Lust of the Lither

What the Oculus Reveals

The air in the center of Liz's empty basement suddenly began to warp. In an instant, Kat and Sabrina snapped into reality as the former groaned with pleasure. Kat held the red head woman in a tight embrace, her hands clutching the woman's rear and back as her orgasm subsided. As they pulled apart, Sabrina eyed her up and down. "That was...intense."

Kat merely nodded, before stumbling over to a nearby chair to sit down. After everything she had just experienced, she needed a few minutes to recover. "What are you doing?" she asked, as Sabrina began searching the shelves of the basement.

"I'm looking for the Ouija board. The one you used to summon the mistress here." she answered.

"What good will that do?" Kat breathed deeply as her senses recovered.

"The planchette. The glass is the fracture point. If I'm right, it just might..." Sabrina was interrupted from a banging noise upstairs.

Both girl's heads swiveled to the door. "We need to hurry." Kat mumbled.

"Found it!" Sabrina declared, holding up the wooden triangle with the glass eye in the center.

Without waiting for Kat, Sabrina ran to the door and rushed up the stairs. Kat watched her go, and made to stand. As she rose, her legs wobbled slightly. Sitting back down, she sucked in a breath. She didn't know if she had enough energy to be of any help. As if on cue, the creature between her legs began to hum, and she felt a new sensation beginning to flow into her.

"Oh!" she perked up in her seat as a new sensation began to trace out from the creature's appendages and through her body. She wiggled her rear against her seat as the tendrils sent some sort of rejuvenating energy into her. "Oh, okay that's mmmm..." she groaned.

Another minute of this and Kat thought she could run a marathon. She turned her eyes to the stairs as she heard yelling from above. Hopefully saving her friends wouldn't take as long.



Liz stared at Lauren as her friend smirked back at her. " are you feeling?" she questioned, as her eyes slid past her friend to see Sofia float back down to the ground as the invisible forces seemed to retreat from her.

"Liz I...There's something inside...Oh yes, this will be fun." Lauren shuddered as something seemed to roll through her.

Something about Lauren's voice at the end didn't sound right to Liz. Hearing and seeing all she needed , Liz made her move. Focusing on Lauren and their bond, she felt the ethereal force swirling and gripping her waist hum its energy into her nethers. Liz's eyes lit up at the new sensation, and she felt as if she could almost reach out and touch the bond connecting her to Lauren. She did in fact reach out, and with a twit of her wrist matching her mental direction, she commanded the bond.

"Liz!" Lauren gasped as she was suddenly shoved to her knees by an invisible force. Her arms were suddenly pulled behind her and down to where she was touching the floor. Liz copied the pose she'd just seen Sofia subjected to, firing her mental commands from the hip in hopes of finding some way to stop the spirit trying to possess Lauren. Whatever these creatures were and whatever was the nature of her and Lauren's bond, it all seemed to have something to do with power and pleasure. Liz figured that was a good place to start fighting the spirit.

Lauren yelped as something began to play between her legs as her thighs were spread further apart. "Liz..ooh! What're you doing!?" Lauren questioned as the invisible forces forced themselves on her.

Liz approached, her eyes afire as she tried to dominate her friend through their bond. She hoped if she could make her submit, it would somehow translate to whatever was trying to posses her friend. Liz could feel the ethereal orb possessing her panties hum with energy as she pushed her will through their its connection.

"Oh god..." Lauren moaned as her panties began to knead her ass while seemingly invisible fingers slipped beneath the waistband to stroke her mound.

"Lauren," Liz now stood above her friend, her hand outstretched towards her prone form. "Submit. When you come, you are mine." her voice was iron will.

Lauren panted as Liz's will manifested between her thighs. Gripping, prodding, and stroking as she was pushed closer to the edge. "I...I...I...I don't think so." Lauren's voice seemed to change tenor as she laughed, looking up into Liz's eyes with a smile.

It was an immediate shift. Liz could feel the entity in Lauren seize the bond with strength she couldn't hope to match. She yelped in shock as it forced back through the bond its will, causing Liz's sweatpants to rip off her waist and fly into the wall behind her. "So there's the little culprit behind this link." the thing in Lauren said as its gaze landed on Liz's tight black panties possessed by the orb.

Sofia had pushed herself away from the action, and now sat with her back against the wall watching the women struggle. Without looking back at her, Lauren raised a hand and made a beckoning gesture, while with the other in a lifting motion. Liz's body obeyed the command, and her feet left the ground as she hovered into the air above a kneeling Lauren. Sofia yelped as her thighs were suddenly pushed apart by an invisible force. She looked down between her legs as something seemed to move beneath the crotch of her underwear. Suddenly, the dark wisp of ethereal that had been tormenting Sofia, slipped out of her underwear and darted towards Liz.

Lauren smiled deviously as the wisp darted past her head, and flew right at Liz's waist. "Lauren!" Liz cried, arching her back as the wisp darted past her uselessly blocking hands to dive down the front of her panties. "Wha-?" Liz's eyes bulged as she looked down at what was happening between her legs. Her underwear twisted and struggled against her as the wisp was clearly doing something to the orb that was linking her and Lauren.

