Household Magic

Household Magic 1


Plain as day, in clear English. Had she paid more attention, she probably could have avoided the entire predicament. But then, what was a beginner? The whole point to trying this spell out was to prove to herself that this stuff worked. The other things...well, they were evidence for Susan, but they were all so easily blown off by a skeptic.

Susan had cast a success spell on her husband, and not three weeks later, Andrew was heading his department. She tried to tell him about the spell, but he chalked it up to coincidence. He was right, though--he was a good worker with all the reason in the world to receive a promotion. Susan even felt a little guilty about attributing his success to some silly intention ritual instead of her husband's own abilities.

There was the rainstorm--the one they swore wasn't going to hit. It was actually the forecast's certainty that made Susan want to try something. One enchantment later, the pressure system had buckled. The storm broke north, drenching the area.

"So on one hand," Susan muttered to herself, "I've got to believe in order to make the power work." She put the old-looking tome down on the table. "On the other hand, delusions of grandeur is a great first reason to have someone committed." She looked down at the open book again.

The title of the lesson was "Simple object enchantment" under the Animations and Enchantments chapter. The way the chapter read, Susan might have expected a spell to turn out like the Sorcerer's Apprentice--that is--if she had expected it to work. But as she'd reasoned before, things like success (with a variable yardstick) and freak weather (what other kind is there) didn't prove anything.

Susan didn't really have enemies to curse or designs on power or control; she was just bored. After spending an afternoon in a massive warehouse of antiques from different vendors, she brought home a teak bedroom set.

It wasn't until she considered putting a coat of stain on the drawers that she pulled them all out and discovered something bound to the inside of the dresser--something she hadn't noticed when she made the purchase.

Two weeks ago now, she pulled rusty iron staples out of the canvas strap holding the book to the inside of the dresser. Two weeks ago she read the first passage of the tattered old book, which read, on a dusty, yellowed page; "Finding any use of this book, dear reader, depends on adherence to these virtues three: purity, presence, and passion."

She liked the quote, but the 'purity' gauge made her laugh a little bit. If she was a young-looking 40-something with a family and a beautiful home, something must have turned out okay, so maybe whatever she did 20 or so years ago didn't count against her in terms of purity.

So here she was, two weeks into reading the book and playing around with some of the more harmless sounding "fortune" spells. No harm messing with dice rolls, she figured, especially if there's no real way to prove if those little incantations were doing anything other than convincing her they worked.

"Well, an actual dice roll, maybe," Susan muttered to herself, "But not the weather." No force in science or nature would be stupid enough to give a person control over all the magical possibilities she read about in the book. That was one of Andrew's favorite exercises in pragmatics; if magic were real--indeed--were ever real, then why on earth would we ever disallow or prohibit its use?

It was a good point, Susan thought, and one of the things that she mulled over while she prepared herself to try a different kind of test--a more concrete experiment.

If it failed, it could fail in silence, while her nearly grown kids and husband were out of the house. If it failed, it would be a couple more minutes spent playing around with a musty old book. No harm done.

If it succeeded--

Pfft. Susan chuckled, looking back down at the lesson heading. There was no way this nonsense could be real. Even so, after all her condemning, skeptic thoughts, she couldn't hold herself back from trying. She went to her closet and retrieved a pair of soft pink open-toed slippers with fuzzy tops. They'd barely been worn.

She hesitated one last time before going forward with the spell. If on the off chance it DID work, what would she do? The rest of the spell said that some typical uses for animated objects were doing menial tasks, for magical companionship, or to help distribute enchantments to other things. She wasn't sure how a pair of slippers could perform any other task than walking around, so maybe they were a safe bet.

"Ekestra qulaanu, tural adyphe, these things with form and no will, make rife--with motion and vigor--bring them to life!" She felt silly, having belted it out at volume per the directions. She watched the slippers carefully. Nothing happened. The words at the beginning were kind of tough, and she couldn't seem to associate them with any language she knew of. The tome was old-looking and beautifully made, but all the spells had the same kind of goofy format. A few words of an indistinguishable language followed by a two-bit rhyme in the English language. She had to have known it was a fake.

