Dark Mistress

Dark Mistress 10 - Gateway

Tiffany wondered how much time she had.

Nyxe stood in front of the five candles on the coffee table, each in a metallic candle-holder with a different color and luster. Tiffany easily recognized it as the Talancort configuration Ana used fifteen years before.

She could feel it, too—a sort of low vibration in the room like harmonics on a bass.

“You feel it, Tiffany?” Nyxe asked, looking back at her through Chelsea's eyes, shifted a dim violet by the power inside her. Tiffany nodded. “Good. You're the real talent here, girl. When this is over, we'll remove all restraint on your power. You'll create as I do.” She turned back the portal. Tiffany heard a shocked yelp, and looked over at Gwen, Bridget and Sarah, anchoring the portal with Nyxe's imbued powers and their growing arousal.

The latex gloves playing with Sarah already had her t-shirt up over her chest. Her pants peeled down to her ankles, twisting themselves in the center. The fabric between her legs became rigid as a bar, but the twists in the fabric ended unnaturally with space to spare, holding open soft fabric cuffs large enough to offer Sarah circulation and air with allowing her any opportunity to slip her feet out. The t-shirt pulled up and over her head, coiling up the cotton to cuff her wrists like her pants cuffed her ankles. Her bra fell forward as the clasp popped open without assistance. It slid up her arms before the linked shoulder straps met up and coiled around her t-shirt handcuffs. The long latex gloves went straight for the pink erect targets on her chest.

As Bridget watched Sarah's own clothes dominate her, her own tight seamless black pants were peeled away from her hips. Her eyes jumped down her own waist, watching red bikini briefs dance against her clit. As she reached in to help, her sleeves went rigid, binding her hands bound behind her and becoming immovable. The bouncy lycra ass filling out the enchanted spandex leapt off the ground, tucking their lower legs under her armpits to hold themselves in place. The curvy spandex settled right over her face, wiggling their elastic cheeks back and forth against her.

Gwen had her arms around the waist of the fitted black blouse. As the ends of its empty sleeves folded over themselves, sliding under her bra to pinch and tweak her, her hands moved lower, gripping the ass of the tight denim skirt with primal tension. Her bra popped open and flipped up, allowing the teasing sleeves better access. Gwen giggled, pulling up on the lower hem of the skirt with one hand as she slapped at it with another.

“Enjoying it, aren't you?” Nyxe asked, keeping her focus on the portal. The three anchors were too focused on themselves and each other to respond, drifting into accelerating pleasure magnified by Nyxe's magic. She turned back to Tiffany. “You've made the right choice, girl. I knew from the moment I touched you that you were destined to help me do this.”

As she returned her focus to the configuration, the three anchors sang harmonic pleasure, skyrocketing in simultaneity as they lost themselves in the growing energy. The light from the candles had grown in intensity, shifting like a superheated flame from the usual orange, to yellow, to white, to an almost electric blue.

Here the flames stretched upward, stringing thin toward the ceiling like fiery pulled taffy before shifting from blue to a terminal violet. A couple feet above the candles, the space crackled in sound and light.

“You've got to do one more thing for me, Tiffany.” Nyxe snapped, and the black leather boots that once served as her prison stood up and clicked together, shaking a bit after the act. “Place them on Ana. They're far too weak to do anything on their own right now."

There was no hesitation in her compliance. She spread her commands into the boots, feeling the feeble pulse of their own magic as she did. There was no opposition to Tiffany's will, but she had to focus on the task to get them to act. Nyxe had restricted them, sucked out their ability to self-sustain. Tiffany had to feed them to keep them moving.

Ana shook her head as much as the gloves clasped around her would allow. Nothing in Tiffany's eyes registered regret or doubt. Nyxe had turned her so easily. As the weakened living boots slinked toward Ana's toes, she felt something else—some distinct line of motion on her back.

Tiffany seemed to be putting more effort than usual into commanding the boots, and Ana's attention split between her former student and the vertical line being drawn down the center of her back.

As the first boot slipped over her leg, Ana felt more lines on her back. Vertical, to the left. A half-curl, starting from the top and heading right and down. A diagonal line from the center of her back to the lower--

R? Was that an R?

