Sadie & Maddie - 07

“It’s out of control.” The voice boomed through Jen’s room. She sneered at the intruder, who was clearly trying to sound tough.

“It’s none of your concern,” Jen said, sitting in front of a ornate vanity. Her hair was being stroked by a silver brush as she waved through images. “It must build. They must govern themselves.”

“You are allowing far too much to be seen,” the voice boomed from everywhere.

“Take on a form when you criticize me in my own chamber, Connie...or I will pluck you from the air.” Jen turned away from the vanity, and the images in the mirror dissipated.

“Cordial as ever,” the voice said, gathering in echoes to a single point before her. A blue-white light flashed, leaving a golden-haired woman in its wake. She wore something like an ancient military uniform. Jen waved off the silver brush and smirked.

“Stop picking fights. State your concern.”

“This rogue magic isn’t ordinary. It found a source of replenishment in the magic-weak blood of the family that’s become involved.”

“It is not ordinary, you’re correct in that. But the girls must govern their abilities--intended and otherwise.”

“So have them trained. Here. Your other charges seem to excel.” Jen shook her head.

“They’re not ordinary charges.” Jen stared hard now. “What can I do for you, Concordia?”

“Nothing, apparently--since you seem to have your own plans well in hand.” Jen ignored the decorated sarcasm and nodded.

“I do. So if there’s nothing else…” Concordia seemed taken aback now. Her eyes glowed green.

“If it accelerates, I bring it to the council’s attention. Control it now, or it won’t be up to me.” Jen sighed. Concordia might have been honestly protecting her responsibilities, but the threat was hollow.

“Let’s convene now, shall we? Pull Lu from her travels? Seek out Diana to settle this?” Jen was daring her. “Call out to them urgently, Connie. This is important.” Suddenly, Concordia’s face broke into a pout.

“Why must you make fun of me?”

“Chiding me as a booming voice in my own space is pretty rude. You’re still young, Connie.” Jen saw the young sovereign's green eyes turning glassy. I know it’s tugging at you, but can’t you feel the girls on the other side of the disturbance, ready to rebalance it?” Jen pointed at her vanity and the images re-emerged, showing Mitch’s house and the girls at home, resting.

“I’ve never seen a spike this big on their side of reality. Not since I’ve been a part of this.”

“There haven’t been hybrid immortals like these since you were born, my dear--and there have never been twins. You must give them time to govern their power. Any lack of discretion is worth their lesson.”

“Any?” Connie looked worried, peering at the scene.

* * * 

Maddie didn’t sleep well. Maybe it was because she was going back to school after winter break--nervous about her self-control. Over the course of the week away, she and Sadie had been exposed to an entire world paralleling their own. They learned they were daughters of one of the most powerful leaders in that world.

It seemed like that should’ve made the thought of school easier--but it didn’t. What happened with Mitch--though it seemed to bring them closer together--was out of her control. Sadie took hold of so much energy that she wove herself into the fabric of reality…

More than anything, Maddie hoped she could keep herself cool. If someone annoyed her, was she going to send them tumbling through the air like a kite in a gale? Was she going to bring their belongings to life and turn them into formerly sane goop?

When the alarm went off, she groaned. She wasn’t even sure when she fell asleep--or if the last few hours counted as sleep.

“That’s like snooze number 6,” Sadie said from the shared bathroom.

“Ungh, are you serious? It just went off!” 

“One of the perks of unlimited power, a snooze button that hits itself.” Sadie peeked around the corner, a hovering blush brush dusting her.

“I guess...” Maddie flung herself out of bed by levitating out of it and landing on both feet. She looked at her closet. “Um...something quiet, please. I need to be overlooked today.”

“Why would you say something like that?” Her white boots asked, walking out of her closet. A pair of jeans and a moss green tee followed them out, spreading their sleeves and presenting themselves to Maddie. She smirked a bit, even if she tried avoiding it.

“That’ll do--gimme some underwear too.” She sighed, blowing herself ceiling-ward by a couple of inches as her panty drawer slid open. “I’m sorry,” she said to her boots. “I’m in a mood. I didn’t sleep well.”

“You were mumbling too,” Sadie said. “I could hear you over from my room.” Maddie looked at her boots, and the enchanted footwear bobbed.

“It was kind of all night.”

“Do you even sleep, Sadie?” Maddie groaned.

“Like a rock!” Sadie’s tone was anything but impatient. “It wasn’t noise, really. I could tell something was bothering you. I dunno…”

“I wish I did,” Maddie said. “School jitters, I think. I want to be sure I can control myself.”

“Remember Jen’s advice--flow, don’t cap. If it’s gotta go somewhere, you just have to keep it away from everyone’s eyes. You can’t really know how you’re going to handle anything. Just...beam it elsewhere.”

“I know, I know.” Maddie smiled as her panties fit themselves on her, followed by her bra and her jeans. Her green tee slid down her torso and hugged her, and she wrapped her arms around herself as she landed on the ground again. It felt good to use magic; she just had to affect things that weren’t quite so obvious as, say...completely discounting gravity.

“You’ll be fine. Besides, your eyes don’t wander much,” Sadie goaded her, punctuating with a short ‘ha’. 

“Mitch’s family has staff that might disagree,” Maddie said coolly, letting a beat or two pass before her reveal. She picked up her feet one at a time, letting a pair of tan ankle socks crawl up them, tickling her soles. Maddie smiled wide when Sadie peeked out the bathroom again, a bit shocked.

