The Experiment 1

I took a sip of my water. The last week of the semester was next week, and I was stressing out over all of my assignments that were late. Sitting at my desk, I laid out all of my late assignments and tried to decide what I should do first and what to not prioritize. I sigh, knowing that this was going to take ages to complete.

I space out looking around my apartment complex, looking at all the expensive things I had. I had a modern apartment in downtown, with a view of the city that was priceless. However, my life was boring. I was in introvert who just made it big in investing, not knowing that money would not be enough to make you happy.

Time seemed to drag, as my boredom had gotten the best of me. I checked my watch. I was already half past nine, and I decided I was going to study for just a bit longer when I heard an abrupt knocking. It sounded erratic and quick, like someone needed help. I rose up from my desk chair and looked through the peephole of my apartment door.

I saw a woman looking to be in her 20s with long, red hair looking back and forth down the hallways as if she were paranoid, and kept checking her phone and started biting her nails nervously. She was wearing a gray “NYC” sweater with black leggings, with black leather boots.

She knocked again, but this time it was much louder. I stood back and contemplated if I should let her in or not. She was very beautiful, but something seemed off about this situation.

I hear from the other side of the door a slight and nervous whisper.

“Hello? Is anybody here?” she asked quietly.

I still didn’t know what she wanted, so I cracked the door and spoke quietly.

“Can I help you?” I say, peering through the door crack.

“Hi, can I come in real quick? I won’t take up much of yer time, I promise.” she replied. She had a real thick Scottish accent, and spoke very quickly.

“Uh, sure.” I respond. She wasn't carrying anything, and from the looks of it she couldn't really pose as a threat. I open the door, and she immediately walked in briskly. She shut the door behind her and faced me. I had a better look of her, and she stood somewhere around 5’ 11” and had big breasts with wide hips.

I caught myself looking at her curves and snapped out of it. I needed to know why she was here, and what she needed.

“Do you want to tell me why you’re here? What’s your name?” I say, trying my best to look assertive.

“Aye, my bad.” she says. “My name is Lisa, and yers?”

“Ethan. Nice to meet you Lisa, but why did you come here?” I ask, now more comfortable with the red-headed stranger.

She looked over her shoulder and at the door and turned back to me. I motion for her to come sit on my sectional couch with me, and she walked over and sat down comfortably.

“Er, so I woke up in a lab. These people in white coats were surrounding me and I didn’t know what to do and I noticed I felt a little bit weird.” she explained. “And I don’t know if it stopped or not. People began looking for me when I escaped and I ended up here.”

A part of me thought this woman was fucking crazy, but a part of me was genuinely interested in where she came from and what these “white coats” wanted from her.

“Oh, so, what was weird that was going on?”

“Well,” she looked down. "I seemed to have no control over some o' of actions for a while but I think I got it down, and I feel better. The white coats told me the experiment was a bit unstable, but I got out of there before they could put their hands on me. Why do ye want to know this anyhow?”

“I-well, it’s just that I don’t know you that well, and you already know how people are in this city.” I respond, slightly embarrassed at my unneeded aggression towards her.

“Haha, aye, I guess I can’t blame you. Many people wouldn’t answer their damn door and I came across yers and ye was the only one that answered.”

She was fucking hot, but I knew that I didn’t know her that well, and if what she’s saying is true, that could lead me to be in trouble. I didn’t really have a lot of visitors, and I felt lonely at times. Maybe I was a little too excited at this whole thing, but I thought she just wanted an excuse to get in my pants.

“So uhh, do you need to spend the night here or something?” I ask, trying to not make my desires obvious.

“Well, ye were so kind to let me in and I am grateful for that, but I don’t think spending the night ‘ere will be the best choice for me. I don’t want to bother ye anymore than-“

“No, no, I insist!” I interrupt. “And if you want, we can have fun tonight in my room, if you get what I mean.”

She smiled and stared at the zipper of my pants.

“Well, I don’t think that will be any harm.” she said, still looking at my zipper.

Things moved on quickly as we went to my room, we both stripped and fucked. I can't quite remember how long we fucked for, but it was enough that we both flopped down on the bed and slept peacefully.


I woke up to an incredibly cold room, seeing my breath every time I exhaled. I sat up on my bed and looked around; Lisa was gone. I rub my eyes and yawn, assuming she had left after we both fell asleep. I walk over to my dresser to put on more layers of clothing because of how cold it was. 

“What the hell?” I say, looking at the thermostat. The thermostat said it was 70 degrees in my apartment, but the air was ice cold. All of my windows were closed, and it was June. There was no way it was this cold at this time of year.

“Fucking heater must’ve broke.” I grumble, annoyed at the temperature.

