Ghosts of Gold Ridge

2 - Hazing Ritual


For safety and security, Howlett Civilian Staff are encouraged to remain within the confines of Howlett's Core Research Safe Zone [Ref: Howlett White] unless performing approved field operations with your group manager or liaison. Under normal circumstances, The Howlett Gold Ridge site is not internally restricted, but is regularly monitored. This is to ensure our staff maximum mobility and to ensure our important work is driven by flexible procedures.

You are barred from departure without written permission from a Howlett director and cross check by LabSec. Open site locations are accessed at the personal risk of the field researchers.

The following is a list of closed quarantine sectors which are excluded from the main site by Atmospheric and Electromagnetic barriers. The construction and materials composition of these barriers are extremely technical, sensitive, and HAZARDOUS. They are also absolutely necessary to the safety of the staff and the site.



  • DOME I [Ref: Howlett Red] is forbidden to research personnel without authorization.
  • DOME II [Ref: Howlett Gold] is considered a moderate-threat zone and is nominally restricted to veteran teams of three or more led by a designated liaison. No prior authorization is required, but researchers should be advised of heavy levels of activity within the dome.
  • DOME III [Howlett Green] is considered a high-threat zone and is restricted to proven veteran research and liaison personnel. Entrance to Dome III must be authorized by LabSec and the Section Director.
  • DOME IV [Howlett Black] is considered an extreme-threat zone. ALL access by non liaison-level personnel is forbidden.
  • DOME V [Ref: Howlett Blue] is considered a low-threat zone. Teams of three or more are recommended but not required. While no authorization is required, usual logging procedure for any on-site work should be followed accordingly. Researchers should be advised of high, but generally safe levels of activity.
  • DOME VI [Ref: Howlett White] is unrestricted to all staff and serves as your home within the Howlett Gold Ridge site. However, in order to ensure clean activity procedure is followed, a sonic scan is required prior to entry. There are no exceptions. Live specimen transport and interment must take place at the Apogee gate at the rear of the dome. NO STAFF MEMBERS ARE TO USE THE APOGEE GATE-THIS THRESHOLD IS FOR CONTAINMENT TRANSFER ONLY.



* * *


"A little light reading material?" Ann said, watching Nikki look over a plastic sheet. It seemed to auto-illuminate. It was some kind of strange fiber optic material--what Lt. Kensey called 'the one-page bible'.

"Kind of imposing," Nikki said, "But I'm pretty sure all company policy crap is written that way. It always comes down to insurance."

"Yep, sign your life away in triplicate," Ann said.

"So--" Noah looked around, getting quieter. "Nikki--Ann and I were in the same room, but..." Nikki shook her head.

"Uh-uh. Later." Ann cleaved a smile with Nikki's brush off. Nikki noticed her stare, flipped over a notebook and scrawled something fast.

We should all talk, but not here.

Ann shrugged after reading it. Noah nodded. Nikki went back to the paper, writing for a while this time.

We already set ourselves apart here by disappearing together. Let's try to socialize a bit & mix it up. Talk when the team starts heading to sleep. Koi pond in the front.

Ann and Noah both nodded.

The facilities really weren't bad. Almost all the comforts of home, but in a more sterile location. With the ages of the other staffers and recruits, it was almost like being on a research retreat. Being one of the only men, Noah seeked out the other couple males from the team and shot the shit while Nikki and Ann joked around about getting lost on their first day--never mentioning anything beyond it. Dinner was even pretty good--far from the MRE's Nikki was jokingly expecting. There was quite a bit of fresh food in the Howlett kitchens, and a couple team members even knew what they were doing in preparing it.

After dinner and a couple hours of leisure time, the team had thinned well, probably owing to an exceptionally long first day. Noah, Nikki and Ann had been up as early as anyone else--but they were nowhere near ready to sleep.   

Nikki was already outside when Ann left the inner complex. Noah was the last. It was good to be able to be outside--more or less--and not have to worry about running into anything crazy. Being under the dome, the air was mostly still, shifting only in gentle thermal breezes from the cooling city.

“Crickets,” Noah said.

“Uh-huh. No mosquitos, though.” Nikki added, tossing a pebble into the koi pond.

“No food for them, I guess,” Ann said. She looked around a bit, finding a camera fixed on the small courtyard between the ponds and the facility. “Think they’re still listening?” She motioned to the camera with a nod.

“Nah,” Noah muttered, keeping his head turned from it. “I don’t think they’re really that crazy about watching us. What happened today was probably a first time for an orientation. But I guess with things like that out there, they had to put a scare into us.” Ann shrugged.

“Things like that?”

“You heard the director, Ann. We could’ve been goners,” Noah said. “To-day.” She shook her head.

“No...we weren’t in any danger. Look at their damn ‘bible’. They wouldn’t have had us in there if there was any serious risk. And--Noah, we had a conversation. Those things had to have been people once.”

“Though I have to say,” Nikki added. “If our overseers considered what we saw ‘minimal threat’, just what the hell is in the other domes?” Noah simply stared at Ann, pointing at Nikki.

“See? She’s taking it seriously.”

“I’m taking it seriously! Just...” Ann sighed. “Nikki--what did they do to you?”

“Well, if it was another person, we’d call it sexual assault.” Ann frowned. She wasn’t going to be able to make a case against that. “But--and I say this extremely cautiously--they didn’t hurt me. At all.”

“Me neither,” Ann said. Both of the women turned to Noah.

“Hey, come on. No, of course they didn’t hurt me--but that’s not the point.” Noah sighed. “There are entire sections of mythology dealing with creatures like this. Succubi, sirens...creatures that fuck your brains out--and then kill you or eat your soul or something like that.” Ann shook her head.

“Are you serious? You’re an engineer, Noah. You sound like a shitty actor from a sci-fi.” Noah lofted a pebble at her; if she felt it hit, she was ignoring it. “Besides, I didn’t get any of that at all,” Ann said. “I was as shocked by today as much as anyone else--but whoever I met today, she was human.”

“She was human once,” Noah said. “That doesn’t freak you out more?

“They weren’t going to kill us, Noah. I get it--the warnings we’re seeing is that there are things out there that will. I get it. But malevolence?” Ann shook her head.

“No, you’re right. You’re--both right.” Nikki took a seat at a nearby bench and continued. “I don’t know what to think right now. That was by far the strangest half hour of my life.”

“Yeah...” Noah nodded. “And I don’t want to be the first to say it, but--” He looked at Ann. “You weren’t exactly struggling.” Ann glared at him, but she couldn’t hide her blush.

“You weren’t exactly flaccid.” Ann crossed her arms. “In fact, I don’t remember you struggling much just before we got rescued.”

“Cool it, guys,” Nikki said. “I didn’t really fight much either--I didn’t even have a chance to.” She buried her face in her hands. “And...actually...I’m never gonna get that out of my head.” When she looked up again, Ann and Noah were surprised to see a smile. “I want to know more,” Nikki said, a determined look on her face.

Ann was beaming now. This was exactly the conversation she wanted. Noah sighed, finally breaking a smile.

“Fine, great. So we all secretly liked what happened today, and there are places ON THIS SITE where we can experience it again--except we might get our life force sucked through our genitals.”

Nikki laughed. “You insist on being colorful with that, don’t you?”