“Um...tell me more?” Sadie said.

“Stay in the dark,” Maddie said, teasing. “You think I’m boring because I have a steady boyfriend?”

“No, of course not.” A grin slowly stretched across Sadie’s face. “You made a pass at the poolboy, didn’t you? Was he cute?”

She is...a student of mine, or something.” Maddie smirked at her own description, but that’s how she presented the deal to Alaina, wasn’t it? “I have an acolyte.” She broke into laughter.

“Oh Maddie,” Sadie’s grin grew even wider. “And here I’d thought I’d cornered the market.”

“Aren’t you and Gabby pretty much an item now?”

“I think she knows how I feel about her,” Sadie said. “I mean--what we are works. I don’t really need to call it anything. I think she’s fine with that.” Sadie flashed back to the night she revealed her powers to Gabby. “She helped us open a portal to Sorgina,” Sadie said, thinking about it. “She’s family.”

“Um…” Maddie made a face.

“Oh, gross, Maddie!” Sadie waved a hand at her, and Maddie’s hair mussed. “Grow up,” Sadie said, chuckling as she went back to her face in the mirror.

Downstairs, Rachel was cooking breakfast. She felt more like the sous chef. Her red gingham dress was draped with an apron, hovering around the kitchen as spoons and wisks were manipulated by empty space, an arm’s length from the retro dresses’ short sleeves. 

“I know it must seem silly,” Rachel said, “but I feel like I should be doing something here.” She watched as her dress bobbed over to the wall stereo. It flicked itself on and the dress started bobbing to jazz. Rachel’s jaw dropped when her yoga pants shifted on her, squeezing her hips, shifting them, and then whirling her around the island to the gingham dress. 

“Okay, I guess that’s something,” Rachel laughed. “But I meant--” The music got louder, and now Rachel’s socks were guiding her too, curling and bending her around the kitchen. The dress went on prepping french toast as the girls came downstairs. Maddie let her clothes do the walking, while Sadie drifted in like soft wind. Both of them stayed near the door and watched Rachel shift with her outfit, staying quiet until the moment she turned to see them.

“Good morning!” She squeaked, turning bright red.

“But can she Charleston?” Sadie laughed, immediately seeing what was going on. Rachel’s long sleeve hunched her as the ends of her sleeves planted on the knees of the yoga pants. Both girls laughed as her outfit faithfully stepped out the dance, easing her back out and slowly letting her regain control.

“I feel like I let them get away with too much,” Rachel said, still embarrassed at being caught. Sadie raised an eyebrow.

“If they’re getting out of hand,” Maddie said, “or bugging you--”

“Oh, no!” Rachel said, beaming. “Not at all--I guess I just mean I feel silly playing with them.”

“Or silly being caught,” Sadie said, “which--you shouldn’t.” Rachel’s eyes met Sadie’s, and a moment flashed between them--the moment Rachel was riding her own boots through the air.

Rachel blushed a little, turning away from Sadie. Sadie did her best not to react to the accidental telepathy, directing her attention to the coffeemaker, where a fresh pot was just brewed. She hoped Maddie wasn’t aware of it.

Maddie was rather in her own head, feeling something pulling on her that she couldn’t really define. She watched Sadie’s coffee prepare itself--her “TOTAL BITCH” novelty mug dutifully hovering to meet the animated carafe, no cream, four spoons of sugar. Maddie simply acknowledged a passing mental note that she wanted coffee too, and a second mug went through most of the same motions, except Maddie’s wasn’t shy on creamer.

“Well, back to school--huh?” Rachel said, trying her best not to sound nervous about it. The last couple of days had been filled with unexpected--even reality-breaking--surprises, and while Rachel had gotten a little used to the girls’ power, she couldn’t help but think what it would mean if they used their abilities in public and caused a scene.

“Do we even have to go anymore?” Maddie asked, reaching out and grabbing her coffee. Rachel made a face that was more worried than chiding. “I’m kidding...mostly.”

“I mean, we can’t just disappear,” Sadie said. Maddie laughed, fading out of sight and leaving her clothes and steaming coffee. The thin shadow of her makeup remained behind, and Rachel’s eyes went wide.

“We can,” Maddie said. “What the hell is school going to teach us at this point?”

“How to keep living in the real world like civilized people,” Sadie said. “You know what I mean. We have to keep living our lives.”

“You can--turn invisible too?” Sadie nodded at Rachel, fading out in front of her eyes as well. Rachel looked her outfit up and down, trying her best not to associate the sight with the ubiquitous playful clothes around the house. “That’s crazy…”

“Hard to keep up, right?” Sadie faded back in, smiling.

“Not bad after the initial shock...but it’s always a surprise, for sure,” Rachel said. “I mean--what kind of list are you building up?”

“It’s more like...learning how another part of reality works,” Maddie said, still invisible. “It’s not really like, a list of superpowers. The one who taught us this would still be able to ‘see’ us, kinda.”

“But you’ll both be able to handle...being around normal people. Right?” Rachel looked so worried about what she said that Sadie couldn’t help but feel bad. She smiled.

“I kinda already had a really big lesson on what happens when we go too far,” Sadie said. “Luckily I learned it on the other side.” Sadie moved toward the table as a spatula slid under the french toast and started to plate it. Her chair pulled away from the table entirely with a nod from her. She sat at the table herself--no chair at all.

“What happened?” Rachel asked.