Her theory seemed to be confirmed by the next invisible finger, starting at one shoulder and curling smoothly down and around to the other side of her back, heading back up to the opposite shoulder.


The first lines had been one vertical, one horizontal across the top. T.


As the first boot settled on her, the other slid its cuff over her toes, and a double curve ran against her shoulders, followed by a repetition of the first two lines.

Two more letters later, both boots were on Ana's feet. She locked eyes with Tiffany for a split second. The girl didn't look through her this time. She looked at her with an unspoken message, masked a second later by a grin that made Ana feel like captured prey.

But now she knew that was an act, for Nyxe's sake. The letters Tiffany had traced across her back made everything clear.

T – R – U – S – T – M – E

The situation still didn't look at all good, but at least Ana knew now that she wasn't as alone as she believed. Tiffany had something up her sleeve, but in order to maintain the element of surprise, Ana couldn't let up struggling and fighting what was happening to her. All she could do is play her part and wait to see what Tiffany had planned. With any luck, she'd seize the right moment to shake Nyxe's plan and give them a final shot to stop what was happening.

She didn't know how or when Tiffany would strike. In her futile thrashing against the clothes binding her, she had to pay close attention to everything else in the room.

The violet lines stretching from the flames began to coalesce, bursting at their peaks with iridescence. The anchors were all moaning now, the phantom forms of the clothes becoming more aggressive, and driving them closer to the inevitable moment.

Sarah's panties stayed on her, sliding themselves aside to let the closed fingertips of a latex glove tap at Sarah's clit. The other glove alternated between her breasts, bouncing and grabbing them at shifting intervals to agitate blooming pleasure all through them.

Bridget's red panties were wet now, keeping rhythm and pressure on her pussy while fabric wedged between her cheeks and spread again, bouncing her ass in time with the inflated spandex ass still smothering her face.

Gwen's lower half was still unexposed, but the invisible attention at it was obvious from her iron grip around the magic outfit she was thrusting her hips against. Her own pants, still wrapped tightly around her, were more than happy to assist in the sexual dance. They traced invisible fingers up her thighs and made the ass quiver percussively, creating the effect of a spanking from a firm virtual hand.

Now the sparks in the center of the room grew to hard white flashes, consuming every shadow and hue in the room. Nyxe held her hands aloft, her breasts heaving with the deep breaths of the human body she occupied. She gritted her teeth, sputtering sounds of pleasure as her three anchors howled siren-like notes warning imminent release. Then the flashes stopped receding, and the voices were swallowed up by the underlying hum, tuning its pitch as the wall of reality tore open.

As the white and violet electric dimmed to the visible spectrum again, a disk like a flattened bubble hovered over the configuration. Tiny static charges crackled at its limits while the panting sounds of Nyxe's anchors became discernible again. Giddy laughter came from the jet-haired goddess, holding her hands up to the portal in front of her. The static charges at the threshold of the trans-spacial gate grew out toward her hands, intensifying her laughter as heatless discharge danced over her fingertips.

“Now then,” Nyxe turned to Ana. “It's time to provide your accommodations.” With the black gloves still muzzling her, Ana's outfit forced her forward with small steps. When she close enough to Nyxe, her sleeve forced her arm to extend, and Nyxe took hold of it, reaching her other arm toward the portal. As her fingers crossed into the shifted space, They seemed to wind in strange refractions before the rest of her arm followed, illuminating both women with blazing light and turning them into what looked like a rich, dense dust, swirling toward the focus of the portal and disappearing from the room entirely.

Tiffany took a deep breath. If something went wrong on the other side of this portal, she could find herself in limbo for fifteen years while Nyxe took free reign and did...apparently anything she wanted. If she didn't go, same outcome—but she'd be here to see it go down. If she was going to overpower Nyxe now, she HAD to strike with Ana's help. She just hoped the home field advantage wouldn't be too much for her. If there were any advantage to being on Nyxe's side of this portal, she'd have to figure it out fast.

Her eyes narrowed, staring into the core of the unearthly gateway. Her thigh boots clicked calmly toward the portal, and she closed her eyes as she leapt up and threw her arms into the air, flinging her body into its core and disappearing

Gwen blinked a few times, looking around at the room as her panting slowed.