“Maybe we should do this every so often,” Noah said. “Update each other, I mean.” Nikki and Ann nodded. “There’s a lot more here than any civilian or military authority is going to let on.”

After a few more minutes speculating on Howlett, The Director, their hard-ass liaison and a few other team members, the conversation drifted to the past and to home. About a half hour had passed when Noah excused himself and headed to his new bunk, leaving the two women.

“So,” Ann rolled her eyes, “I wanted to wait for him to leave, but--I have an invitation.”


“Kaori told me to meet her back on campus. At the pool.” Nikki turned away for a second. “I wanna go, Nikki. I wanna go now. It’s all I’ve been thinking about.”

Nikki wrestled with her experience, frightening and exciting her at the same time. Then something hit her.

“Wait--Kaori?” Nikki asked. “You got a name?” Ann nodded.

“I’m not being impulsive here, Nikki. I’m planning on having a long, illustrious career here and elsewhere. This isn’t crazy: I felt something with her.”

Nikki didn’t know what to say. She barely knew Ann, so while it didn’t feel right to try and convince her not to go, she shouldn’t go alone.

“If you have to go, I’m coming with you--just in case. It’ll probably also help you get through Lieutenant Tightass.”

“Yeah--I’d appreciate that.”

The pair went back into the facility, happening to pass Lt. Kensey on her way back to her private quarter.

“Lieutenant, we’d like permission to--” She waved them off.

“Off duty, ladies. See the active senior staffer in the commons.”

“Then, thanks--for earlier,” Ann said. Kensey’s energy never shifted.

“It’s a job, Ms. Merton. Do yours properly, and everything will run smoothly.” Kensey nodded at her and headed down the hall again. “Good night, ladies.”

“Nice,” Nikki said once they were out of earshot. “Maybe you’ll be friends after all.” Ann laughed.

“You know she’s probably a lunatic off-base,” Ann said.


“Meaning she’s cool as shit,” Ann sneered.

They headed to the commons and found the woman at the central desk.

“How can I help you ladies?” It was a civilian Howlett staffer.

“We’d like to log a departure for field research,” Nikki said. The woman raised an eyebrow, removing her glasses for effect.

“Maybe you’d ought sleep on it,” she said. “There’s a large group going early tomorrow. If you’d like to pre-log, you can set it all up now and head out when you wake.”

“We’ to go out tonight though,” Ann asked. “Is it restricted?” The staffer clicked through a few screens, searching for any special directives.

“No--though it does depend on where you’re going.”

“Howlett Blue,” Nikki said. “Just around the campus.” The woman narrowed her eyes.

“You weren’t the ones involved in the incident earlier, were you? At orientation?” Nikki knew it was pointless to lie.

“That was us,” She said.

“Well, it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, but there should be three of you. It doesn’t always have to be that way--you can even go solo eventually--but for your first time out...”

“Noah won’t go,” Ann said to Nikki.

“Everyone’s basically asleep,” Nikki said to the staffer. “We’re anxious to--”

“It’s alright, relax.” She dialed an extension on her phone and took the handset. “Heya. … Yeah? I have a favor to ask. … Well, if it’s all locked down there--have you done your rounds? … Do a favor and take central for a few hours. … You’re the best. … Next time we’re both on leave, definitely. … Bye.” She looked up at the pair, looking like prisoners begging to be released. She shook her head. “Log over on the terminal. 3-Team. Your IDs, and punch mine in too.” She tossed her badge to Ann.

“Thanks, Ms. Torres.”

“Rebecca.” She shuffled her paperwork. “I’ll get us a transport once I’m relieved here. Meet me at the parking lot in twenty.”

“You’re the best,” Nikki said.

The pair headed back down to the barracks wing to change out of their Howlett-issues. Before long, they made their way to the front of the facility and found Rebecca waiting in a transport along the auxiliary parking lot. Together, the three of them headed to the exit of Howlett White and back into the greater Gold Ridge site.

“Alright,” Rebecca said as the gates slowly shut behind them. “I get the feeling field research isn’t your number one priority.” Ann and Nikki looked at each other. “It’s alright--I won’t rat you out.”

“Well...what do you mean?” Ann asked. Rebecca laughed.

“Haaa...cut the shit, I’ve been here a while. An incident went down on campus today, and you two just have to get back there? You two newbies?” They kept quiet. “Oh, you think you’re the only ones to get your jumpsuits dragged away in the field?” She grinned. “They must’ve made a good impression.”

“You could say that...” Ann replied, her face turning red.

“I knewwww it!” Rebecca squealed. “I knew I knew it right when you walked up to the desk. So who are you meeting?”

“Someone named Kaori,” Ann said. “At the pool.” Rebecca’s eyes went wide.

“And to think I was going to trade off Central tonight...”

They pulled into the gates of Howlett Blue, parking outside of the gymnasium complex. When they left the transport, voices could be heard in the distance, and unlike the eerie emptiness of the area earlier in the day, now they saw empty outfits passing under street lamps in pairs and groups. There were even single articles going solo, and Ann stared as she watched a pair of compression shorts go by on a bicycle.

“It...wasn’t like this today at all.”

“Course not,” Rebecca said. “They held a site-2 orientation for you today, so the Howlett techs cleared the area before the shuttle came in.”

Cleared?” Ann asked, remembering Kensey’s box from earlier.

“Probably not by force. Here everyone’s generally cooperative.”

“You mean the entities kept clear of us because they were directed to?”

“Not so much directed. They just stayed away from the big group and kept activity to a minimum--probably until they saw you stray. Interesting that you found Kaori, though. She’s probably the most powerful sprite on campus. I’m surprised it wasn’t Melissa, she’s usually wandering the halls in the morning.”

“Melissa?” Ann asked as the group approached the main doors to the wing.

“Kaori’s number two. If you’re here to meet with her, Melissa probably isn’t far behind.” As Rebecca turned to look in the hallway, a smirk grew on her face. A single tracksuit walked up to the door. Rebecca politely opened the door as the suit stepped outside. “Miss Kaori, it’s been a while.”

“You’ve been too busy since the promotion,” Kaori replied. “What brings you here?”

“Someone at the lab was dying to see you. Figured I’d tag along as well.” Rebecca stepped aside as Ann gave a nervous wave.

“Didn’t expect you so soon, and you brought a friend. The girls will be pleased.” The sleeves of the tracksuit motioned toward the parking lot. “Shall we get going? I’ll drive.”

Returning to the small transport vehicle, Rebecca squeezed into the rear bench with Nikki as Ann took the front. Kaori took a seat in the driver’s seat as the transport started itself up. Without even moving her athletic shoes toward the petals or her sleeves toward the steering wheel, the vehicle pulled itself out of the parking lot.

“That’s so cool,” Nikki exclaimed. “How’d you do that?”

“I’m not limited to the clothes I occupy,” Kaori explained. “I can control other objects with thought alone.” Ann gasped as she felt something grab her breasts. She looked down to see imprints of invisible fingers in her shirt. “But Ann already knew that.”

“Uh-huh...” Ann said, watching her ghostly massage. Nikki blushed a bit as she watched Rebecca staring down at Ann’s manipulated tits.

“Are there any side effects to interacting with us?” Nikki asked, which elicited a scowl from Ann.