"Lauren is...indisposed at the moment. When you pulled that little stunt, she submitted alright." the thing in Lauren laughed. "I just don't think she knows who she's submitting to now." Lauren stood as the entity inside her smiled. She curled her fingers in a commanding gesture, and Liz grabbed her pussy and yelped.

Whatever the two entities were doing between her legs, it seemed the thing in Lauren had won. Liz felt something pushing its way inside her love canal. Liz couldn't tell if it was physical or immaterial, but it didn't matter. She groaned and struggled in the air as some sort of force creeped slowly deeper inside her, sending tendrils of tickling stinging energy flowing into her body. "When I'm finished, the formless will be completely merged inside you. This bond will be so completely you won't even have to submit for me to control you." the thing in Lauren sounded hungry as she spoke.

"Oh shit oh shit oh- nngh!" Liz moaned as a bolt of electricity shot up her spine, causing her arms and legs to fly apart spread eagle, leaving her hovering completely exposed in front of her possessed friend.

"That's it now, just let it happen." Lauren cooed as she approached Liz. "And with one final touch it'll be complete." the ethereal spoke softly through Lauren as she raised a finger towards Liz's crotch.



This is too easy. The ethereal laughed to itself as it made to seal it's control over the foolish girl who thought she could challenge a queen. No, a god in this world. And when I'm done with her, the rest of these brats will kneel as I begin-

"Hey!" a voice called out from behind Lauren.

The entity recognized that voice. This was going to be fun. "Child, do you really hope to challenge me in-" the spirit began as it turned to face the voice that belonged to Sabrina, the woman who had brought them back to this world in the beginning. Before she could finish her taunt, the red headed woman pushed something against her chest.

No no no no no no what is that what was that I won't go back I won't go back get it away what is it.... the ethereal's voice echoed in rambling fear and confusion as it retreated deep within Lauren.



Kat breathed deep breaths as her living lingerie eeked more and more energy into her. "Hooolly shit." she groaned, about ready to pull herself up and go help.

All at once, the tendrils protruding from her panties retreated, and the flow of energy stopped. She looked down between her legs as her underwear nestled between her thighs happily. "You're just full of surprises."

Kat looked up as the air in front of her began to shimmer. Space seemed to suddenly fold in on itself, and Daisy was standing in front of her. "Fuck!" Kat jumped at the surprising entrance. "Daisy? How did you just do that?" Did Daisy have a creature like Kat's diddling her beneath her pants?

"There are more ways to do that little trick than you know." Daisy said in a soothing voice.

Kat squinted her eyes at Daisy. "Wait...Mistress?" Kat still didn't like calling the spirit that, but she didn't have a better name for it. "I thought you were still trapped in that thing at Sabrina's place?"

"We rescued her." Daisy said, this time sounding like a different person...or thing.

"Wait... are you... both in her?" Kat asked in surprise.

Daisy smiled and licked her lips with a long, slick black tongue. "It's a long story."

Without any other explanation, Daisy turned to the stairs and floated into the air. "We don't have much time. Lauren may be too far gone."

Kat's friend floated into the air and disappeared up the stairway. Kat sat there blinking for a moment as she processed what she had just witnessed. Between her legs, the creature purred excitedly.



Sofia watched in surprise as Lauren gasped deeply when Sabrina pressed the planchette against her chest. Liz was thrown through the air across the living room to crash into the couch. Lauren sagged into Sabrina who caught her limp form, still keeping the wooden triangle pressed against her chest. "Wha...What's happening? Where's Liz?" Lauren sounded dazed and confused as she tried to pull herself up.

"Easy, easy. I don't know what will happen if I take this thing off of you." Sabrina tried to reassure Lauren as she helped her to get her feet under her.

Sofia felt herself up and down, not finding any traces of the control the ethereal queen was forcing on her. She pulled herself to her feet as Lauren put a hand to her head. "I feel so dizzy. What was Liz doing?" her eyes suddenly went wide as she looked to Sabrina in fear. "Liz! Sabrina there's something...I don't know what, but there's something inside me! It's like the mistress or something, but I-wait, who are you? Where's Liz? Oh my god, Liz! I think I did something, or it did something, or-" Lauren tried to pull away from Sabrina, but she held her tight.

"Lauren listen, if I take this planchette off of you the thing inside you will come back out. It's still in you, not gone." Sabrina tried to sound reassuring as Lauren struggled weakly against her.

Sofia looked over to Liz, before her eyes were drawn to Daisy walking out from the basement door. Sofia blinked once as she realized Daisy was hovering out of the door, not walking. Sofia watched as she hovered over to Liz and placed a hand on her unmoving shoulder. She then looked up directly at Sofia and smiled. Sofia knew that smile.

Sofia quickly walked up to the two struggling women and grabbed Lauren's arm. "Lauren! Listen to me very carefully." both women stopped struggling and turned to Sofia in surprise.

"Sofia? Are you okay? What's happening, where's-" Sofia interrupted her before she could finish.

"Lauren listen to me. Sabrina's going to remove that thing in a minute." she began.

"She is?" Lauren sounded unsure.

"I am?" Sabrina sounded incredulous.

"Lauren, when she does there's something you have to do." Sofia glanced over to the couch where Liz still lay unmoving while Daisy knelt down to seemingly whisper something to her.

"Lauren, when Sabrina lets you go and the ethereal comes back, you have to let her in." Sofia finished. "You have to submit."