Wild storms radiated colors and echoed what sounded like dampened feedback from an amp too close to its own microphone. When things began to settle, an expansive infinite violet like the last warm hue of a sunset consumed the sky. And the ground.


Despair came over Tiffany. She had no idea how to navigate this space, this infinite plane. She felt nauseous. She tried to turn to face the portal she'd just passed through, but “turn” was meaningless. She wasn't touching anything. There was no ground to provide friction, no horizon or clear gradient to indicate motion.

But the homogeny in this space dropped the priority of her sight, allowing her less explored senses to try and feel out her environment. She stayed as calm as possible and dropped her focus into her own energy, the magic sensory that Nyxe had woken in her days ago.

It began like a match trying to light up a dense forest, but as things became clearer, she could feel a pulse with raw familiarity. It was Nyxe—somewhere nearby. Not spatially, which seemed meaningless at the moment. There was some other way...

Tiffany found herself standing on a solid white platform. Ana was standing against a vertical black slab in the middle of the platform, and Nyxe was in front of her.

“Did you come to watch, girl?” She looked back at Tiffany with shining eyes now. “To dive right into the unknown without hesitation—”

“I can't let her out of my sight. Not until I know you're keeping your promise.” Tiffany stood her ground, trying her best to probe the energies around her. Everything felt the same—some pervading energy all around her, flowing through everything. Outside it, there was Nyxe—as herself, as the force controlling Ana's outfit, and a weak echo from the thigh-highs Tiffany put on in the house. The dimmer signatures came from Ana and the boots.

“You're a noble student, Tiffany.” Nyxe put up her hands, and the form Ana was against seemed to attract her like a magnet. Tiffany could feel a charge growing in the smooth, black slab. She didn't understand it. “I'll allow you to say goodbye—and you can witness the transformation and be assured that she's as safe in her prison as I was.”

“Transformation?” Tiffany asked.

“I do, of course, have to give this girl her body back,” Nyxe explained, motioning to herself. “In the meantime, I'll be taking that one.” She pointed to Ana, whose wide eyes looked to Tiffany.

“And then you're going to give it back.” Tiffany stared at Nyxe, who looked back with a smirk.

“My dear, by the time this witch has served her punishment, I'll be powerful enough to create a body just like hers from the thin air itself. Or younger, and more beautiful--if I'm feeling generous.” Her face dropped. “The Ana you know will not be harmed. I promise that. She will be preserved in the same manner I was, and she'll be provided with a suitable facsimile when her punishment is through.” Nyxe approached Ana, placing her hand in front of Ana's solar plexus. Her fingertips began to glow the faintest violet as the glossy stone at Ana's back seemed to do the same, from within. “But the flesh and blood vessel you see before you is mine. This is non-negotiable.”

Tiffany nodded, keeping a poker face to the best of her ability. She tried to work out as many details as she could. Whatever she was going to try, she'd have to throw everything she had at it, which meant she'd only have one shot. Nyxe was going to take Ana's body, forcing Ana's consciousness into the boots. That much was obvious. But how did the energy flow?

She probed the stone. Its energy intensity was accelerating so rapidly that when she saw the signature as Nyxe's own, her confidence nearly withered. But then something clicked. The energy wasn't Nyxe—it was the entire environment. The stone was converting it to a state under Nyxe's control.

As the glow grew, the gloves on Ana's hands released her clasped mouth and flew back toward the stone, sticking to it. The sparks at Nyxe's fingertips flared, and Ana's blouse ripped open. She let out a long moan as tendrils of energy emanated off of the stone, beginning to surround her. Ana's skirt popped open and tore itself down her legs, and Tiffany could see the panties and stockings beneath rippling and shifting.

Tiffany had an idea. She couldn't be sure it wouldn't draw Nyxe's attention, but the time to move was now. She focused on the faint energy of the boots on Ana's feet, trying to get their attention through the charge. At the same time, she focused on charging the stone.

Nyxe's hand dropped away from Ana the moment she felt interference in the stone. She turned around to face Tiffany.

“You're far out of your league here,” Nyxe said through gritted teeth. “But you've made your choice. Now you join her.” She held out her hand to Tiffany, who felt her boots lock into place. “Given the situation, I think I'll be taking both of your bodies. There's more than enough of me to go around.”