“Only what you experienced earlier, Nikki.” Kaori said smugly. “I’m sure you’ve been warned about some other places in Gold Ridge--take those warnings seriously.” Nikki felt a lock of her hair brush itself back, and found herself leaning into the ghostly fingers. “But you’re safe here. We’re good girls who just want company. Right, Rebecca?”

“The sprites around here gather energy through intercourse with humans. Kaori and the other girls here in Dome 5 are pretty careful how they go about it. It’s...always enjoyable.” A smile slowly grew on Rebecca’s face. “I drop by their sorority house every once in a while to blow off some steam. It probably wouldn't surprise you that a lot of other staffers do too.”

“So my place is just around the corner,” Kaori said. “It’ll be a bit rowdy tonight, but I promise we’re all gonna have fun.” An empty sleeve pointed to the passenger side windows. “There it is, right there. Beta Phi Mu.”

The transport vehicle pulled into an empty extended driveway as Nikki and Ann marveled at just how massive the house actually was.

“This is a Sorority house?” Ann asked.

“It is now,” She laughed. “We were nearer the school before the incident, but when we realized that a bunch of these huge old-money places were empty for the winter, we moved in to the best digs we could find. Of course, it took us a while to move some of the weaker girls over there, but I think the change of scenery has done wonders for them.”

“Weaker girls?” Nikki asked.

“It’s hard to explain properly. It’ll be easier if I just show you.” The vehicle came to a stop and the four walked up to the front door. It opened itself as Kaori approached.

“Ooh, unexpected guests!” A voice yelled out. “Welcome back, Kaori!” The voice sounded familiar to Nikki. “How nice of you to bring snacks...” Several voices giggled. As the four of them entered, Nikki noticed the cheerleader captain uniform from that morning descending the staircase.

“It’s you!” Nikki called out.

“Well hello, cutie!” The voice chuckled. “Fancy seeing you again.”

“You know Samantha?” Rebecca asked. Nikki realized she never actually got the captain’s name.

“We ran into each other back in the gym. Isn’t that right, Nikki?” The uniform’s attention turned toward the rest of the group. “And it’s good to see you too again, Rebecca. I hope you brought the handcuffs...”

“Oh yeah...and a few more things in the transport you can work your magic with.” Rebecca turned to the other flesh and blood women in the room. “You guys are in the right place to learn the things about Gold Ridge that aren’t in the welcome packet.”

“Like not to wander off to the locker rooms during orientation,” Kaori laughed.

“Basically we get stronger through the energy we flesh and blood humans give off through the ends of our nerves,” said a voice from above a ghostly pair of stockings and boots, “which--lucky for us--is apparently best transferred during intercourse.”

“Melissa, no skirt?” Rebecca asked, admiring the curvy satin panties and garter belt.

“I happened to like the garter belt,” The voice said, wiggling the red satin garter belt and matching panties back and forth. “Why cover it up?”

“How kinky,” Kaori said. “Ladies, meet my absolute besty, and the girl in charge when I’m out on the town--Melissa.”

“Hi again, Becks. Second time this week, isn’t it?” The shapely lower half turned to Nikki. “And you’re the wandering little minx that ran into Sam?”

“Yeah,” Nikki said. Even though she had to look down at the stockings she had a feeling she was being sized up. Then they moved on to Ann.

“Which makes you the dish she won’t shut up about,” Melissa said to Ann. Ann shuddered a bit as she felt something barely touch her clit. “And I can see why.”

Just then, Nikki jumped up and squealed when she felt a pair of fingers pinch her ass. She looked over at the stockings. “Was that--you?”

“No, that’s one of the less focused entities floating around the house,” Kaori replied. “They’re not quite strong enough to possess an inanimate object yet, so they can only manipulate things parts at a time for a little while.”

“We found out that we each had different capacities to influence the material world,” Melissa said. “Eventually the researchers came up with a classification, and we adopted it. It’s like a letter grade, ascending from D to A. There’s also some talk that there might be sprites in other domes that are stronger than Kaori is--designated S.”

“How strong are you?” Nikki asked.

“Well, I’m an A like Kaori--but the grades don’t really gage mastery of a skill so much as the capacity to perform it with consistency. She’d be a strong A--I’m just a regular A.”

“Considering how much we interact with humans we all would probably both be much stronger than we are now,” Samantha explained. “But we’ve got a rule around here to share the energy we collect among the weaker girls. From what we hear about the other domes, it’s not quite as democratic.”

Nikki could only imagine what the official warnings for the other domes meant.

“But on to more important matters!” Kaori said. “Ladies, we have new blood among us tonight.” Her tracksuit turned to Ann and Nikki. “You both pretty much dove head first into this without being told anything about us, so perhaps you could be persuaded to join Beta Phi Mu?”

“Sounds like an idea to me,” Melissa said. “I haven’t gotten a chance to sample the new team yet. Let’s put these two through initiation.”

“Absolutely,” Kaori replied, the empty neck-hole of her tracksuit turning to face Nikki. “But I have some business to finish with Ann, so she’ll be getting her own private initiation. You can stay here and have the girls do the official ceremony. I promise you’ll enjoy it.”

“Uh, sure,” A smile grew on Nikki’s face. “I guess I’ve done stranger things today.”

“And as for you,” Samantha said to Rebecca, “You’ll be our official witness.”

“Come with me, my dear,” Kaori’s track suit said to Ann. “I’ve been waiting all day for this.” One of the nylon sleeves extended. Ann took it and followed Kaori to the back hallway.

“You’ve really been waiting all day to see me?” Ann asked.

“Every second since we were interrupted,” Kaori said. “I had so much fun planned for us.”

“I kept thinking--after seeing what you could do--what would it be like to go swimming with you?” The track suit stopped and whirled around, taking Ann by the waist.

“Funny you should ask.” The track suit pulled Ann around the corner of the hall, which opened to a set of sliding glass doors leading to a massive indoor pool room. It was complete with skylights and a hot tub bubbling in the corner.

“And an indoor pool? This place is...amazing,” Ann said.

“You’re about to find out how amazing it can be.” The zipper of the tracksuit’s top started running down its track, the violet and silver swimsuit she wore during their first encounter peeked through. “Tonight I’m going to show you exactly what I’m capable of. Now let’s get you out of your clothes.”

Ann watched as one of the sliding doors slid itself open. Kaori’s tracksuit wandered through, the nylon top sliding off her shoulders and onto the concrete around the pool. As Kaori turned to her, she watched the glossy bottoms slide down invisible legs and crumple to the ground.

As she admired the curves of Kaori’s empty swimsuit, she felt fingers slide up her thighs and under her skirt. She swooned under the fingers just as she felt more motion at her shirt.

“You’re not wearing any underwear, you naughty girl...” As Kaori said it, the button of her denim skirt popped open, and the zipper raced to the bottom of its track. Ann looked down at the denim corners, peeling themselves away from her hips like magic. As she was about to help the process along, the hem of her shirt rode up her.

“’re tickling me!” Ann giggled. She raised her arms over her head and let the cotton shirt pull itself over her head, the fabric sliding over her tender nipples and hardening them. Ann’s skirt fell to the ground, pulling gently against her ankles once it was draped around them on the ground.

