Sadie & Maddie - 01

“Okay, just a couple more,” Rachel said, grabbing a flat box and turning it over to Sadie. “Where’s the other one...ah!” She found another box--the same size in the same wrapping--and handed it to Maddie. Sadie looked up at her with a raised brow.

“This isn’t really the ‘same gift for both of us’ thing again, is it?” Sadie asked. Rachel looked at the ceiling, playing innocent.

“Not...exactly.” Sadie puffed at Rachel’s half-admission. “Oh, just open it. If you don’t absolutely love them, I keep receipts...”

“Them?” Maddie asked. Sadie tore open the wrapping and pulled open the box to reveal a pair of flawless black leather boots under white tissue paper.

“Ooh...” Sadie smiled, pulling out a boot. “This is sooo soft. It’s--” She took a second look on the stitching inside. “--uh, holy shit.”

“Hey...” Rachel tapped her.

“Sorry, it’s--are these freaking imported?” Sadie asked. Rachel smiled as she watched Maddie pull a pair from her own box, these ones white.

“They are freaking imported,” Rachel mocked playfully. “Milan. Happy birthday.” Maddie showed off one of hers to Sadie.

“Heya--no borrowing these unless I say you can,” She chuckled.

“Only saints and virgins wear white,” Sadie shot back, grinning.

“Thanks a lot, Rachel,” Maddie said. “They’re gorgeous.”

“Glad you like them. I knew Sadie was a safe bet, but I don’t really see you in boots much.”

“Oh, I’ll wear these--for sure.” Maddie carefully wrapped them back in the tissue paper and placed them back in their box. “Was that the grand finale?”

“I believe so...” Rachel said, looking around. “Guys, did I miss anything?” Sadie’s friend Gabby sat up in realization.

“Oh, I’ve still got cards,” She said, plunging into her purse and pulling them out. “Cheers, guys. Happy birthday.” The girls tore open their cards, and out of one fell a $20 gift card to a clothing store. “Sorry,” she gritted. “I mean, I wasn’t sure whether I should get--”

“Hey.” Sadie said. “Thanks, Gab. We’ll put ‘em to use.”

“Yeah,” Maddie added. “Thanks a lot, Gabby.”

The phone rang.

“Girls,” Rachel called out. “Your father’s on the phone. I’m gonna put him on speaker, okay?”

“Happy birthday girls,” Sadie and Maddie’s father’s voice emerged from the speaker of Rachel’s cell phone. “How’s your birthday so far?”

“Great,” Sadie replied.

“You guys get anything good?”

“You bet,” Maddie said. "Rachel made sure of that."

“Listen, I’m calling because I can't home like I promised. I’m actually on my way to Hong Kong; the board wants me there to supervise construction of the new building. I’ll be gone for a few more weeks, but I'll be back for your spring break. Then I’m gone again until your graduation.”

“Sounds fine.” Sadie's tone turned flat. “We understand.”

“I’m sorry, Sade--but this is all for you guys. It's the long trips that bring in the money. I’ll call--” Sadie rolled her eyes. “Look, my flight’s boarding so I have to let you go." Sadie and Maddie's eyes met--exchanging anger and disappointment. "I’ll call you guys when I settle in at the hotel. I love you girls...”

"Bye..." Maddie said half-heartedly as the phone cut off. Sadie let out a sigh of frustration.

“That sucks, Sadie,” Gabby put an arm over Sadie’s shoulder. "I'm sorry." Sadie gave a shrug.

“It''s not like I wasn't expecting it." Rachel's heart sank as she heard the words, but Sadie was right. It wasn't the first time George had to choose between money and time. "But, hey--" Sadie perked herself back up. "Isn’t there a cake that still hasn’t been cut yet?”

As the party went on, guests shuffled out in their own time, eventually leaving the twins, their stepmother, and Sadie's best friend Gabby..

With their eighteenth birthday just about behind them, graduation was just a few months away--their heads criss-crossing with thoughts of college, adulthood and everything that goes with it. They had no reason to suspect that, hours from now, they’d be much more than legally recognized adults. They were about to cross a threshold that would change their lives forever. It would all start with a card Rachel had seemingly passed over among the others.

"Eh, what's this?" Gabby asked, clearing the remainder of the cake from the table. "You missed a card, dude."

Sadie picked it up, turning it over. It was a soft blue envelope with 'Sadie & Maddie' written in perfect calligraphy on the front.

"Dunno, but I bet someone went through a few envelopes getting that right. Yikes." She tossed it to Maddie. "You do the honors." Maddie pried a corner and carefully tore it open, pulling out an ordinary bond-paper card. There was a birthday cake on the front with '18' spelled in candles, and on the back, a barely-visible intricate pattern of off-white lines over the white background. Maddie opened it up.

"To Serafina and Madeline, my precious daughters," Maddie read, chuckling a little as she looked at Sadie, who motioned to her to read on. "You'll never know how proud I am of you. Seeing you grow has made me happier than life itself. As you recognize the strong and beautiful young women I know you'd once become, I wish you everything you could ask for from life. I love you both." Sadie whistled.

"Huh," Sadie said, clearly impressed. "It's almost like he knew he wasn't gonna be here today. Could you imagine reading this in front of him?" Maddie squinted at the writing.

"You--think it was dad?"

"Rachel gave us cards, dork. Who else would it be from?"

"Pretty writing for a guy," Gabby said. "Even from a dad."

"Well, I suppose he's trying to make it up to us," Sadie said, eking out a smile. "I'm still pretty pissed, but there are worse parents out there." She drummed her fingers on the table and looked at Gabby. "Gabs, let's see what fits and what's getting exchanged, shall we?"

"Yuh-huh," Gabby said. "I'll help you get everything upstairs." She looked at Maddie, still staring at the card. "You coming?"

"I'm gonna watch some TV, I think," Maddie said, never taking her eyes off the words. "Be up in a while, maybe."

While Sadie and Gabby were upstairs checking out Sadie's new presents, Maddie sat at the desk in the den, ignoring an almost muted TV. She was studying the card intricately, noting that there wasn't a smudge of ink--not even a sign of a stopping point from the inkwell pen.

