Enchanted Panties 9

After about 15 minutes had passed, Caleb had pulled out just long enough for the doorbell to ring.

Ding dong

“Jenna, its Ingram.  Are you there?”

“Well now, things just got a little more exciting.”  Selena growled.

“Leave her alone, please.  I’ll do whatever you want just leave her out of this.”  Jenna pleaded.

“That goes without saying love.  You’ll do whatever I want no matter what.”  Selena laughed as the pentagram glowed on the floor for a split second in blinding light.

“There that’s much better.  Wouldn’t want you scaring off our friend with your hysterics.”  Selena scoffed.

“What the hell just happened?!!!!”  I can’t see?” I can’t feel my arms!!  My mouth feels…….OH FUCK NO!!!!!” Jenna screamed as she realized that she and Selena had switched places.  Selena stuffed a sock inside her pussy to silence Jenna as the living clothes quickly dressed her.

Bang Bang Bang

“Jenna your car’s outside.  You’re too good of a friend for me to let you throw out a case like this.  Please just let me in and we’ll talk.” Ingram persisted.

Caleb leaned in and kissed Selena.  “Welcome to the land of the living. I’ll be back after I take care of some business.”  Caleb stepped back and vanished.

“What kind of business could he possibly have without me?”  Selena scoffed as she opened the door.

“Jenna?  Oh my god you look awful are you okay?”  Ingram asked

“Never better.  Please come in.”  Selena stepped aside and as Ingram stepped forward a muffled scream came from Selena’s skirt.

“What the hell?”  Ingram asked.

“Oh don’t mind that.  Just my ringtone. Figured I’d get in the Halloween spirit after all.”  Selena smiled.

Kate left her apartment wearing the enchanted clothes which were now under her command.  As she walked toward her car her steps felt light as a feather, as if her clothes were helping her walk.

“Wait a minute.  I bet you guys can help me fly can’t you?”  Her panties pinched her ass and she yelped with excitement as she soared above her apartment building.

“Holy shit this is awesome!!!! “ Kate exclaimed.  She wanted to get back at Caleb for attempting to turn her into Penelope’s little sex slave, but as she became drunk with power she decided to have a little fun first.

“What do you say we find out what all these new found powers of mine can do?”  Kate’s shirt tickled her navel in response and her outfit flew her in loops in mid air.  Kate screamed with excitement until she came to a sudden stop while her bra bounced her tits.

“Haha you guys are as naughty as ever.  Guess I should be glad you’re on my side now.   Hmmm….” Kate thought for a minute.

“Take me to the college.  I wanna see what those naughty clothes of Penelope’s are up to.”  Kate soured through the air at lightning speeds, laughing without a care in the world.

Shaila stood back up as her panty hose forced themselves back on.

“I-I-I-I’m not going to worry about it.  I’m dreaming. I know I am. I’ll wake up soon.”  Shaila stammered as she felt the draft of wind hit her pussy as the living fleshlight carried her pussy through the cold night air.

The gloves tapped her shoulder and beckoned her back to the screen.

You better go find your vagina soon.  Its quiet the little party animal without you.

Shaila’s knees buckled as the vibrations in her pussy resumed for merely seconds as if to taunt her.

“Oh fuck, please no more.” Shaila pleaded.

The fleshlight flew around peaking through windows, trying to find another prospect when Kate flew up behind it and grabbed it by surprise.

“My my I bet Penelope’s clothes brought you to life huh?”  Kate playfully asked but didn’t’ get a response from the enchanted toy.  She looked it over and her eyes went wide when she noticed the juices flowing from its lips.

“Wow, this magic is really something.  You look just like a real pussy.” Kate stuck a finger inside and gasped as the pussy contracted around her finger.

“Shit, you feel real too.  Is this a normal effect of bringing one of you to life?”  Kate asked and then felt silly knowing that none of the enchantments so far had a voice.

“Wait a minute…..Penelope’s magic was pretty limitless.  Now that I have it I bet I could give you a voice and you could tell me.”  Kate said as she tried to picture giving this toy a voice in her mind. A green light glowed around the toy for a few seconds and then slowly dissipated.  The pussy lips formed a grin while Kate giggled.

“Hey there sexy.  Just gonna tease me with a finger or are we gonna have some fun?”  The pussy giggled with its new girlish voice.

“Wow, that was easy.  I love this power. So, you going to answer my question now?”  Kate smiled.

“Actually I am a real pussy trapped in this fleshlight.  The magic that gave my owner’s clothes life somehow put me here.  I’m not complaining though this is fun.” The pussy smiled.

“Oh God, she wasn’t mutilated was she?”  Kate shrieked.