“It’s not a big deal,” Sadie said. “Suffice it to say we’ve been warned. Nothing in open public in front of a lot of people. There’s a balance to strike, and we’ve been told by one of Mom’s friends--the super important one--that we need to keep ourselves pretty well under wraps.

“And you get this too, Maddie?” She looked at the empty outfit as Maddie came over to the table. Her chair pulled out--but she landed in it and pulled up her legs as it shot back under the table.

“Absolutely.” Maddie faded in as her fork rose from the table. “I know we’re going to college and everything--but that all seemed so central before. Kinda secondary now.”

“Supplementary,” Sadie said, picking up her fork. “I mean, the more you know how real life systems work, the better you can apply will to them.”

“We’ll see,” Maddie smirked.

Rachel was in way over her head.

* * *

The moment Maddie didn’t see Mitch, the odd feeling in her became a little bit clearer. It felt like something. It felt...restrained.

“He’s not here,” She said to Sadie, who was rifling through her locker and replacing books. “I know he’s not.”

“Use the doorways,” Sadie shrugged. “Stop by his house and get a ride with him or something. He’s probably late or playing hooky. He’s not answering his phone?”

“I texted a couple minutes ago,” Maddie said. “He’s always here before us. He’s got a first period class.” Maddie made a face. “There’s something else, though. I feel like--a tugging.”

Sadie closed her locker.

“A tugging?”

“It’s weird. I feel like I’m using magic. It’s not bugging me...but like…”

“The maid you were telling me about. Your acolyte, right? I mean, if you said she can do things...”

“She can command the magic I left in Mitch’s house,” Maddie said, “but this feels different.” Sadie shrugged.

“Settle your hunch and check on him. Like I said. In that ridiculous house you should know a door no one will see you walk into, right?”

“Yeah, for sure,” Maddie said. “I’ll use Alaina’s room. Have a fun day if I don’t see you.”

“Yeah, you too,” Sadie snickered. “Hope all’s well with the leash.”

She headed down the hall to her second period class, a “Modern Media” class that was mostly a schedule-filler. Sadie didn’t really think the material had anything to offer wasn’t why she picked the class. There was a new teacher in the English department when she was a junior--a stunning, obviously fresh from college hottie named Ms. Shea. She was graceful, tall as a model, with long red hair and delicate skin.

When Sadie came into the room, Ms. Shea was erasing the board from her first period English 12 class. Sadie’s eyes went right to her boots, a pair of burgundy leather knee-highs. She was wearing dark stockings, a black leather skirt, and a dark red turtleneck that matched her boots--every detail of which Sadie dwelled on until she heard her teacher’s voice.

“Good morning, Sadie.” Ms. Shea locked eyes with her, and Sadie felt the jolt immediately. Four weeks of classes were more than enough for her to become infatuated, and for a second she questioned her ability to keep her powers under control. Her chair shifted away from her desk, still a dozen feet away from her. Both guys already seated in the classroom jumped, and Ms. Shea looked back when one of them let an expletive fly.

“What was that, Mr. Ferris?” Ms. Shea asked as Sadie took her seat.

“That chair just moved! Ryan, you saw it.” The other kid nodded.

“Sadie, dude--that chair just like, jumped. Watch it.”

“I’ll be fine, boys.” She snickered.

“I don’t want to hear that word again, Ben.” Mr. Shea was standing a desk in front of Sadie’s, looking straight behind her to Ben Ferris’ desk. Sadie was looking at the leather drawn tight by her stance, and when her eyes wandered up to the spread in the turtleneck, she couldn’t help but think about Diane Shea’s lovely pink nipples--buried under the turtleneck and her obviously seamless bra. Without even thinking about it, Sadie was remotely trying to get a sense of what kind of bra she was wearing as Ben peddled his apology and insisted, along with Ryan, that one of the classroom’s chairs had slid nearly a foot by itself.

She was focused enough that she wasn’t absorbing the conversation. Ms. Shea was pissed enough at the F-bomb not to notice Sadie’s ever-so-gentle massage of her nipples--a focused telekinetic effect on Ms. Shea’s bra that brought the item to life but gave it absolutely strict directions to use its microfiber pads to play against her nipples without so much as moving or flexing anywhere else. Only their inner layers did anything at all--and she watched as Ms. Shea reacted as if she had an itch. Sadie wasn’t finished, though. Padding or not--the orbs in the teacher’s turtleneck was now showing off unmistakable nipples. The change in the boys’ faces must have been obvious enough, because Ms. Shea cut chiding Ben short when more students entered the room. Ms. Shea grabbed her notes from a far desk and resituated her turtleneck to find the protrusions gone.

Sadie recentered herself when she realized she pushed too hard. In her playful mood, she’d caused the other effect without particularly intending to embarrass Ms. Shea. It was hard enough to keep from daydreaming about her before, but now...especially since she had to be decked out in leather from the hips down…

Ms. Shea was about to address the mostly assembled class when she felt something at her calf as she stepped. She looked behind her to see her boot half-unzipped, the zipper still falling. She bent quickly to investigate, and Sadie felt her fingers on the burgundy boots, investigating them even as Sadie’s magic crawled over them without her control. The whole class caught sight of Ms. Shea’s shiny black skirt as it went from reasonably loose and demure to absolutely taut. She had to bend at the hip to check out the boot, and now Sadie’s eyes and focus were on her teacher’s ass.