She jumped a little when she turned the card over to see the same off-white pattern as before. Where her fingers gripped the card, the lines seemed to darken, radiating out on the paper in every direction there was a near-invisible off-white line. She dropped it back on the table and watched as the ghostly ink faded back to its camouflaged pearl color.

"Whoa," Maddie said, blinking her eyes. "Did that..." she left the card on the desk and pressed a single finger against it, hard this time. The dark ink flowed into the lines again, and she let out a laugh and pulled her finger away. Again, the lines evaporated. "That's cool as hell." She took the card at its edge, folding the back a bit. It gave, but didn't crease like she expected. "Um...e-ink?" Putting it on the table again, she placed all ten digits in the bottom corners, watching the lines fill with pitch--quickly this time. She watched as the lines filled the page, tracing a remarkably complex pattern of recursive geometries and impossibly fine lines.

"Sadie's gotta see this," she said, about to bolt upstairs to show her sister. When she looked back at the card, the pattern seemed to be complete, but now the lines were changing slowly, like gently flowing water. She held steady and watched until she saw what looked like characters. Not just characters, she eventually realized, but words.

“I know I’ve been missing from your life, and someday you’ll find out why. Enjoy my gift to you and your sister, Madeline. A will stronger than any man's runs through your veins, and your most intense desires can be made reality with nothing more than your inner fire--the feminine power of creation. Learn it. Master it. Command it. Today you inherit the world. -Lu"

“Lu?” It took a moment for Maddie to finally remember where she heard that name before. “Oh shit...Mom?”

The text on the card began to glow with a pale violet light. Before Maddie knew it, the pale light suddenly brightened to the point it was nearly blinding. Without warning, the den suddenly went pitch-black. The power had gone out.

Maddie could hear Sadie and Gabby call out to her from upstairs.

"Breakers!" Sadie shouted. "Was someone running the blender and microwave again?" Maddie regained her composure, trying to reconcile her thoughts with what just happened.

“Nope,” Rachel replied back. "I’m in the living room. You guys alright?”

"Fine," said Sadie. "Whoever's closest to the basement can--" At that moment, the lights came back up as if nothing had happened.

"Someone hit a pole somewhere," Rachel chuckled.

Back in the den, Maddie looked at the back of the card. All the text was gone now, and any trace of the pattern on the back was missing as well. Maddie put a hand to her face, wondering if she hallucinated the whole thing. She opened the card to see that same perfect calligraphy, and quickly tossed it aside on the desk, heading upstairs.

"Hey Mad--you okay?" Rachel asked as she passed by.

"Oh...yeah--good. Just tired. Long day." She stopped. "And, uh...thanks for everything today, Rachel. It sucks that Dad's not here, but..."

"Don't worry about it, kiddo. Have a good night."

"I'm just gonna run a bath, I think." Maddie said. "Unwind time."


As Maddie went up to her bedroom, she spotted Gabby pushing her hair out of her face and tossing her purse over her shoulder.

"Heading out?" Maddie asked her.

"Yuh-huh. Opening tomorrow..."

"On a Sunday? That sucks," Maddie said.

"Better than on a Saturday," Sadie chimed in. "Later, Gabs."

"Bye, guys. Have a good night." Gabby headed out as Maddie walked through the big bathroom to her sister's room, ready to say something.

"Hey," Sadie looked up from her laptop. "Something on your mind?"

“S-Sadie, I think I figured out where that card came from.”

"Me too, Poirot. It was dad."

“No," Maddie said, holding in a pause. "It was Mom, not Rachel OR Dad. Mom. Our birth mother.” Sadie slowly closed her computer and glared up at Maddie.

"I really hope you don't think that's funny--especially today."

“No--I’m serious. There was a secret message on the card and--”

"Secret message? What was it, invisible ink? Lemon juice on a toothpick?" She got up from her bed. "Show me."

“I can't--it’s gone now and I don’t know how to bring it back.”

“Seriously, I've had enough today. Out, please. Take a bath or something. Stop letting George's half-assed parenting fuck with your head." Maddie sulked toward the bathroom. "And do me a favor, never mention her around me again. Rachel IS our mom. She’s like the only thing Dad got right.”

As Sadie shut the door to the bathroom and turned on some music, Maddie ran her bath, constantly thinking about the card and the strange light afterward. There was no way she could mention that to Sadie, given her reaction to the message Maddie saw. Maybe it really was best to try and put it out of her mind.

Maddie slowly undressed and dropped herself into the hot bath, letting out a long sigh. She listened to Sadie's jazz coming from behind the door. Sadie's frustration bothered her, but listening to Ella and soaking in hot water and steam was already helping.

On the other side of the door, Sadie's eyes were fixed on her laptop screen. She stared intently as she raised a hand to her chest, pinching a nipple through her bra and biting her lip as her erogenous zone lit up. When the running water stopped in the bathroom, she notched her music up, wondering if a humming vibrator would be discernable through the soft cadences of rolling jazz.

It doesn't really matter, she figured. Kinda silly to think she doesn't know what I'm doing in here anyway. She leaned back and opened her nightstand drawer, producing a modest vibrator. When her eyes met the screen again, she displayed a hungry smile. Oh, to have her licking my boots...

She continued to play with her tits as her other hand deftly hovered over the waist of her stretch pants, pulling them down and over her thighs. She rolled the end of the vibrator into the on position and started at her mound, slowly moving to meet her clit with the tip of the toy.

On her screen was a dominatrix with coal black hair and dark eyes. She was a stacked latina, decked out in tight black leather and holding a crop. She was directing a pretty little blonde girl to worship her boots, pointing with the crop and making her kiss and lick them.

God, where do I get one of those? Sadie thought, watching the obedient blond follow every command. And those thigh-highs... As the blond lingually moved over the shafts, Sadie imagined the scent of leather and sex, running her vibrator over her pussy a little harder as her eyes wandered to the new box of boots next to her bed.

Imported, Sadie thought. I don't wanna make a mess of them, but--maybe just... She held the vibrator to her pussy as she pulled the box open, doing a double take when one of the boots tumbled to roll over onto its sole, almost as if it were righting itself. She held her eyes on the motionless boots and stifled a laugh. Yeah, I know--I can't wait either.

