Sadie & Maddie

Sadie & Maddie - 03

After Maddie left to see Mitch, Sadie lounged around the house for a little while. She took another look at Lu's card, tried searching her mother's name and a few silly phrases like "real magic" and the like, finding about what she expected to find: nothing important.

She strolled back to the kitchen, drumming her fingers on the countertop. She looked at the stove clock, groaning when she realized it was only 11:30. Gabby wasn’t set to get off of work until three, and Sadie was dying to tell someone about this.

“Okay, okay,” She sighed. “If I’m bored, it’s my own fault.” She wondered how soon Rachel would be home From running errands, figuring that she could practice with her powers with a little more space so long as she had the house to herself. "Alright, so--dishwasher's clean, right?"

Sadie looked down at the appliance. The lock lever threw itself over and the door opened down. She brought her hand up to the bottom rack, which jiggled and rolled out. She stared at a fork, which spun up out of the rack and over the kitchen counter. It was followed by a spoon, a ladle, another fork...

Sadie looked over at the silverware drawer, which slid open slowly and shakily. Suddenly, a loud cacophony of metal on stone clangs danced over the granite. A couple utensils fell back into the rack as others left a trail of silverware across the counter.

"Yow. Okay." Sadie tapped her fingers on the counter again. "That really couldn't have weighed too much, but--" Sadie looked at the cupboard under the sink and snapped. The pink rubber gloves flopped out, hovering into the air in front of her. "You were pretty helpful before--let's try this again, shall we?"

As she focused, the pink rubber gloves puffed up, once more inflating to dainty feminine hands. Sadie smiled as she pointed at the fallen silverware. The gloves gracefully moved to the utensils, picking each up and placing it in the closed palm of the other glove. Once they got the scattered items, the gloves floated over to the silverware drawer and carefully placed each one inside.

"Very nice!" Sadie clapped. "I'm just glad I didn't start with the glasses..." As she directed the gloves back to the dishwasher, they corralled a stack of plates between their rubber fingers and hovered up to a cupboard over the counter, which opened itself in wait. Sadie smiled, feeling excitement and confidence filling up in her again as the squeaky pink gloves went back for more.

By the time the bottom rack was emptied, she simply watched as the gloves gracefully navigated pink fingers through mug handles and hung them on their under-cupboard hooks. Finally, they carried the glassware to the cupboards two at a time, with Sadie not even needing to assist in opening each cupboard with direction now.  The more she did, the more the ability seemed to 'remember' the process on its own.

They finished by placing a tall glass in front of her on the counter and retreating to the fridge to grab a jug of orange juice. Once her glass was poured and the pink gloves went to replace the jug, Sadie decided to get cocky, levitating the filled glass up in front of her even as the ghostly gloves closed the fridge again.

"Not bad, huh?" Sadie said to the pink gloves hovering beside her, waiting for their next command. She reached out and took hold of the glass, gulping down the juice and turning her attention to the stove. "Hmm...why don't we hit that next?"

The gloves sailed back under the sink as the cupboard opened again, coming back out with a spray bottle of kitchen cleaner. One pink glove carefully sprayed down the stovetop while the other went for the sponge on the sink.

Sadie bit her lip, anxious to try more now that even separating the gloves and having them perform as single hands seemed effortless. She looked out to the laundry room, seeing another relatively low-risk task. A long dust mop leaning against the wall stood at attention and slid out of the laundry room, sailing along the kitchen floor and picking up the excess grit.

"Freaking awesome..." Sadie said, her eyes wild as she felt her skin tingling. She leaned on the counter, draining the OJ from her glass as she watched the mop and gloves finish up their tasks. The gloves put away the spray bottle without her even thinking about it, and now they were wiping away any excess cleaner with damp paper towels as the dust mop shook itself out over the trash. "You're done," Sadie said, waving the dust mop back into the laundry room.

The gloves threw the damp wad of paper towel away and reported back to Sadie, hovering before her and waiting for direction. Sadie almost reached out to grab the pink hand when the scent of bleach reminded her not to.

"Um--wash with some dishsoap, ladies." Sadie said. "I've got more in mind for you--but you can't leave the room quite yet." The pink rubbery gloves obeyed, sailing over to the sink and holding their hollow hands under the faucet. The bottle of soap turned over, squirting itself into the pink palms. Sadie watched closely as the gloves gently washed each other, just as Rachel would her own hands. As Sadie watched the hollow rubber forms, she was reminded of the clothes she'd animated.

There was something about the analogous form of an intangible being that made the animations easier than, say, having a bunch of single items hovering around on paths all their own. The line of silverware made that distinctly clear.

Or was it excitement? The gloves cleaning up the kitchen weren't velvet--but they shared the same hot pink color as the long soft gloves that went with her homecoming outfit. She kept thinking about the night before, and turned back to the laundry room again.

She felt butterflies in her stomach as she wandered into the laundry room. A bunch of Rachel's bras were draped over the drying rack, completely dry by now--having been there since the night before. Sadie shrugged and smiled. If she was was going to drop something, nothing was safer than clothing, right?

Sadie grinned, pointing at a lacy black bra. The open back-straps lifted first, the free ends pulling the rest of the bra with them. As Sadie focused, the bra righted itself. The shoulder straps lifted and rounded out as the back strap hooked together and puffed outward. Sadie shook her head, giggling as the scalloped black cups swelled with nothingness.

She beckoned to Rachel's phantom bra. It floated over to her, the cups seeming to sway and jiggle a bit as the lingerie came to a halt. Sadie's eyes went wide as her thoughts made a blue satin bra on the rack begin to tremble with movement. Sadie came to the realization that this was only going to get easier...

Just then, she heard Rachel's car pulling into the driveway.

"Shit! No, stop..." She waved to the blue satin bra, which ceased its motion. "You too," she said, shooing the lacy black bra. "Come on, back on the rack." The black bra unclipped and hovered back to the rack, draping itself over and dropping. Sadie walked back out into the kitchen, the gloves moved toward her and slid themselves over her hands. "Good, you ladies have the right idea."

She took a deep breath, peeking back into the laundry room to see that there wasn't any other lingerie moving on it's own. Once she was satisfied, she flung open the door to the garage.

"Hey Rachel!" She said, beaming.

"Ah, you're up! I guess I expected you both to sleep late this morning, but Maddie's gone somewhere too?"

"Mitch's," Sadie shrugged, watching as Rachel went around to the trunk of the car. "Anything I can help with?"

"Sure, if you wouldn't mind." Rachel and Sadie grabbed grocery bags out of the trunk, placing them on the counter. "Thanks for cleaning! You did the stove too?"

"Yeah," Sadie chuckled. "Had some time to kill."

"Wow," Rachel said, looking everything over. "Even I don't get the kitchen this sparkling. Good job."

"Well, thanks for the party yesterday, Rach." Sadie peeled the gloves off of her hands, placing them back underneath the sink. While Rachel took some toiletries to the bathroom, Sadie whispered as quietly as possible into the cupboard. "Try to hold still for a while for me, okay?"

"So what are your plans today?" Rachel asked as she left the bathroom.

"Uh, I guess Gabby and I are going out after she's done with work," Sadie said, shrugging. "In fact, I guess I should get myself together and take a shower or something."

"Ok, hon." Rachel continued putting groceries away as Sadie headed to the stairs.

Back in her room, she nodded at her door, which slowly shut on its own. She raised her hand to her closet doors, parting them with her mind.

"Hey," she whispered. "You in there?" The black leather boots trotted out, marching over to her.

"Hello, lovely..." One of the empty boots lifted off the ground curling its ankle around the back of her calf and sliding it up and down. Sadie giggled, crouching down to stroke the empty leather shaft of the standing boot.

"I'm sorry you have to keep so quiet in there," Sadie said, "But I figure when I'm in here, you oughta be able to hang out."

"No worries," The boots replied. Sadie smiled wide and went to her bed to sit. "So you've been practicing," the boots said.

"You can tell that?"

"I'm made of magic and eau de you, honey," they responded, walking over to her dangling feet and continuing their game of footsie. "I can tell a few things." Sadie looked down, watching the toe of a boot pulling up on the baggy leg of her sleep pants. "So...what do you wanna do?"

Sadie blushed. She could think of a few things, but for now...