Now it had been almost a minute. Susan laughed at herself, finally satisfied. "You win this one, Andy." She reached down to pick up the slippers, but as her fingers reached down to hook through them, the slippers jumped forward. Susan shrieked and stepped back. The slippers were motionless again.

"There's no way that just happened," she said. "I'm just getting myself worked up." She reached down for just one of the slippers, slower this time. As soon as she got close, the slipper pulled back, sliding along the floor on its toe. Instead of coming to rest, it stood vertical on its soft pink toe. Susan gasped, holding back the scream this time. "I--I think it worked."

Susan stood up and walked around to the back of the slippers. They took two deliberate steps in response, turning around to face her.

"That's incredible!" Susan said. "It actually worked!" The slippers took small, cautious steps toward Susan as she watched them move on their own. Susan was wide-eyed and speechless. The slippers stood in front of her, wiggling back and forth a little bit. "That's just unreal," Susan said, bending down to get a closer look at them. She couldn't help but wave her arms around to see if there were any strings attached. She knew there wasn't, of course, she was the one that had gotten the slippers out of the closet. Still, that didn't remove the customary human reaction to explain exactly what the senses were perceiving.

She reached down to touch one of the slippers. As she reached for one, it rose up on its toe, sliding closer to her hand. She laughed nervously and stroked the fuzzy pink top of the slipper. It slid closer again.

"Wow..." She pressed her fingers down on the soft vamp of the slipper, but it held its shape. Susan gasped a little. "I don't understand how that's--" Her jaw dropped as she stuck her fingers on the inside of the slipper's vamp and felt nothing. She pulled her fingers out of the space again and pressed down on the vamp again to confirm her observations.

There was definite resistance there, but nothing was inside. What could explain something like that? Sure, it was magic, but that didn't prevent Susan's rational mind from asking the question. She decided to have an even closer look. She hooked her fingers around the vamp and pulled it toward her. For a second, the slipper went along, but in the next moment, the slipper pulled itself from her grip and joined its mate on the ground again. The slippers stood on the balls of their feet as if preparing for something.

"I'm sorry--I just don't get what's happening here." The slippers hopped back and forth, as if they were about to pounce. Susan stood back up, holding her hands up in truce. "Calm down, okay? I didn't mean anything by it." The slippers hopped around a little bit on the fronts of their soles. Susan couldn't help but laugh.

Suddenly, one went right between her legs while the other went around her, the pair moving in a walking motion as if they were connected by a pair of intangible legs. Susan turned around, her eyes fixing on the slippers as they headed for her dresser. "What are you up to now?"

She gasped as her top drawer slid open. A pair of tan back-seamed nylon stockings jumped out of the dresser and hung in mid air. The slippers hopped up and down on their toes as the feet of the stockings filled out and landed on the floor. The rest of the calves inflated like water balloons, plumping too much at first and then dispersing throughout the rest of the legs. The stockings filled to the top of the thigh and walked over to Susan as the slippers headed into Susan's closet.

"This--this is so...I mean, I didn't even expect it to work, and--and--" She watched the stockings, now at her feet. One of them lifted up its foot and slid it past Susan's ankle. Susan's skin had goosebumps as the ghostly fabric nylon toes curled under the hem of her jeans and pulled up on it. Susan stood silently, watching the nylons flirting with her ankles. "Whoa." Susan stuttered a giggle out, watching the translucent nylon foot rubbing against her, curling its toes against her pantleg. Susan blushed a little, smiling awkwardly.

"Well, hi there," Susan said, lifting her opposite foot and rubbing it against the other leg of the stockings. The toes of the stocking flared, the leg enthusiastically rubbing itself back and forth against Susan's foot in response. "Well, it's nice to know that you're friendly, at least."

It wasn't until she noticed a pair of glossy red high-heel shoes marching out of her closet that she was finally distracted.