Still held to the stone, Ana was being worked over by the energies coming from it. Invisible hands explored her body as she convulsed in hyperbolic pleasure, unable to peel her limbs from the glowing surface. The black leather gloves on her hands slipped themselves off, and turned to face her, hovering menacingly close to her breasts.

Nyxe waved her hand, and the slab rotated a half turn. Under the control of the thigh-highs, Tiffany's legs sauntered over to the glowing stone, turning her around and putting her back to it. Still focusing on her charge in the stone, Tiffany didn't bother fighting Nyxe's physical control. Nyxe approached within inches, but Tiffany never blinked.

She maintained her thousand-yard-stare even as she felt Nyxe's charge begin to flow into the rest of her outfit. Her jeans tightened around her ass, and her breasts heaved up as the thin fabric folded over itself at their swells, pinching two visibly points between layers of soft cotton. Her body loved it—synapses tingled sexual energy through every part of her—but it didn't show on her face.

The energy was being redirected into her charges—most of it going to the stone, and a fraction flowing to the boots. Her blank expression didn't let on that she was soaking in every detail—restrained by a super-powered goddess, her full, red lips smiling while she explored Tiffany as she pleased.

“You don't think I see it beneath that stone face, girl?” Nyxe giggled, leaning in close to whisper in Tiffany's ear. “You can't fool me with your eyes. Your body betrays you.” Her lips glided to Tiffany's own, locking on and invading her with energy.

Once more, Tiffany played the part, letting the tension drain from her face as Nyxe kissed her deeply. Her T-shirt pulled and massaged her, and the thigh-highs spread her legs as Nyxe reached down between them, running her fingertips against the center seam.

Nyxe was bombarding Tiffany and Ana, but almost every part of Tiffany's arousal was being redirected. The energies were getting harder to keep track of all at once, but through her growing charge in the stone, Tiffany could sense more about how it operated.

She could see the path of Nyxe's own energy, pulling raw power into the stone and magnifying it as it flowed into Ana. Tiffany's lesser charge of the boots gave her even more detail—she could feel Ana slowly leaching into them with Nyxe's continuous advance.

It wasn't certain that seeing the flow of all these conduits meant that she could influence them. Nyxe sensed her interference with the stone immediately, so wasn't there a chance that she knew--

Unleash it all, Tiffany. The restraints of your world have no bearing here.

It came from within her, and she recognized the energy immediately. Her charge in the boots was now enough to allow them communication—at least for a moment. The second after it happened, there was a hard fluctuation through her senses, and Nyxe's lips left her own.

She grabbed Tiffany's jaw with stern fingers, staring at her with burning eyes.

“Whatever you're planning to do, you're making your own punishment worse.” Still stuck to the slab, Tiffany felt herself lift off the platform, guided by Nyxe's hand and another surge of energy. “And if you're thinking of pulling the same trick as the night we met—let me remind you that the psyche of my host body may not be as resilient as yours and mine.” Nyxe grinned. “How hard are you going to make me push this poor girl's body?”

It was a crack in the dam. Tiffany had no idea what she was doing—how her magic would effect another person if she pulled energy out of them like she had with the enchanted clothing. Nyxe was right—she wasn't just fighting Nyxe's extra-dimensional formlessness. She was fighting Chelsea.

With the loss of focus, something was pushing back against her now, blocking her from charging the block any further. The same thing happened with the boots at an even greater pressure. Nyxe was countering her—driving her charge back out.

“I really hope you like those lovely boots you're wearing, my darlings. They're going to be your homes for at least the next fifteen years.” Nyxe rose up to meet Tiffany at eye level. Stuck to the stone, suspended off the platform by a few feet, Tiffany was at a stalemate with her charges. Now she felt Nyxe's eyes burning into her own, and as the entity came in for another kiss, she was powerless to turn her head or clinch her teeth.

She could no longer displace her arousal—Nyxe's preferred path of subjugation. The kiss bathed her in sensation as her clothes and Nyxe's hands—both real and invisible—pulled her focus away from the remaining control she had over the charges she held.

Unleash it all.

She was trying, but it wasn't like the ambush she met in the dorm room. Not only was there was too much going on around her—but her environment was so static, so devoid of familiarity. She was losing her bearings with every second.