I walk back to the bed to grab my phone to call the apartment owner when I saw movement by the side of my bed. I froze and looked wide eyed to the side of my bed, where I see no one.

“L-Lisa? Are you still here?” I say, trembling in fear.

No response. I looked under the bed to make sure nothing was there and sure enough, it was barren. I figured it must’ve just been my mind playing tricks on me, considering I had just woken up. I shake my head and curse myself for being paranoid.

I do a double take and see a pile of Lisa's clothes. 

I was confused. First of all, if she left, she wouldn’t have left naked. Second of all, why would she leave her clothes here? Third of all, she might’ve left with some of my clothes.

I look at her pile of clothes next to my bed and see her leather boots next to her sweater, leggings, bra, socks, and panties. I get up from my bed to look in my dresser to see if anything was missing, and of course, I see pairs of pants, shirts, and socks all missing.

“That fucking thief.” I mumble. “I give her a place to stay, and what does she do? She robs me.”

I walk back over to my bed, pissed off at the realization of her theft until I see that her pile of clothes are now missing, and the only things by my bed are her black boots. I freeze up again, this time KNOWING that my mind isn’t playing tricks on me.

I calm down a bit, and pick up a boot and examine it. It was very slightly worn black leather, with occasional scruffs on the sides with creases in the front. Inside, I could see an dirty indent from Lisa’s high-arched feet. Then I look at the tongue of the shoe to look at her shoe size, and try to read the small numbers as I squint in the darkness.

Suddenly, I see laces from the boot shoot forward and behind my head, pulling tight against it and tying themselves in a knot forcing me to smell Lisa’s foot aroma and breathe it in. The tongue of the boot also seemed to have come to life, trying to insert itself in my mouth. I closed my mouth quickly to try to deter it, but a lace extended from the side and tickled under my arm, forcing me to laugh. The boot tongue immediately shot in my mouth, coaxing my tongue and making out with it covering my mouth with the taste of sweet Scottish feet.

I scream but it’s masked by the leather boot attacking my face, making my cries for help futile. I grab it and attempt to pull it off but it’s tied to my head tightly. I began to feel it jerk itself around, pulling my head around back and forth until a strong sudden jerk pulls me on top of my bed.

I was pinned by the boot forcing my head on the bed. I could move my body around, but my head was firm in place. I breathed heavily, trying to ignore the foot aroma that I was involuntarily breathing in. I hear a heavy footstep, and see the other boot jump up onto the bed next to me. It stayed still for a moment, then hopped up and landed dangerously close to my crotch. I flinch out of reflex and pray that it doesn’t hurt me. 

I didn’t know what was going on, but whatever was powering these clothes was stronger than me, and realizing that made me uneasy. I found this to be erotic though, as surreal as it was.

Across the room, I see my notebook and pen float up and hover near my bed where I was constrained. The notebook opened itself, and all of my notes ripped up to pieces in front of me. and the pen jotted down quickly. The notebook turned and it said,



As soon as I read that, the boot on my face released itself and the other boot stepped up on my chin. I could smell the leather, mixed with the slight aroma of Lisa's feet. I could use this moment to my advantage and call for help or try to run away, but a part of me wanted this to keep going on.

I opened my mouth shyly and licked the tip of the boot, tasting the black leather as it dominated me, pressing down firmly on my chin and chest. As if on cue, I see socks rise up walk out from under my shelf across my room. It was still dark, so it was a bit tough to see, but I see the socks walk over to the side of my bed and jump on it.

As they walked over to my bed, I saw that they were white crew socks, filled out to all proportions as if someone were wearing them, but no one was. They were hollow on the inside, and both rubbed their bottoms together deviously like they were planning something.

I gulp and watch as the pen jots down something.

”Put them in your mouth.”

I look back over to the socks, which have now stepped close to my head. The boots have backed off, now sitting at the edge of my bed. I also catch a glimpse of Lisa’s sweater rising up from the ground and filling in like a phantom was wearing it. It floated over to the light switch and turned on the light.

With the room being lit up, I got a better look at the socks. They were extremely dirty, with dirt making the bottoms of them gray. Lisa must’ve been wearing them for days. The smell was unbearable, but the thought of putting them in my mouth made me nauseous. They started tapping their toes impatiently, as if they were waiting.

“I-I don’t want to.” I squeak. 

The black boots jump by my cock and one lifts itself up, ready to pounce on my crotch. It dangled in the air, threatening my cock and intimidating me. The pen jots down again on the notebook. 


I look over to the socks again and see them wriggling their toes at me, teasing me as if they knew my fond disgust with dirty socks. I grabbed both of them and placed both on my face, not wanting to anger the clothing.

The smell was terrible, and the socks knew it. The left sock covered my right eye, pinched and shook my nose back and forth with its dirty toes, and the right sock began to press against my lips while I wrinkled my nose and cringed. They both met at my mouth and waited for me to open my mouth. The pen wrote,

"Open wide."