She picked up the boot, bringing it to her face and breathing in. Sensual, impossibly soft leather--not the plasticine almost-leather found in many of her boots, but real Italian craftsmanship. She ran the shaft down her cheek, closing her eyes and plunging the vibrator deeper.

In the bathroom, Maddie ran her fingers through her hair, letting it tumble over the back edge of the clawfoot tub. She relaxed, breathing deeply until she thought she caught the scent of...lavender and bergamot? She blinked her eyes open, looking at a bottle of scented mineral oil on the far soap dish.

I swear that was on the sink, Maddie thought. She shrugged, thinking of at least one way she could make this bath even better. She sat up to grab the oil, pouring a little bit into her hands. Starting at her collarbone, she massaged the oil into her soft skin, working it down the swell of her breasts and over her sides, slowing her breathing into a state of deeper relaxation as she focused on her own caresses.

Lavender, she mused silently, thinking about the purple light again. Somehow, the stresses and strange events of the day were melting away as she sat in the bath, finally attending to no one but herself. If I am crazy--I guess maybe crazy's not so bad. She smiled, crossing her arms over her shoulders and starting to rub them.

As she continued, she closed her eyes, drifting into the sensations of warmth and her own touch. She sank deeper and deeper into the feelings--more touch, more warmth...

Her eyes suddenly popped open, and as she continued rubbing down her shoulders, she distinctly felt fingers running through her hair, just like she'd been doing before the oil mysteriously showed up on the rim of the bath. Her first reaction, of course, was confusion. She only had so many hands. But when she stopped rubbing her shoulders, the tousling continued, sweetly and gently drawing her strawberry blond locks away from the water and behind her. To her own surprise--she let out another sigh and let her hands rest on the sides of the porcelian bath.

Whatever's going on here...don't fucking stop. The moment the thought swept through her, the fingers seemed to become stronger, massaging her scalp and continuing slowly through her hair. Was it a ghost? Her imagination? Was she dreaming? It doesn't matter, Maddie thought. I don't care. Touch me. Caress me.

Sadie was gritting her teeth now, watching the gorgeous dominatrix eaten out by another well-dressed sub. She held the leather shaft to her now-exposed chest, letting the cool leather shock her nipples as she wiggled back and forth against the vibrator inside her.

Sadie's hips cried out for release as she watched the commanding dominatrix lose herself in delicious oral sex. She wanted a wet, pink tongue against her pussy. She wanted--

"Ungh...!" Sadie cried, doing her best to keep quiet. As her fingers gripped the soft leather of the boot, her vibrator seemed to jump up a couple of notches--she could feel the motion all over her sex as she inched closer and closer to orgasm. Still staring at the screen and ready to come, what she didn't see were her slick labia, sliding back and forth as if they were being licked by an invisible tongue. The ocean of sensation simply built and built, and Sadie paid no mind to the ghostly ministrations except to mentally remark what a splendid job her little vibrator was doing.

It wasn't long until the fire in her was echoing through every cell, calling out to her environment in ways she didn't yet understand. With the sultry jazz playing in her room and her determined focus on her laptop screen, she didn't hear the rustling of rubber and leather in her closet.

She watched the figure in the video...strong, feminine, beautiful, cruel, demanding--it was everything she felt, everything she wanted. The last moment of her efforts culminated in a fantastic image of herself, decked in leather and tight latex. In command. She was in command.

As she came, her entire body quivered with all the legendary force of a sexual storm, tightening every muscle and pouring over an endless moment. Her mouth opened wide in a silent scream of pleasure as she laid back on her bed, killing the vibrator and letting her feel the contraction of her hot,  pulsating pussy. The moment her head hit the pillow, a framed poster on wall rattled and fell to the floor with the plastic thud of plexiglass.

Still shaking with ecstatic pleasure, she covered her mouth to stifle a giggle. If she knocked that poster off the wall by rocking on her bed, she had no doubt she was being too loud...and she didn't care.

Fuck it, she thought. You know who's not ashamed of the power of nasty, toe-curling sex? Someone in command. She smiled, looking up at the ceiling and letting out a deep breath as Ella Fitzgerald played on.

But she was wrong--even if Maddie had heard her, she was too in awe of what was happening to focus on anything else. The ghostly fingers through her hair had moved to her shoulders, and even when she opened her eyes to see the indentations of fingertips that weren't really there, she was calm as a monk, accepting everything she received.

The friendly touch was so familiar, so soothing and gentle that she wondered if was she was being greedy when she silently coaxed them down over her collarbone and toward her perking breasts.

"Ooohh..." She squeaked, whisper quiet. She watched in awe as the indentations slid down over her shoulders, sinking into the soft swell of her breasts and gripping them gently. Her jaw dropped. She sat up in the warm water, watching invisible hands gently bobbling her slick, oiled breasts.

It was when she imagined her tits pressed together by two soft, strong palms that the effect of the fingers became absolutely clear. Her C-cup tits pressed against each other, and she let out a giddy laugh, in disbelief of what she was seeing. This wasn't something else or someone else playing with her body....

It was her.

"Oh...fuck!" She exclaimed, loud enough for even Sadie to hear.

"Something wrong?" Sadie asked from behind the door, still laying in her bed and wiping down her vibrator before shoving it back in the drawer.

"Um--well..." Having snapped out of the moment, the fingertips at her chest disappeared. She blinked a few times, wondering if this was going to be the same as the disappearing ink. Uh-uh, she thought. That was REAL, and I'm going to prove it. She stared at the bottle of oil, still uncapped and resting on the edge of the tub. It was me. I was doing it.

Trying to navigate the misty doors between her conscious and subconscious thoughts, her mind pried at the outer limits of physical possibility as she focused on the bottle's cap.

In a matter of seconds, it rose off the ledge, turning itself over and falling clumsily onto the bottle.

"'Um, well', what?" Sadie called from her room. Maddie was beaming at her telekinetic feat. I did that! She celebrated silently. I made that happen!

"Is--uh...Sadie, did anything strange happen out there at all?" Sadie grinned like a cheshire cat, closing the browsers on her laptop and straightening her sheets. She couldn't help but be a little red in the face.

"Strange like...what?" She asked curtly, hiding her guilt with attitude. She turned the jazz down to hear the cacophony of dripping water when Maddie stepped out of the tub.

