Lust of the Lither

With Friends Like These

Kat pulled herself to her feet as she heard more commotion upstairs. She wasn't sure what she was going to find up there, but she hadn't come all this way to sit out the end. She paused at the bottom of the stairs as her little friend wrapped around her waist suddenly tensed and sent a small jolt of power through her. Her body suddenly turned back around almost without her permission. Not quite on command from the creature posing as her panties, but more than a suggestion. Before she could think about what had just happened, she noticed the glass windows began to ripple. From the feeling the creature sent her between her legs, she knew what this was.

Suddenly, dozens of orbs flew from the new portals and swarmed into the room. A few moments later, they all moved together, and flew past Kat up the stairs. Her panties rippled against her and she got a sense of almost hunger from them. She smiled as a small tendril slipped from the garment to trace around her asshole. "Let's go." she growled predatorily, as she was lifted into the air to float up the stairs.



"Liz." a voice whispered in her ear.

"Wha-what happened?" she groaned as her eyes fluttered opened. She could still feel the effects of whatever the thing in Lauren had done. She felt almost light as a feather, like she could float off the couch. Or be pushed off without a struggle.

"Liz, it's time to finish what you started." the voice purred in her ear, and her eyes snapped open in realization.

She pushed herself up to a seated position and looked to her side. Daisy stood over her with an odd smile and eyes reflecting back a light that certainly didn't belong to her blonde haired friend. "It's time to end this. It's time to let me in." the mistress spoke through Daisy.

Liz looked back across the room and saw Sabrina holding Lauren as Sofia looked back at her with a smile. Liz knew if she tried to fight that thing in Lauren on her own, she would lose a lot more than her friend. Looking back at the spirit in Diasy, she swallowed. "What do I have to do?" she asked.

The spirit smiled through Daisy. "Enjoy." she smiled as she pulled Liz into an embrace and kissed her passionately.



Deep in Lauren, the ethereal felt the threatening presence vanish. What power was that? The spirit questioned as it slowly made its way make to the surface of consciousness. I'll have to fight. I'll have to force those vile women to submit. Every last one if I have to pry open their souls and-

"I submit." Lauren spoke within herself.

The ethereal froze as it nearly resumed the position of pseudo control it held when it fled. "I won't fight you, my body is yours, your grace." Lauren's thought and will echoed within her.

The ethereal considered this proposition, and probed Lauren with its power. The girl was serious, the door was open. The entity almost laughed, but it wasn't about to waste this moment. As it always was, my child. The ethereal laughed as it flowed though the opening, nestling itself into every inch of Lauren's body and consciousness.



Outside, Lauren gasped and fell to her knees with a shudder, her eyes closed. Sabrina stood to the side and looked to Sofia with a concerned glance, but the curvy girl merely looked from Lauren, to Liz as she rose from the couch. Kat saw this as she hovered into the room from the basement, floating over to where Liz and Daisy stood. Landing next to Liz as the upwards force from her panties subsided, she looked from her friend to the swarm of dozens of glowing orbs whirling about in a ball above her outstretched hand.

"Are you doing that Liz?" Kat asked curiously.

When her friend turned to her and smiled, Kat almost saw what she had seen in Lauren. "I am my dear." the mistress spoke through Liz with soothing confidence.

Kat raised an eyebrow and looked over at Daisy, finding her other friend in a similar situation. Kat realized if the creature between her legs wasn't pumping her full of whatever power it was giving her, she probably would never have been able to see Liz and Daisy as anything but themselves. When Kat looked back to Liz, she saw the thing inside her friend looking at her with a concerned face. "You unshackled it?" the mistress spoke through Liz, as she looked down to her waist, then back up to her eyes.

Before Kat could answer, she heard Lauren laugh from across the room. Or rather, the thing no controlling Lauren laughed. "I hope that creature is still hungry." the mistress muttered as she, along with everyone else in the room, turned their attention to Lauren.

"You poor wretches." Lauren intoned with reverence. "When I'm done with you, you won't be anything but completely enslaved to my-" she paused and turned angrily to Liz. "You!" she hissed.

"Me." Liz smiled.

Lauren growled. "If you think you can stop me now," Lauren raised a hand and inspected it. "You're as mistaken as when you trusted that one." it finished as it pointed a finger at Daisy, smiling menacingly.

"On the contrary," Liz laughed. "I've already won."

Raising her other hand, Liz made a grasping motion. "What?!" Lauren exclaimed as she was lifted into the air. She leveled a menacing gaze at Liz, who then grunted as her underwear seemed to tug up in the back, as if trying to lift her into the air as well, but failing.