"I was kinda hoping to keep practicing up here," Sadie said. She heard a noise from downstairs and realized she was no longer whispering. "Guess I should make a habit of this," she whispered, pointing to her stereo. It turned on, playing the smooth, sultry Ella she was listening to the night before.

"'re in that kind of mood again, are you?" The boots asked, one of the leathery toes sliding under her sole and tickling her as it teased the length of her foot. Sadie nervously laughed, shaking her head.

"No, not just yet. How about a little something more active?" She stood up, breaking contact with the boots and walking over to her desk where her MP3 player sat. The ghostly black leather was already getting her mind wandering, but she was doing her best to take it slow. She could already see that her obsession was going to be a hard habit to avoid.

"You said you wanted to practice, didn't you?" The boots asked.

"Well...yeah," Sadie shrugged, MP3 player in hand.

"So why do that by hand, babe?" Sadie looked down at the MP3 player and chuckled.

"Still getting used to it, I guess," Sadie focused on the player, letting it go as it lifted itself into the air and hovered over by her stereo. She narrowed her eyes a bit as a cable plugged into the stereo's auxiliary outlet snaked into the air, meeting up with her MP3 player, which placed itself on the shelf.

The stereo began playing rollicking latin dance, and immediately the boots danced to the center of the room, stepping and moving to the rhythm of the music. Sadie watched them get down, joining them and rolling her shoulders as she moved around an invisible dance partner.

"Nice moves," Sadie laughed, watching the empty boots shifting and playing at her feet.

"You think so?" The boots asked. "Maybe you'd like to try them yourself..." As Sadie danced on, the boots unzipped themselves. The shafts curled down and the opened boots presented themselves to Sadie.

"You mean you want me to step into you?" She asked.

"You're kidding, right? That's what I'm made for, honey. Come on." Sadie looked down at her sleep pants.

"These are a bit long," She said, making excuses. "I don't wanna--"

"So lose them," The boots said. "Come on, Sadie...don't make me beg." The giddy fluttery feeling came back as Sadie made the waist of her sleep pants yawn and slide down her legs, dropping around her ankles. In her satin cami and black cotton panties, she licked her lips, stepping into her enchanted boots.

The moment her bare feet touched the soft, cushiony leather, the shafts stood at attention, wrapping up her smooth calves and zipping her in. Suddenly her body shifted forward, pulled by the motion of the living boot.

"Whoa...!" Sadie found the undirected motion of her legs unnerving at first, but soon caught the bearings of the dance steps. Before long, she was laughing and swinging her body to the movement of her possessed feet. "Oh god, this is awesome!" She looked down at herself, moving effortlessly to the rhythm. "You and I are gonna have to go out sometime." Sadie wiggled her toes in the boots, prompting a squeeze back from the leather hugging her feet and legs.

"Mmm...this is heaven," the boots groaned in a sultry tone. "I could hold you like this all day." Sadie gasped as she felt ghostly sensation at her soles. Suddenly the leather inside was massaging them softly. She looked down again to the see the leather shafts contorting and pressing against her in the shape of invisible fingers. "Ooh, I can feel that energy welling up in you, my dear--practice some more."

Sadie swung around as her boots stomped and shimmied in front of her closet. She held a hand out to the open space, smirking as her flesh was met by a pink, velvety-soft glove. As her boots danced her back away from the closet, she pulled the enchanted glove with her. Following behind it was the shiny pink tube dress, slowly filling itself to her shape again. The pink stilettos danced out of the closet to meet up with the dress, and the white garter belt and stockings followed, drifting out flat and bobbing to the beat before filling themselves--starting at the toes and inflating the translucent legs.

Sadie bit her lip, magically danced by her boots as she squeezed the pink phantom hand. Her invisible dance partner's dress hiked up, letting the hovering white legs step into the dancing pink shoes without missing a beat. Once the outfit was together, the velvet glove firmly grabbed a hold of her hand and pulled her into a twirl, landing her against the tightly-filled tube dress as she effortlessly followed a close tango. The other pink hand reached up to grope her satin cami, and Sadie sighed before grabbing the wrist of the living glove and pulling it away.

"Hey now--one step at a time," She giggled, playfully slapping away the grabby fingers. Her boots laughed under her.

"They wouldn't do it if you didn't want it that way," the sultry voice said, squeezing her feet with leathery softness as she was backed toward the bed. Both Sadie and the dress fell onto it, but Sadie pinned the pink wrists back against her duvet and straddled the smoky invisible legs.

"How do you like it?" Sadie teased, letting go of the velvet gloves and squeezing the shiny pink tits of the tube dress. Her eyes widened as invisible nipples hardened behind the stretchy pink material, and she giggled again, tweaking the dress' new details as she rocked her hips against it.

"Oh man, what am I doing?" She chuckled. "I've got to stop this, or I'm never gonna leave the house." The pink gloves lifted off the bed and slid down her sides, grabbing her ass and squeezing. Just like last night, the further Sadie went, the more her power flowed--and like last night, she didn't have to consciously detail what she wanted from her animated clothes.

"Sadie?" She heard Rachel's faint voice over the music. "Say?" Sadie's eyes went wild with panic.

"Shit, shit..." She whispered, hopping off of her bed. She nodded at her stereo, and the volume dial spun down to almost nothing. "Yeah?" She called back.

"Can you chill on the music just a tiny bit?" Rachel called. "I can hear it all the way in the kitchen!"

"Sorry!" Sadie said, taking a deep breath. She turned the music up a bit and carefully pointed at her door, opening it a crack. "Better?"

"Yeah, much!" Rachel called from downstairs. Sadie breathed out, blinking a couple of times before waving a hand at her door to shut it again.

"Oh!" She looked down to see the pink gloves at her chest, massaging her tits through her satin cami as she let out a little moan. "No, nooo...I want to, but I have to cool it."

She looked into her bathroom, thinking about how simple and effortless the affections of the homecoming outfit were at this point.

"Maybe I should practice somewhere even more private." She caressed the pink gloves kneading her chest as her eyes rolled back. "Hey...nice as this is, I’m gonna get in the shower. Be good and hold off a second." The gloves went back to the sides of the dress, which sat up in her bed now. "You know--since this all still seems pretty manageable, I've got an idea."

Sadie lifted her arms, and her satin camisole glided up off her shoulders, sliding over her skin and teasing against her own perking nipples. It hovered back down to her level, filled to her shape.

"Question for you," she said, bending over to look at her boots. They unzipped, releasing her legs and giving her soles one last tiny tickle, making her squirm.

"Yes, my dear?"

"You're like...alive, pretty much..." Sadie said, stepping out and watching their shafts zip up again. "That means--you have your own kind of energy, right?"

"I mean, I don't really know...but I suppose it feels that way," The boots said. "I feel stronger when you're feeling horny, for sure--but I don't feel as if it's necessary for me to move about." Sadie thought for a moment, standing topless and looking at the filled out boots.

"I was thinking more than just getting around," Sadie said, smirking. "I wanna try something." She glanced down at her black cotton panties, feeling the slightest hint of her wetness against the cotton. She bit her lip, and the cotton underwear wiggled on her hips, making her shudder delight. "Unggghh..." She put her hand to her mouth, biting down on her fingers to keep herself from moaning too loud as the soft cotton worked itself against her pussy, sliding back and forth and wetting themselves against her slickness. Sadie pointed a finger at them, and they slid down her hips, the front sticking to her wetness for a moment before finally falling.

"Mmmm, you're such a tease..." The boots said, squirming around as they felt her echoing energy. The velvet gloves were busy playing with the tube dress' swollen tits, almost as if all the animations were getting something out of Sadie's shameless display.

"Here," Sadie said. "I have no idea how, or even if it's possible, but--" She directed her black panties to fill to her shape and hover over her boots just above waist level. She could see her slickness soaked through to the front, making the magically inflated panties glisten in the light of the room.

As with her first attempts, she focused on the boots and panties as if they belonged to a single invisible woman wearing them both.

"Oh, Saaaadie..." The boots groaned, standing on their toes as the feet fidgeted. "Mmm...oh fuck--I can taste your honey...!" Sadie put a finger up to her lips, gritting her teeth.

"Shh!" She stifled a laugh. "We can't let Rachel hear stuff like that..."