She heard Ana's savage moans of animal pleasure from the other side of the block. She was inching closer to orgasm, and Tiffany had a harder time holding together the picture of the conduits, transforming limitless psychic sex directly into Nyxe's will. Tiffany herself was beginning to feel the same effect as Ana. The more Nyxe flooded her, the more she felt herself retreating—crossing over into the charge of the Vinyl thigh-highs. She was being forced out of her body, pulse by pulse.

She couldn't sense the boots that housed the familiar. She had nearly lost track of Ana entirely. But even as her awareness of her own body began faltering, she held on to her charge in the block for all it was worth. When she found she could maintain that awareness even better than she could her own body, she realized something.

Even if couldn't charge the block with any more of her own displaced psychic exhaust—could she manipulate the energy that was already there?

Her awareness changed with that thought, seeping out of her body at an accelerating rate. The first thing she could make out was Nyxe's laughter, swelling through Ana's desperate orgasmic overture. Both their bodies were about to be taken over—but Tiffany saw another way.

She dropped her resistance on every other front, allowing her defenses to collapse as Nyxe surged through her. At any second she and Ana would experience the moment of revolt, the release that would place Nyxe in both of their bodies as the sovereign force in control. Ana would be forced into the boots once used to harbor Nyxe, but...

A miniscule amount of Tiffany's awareness came from the living Vinyl wrapped around her body's legs. Something else—a vast sea of expansive energy laid out before her.

And it clicked now. Her body WAS the block.

She was EVERYWHERE! Tiffany saw the expanse as the magical conduit did. The moment her charge in the block gained an understanding of its function, she pulled all the available energy she could. Just as Nyxe was ready to declare victory, she knew something had gone very, very wrong. Nyxe could feel the charge in the block going exponential—and it wasn't her own.

Bathed in raw fuel, the amorphous invisible “stuff” making up this reality, Tiffany pulled it in and converted it. All at once, she took hold of as much as the expanse as she could, and made it her own. Pressure built up as echoes of near-release mounted from both bodies on the slab, and then--a gasp was produced from infinite silence as Nyxe's determined human face twisted dumb with surprise.

“YOU MISERABLE CREATURE!” Nyxe screamed, her hands clasped to Tiffany's cheeks.

A surge shot from the block into both of the bodies forced against it. Tiffany could feel the impending orgasm not only in her own body, but in Ana's as well. Trying to compensate for her lost control of her magical catalyst, Nyxe's charge in Tiffany and Ana lost ground quickly—and it couldn't be recovered. The charge of this girl, this simple chemical sprite, was rushing in at all fronts like a waterfall.

And just as Nyxe's hands dropped from her face, Tiffany could feel the air—the energy of the space itself—rushing over her. She had control of her body again, and more importantly, she had control of the block against her back. She could feel herself extending through Ana's body and all the way into the boots. She could feel Nyxe's power fleeting from every point, flowing back into her occupied body.

But Nyxe had already thrown her trump card, and now Tiffany saw how to keep her from holding Chelsea's body hostage. Nyxe wouldn't be forced into a pair of boots. She wouldn't be left free, in this world or Tiffany's own.

Her hands reached away from the block, extending toward Nyxe. She flowed into the environment itself, wrapping herself in Nyxe's clothes and all around her body. The stunned entity squealed as she looked down at her host body, now receiving attention of its own. Feminine hands crawled over her satin blouse, pulling open buttons and invading the form beneath with teasing invisible fingers.

Now a moan came from the the other side of the slab, trying to form something intelligible from shouted bursts.

“Tiff-a-neeeeee—is it—is it...” Ana gained steady control of her own body again, her energy flowing back out of her familiar.

“You've got her, Tiffany!” The boots shouted above the noise, speaking for the first time since Nyxe constrained them. They struggled to pull away from Ana's feet, fanatically prepared to sacrifice themselves to become a prison once more. “Give her to me! Lock her inside again!”

Tiffany had other plans. Still gathering flowing energy from the rest of the environment through her control over the block, she determined that the only place Nyxe was safe was somewhere she could command—some place she could always keep an eye on, no matter where she was or what she was doing.