“Step out,” Kaori said. “I wanna show you another trick.” Ann obeyed, stepping out of her skirt and watching as it hovered back up into the air and met up with her t-shirt. Both items inflated back out to her curves, mimicking Ann’s body sans underwear.

“Whoa.” Ann reached out and pushed against the stomach of the shirt, which held steady and gave like there was a flat stomach behind it. “You’re doing that?”

“Uh-huh,” Kaori responded. “But I’m not done.” Her nylon track suit began puffing up off of the ground, reforming together and ballooning the nylon out smooth before letting it drape over Kaori-sized proportions again. Suddenly the track suit stepped toward Ann’s empty outfit, which started toward the track suit.

A naked Ann laughed as the two outfits came together in a spin and started dancing together. Her eyes followed them as they whirled around the pool room together, looking like two invisible lovers. Behind her, Kaori’s swimsuit approached, the half-zip on the back yawning open.

“Watch the show all you like, darling--and leave the swimming to me.” Ann gasped as her nude, nubile body started rising into the air. Kaori’s swimsuit positioned itself under her and guided its edges around her feet, sliding up once it was in place.

“I...I’m gonna wear you?” Ann asked.

“You’re gonna do so much more, baby.” Kaori slid up her smooth thighs and fitted herself around Ann’s ass and pussy, curling up her smooth stomach and pressing against her breasts as her arms found their way into the shoulder straps. Ann’s hair gathered and lifted itself as the half-zip came together and folded itself flush at the top. Ann cooed as what felt like a teasing finger slipped up and down her clit. “You’re a nice tight fit, baby.”

Ann watched as Kaori lowered the two of them carefully into the warm water, feeling the shiny swimsuit play with her tits. She looked down and watched the silvery negative indentations forming in her chest.

“Oh, god. I want you on me all the time...” Ann moaned. Kaori used the possessed swimsuit to stroke her clit and gently play around the bud of her ass. They slid into the warm water together, and Ann let her fingers trickle through the moving water as Kaori played with her and magically pulled her through the pool.

Ann was drifting on her back watching Kaori’s tracksuit get more aggressive with her invisible facsimile. The two were tangled together on a pool lounge, the nylon tracksuit sleeves hiking up the denim skirt and feeling up one of the tee’s perky tits with unseen fingers. All the sudden, she felt water rushing around her tits and ass, and she looked down to see the curves of her swimsuit inflating. The magically charged water augmenting her curves was more of Kaori herself, tracing her liquid form over Ann’s skin beneath the inflated spandex.

“Oh...too much...” Ann called out. “You’re just too much...!”

“Just wait, you haven't seen the best part.” Ann’s attention was suddenly brought to the hot tub when the sound of bubble jets crossed her ear. Her eyes widened when she saw the source of the noise, a pair of shapely arms created from the water itself emerged from the tub. Within moments, Ann saw the delicate features of Kaori’s face emerge from the surface of the water.

“Want me to keep going?” Kaori’s voice this time emerged from the water form emerging from the hot tub. All Ann could do was nod her head, trembling with each motion. “Good," Kaori growled. "I'll have you moaning harder than this morning.”

In the great room of the sorority, Nikki watched as Rebecca’s cuffs hovered out of her hip pouch and clicked open, searching for her wrists.

“Annnnd, let’s see. You said there was more out in the transport?” The cheerleader outfit struck a pose, as if in thought. “ it, I think. Melissa, help me bring the things in?”

“Sure,” Melissa said, her garter belt, panties and stockings strutting to the front door. “Ooh, Becca, you wanna be punished, huh?” The door popped open, where handcuffs, an open-cup corset, ball gag, paddle, nipple clamps and ballet boots were waiting. The items hovered inside while the ballet boots clicked in.

Nikki looked at the items, gulping.

“Are those for me?” She heard laughter all around.

“No, those are are for her,” Samantha said. “Becca’s just into some kinky shit. Your experience is going to be somewhat more broad.”

“In fact, pledge,” Melissa said, “you can start by declaring your loyalty to Beta Phi Mu, and sealing the declaration with a kiss...” She extended a gartered stocking leg and wiggled the toe of the black leather boot at the end. “Right here.”

“On the boot?”

“Start at the toe. I’ll guide you from there.”

Nikki kneeled on the plush carpeted floor, leaning forward and taking the shiny boot in her hands. She craned her neck gracefully around the vamp to kiss the glossy toe, looking up the translucent stockings as she did.

Rebecca’s attention was split between the playful young researcher and her enchanted bondage equipment, now occupied by portions of Samantha and Melissa’s will. Her tie loosened itself and snaked away as her button-down shirt billowed out. She grinned as she felt her belt clicking open.

“Now the inside ankle,” Melissa said, turning the boot outward. Nikki kissed the toe again and held her tongue to the leather, leading it over the top of the arch and kissing at the base of the zipper track at the ankle.

“And now the top of the shin,” Melissa continued, “and get there just like you got to the ankle.” Nikki licked her lips and kissed the ankle again, smelling the new wet leather as she dragged her tongue up the shaft to the top of the boot. Melissa let out a low laugh as she placed her final kiss.

“Very, very good,” Melissa said. “Now you’ve made a promise to us, and now you have the honor of fulfilling it. Our bodies are yours, your body is ours.” Nikki was visibly nervous to know what those words meant.

“Smile, pledge,” A naked Rebecca said, the dancing handcuffs linked to one of her wrists as her corset uncinched and opened to fit itself on her. “You’re one of a handful of people on earth that get to party like this.”

Nikki’s eyes went wide as she was pulled off of her knees and back onto her sneakers. She noticed immediately that she wasn’t standing up under her own power, and she stared at Rebecca, who winked at her as her bondage equipment continued suiting her up and locking her down.

Nikki let out a little moan as her panties pulled themselves against her clit. Her jeans and sneakers walked her to a leather couch in the center of the room and sat her down while Rebecca’s glossy black ballet boots forced her to click around the room to position herself across from Nikki. Her arms were cuffed behind her now, and her open cup corset was cinched in place as the nipple clamps and paddle hovered behind.

“And here’s where the fun begins,” Rebecca chuckled. “Now--” Rebecca was silenced when a gag ball slid across her cheek and pressed itself into her mouth. The straps fastened themselves behind her head, and the nipple clamps spun open and hovered menacingly in front of her tits, framed and perked by the haunted corset.

“Ladies,” Melissa announced, tapping a glossy boot against the floor, “The lovely Nicole wishes to share herself...let’s take her in. Gently to start, yes?”

Giggles washed through the room. Nikki looked around. There had to be far more murmuring voices than there were outfits. Before any one of them approached her, she felt her tits softly scooped up from beneath her t-shirt. Her initial gasp was followed by a long, pleased sigh, and before long her breasts were gyrating on their own.

You’re wonderful...” Nikki swore it was between her ears, a near inaudible breath. She realized it had to be one of the weaker entities. She simply leaned back and watched as her breasts seemed to play with themselves.

Nikki noticed the laces to her sneakers untying themselves. As she shifted forward to watch, she felt soft hands move over her shoulders, starting down her back and looping back up over her shoulder blades. Nikki loosened up and moaned pleasure as the tongues of her shoes pulled up, allowing them to slide off of her feet--which never hit the ground. Now she had expert unseen fingers rubbing her feet, her back, and her breasts.