"Gawwwd, I'm sorry, but...mmmm..." The ghostly panties hanging in space above the boots seemed to plump, their ass slightly inflating as the front of the panties revealed the shape of an emulated pussy. "Oh, fuck fuck fuck..." The front of the panties began moving slightly up and down, as if an invisible woman in panties and boots was playing with herself.  

"Whatever you guys do, keep the noise level to a minimum." Sadie directed her hovering satin cami in place over the panties, and the boots cooed again. The chest of the cami inflated, filling the top tightly as nipples took shape at the peaks of the swell. "Deal?"

"Fuck yes," The boots said, carrying the panties and cami over toward Sadie's dresser as they walked across the room. The overfilled cami turned back to her. "Can I...bother you with one more request?" Sadie looked down at the slender black leather gloves on her dresser, smirking.

"Lemme guess..." Sadie stretched her fingers out, articulating them. On the dresser, the leather gloves filled up with nothingness as they positioned themselves on either side of the outfit. The moment Sadie let the thought go, the gloves lifted themselves to the billowing, satin chest, pressing their leather fingers into the soft material and squeezing.

"Oooooh yeah, honey." One of the gloves gave Sadie a thumbs up. She snorted a laugh.

"Based on what I'm seeing, you two are gonna get along just fine without me...just remember,” Sadie said, fading into a whisper, “Qui-et-ly. I don't want to find a priest or the military waiting for me when I get out, okay?”

A black leather glove saluted her. She shook her head and rolled her eyes, letting out a laugh. She looked down at the pink gloves still fondling the chest of the homecoming dress.

"This is all way too weird," She sighed, heading toward the shower.

"You know you like it," The boots whispered.

Sadie walked into the bathroom, looking at the shower door, which slid open without too much focus. Between Sadie's playful teasing and the magic boots' own excitement at their new extensions, her sex was primed, coated in arousal and anticipation. Being able to give her living boots a fuller form made her wonder what else she'd be capable of with more practice--especially under the powerful augmentations that sexual excitement provided.

The hiss of the water started up as the knobs spun themselves. Sadie waited for the water to adjust, holding her hand out after a few seconds and asking silently for it to get just a bit hotter. The knobs adjusted accordingly, and when she stepped over the wall of the tub into the shower, the lucite door slid itself closed once again.

Sadie stepped into the hot stream of water, feeling the warm, wet tingle dancing down her chest and over her breasts. About to step into the stream, the handheld shower head suddenly lifted off of its post, streaming water just over her arms and shoulders. She felt the wetness hit her hair, marvelling at the sight of the suspended shower head snaking itself directly over her scalp.

“Do I even need to ask for help anymore?” Sadie asked, a pleased sigh escaping her lips. “Not that I’m complaining--keep it up.” Talking aloud to an enchanted object that couldn’t answer, she realized she really had no idea if anything had the capacity to listen. But much as the one-sided communication felt strange to her, it seemed to minimize her need to focus on the specific action when she articulated commands as if she was talking to a servant she couldn’t see.

As she turned to reach her bottle of shampoo, she found it hovering. It popped open and overturned, squirting a thick viscous stream of pearlescent white into her hand. The bottle returned to the shelf as Sadie lathered up both hands and wove her sudsy fingers through her dark mane, gently massaging her scalp.

In the meantime, the serpentine shower head that had carefully wet her hair targeted lower now, starting at her neck and running along her body. It swirled over her shoulders and under her breasts.

She watched the magical device dance over her skin, entranced by her newfound power. If inanimate matter inexplicably bent to her will just because she was a little turned on--why would it be limited to solid objects? She looked down at her glowing skin, watching the warm water run over her curves, trickling down her stomach and over her pussy.

As if answering her unspoken question, the water began defying gravity, pooling beneath her breasts and around her hips, sending thick streams running over her ass and down her thighs. She let out a gasp, watching the water begin to massage her, gently kneading her breasts and playfully parting her labia and lapping at her clit.

"Oooh, fuuuuuck..." Sadie moaned, grabbing a hold of one of the sliding lucite doors to steady herself. “Mmm...yeah. That’s good. More.”

The showerhead floated over her, and she tilted her head back to let it rinse out the shampoo, working her fingers through her hair once more as the tendrils of water eased. Now Sadie's loofa and bodywash hovered in front of her. The plastic bottle squirted soap into the looped fabric and lathered itself up. The showerhead returned to target her body again as the puffy loofa danced over her skin, washing her and tickling her more sensitive areas.

Her conditioner bottle joined the mix, pulling the same trick as the shampoo--except that this time, the viscous fluid never met her palm. She watched in wonder as the globule of conditioner seemed to hover over her palm for a moment before spreading itself thin over a wide, invisible surface.

“No...way,” Sadie said, staring at the thin glossy forms before realizing that she was looking at a pair of invisible hands. They held themselves up to her, and she nodded, her mouth hanging open in disbelief.

Now her body was being coated in suds by an enchanted loofa as invisible fingers slicked her hair with sweet-smelling conditioner. Between the heat, the magic water and the wandering invisible fingers, she wondered how far this not-so-ordinary shower was going to take her.

Just then, her razor and shaving cream hovered into view.

“Hmm...” She slid her hand up her calf. “I guess I need to, but...” She looked at the razor hovering in space. “Not that I don’t trust these wonderful fingers, but I think I’d like to do this part myself if it’s all the same to you.” She grabbed the razor handle from the air, and the floating shaving cream canister responded by shaking itself up.

Water washed over her body, sending the soap swirling around the drain. Once she was well rinsed, she watched the shaving foam grow as the button pressed down on the canister. A couple of sizable globs spread over her thighs and down her calves, tickling her as it spread behind her knees and up to her bikini line. Another small glob spread itself over her pubic hair, and she sighed as she felt fingers working over her mound, making sure she was well-lathered.

“Hmmm--guess we’re doing everything today.” She carefully swept the razor from her ankles to her knees in neat lines, moving slowly and comfortably. She took her time, left alone by any enchanting distractions as she shaved her thighs, trimmed her pussy, and watched as the razor slipped out of her fingers and set itself down.

"Maybe next time I'll let you go solo," Sadie smirked at the razor. "I just don't trust my focus for something so delicate yet."

The showerhead moved in for a final rinse, and this time, Sadie ran her fingers through her hair and over her smooth skin, teasing at her own nipples and playing over her pussy. She was feeling just as charged as the showerhead reseated itself and water shut itself off.

The shower door opened itself as Sadie stepped out, greeted by a fluffy towel. Sadie held her arms out, letting the towel dab against her soft skin. A smaller towel jumped off the hanging rack and spiraled around her hair. She looked in the mirror, grinning. With all this stuff happening on its own, she wondered how much more she’d be capable of when she was at full tilt. She thought about the gloves and the dustmop earlier--the silverware falling from the air when she couldn’t hold her focus that morning.

By now, there was no sign at all that her abilities were coming up short--and the more turned on she was, the stronger she felt.

Her moisturizing lotion hovered off of a shelf, pumping a healthy amount onto an unseen surface. Like her conditioner, the lotion spread over a surface that looked like the beige outline of two hands. Once the towel had sufficiently dried her off, it hovered back to its hook, and the hands took charge.

They were gentle but strong, massaging the lotion into her smooth thighs and calves, making her skin even softer and creamier. Somewhere near her hips, one hand began kneading and caressing her ass as the other sailed up her sides, lotioning her breasts and shoulders.

“Mmm...nice. Verrrrry nice.”

Just outside the bathroom door, the outfit Sadie tied to her living boots was straddling the homecoming dress, working over the pink lamé tits with the groping leather fingers of their enchanted gloves. The dress was hiked high around invisible hips, and Sadie’s black cotton panties slid up and down against the white satin pair situated just beneath the matching garter belt.

"Oh gawd," the voice above the boots groaned. "I feel--I feel like I'm gonna burst. Harder, grind me harder!"

The naughty energy released by Sadie's horny clothing began to seep out the crack of her bedroom door. Desperate for someone new to toy with, the residual lust found itself a new target.

Sitting on the living room couch was Rachel, watching a movie marathon on TV. The young and ripped pirates clashing swords on the screen provided a bullseye on Rachel the intangible presence locked onto.