"Hey, wait a minute now--what are you doing?" Susan asked.  The heels walked out and over toward her and the stockings. The stockings stopped playing with Susan for the moment, taking a step back. The left foot lifted itself up, the stocking apparently floating in the air by itself. One of the red heels slid forward, under the enchanted leg. The foot headed to the floor again, slowly and gracefully slipping itself into the heel. After the other foot repeated the same action, one of the heels stood on its toe and the stocking legs bobbed, showing themselves off to Susan. Susan took in this ghostly display until she saw the pink slippers walk their way back over to her dresser. As one drawer opened and another closed, a red cotton and lace bra danced out. "Come on, you can't keep doing this!" Susan barely protested. She was still smiling as she carefully shut her dresser drawer, making sure she didn't slam it on any other magic garments jumping out. She held her body against the drawers.

"Now hold up a second, I only meant the slippers! You can't just bring my whole wardrobe to life." Susan realized that after filling out its lacy cups and straps, the bra simply clipped itself and went to hover over the stockings. "Oh--are you just making an outfit?" The slippers jumped up and clapped their soles together, as if they were responding directly to Susan.

Since they seemed able to understand and communicate with her at some level--and at least kind of cooperative--Susan figured that the slippers were just showing off what they could do. Susan walked over to the bra, amazed at how the enchanted clothing functioned. Unlike the stockings and slippers, the bra suspended itself off the ground completely.

"That's...really cool." The pink slippers walked back into her closet yet again, but Susan was focused on the bra, which was apparently free of gravity. Not only that, but the cups and straps looked filled to capacity with the empty space occupying the other clothes. Susan pulled on the back strap of the bra. It bowed a little, but it didn't move very far. She let go and walked all the way around it, in awe of the floating lingerie. She bit her lip, looking at the cups. "I hope you don't, um...mind this, but--" Susan made contact with one of the red, lacy cups, running her fingers over it. There was resistance behind it as if there were actually flesh behind the fabric, pushing it out. "Wow," Susan said, squeezing both of the cups with her hands. "That's nuts!"

She looked down at the stockings directly under the bra, and waved her hands in the space between the two items. There was nothing there.

"I mean, I know it's pretty crazy for my stockings and shoes to come to life in the first place, but--what's holding you up there?" Susan reached down to one of the stocking legs and pulled on the elastic opening at the thigh. Susan let go as the stocking reacted to her, lifting up and bending at the knee. When the stocking toes allowed the shiny red heel at the foot to dangle a bit. Susan giggled. "That's just TOO cool," she said, running her fingers down the thigh and around the crook of the knee. "It's like an invisible woman is wearing you, only there's no one really there."

A simple white blouse hovered out of the closet, already buttoned up and filled out. It approached Susan, standing behind her as she played with the dangling heel. Susan pulled the heel off the stocking and held it, looking at it closely. All of the sudden, it became as heavy as a stone.

"Whoa, what's the deal with--" Susan realized the shoe was trying to pull itself away from her grip when it changed directions, moving up and pulling her arms with it. Susan laughed. "Easy, I'm just trying to see what makes you--" The shoe pulled up again, and Susan defiantly tightened her grip. "Just a second!" Susan said, standing on the tips of her toes. As she tried to pull the shoe back down to eye level, it fought against her.

Susan felt a tap on her shoulder, and she jumped a little, letting the red high heel go. The shoe curled around the living outfit and landed on the floor again, where the hovering stocking stepped back into it.  Susan turned around to find one of her white blouses "standing" behind her. Like the other garments, it was filled out to capacity, not so much emulating Susan's own curves as it was filling the clothing. The blouse never fit Susan so tightly, but whatever was filling it up--especially around the chest area--was well endowed.

"Whoa," Susan said. "You're gonna pop one of those buttons if you're not careful." She still wasn't really sure it did any good to talk to these animated articles. They always responded, but they didn't exactly listen. The blouse's chest continued swelling up little by little. Susan noticed immediately. "Hey, come on--I'm going to have to fix you!"

The blouse went on inflating as the fabric began separating at the front. Through the gap between the buttons, Susan could see inside the blouse to the back. She expected a button to shoot off at any time, but instead watched as the top button of the blouse worked its way out of the button hole. "Well, at least you didn't lose it," Susan laughed. The blouse spread open again, expanding further.  The blouse took a step closer to her and put its sleeves up. Susan took a step back and ran into the bra and stockings, bouncing her back toward the blouse.