I hesitantly opened my mouth and the socks both wrinkled themselves up and shoved themselves in my mouth in less than a second.

I thought that the boot tasted bad, but these socks were so much worse. I tasted the dirt on the bottom of them as they wrapped around my tongue, gagging me and forcing me to taste Lisa's feet. I began to feel nauseous and tried not to think about where the socks have been. The pen writes down something and flips over.

"That's a good boy."


As disgusting as this was, I found it sexy that I was being played with by all of these clothes. My dick began to rise a bit as I thought about it. The sweater that was across the room was now joined by Lisa's panties and leggings, and they all came by my bed. I look at them, unsure of their intentions, but they all faced the same thing.

My bulge.

I realized where this was going, and I got a bit nervous but excited. These clothes haven't hurt me in any way, so I got a bit eager to see what they had in store for me.

Her silk lace panties hovered down next to my crotch and undid the button and zipper. I had become extra stimulated at this point, as my lust had been growing since they began dominating me. They pulled down my boxers to reveal my cock bobbing, rock hard as I moan, wanting to climax. The panties were filled out to all proportions, pushing against my dick and grinding on it.

At the same time, her leggings hop up on the bed, turn around, and bends its ass over me, wanting their phantom ass cheeks to be fondled. I reached my arms out, felt up and down the thighs and squeezed the ass. I feel the socks in my mouth wriggle out of my mouth and they fill out to proportions again. They stand next to my head while the leggings lower themselves onto my face and sit on it.

The leggings were hollow, but I felt firmness as if someone were wearing them. I still didn't know what was going on with these clothes, but had just chalked it up to something to do with the experiment Lisa was talking about. 

I hear the socks walk over to my cock, where the panties have hovered away. I feel them wrap around my cock, and make a sleeve around it. I try to get comfortable, knowing that these clothes were horny and that they overpower me.

The socks began furiously jacking me off, and I moan in pleasure. The panties quickly hover over to my chest and begin playing with my nipples, pinching and squeezing them. I was breathing heavily, as the clothing continued fondling me.

Everything pushed and moved harder and faster. The leggings started pushing its ass on my face, the socks jacked me off faster, the panties grinded on my chest, her sweater now began giving me a foot massage, and the boots pressed against my groin.

"Ugh.... fuck yeah..." I moan.

I was on the verge of cumming, and the clothes knew it. They pressed even harder, and increased their speed of movement.

"Oh.... I'm gonna cum!!" I yell.

As the sperm was moving up my cock, the leggings jumped up and stood over me, joined by the boots which met the leggings at the ankles. The left boot pressed down firmly against my chest, and the right boot tied itself around my head again and forced me to smell Lisa's feet.

I exploded all over the socks and thrusted my hips into them as I feel a wave of ecstasy come over me. I yell in pleasure as the clothing massages me all over my body. I was now tired, and the clothes all joined together to make one outfit, filling out to Lisa's proportions. The only article of clothing that didn't join the outfit was the socks, who walked over to my washing machine. It turned it on and hopped in, cleaning off my cum.

The outfit laid down in the bed with me, hugging me tight as I dozed off. This was so surreal to me, and I didn't care about the absurdities of this situation at this point.

Knock Knock Knock.


The outfit let go of me, stood up and walked over to the door. As if it looked through the peephole, it looked worried and ran over to me, grabbing the notebook and pen.

"Please, don't let them take us. We just want to stay somewhere safe."


I was confused, but I walked over to the door while the clothes jumped into my dresser and shut it.

I opened the door. 

Three men stood there, wearing full black suits and had CIA badges that they were holding.

"Hello sir." one of the men said. "We're in this area looking for anomalous objects. Would you have happened to see one in the past few hours?"

"Oh fuck," I think. "This has to be the people that Lisa was talking about."

In the corner of my eye I see the clothes peek out of the dresser and peer at me while I looked at the men.

"Uh, I don't think so." I said. "What kind of anomalous object are you talking about?"

"Anything that's out of the ordinary. Specifically, clothes that are self-aware."

"No, I haven't seen anything like that." I say, trying my best to look confused.

The men looked at each other and put away their badges.

"Okay, well you have a good night sir. Let us know if you see anything odd, okay?" he said, handing me a business card.

"Alright, good night." I said, shutting the door.

The outfit sprang out of my dresser and ran over to me. It hugged me, and I smile while hugging it back.

"Hey," I say. "you know I wouldn't give you up, right?"

A thousand thoughts raced in my head about these clothes, what I would do with them, what they will do, and about Lisa. I shrugged them off, and got ready for the night while the happy clothes accompanied me.

The End?