"Strange like...I need to show you something. Gimme a second." As Maddie dried herself, Sadie pulled a deep red cami and boy shorts from her underwear drawer, haphazardly pulling them on and diving under her covers. She pulled a book off her nightstand and pretended to be engrossed, waiting for Maddie to enter.

Maddie knocked.

"Entre-vous," Sadie said. Maddie had an uncharacteristic confidence on her face.

"I'd apologize for earlier...but I think that's gonna be your line," She smirked.

"Mad-e-line, what are you on about?" Sadie furrowed her brow, feigning irritation. Maddie cocked her head, looking at the poster on the floor.

"What, uh, what happened here?" She asked, picking it up and re-hanging it.

" had something to show me?" Sadie asked, letting herself break a smile.

"You turned down your music," Maddie said. "I was enjoying it." She looked at Sadie's old deck stereo and focused, trying to relax and let her mind remember how she'd hopped the plastic cap back onto the bottle. In another moment, the soft jazz was getting louder, notching itself up and up as the dial spun all by itself. Sadie's eyes jumped from the stereo to her remote, still sitting on her nightstand.

"How are you...!"

"It worked! It fucking worked!" Maddie shouted over the blaring brass and piano. Shaken, Sadie grabbed her remote and clicked the stereo off entirely.

"Maddie." Sadie asked, staring her in the eyes. "What just happened?" Maddie smiled mischievously, trying for something bigger.

"Watch." She focused on the remote, and when it wiggled in Sadie's hand, she pulled her hand back, dropping it and recoiling as if it were a live rodent. It never hit the ground.

"Dude, dude..." Maddie whispered excitedly, maintaining her focus on the hovering control. "I can't believe I'm holding it there..." Sadie's eyes went wide, looking from her sister to the hovering remote. After the initial shock, her inner skeptic forced her to sit up out of bed and reach out over the remote, waving her hands over and around it.

"H-holding it there?!" Sadie asked. "Maddie, how are you doing this?" Maddie reached her hand out slowly, and the remote hovered into it. When it was in hand, she looked at her sister, beaming.

"Your most intense desires can be made reality with nothing more than your inner fire..." She whispered to Sadie, sounding like some old Rosicrucian Esoteric. "The card, Sadie. That's what the card said. Do you believe me now?"  

"I just...I mean, how? Show me again." Maddie shook her head.

"I don't need to, Sadie. You can do it too. We both can. That's what the message said." Sadie put a hand to her mouth, looking around the room.

"Well--" She looked at the poster on the wall, and her eyes lit up. "Wait. No way." She stared at the wall-hanging, thinking about its coincidental fall right at the moment of her release. "Maddie, I felt it. But..."

"So just feel it again," Maddie said. Sadie blushed a little.

"I had the music turned up for a reason, you know," Sadie said, looking away from Maddie. Maddie rolled her eyes and laughed.

"You were, uh--letting off some steam?" Maddie asked. Sadie smiled a bit and shrugged. "Believe it or not--I...think that might be part of the equation." Both the girls laughed at the inference.

"You're kidding."

"The feminine power of creation..." Maddie quoted again. "Apparently that's what opens the door." Sadie looked back at the poster and shrugged, staring at it and remembering that singular moment of release.

Someone in command, Sadie reminded herself. "I'm in command." She felt a moment's rush of power in her body, imagining her image as before--a stunning, powerful, irresistable force...and now, it wasn't just pert young cunts that were going to bend to her will. It was reality itself.

She raised her hand and dropped it with an evil smile on her face, and the poster dropped, this time ripping the finishing nails and hook right out of the wall. When it happened, she put both hands up to her face and turned to Maddie with all the excitement of a 5-year-old on Christmas morning.

"It--it fucking worked!" Sadie said, busting out laughing and reaching out to Maddie. The twins hugged, both of them shaking with laughter and disbelief. After a few seconds, they let go, and Sadie's expression was softer now.

"Mom," she said, her eyes getting glassy. "It--did the message say anything else?"

"She said she was sorry for not being here with us," Maddie said, smiling, "and that we would find out why in due time."

"Nothing else?"

"Just that this is her gift to us--our birthright--and that we need to learn how to use it as well as we possibly can." Sadie laughed, her expression bittersweet.

"Thanks, mom," She said, looking at the sky. Maddie nodded and echoed her twin.

"Yeah, thanks, Mom." The two hugged again, and in the embrace, Maddie whispered. "You want to practice a little? Tonight?" Sadie pulled away.

"Why no, Madeline," she said sarcastically, a grin on her face. "By no means should we learn how to perfectly move things with our minds." Maddie laughed.

"Okay, okay--" she said, "but I'm not sure we're limited to that. The statement said 'make our will reality'. For what we've been aiming at, maybe telekinetic force was just the easiest path."

"So what are we limited to?" Sadie asked. Maddie shrugged. There wasn't any mention of a limit. There wasn't a word of caution.

"Maybe we're...not?" Both of them starting giggling again. "But that's probably a reaaaaaally good reason to start small."

"Today, interior decoration; tomorrow the world?" Sadie joked.

"I guess we're gonna find out." Maddie sat in Sadie’s desk chair and thought to herself. “So, possibly infinite cosmic power...what do we want to test this out on?”

Still sitting on her bed, Sadie looked over at her desk. Maddie followed her gaze to a pencil, which rattled a bit on the desk before hopping up and standing on end.

“Pulling things off a wall is all fine and...well,” Sadie said with some effort while the pencil began scribbling off-center circles on a notepad. “But I’d guess that fine detail work takes a little more effort?” Maddie watched as the pencil scrawled a haphazard S-A-D-I on the paper before it dropped. “Damn.”

“Maybe we’re thinking about it wrong. It’s just a matter of will--right? Maybe we’re trying too hard to do the work, and we should be focused on the result.” Maddie looked over at the same pencil, but this time, it picked itself up steadily and held itself against the paper at a more natural angle, as if a human hand was holding it. It swooped out loops and whorls of M-A-D-E-L-I-N-E in perfect script, jumping off the paper and turning end over end before it landed behind Maddie’s ear. She grinned at her twin, and Sadie just shook her head.