Her body broke from the block completely, lunging at Nyxe's retreating host body. Nyxe's skirt had torn itself off, and now her energy was jumpy—unable to focus through the all-too-human arousal she was experiencing. Her game had been turned on its head, and now the nerves she occupied were a liability. Instead of flowing into Chelsea's body and superseding Nyxe's command, Tiffany's energy hit her in tiny shocks from all sides.

Where Nyxe's barrage of arousal on Ana ended, Tiffany's took its place, this time using it to a different end. Tiffany's own orgasm was still impending, and it was only her now-massive charge in the block that allowed her to maintain the focus to loop the corporeal energies back into the block and direct them straight into Nyxe.

Just before Nyxe put her arms up to shield herself, Tiffany saw in Nyxe's face that her fight had run out. She certainly didn't expect Tiffany to break free, and the greater the charge the girl commanded, the more confident she became. Tiffany grabbed her wrists and spun a half turn, sending both of them back toward the block. When the two bodies met with the glossy, glowing slab again, everything locked into place.

There was Nyxe, searching for an escape, for any relief of this overstimulation, of the fear of being trapped in some object for all eternity--and there was...



Tiffany looked into Nyxe's eyes, her host body adhering to the crackling slab. There was fear there, and it wasn't Chelsea's. Inside her psyche, she was fighting her own battle with Nyxe. Now the entity found itself fighting a two-front war, losing ground at a drastic rate. As Nyxe had done, Tiffany leaned in to her ear.

“Let me inside,” she whispered, pulling back and locking Nyxe's lips with her own. As Tiffany's energy flowed into the host body, she found her awareness pulled within.

“Tiffany? Tiffany!”

Disorienting sunlight. Colors that were too bright. A pink house nearby, and a girl shouting from the inside, muffled by a pane of glass. Tiffany shielded her eyes and walked toward the house, seeing Chelsea in the window, still shouting to get her attention.


“I—I see you, Chelsea!” She walked up to the door and tried the knob, finding it locked. Peering through tiny windows she could see what looked like strange but luxurious accommodations. Before long, Chelsea came running into the room and walked up to the door. “What—where are we?”

“It's like, it's supposed to be my dream house or something, but I KNOW it's not real and she won't let me out of here!”

“Your dream house?” Tiffany looked around at the landscape again, seeing nothing a radical expanse of grass with too-similar trees and an unnaturally flat horizon in every direction. “We're--” Tiffany's awareness flashed to her kiss with Nyxe. “I'm in your mind.”

“I know! I was screaming from the top of my lungs in here, telling you I could feel you! Did you hear me?” Tiffany nodded.

“How do I get us back out?”

“Don't,” Came a mousy voice from behind Tiffany. She turned to see a beautiful young woman in a purple dress, her eyes pleading. “Don't let her out. Let me stay here. I'm being good to her—I'm giving her everything she wants.”

“Nyxe?” Tiffany asked.

“You're stronger than me. And you're angry. You're so very angry. Ana, too. But I--” Tiffany walked toward Nyxe in pounding footsteps, sharp and deliberate. As she got closer, Nyxe winced with each one, shielding herself when Tiffany was close. “Don't!”

“I can't hurt Chelsea's body out there, but from the look of your face I can probably do plenty of damage to you in here."

“Don't hurt me!” Nyxe pleaded. “I'm sorry. For everything.” Tiffany cautiously held her ground despite the look of remorse in her eyes, fading to an inky violet and losing their glow..

“Huh. Now you're sorry.” Tiffany felt like a superhero. It was time to save the world, and she had the upper hand. “I bet you don't even know what it is you're being sorry for.” Tiffany stared her down, hardening by the second. “Threatening to seal Ana and I away? Locking Chelsea in this place? Running wild with aspirations of absolute conquest?” Nyxe's lips were trembling, searching for words. Tiffany practically stood against her now, bowing Nyxe's lofty posture beyond submission. Tiffany could feel power still welling in her as the block's charge on the outside plane kept growing. This wasn't a trick. Whatever Nyxe really was, this manifestation had to be all that was left, because it looked scared. “You got Gwen and the others to fall for this, but it's not happening again. Not with me.” Nyxe swallowed hard, looking down at the ground.

