Lust of the Lither

The Orbs Disperse

The girls heard a husky feminine voice chuckle around them, followed by Sofia crying out "Nngh!" as she clamped her hands over her pussy.

"Oh fuck!" she gasped, and fell to her knees panting.

The caramel skinned girl moaned as mystical energies invaded her nethers. Her friends stared as invisible fingers ran through her hair while her tits perked up at unseen ghostly attention. Unnoticed by the girls though, between Sofia's legs sat the Ouija board, and the planchette atop it stirred.

"Oh oh oh ah Fuck! Yes!" she grunted as she felt the rising tension between her legs.

She moaned and whined as her breathing became quicker and quicker. Then, with an almighty scream of ecstasy, Sofia came harder than she ever had. Her panties were soaked as her body was wracked with pleasure. Her hands flew out to catch herself as she fell forward exhausted.

As she sat there, between her legs some liquid dripped from her soiled underwear upon the glass eye of the Ouija's planchette. Sofia raised her head and looked at her friends. "That was amazing! Guys? What are you looking at?" she questioned as they all stared beneath her.

Scooting back an falling into a seated position, she stared as the eye of the planchette glowed bright blue and swirled with a strange mist. "Thank you child." the ghostly voice intoned much louder now. "Now, come forth my friends! Come and be free!" it declared.

Suddenly, dozens of small glowing orbs shot out of the glowing center and began to zip around the room. After a moment, the light on the board faded, and the feminine voice laughed while slowly fading into nothingness.

The orbs darted away through doors, vents and windows, almost as soon as they'd arrived. The blonde girl Daisy yelped and ducked out of the way as one flew past her head. A few moments later, they were gone and the girls were alone. They sat there in shock. "Um..." the dark haired Lauren began. "What the hell was that?"

"I...I don't know." Liz breathed.

The girls sat there for a few minutes more, waiting for something to happen. Nothing did. They checked on Sofia to make sure she was alright, but she just seemed dazed and happy. "That was incredible!" she breathed.

One by one, the girls began to leave. They decided it had been too weird of a night to stay much longer, and all the alcohol seemed to have left their systems suddenly. After Daisy and Lauren left together, it was just Sofia and Liz. As Sofia gathered her things, she cried out "Liz! Look at this!"

Liz ran over to her and saw where she was pointing. On top of Sofia's bag, one of the orbs was darting about energetically. "What are these things?" Sofia wondered, slowly reaching for it.

"Wait, I don't know if that's a good idea..." Liz worried.

Sofia ignored her and scooped it up into hands where it swirled around. She giggled, "It kind of tingles."

The orb suddenly flew out of her hand and darted quick circles around the girl. "Ooh!" she gasped as her dress suddenly hiked up to her waist, exposing her satin panties before she pushed it back down with a laugh. The orb then darted away from them and flew off out an open window like the rest of them.

"I kinda like them." Sofia admitted.

The spirits flowed out into the world. They avoided people for the most part, for they just wanted to learn the basics of this plane of existence for now. However, they hadn't forgotten he girls who brought them here, or the one who summoned them. Soon, they would make themselves known.