“Show off,” She laughed and turned to her laptop. “I’ve got an idea.” In a split second, her laptop rose off the bed and hovered in front of her. She gritted her teeth. “Okay, and without dropping anything...” Sadie closed her eyes, doing her best to focus. Maddie watched as a fast sequence of keys began typing a cohesive sentence on the screen. Sadie clasped her hands together. “There you go, Mad-e-line.” She mentally sent the laptop away, and it drifted back to its place on the bed. “Not gonna press my luck with expensive electronics anymore though. You’re up.”

“I’m up?” Maddie smiled. “That gives me an idea...” With a single thought Maddie pushed the chair out from under herself, but she didn’t fall to the ground. Instead she hovered in place, still in a seated position. She looked down under herself in disbelief, pulling up her legs and sitting cross-legged. Sadie started laughing.

“You’re fucking flying, Maddie.” Her sister shook her head.

“I’m levitating, technically,” Maddie said, matter-of-fact. “Flight is plus velocity...but we don’t really have a lot of room here, and...I’m not totally secure getting much higher than this right now.” Sadie narrowed her eyes, and Maddie started hovering closer to the ceiling. “Hey--hey!” She put her arms up, touching the ceiling. “You wanna mess around, huh?” She grinned.

Sadie felt her weight shift a little, and before she knew it, her entire bed was beginning to rise off of the floor. Maddie watched with satisfaction, stretching out in mid-air and reclining as Sadie golf clapped.

“Pretty good,” she said. “That’s you and the bed at the same time. Are you feeling anything?”

“I’m tired, but--aren’t you? It’s kinda been a long day.”

“I’m a little tired, but I mean it harder to lift more?” Maddie shook her head.

“I’m still focusing on the bed--” Maddie said as she slowly let it drift back down to the floor, “--but as far as this goes...” She turned a somersault in the air and drifted over Sadie’s bed. “I’m pretty much weightless. I think...mmm...” The bed drifted down to the floor with a mild thump, and Maddie’s eyes rolled back as the effects of gravity returned to her, dropping her onto the bed and bouncing with the full effect of gravity, as if she'd just jumped on it.

“Maddie?” Sadie leaned over her, and Maddie’s eyes fluttered open. She smiled.

“Whoa...that was fun,” She giggled, seeming almost intoxicated. “Say-dee?” Sadie chuckled, relieved. "I..." Maddie's eyes fluttered shut, and Sadie rushed over.

"Mads? Maddie!" Her sister blinked a couple of times and smiled.

"'s fine. Just shut off the lights, could'ja?" Sadie shook her head.

“Jeez. Let’s get you to bed, Maddie. Looks like this takes a little more effort than we thought.” She sat Maddie up, sitting next to her on the bed and propping Maddie's arm over her shoulders. "You're okay, right?"

"Yuh-huh," Maddie yawned, blinking. “Say-dee, what happens if I wake up and all of this is a dream?” Sadie helped her sister up, putting an arm under her as she walked her through the bathroom.

“Shh--we'll worry about that tomorrow. Let's both get some sleep.” Maddie blinked her eyes, looking around.

“Are excited as I am?” She giggled.

“Uh-huh. Just relax. I’ve got you.” Sadie maintained their balance as she brought her into the room. Almost there, Sadie tested something simple. Maddie’s blankets and sheets pulled themselves back before she let Maddie down into her bed. Now Sadie looked back at her dresser. “Let’s see...sleepshirt?”

“Mm-hmm...” Maddie nodded, more or less asleep.

“Alright. I got this.” Sadie focused, and one of the drawers slid open as a huge red t-shirt danced out. Sadie grabbed it from the air and turned back to her sister, making gentle gestures with her hands. Maddie’s clothes carefully pulled themselves off of her, starting with her shirt, which pulled itself up and over her shoulders. Her jeans unbuttoned and unzipped, sliding down her slender legs and down to her ankles, where they seemed to catch. "Little nuances," Sadie muttered, focusing as the jeans pulled away, heels-first, completing their task.

Sadie watched, impressed with herself as she made the clothes fold themselves and come to rest on Maddie’s dresser. Maddie's underwear unceremoniously peeled away from her hips, and her bra unclasped, hovering through the air and dropping onto the folded clothes.

“There we go. Now...” Before the sleepshirt tried to pull itself over Maddie, Sadie watched as its baggy form puffed out, looking almost like it was already draped over a person. She felt her focus strain a bit as Maddie’s torso sat up just slightly, her arms lifted into the air as the enchanted sleepshirt pulled itself over her.

“Mmm...” Maddie sighed, gently smiling as the soft cotton tee covered her up and escorted her to the surface of her bed. “I think I’d like...from before...” Maddie mumbled.

“What’s that, hon?” Sadie watched as Maddie’s hair began flowing back over her pillow, a few strands at a time. The motions continued, and Sadie realized that it looked like invisible fingers gently combing through her hair, tousling it.

She’s asleep--but that’s not me, Sadie thought. Damn. She realized that if they were doing these kind of things the first night--and Maddie was even using her new powers in a sleeping state, however small the effect--she couldn’t even imagine what they’d be doing a few months from now.

“Good night,” Sadie said as she made the bedcovers pull themselves back up, tucking Maddie in. “Don’t exercise that will of yours too much while you’re asleep,” she whispered jokingly as the door closed itself behind her. When she returned to her room, she sat on her bed--her eyes drifting with curiosity over to her absolute favorite present--the box of boots sitting on the floor.

“As for me...let's see what I can safely mess with and not wake the house if I drop it.” She picked up the box and placed it at her feet as she sat on the bed. “These seem pretty harmless.” A thought crossed her mind. If she could bring Sadie’s sleepshirt to life, then maybe-- “Walk.” It took her a moment to realize over the sound of her own beating heart that nothing was happening.

I must be doing something wrong here, she thought. Everything else was so natural. Do I not want this enough? Am I afraid?

Sadie breathed a quick sigh and snuck downstairs to see if Rachel was asleep. A quick peek through a cracked door confirmed her hopes. Reaffirmed, she snuck back up the stairs into her room. Her thoughts moved to the lid of the box, which gently slid off and fell onto the floor.

Alright, I can do this. Sadie’s thoughts returned to the video she had watched earlier. It was her innermost desire to be in command, now it was time to test just how far her command could extend. “I command you to walk.”