Rachel decided to get up and get a load of laundry started while Sadie was in the shower. As she set foot in the kitchen, though, she heard the sound of the washing machine already running in the laundry room. When she walked in to check it, sure enough, the laundry was on the wash cycle.

"That wasn't running when I got back," Rachel told herself. "Did Sadie start it before she went upstairs?" Rachel huffed, made a face, and turned back toward the living room.

Just as she passed the sink in the kitchen, the cupboard under it opened. The pink rubber gloves hovered out from under it again. They filled to slender inflated hands again and silently resumed their cleaning tasks, heading to the utility closet to grab a feather duster. When it returned to the kitchen grasping the duster in a hollow hand, the gloves followed Rachel back out to the living room. With her back to the doorway in her comfy chair, the ambitious gloves carefully floated up and whisked dust off the highest bookshelves.

Not even noticing the ghostly rubber hands behind her, her nose picked up on the loose dust and began to itch. Rachel sneezed, her eyes watering as she reacted to the dust.

"Oh gosh, we just changed that filter..." She said, holding back another sneeze. "That heating system...I hate winter!"

The door to Sadie's bathroom opened now, the invisible hands rubbing the last of the lotion into her skin. She beckoned to her red satin bathrobe, which lifted off the hook on the door and filled out to her shape, opening up as if to invite her in. She turned around and held her arms behind her, letting the robe slide over her soft, clean body.

“Mmm, there’s no way I’m gonna be able to live without this from now on...”

“ neither!” Her boots said in the next room, followed by soft, pleased sounds as she just barely heard her bed squeaking. She walked out to see her boot outfit straddling her dress, the crotches of their panties grinding against each other. She stared at the action, watching the two pairs of gloves groping and squeezing the curves of the other outfit.

Sadie’s pussy pulsed with anticipation as she became lost in the motion of the gloves. After a few seconds of watching, her own satin robe began to gently caress and hold her breasts. A pinched nipple made her jump a bit.

“Ooh!” She squealed, reaching up to hold her tits. Her boots giggled as her satin cami turned to her, the pink gloves still playing with the soft orbs inside it.

“Looks like someone wants to join the fun again...” The boots said.

“Gently,”  Sadie whispered to her robe. “The touching was nice, let’s stick to that for now.” She let her hands off her chest as the impressions in the satin resumed, lightly tracing over her tits and swirling around her nipples. “Mmm, yeah--like that...gently. I wanna be able to focus on some other things too.” She walked over to her vanity, and the stool pulled itself out. She sat down and looked at her hairdryer, thinking.

“If I could do the conditioner and the lotion, my hair should be a cinch, right?” No sooner than she finished the sentence, her hairdryer plugged itself into the wall and hovered to her side, flipping itself on. Her pick rose from her desk, and Sadie watched both the floating objects do their work in her mirror. The pick began gently running through her hair, evenly exposing the strands to the warm air as the dryer bobbed and shifted nearby. “Hmmm...”

Sadie closed her eyes and absorbed the feeling of being waited on by invisible servants, her hair doing itself even as her chest was massaged by phantom hands. As she shifted on the stool, more fingertips sunk into the satin robe around her shoulders and back, loosening her muscles as she cooed delight.

One end of her sash slowly wove itself between the flaps of the robe, reaching down between her legs and sliding itself against her mons.

“Ohhh...” She shuddered, opening her eyes again to see the satiny strip moving on its own, disappearing under the satin folds and playing against her pussy. “Gennnn-tle...” The sash obeyed, continuing its motion as Sadie looked back up at the mirror, her face blushing as her blown hair went from wet to damp. The pick set itself back on the vanity as the brush took its place, slowly and gently pulling the finer tangles out of her silky black hair as the dryer continued.

“Saaayyy-deeeeeee, I can feel your eyes on meeee...” Her boots sang as she watched the outfit rocking against her dress in the mirror. “You like watching us, don’t you?” Sadie nodded, her face glowing red as she started to pant. “Mmm...the more you like it, the stronger I feel...”

But the talking enchantment didn’t know the half of it. In the laundry room, the straps of Rachel’s bras on the drying rack were all swinging back and forth unnaturally.

In the living room, the gloves finished dusting the bookshelf behind Rachel and went on to the end-table next to the couch, just out of her line of sight. With a few quick skims of the duster, it was finished, but the motion was just enough to catch Rachel’s eye and make her turn.

There was nothing there. Rachel made a confused face, looking back at the TV, and then turning around behind her completely. She jumped a little when she thought she saw a pink streak slip out just beyond the doorway--and suddenly, she had to sneeze again.

“Ah-choo!” She sniffled, her shoulders slumping. “Okay, is it dusty in here, or am I coming down with something?” She held her wrist to her forehead, standing up. “I mean, I feel I just seeing things?" She stood up to go the kitchen, and the gloves passed through the hall and into the dining room just before she walked through it.

In the kitchen, she opened the cupboard to grab a glass when the hiss of the faucet started behind her.

“Yahh!” She jumped, spinning around to see the faucet handle up and opened. The cold water was running, and she hadn’t turned it on. She steadied herself, grabbed a glass, and huffed, walking around the kitchen island and expecting to find the culprit behind it. “Sadie, are you messing with--” No one. “Sadie?”

Rachel swallowed hard and walked back over to the faucet, shutting it off. She blinked a couple times at it and turned it on to fill her glass.

“Weird,” she sighed. “Just weird.” She drained most of her water glass, filled it again, and shut off the faucet. She shook her head and started back to the living room when she noticed the play of light under the double-hinged swinging door leading to the dining room. She slowly walked toward it, carefully watching the pink notes in the daylight spilling onto the reflection in the tile. She set her glass on the island carefully and inched closer and closer...

“Gotcha!” She said, shoving the swinging door open. She expected to see Sadie or Maddie. Instead, she saw a limp pair of pink rubber gloves and a feather duster fall onto the dining room table. Her lower lip trembled. “ did that, right?” She looked at the other dining room doorway, leading into the hall. She quickly walked over to it, looking out in the hall in both directions. There was no one there.

That can’t be. That can’t be. Someone threw those things, or dropped them and ran, or...

The doorbell rang, making Rachel jump again, grabbing her chest. She turned to the frosted glass windows of the door and saw a figure outside waiting. After a few seconds frozen in place, the bell rang again.

“Cuh--coming,” She stuttered, taking a deep breath and heading to the door. She pulled it open.

“Hi Missus Theyer!” Gabby said, smiling as Rachel opened the door.

“Hi, Gabby...come on in,” Rachel smiled, trying to recover from her confusion. Gabby came in.

“Sadie’s here, right? I’m a bit early.”

“Yeah, yeah--she’s here.” Gabby unzipped her boots and slipped them off. She removed her coat and hung it on the rack. “Pretty sharp look there,” Rachel said, noticing her skirt and blouse.

“Ha! Thanks, I just got off of work and decided to stop right over here first,” Gabby said. “How’ve you been?”

“Good, good...” Rachel smiled. “Just, uh--just being too lazy for my own good today. You?”

“You know,” Gabby said, pulling at her silver blouse, “Work and school...looking forward to spring break!”

“I’m sure,” Rachel laughed. “But, um, Sadie’s upstairs. I’m sure she won’t mind if you just head up.”

“Great,” Gabby nodded. “See you later!”

“Yup...” Gabby quietly went up the stairs in her stocking feet, and Rachel turned back toward the kitchen, grabbing her glass of water and shaking her head as she looked under the dining room door again, seeing nothing but stillness in the light shining beneath it. “God, get a grip and relax, Rachel...” She muttered to herself, walking to the stove and turning on the burner under the kettle. Chamomile, Rachel thought. Never a better time for Chamomile.

As Gabby reached the top of the stairs, her head filtered out the soft dance music coming from Sadie’s room. She swore she heard a voice.

Or voice-s? Gabby wondered. She quietly approached the door, listening closely. She put her hand to her mouth as she made out a breathy, decidedly excited voice coming from the other side. It didn’t sound like Sadie’s...

“Sadie?” Gabby whispered feebly. “Say?”