“I—I got locked away first. By the Heyver Witch—by Ana. She called out to me, asked me to come to your world. She invited me,” Nyxe insisted. Tiffany's silence made Nyxe tremble again before sputtering her next words. “The things you feel—the intensities in your construction—they're all so vivid and bouncy and sugary—and... I had to feel more of them.” Nyxe shook her head at Tiffany, her eyes still frozen and ringing primal. “But you've got to understand, I was so alone before—but then she called to me. She asked me to change her.

“There are so many of you, so many different playgrounds—you take it for granted, but the moment I felt your kind, tasted the kind of things you experience...I had to join you. I wanted to build a place where all of you could play, where I could turn your kaleidoscopic imaginations into—anything. I knew how to do it, but I needed to...”

“You needed Ana. You tried to take Ana's body, just like you tried to take mine, just like you took Chelsea's.” For a moment Tiffany imagined herself disciplining an unruly kid, but she shook the thought away and hardened again. “No. You're playing meek because I've beaten you. Again.”

“No...no, you don't under—” Nyxe let out a pout. “She called me here! I—I was angry! Nothing but rejection from the moment I arrived! Nothing but control and limitation. Just when I thought I wasn't alone anymore—when I was called to this brand new place—she locked me away! I thought I was wanted, needed by someone outside—she bound me up in a prison of leather!” Her voice was faltering, and when she looked back up, there were tears streaming down her face. “Years alone! Silenced! In a cage so finite...” The woman collapsed to the almost neon grass, sobbing. “I don't wanna be alone. I don't wanna be destroyed, Tiffany!” She beat her hands against the grass, wailing in despair at Tiffany's feet.

It wasn't human. Hell—it wasn't even biological...but wasn't this still pain? Tiffany's hardness broke. She wasn't lying, about her motives, her actions, her fears... She could feel the mortal terror in Nyxe.

“I didn't want to hurt Ana,” Nyxe said, eyes still flowing tears. “I just wanted her to know what it was to be so alone. I wanted her to feel what I felt. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.” Nyxe grabbed at Tiffany's pant-leg, begging as she poured grief. “I'm sorry, Tiffany. I'm sorry.”

The remorse wasn't just a survival instinct. It was real.

As her own eyes got glassy, she realized that there might be no happy solution here. Ana pulled this lonely creature from a parallel world—a place where it seemed to be one of a kind. Fearing its power, she and the others trapped it for 15 years, subjecting it to an even lonelier confinement. Tiffany's curiosity released it again, and it woke abilities Tiffany never knew she had. Now, through fear and unintended consequences, she was preparing to destroy this being on its own plane.

But if it was telling the truth...

“You locked Chelsea inside her mind, Nyxe. You tried to take our bodies for your own. Taking someone's body—as far as our world is concerned—is probably be one of the worst things you could do to a person.”

“But I only needed to borrow it until I built myself more—until I became something that could transform anything, anywhere.”

“In our world, Nyxe—people can't understand power like that. We're not like you.” Nyxe let go of Tiffany's leg, defeated.

“But I've felt how wonderful you are, how much joy and hap--” Nyxe started crying again. “I'd rather disappear than be without that! I'd rather die than be alone, Tiffany!” Tiffany frowned, looking back at Chelsea's face in the window.

“Let Chelsea out, Nyxe.” Tiffany said softly. “You must.”

At once, the house and the plain disappeared. In a void of white, Nyxe still sat in her purple dress, Tiffany standing over her. Chelsea's silent footfalls brought her closer, and she shook her head.

“Tiffany, on the outside—are we...kissing?” Tiffany shrugged and nodded at her.

“Nyxe,” Tiffany started, her projection in Chelsea's mind taking a deep breath. “You said I was stronger than you. If you shared my body, who would control it?” Nyxe looked up, a gleam of hope in her eye.

“In your body...neither. Both. We would be equals.”

“You have to understand that in our world, we can't simply change everything. We are many. Billions. We can't force the rest of the world to experience our own selfish version of paradise. We can't make everyone play the same game together. We let each other pick our own paths and seek our own games. It's part of what gives us the passion and imagination you love in us.” Tiffany watched the light flicker back into Nyxe's eyes. It was tentative, but it was there.

“You'd—share your body with me?”