She could only imagine what was next. She managed to look up at a playfully restrained Rebecca, her arms cuffed and lifted behind her as the paddle performed quick, light strokes over her ass. She muffled pleased squeals through her gag, her eyes darting down at a nipple clamp tightening itself against her hardened, sensitive tip.

Now a cheerleading sweater and a tight pair of jeans sauntered over to Nikki, sitting right on her lap. Nikki leaned back again as the ethereal fingers continued over her clothing unabated. She stared at the perky spread of the sweater, the shapes under it bobbing just in front of her face as a sleeve coiled behind her head.

“Nuzzle them,” the outfit said. “Play with them until I tell you to stop.” When Nikki hesitated, the fingers at her chest grabbed her nipples, making her lurch forward, burying her face in the bouncing breasts of the ghostly sweater. They seemed to swallow her up, pushing against her and jiggling. The outfit broke into laughter, wrapping its sleeves tighter as its fabric tits started expanding.

“Alright, no hogging the pledge...” A slinky shirt and pair of yoga pants said. “The rest of us want a shot.” Nikki was released, grinning and giggling as her socks started pulling themselves off of her feet. As the jeans and sweater strutted away, the yoga pants turned around and started bouncing their ass toward Nikki, giving her a magic lapdance. In the meantime, a pair of black leather gloves floated in position in front of her.

“Wait your turn!” Snapped a voice from above the shirt.

“Pushy pushy,” The gloves replied. “There’s plenty of her to go around.”

As the yoga pants danced their tight ass under her nose, Nikki felt flat leather fingers dive under her jeans and panties, sliding in and reinflating their digits after positioning themselves over her clit. She cooed as the tight leather slicked itself with her arousal and started working her clit back and forth.

“Unnnhhh--more...” Nikki moaned. Samantha’s outfit turned to Melissa’s shapely translucent legs.

“This one's not just another bookworm, Melissa. Wait 'til you feel her come.”

Rebecca moaned through her ball gag as the enchanted paddle slapped against her ass. Her nipple clamps were in place, deliciously teasing her by tightening, releasing, and repeating the process. But as she watched Nikki being overwhelmed by disembodied attention, she not only felt the smack of the rubber paddle and the toe-curling stimulation of her nipple clamps--she began to feel something stirring at her clit.

"Mmmmph!" Rebecca squealed through her gag again as she looked down at her wet clit sliding itself back and forth. Her tortured pink nipples stood hard on end as her clamps were joined by unseen hands, cupping, lifting and massaging her tits.

"And speaking of coming,"  Samantha said, stepping over toward Rebecca, "You'd better hold out until the finale, my dear..."

In the pool, Ann was backed up against the side, her arms wrapped around a half-submerged liquid form of Kaori. She was awed at the way the capable entity could make parts of her liquid body as hard or as pliant as needed. When Kaori went in for a kiss, Ann wasn't sure what to expect. As she looked through her translucent lover and locked her flesh and blood lips against Kaori's, she felt a slippery but decidedly solid tongue rolling aggressively against her own.

Ann melted, going limp with ecstasy as Kaori's liquid body swept her off her feet. Even as Kaori made out with Ann, she continued to occupy the swimsuit wrapped Ann's body, caressing and coaxing her in all the right places.

"Fuck me..." Ann whispered after breaking away from Kaori's reflective lips. "Fuck me like you did in the locker room. Fuck me hard, Kaori."

The transparent Kaori slipped completely underwater as Ann felt the crotch of her swimsuit slide away from her skin. Ann leaned back as she felt a tongue work her clit. The water swirled around her body as she let her buoyancy and Kaori’s liquid caresses carry her to the middle of the pool.

Ann moaned as she began rising in a column of water, flowing and churning around her. She looked down in awe as she found herself suspended above the surface of the pool in a mound of water that swelled and split into two liquid forms of Kaori, sandwiching Ann between them.

The liquid Kaori behind her started sucking on Ann’s neck as she grabbed her ass with a liquid hand. The form in front of her looked down at itself, and Ann followed its gaze to meet a liquid phallus lifting between her legs.

She momentarily looked at the hot tub, then back to the form in front of her. Kaori’s glimmering lips twisted into a mischievous smile as her form reached a liquid hand out to the hot tub.

“I see what you’re after...” Kaori giggled. “You’re keeping up with me and more, Ann.” Kaori’s two liquid bodies shifted against Ann, taking her by the arms and nearly lifting her out of the water entirely. Suddenly, Ann felt her submerged feet pulled out to the sides as her legs were pulled open. A third body emerged from the water between her legs, its limbs coiled around her legs like tentacles. Kaori’s face took shape in the third form as she met Ann’s pussy and went to work.

In the meantime, a fourth Kaori rose from the hot tub, steaming and frothing. The voluptuous translucence floated into the air, seemingly appreciating her own form as her steaming liquid fingers traced over its bouncing orbs. A moaning Ann took notice as the bubbling Kaori hovered over to her.

“How about this?” The new form of Kaori asked. She placed her hands on Ann’s tits. The warmth combined with the bubble jets shooting from her arms were unlike anything Ann had ever felt. She nodded, letting her eyes roll back as she was restrained, suspended, groped and eaten out by four horny copies of a water nymph.

“Oooh, fuck me.” Ann moaned. The steaming form of Kaori reached between its legs and pulled out a liquid cock, standing rigid on end and pointing at Ann’s vulnerable pussy. Kaori's laughter echoed around her. Ann took a deep breath as the hot liquid form pressed itself against her, its liquid phallus gliding effortlessly between her thighs and teasing the length of her labia.

Ann let out a moan as Kaori's bubbling form splashed against her. Transparent arms wrapped around her, and Ann could feel warm water trickling down around her back and flowing unnaturally toward the front of the swimsuit. Enchanted water piped itself beneath the tight lycra and curled around her tits, massaging them with warm, tingling water.

"Oh god, you're so fucking hot. You're--you're all around me. You're--" Kaori's liquid member went rock hard, sliding itself out from between Ann's thighs and back again--only this time, the magical torrent divided her puffing lips and plunged itself into her sex. "Fuuuuuuck yeah!"

Ann felt her body held tighter, as if every molecule of water against her skin firmed like a hungry constrictor. Silky liquid hips danced against her own, priming the magic prick inside her and softly swiveling it to meet every nerve inside Ann's body. Every drop of Kaori sang on Ann's skin, dancing over her body and longing for the nubile young woman's release.

"Come for me, Ann," Kaori said, her bubbling liquid form grinning delight. "Come with me." More and more water slid over Ann's back and circled around her beneath the suit, sheathing her body in a thin layer of living water. It was bouncing and manipulating her tits now, teasing her nipples and trickling down her ass, gently teasing at her pink bud even as Kaori's liquid dick grew in size, slamming against her body with the force of a rolling surf.

Ann's hips began trembling. She knew was going to come any second--but what she didn't know was that between Rebecca and Nikki's activities inside and Kaori's unmitigated use of her energies, she was about to find out exactly how powerful sex with a Gold Ridge ghost could be.

Rebecca held her focus on Nikki even as her delicious punishments were reaching their peak. The flying paddle was searing her ass with every stroke as her haunted nipple clamps clinched eternally, sending continuous sexual fire through her sensitive tits.