"I--um..." The sleeves pointed at the front of Susan and pressed their cuffs against her waist. Susan was pushed back into the bra and stockings again. "Hey now, what's this?" The blouse started expanding again, popping another button open at the top. The billowy spread was right on top of Susan, with its arms extended. She let out a little laugh, shrugging.

"I guess you want a hug?" She wrapped her arms around the blouse, pulling it toward her. It pushed itself into her, sticking her face in the now-open chest. Susan's laugh mas muted by the inside of the shirt as she rested her chin on the next linked button and looked closely at the inside of the shirt. She could see the shape of her hands making shallow imprints on the back of the fabric.

"Wow, this is just sooo unreal. You've got a body that's not a body." Every other square inch of the blouse was pushed outward by invisible force. "But's it's strange--it's not hard, like it's starched in place or something. It's almost as if you know exactly how soft the body inside you would be." As Susan squeezed the shirt a little tighter, she gasped a little bit. The blouse pushed Susan backward, but she was caught and gently sandwiched against her stockings, bra, and--now there seemed to be something else behind her as well. Susan felt it pushing up and in against the middle of her ass.

"Ooh!" She put her hands behind her and felt a pair of cotton panties with lace trim. She ran her hand along the waistband and followed the seam from the top of the panties around to the front, right behind her. She traced her fingers inward to the center of the panties. Despite the fact that she could put her hands right through the legholes and examine the interior, she felt a familiar shape from the interior side of the crotch. The moment she did, the shirt backed away, releasing her.

"Aha," said Susan, stepping forward and looking behind her. "That was kind of--interesting." There stood a pair of red panties in lace and cotton, situated just above the stockings and below the bra. "Really interesting, actually..." Susan said. What exactly was it that these clothes were filling up with? Susan turned back to the blouse. "So why'd you back up when I--?" The blouse deflated and dove down at the ground, between Susan's legs. She stood still and watched it continue between the legs of the stockings. It picked itself back up on the other side and over-inflated again, waving it's sleeves at Susan. She grinned.

"So, what--you're playing with me?" The blouse collar moved up and down just before the shirt darted behind Susan, swatting her backside with a flattened sleeve. Susan squeaked, laughing again and turning around. The shirt flew a few feet back from her, bobbing up and down. It waved a sleeve at Susan. "That's pretty cute," Susan said. "You've got a little mischievous streak in you, huh?" The blouse pointed a sleeve at the closet, and Susan heard hangers sliding all over their racks.

"What now?" Susan asked, praying that she wasn't about to see a parade of clothes emerge. What she saw instead was a knee-length leather skirt. While the waist and the hem at the knee were modestly filled, the area around the hips was round as a beach ball in the rear and tight as a drum in the front. "Whoa," Susan said, wide-eyed. "I haven't seen that in a while, but I'm sure I never filled it quite like that." The hips of the skirt waddled back and forth toward the blouse, which met up with the skirt and slid into the seam at the waist.

Susan watched the blouse and skirt walk toward her. It held out its sleeves toward Susan, holding them together. Susan reached out a little, and a sleeve went up to meet her hand. Susan grabbed one sleeve as the other waved itself toward her other hand.

"Ok, I get it," Susan said, grabbing the other sleeve with her other hand. "Are we going to dance?" Susan asked. The collar of the blouse shook back and forth. "Well then, wha--!?" Susan was lifted into the air, and she felt a little rush of vertigo when her legs came off the ground as if gravity had ceased to exist. She gripped the sleeves of the blouse tightly. "D-don't drop me, okay?" She spouted, watching as the blouse collar nodded calmly. She looked down at the slippers and lingerie set, patiently watching as the blouse and skirt suspended Susan two feet in the air.

When Susan finally let go of trying to explain the phenomena happening to her, she giggled a little at the absurdity of it. She kicked her legs, a move the made the rest of her body twist the other way with her own momentum. She gasped a little bit and pulled herself closer to the blouse. The arms of the blouse wrapped around her, and Susan let out a little squeak when she felt the sleeves leave her hands.