“Only if you understand what I'm saying. Only if you let me guide you. And besides, didn't you say that you could create a whole body out of thin air?”

“Given the right resources and enough time.”

“Tiffany, I don't--” Tiffany held her had up, stopping Chelsea.

“How do you know how to cry, Nyxe?”

“It's your bodies,” Nyxe said, wiping the tears from her eyes and looking at the streaks on her skin. “They're so strange. You don't justsense things. Your bodies take them in, and then they react to make those senses more real. I can't help it. I'm--”

“Sad,” Tiffany said. “You really don't want to be alone again.”

“I don't want to be alone again.” With conviction.

“There are people in our world who can never understand you, Nyxe. People who would try and control or destroy me if they knew that anything like you existed. Do you understand?” Nyxe nodded. “You deserve to exist, Nyxe, and you don't deserve to be alone.” Those eyes again, that dim purple glow staring up at her... “If you let me guide you, if you forgive Ana and let her guide you and I—together—then I'd like nothing more than to share my body with you.”

Nyxe stood back up, tears welling through shining eyes again. She looked like she was ready to burst.

“I—I can't...I can't th...” She practically tackled Tiffany with a hug. “I promise, Tiffany...I promise!” She wailed it over and over as Tiffany held her. Tiffany's own eyes looked glassy again, blown away by the things she was experiencing. This incredible force—this seemingly omnipotent power—clinging to her like a child.

“Then come with me, and let's get out of Chelsea's head.”

Come with me.

Tiffany realized the irony of that when the scene shifted back to her kiss with Nyxe...now Chelsea. Outside, no time had passed, and the electrifying sensations were still priming their nerves for release. It would be a shame to drive themselves all this close without a finale.

I can handle that if you'd like, Nyxe echoed inside her. Tiffany laughed, tickling Chelsea's lips as she broke away from them.

Sounds like you bounced back quick, Tiffany responded silently.

It's easy to feel happy when you've got a home, Nyxe said.

Go for it, Tiffany said. And when we come—take us back through the portal.

Nyxe was only too happy to oblige. Ana was delirious with pleasure, and despite her heightened intuition, she didn't suspect that Tiffany's power and Nyxe's power were now the same. Last she could feel, Tiffany had gained the upper hand, and Nyxe was retreating fast. As far as she was concerned, this was probably Tiffany's finishing blow.

Chelsea, despite an almost solitary penchant for men, had no problems reconciling her impending release with Tiffany's warm body against her. The satin blouse wrapped around her tweaked and pinched at her nipples as Tiffany went in for another kiss, ramping herself up as she made a mental request to Nyxe.

Oh, I can manage that, Nyxe responded. A second later, Tiffany forced her tongue between Chelsea's lips as she felt pressure against her clit. Hints of tapping and teasing were followed by something big and warm, something gently parting her labia and driving itself softly inside. Tiffany squealed delight between hot, frantic kisses, and all three women moaned as they were driven to orgasm.

The Talancort was still situated on the table, silent now. The anchors were all bushed, passed out on the furniture as a result of an orgasm powerful enough to tear a hole in reality. The enchanted clothing driving their earlier play was snuggled up with them.

Chelsea opted to keep some of the features Nyxe's presence had given her. While Tiff and Ana discussed the implications of Nyxe's new arrangement, she played in Ana's enchanted wardrobe, trying on some of the flashier items.

“I could've fucked up a lot of things doing what I did,” Ana said. “I owe you—all of you—so much more than an apology.”

“No,” Nyxe said, invisibly occupying the same tan blouse and knee-length skirt. “If you'd never opened that portal—I'd have never seen your kind, and I'd have never met her.” The outfit stood behind Tiffany, laying its sleeves on her shoulders. “Things could've gone far worse.”

“Then you forgive me?” Ana said, looking at the empty blouse.

“Youthful indiscretions,” Nyxe said, waving a sleeve at her. “Something I can understand pretty well at this point.” Tiffany cooed as Nyxe's invisible fingers traveled through her hair. “But we corrected our mistakes, Ana Heyver.” The smile in Nyxe's voice was clear, even without a body of her own. “And I don't know about you, but I'd certainly regret never getting the opportunity to make them in the first place.”