Just like the pencil on the desk, the boots rattled a bit, and suddenly the first jumped out of the box, its sole landing a wobbly hit on the plush carpet. The next one followed behind, jumping a little bit farther. The boots took turns, one step after the other with the flattened leather shafts bending and flopping with every step.

They're walking, Sadie thought, but that's not quite the effect I had in mind. They continued to march around the room, pacing back and forth confidently in a semicircle around her bed.

"No slouching," Sadie demanded. "You are boots for a woman with poise--act like it!" Sadie covered her mouth, hoping she wasn't too loud. When the boots ceased walking and stood together, her attention was drawn right back the the glossy black shafts. Starting at the toes and ankles, the slumping leather began puffing out, inflating like a leather balloon. Soon the creases disappeared from the calves, and the top of the shafts rounded out to tight ovoid shapes.

Finished, the boots took a step back, posing themselves as if they were showing off to Sadie, seeking praise for their obedience. Sadie bit her lip, watching the perfect forms turn and lift to their heels, making the tight calves bulge a bit. The image of a dominatrix flashed through her mind once more, and when the boots began walking again--really strutting at this point with a perfect heel-toe heel-toe rhythm--she felt the fluttery abandon of lust sparking inside her once more.

"That's impressive," She whispered, almost breathing the words. "If you can walk like a pro--" she started breathing faster, her heart pumping like a boiler. Dare she say it? "Jump up here."

The black boots approached the bed, leaping up onto it effortlessly. 'Jump' wasn't the verb she really wanted, but she held back. Some part of her still wasn't ready to dive in.

Now she was face-to-face with her own pair of dead-sexy enchanted footwear, practically licking her lips. She reached out with a soft hand, trembling as her fingertips anticipated the cool softness of the imported leather. Her mouth dropped open as she pressed against the shaft at the ankle. It was firm, but not hard. As she ran her fingers up the shaft, she curled them around the calf and felt the give of soft flesh beneath the delicate leather. She got up on her knees and looked down inside the fidgeting boots, marvelling at the fact that there was zero evidence of an invisible foot.

“This is surreal.” Sadie ran her fingers along the cuff of one of the boots, allowing her fingers to slide inside. In the same motion, she placed her finger on the boot’s zipper and pushed down, her breathing intensifying as the sound of the zipper plunging down the track hit her ear. She placed her hand inside the toe. Despite knowing full well nothing was inside, she could see the squirming of phantom toes on the outside. Her heart pounded, and she was lost in the moment, watching the living leather.

She felt something on her arm nudge at her. It was the zipper, attempting to push itself back up.

“Oh, got it.” Sadie laughed, pulling her hand out of the boot and allowing the zipper to finish climbing. "That's so crazy." When they finished, the leathery automatons stepped closer to her, putting their toes and heels together and bobbing slightly to her.

She wanted so desperately to pull the boots in closer, but she couldn’t bring herself to take her exploration to the next level. Her frustration was beginning to reach its zenith. As if sensing this, the boots climbed down from the bed, each heel click on her hardwood floor hitting like a lightning bolt between Sadie’s legs. It crossed Sadie's mind that they weren't even waiting for commands now.

"Hey, come back! I didn't tell you to--"

They reached Sadie’s closet, and a boot nudged the door with its toe as if to ask her to open it.

“What are you getting at?" She asked. The doors rattled and slid themselves open with some focus from Sadie.

The boots hopped in, and Sadie leaned over the side of her bed, watching them shuffle through the things on the floor. With a kick, one of Sadie’s high-heeled red lacquer ankle boots tumbled out into the room. A black leather boot scooped the other red boot in its vamp and tossed it, jumping back out and tapping its heel against the lifeless red boot below it. Sadie narrowed her eyes.

"Okay...but just--easy, okay? I saw what happened to Maddie when she pushed too hard. Chill out for a second, and I'll try those."

The imported boots bobbed to her, almost as if responding. It was a bit strange to be communicating with her boots as she would a pet, but so long as they stayed under her command...

“Okay," She sighed. "Let's do this. Up and at ‘em,” She raised an eyebrow as the little red boots wiggled on the floor, but little else. Sadie blinked a couple of times and took a deep breath, clearing her mind of everything but the glossy red boots. "Up!" she ordered. This time the boots righted themselves, clicking their heels together. Sadie's eyes went wide, and she smiled, finally successful. “Okay--now strut.”

The boots took off walking, slinking around her room like a lady of the night as Sadie kept picturing the attitude she wanted to instill in them. They stopped in front of her full length mirror, posed, and walked back. Sadie jumped a bit when they leapt onto her bed and stepped gently on her lap, wondering again if that particular move was in her intentions. She shook her head and smiled, sliding a palm down the side of one, cradling it like a pet before letting the boots jump back onto the floor.

"Alright, back inside," Sadie said, pointing to the closet. The cute red boots slowly walked back into the darkness. "Not bad," Sadie muttered, looking back at the leather boots.

Did they really pick out those red lacquer boots on their own, or were these effects coming from subconscious intentions? Either prospect made Sadie a little nervous--but this power was hers now. Crazy as all this was to try and comprehend, trying to bury her head in the sand might make her worse off.

"You're up," Sadie said to the black boots. "Let's try something else."

The black leather boots dug more out of the closet--this time a pair of hot pink stiletto heels. They rolled the shoes out onto the floor and paced over to Sadie’s vanity, tapping a toe gently against the bottom-right drawer.

"Okay..." Sadie curled a come-hither finger at the drawer, focusing as it pulled itself open. One of the boots leapt onto the edge of the drawer, letting its shaft deflate and flop down inside. When it came back out, a pair of thick white stockings were pinched in the shaft. The black shaft flung the stockings out near the pink shoes, and Sadie watched as they fell in a heap on the floor. The boot slid itself back into the drawer, its shaft reinflating as it seemed to dig deeper. When it emerged, a white garter belt was hooked around the toe of the boot.

"Alright...let's step it up a little. You take a break again.” The black boots walked over in front of the new items, standing steady. Sadie thought for a second, wondering where she should go first. She put a finger up, coming up with the perfect method.

Invisible people, right? That’s kinda what happened with the sleepshirt. That feels like what’s in the boots from the outside.