Beneath her, a menacing black rubber dildo teased at her gleaming clit, slipping against her and wetting itself in preparation.

"Remember--you're not to come until the pledge does," Samantha's voice cooed, coming from the direction of the wriggling rubber toy.

Nikki was panting. Beads of sweat were forming on her brow as her back arched against the leather couch, responding to the creamy leather touch of the gloves. One of them teased beneath her panties, flicking at her clit. The other had a firm grip on her ass, and it wasn't at all shy about exploring every inch of her curves.

Nikki's arms were outstretched along the back of the sofa as her hips gyrated and thrust with every luscious motion of the slick leather. Her jeans, which had been inching themselves down her thighs ever so slowly, now began to pull up on her legs.

“I think she’s ready, ladies.” Melissa called out. “Time for the finale.” A sinister laugh emerged from above Melissa’s garter belt. “If you think those gloves are pushing you to the edge, wait until you see the expert team I’ve got waiting.”

After they pulled her legs into the air, Nikki’s jeans slipped off of her legs entirely, landing on their ankles and filling back out to her shape. When they turned to face her, the waist of her shirt abruptly pulled itself up and over her chest, revealing her bra. Overwhelmed, but more than willing, Nikki threw her arms up and let the shirt pull itself off of her. As it happened, her bra wasted no time unclipping itself and sliding it straps over her shoulders and up her outstretched arms.

Voices around her whooped and cheered as her outfit reformed itself in front of her. Her soaked panties were the last article to pull themselves off, and the slick fingers of one of the leather gloves stayed on her clit as her remaining clothes stripped themselves away.

The other phantom caresses disappeared until only the gloves remained. Now Nikki's outfit stood across from her, filled out beyond her proportions and missing only her sneakers. Behind it, Rebecca was subjected to a casual slapping rhythm of an animated paddle against her ass, paired with the sensations of an unseen tongue and pair of lips eating her out.

Sisterly encouragement filled the room, and the haze of her initiation, Nikki could hear them all pushing her on, cheering for her to release herself. As a path cleared throughout the center of the room, Nikki finally saw the bastions of the grand finale...

In a line leading from the doorway and winding up the stairs came pair after pair of women's boots, ranging from classy suede knee-highs and sultry leather ankle stilettos all the way up to strip-club vinyl crotch-highs. Nikki watched in awe as they marched into the great room in lock step, each of them sauntering in with a stride becoming of their style.

Somewhere in the line, Melissa stepped in with her black leather boots, stockings, and garter. Now the items formed a semi-circle around the front of the couch, their attention on a sputtering and moaning Nikki.

"Your pick, darling," Melissa's smooth voice echoed in the room, quieting most of the other conversation to a whisper. "You found her first." Samantha's outfit stepped forward, the jeans and cheerleading sweater filled even more tightly than before.

"I'd rather take that one," Samantha said, her knit sleeve pointed at a sweating Rebecca. "I'll leave the main stage to your expertise." Nikki looked around at the footwear standing patiently before her, waiting for Melissa to make them pounce. She focused in particular on a pair of metallic silver thigh-highs standing in the back row.

“Just as well,” Melissa purred. “I think she’s chosen all on her own.” Melissa’s half-outfit and the silver boots both stepped forward, and Nikki watched as the shiny black boots unzipped themselves from Melissa’s stockings, stepping away from them as each translucent foot lifted into the air.

Now the black boots zipped again, strutting menacingly up to Nikki and between her open legs. The glove at her clit joined its mate playing with Nikki’s tits as both boots leapt up onto the very edge of the couch, inches from her pussy.

Everyone watched as the new meat on the couch slowly reached out to one of the empty boots, which gently hopped onto her thigh. As Nikki explored the soft, living leather with her fingertips, Melissa’s outfit approached. Nikki pulled the empty shaft of a black boot to her chest, looking down inside and drawing the scent of leather and sweat in with a deep breath. She sighed as the leather gloves massaged her tits, squeezing them against the black leather shaft as the boot slid itself gently up and down. Nikki giggled and cooed as the gloves and boots made her pantomime a glossy leather titfuck.

Nikki didn’t notice when Melissa’s outfit separated into its components, the garter belt unclipping from the stockings and floating away from the red satin panties. She felt her feet pulled straight out in front of her and immediately noticed the kiss of nylon against her toes, pulling up the arches of her feet and tickling her heels. Nikki moaned louder as the boot between her breasts pointed its toe, gently cupping her clit with its vamp. She grasped one of the gloves at her tits, pulling it against her harder.

“More. Fuck me. Fuuuuuuuck me.” Nikki bit down on her lip, looking down the shaft of the empty boot as she rode against it. Melissa let out a long sigh as she slid her stockings the rest of the way up Nikki’s thighs, squeezing against her soft skin and smoothing their seams along the back of her long legs.

“Tell me,” Melissa said with a sultry tone. “Tell me how you want us to fuck you, Nikki.”

“Take control of me,” Nikki replied, pulling the boot into her again. “Make me your slut.” Melissa let out a low laugh. Now all the attention was at the center of the room, and even Rebecca’s tormentors eased up to allow her to focus on the show.

“You got it,” Melissa said, pulling Nikki’s legs up and together as the red satin panties sailed up over her feet. Now Melissa pulled Nikki to her feet, letting the silky material wrap itself around her hips. The boot vamp retreated as the panties slid against her soaked clit, pulling themselves up along her ass and giving her a slight wedgie. Nikki moaned as the satin began sliding itself against her pussy, and she became even more aroused when she noticed other empty figures in the crowd appearing to pleasure themselves like invisible people. The black leather gloves sailed up to her wrists, pulling her arms up and locking them in place like soft leather shackles.

Now the black boots hovered about her body, sliding their shafts against her skin as the garter belt slid onto her. She could feel Melissa’s stockings caressing and gripping her legs as her panties worked her wet pussy into a frenzy that started to soak through the red satin.

Nikki let out a gasp as she was raised clear off of the ground by the gloves. It took her a second to realize that she wasn’t just dangling like a rag doll--the panties and stockings were supporting her weight so perfectly that she felt weightless.

“My little slut’s a resilient little thing, isn’t she?” Melissa howled. The rest of the room erupted in cheers and catcalls. “Let’s see how enduring those tits of hers are.” The black leather boots hovered in front of her, hooking their vamps beneath her breasts and rocking their toes to make her chest bounce. The leather gloves released her wrists, and in a panicked moment, her fingers wrapped around the top of the boot shafts. She had no problem continuing to float as the gloves moved back to her chest, grabbing and pinching her hardened nipples.

“Not too bad...” Melissa purred, her voice coming from all over Nikki’s lower half. Nikki moaned, hovering a couple of feet over the couch. “You’ve been very patient,” Melissa said, the silver boots turning back to Rebecca. Her pussy was gently being worked over by Sam, still possessing the enchanted dildo and paddle. “Both of you have.” The ornate buckles at the tops of the silver thigh highs slid open and unlatched themselves as the zippers sailed down the legs, opening up the boots. “So I’m going to let Nikki wear these slutty attention-getters she’s been drooling over, and I’m going to fuck you both with a very, very special pair I’ve been saving.”