For her part, Ms. Shea didn’t question the falling zipper, chalking it up to faulty hardware. She simply grabbed the thing and tugged it, and the magical resistance didn’t fight her enough for her to find it odd. No--what was odd now was…

“Hey!” Ms. Shea reached behind her just as several students in the class gasped or jumped. 

Ben cried out ‘holy shit’ this time, and at least a third of the class saw the same thing: Ms. Shea’s skirt deformed in such an uncanny way that no one could help but react. It looked like fingers--like an invisible hand was pressed into the leather of her tightened skirt. Those to one side of the front row saw it most clearly, and fortunately for Sadie, she was legitimately as surprised as the other four or five people who saw the invisible grope.

Sadie, of course, was the only one that knew it was her.

Now Ms. Shea was rigid, standing straight up and scowling. Her hair has come undone just slightly, and she was clearly pissed. She scanned through the class, finding confused and surprised faces, but no one really standing out.

Except for maybe...Sadie? No.

“Did one of you throw something?” The teacher asked, looking around by the desk. “Was it my imagination?” She stared at each of the troublemakers, and Ben nervously raised his hand. “Mr. Ferris…” Ms. Shea said through gritted teeth, “was it you?”

“No, Ms. Shea--somethin’ grabbed you! Like--one of you fuckin’ saw it, right?”

“Ben! Language!” Ms. Shea was leaning over her desk, and Sadie was taking in every second, trying to draw back. She was even hotter when she was shouting down Ben Ferris, looking more and more like a badass…

I’ve got to stop doing this, Sadie realized, knowing she was the reason for this whole scene. There wasn’t much she could do to back it down except let it play out and try to react like the others.

“Sadie! Did you see something?” It was her turn now, and when the teacher’s eyes burned into hers, Sadie felt magic flowing through her again, reaching out to the classroom and absorbing into Ms. Shea’s aura, her clothing, her body--Sadie had to find a way to control it, or her abilities were going to know Diane Shea--biblically--just as she let loose in the club.

She thought of Rachel.

“It it rode up on you,” Sadie said, trying her best to play stupid. She wondered what kind of guilty look she had on her face when she admired Diane’s fierce green eyes when she went after Ben again. “I dunno. No one threw anything though--that I could tell.”

“Then--we’ll get to today’s lesson...and no more ghosts? From you or Mr. Ferris?” Ms. Shea smoothed her skirt out, and a couple of the other students looked at each other, mumbling about what they saw. “Or annnyone?” Ms. Shea chided. “Let’s move past my wardrobe and onto the class now.”

Silence from, the class, and Sadie’s eyes were set low.

“Thank you.”

* * *

Rachel had spent most of the morning daydreaming as she watched the kitchen clean itself. The girls’ lives weren’t the only ones changed. She hadn’t had to lift a finger since they revealed their secret, and by now, Rachel was dangerously used to asking the house itself for favors.

Everything up to now cooperated beautifully, too--almost insistently. There were, however, times when everything seemed a bit more...suggestive than usual. She’d more or less gone with the flow, more curious than anything else and sort of reluctant to say ‘no’ the magic permeating everything. She was shy about that fact to the girls, but shouldn’t she be?

If the spark was the only thing that they were responsible for, then it had to have been Rachel’s own mind causing the clothes to fulfill that way. George was away, after all, and the girls had mentioned something about them primarily responding to emotion.

Rachel wondered about Lu. She was still somewhere, waiting to come back--and she had even more answers than the girls. She thought about George, wondering how he would react when he found out. She couldn’t exactly compete if Lu decided she wanted George back.

“Something bothering you, Rachel?”

She looked down to see Sadie’s black boots. She smirked and waved them off.

“I bet, though--you really can tell, can’t you?” Rachel asked. The shafts bobbed a little.

“We see in energy, Rae.” Rae. Like Sadie would say. She had to stop thinking about it. “You don’t need to be so afraid, Rachel. About anything. About the girls, or about Lu. About George. You’re not alone, and we need you.” She made a confused face at the boots, chuckling.

“You’re really nice boots,” Rachel laughed, “But forgive mediocre old me if I can’t take that as gospel. My stepdaughters could probably take on Superman and Supergirl, and I’m spilling my house gossip to Sadie’s footwear. No offense.”

“We need you, Rachel. You’re an anchor. Stability. You always have been.” Rachel’s toes wiggled as her cotton crew socks slipped off her feet, walking out of the living room as Sadie’s boots unzipped. “Let me massage you. You’re stressed.” Rachel swallowed hard, looking at the creamy black leather--the boots opening and inviting her in.

“I really don’t think that’s a good idea,” Rachel giggled, looking away. She knew--just as the boots did--that she was going to lift her feet and let them slide on her. She didn’t know that, a few miles away at the girls’ high school, Sadie was about to redirect all of her unsettled emotions back at the house.

She let the boots slide onto her feet, the leather already pressing into her soles and toes before they even finished zipping up. Her breathing quickened as they zipped, encasing her naked legs nearly up to the knee. The puff of air from them was laced with sweat and the perfume Sadie wore, and Rachel dwelled on it for a second as the sensations from the boots dulled.

“She’s a woman,” The boots said to her, apparently reaching into her mind. “She thinks for herself and acts for herself.” Rachel gripped the arms of her recliner, a little more uncomfortable with the conversation--even if the caresses on her feet were like luscious heaven. “I want you--to stop this.” Rachel felt motion at her chest now as her pajama top undid its top button. “You are Lu’s, Rachel. Sadie is Lu’s. Maddie is Lu’s. We--ultimately--are Lu’s. Do you understand yet?”