With her other hand, Liz waived it forwards, and the dozens of hovering orbs swarmed towards Lauren and the other girls. The glowing lights swarmed Lauren, as the rest converged on Sabrina and Sofia. "Oh!" Sabrina gasped as they dipped beneath her robe, her body quickly lifting off the ground. Next to her, Sofia laughed and stretched back lazily as she floated too.

Kat watched the scene, but couldn't pull her eyes from Lauren. Something seemed to echo up through her, and her mouth began to water as her eyes were drawn to the struggling girl's pussy. Kat was at best bi-sexual, so this yearning was something different than her normal lust. Something powerful. When the mistress flicked her wrists and Lauren's t-shirt and panties flew off her body, Kat couldn't help herself at the sight of the exposed woman. Or maybe it was the creature slipping more tendrils into her backdoor.

With a thought, Kat hovered into the air and made a beeline for Lauren. Almost unnoticed to her, Daisy licked her lips and moved on Lauren as well. Sabrina and Sofia, both hovering and cooing under the magical attention of the orbs, hovered towards the struggling Lauren as well.

Kat got there first by a moment and plunged her head between the girls legs, grabbing her ass with two squeezing hands as her tongue plunged into the woman's snatch. Drinking in her taste. Drinking in the power. "Oh fuck!" Lauren cried out as she grabbed the back of Kat's head with a hand, her fingers getting tangled in the woman's long blonde hair. Sabrina and Sofia arrived next, hovering up to either side of their possessed friend and pulling her into an embrace, their moths finding their way to her exposed tits.

"Nnng no! What...what is this?" the thing in Lauren moaned as Kat drank in the electric power flowing between Lauren's thighs. The energy flowed through Kat, down to the creature that was her underwear to meet the long tendrils that were extending ever further into her holes. When the energy reached the creature, it pulsed more power back through Kat in a feedback loop that was both insanity and rapture.

Beneath them, Daisy arrived still standing on the ground behind Lauren's hovering backside and their entangled bodies. Reaching up, Daisy grasped Lauren's thighs and pulled her ass down to her face. Kat barely noticed through the motion, but she thought she saw Daisy's tongue extend towards Lauren's back door as she was pulled down, and the tongue was a lot longer and blacker than should have been normal. When her ass reached Daisy, and Lauren cried out in surprise and ecstasy. Kat completely lost all worry for her friend as the river of power grew. If the creature between Kat's legs had could have it's way, Kat wasn't sure she would ever stop eating.



Lauren squirmed in the air as the other women and creature had their way as orbs of light pulsed and swarmed in and out of the grappling bodies. Liz kept them all together as she hovered towards her friends. The mistress was in control, and so was she. There was no surrender on Liz's part, only a shared goal that made their consciousnesses one. Reaching Lauren as she moaned panted and squirmed, she reached a hand up to cup her friend's cheek. Liz could feel the bond clearly now, she could see every part of Lauren and could see every which lever to pull to make Lauren hers. And with the mistress guiding her hand, the other spirit in Lauren couldn't stop her.

No no no! What is this?! What are you doing?! A voice echoed through the bond, heard by no one but those connected.

Nothing more than you deserve. The mistress answered back through the connection.

On the outside, no words were spoken as Lauren merely gasped, the Mistress manipulating the bond to do something deep inside of her. The entity inside Lauren tried to resist, but she seemed to be fighting whatever Daisy was doing below, while Kat slowly sapped its strength. Between that, and the sexual energy radiating from Sabrina and Sofia directly into the Mistress' control, the thing in Lauren didn't stand a chance. As the two spirits' wills fought inside, Liz smiled at Lauren as her eyes seemed to come into focus.

"Liz? Is it...oh my god!" Lauren gasped as the sensations washed over her.

Liz heard the ethereal in Lauren cry out as well as the mistress finished her cage. "Come for me Lauren." Liz spoke in a husky voice as the mistress pulled her in for a kiss.

All at once, in a cry of ecstasy that was probably heard next door, the orgasm wracked through every woman. Sofia and Sabrina gripped Lauren's chest as the orbs pulsed their forces between their squirming thighs. Daisy groaned as the lither played below at her twitching cunt. Kat groaned into Lauren's pussy as the energy flowing through her nethers and the creature crescendoed. Daisy groaned as her slippery passenger's tendrils brought her to the peak. And finally, Lauren succumbed to her friends and the spirits as her body wracked and shook between the women. She screamed in a cry of ecstasy and bliss as something slammed closed within her consciousness.

Liz Hovered above them all as they floated to the ground, their bodies having submitted to her and the mistresses will. She followed them to the ground, and caught Lauren when her legs gave way beneath her. Pulling her friend close, she smiled at her trembling form. "I got you Lauren, don't worry."