“No no no we’re still physically connected somehow.  It’s kind of like this fleshlight body of mine is a portal.  She still feels everything I do as if I were still a part of her, but she no longer controls me.”  The pussy gleefully explained.

“Damn that’s hot.  So are you just escaping from her or what?”  Kate inquired.

“Nah, me and her clothes are playing a game.  Kind of like hide and seek. The difference being that I fuck as many guys that I come across until she captures me.  Haven’t decided if I’ll merge back with her or not though. She doesn’t even masturbate, it’s so boring!!! You’re not going to make me go back are you?”  The pussy asked.

“You’ll have to go back eventually; the poor girl must be scared shitless.  Unlike me, she doesn’t know what’s going on and must think she’s going crazy.”  Kate scolded.

“But….I was having so much fun being alive and being able to cum whenever I want.  You can’t change me back now.” The pussy pleaded.

“Rules are thus:  Continue your game but don’t make it impossible.  Just tease her a little. Once she catches you you’ll be put back into your proper place.”  Kate said.

“Fine….”The pussy sighed.

“Don’t worry; I have no intention of taking away your life as long as you don’t torment your owner too much.  Just make sure she’s in on the fun okay? “Kate winked as she let go of the living pussy as it began to float away, but was startled as a lightning bolt struck it down.

“What the hell?!!!” Kate exclaimed as the sex toy had turned to normal on the ground.  She looked up and saw tall big busted woman in a black dress and long black hair holding a wand in her hand.

“I take it you’re Kate.”  The woman scowled.

“Yes….and you are?”  Kate stammered.

“My name is Madam Victoria Ainsley.  I am head mistress at a witch’s coven not far from here.  I was willing to give you the benefit of a doubt since I thought you were merely a foolish girl playing with forces she didn’t understand but now it’s clear to me you’ve allowed yourself to be tainted by Selena’s magic.  I’m afraid you leave me with no choice.” Victoria pointed her wand at Kate while holding a vile.

“Selena’s power?  I’m not sure I understand.”  Kate began to back away.

“I know all about your spell to animate your panties from Selena’s book of shadows.  I also know of your interaction with Caleb Ricci, a former apprentice of my coven who has perverted our teachings.”  Victoria snapped.

“I….I don’t know who this Selena is okay?  I just found the book at my uncle’s antique shop.  I was just goofing off I didn’t know it was going to work!!!” Kate screamed.

“But you were more than happy to indulge in the magic once it did work.   Thanks to you, a powerful succubus at the name of Selena has been brought to our world.  She thrives on the sexual energy these enchantments of yours are giving off. If she gets any more powerful she will fill the whole planet with her filth.”  Victoria held the vile up, preparing to throw it.

“Wha….what’s that?”  Kate’s eyes widened.

“This my dear is a vanquishing potion I made specifically for succubus type demons.  I’m afraid you’re too far gone to save as you have allowed yourself to succumb to her power.  It’s you versus the rest of the human race. I’m sorry.” Victoria threw the vile at Kate.

“No!!! Please…..” Kate screamed as the vile soured toward her but before she was hit by it, a man appeared in front of her and was hit by the potion instead.  She stood in stunned silence by his sudden appearance before realizing who her supposed savior was.

“Caleb!!!!” Victoria yelled.

“Madam Ainsley, I wondered when I would smell your stink.”  Caleb smirked as he was covered in smoke arising from the potion, seemingly unaffected.

“But why?  I thought….” Kate was cut short.

“Go hide somewhere Kate.  I may need you later and it would be bothersome if you got yourself killed.  Caleb said as Kate made a run for it to some nearby trees.

“You….you survived my vanquishing potion.  I guess since you’re half human you were spared”.  Victoria snarled.

“Well…..may be partially correct.  I can sense you’ve made yourself immune to enchanting magic, making it near impossible to control your body or any object on your person.  You came prepared I’m so proud.” Caleb laughed.

“Don’t patronize me you arrogant upstart.  I came here to send you to Hell where you belong, along with Selena.  I’ll just have to kill you with force since my potion is not effective.”  Victoria waved her wand toward Caleb sending a magical beam his way, just for it to bounce off of him.

“My my, was that really a killing spell from an experienced witch such as yourself?  I’m insulted.” Caleb said as he rose his hand toward Victoria. An invisible force flew from Caleb’s hand and knocked Victoria back as Jenna’s skirt suit surprised her from behind.   The sleeves snaked around her arms and stole her wand from her hand.

“What the….Hey!!!!”  Victoria screamed.