Rachel just shook her head, letting the massage into her focus. Inhibition forced her to resist. Social expectation forced her to resist.

“I think you should...unzip and let me out,” Rachel said, buttoning her top. She bent down to the boot, and suddenly she was flung against the recliner. “Hey! Stop that now!” Rachel’s top split open, all the buttons popping open at once, and one of them flying across the room.

“That--that’s not us!” The boots cried. “That’s coming from her!” Rachel was lifted off the recliner by her pajama pants, picked up and thrown over the balcony, where she landed on the guest bed in the loft area on the 2nd floor. 

“What the hell is happening?” Rachel shouted. “Are you telling me you can’t control any of this?”

“We can’t even find our way off your feet!” The boots cried. “It’s like she’s holding us to you.”

Sadie’s lust was flowing directly through the boots and Rachel, venturing through the latter’s mind and seeking out dark fantastic thought. In Rachel’s room, her red thigh-highs inflated as the boots zipped themselves and took to stride, marching up the steps.

A pair of leather pants leapt from a hanger and landed on flat cuffs, turning around and waiting for a silvery blouse to slouch off its hanger and join it. The flopping hem of the shirt slid into the flattened pants as they strode sloppily out the door, inflating bit my bit to Rachel’s attractive curves as they climbed each step. 

In Sadie’s room, her black leather gloves rose off her dresser and pointed at her closet. When the doors swung open, a pair of pocketless black pants rolled off a shelf and hit the ground. Sadie’s attention-getting lacquer ankle boots danced out toward the dresser as the top drawer opened, releasing a red strapless bra in shining satin. The bra’s cups swelled with Sadie’s shape and hovered over the red ankle boots as the black pants fluttered and filled up from their lower cuffs, forming Sadie’s shapely long legs before filling out their ass and hips. The bra and boots sailed out of the room together, joining up with Rachel’s clothes climbing the stairs. The pants and gloves followed behind.

Rachel was on all fours in the guest bed, held there by her satin pajama pants and top. The top was open, but that only meant the satin flaps were free to massage Rachels’ tits as the pajama pants kept her ass dancing in the air.

“You--can’t!” Rachel protested, trying to move her arms. “I don’t want this!” She said the words just as she felt herself slicking the satin pajama bottoms drawn between her legs, teasingly lifting her and holding her--dancing her ass in the air. She was lying--holding back for the sake of a propriety that Sadie’s lust had zero use for.

“There is no sentient will in this house--human or otherwise--that doesn’t want this,” Said another voice, its intonation smooth like the boots, but lighter--sweeter. “You can taste her right now, can’t you, my little darlings?” Sadie’s gloves patted Rachel’s ass, talking to the pajama bottoms. “Prove to Rae-Rae that we know exactly what’s in that head of hers.”

The crotch of Rachel’s pajama pants wiggled against her clit, and she squealed. Her top allowed her arms to move, but instead of trying to escape, Rachel rolled into a half-somersault and grabbed her own hips, doubled over with her ass in the air as her pants continued to tease her.

“There still wanna fight me, Rae-Rae?” Rachel rolled her over, and the pajama pants let her do so, slipping their way off of her entirely as she reoriented herself, sitting up. Now there were more clothes standing in front of her; her own red boots, her favorite leather pants matched up with a silver blouse threatening to bust its buttons, and then--Sadie’s things.

There was a red strapless bra, bouncing with every emulated step, tight black pants, the most naughty-looking shiny red ankle boots she’d ever seen, and a pair of gleaming black kid leather gloves.

Her own clothes were standing back; clearly Sadie’s outfit was leading the charge here. 

“Fighting you is the last thing I want to do,” Rachel said. One of Sadie’s leather gloves sailed up to her cheek, caressing it as Rachel closed her eyes.

* * *

Maddie entered Alaina’s room, and something was off, immediately. For one, it looked as if a windstorm had struck the room. A mostly empty closet and eerie sounds from the other side of the door cued her to a major problem.

But then there was the energy. Dense. Red hot in some sense...pressurized, almost. When Maddie focused and tried to tap into it to see the source, she was overwhelmed with a giddy, bubbly sensation that went straight to her clit.

“Oh, fuck!” Maddie said, leaning back against the door she’d just come though. “What the hell’s happening here?”

“I feel her,” Sandra’s latex dress said, standing on its own now, crop in hand as it perched over a hovering Doug, tied and suspended upside down. Sandra was in a black latex corset, wearing a black garter belt with clear and black latex stockings. Everything was slicked with lube, sliding over her skin and massaging her--keeping her stimulated. She watched as a pair of red latex wrist gloves teasingly beat off Doug to engorged hardness and backed him down, only to start again once Doug’s throbbing dick recovered.

“Wh-what do we do?” Sandra asked, reclining in a leather chair as one of her vibrating eggs danced against her clit.

“You sit just so and get your pussy stroked, like the ruling queen bitch you are,” Purred the dress. “We will bring her to you--and then this entire house is going to know what real power feels like.”

Her corset grabbed her tits, and Sandra’s eyes rolled back as she sputtered a laugh, drunk with supernatural power.

