Lust of the Lither

Daisy's Flight

Daisy and Lauren had had a long day of classes, and were lounging around in their living room undressed. Daisy laid on the couch in a long sleeve t-shirt that bared her midriff and nothing but black panties and socks on below. Lauren sat reading in an armchair also in nothing but a short black sweater and white panties and socks. Both of them suddenly looked up when they heard a noise, then looked at each other confused.

Hearing the noise again, they both looked over behind them to the corner of the room, where Lauren had tossed her backpack she'd brought to the oujia session the previous night. Neither of them had spoken too much about what had transpired that night, but they both looked at each other in concerned silence.

"Well I'm not getting it." Daisy finally spoke, breaking the silence.

Lauren grimaced then slowly stood up. "Fine." she sighed as she walked over to the bag.

Daisy got up and walked around to watch as her roommate knelt down and cautiously grabbed the flaps. Slowly she pulled them open, then squeaked and jumped back as a glowing yellow orb shot out past her into the air. Daisy started at the sound and stepped back as the orb zipped around through the air between them. It seemed to suddenly focus on Daisy and zipped towards her. She quickly took another step back and bumped into the couch as the orb pulled up and bobbed up and down quickly in front of her, as if sizing her up.

"Um...Lauren?" Daisy asked, looking past the orb at her friend.

Suddenly, the orb shot down and flew right into the crotch of her underwear, seeming to phase into it. Daisy yelped and grabbed her pussy, looking down in alarm. She pulled open the front of her underwear, but saw nothing. Stepping forward, she checked her backside but saw nothing either. She looked back to Lauren confused. "What the fUCK!" she gasped as she felt fingers tickle her pussy over her underwear.

She looked down in shock but saw nothing. She gasped and jumped again as she felt something pinch her rear. Lauren stepped forward, "Daisy are you alright?"

Before Daisy could respond, she gasped as her panties spun her around and bent her forward, her hands grabbing the back of the couch. The force in her underwear swayed her hips sensually as she looked back at Lauren. "It's in my panties!" she gasped.

The force released her and she quickly stood up straight and turned around, red creeping into her cheeks. She grabbed the sides of her underwear and tried to yank them down, but they resisted her. She manage to pull the sides down half an inch with considerable effort, before they slipped out of her grip and immediately slid back up. Her head shot up and locked wide eyes with Lauren. She opened her mouth to speak but suddenly gasped "Ooh!" as her underwear puled her up onto her toes and teased her nether regions again. She grabbed the front of her underwear with both hands and bit her bottom lip unconsciously.

Lauren jumped and spun around as she heard more noises from the bag, and covered her hand over her mouth to suppress a gasp as three more glowing orbs shot out into the air. With little hesitation, they buzzed through the air towards Daisy's waist. She groaned as one flew around her backside and slipped beneath the waistband, as the other two flowed between her fingers into her underwear. Her underwear seemed to ripple around her hips as she grasped the front waist band. "I...I...ooh!" she moaned as her underwear suddenly lifted her off the ground.

Lauren watched with mouth agape as her friend floated upwards as her her possessed panties toyed with her below. She bobbed through the air, higher and higher as she closed her eyes and tried to rock her hips against the ghostly ministrations having their fun between her legs. Lauren stared at her roommate, then jumped as another orb flew past her towards the spectacle. It flew right past the floating girl and up to the ceiling towards a different target. Lauren turned her attention to the orb confused, then gasped as she saw it's destination.

The orb flew up towards a skylight window placed in the sloped ceiling, unlatched and threw it open, then hovered expectantly next to the new opening. Lauren quickly looked back to her friend who was slowly but surely bobbing higher and higher, unaware of the window. Thinking quickly, Lauren dashed for the couch and jumped onto it, reaching up trying to grab her friend. Her fingers brushed Daisy's socks, before she bobbed again and floated out of her reach. Lauren tried to jump, but still couldn't quite reach her.

Stepping off the couch, all Lauren could do was watch in worry as Daisy reached the window. She stopped rising for a moment and merely hovered there next to the waiting orb, whimpering lightly in pleasure. In one quick motion, the orb swept down then shot up between the floating girl's legs and flew into her underwear. Daisy moaned louder and her panties rippled around her legs with even greater intensity. Under the power of her haunted lingerie, she then soared up out the window into the night sky.

Lauren gasped as her friend flew off, and the window closed and latched itself behind her. Not caring about her state of dress, she dashed out to the back door and ran through it into the fenced in backyard. She looked up at the roof and the cloudy night sky, but saw no sign of Daisy. Somewhere in the distance, she faintly heard a moan of pleasure.

Lauren stared up at the sky in shock at her friend's wayward flight. As she scanned the sky, her eyes suddenly widened as she looked down upon feeling something at her waist. One of the orbs hovered around her exposed underwear excitedly. She gasped and tried to brush it away, but the thing deftly avoided her hands. It started to move in, so she turned in ran.