In the room, Sadie was lost in sensation. Her hair was dry and pulled back to a pony tail, and she watched in awe as her enchanted makeup applied itself, a mascara brush extending her lashes as a blush puff moved over her cheeks. Her eyes were half-closed, her hips just barely rocking in the stool to the rhythm of the playing music as she subtly moved her pussy against the sash playing with her.

She glanced in the mirror, watching the two enchanted outfits grinding against each other, both of them now floating free of the bed. Her boots made soft cooing noises as the black cotton panties inflated tighter and tighter with the shape of a sticky cotton cameltoe.

The doorknob slowly turned. Given their history together, something in Gabby wanted to catch Sadie in the act. She opened the door slowly, looking into the room. Sadie was at her vanity, her sleeves out to her sides. Gabby sighed and opened the door all the way, stepping in.

"Hey Sadie, I got off work early so I--" Her jaw dropped. "I--"

“GABBY?!” Sadie turned around, looking at Gabby, her gaze fixed on the two hovering outfits, which ceased their grinding but remained in their filled out shapes and continued ignoring gravity. The satin cami turned, the pink gloves were still wrapped around it’s tits.


“Sadie, wh-what’s--!” Gabby turned to Sadie, seeing a tube of lipstick hovering in front of her over her vanity. “Uh--uh...” Sadie gritted a nervous smile and snatched the lipstick out of the air, standing up.

“Shh--sh--Gabs, it’s cool, just--” Her friend started backing out the door, and Sadie could tell that once it had the capacity, her mind was telling her to let out the loudest, most blood-curdling...

Sadie waved her hand, and the door gently and calmly closed behind Gabby. Gabby snapped, turning around and looking at the closed door, then back at Sadie again, who was approaching her.

“Gabby, listen--just--listen, okay? Don’t scream--pleeeease.” Gabby looked back at the hovering outfits, and to Sadie again, gulping. She gave Sadie a tenuous nod. “Obviously I have a lot to explain here...” Gabby repeated her uncertain nod, making Sadie have to stifle a giggle. “Jeez, best day for you to leave work early, dude.” Sadie held out her arms. “C’mere, Gabs. It’s me.”

Gabby wasn’t even sure that she was doing it, but her stocking feet slowly stepped her closer to Sadie, and putting her arms out to hug her was all she could do to keep her sanity. The two girls embraced, and Sadie could feel Gabby trembling in her hands.

“S-Say...” Gabby shook, whispering in her ear. “Y-You wanna maybe start with the floating invisible people wearing your clothes?” Sadie gritted, looking over at the outfits. She let go of Gabby with one hand, making a signal for them to drop to the bed. They slowly came back down to the mattress, and Sadie turned her mouth to Gabby’s ear.

“Better, right?” Sadie joked, letting out a quiet laugh. Gabby looked over at the two outfits, now on the bed.

“Sadie...” Sadie hugged her tight again, kissing her cheek.

“Sorry, I’m sorry. Just trying to lighten things up.” She let Gabby go and stepped back, holding her hands between them. “Something amazing happened to me, Gabby,” Sadie said. “I wanna tell you everything--but I wanna know you’re cool.” Sadie smiled. “Are you cool?”

“Did you--sell your soul?” Gabby asked, her mouth betraying a little smile.

“No, dude. Soul in tact. I promise.” The two laughed nervously, with Gabby shooting nervous glances at the enchantments on the bed.

"Then--I think I'm cool. Just thought I'd be walking into something completely different is all.”

“My fault,” The boots said. Gabby’s jaw dropped again, but her hands were still in Sadie’s, steady and controlled. Sadie gritted her teeth and turned to the outfit, glaring.

“Maybe could the enchantments in the room shaddup for a few minutes and give me a minute here?” Sadie motioned with her hand. “Off the bed?” The shoulders of the cami shrugged as the outfit shifted, stepping off the bed and holding out a leather glove to the homecoming dress. A pink velvet glove reached out as the boots’ outfit helped it up, offering up the bed with the other leather glove. “Thank you, girls...” Sadie said, sighing. “Wanna sit?” She asked Gabby, who was staring at the homecoming dress now.

“You know...” Gabby started, narrowing her eyes and watching the fluid movements of the outfits as they held hands and moved to the center of the room, swaying to the music. “I--think I’m good to stand, actually.” She pointed to the outfits. “They can talk?!”

“We’ll get there,” Sadie chuckled nervously. “One step at a time.”

Sadie explained everything she could from the night before. Finding the card from her Mother, the revelation of her and Maddie’s abilities, their experimentation late last night, this morning, and the call to their father. Gabby listened calmly, squeezing Sadie’s hand at the more obvious tender points in the story. What her best friend had been through in the last 18 hours could make anyone crack, so she paid attention as best she could, letting Sadie pour it all out and glancing from time to time at the strange living outfits as the explanation of their origins came through the bigger picture Sadie painted.

“So my best friend is a witch,” Gabby said, giving Sadie a dumbfounded smile.

“I dunno, Gabs--there are plenty of self-described witches,” Sadie said, gesturing to the outfits. “You ever seen one make that happen?” Gabby shook her head.

“Do you mind if I--” She motioned to them.

“Hey, if you’re cool, they’re cool,” Sadie said.

“Yeah, talk about me like I’m not here...” The boots said, slow-dancing with the homecoming dress. “That means I AM allowed to talk again, right?” Sadie nodded. “Awesome.”

“Wh-What do you think of all this?” Gabby asked, letting go of Sadie’s hand and stepping toward the outfits.

“Well, I’m...happy to be able to do and feel things,” The outfit shrugged. “I don’t really have anything else to compare it to.”

“But I mean,” Gabby blushed a little. “When you say you feel things, I mean, Sadie says you were enchanted from--you know...”

“Sex,” The boots said, giggling. “You can say it.” Gabby stared at Sadie.

“How could you NOT call me about this last night?” Gabby asked. Sadie made a face.

“Oh, right! ‘Hey, Gabs--I know it’s 3:30 AM, but Maddie and I have magic powers . She passed out trying to make herself fly, and I brought my boots to life. Could you come over?’ That would’ve gone over great.”

“At least I wouldn’t have freaked when I opened the door,” Gabby laughed.

“Right--it woulda been smooth sailing from there.” Both girls laughed.

“So...” Gabby slowly approached the dancing outfits. “Can I--touch you?” She asked.

“Curiosity winning out, is it?” The boots asked, letting go of their dancing partner and stepping closer to Gabby. “That was quick.”

“Well, I trust my best friend--” Gabby said. Sadie felt a warmth glowing deep inside her as Gabby approached the enchanted outfit. “If she trusts you, and I trust her--I’m fine...” Gabby put a hand out, vertically, as if to offer it. “I guess I just want to make sure you’re okay with me.”

The leather glove reached out and took Gabby’s hand, making her giddy with wonder. The ghostly leather fingers grasped her own and lifted them to face level, up over the collar of the filled-out cami.

“What you mean to her, you mean to her magic,” The boots said. Gabby’s mouth hung open, letting out little gasps as she felt warm lips on the back of her hand, kissing it. Gabby’s lower lip trembled as she looked over at Sadie, who was holding her hand to her chest. Sadie raised her eyebrows at Gabby, who simply mouthed WOW.

Sadie was doing her best to control it, but she should feel the excitement welling up in Gabby--flooding her with strange anticipation and curiosity. She couldn’t tell what Gabby was thinking, but the feelings she was getting from her--and their energies...

“And you,” Gabby asked the homecoming outfit. “You can’t talk?”

“She hasn’t had the pleasure of receiving the kind of energy that gave me a voice and will of my own,” The boots explained, the voice getting low and smoky. “But with the practice Sadie’s been up to today...and your presense...”

“Hey, come on,” Sadie interjected. “You’re embarrassing me.” Gabby looked at the hovering dress, then back at Sadie.

“Embarrassing? You?” Gabby sneered. “So what exactly was it you were doing when I came in?” Gabby asked, staring down Sadie for a moment before turning to the cami “I’m asking you.”

“What I was made to do,” The sultry voice said, turning to Sadie. “Playing with the same force that created me.” Now both the boot outfit and Gabby were staring Sadie down. Gabby bored into her eyes with a ferocious curiosity, and Sadie could feel their energies converging on her--pushing her to the inevitable.

“So, enchantress--” Gabby said, “How about using a little magic on me?”