“You should let poor Dougie come,” Sandra said, looking at her husband’s face. The terror had subsided when he realized the kind of attention he was going to keep getting, but the disbelief hadn’t faded a bit--some supernatural, demonic, alien....some unexplained force had taken over his wife’s naughty drawer, and even after he watched her things walk, talk and fuck--things only got stranger.

“Soon enough--when we’re ready with our plan for her,” the dress said. “You’ve got talents, honey--but you need more power...and she can help.”

Maddie opened the door and went out into the hall. The eerie silence was broken with muffled sounds, coming from the direction of the grand entryway with the huge stair. Maddie headed the other direction, toward the laundry room. She checked carefully behind her as she headed to the door.

It clicked open with a thought, and Maddie wasn’t ready for the result.

Dirty clothes--essentially the entirety of Stacie and Sandra’s suitcases plus Alaina’s used bin--rocketed out at her from the laundry room, plastering her to the wall as some of them inflated.

“Hey, what the hell!?” Maddie was taken off guard by the clothes, and as she fought against them physically, she put up a hand and swept a group of them back, launching them backward to spiral down the hall in their inflated state.

That was when a leather cuff slipped over her hand, clamping at her wrist. She tried to grab the hovering lock before it was able to slip into the grommet, going so far as to try and bat it away with her mind.

It didn’t respond.

The worse part was the second cuff, slipping over her other hand. What exactly was happening here?

“Get the fuck off!” Maddie squealed, trying to hover up toward the ceiling. She managed to slide up a bit, but a pair of Stacie’s pantyhose straddled her neck from behind, wrapping their thighs around her. Their ass inflated, bouncing Maddie away from the wall as the leather cuffs drew behind her. A third lock hovered into place and locked both of the cuffs behind her body.

Now Maddie was suspended as Sandra and Stacie’s worn clothes worked their way under her own clothes. Stacie’s tights lifted their inflated legs and spun around her a half-turn, clamping their crotch against her face and making her breathe through them. She tried to defend herself by animating her own clothes.

The moment they began puffing to life, Alaina and Sandra’s own clothes were busy restraining them as they pulled them carefully off Maddie’s body. Only Maddie’s shoes and socks got away, bolting into the laundry room and kicking the door shut. Two agile pairs of Sandra’s stockings pulled her pants down and tied their waist to their cuffs, stopping them from properly taking shape. Worse--Sandra’s stockings were still able to run away with Maddie’s help, heading into the entryway and up the staircase.

Maddie’s shirt was threaded the same way--except that a sash from one of Sandra’s robes did the job, pulling back Maddie’s button down and tying it against her already bound wrists. It flapped valiantly against the sash, but it couldn’t overpower the bondage mitts already in place.

Stacie’s pantyhose were riding against her face, and Maddie was lost in the sensation. A pair of Sandra’s satin panties was filled out, their own camel-toed form sliding against Maddie’s exposed clit. A black bra of Alaina’s and a red bra of Sandra’s tended to Maddie’s tits, squeezing their cups together around them.

Maddie didn’t entirely understand what was going on, but something about all of this magic felt like her. Maddie felt comfortable here and she did like where this was if she couldn’t control the clothes here--she wasn’t totally surprised. She was caught off guard by her own fantasies a few nights ago too, so she decided to hold back on her trump cards and let this play out.

Whatever was happening, it felt big. Maddie was optimistic about it. Maybe Alaina had something special planned for her and Mitch. After all, Alaina saw her in action and knew what she liked.

“She’s...not fighting us,” The dress said. “She’s welcoming it.”

“That’s a good thing, right?” Sandra asked. One of her dildos hovered toward Doug as a big pink vibrator floated toward her pussy.

“It’s a very good thing. We’re going to raise the temperature a bit.” The red jelly dildo slapped against Doug’s ass as cool lube hit his asshole. He struggled to look behind him, his protests muffled by a ball gag.

Sandra cried out as the vibrator plunged into her. She turned over in the air as the egg crawled up and down her lips, circumnavigating the toy plunging in and out of her and resting on her clit, eventually teasing only its very end against her.

Maddie hovered into the huge entryway, joined by a latex-encased Alaina. She was holding a feather duster and dressed in her formal outfit--but under it was head-to-toe clear latex. Instead of her working flats, her feet were bound vertical in ballet boots. It was clear to Maddie that her movements weren’t her own. She was rather drifting place to place like a puppet. The ballet boots simulated something like walking, but none of Alaina’s weight was really bearing down on them. Maddie could tell.

Together, they headed up the stairs--Maddie still being restrained and groped, and Alaina bounding up several steps at a time, a weightless puppet to her magic latex suit.

Every door in the hall burst open. The master bedroom at the end and all four other bedrooms yawned wide. Some of Stacie’s makeup danced out of the bathroom and down the hall and Stacie and Mitch were brought to their doorways by the enchanted clothing binding them. Stacie and Mitch were both victims of her clothes, but now even Mitch’s clothing marched out of his room, some filled out to his shape and some sailing through the air like flat fabric kites.

Everything seemed to be gathering to one place--the massive skylit master bedroom.

When Maddie saw Stacie, she knew something was wrong. This wasn’t planned at all. When she hovered into the master bedroom the full extent of what was happening was revealed. The whole household was gathered there--Mitch’s parents, his sister, Alaina, and himself.

So what was in control?

“Now we can begin,” The governess dress said, pacing over to Maddie. Stacie’s pantyhose were still wrapped around her, riding her and sending Stacie’s scent through her. “First two, and then three.” One of the dress sleeves pointed at Stacie, who had a tight leather skirt and a shiny lamé tube top on. Her arms were controlled by a pair of Alaina’s long black gloves, and her legs were held by her own black suede knee-boots.

