These panties have not been effected by magic in any way."

"Get the fuck away!" She yelled, holding her hand between her legs in an attempt to block Caleb. She flinched as her pussy lips kissed her hand.

"You know, if you weren`t so uptight you would probably enjoy this," Caleb said, laughing. "So many women who have trouble having just one orgasm and you've had several just this past hour..." Caleb beckoned the pair of gloves near Jenna`s dresser, and they flew toward her grabbed her hands, giving him the opportunity to rub the white panties on her pussy. In mere moments, the panties jerked free of Caleb and began floating toward the window.

"Ha, just as I thought! Your own fluids are enchanted. Penelope really did a number on you didn`t she?"

"No shit, now what are you going to do to fix it?!" Jenna screamed.

Caleb pulled some white candles from inside his jacket and placed them in a circle. He then pulled a piece of chalk from his pocket and drew a pentagram inside the candles.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jenna cried. "You planning on sacrificing me to something? That`s what all this is isn`t it?!"

Caleb`s eyes glowed red. All of the magical fondling suddenly stopped, but something still wasn`t right. The gloves eased their grip and Jenna stood up. She slowly walked toward the circle, fearfully whimpering to herself about not being in control of her own movement. The room darkened and the candles lit on their own as Caleb began his chant:

"I call upon the sex goddess Lilith, who has given me her daughter, Selena`s hand in marriage. I give you this human female as a vessel for her to reside."

The pentagram caught fire and Jenna was engulfed in light for a split second, and then it went dark. The light came back on and Jenna could move again, but an all too familiar stir was felt between her legs.

"What the fuck did you just do to me?! Who the hell is Selena?!" Jenna exclaimed.

"You don`t have to shout, darling," Said a sultry female voice from between her legs. "I`m right here."


Timothy had just gotten back to his dorm room after his Friday night D&D session, a typical Friday routine for him. He walked toward his side of the room and noticed his fleshlight in the window seal.

"Awww geez, not again. I was sure I put that up. I hope no one saw it." He grabbed it and set it next to his laptop on his desk.

When he powered on his laptop, the fleshlight sent a magical signal to it. He opened up his Outlook and a message titled "Shaila Wellington`s Shower". Timothy had a crush on Shaila and jumped to open the email.

"Holy hell..." He whispered to himself as the video popped open on his laptop. His manhood jumped to attention as this petite C-cupped beauty showered nude before him. He didn`t bother to check who sent it--at the moment didn`t care--the goods were there. He put some lubricant on his finger and slid it inside his fleshlight.

"Whoa..." He exclaimed. "Was this always..." A confused smile grew upon his face as his finger explored the magically realistic vagina. In fact, if he didn`t know any better, he could swear he felt it warm and contract around his finger. Unable to wait any longer, he lowered the fleshlight down to his aching member and began to slide it inside"¦


Shaila had just made it back to her dorm. She was a little freaked from the events that transpired on her way there. She tried to pull off her pantyhose, but they wouldn`t budge.

"What the hell is up with these things?" She yelled in frustration.

All of a sudden, Shaila shrieked in horror. She felt a slimy finger explore her tight pussy. Her hand flew between her legs, but there was nothing there but the tight hose around her mound. She tried desperately to tug off her living pantyhose when she felt her bra contract and squeeze her breast. She was at a loss for words and could not utter a sound as she watched her bra move beneath her dress.

Despite her fear, these manipulations made her horny and her hips bucked as the finger left and was shortly replaced with an unseen cock that had began to slide against her nether lips...