After a few seconds of the blouse's embrace, Susan overrode her instinctual fear of undirected momentum. She realized now that she wasn't in any danger of falling. Whatever the motives of these enchanted objects now, they were incredibly gentle and playful. Susan began to think she was right about her assessment of the spell warnings--that they were probably more for evil, power-hungry types that would try and assemble terrible conquering armies of enchanted weaponry.

Susan wasn't interested in any of that stuff. Other than playing a few harmless tricks, and maaaybe getting her way a little more often, she couldn't see herself going mad with power or anything.

Right now, she was weightless, hovering around her master bedroom without a care, her arms wrapped around a soft blouse. It sounded more like a weird dream more than anything, but she knew it wasn't. Dreams don't involve clear memories of seeing your husband off to work or checking to make sure neither of your kids overslept for school. Dreams don't involve coherent over-rationalizations about an apparent book of magic she found in a dresser two weeks before. This wasn't isolated. This was reality.

For a second she wondered what would happen if she enchanted some of Andrew's clothes. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt the cuffs of her socks sliding off of her.

"Now what are you doing? She asked her socks. They landed on the ground, still shaped like Susan's feet. She watched them walk toward the stockings and heels until she felt her jeans unbutton. "Hey, whoa!" She let go of the blouse and tried to reach down to her waist, but the bottom half of the blouse sleeves deflated and wrapped themselves around her forearms, firmly holding them in place. She heard the jeans unzip as the denim began shimmying down over her ass.

"Don't--don't--" Susan plead, obviously not convincing the enchanted clothes. She felt the denim slide over her heels as the waist finished pulling away from the fullest part of her hips. The jeans quickly pulled themselves off, exposing Susan's plump backside and thighs. The curves were full and beautifully shaped. Susan's doting wife-and-mother lifestyle was an active one, and even in her early forties, her fit body didn't show any sign of slump.

The jeans reformed to Susan's curves on the ground and went to stand over the white socks. Susan didn't pay any attention to them, though--now her soft black bikini panties were busy pulling themselves down her legs. The waistband shifted a little bit at first, teasing her flat lower tummy, tickling her sides, and shifting slowly down the slope where her back met her gorgeous ass. Susan started laughing as the waistband tickled her sides. She struggled against the blouse sleeves holding her arms.

"Oo--ooh, you're strong!" Susan said between uncontrollable bursts of laughter. Her panties finally showed mercy and slid themselves down her thighs. Once they fell off her legs, it looked as is a pair of hands had plucked them from the air by their sides. After hovering for a second, feminine hips filled them again. The panties bounced over and slid into Susan's jeans like a glove. Now Susan watched as the stockings, high heels, and red panties walked over and right beneath her. Susan looked back to the blouse holding her forearms.

"I should have realized," Susan said. "You're going to dress me, aren't you?" The collar of the blouse nodded as the red panties hooked themselves around her feet and sailed over her calves. As the underwear worked its way over her hips and situated itself, the stockings rolled up and floated to her toes. The seat of the red panties squeezed themselves between her cheeks. "You're giving me a wedgie!" She squeaked, once again pulling her arms against the blouse's grip. As the stockings rolled on, they began tickling her--it felt like the soles of her feet had nylon fingers dragging across them.

Susan started giggling again, and the panties joined in employing the stockings' invisible finger treatment. Susan gasped as she felt the front of the panties trace over her clit. "No no no," Susan moaned, melting under the tactile assault. "No, let's not go there right now--please?" The panties relented, halting the movement at the front and puffing themselves out from between her ass. The fabric covering her cheeks squeezed them a little before finally leaving her alone again. Susan took a deep breath.

"Wwwwwwow," she said, looking at the blouse. "You sure know how to show a lady a good time, don't you?" The blouse's collar nodded slowly. She noticed the sleeves of the blouse loosening from around her arms. "Wait a minute now, don't let go, don't--" Susan was released. Her body tipped back a little as her shirt inverted, pulling itself up her sides and over her arms. She squealed. "I'm gonna--" she went quiet when her shirt pulled away from her face and revealed that she was still suspended.

The leather skirt unzipped itself and sailed toward Susan's feet. Still filled out, it sailed up her legs easily until the waistband had to squeeze around her ass. Once the skirt slid into place, it tightened, hugging Susan's thighs and straightening her legs.