Stacie’s dress hiked itself up to reveal her shaven pussy, and as soon as her pantyhose released Maddie, she was thrown headlong between Stacie’s legs and positioned in a 69 with her.

“Lick those pussies, girls,” The dress demanded. Maddie was hardpressed to focus herself out of position, and she tried the dress next.

“Yeaaaah--keep feeding me, honey. You may be strong, but I go back a loooong way. I’ve lived in blood like hers for generations, and I know the dynamics.” The dress pointed to Sandra, and the moaning cougar hovered toward the dress, levitating beside her as her toys continued to work her toward orgasm.

Now she was forced to see her own daughter, disobeying gravity with her nose at the pussy of Mitch’s girlfriend. Sandra was lost in the broken reality--and seeing her whole family dominated by her fetish gear seemed to be an obvious next step to what was already an absurd development.

Maddie’s normal application of telekinetic force only seemed to work in particular circumstances...and where it failed, she was feeding this rogue magic. It felt like her because it was predominantly fueled by her, but did she hear right when it referred to Mrs. McCune’s blood?

“What do you want from us?” Maddie asked, Trying to free Doug and Stacie. She realized the same problem applied when a couple voiced laughed at her now.

“More and more--honey. Feed us MORE!” Maddie felt her hair grabbed from the back. One of Sandra’s pink PVC gloves took a handful of her blonde bob and shoved her face into Stacie’s cunt as its mate did the same with Stacie.

The girls both moaned, their bodies rotating in the morning light as the first rays dropped through the skylight, bounding around the mirrors in the shaft as they levitated up through the opulent 12’x12’ skylight shaft over the master bed.

“And now three,” The dress repeated as Sandra rose through the shaft, her corset undoing itself as she approached the rotating girls. Maddie and Stacie were sucking each other’s cunts in earnest now, restrained and unable to process anything but weightlessness, eager tongues and slicked lips.

“And now the seed…” The sissified Mitch was dressed up in Stacie’s clothes. A pair of her panties was tight around him, with his cock hanging out of them--driving them like a makeshift cockring. He rose off the ground as his toes wiggled in a pair of her wool stockings. He was going to cum, but he wasn’t exactly digging the scene. His eyes were clamped closed as he tried to go elsewhere, feeling the sensations and letting himself cum.

He knew he had to anyway. He knew it was what they wanted.

On the other side of the room, Doug blew his load--spurred on by the dildo riding his prostate and wiggling inside him. His mind was well past the point of trying to make sense of anything--and only base animal needs remained, for the time. He watched his wife rise skyward like a goddess, pleasured by her belongings as she joined the two girls in the skylight shaft.

Mitch cried out, and both spent men lost consciousness. Beyond their seed, a dose of etheral energy was drawn from them both and sent skyward, toward the ongoing ritual. Sandra gasped. Energy swirled around her as the magical alchemy from the men’s release was spun into a kind of mist and sent over her body.

Sandra’s skin tightened--but plumped at the same time. Her breasts--impressive as they were for her age--rose and plumped. A few years melted from her face, the hue of her hair’s saturated, and her tits began growing as she approached the girls.

“Drink,” The dress called, hovering up and apparently watching the shaft, it’s collar tilting back. “Drink from her.” Both girls were pulled out of their 69, and now Stacie and Maddie faced a younger looking Sandra with massive tits. Maddie’s eyes bulged in disbelief, while a panting Stacie could no longer make sense of what was happening.

She wanted a tongue against her cunt again. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to be put down. She didn’t know what her clothes were doing to her and Mitch or why. Reality was broken. But right in front of her was something soft--something familiar.

Otherwise lost--she listened to the command.

Maddie saw Stacie sucking from Sandra’s tits, and anxiety came over her. She watched Stacie resist, then give in. She had no idea how Alaina was faring. The hedonism had spread throughout the house, and she couldn’t control it.

Once again, she felt her hair grabbed from behind as she was forced on Sandra’s other tit.

“Drink…” The governess dress repeated. “DRINK, witch! I need you LINKED!” Maddie didn’t suck as she was told, but it didn’t matter. Milk spurted from Sandra’s fertile tits and between her lips.

When Maddie swallowed--any hope she had of control was gone. The trump cards she had in mind had done nothing but built up the rogue magic in the house, and now she could feel her will slipping...the breast against her lips so warm and comforting. She could feel Sandra’s laughter, slow at first and building.

“Mmm...that’s good, girls. Suck mommy’s titties.” Sandra’s tether to Maddie grew as the sorceress stayed latched to her, sucking of her own accord now. “Yessss, yes. As hard as you want, my girls…”

Sandra’s things were already cleaning up Doug and Mitch, leading them off in separate directions in an almost Spartan way. They were moved around like prisoners, devoid of the gentle teasing from before. Doug was carried to a guest bedroom, while Mitch was taken back to his own room, stripped down and placed in fresh panties and leggings from Stacie’s room.

“What--what the hell are you doing to us, Maddie?” Mitch asked. “Isn’t this a bit much?”

A laugh that clearly wasn’t Maddie’s permeated the air as the governess dress strutted in.

“You’re of my blood, you whining sissy brat?” The dress asked. “We’ll have to spank that whining out of you so we can make you more productive in your service.