“Alright," Sadie replied, a smile curling on her lips. “Let’s try this...” Sadie stepped up to Gabby and wrapped her arms around her, cradling her strawberry blond hair and pulling her in her a kiss. Gabby felt a fluttery feeling in her stomach as Sadie’s soft lips pressed against her own. She wrapped her own arms around Sadie, pulling on her red satin robe. With a tug, Gabby pulled the sash from the robe which opened up and exposed Sadie's breasts. Still locked at the lips, Gabby reached around back to grab Sadie’s ass--squeezing it as she pulled Sadie’s body against her.

As Sadie’s tongue explored Gabby, the fluttery feeling flowed throughout her body, running down her legs and into her toes. When she wiggled them, working through the bubbly giddiness, she couldn’t feel the ground under her.

Gabby opened her eyes, face-to-face with a Sadie still lost in the kiss. She looked down and grabbed a hold of Sadie tighter, breaking away from her lips.


“Floating...” Sadie said, rubbing a barefoot against Gabby’s stocking toes. Sadie held her tight and opened her eyes, looking down and giggling. “It’’s fucking amazing!” The two locked eyes before Gabby started breathing heavier, looking at Sadie’s crimson lips and going in for another kiss. The two giggled, locked together in mid-air as they lifted higher off the ground.

Rachel was downstairs, watching TV again, but barely paying attention to it. She was jumping at every sound, every tiny movement catching her eyes. When she heard the swinging door between the kitchen and the dining room, she practically leapt from her recliner and bolted into the kitchen, freezing in the doorway.

It was the pink gloves again--hanging in space and inflated to the shape of ghostly hands. One of them had the feather duster in hand.

"I--I really saw it,” Rachel muttered, staring at the floating gloves. “How--” The gloves suddenly dropped the duster, losing their shape and dropping along with it onto the counter.

“That--that was amazing,” Gabby said, her feet on the ground again and she and Sadie stood across from each other, holding hands. “You’re amazing, Sadie. You’’re a fucking goddess.” Sadie smiled, blushing.

“I’m...I thought you might be scared of me,” Sadie said. “I wanted so badly to tell you about this, and I had no idea how.” Gabby leaned in, kissing her on the cheek.

“Well, the hard part’s over, Say.” She beamed. “I’m still here, and I’m not going anywhere.” Gabby reached a hand up to Sadie’s face, running her fingers down her cheek. “I wanna see more, Sadie. I wanna feel more of that.” She looked aside to the homecoming dress, and fire flashed in her eyes. “I wanna play--like you did last night. With you...and them.” Sadie smiled mischievously.

“So let’s play.”

Downstairs, Rachel had a standoff with the gloves, resting on the counter motionless. She was waiting seconds, then minutes for the gloves to lift themselves into the air again. When it didn’t happen, she slowly moved toward the counter, steadily eyeing them.

Okay, Rachel. You saw it. You KNOW you did. She had no idea what was going on, but this time, she was determined to hold steady and find out.

“Come on..." Rachel said. "I saw you move. Don't think I’m going to convince myself against it again. I caught you.” She took another step, and another. Now she was standing right over them, steeling herself and waiting. She could feel her own heartbeat.

“Are you trying to tell me something?” Rachel said, looking around the room. “Are you trying to play with me? Scare me?” She carefully reached out and pushed the pink rubber gloves, pulling her hand back after she did so.

The glove flopped over, never moving on its own.

“Well?” She challenged the unknown force. “Did you think I was going to run away? Come on!” She reached out and picked up a glove, raising it into the air and dropping it. “I don’t know who or what you are, but if you’re trying to say something--do it!” She picked up both gloves now, holding one of the wrists open and peering inside. No wiggling, no moving. Just gloves.

Just gloves.

“Not as scared as you expected, huh?” Rachel whispered to herself. “You’re gonna have to do better than this--I’m living with twin teenagers."

“That dress, Sadie--” Gabby said, smirking. “That outfit. Why?” Sadie looked around, playing coy.

“I think you know why.”

“Maybe I do,” Gabby said, walking over to the outfit.

She bit her lip, walking around to the back of it and reaching over the top seam and into the back of the pink tube dress, proving to herself that it was empty. Her fingers slipped into the cuff of one of the velvet gloves. It shifted position, letting light inside and giving Gabby a perfect view all the way down to the insides of the fingers. She looked at Sadie.

“What’s it like?” Gabby asked, “I mean, playing with these enchantments?”

“Well," Sadie replied, "It's easier to show than tell.”

“So do it,” Gabby said. “Make it take me--just like it did when you were inside it.” Gabby walked around to the front of the pink lamé, grabbing its bulging tits and squeezing. “Does it remember this?” She asked, turning to the outfit of Sadie’s enchanted boots as she fondled the breasts of the tube dress. “Can it feel what I’m doing?”

The pink gloves reached up to her wrists, grabbing hold of them and walking her toward the bed. Her pulse quickened.

“I think you just jogged its memory,” The outfit said, chuckling. The homecoming dress pushed her onto the bed, and Gabby’s eyes went wide as she looked at Sadie, giggling.

“Is it gonna be gentle with me?” Gabby asked. Sadie shook her head as she watched the enchanted outfit climb onto the bed with her.

“Why would it be?” Sadie said, grinning. “I wasn’t.” A pink velvet glove pulled up Gabby’s charcoal skirt, revealing her black satin panties. Gabby looked down, spreading her legs as the velvet fingers teased over the shining surface of her panties, tickling over the hood of her clit and making her moan.

Downstairs, Rachel was staring at the pink rubber gloves, red-faced. Maybe I really am going nuts, She thought, looking around the kitchen. I couldn’t have been imagining something like that, could I?

She tried waiting. She tried being passive and aggressive. She tried to talk herself out of it--but there were too many coincidences. The washer, the running water...the dusty living room and the motion in the dining room--and now the gloves hovering on their own...

“Come on...” She muttered, staring at the gloves. “Come on, come on, come on...” She grabbed the gloves in her hand, shaking them. “I saw it! I saw these things hanging in midair...I have no idea how, but...” She shook her head. She was going nuts. “I’m talking to a pair of gloves,” She said, tossing them back on the counter and backing against the island, leaning against it, dejected.

Rachel felt relieved when the kettle began whistling. Taking a deep breath, she started over to the fridge to grab a potholder hanging on a hook.

At the same moment, the pink velvet gloves stroking Gabby through her panties and Sadie’s enchanted robe caressing and playing with her pushed the threshold of energy again, sending the excess downstairs.

As Rachel turned to the kettle, she dropped the potholder on the floor. The gloves had lifted themselves off the counter next to the sink again, and they inflated as they sailed over to the oven, turning the stovetop off.

“You--you’re...” Rachel lifted a hand to her mouth as the other pink glove opened a cupboard and pulled out her favorite mug. Together, they went up into her breakfast cupboard and pulled out a bag of chamomile tea, ripping it open and placing it in the mug. Rachel simply watched in silence as one gloves deftly added a spoon of sugar and began stirring it as the other poured the hot water. “It’s--this isn’t possible,” Rachel said, letting out a weak laugh, mentally exhausted by the on-and-off acrobatics happening in her kitchen.

The gloves picked up the mug and held it out to her, handle first. She took a step back, then another. The gloves set down the hot mug on the counter near her, gesturing to it.

“I--I can’t...I can’t handle this...” Rachel backed out of the kitchen, blinking as she moved into the living room. She stood in the room, taking deep breaths. Confronted with certainty about what she saw, she did her best to keep calm.

Suddenly, the pink gloves appeared in the doorway, holding the feather duster again. As Rachel watched the gloves again, she backed against the bookshelf, watching as the gloves passed by her and began dusting off the TV stand, moving to the coffee table and windowsills.  

“Oh god, what’s going on...?” Rachel whispered, staring at the empty gloves as she moved again, taking the opportunity to back her way into the kitchen. I’m going nuts--I’m going nuts, I’m going nuts, I’m going nuts, I’m going-- “Yahh!” She jumped a bit as she backed into the kitchen yet again, running into a dustmop moving along the floor on its own. She bolted this time, not hesitating as she headed to the laundry room, aiming for the garage. As she reached for the door, the lock turned over on its own, and she gasped, turning to the laundry room instead and shutting the way back to the kitchen.

