Viki's Night - 2

Viki's clothes walked her up the stairs to the 4th floor. As she was carried by her clothes, she could feel the strap-on between her legs occasonally switching the vibrate mode on and off. The shaft that protuded from the front pushed itself down, trying to keep from poking out the dress like she was 'pitching a tent'. This put pressure inside her, making her fight moaning with each step. Viki struggled to stop herself from walking. She had a good idea where she was being taken.

When she arrived at the 4th floor, she was forced down the hall. Her stockings and shoes brought her to the door of room 415— Jennifer's room. Her gloved hand reached up and knocked on the door. " make me do this. I really don't want to do this..." She whispered to herself and her traitorious clothes.

A second after Viki knocked, she heard the door unlatch. When it opened, Jennifer stood there, looking at her with a surprised look on her face. She wore a long, back-flare style skirt and had a purple shirt with a flower design on it. "Hey, I thought we were going to met up this weekend." She motioned for Viki to come in, stepping back into her room.

Viki blushed as she begain to speak. "Well, yeah—but I..." She stopped talking when her clothes forced her to enter Jennifer's room. A gloved hand closed the door behind her, locking it.

Jennifer turned back to face Viki. "So why are you here and...dressed like that?" She motioned toward Viki's outfit.

Viki studdered as she begain to talk. "Well...I—I...didn't mean to..." Now the strap-on slowly lifted itself back to its normal position, its exterior shaft rising under the front of Viki's long sexy black dress.

As the strap-on lifted Viki's dress, Jennifer watched in shock. "Viki, wh-what's that?" She pointed to Viki's crotch. "Are you some kind of..." Jennifer stopped talking when she felt something start to rub her clit. She quckly grabbed down at her crotch. "What the!?"

Viki's bra began to knead her breasts again. She looked down to watch as her breasts were squeezed and manipulated by her bra. "Oh god, not again..."

Jennifer looked back to Viki, watching her breasts apparently moving around on their own, as they were being played with by her bra. Jennifer reached down and pulled up her skirt to see her own panties moving and rubbing agenst her clit. She felt them pull tight and watched as they molded themselves to her pussy.

She dropped her skirt and backed away from Viki. "Wh-what the hell is going on!?"She backed up close to her bed when she felt something grab her breasts. Jennifer looked down and watched as her shirt began massasging her tits. "My clothes—STOP!"

Viki shook her head. "I don't know, it happened to me too! My clothes just came to life and started to—to rape me! Before I knew it they forced me to come up to your room..." Her face was bright red with embassesment.

It was then that Viki's outfit really decided it was time to have fun. Her dress pulled itself off of her completely, leaving the strap-on, gloves, and stockings. The dress made its way over to Jennifer's dresser and opened the drawers as the two girls watched. A second later, several articles jumped out of the dresser—a pair of stockings and crotchless panties popped out and filled out to Jennifer's shape. They walked over to Jennifer. She tried to retreat from her advancing clothes, but found herself held fast by her skirt, shoes and shirt.

She felt her panties slide off of her and down to the floor. "Hey! Give me back—" Suddenly, she was shoved back onto the bed. She tried to get up, but her clothes pinned her down. As she struggled,she felt something touch her feet. She looked down at them and watched as her stockings rolled up her legs, followed by the crotchless panties. Her skirt and stocking forced her waist into the air, allowing the panties onto her.

While her waist was held up by her stockings and crotchless panties, her skirt slid down. Once it passed her knees, her clothes droped her waist onto the bed and the skirt slid all the way off her feet. "Wait!" Her shirt followed next, pulling itself over her head and pinning her arms above her head to expose her naked breasts. "What the hell is going on!?" Still being held down by her clothes, her stockings slowly pried her legs apart. "Noooo! STOP IT!" Jennifer began yelling when something soft shoved itself into her mouth. She tried to push out the makeshift gag, but it refused to budge.

Viki's watched helpessly as Jennifer's clothes striped themselves off her. Her panties shoved themselves into her mouth when she tried to yell. As Jennifer's legs were forced open, Viki's clothes forced her to walk over to the pinned woman, her stockings climbing her on top of Jennisfer. The strap-on pointed itself at the Jen's vunerable pussy. "I'm sorry Jennifer...I-I can't stop!" As she spoke, her waist was pushed forward. The shaft of the strap-on pushed its way into Jennifer, making her belt out a moan. The strap-on immediately began to pound her, And both ends of the strap-on activated their vibration. Viki's gloved hands reached out and took hold of Jennifers breasts—squeezing them and tweaking her nipples.

Jennifer moaned as her crotchless panties teased at her clit. The strap-on railed her, and the gloves forced Viki to keep playing with her tits. The simulation caused her body to flood with pleasure. As the strap-on pushed its way deeper into her, her crotchless pantiesworked her clit back and forth. Each stroke from the vibrating strap-on pushed her closer to orgasm. She gave up trying to break free and simply moaned as she was fucked by Viki, being used as a puppet for her living clothes.

Viki tried to fight the force of her strap-on as it thrust her hips in and out. "Damnit, stop making me fuck her!" Her pussy was being stimulated by the vibrating strap-on,and she was already overly sensitive from the simulation overload from being raped by her clothes and strap-on before. She felt the orgasm building, and tried to fight harder. "Oh gawd no—I think I'm going to cum..."

The panties in Jennifer's mouth slid out and filled as if she wore them. Jennifer tried to pay attention to what they were doing but she couldn't focus on them while Viki was atop her, fucking her body. She looked at Viki in the eyes as she felt the hard rush of estacy hit her, bucking as she came hard. "OH-MY-FUCKING-GOD!"

At the same time Jennifer came, Viki felt the moment flow through her as well. "FUCK! I—I'm cummmmmmming!"

Once both women finished, Viki's gloves and stockings pulled off of the other woman and held her fast to the bed. Her stockings pulled her legs apart now. The two women found themselves laying spread-eagle on the bed now. Viki's gloves forced her to squeeze and play with her own breasts, while the strap-on unfastened itself from her waist and refastened itself around invisible hips as if it was being worn. It joined up with Viki's bra and Jennifer's panties and another pair of stockings. Finally, Viki's dress pulled itself over the rest of the outfit. It walked toward the door, and Viki's shoes and a pair of long satin gloves from Jennifer's closet joined the outfit. Unlocking the door, the clothes walked out back into the dorm.

To Jennifer's horror, the outfit that left wasn't the end of the living clothes. She watched as all of her clothes now started to come to life, forming more outfits. Her lingerie also started rising form her drawers and pairing up together. The two women then heard a buzzing sound joined by a symphony of humming noises coming from the bottom dresser drawer. As it opened, several vibrators of various sizes floated out and hovered toward the two helpless women...