Lauren ran back inside to call Liz, the only one who might know what to do. She ran into the living room, then froze. Another orb buzzed around the room, then stopped as if it noticed her. Slowly, Lauren stepped to the side, before sprinting towards her room. The orbs quickly pursued her. She made it into her room, then gasped and jerked up straight as she felt a force flow into the back of her underwear. She grabbed her ass, then gasped as she felt fingers at her snatch. Stumbling forward, she grabbed her bed frame for support as her underwear started to play with her. She heard the door close behind her, then watched the 2nd orb fly past her. Confused, she watched as it flew towards her bedside table, then slip into the drawer.

She gasped as she felt her underwear pull her towards it. She stumbled forward then stopped about three feet away. Something rattled inside, then her eyes widened when it slid open and a small bottle of petroleum jelly hopped out and landed on the table. The top popped off, and she could see the cream inside squirming and flowing about. She turned and ran to the door and yanked on the handle, but it was locked. Lauren yelped as she felt something splat against her lower back, then gasped as the back of her panties stretched out allowing the possessed jelly to slip down inside.

The back of her underwear snapped back into place as she tried to reach into it to grasp the goo. Despite her efforts, the waistband wouldn't allow her to slip her fingers through. She reluctantly pulled them away as the living jelly slipped down and nestled against her asshole. She groaned as the fabric fingers returned and massaged her pussy. She grabbed the door with one hand and her crotch with the other as her panties fingered her.

Despite the strangeness, Lauren was surprised to find herself horny. As the fingers continued, she began to slowly rock her hips with the rhythm, closing her eyes and groaning lightly. After a moment, her eyes snapped open and she looked at her backside. The jelly had begun to stir, and she started to feel a familiar shape forming. "Oh fuck." she gasped.

Slowly but steadily, a slippery living cock began to force its way up her back entrance. She moaned in agonizing pleasure and fell to the floor, her ass held perked up in the air. She moaned and clawed at the carpet as the fingers and phallus delved deep into her intimate spaces.

In the following hours, Lauren howled in ecstasy as the ghostly forces had their way.

Lauren groggily opened her eyes as the sun was just beginning to peek through her window. She laid splayed out on the floor, her ass still perked up in the air. She groaned and rolled over, trying to remember how she ended up on the floor. Her eyes shot open as the previous night rushed back to her. She scrambled up and looked cautiously down at her white panties still stretched around her hips. She poked them a couple times to no reaction. Quickly, she yanked them off and kicked them under her bed. She then walked over to her nightstand and pulled out the jar of jelly to find it empty. She reached behind her, but felt no sign of the substance. She sighed in relief.

Daisy! She remembered her friend being yanked out through the roof. She ran out into the living room and looked around, but saw no sign of her. She spun around as she heard the back door open, and sighed with relief as Daisy stumbled into the living room still dressed in her only underwear and sweater.

"What happened?!" Lauren asked, walking over to her friend.

"I don't...I don't really know. I just woke up in the yard like this and came inside." Daisy's eyes darted down to Lauren's naked pussy on display. "How'd your night go?"

Lauren sudden;y remembered her state of dress and tried to cover herself in embarrassment. "Hang on!" she declared as she ran off to her room to put on some clothes.

Daisy watched her bare ass bounce as she ran into the hallway, then sighed and fell back onto the couch as she tried to process the events of last night. A few minutes later, Lauren returned with her pajama pants on. "Are they your..." Lauren tried to find the correct way to say it.

"No. Not that I know of." Daisy replied, looking down between her legs. "I don't know where they went."

Lauren sighed in relief before looking grim. "We need to tell Liz."

Daisy agreed, and Lauren pulled out her phone and called their friend.

She answered and Lauren put her on speaker. "Lauren! Are you guys alright?" she asked immediately.

The two girls looked at each other. "We're both fine Liz. Daisy's here on speaker phone."

"Hey Liz." she chimed in.

"Did those weird lights come to you too?" Liz asked.

"You mean the weird lights that like to get freaky? Yeah. Yeah they did." Daisy answered.

Liz groaned. "You're not the first to call me. I think everyone who was at the seance the other night got a visit."

Lauren looked at the phone concerned. "Did you?"

"Yea-uh-yeah. I definitely did." Liz replied.

They both took her reply to mean she'd had a similar night as both of them. "What're are we gonna do now? Are they gonna come back? Are they gone?" Lauren questioned.

"I don't really know. I'm...I'm working on figuring something out." Liz sounded distracted.

"Alright...well...just let us know if there's anything we can do." Lauren replied hesitantly.

"You'll be the first to know." Liz declared, before she hung up on them.

The two girls sat there in silence for a moment, before Daisy looked at something on the floor behind her roommate. "Did you spill petroleum jelly on the floor last night?"

The phone hung up and yanked itself away from Liz's ear. She gasped as the sensations returned between her legs. She sat on her knees, straddling the Ouija board in her bra and panties as tendrils of mist snaked out from the center and wrapped around her legs. In front of her stood a smoky silhouette of a woman who seemed to be smiling.

"More friends?" it asked seductively.

"You've met." she managed to gasp as invisible fingers splayed across her pussy. "Please...let me help you."

"Oh my child, you already are." the smoky voice intoned, and Liz whimpered in pleasure.