She held it shut, feeling her heart pound in her chest. After a few moments, she calmed herself down, turning around to lean against the door.

The bras left on the drying rack were no longer there. Instead, they were hanging in space in the middle of the room, clasped around invisible torsos, their cups bulging with ghostly breasts. Rachel’s jaw was hanging open, and she reached for the doorknob behind her, tearing the door open and once again slipping back out into the kitchen. She jumped when she felt something goose her, squealing and turning around to see the pink gloves again. One of them waved.

Rachel had a look of mortal terror on her face now. The gloves held their hands up and backed away, trying to communicate their harmless intent, but Rachel wasn’t interested.

She burst through the swinging door, heading through the dining room and across the hall into her master bedroom. She passed by the stairs, never giving Sadie and Gabby a thought until she closed her bedroom door behind her.

“What do I do?” She asked herself, wild-eyed. “What do I do, what do I--oh, god, the girls!” She opened her door again, but just as she was about to head up the stairs, she looked up and saw the pink gloves, waiting halfway up and wagging a finger at her.

She backed down a couple of steps and stood at the base of the stair when her closet doors rattled and opened of their own accord. She was about to run back down the hall when her hovering lingerie flanked her in the hall. A black lacy bra, blue satin bra, red push-up and a billowy satin chemise, all filled out to ghostly curves--trapping her between the stairs and her room.

Looking back at her closet, she watched as a red glossy platform toe emerged. Rachel went loose, almost as if she was in a trance.


One floor up, the magic flowing from the room was only increasing in intensity. The homecoming dress was sitting behind Gabby on the bed now. She was reclined against the soft, pink dress, the back of her head resting against the bulging tits. Gabby's hands squeezed the ghostly translucent thighs of the white stockings, which wiggled their phantom toes with the sexual energy of her touch. Gabby watched the pink velvet gloves--one fondling her chest through her shiny silver blouse, the other still stroking her wet black satin panties.

Now and then, she'd lift her eyes to Sadie, who stood across from her. She was transfixed on Gabby as her body was massaged by her robe. Her enchanted boots stood behind her, and she could feel the cami and panties pressing against her back as one of the magic leather gloves hovered over the center of her open robe, fingering her slicked sex.

Both girls were moaning quietly, each watching the other's body ravaged by lusty enchantments. As one of the velvet gloves moved to begin unbuttoning Gabby's silver blouse, the other ceased its teasing to begin tugging at the waist of her black panties.    

"Wait," Gabby grabbed the pink velvet gloves, panting. "I want you to undress me, Sadie." She squeezed the pink velvet, holding it back. "I wanna see more of your magic." Sadie grinned at her, nodding steadily as she pointed a finger at Gabby. Between the energy coursing through the room and their increasing arousal, Sadie was ready to try some bolder moves.

"Flllloat..." Sadie commanded, groaning the command as a leather finger began flicking harder against her clit. The sides of her robe pulled away from her chest as its red silk sash snaked out of its guides, the center pulling tightly against her chest just beneath her bust. Each end of the sash coiled around her tits twice, binding them as the silk tightened. Sadie let out a loud moan as what little slack was left on each end aimed back at her nipples, the sash tightening again with a delicious mixture of pleasure and pain. "Fucking fly!" Sadie shouted.

Gabby gasped as her body obeyed the young sorceress, hovering up from her reclined position on the bed.

"Show me her body," Sadie growled. "Come to me." Gabby looked down at the buttons of her blouse, feverishly undoing themselves as the silvery fabric billowed and flapped, as if it was filling with air. She felt her skirt unsnap, and a second later a quick zip allowed the formal separate pulled itself down her thighs. Her silvery sleeves pulled her arms back on their own, yanking the blouse off her shoulders and revealing her black satin bra.

At the sight of it, Sadie contracted her fingers around nothingness, and Gabby cooed as forceful invisible fingers dug into her cups, compressing her breasts and jiggling them. As Sadie punished Gabby's satin-covered tits, the bra unsnapped itself but held fast to her chest until Sadie ceased.

Now Gabby's black satin panties peeled away from her, teasing her juicy pussy one last time before sliding down her legs. As they sailed over her calves, her thigh-high stockings rolled down her legs, completing Sadie's charged command and leaving Gabby hovering over the bed, nude.

Both girls watched as Gabby's outfit reformed itself it front of Sadie, wrapped around empty curves that emulated her own shape. Sadie grabbed the leather glove at her pussy, pushing her hips against it and driving its leather fingers deeper inside her.

"Fuck me," Sadie commanded, demanding more power. "Fuck us harder." Sadie let out a long moan as she went up on her tiptoes, the leather glove fulfilling its task with her command. Its mate sailed over to Gabby, coating its finger in her juices and slipping two fingers inside her as its thumb worked her clit.

"Oh, fuuuuuck..." Gabby moaned, looking down at Sadie, her red satin robe flapping madly in the windless room as her toes broke contact with the ground.

"More..." Sadie moaned. "More...more..." Her shining hazel-green eyes shot over to her closet, and a leather skirt ripped off its hanger and took shape. A red corset top dropped from a shelf and clapsed itself around an empty torso, joining up with it. "More!" Sadie commanded. "Everything! There's so much fucking power!"

Downstairs, Gabby's boots came to life, their grey knee-high shafts standing at attention as the zippers flew up the tracks. As they began walking around downstairs, more footwear at the foyer began coming to life, continuing with a pair of Rachel's pink sneakers and Maddie's fur-trimmed winter boots.

Rachel was in her room, watching as her impractical platform red PVC high-heels strutted around her room all on their own. Backed against her wall, she was frozen still by the eerie sight of it--a long-legged symbol of sex crawling out of her closet and filling with ghostly legs, given will by some unknown agent. Her hovering underwear was at her doorway now, and the pink rubber gloves waited behind, clasping themselves together and wringing their rubbery hands as if they were having fun.

Rachel's eyes were drawn to the lingerie drawer of her dresser, where a red-and-black satin teddy jumped out. It inflated to shape like the rest of the haunted clothing and settling right over the thigh-highs, looking like a invisible prostitute tempting and teasing Rachel in her own bedroom.

She still had no idea what was going on--whether she was crazy, dreaming, halluncinating or being haunted by some unknowable force--but whatever it was, if it wanted to harm her, it certainly would've done so.

But what about the girls? She thought. If this was more than just me, wouldn't they have come careening down the stairs by now? Rachel eyed the doorway as her possessed lingerie bobbed in, wondering if she should make a break for it. Whatever's happening here, it's just clothes, right? Rubber gloves and a dustmop? Could they really stop me?

"Oh gawwwd, Sadie, it's so good--" Gabby cried out. The velvet gloves were at her tits again, squeezing and bobbling her breasts and pinching her nipples. "Fuck me, Sadie...make it fuck me harder..."

Sadies eyes latched onto Gabby's dripping pussy, her legs spread and exposing it to the magic-filled room. Suddenly the music turned up again as if to cover the sounds of passion heading into a sexual crescendo.

Sadie's dresser and vanity drawers sprung open, a couple so far that they fell out entirely, spilling her clothes on the ground. When her bedroom door burst open, she was finally brought back to her senses. There were sexually-charged clothes all over the room now, and Sadie watched in horror as a pair of fishnet stockings walked right out of her room, followed by the leather skirt and red corset.

"Fuuuck," Sadie moaned. "That's--that's too much--we can't...unghhh!" She sailed higher into the air, her pussy demanding more stimulation. Gabby was turned over in the air, and one of the velvet gloves held onto her tits as the other began slapping her ass to the beat.

"Oh, god--don't fucking stop it, Sadie--" Gabby cried out. "It's soooo good!" Sadie's vibrator flew out of her bedside drawer, sailing through the air and inserting itself into Gabby as the leather glove retreated. "OH GAWWWWWD!" Gabby screamed.

Sadie whimpered as the sash around her breasts squeezed her tighter, making her already swollen tits even more sensitive. As she raced closer and closer to orgasm, the enchantements wouldn't let up. As clothes jumped out of her closet, a plastic package fell out--a dirty little toy she'd intended to introduce to Gabby, but never had the nerve to reveal. A clear, double-sided dildo exploded out of the clamshell packaging, hovering in front of Sadie and bobbing one of its ends in front of her lips.