“You know, at first I was planning on sexually humiliating you just like any other victim I might capture but I changed my mind.  Instead I’m going to do to you what you did to my mother.” Caleb’s maniacal smile went to a frown. Victoria gasped as her clothes, no longer protected by her magic, held her in place.

“Wha….how did you….”  Victoria struggled.

“You came prepared to fight a succubus or incubus demon and protected yourself accordingly and I applaud you for that, but unfortunately for you I’m not an Incubus type.”  Caleb waived his hand and Victoria’s dress pinned her to the ground. She screamed and then stared at Caleb speechless.

“Everyone told me that my mother gave me up to the coven to raise, but that’s not true is it?”  Caleb yelled as a tear formed in Victoria’s eye.

“No.  No it’s not.  Let’s recap that night shall we?  I’ll admit it, my mother was a whore and decided to summon a demon to fulfill her sexual desires so she stole a book of shadows from your library and summoned a sexual demon.  Months later when I was born you sensed the dark energy within me and killed my mother for her defiance and tried to kill me, but couldn’t. Just like now your power had no effect.  You had no choice but to make up a lie. A lie telling everyone that my mother gave me up to the man that would be my mentor, Nathanial Adams, because she couldn’t raise a demon child.  You then told everyone my mother, whom you murdered, was exiled from the coven and they were none the wiser. I didn’t know myself until my father appeared to me in a dream just months ago.”  Caleb smirked at Victoria again.

“Look….I didn’t have any choice your mother put herself and everyone else in danger when she conjured your damned father and created the abomination that is you!!!!!”  Victoria screamed.

Caleb frowned again and knelt down to Victoria, inches from her face.  Tears went down her face as she saw an ominous circle of fire appear around them.

“Are you ever curious as to why you couldn’t vanquish me on that night and why you still can’t now?”  Caleb taunted.

“Because….you’re half human.  My spells won’t work.” Victoria cried.

“Wrong!!!!!”  Caleb yelled. “Everyone thinks that Mommy dearest was taken by an Incubus type demon and that I’m half Incubus.  I believed it for a while. Hell, Selena herself even believes it, but unknown to her my power has far outgrown hers and even Lilith’s.  It didn’t make sense. How could a half breed overpower a full blood? I asked myself this over and over. It wasn’t till I took my full demon form that I knew.”  Caleb stepped back and suddenly became engulfed with flames. Victoria’s hear t nearly stopped out of fear as Caleb’s body changed before her. His skin turned red and horns like a ram’s grew from his head.  Black claws grew from his hands and feet while fangs grew in his mouth.

Victoria was petrified with fear from the site.

“I know you studied demonology in great detail Victoria.  Tell me. Who do I most resemble? Who is my father?” SAY IT!!!!”  Caleb screamed

“You’re the son of Asmodeus, the third prince of hell and king of lust!!!!!” Victoria screamed.

“Say hi to my mother for me.  I’m sure she’ll find a spot for you among the ranks of my father’s harem!!!”  Caleb screamed as the ground beneath the circle of fire opened up and swallowed Victoria.  As the fire disappeared, Caleb’s appearance went back to that of a human’s and he saw Kate staring down from above with a sheer look of horror on her face.  He disappeared and reappeared in front of her. Kate jumped back startled, but Caleb pulled her close and kissed her forehead.

“Don’t worry little Kate.  You’re part of my league now and I’ll always protect my own.  Now go and fulfill your deepest and darkest sexual desires.” Caleb grinned.  A sudden warmth came over Kate and any fear she had felt up to that point left her.  With the kiss, her body was fueled with even more powerful sexual magic than before. She leaned in to kiss Caleb, but he vanished yet again.

She looked down and saw the living skirt suit fly back into the college dormitory.

“Damn, who knew a simple enchantment spell could lead to all this.  So glad he’s on my side. At least I think he is.” Kate sighed as she flew down and picked up the fleshlight she was talking to earlier.  She examined the toy and sure enough it was now lifeless, but oddly lighter than before.

“Hmmm, I wonder…..” Kate pondered.

Shaila suddenly felt a jolt between her legs and jumped backwards toward her bed.

“What the hell?”  She said as she put her hand between her legs and felt that her vagina was back where it belonged.

“Oh thank god!!!  It’s finally over!!”  Shaila exclaimed, but felt that something still wasn’t right.  Her pussy lips seemed to move under her hand.

“Damn it, that stupid bitch had to spoil everything.  Oh well. Thanks to Kate we can still have some fun though.”  Her now talking vagina said.

“What the fuck?!!!  When is this weird ass dream going to end?!!!”  Shaila yelled.

She shrieked and fell backwards as the egg vibrators, which had somehow merged with her pussy, switched on….