“If you’re not Maddie, who the fuck are you?”

“I’m the noble blood you carry...before it was watered down by generations of power going head-over-heels with mortal men.” A glove lifted his chin, directing his gaze to its collar. “Your little girlfriend is going to help me restore the line--starting with your mother, who is a promising specimen for her age. Something can be done with your sister as well.”

“But Maddie’s a--” One of Stacie’s socks jumped into his mouth, heel-first. Its toes and sole wiggled against his face as he tried in vain to turn his head.

“You can stop talking now, Mitchell. Your value to me is in your youth, your cock, and your cum alone. I’ll make sure every dirty little opportunity is used to milk you to maximum efficiency.” He hovered into the air and felt his ass being grabbed. “So get used to your new job.”

* * *

Sadie felt uneasy. The entire class was a struggle, but now something else was happening that didn’t really relate to Ms. Shea. Maddie wasn’t nearby--she could feel that much--but there was something else to it. Some unbalance she couldn’t put her finger on.

Otherwise in the way was whatever was happening back at her house, where Sadie could practically taste Rachel on her lips. She knew firsthand that Rachel was getting more comfortable loosening up with the enchantments around the house, but this session was almost like a tuned radio--even as she tried to prevent her own imagination wandering away with Ms. Shea, she could feel Rachel back at the house, and something about the power of it made Sadie think that her own belongings were getting involved.

So much was going on and she needed to drop out somewhere. She needed to go to Sorgina and ask Rosa for help. Maybe even Jen herself, much as Sadie had already imposed on her.

When the bell rang, Sadie gathered her things carefully, not wanting telekinesis to absent-mindedly do any of the work for her.

“Ms. Theyer, a word?” Diane Shea’s face was flat. Most of the other students were well out the door and didn’t bother with so much as an ‘Ooo…’.

“I’m--a little busy…” She needed to avoid those eyes--those piercing eyes, demanding respect. Sadie wanted to the turn the table on that sure, confident gaze soooooo badly…

“Please, a minute.” Ms. Shea stepped in her path and let the last of the students leave before she continued. “Do you know anything about what happened today?”

“You mean with your skirt,” Sadie said, nonchalant. She was keeping herself occupied trying to tune Maddie and Rachel, but both of them led into powerful red light. Lust. Lust. Nothing but.

“ do you know, then?” Ms. Shea asked, her face turning red as Sadie kept hers brutally poker.

“I know things about the world, Ms. Shea, that would blow your mind.” The chair behind Ms. Shea’s desk began rattling. When Ms. Shea jumped and looked over to her desk, Sadie took in the young teacher from head to toe again. “I know that being in this room with you, knowing what I know--is kind of killing me a little,” Sadie said. “Watch.” Sadie bit her lip, and the chair shot out from under the desk, hitting the wall with the blackboard.

Ms. Shea jumped again, looking out to the hall to see if anyone else had witnessed it.

“Miss Theyer...if this is a gag, I’m not finding it funny.”

Sadie’s face didn’t break.

“How did I grab your ass from fifteen feet, Diane?” She smirked now. “How?” Ms. Shea’s mouth opened, but she didn’t say anything. “That is what you felt, isn’t it? Hands grabbing your ass. Soft, gentle hands. Strong, but not testosterone strong. Yes?”

Ms. Shea shuddered, stepping backward.

“Uh-uh...stop.” Sadie held her boots in place and looked toward the door. The shade drew itself first, and the door slowly swung closed as if by a breeze.

“We--we can’t…”

“Be in here alone? I give a shit about their laws, Diane. I’m showing you a secret because I’ve already fucked things up, and I need help.” If Maddie had an acolyte, maybe it was time for Sadie to enlist.

“I...I don’t understand.”

“I’m going to let you go, and I’m going to walk out of this room. There’s something I need to take care of, and I can’t say more right now.” Sadie looked deadly serious, sexy and fierce--confident in her words. “But if you want me, Diane--in the way I absolutely want you--then all I need you to do is tell me. Something. It can be a code.” The teacher was shaking her head, incredulous.

“This doesn’t make any sense.”

“I’m powerful, Diane. I can make things happen. Amazing things. But my power’s also a responsibility--and I need help. Your help. I’m not going to thrust all this on you, but I’m giving you the choice. For now--I have to go.” Ms. Shea felt her boots release again, and she was able to move.

“Sadie, wait,” She said as the girl turned to the door. “How do...I reach you?”

“Tomorrow during class,” Sadie said. “Like I said. A code. A note. Anything. Believe this, Diane. It happened.” Ms. Shea felt another pinch on her ass, and she squeaked. When Sadie opened the classroom door, it wasn’t the hallway. Instead, there was a glossy barrier, and a dark room on the other side. Sadie stepped through and closed the door behind her.

When Diane was sure she was gone, she ran to the door, pulling the shade. Mr. Stevens from the room across gave her a friendly wave and looked surprised by her expression. She straightened out her hair and opened her door, waving back.

“Heya Diane,” The man said, a decent looking guy with a tie and jacket.

“Hi Nate. Uh...happy Monday.”

“Right,” he laughed. “I...swore you were just talking with a student.” Diane’s eyes went wide as she turned back and looked at her classroom. 

“You’re...seeing things. I guess. Everyone wants out of here as fast as possible.” Diane smiled as she headed back into her classroom.

Back at home, Rachel was subject to chaos that Sadie wasn’t even aware she made...