"We've got to stop!" Sadie cried out. "It's too much! It's--it's going all over the house!" Her enchantments didn't even pause. With the girls' arousal still climbing, she had no hope of control. "Nooooo, stop!" Sadie cried out, looking at the dildo in front of her. "I COMMAND YOU TO ST--" The clear jelly dong pistoned its end between her red lips, forcing itself into her mouth and making her suck it. Gabby watched in awe, lost in magical fucking and phantom spankings. This was beyond any fantastical expectation she could've ever imagined.

"I don't want it to!" Gabby cried. "Finish me, Sadie! Put that fucking thing in me! Gaaaaawwwd, FUCKING MAKE US CUM!" Sadie's eyes glowed with unearthly light as the sash, her robe, the living gloves, and the vibrator in Gabby's pussy all retreated. The jelly dong pulled itself from her mouth, flying to the middle of the room.

Both girls hovered toward each other, converging on the toy for two. Gabby's eyes met Sadie's own, looking at her with sexual abandon--begging for her magical touch. Sadie had no will to resist and listened to her body as she leaned in to kiss Maddie, their bare breasts pressing against each other, alight with sensation as the enchanted jelly dong pushed itself into both of their pussies and spiraled inside them.

"FUUUUUUUUUUCK, SADIE!" Gabby howled, breaking away from the kiss and grabbing Sadie's reddened, sash-swollen tits. Her voice even trumped the blaring music as their hovering bodies bobbed and shifted to the beat. "HOLY FUUUUUUUUCK!"

"Ungh...Ungh...AHHHHHHHH!" Sadie's own voice joined her, and now both girls wailed orgasmic anticipation, their hearts pounding as their sweat-coated bodies twisted around each other.

Rachel was face to face with the dancing teddy and boots, drugged by a powerful cocktail or fear and wonder. Sadie's dance music was pounding louder than ever upstairs, ending any hope she had of the girls coming down to find her in this impossible insanity. Just as she was about to reach out and touch the hauntingly-filled lingerie, she heard the shrieks of the girls upstairs--yelling so that she could hear them even over the pounding music.

"S-Sadie?!" Rachel yelled, turning to the door. Her face hardened with determination. "I'm coming, Say! Hold on!" Rachel ducked under a hovering bra, weaving past her green chemise and almost tripping as she hit the first step.

The pink gloves followed behind her, one of them grasping her wrist as she bolted up the stairs.

"!" Rachel gritted, slipping out of its grasp and pulling herself up the stairs with both handrails. As she reached the top, she saw some of Sadie's clothing filled by empty space and barreled past it, inching to the doorway of the room.

Just before she turned the corner to the doorway, something about these howling cries struck her--but it didn't click until her gaze fell beyond the threshold.

In her step-daughter's room, Sadie and her best friend laid horizontally on a cushion of air. Their hips pushed against each other in an animalistic display of sapphic passion. Rachel was overwhelmed by the sight, watching twisting bedsheets, possessed clothing and flying objects sailing around the room. She raised her hand to her mouth, screaming in silence as Sadie--her Sadie--rode another girl like an adult film star, her hands grasping at flesh, her toes curling with ecstatic delight, all among a scene straight out of a climactic scene of a supernatural thriller.

Primed before their moment of release, the girls didn't even notice Rachel reaching the doorway, freezing in shock, shuddering with overstimulation, and fluttering her eyes with mental exhaustion as her body and mind could tolerate no more.

Sadie's enchanted boots--the only consciousness prescient enough to understand the entire scene--quickly ran with Sadie's panties, cami, and satin robe to the threshold of the room, where Rachel's body was already slumping toward the ground. They slipped out the doorway, sliding under her and donning the robe in one perfect instant to catch the exhausted Rachel in her fall, swaddling her in satin and wrapping their billowing sleeves around her.

The magically imbued dildo worked itself in both girls faster and faster as they shrieked delight, no long aware of anything but the pulsing energy between their legs, each other's soft flesh, and the impossible weightlessness holding them aloft.

"I'm gonnnnnna...I'm gonnnnnnna...I'm....unnnnggghh!"

"Come with me, Gabby!" Sadie howled. "Commmme, commmmme--I COMMAND YOU TO CUHHHHHH--AHHHHH!"

A pulse of white-hot energy rocked the house, welling inside and bursting from their pussies as they screamed release. No room in the house went unaffected as books fell from shelves, doors opened and slammed, and furniture hopped and shook in every room.

Driving home, a powerful shudder moved through Maddie, momentarily making her own sex ache as she reached between her legs to try and stop the feeling. A few seconds later, it was gone.

"Holy fuck, what was that about?" Maddie muttered. "Oh, shit--Sadie?" She hit the accelerator as she turned the corner onto her street, wondering if her sister discovered the same uncontrollable magical release. She'd know before long.

At the house, most of the rooms were silent again. Rachel had been laid down on the guest bed in the loft, Sadie's boots and their attached outfit standing watch over her as the red robe rubbed her back with a satin sleeve.

Gabby and Sadie were panting on the bed, their bodies curled together in a tight embrace with the pussy-soaked double-sided dildo on the bed next to them. Sadie saw again that her door was open, but in her post-coital state, nothing worried her. She could only catch her breath and clutch Gabby's body against her own as she thought about her next move.   

"Just thought I'd let you know," a voice above the homecoming dress explained. "Rachel walked in on you two. I don't think she took it well..." Sadie perked at the news, still clutching Gabby.

"Oh god, Rachel! Where--"

"She's okay," Sadie's boots said, turning the corner. "She's sleeping in the loft. Probably in a bit of shock...but no harm done." Gabby squeezed Sadie, bringing her green eyed gaze to lock with her own.

"You're a Goddess, Serafina Theyer," Gabby's eyes glowed blue as she smiled at her. "You were gonna have to tell her sometime." Sadie half-smiled, worried about the implications of her magical release, but refusing to give in to regret.

"I'm...something like that," Sadie said, shrugging, "But what you just did to me, Gabby--that was..." She sighed. "That was worlds away from what I felt last night."

"Are you okay?" Gabby asked, pulling her close.

"I'm...all over the place," Sadie replied, nuzzling into the crook of Gabby's neck. "But," she whispered, "You're fucking amazing, Gabby." She hugged her tightly one last time before attempting to stand. "Whoa..." Sadie said, steadying herself against the bed. "Robe. Where's my robe?"

Wrapped around nothingness was Sadie's robe, hovering into the room.

"Oh, many of you are alive now?" Giggles in the room. A leather glove held up a finger.

"Us too," said a deep, sultry voice as the leather gloves paired up and waved.

"And that's it?"

In the doorway, the pink rubber gloves clasped together and flew into the room. Sadie buried her face in her hands for a second.

"I'm sorry--I don't mean to look disappointed at all," Sadie waved her hands. "It's just..."

"It's just that someone needs to learn how to control their abilities a bit better," The boots said. Sadie nodded.

"I--I know I'm responsible for all of you, but if it's not too much to ask, could you--maybe keep this from Rachel for now? Lord knows what she's already seen." Sadie frowned. "I don't mean to stifle your new lives and all, but--"

"Shhh," The leather gloves said, holding up a finger to an unseen mouth. "You gave us life, dear. It's the least we can do." Gabby and Sadie both smiled, Gabby shaking her head.

"Everyone wants to please you, Sadie," Gabby chuckled. "Everything."

"Thanks, you guys," Sadie said. "I promise you won't have to keep quiet forever--just for now."

The door downstairs clicked open, and every sentient being turned to the doorway.

"Maddie," Sadie said. "It's gotta be." Sadie's robe hovered over to her, holding itself open.

"You go get her," She said to her boots. "Bring her up here so we can talk. I need to be with Rachel when she wakes up, though--we can't just leave her in there." The boots bobbed, heading downstairs as the pink gloves followed pinching Gabby's ass on the way out. Gabby huffed, looking at Sadie. Sadie just smiled and shrugged.

"It's only gonna get weirder, dude," Sadie said.

"Well--after that...better weird than normal." The shiny pink dress snuggled against Gabby as the pink velvet gloves wrapped around her.

“I think she likes me,” Gabby said.

"Yeah, I don't wonder why," Sadie giggled.