She imagined an invisible woman standing across from her, just behind the stockings and garter belt. When she pictured the woman reaching down and grabbing the belt, it rose off the ground as if plucked by two fingers.

“Oh, no way...” Now the other side of the belt pulled into the air, and as she pictured the woman stepping into the belt, it stretched over smooth invisible hips and contracted again around a slim waist. Sadie looked at the hovering belt in awe, making the invisible form dip down for a stocking next. The delicate nylon hovered off the ground but then paused for a second, and dropped.

Sadie blinked her eyes.

“Oh...fuck. Just like Maddie...” She braced an arm against the bed. As she started laying back on her bed, the black boots leapt onto it--stepping on either side of her and pressing her breasts together through her red satin camisole. “Mmmmm...” She reached her hands around to the vamps of the boots and held onto them, feeling her chest touched by the sweet, soft leather she’d been craving since she laid eyes on it. Even divided by a screen of satin, it was heaven. She took a deep breath, feeling the sexual fire moving from her chest and down through her pussy. She closed her eyes, lucid.

I’m in command...

She pulled on the vamps as the shafts rubbed against her chest again, making her body tingle with arousal. She pictured that image of power once more...her body wrapped in shining black couture, watching over her harem of submissives...fucked by a floor full of gleaming boots.

Her eyes popped open, looking down at the boots standing at her sides, their partly inflating shafts bent inward, caressing her stomach and pushing against the underside of her breasts. She wanted so badly to just let them between her legs, to ravage her clit and slide against the wet lips soaking her red boy shorts.

She sat up, pressing the shafts against her as she looked down into the hollow space. Unlike Maddie, she hadn't passed out--and she understood why.

This is all so strange, she thought, sighing as the animated boots worked their leather shafts against her, to be able to call out to things like this--and for this power to be recharged by...

She reached out to her bedstand, and the drawer rattled, shaking as it slowly opened. She reached into the drawer, grabbing her vibrator.

Damn, Maddie...what's gonna happen to us?

She turned it on and slid it under her boy shorts, holding it against her clit. She felt her body running hotter, the bootshafts working against her and kneading her chest gently as the vibration hummed through her sex, burrowing into her nerves and waking up more of her latent potential.

She let out a moan as she looked back over at the garter belt on the floor. When she imagined the invisible form inside again, it lifted straight off the ground, plumping to shape as if picking up right where she left off.

"Yeah...yeah--" She wrapped her free arm around the bootshafts, pushing her chest against the smooth enchanted leather as she focused on the lifeless stockings once more.

The stocking slowly picked itself up. Bunching together near the floor, the nylon slowly slid over invisible toes, yawning open as it pulled higher onto a shapely invisible leg. It stood steadily on the ground when it was finished, and the leg bent down with the belt as the other stocking picked itself up and repeated the process.

"Oh, fuck--it's working..." Sadie cooed, feeling the sexual energy dance through her. "More," She spat through gritted teeth, holding the focus of the imaginary woman as she held her vibrator against her clit. "More..."

Sadie snapped her fingers, and all four of the dangling garters reached for the stocking edges, clipping on and holding them in place. Her eyes opened wide as her power kept getting stronger, riding through her nerves as she pointed to the pink stilettos.

"Wear them..." she hissed, her words coated in the power emanating from her humming pussy. Now the stockings marched over and placed their slender translucent feet inside the glossy shoes. Sadie stared, amazed a the sight of the invisible lower half standing across from her. She panted on the bed, thrusting against her vibrator as her commands became guided by deeper and more subconscious desire.

Last time I wore those stockings and those fucking hot pink stilettos...

"The outfit," she growled, digging her fingertips into the bulging black shaft of her new boots. "I want the whole" She dropped her head down, nuzzling against the soft leather shaft as she breathed in its expensive leather scent. "I want to...fuuuuuck..."

Sadie's eyes were closed in ecstasy as a pink tube dress floated out of her closet, taking on her gorgeous shape. Two pink velvet opera gloves floated out after, resting at either sides of the dress and inflating to slender arms. The pink hands reached down to the hem of the dress, pulling it up so it could hover over the stockings and garter.

When Sadie opened her eyes again, she tried her best to supress a quiet moan, feeling the sexual quickening with great and greater intensity as she saw that reality complied with her wish. Standing in front of her was a symbol of her unquenchable sexuality--the shoes, the stockings, the very dress in which she truly followed her hormones for the first time in her life.

She stared at the tight unseen form as a flood of memories came back to her. The dance, her homecoming crown, blowing off the king just after their crowning dance to take Gabby to her car...

She remembered the look on the girl's face when she told her how she felt-- the giddy, electric feeling when Gabby reciprocated--the tremendous anticipation when she pulled away Gabby's flowing yellow gown and explored her body--the animal excitment when she ate her out in the back seat, tasting her sapphic appetite for the first time...

Those lustful thoughts energized her even more--and that energy was spilling beyond her nerves and into the world around her. She didn't know it, but her vibrator was now buzzing faster than it was designed to go. Sadie shuddered as indentations appeared in her soft red cami at the sides of her breasts, looking like fingertips wrapping around them and grasping firmly, working them into a hard massage. Her shorts tightened around her ass, squeezing the vibrator against her body as she let it go.

Her eyes lit up as she looked down at herself, seeing what was happening. She put a hand against her mouth, stifling a deep moan as her vibrator twirled and slid up and down on its own, working Sadie’s frothing pussy without her direction or effort.

Oh, fuck--my fucking powers--I'm...

Her jaw hung open. She felt the power flowing through her as she uttered unintelligable vowels, amazed at the capacity of her abilities as her enchanted underwear and vibrator danced against her and held her body. The pink homecoming dress sauntered over to the bed, standing over her trembling body and lifting its pink gloves up to massage the spread of the tight dress.  

How this was all possible didn’t matter to her now--nor did she care whether she was in control of her power or it was in control of her. All she knew was that she was magically fucking herself in front of a ghostly body wearing the dress of her sacrificed innocence, making everything dance with the power of her arousal.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck...” Sadie moaned as her boyshorts pulled themselves down over her thighs, sliding off of her and filling themselves out tightly. Now the vibrator spiraled down, pointing its tip up at her clit and gliding teasingly up and down her lips. The crotch of her boyshorts hovered over her face, soaked in her juices and coated in her scent. "Oh, fuuuck, fuck, fuck--what are you--mmffff!"