A pair of red patent boots with long chunky heels stepped forward, whirling around and lifting up to stand on their toes. Nikki’s focus was on the tight silvery boots wrapping themselves around her legs, but Rebecca watched as the chunky heels of the red boots began to rotate--almost as if they were...unscrewing?

Nikki felt her calves hugged by tight vinyl as the chrome zippers on the silver boots climbed their tracks. The buckles at the tops fastened and slid into place, and now every inch of Nikki’s legs were in Melissa’s electric grip. The red satin panties slid against her clit faster as faster as her body was massaged and fondled by living leather and vinyl.

Rebecca gulped when the unscrewed chunky heels slid away from the boots to unsheathe perfect red lacquer cylinders with rounded ends. Inside the oversized heels of these kinky boots were shiny, slick red dildos.

The boots clicked over to Rebecca first, standing on their toes playfully and swinging their specialized heels back and forth. When Sam's dildo pulled away from her clit, the boots leapt into the air, their heels hovering straight for Rebecca's mouth and pussy. Rebecca made a muffled sound as she wrapped her lips around the red lacquer. She squealed delight as the other heel pushed gently between her legs, inserting itself just a tiny bit as the shiny red toe rested over her clit, sliding back and forth.

There was a fire in Nikki's eyes now as she watched the magical red boots have their way with a restrained Rebecca. Still hovering over the sofa, she felt her legs shift. The boots carefully pulled her legs up toward her chest, bending her knees and putting her in a crouched position save her freedom from gravity's effect.

As Nikki watched Rebecca being fucked by the custom dildo heels of the red boots, she longed for the same thing. Her pussy had been teased and teased, and she desperately wanted something inside of her.

"Play with my pussy," Nikki whispered to the boot shaft between her tits. "Soak it." Melissa let out a giddy laugh as the satin panties pulled themselves aside, showing Nikki's dripping cunt. As Nikki embraced one black boot, the other slid its shaft up and down her pussy, dragging itself all the way up to the vamp and all the way back down to the top of the shaft, which played and flicked against her. "More..." Nikki moaned. "Harder!"

The boot at her pussy slid higher still, with the vamp at her clit and the soft pointed toe forcing itself between her lips. Melissa's stockings and silver boots gripped Nikki's tone thighs and began bouncing her body up and down, a sensation Nikki augmented by thrusting against the leather boot fucking her. She moved a hand to her chest, feeling the warm kid leather fingers gripping and teasing her under their own power.

"I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna fucking cummmm..." As Nikki moaned, she lost focus of the rest of the room. Other members of the sorority were starting to get out of control now as outfits petted and caressed each other, some of them crudely pantomiming sex and grinding against one another.

"Now, Melissa! Everything we've got!" Sam shrieked. Suddenly, the red boots retreated from Rebecca, but now Sam's toys redoubled their efforts on the gorgeous older woman, spanking her hard to the rhythm of Nikki's gyrations as the black dildo replaced itself in her pussy and got back to work.

Nikki was shaking and sweating in the middle of the great room, suspended by Melissa's enchanted outfit and made to display herself by the slutty silver boots. The glossy red knee-highs seemed to swim through the air to reach their new target--an excitedly waiting Nikki.

The black boots floated back up Nikki's torso, coiling their shafts around her tits and compressing them as the leather gloves continued their teasing. The moment the red lacquer dildo touched her clit, Nikki threw her head back and growled.

"Make me fucking CUM," Nikki shouted hoarsely, letting out a loud moan as the dildo heel plunged into her sex. Her whole body shook, and even through the peak of her torment, Rebecca swore she felt the house shaking beneath her. Nikki's hips thrusted involuntarily now, and she took every opportunity to fill the house with her cries of ecstasy.

With her every nerve humming and her body slammed against the slick lacquer heel, Nikki reached out for the other red boot, pulling it toward her and kissing the top of the shaft. She slid her wet tongue down the slippery patent leather, through the ankle and to the damp dildo heel, where she could still taste Rebecca's cunt. She wrapped her red lips around it and sucked, and the taste of hot sex sent her into overdrive.

"'s tooo much," Melissa moaned, the red satin panties contracting and squeezing around Nikki's butt. "Come, my little slut. Come for us before you rattle this place to rubble...!" Samantha's outfit had a sleeve in her jeans while the other pointed at her chest, manipulating the orbs beneath her sweater. Even Rebecca was beginning to hover off the ground now, ever so slightly as she took maximum punishment from Samantha's living toys.

Melissa made her final move, and the leather gloves at Nikki's nipples grabbed and twisted, sending the lightest shock of delicious pain through her body and arching her back. The deep stroke of the laquer dildo became a pulsing hum, and Nikki took hold of her enchanted lovers and screamed earth-shaking release. Keeping to her promise, Rebecca came soon after.

In the pool room, Ann laid on the surface of the water as if it were a pillowtop matress. Kaori carressed her with slender, warm water fingers, trying her best to control her abilities through the transistive rush of energy moving through her.

"Is anything wrong?" Ann asked, turning over and dipping her hand into the pool. "I can feel you trembling." A voluptuous form of Kaori rose from the water, all the way up to its knees. Her face gleamed a translucent smile.

"Nothing could be better," Kaori whispered, reaching out to Ann and sliding a liquid hand down her chest. "I've got you, and all of Beta has your friend." Kaori leaned in close. "You know--since the accident, I wasn't sure that anything was worth losing my body for...but you might be it, Ann."

Ann blushed, looking away.

"I'm serious," Kaori said, gently stroking her cheek and pulling Ann's gaze back into her beautiful glassy face. "And there's something else, too."


"Nikki. There's something to her, Ann. Something big."

"What do you mean?" Ann asked.

"Once you start exploring here, you're going to find others like me--but they aren't going to have any interest in symbiosis, or cooperation, or any of that. Some of us are very power hungry, Ann, and a few are absolutely ruthless in pursuit of their own gains."

"We've been warned about that, Kaori, but--"

"Keep an eye out for yourself, and keep close watch over Nikki. I can't explain everything now, but--just stay aware and stick together. We need you, Ann. We need you both." This kind of talk made Ann a little nervous, but looking into the face of her newfound water goddess, she saw nothing but devotion.

"I promise. I'll keep us both safe." Ann felt the shiny bathing suit constrict gently all over her body in something akin to a hug.

"Good. We're counting on you, love." The liquid form kissed Ann deeply, pulling her vertically and bringing her out of the pool to place her back on solid ground. "Now lets see what kind of naughty trouble the others have gotten into, shall we?" A towel hovered over to Ann, draping around her shoulders and gently drying her. Kaori's liquid form dove into the pool as her tracksuit and Ann's outfit approached.

"I--I'd rather keep wearing you," Ann smiled, looking at the tracksuit.

"I'd rather you did too...but I can occupy something more comfortable for you. Come on." Snuggled by the towel and the clinging swimsuit, Ann grabbed the tracksuit's sleeve and followed Kaori back into the hallway toward the great room.

"You've been holding back," Rebecca said, watching as the heels of the red boots resheathed the naughty toys and screwed themselves back in place. "I've never seen those before." She leaned back on the couch as the black ballet boots unlaced themselves and pulled off of her feet.

"I was saving them for a special occasion," Melissa laughed, making her satin panties gently prod Nikki's clit.