"Wow, did you just move my legs like that?" Susan looked at her legs, both perfectly perpendicular with the ground. She was slowly hovering back down toward the waiting shoes. When she felt her bra unfasten behind her, she held out her arms, allowing it to slip off and fly away from her.

The red high heels slipped onto her feet as she was set back onto the ground. Her nipples were erect, already perked from all the excitement happening around her. The red bra facing her now opened its clasp, spinning a half-turn and pulling itself up over her arms. It settled itself over her and fastened again, lifting her tits. Now only the white blouse remained.

Susan's eyes darted between her former shirt and bra--which went to join the rest of her outfit--and the white blouse unbuttoning itself and heading for her arms. As the blouse pulled itself on, Susan's former outfit marched out of the bedroom when it was done assembling. The slippers followed behind.

"You guys can't just walk around anywhere you want," Susan said. "Hold on for a second!" The outfit and the slippers continued despite her request. That's when she noticed the outfit she was dressed in beginning to move. Her arms flailed, waving up and down. Her legs inexplicably spread before her lower-half went into a squat position. "Oh my god, what are you doing now?" Susan's body was bounding up and down, back and forth like she was performing calisthenics.

"I'm not even trying to move!" Susan said, amazed at the sensation of her body in motion without exerting any actual effort herself. The shoes and stockings on her thick, tone legs were making sharp, deliberate motions now. They quickly got used to controlling the body inside of them. Susan's clothes walked her to the side of the room opposite her full-length mirror. The outfit turned in front of it, and Susan's body went into a full hip-swinging saunter, heading straight for her mirror.

"Wow," Susan snickered, obviously impressed. "Those are some pretty sexy moves." . As she was walked closer to the mirror, the skirt turned her around and bent her over. One of her sleeves lifted her arm up and quickly slapped the end of it against her leather-covered ass. Susan giggled. "Wow, this looks really great on me!" she said, admiring herself in the mirror until her outfit turned her away and walked her toward the door. "Boy, you've really got full control," Susan said, eying the spellbook still open on her bed. "I hope you plan on keeping your pleasant demeanor," Susan said as as she was walked out of her bedroom. "I'm kind of at your mercy right now."

Having been lifted into the air and dressed by her clothes, Susan had no doubts letting the heels and stockings navigate the stairs by themselves. It gave her a fluttery feeling; even though her body was going through the motions, she was really being carried by her clothes. She trusted the magic outfit so much that she allowed herself to go limp everywhere save her wrists and neck, the only parts of her not being cradled by soft enchanted fabric.

She marveled at the decisive but gentle movement of her feet and legs as she descended the stairs. Once at the bottom the outfit turned her toward the den and back through the corridor leading to the kitchen. When the outfit turned her around the corner and into the laundry room, Susan spotted the shirt she was just wearing. Filled out and standing over an ironing board,  one of its sleeves was wrapped around the handle of a hissing electric iron. Susan let out a little gasp.

Fear of some kind of terrible clothing vengeance went through her momentarily, but it passed as she slowly realized what the outfit was doing. One of Andy's work shirts was on the board, and although the fabric against the board stayed limp and motionless, other parts of the shirt filled out, like the sleeves. After every pass Susan's shirt made with the iron, Andy's shirt would adjust itself accordingly, allowing the iron to reach the next part to be pressed.

"That's--that's incredible," Susan said, watching the clothing interact. Parts of Andy's shirt seemed to contract or shift when the iron went down. Susan wasn't sure whether the shirt on the board was a willing participant until she saw the big finish. Andy's shirt lifted itself off the ironing board and buttoned. It filled out, hovering over to a hanging rod and plucking a hanger from it with a sleeve. The sleeve dropped the hanger on its side into the collar. Susan laughed in amazement as she watched the hanger hook bob out from the top of the shirt. A second later, another shirt enthusiastically jumped onto the board.

"That's a pretty cool trick," Susan said. "If I had known that book was real--and that you guys were going to be so friendly--we could have done this two weeks ago!" Andy's shirt hovered behind the phantom taskmaster and wrapped its sleeves around the shirt's narrow waist. Susan smiled. While Susan couldn't exactly control the clothes, they seemed to be taking on the behavior of the household--busy, affectionate, fun...