Lauren and the others were still catching their breaths as they lay on the floor around them in various states of undress. Kat quickly pulled herself to her feet, followed shortly by Daisy, although it looked as if she was surprised to even be moving. "Did it work?" Daisy asked, as what had at first appeared to be a black swimsuit she was wearing beneath her clothes began to ripple around her.

Kat had a hand on her chest as her breathing came once again under her control, her face flushed red from exertion and perhaps something else as she eyed Lauren up and down. "That thing. It's still in you but something's...what did you do?" Kat turned to Lauren.

Liz closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, and as she exhaled slowly something more than air seemed to leave her. When she opened her eyes, she could see and feel the rest of the Mistress flowing out of her body to swirl its violet form between the girls. The spirit looked around at them all and laughed. "It's done. That one is now trapped in the very vessel it hoped to use."

Lauren looked down at her naked body as the others glanced her way. "It's...It's still in me? I thought I could...I think I can almost still feel it." Lauren said to everyone with wide eyes.

"Don't be afraid." another voice spoke from the dark form emerging from Daisy's clothes. The blonde haired girl shuddered and stepped back as the dark creature slipped off and out of her body completely to form into a feminine silhouette. "It's cage is secure. It can only have the power you allow it."

Lauren once again looked down at her naked chest, then back to the two supernatural entities. "What did you do?" she asked incredulously.

"She wanted a vessel, and now she has one." the mistress spoke in a husky yet firm voice. "Only she has no power to do anymore harm."

"Oh. Okay." Lauren said in a small voice, and Liz pulled her closer.

"Don't worry Lauren. I can still feel it, that thing can't do anything you or I don't want it to." Liz said reassuringly.

Lauren looked at her and seemed to consider her words, before wrinkling her brow as if concentrating. Liz felt Lauren try for the first time to manipulate the bond from her side, and it seemed as if she had no power over the link. Liz's brows rose in surprise when a new force seemed to join Lauren's will, and Liz felt an invisible tongue trace up her slit.

"Yeah, I think this can work." Lauren chuckled as Liz bit her lip and smiled.

Kat looked to Sabrina and Sofia for answers, but neither seemed to have anything useful to add. "So now what?" she asked.

"Now." the mistress spoke. "We have some fun."



Kat stood to the side as she waited for the the spirits to arrive. Lauren was now dressed again and sat next to Liz on the couch, both of them inspecting her new necklace. The glass eye of the planchette now rested above her cleavage, encircled and tied together with a strange black fabric that seemed to move if you looked at it long enough. Kat felt her living lingerie hum in excitement, and she quickly pushed her skirt down as it began to flutter up around her.

No one noticed this however, as all eyes were on the shimmering mirror from which two angry entities were emerging. Lauren and Liz stood from the couch, and the other three girls stepped back to stand just behind the ghostly form of the mistress as she hovered authoritatively in front of them.

"You bitch!" the first one through hissed, and began to flow towards the mistress, but the spirit merely raised a hand and the other ghost stopped.

"Ah ah ah. Is that anyway to speak to your new master?" the Mistress questioned.

The leading spirit seethed, but stopped, looking around the women now unsure. "Where is the queen?"

Behind the spirits, a black form slithered out from behind the mirror to form into a stern looking pose behind them. Lauren stepped forward confidently, declaring "She's right here!"

The two spirits looked confused as they sized up the girl, before a realization seemed to come over them. The spirit in the back hovered away from the girls. "Oh no. Oh no oh no." it whispered as looked about with a new fear.

"What have you done?" the other hissed, turning about to look at the girls and other entities surrounding it.

"I merely gave her what she deserved." the Mistress spoke firmly.

"Oh no oh no oh no." the other spirit continued to mutter.

The angry ghost rounded itself on its comrade, "Fool! Pull yourself together!"

The other spirit didn't obey however, and flew up to the Mistress to lay its ghostly form before the spirit.

"I submit. My essence is yours. My will is your command, Mistress." it spoke reverently.

The other ghost cried out in frustration as it turned between the others liked a trapped animal. Seemingly deciding there was no fight here it could win, it growled in anger and flew back to the mirror, plunging into the rippling surface where it vanished back into the other world.

As Kat watched it leave, her panties hummed energy in a tickling sensation that traced up into her asshole and slithered up her spine. For the first time, the energy almost seemed a thought, and a familiar hunger came over Kat as her mind considered what it had been told. "You can do that?" she whispered incredulously down at the creature between her legs, and in response she felt her ass squeezed.

"Your will is my command. From this day forth, I am your master, and your life is mine." The mistress spoke with sultry authority.

The other spirit seemed to prostrate itself even more than it already had, and Kat could have sworn she heard it whimper. "Now, rise and look at me." the Mistress commanded.

The other spirit obeyed, and the the Mistresses smoky form seemed to size the ethereal up and down. "Return with Lilith through the gate." the mistress pointed at the mirror. "I'll be with you soon."