When the vibrator plunged itself into her tight pussy, the soft, wet satin crotch pressed against her mouth. She wrapped her hands around the crazed satin boyshorts, feebly trying to pull them away from her face even as she shuddered with pleasure. Before long, she relented, opening her lips and tasting herself all over her satin lingerie.


She was lost in sensation, unable to control herself. The intensity of this unintended self-domination sent even more power through her, and now the vibrator hummed inside her, teasing itself back and forth against her g-spot. She was breathing faster and faster, wondering how all this energy would come to a peak. She knew she'd find out before long--feeling the point of no return approaching deep inside her.

As the sexual quickening built in her cells, she focused on her prom dress, watching the gloves and thinking about those fuzzy pink fingers glistening with Gabby's wetness. Suddenly the dress rose up into the air hovering over the bed and landing between Sadie's legs on the knees of the stockings. The pink gloves grabbed her ankles and held them tight, forcefully spreading her legs.

Sadie let out a long, low growl as she experienced this strange paradox--her complete submission to her fantasies literally come to life. She had no idea if she could stop it--because she had absolutely no intention of doing so.

“L-laaa” She struggled to focus on the command. She wanted more sensation; more power...she knew what she wanted to make her come. "Leaathhher..."

Her eyes went wide as the black Milanese boots went back into action, leaping between her spread legs, held fast by the pink gloves. Her vibrator slid out of her and inverted, teasing just slightly against her clit, held aloft by a surplus of sexual energy.

Her pink cami abruptly pulled itself over her breasts, and now the jettisoned love toy hovered between them as an unseen force pushed her tits together, sandwiching the vibrating force between her breasts. She was about to let out an ear-piercing wail when her inflated boy shorts imploded to a ball of satin and stuffed themselves in her mouth, limiting it to a high, muffled moan.

She looked down between her legs to see the ultimate pair of boots standing between them at the ready. Silently, she begged for release. Subconsciously, her body promised a reward for delicious climax--one that would trump the whole of this impossible display of her day-old abilities.

Sadie watched achingly as one of the boots lifted to its toe, dipping toward her body until the vamp made contact with her clit. The boyshorts in her mouth held back every plea, every dirty request she wanted to shout. It didn’t matter. The power controlling the boots knew what she wanted--and that power only wanted the same.

The boot shafts slid back and forth against each other, alternating their work against her clit as if they were competing to touch her holiest of holies. She reached down to the leather shafts, grabbing hold of one in each hand and  desperately pulling them against her as her hips bounced and bucked against them of their own accord.

She whispered an intelligible ‘fuck’ over and over again into her lingerie gag, repeating it faster and faster as she held the slippery, sticky-sweet leather against her, coating them in her magical juices. The pink gloves released her ankles, and she closed her legs around the magically inflated shafts, pushing their leather against her cunt, tightening against them ike a vice.

As she grinded her hips faster and faster, Sadie felt a tremendous power flooding from her clit and flowing through her pussy, running up her spine and charging her with the power of cosmic sex. And when she knew she couldn’t hold on any longer...

The last thing she remembered was crying out from behind her gag, her body shaking from her base chakra up. The room dissolved to nothingness, and Sadie was lost in a dark, warm, wet place outside of time. There was only power and pleasure. No boots, no sexy clothing, no bed, no Sadie. Power...and pleasure.

In a trance-like state, a scene opened up to Sadie in her mind. She was splayed on a plush red carpet, her pussy being ravaged by exotic boots of all kinds. The scene seemed to flip perspective, and suddenly she was behind herself, looking up at a gorgeously detailed dominatrix outfit. The outfit was filled to a voluptuous shape, holding a leather crop and apparently watching intently as Sadie squirmed on the floor. The words echoed through her once more: This is your birthright.

When her eyes blinked open, she saw the boots resting against her. The rest of the room was motionless; her homecoming outfit was on the floor, deflated--her cami and boyshorts were next to her, wadded and soaked. The room was quiet.

She shook her head with disbelief, still panting gently from what was nothing less than a religious experience.

“And I just ruined my gorgeous new boots...” She said, looking down at the pussy-soaked leather between her legs. “I better take care of you before it all dries.”

She grabbed for the top of the shaft, jumping as it slid out of her reach and perked up, inflating to the shape of an athletic calf once more. The other at her side did the same.

“No worries, baby...” a sultry, smoky feminine voice spoke. “I loved drinking up every drop of you.” Sadie pushed her hands against her bed, sliding back against the headboard. "But I wouldn't mind a nice polish..."

Sadie gulped, shaking her head. “You're not--you didn't just--”

“All thanks to you,” they said. “And your generous sexual energies.” Sadie put a hand to her face, her jaw agape. “But could I make another request?” Despite her complete confusion, Sadie couldn’t help but respond to the strange voice coming from.

“Um...I--I guess?” Sadie shrugged.

“Lemme stay in the bed with you tonight?” The boots said, stepping closer. Sadie leaned back a bit. "So I can feel your warmth?" Sadie took a deep breath and nervously reached out to one of the glossy, pristine shafts, melting at the softness. She shook her head again, a slight bewitched smile curling her lips.

"You--you're talking to me..." She stuttered, gently stroking the living boot.

“You called to us," The boots said, leaning into her touch. "We simply obeyed." They seemed to hum with appreciation as the boots lay against her warm body, the leather snuggling against her bare chest. Sadie had no idea how she did, but she did. If these boots were sentient by her hands, she at least owed them acceptance.

"This power," Sadie said, "It's--I mean, it's a whole hell of a lot to take in right now. I mean, all it took was a little bit a time and my head in the gutter, and..."

"Well, I'm not disappointed," The boots said. Sadie stared, deep in thought.

“No, no--it's amazing,” Sadie whispered, “Fucking mind-blowing--but how do I find out more about this? About me?”

“Sorry, honey--I'm just leather, rubber and laces,” They replied. "But if I can help, I will." Sadie threw her hands up.

"Well, a girl can't ask for more than that from her boots, I guess." She stroked the leather again and shrugged. "So, uh--how about that polish?"