Andy's finished shirt hovered toward Susan, bobbing in a sort of strut. It seemed to regard her for a moment before continuing through the den and back upstairs. She couldn't believe it. The outfit Susan was wearing when she started the pressing was now wrapping up the rest of the task without her. Susan thought about her no-longer-so-silly spellbook and the implications it might have if she didn't stay her sweet-and-humble self.

"Thanks, you guys." She said into the room, not particularly sure what she was talking to. "I was afraid that spell could have gone totally wrong, but I'm glad you're all being so nice to me." The shirt with the iron waved at her and bowed forward a little bit. Susan laughed. "Hey," Susan exclaimed, now noticing the space beneath the ironing board where she expected her jeans and socks to be. "Where's the rest of you?" The shirt pointed out the door toward the kitchen with its free sleeve.

Susan squeaked a little as her stockings, shoes and skirt spun her around to face the kitchen. Her heels clicked across the otherwise silent kitchen and led her body toward the living room. She spotted the pair of pink slippers jumping up and down on a loveseat, leaping from arm to arm and all over the seat cushion. Susan's socks did the same on the couch, pressing deep into the cushions and leaping up into the air. Her jeans were in Andy's leather chair, their legs up on the ottoman.

"Just don't hurt anything, okay?" Susan asked, thinking it more constructive than a direct command. The pink slippers bounced over across the tops of the furniture toward her. They leapt down and onto the floor in front of her. "You're just having a grand old time, aren't you?" The slippers jumped up and smacked their soles together. Susan started laughing again, but it was stifled by the sound a car turning into the driveway. She heard the automatic garage door opening.

"Oh my god, Andy's home!" Susan cried. Susan's socks quickly ran over aside the leather chair as Susan's jeans jumped out of it and joined the socks. The jeans and socks ran up the stairs as the slippers headed through the kitchen. Susan was turned around by out her outfit again as she followed the slippers. The rumble of Andy's sedan got closer, sounding like it was right next to her as it pulled into the garage.

The slippers stopped in the middle of the kitchen and turned their feet to the outside, standing on their heels. Susan didn't need to think twice to take it as a shrugging motion.

"Are you kidding me? My husband, the skeptic? He'd go out cold to find you and your friends moving around on your own like this. We've got to keep this between us, at least for now, okay?" Susan prayed the slippers were going to cooperate. As the car in the garage shut off, they jumped on their toes and stood together, bobbing their heels in a kind of nod. A car door opened in the garage, and Susan watched the slippers spring into action, heading into the laundry room.

A second later, the same car door slammed as the slippers headed out the corridor toward the stairs, followed closely by Susan's shirt, sleeve-in-sleeve with another of Andy's freshly-pressed work shirts. As the clothing turned the corner to go up the stairs, the door to the garage rattled open.

"Hi dear," Susan said, trying to cover up any sign of anxiety from her magic clothes' close call.

"Hey honey," Andy said, smiling at Susan briefly before doing a double-take. Andy's eyes went wide. Nylons? Lipstick red heels? A leather skirt? He wasn't sure what Susan had planned, but he was curious. "Wow. You look...phenomenal." He set his case down and stepped over to her.

Susan had to try hard not to react when her clothing walked her enthusiastically toward Andy. When he reached out to hug her, her white sleeves reached back, wrapping around her husband tight. Andy couldn't believe the grip Susan had on him. It was only a week since they last made love, but she looked ready for action. He'd never come home from work to find her dressed like that, not without some kind of reason, some special occasion. Her kiss was passionate, but it really drove him wild when she pulled one of her stockinged legs up around his calf and lightly dug her heel into him.

Susan hoped this didn't seem too out of character. She had to add the kiss to justify the steps her outfit was taking. It was like they wanted to be all over him, to rub against him and grip him. The sleeves were kind of a cute surprise, but she hoped the leg and the heel weren't going too far.

Something in Andy's pants said he didn't have too much of a problem with Susan's apparent new attitude...