"Ooh! Ohhh, come on now--tooooo sensitive," Nikki pleaded. The silver boots crossed her legs for her, and the satin ceased its motion.

"Sorry, hot stuff. You don't know how much you've given us." Nikki could feel the air grow lighter and lighter, as if an invisible force was suddenly retreating. “I don’t think there’s a D Class left in the house thanks to you.”

“Really? Um, happy to help...” Nikki smiled.

“You don’t get it,” A pink camisole started hovering down the stairs. “Kaori’s only been able to help one of us at a time up until now. You just transformed the entire house in one session.” It whirled around at the bottom of the staircase, showing off in front of Sam's outfit.

“I think you girls owe me for escorting her out,” Rebecca chuckled. “Especially you, Mel. I found someone to make it through your initiation session the first time around."

“You know what I'd like?” The camisole said to Samantha, “Some new clothes to try on. Too bad the mall is in Dome 3.”

“Well, I imagine that we could probably go and--” Nikki felt the control over her clothing tighten.

“No, you’re can't,” Melissa coldly replied. “The mall is a dangerous place. The residents aren’t as careful as we are, nor do they try to be. Researchers have vanished from there without a trace.”

“On a more positive note, I have a presents for you guys.” Rebecca staggered to her feet, soon realizing her nerves were in no state to do anything. "Would one of you be so kind as to grab it for me? It’s the cardboard box in the back of the transport.”

Within moments, a large cardboard box hovered through the door, stopping directly in front of Rebecca. The flaps of the box flew open as CD cases and magazines floated out.

“All of last year’s most popular music, sappiest movies and trashiest celebrity gossip.” Rebecca reached in the box and pulled out a long shoe box. “Thought I’d pick you up a little something as well Melissa.”

“Ooooh, let me take a look.” The top to the shoe box exploded off the base and fell to the floor in a thud. Two black leather shafts emerged from the tissue paper and filled to the shape of human legs before the unmistakable sound of zippers filled the air. The pair of knee-high stiletto boots stepped out from the box in Rebecca’s arms and onto the coffee table in front of her before stepping down to the floor. “I love them.” The boots walked over to Nikki. "What do you think, babe?"

"You really like your boots," Nikki laughed. "But they're nice. They fit the rest of your collection well."

"You haven't seen the rest of my collection," Melissa said, "But judging from how you reacted to seeing those silver beauties take hold of you, maybe you should." Nikki felt the silvery boots squeezing the inside of her thighs.

"Mmm..." Nikki delighted in the invisible caresses. "How much time before we have to leave?" She asked Rebecca.

"A while," Rebecca said. "The senior staff usually turn a blind eye if an expedition to Dome 5 lasts overnight. It’s not like we’re in any danger here."

"Which is great for us," Kaori said, her tracksuit strutting in from the hall. Ann and her empty outfit flanked the busty nylon training suit. "I want Ann to meet some of the girls upstairs." Ann shuddered as she felt the silvery crotch of Kaori's swimsuit push against her pussy, lapping against it like a tongue. "Sound good, baby?" Ann nodded, looking over at the tracksuit with a submissive smile. "Good. Come with me, then..." Kaori's tracksuit headed for the stairs as Ann felt the towel sweep under her, lifting her off the ground and cradling her like a terry hammock. It followed Kaori, hovering up the stairs behind her as Ann's clothes followed.

"Well, they're getting along swimmingly," Rebecca chuckled. One of the celeb magazines came hurtling at her, landing in her lap. "What was that for?"

"Your lame puns," Samantha said, her jeans and tight sweater standing above Rebecca. "But speaking of swimming--I feel like...seriously energized. The air's pretty wouldn't want to..."

Nikki looked over at Rebecca, puzzled. Rebecca grinned.

"You...really think we can--"

"Absolutely," Melissa interjected. "Right now I feel like I could probably pull this house from its foundation if I wanted 120 lbs. Shouldn't be any problem for Sam."

"How pajamas?" Rebecca asked.

"Whatever you want, sugar. Come on, let's go upstairs." Sam's sweater held out a sleeve and helped a still shaky Rebecca to her feet. As they headed up the stairs, Nikki realized how quiet the room was.


"Still here, darling." The red satin panties gently wedged between Nikki's cheeks, making her squirm.

"What were they--"

"Flying." Nikki's jaw dropped. "Oh, come on. You've seen what we can do. You really think levitation with some velocity is on the advanced side of that spectrum?"

"That's incredible. So Rebecca's actually going to be like...flying superhero style?"

"Something like that--but a little naughtier, of course." Nikki shook her head, laughing.

"This place is amazing. It's--"

"Heaven and hell," Melissa said. "Depends on who you are and who you meet."

"And who did I meet?" Nikki teased.

"You met the devil herself," Melissa purred. The boots around the room stood at attention again, Nikki's silver boots included. They stood her up and walked her to the end of the line of Melissa's collection marching up the stairs. "But I think you're going to like finding out how hot it gets." Nikki giggled as she was marched up the stairs, and the red satin panties continued their caresses.

"'s gonna be a long night."


Blair sat at a desk somewhere in the restricted area of her main quarters, an existing new-construction mcmansion retrofitted for any technical or comfort needs Blair might have. Tension showed on her face, and a soft hum came from under her desk--the sound muffling a bit when she shifted her legs.

"Ohh, look at you're just like her, aren't you?" Blair closed her eyes and smiled, rocking her hips in the office chair. "I've got big plans for you, Nikki. Biiiig plans." Blair bit her lip and focused on the monitor again, which displayed the gymnasium from earlier that day. Nikki was surrounded by living band and cheerleader outfits, being toyed with and fondled.

"Potential there, hmmm?" A voice came over a desk intercom.

"Mmm...Abigail. You knew what I was up to, didn't you?

"I've got enough pull that I know your little something special wandered right into 5 with a couple friends for a joyride--on their first night."

"That's not--mmm...unheard of," Blair wiggled her ass against her office chair, feeling the vibrator between her legs push just a little deeper. She let out a moan, and a framed picture on the wall fell off and shattered.

"No--but it is when a single release from her caused uplift effect on a little more than fifty sprites." Blair's eyes went wide. How is it that Abi knew before she did?

"It's no accident, Abi..." Blair cooed. "My something special is none other than Barbara Avery’s little girl."

"No--from the first team? You mean the one who could--"

"The same."

"Well, it looks as if everything's coming together for you," Abi said. "Maybe you could pay a little of that fortune forward. We've already gone through all the girls, and the three guys we have left are nearly finished. We need new blood--younger blood. I can only guarantee cooperation for you if you help me to keep my lessers happy."

"Hasn't our...mmm...arrangement worked for you so far?"

"Extremely well."

"So be patient, Abigail. Before long, you'll have all the nubile, ooooh...horny flesh you want. I promise."

"Sounds like you could use some help finishing," Abigail said. "Why don't you come out here and play with us?" Blair started laughing.

"You know quite well how self-sufficient I am when it comes to what I want," Blair purred. "Now let me daydream about my little cupcake's the only break I get. We'll talk soon."

"Good night, Blair." The intercom cut off as Blair moaned loudly. As Nikki climaxed on the screen, the footage cut off to static.

“Soon Nikki, your family reunion will be just the thing I need...”