The spirit bowed its head in submission, and the lither's oily face smiled at the spirit as the now submissive entity hovered towards it's slippery form. "Don't worry, these girls can tell you how thorough of a friend I am." The lither laughed as the two creatures disappeared into the silvery surface of the mirror.

Daisy blushed as Kat made eye contact with her, and quickly looked away. What had those two been doing?

Kat looked to the few orbs that remained in the house, and those merely hung around Sofia and Sabrina as they laughed and talked to each other about something seemingly very humorous. Once that bitchy ethereal had been trapped in Lauren, the Mistress had said something to the orbs something about how they were now free, and didn't need her anymore. Most had scattered soon after, going who knows where. Kat had seen an opportunity in that though, and planned to find a few of those things soon, and use her little friend to have some fun.

"Kat, my dear." the mistress spoke as she flowed over to her. "That creature that you freed. I would say it's time you let me take it back."

Kat felt a surge of fear as she realized this spirit was going to take away the creature. It seemingly felt the same way, as it gripped her hips possessively as it hummed against her crotch in what Kat took as a growl. "Yeah, I don't think so." she said in a low but intense voice.

Daisy glanced over at them, but seemed to be unable to hear what they were saying. The mistress just sighed and drifted back. "Very well. But even I don't know what the creature can or will do now. Just know if something happens, come find me."

Yeah right. "Don't worry, I will." Kat lied.

The way the spirit shook its head as it drifted away seemed to show she clearly was not falling for it. "Girls, I have to go." the spirit declared melodiously as it approached the mirror. Sofia and Sabrina both stepped towards the entity.

"We're going with you." Sabrina declared firmly, and Sofia nodded in agreement. "Me and Sofia have been talking and... well... we're going with you!"

The spirit laughed and seemed to consider their words closely. "Oh very well. I suppose I do owe you two some" the spirit's misty form smiled. "I'll bring you back by the morning."

Kat glanced outside at the freshly risen sun. They must have a hell of a time planned. Wisps of mist flowed down from the spirit's form and darted over to Sabrina and Sofia. The wisps slithered up their legs and disappeared beneath their clothes, Sofia gasping with a soft "Ooh!"

Raising an ethereal arm, the mistress seemed to beckon them to her, and both women's feet left the ground as their bodies obeyed her command. They hovered to either side of the spirit, and she coiled her arms around them with a smile. "I think I'm going to get used to using your delicious bodies."

The two women and the spirit soon vanished through the mirror, leaving only Kat, Daisy, Lauren, and Liz. With a thought her living lingerie, the creature began to hum and lifted Kat into the air, her skirt fluttering around her waist as she hovered over to Daisy as a thin tendril emerged from the fabric to slowly circle her asshole.

"Oh...shit. I forgot about that... that thing." Daisy said as she stared between Kat's legs, her skirt fluttering in an unseen breeze to reveal her seemingly black lingerie beneath as she floated to the ground.

Between her legs, her panties seemed to purr against her pussy. "I think it likes you." Kat smiled.

"Oh. Well that's, um, cool. I think." Daisy seemed nervous for some reason.

"If you want, I think this thing can get us both home." Kat looked to one of the orbs still hovering around the room and concentrated. A thin tendril slipped from the gusset of her underwear and curled around her clit, sending a familiar spark of power into her. The orb obeyed her command and floated down to her outstretched hand.

"Oh no, that's, uh, that's fine. I think I'll just call a cab." Daisy muttered. "I need to go see Jack anyways."

"Jack? That guy you've been seeing? You must really like him." Kat shook her head.

"I don't know... Yeah. Yeah I guess I do." The corner of Daisy's mouth curled into a crooked grin.

"How are you doing that?" Liz asked as her and Lauren walked up to them both.

Kat realized she was still holding her hand out to the orb and shooed it away. "Oh yeah. It's a bit... Well it's a bit complicated."

Deciding it would be best to change the subject, Kat turned her attention to Lauren. "Are you sure you're okay? That thing is still inside you."

Lauren shook her head. "If I focus, I can still feel it. But..." She looked at Liz and bit her lip. "...I think I'm going to be alright."

Liz looked at Lauren with a knowing look, and both women laughed. Kat looked to Daisy who merely shrugged, clearly not fully understanding what was happening between those two either.

"So, what are you gonna do with the rest of your day?" Liz turned back to Kat.

Kat looked at her friends, then back to the mirror, and a familiar hum of energy began to tickle up from her living lingerie. A mischievous grin began to form on her lips as an idea formed. There was a whole new world for her to explore, and with the strange creature between her legs, a whole lot of power to discover. "Like the mistress said, I'm gonna have some fun."