1 - Wandering Abilities

Dave: College Sophomore / Philosophy Major - unwittingly gains PK from information he was exposed to
Terry: College Sophomore/ Science Major - Roommate and friend to Dave, Bit of a geek and tries to help Dave control his new power.
Jeana: A popular girl who has the affection of both Dave and Terry, finds a way to use Dave’s newfound ability to her advantage.
Krista: A playful goth girl who has a boyfriend named Pete
Annie: The captain of the gymnastic team who can be a bit of a scatterbrain.

Location: Campus somewhere in the northeast. Late fall
Time: Dave just crammed for an eastern philosophy exam, buffered by sensory deprivation dips and a severe lack of sleep. He just slept through a whole day and woke up feeling ‘odd’.

- - -

Terry came back from his class and went to check up on Dave back at the dormitory. He unlocked the door to their room to check up on Dave. “Hey man. I’m back from class, are you doing okay?”

Dave propped himself up in bed, watching TV.

“I’m pretty sure…” Dave trailed. “Like I feel okay--maybe better than okay--but just, a couple weird things have happened since I woke up. Which was...maybe a half hour ago. I dunno.” Dave swung his legs out of bed and stood up. “I’m glad you’re back. There was a reason I didn’t really want to get out of bed without a witness.”

Terry raised an eyebrow as he was wondering what Dave meant by that. “It’s good to hear that you’re raring to go and all. But what did you mean by weird things? You didn’t get any strange dreams after cramming for that test did you?”

“If I thought it was a dream, I wouldn’t have said a thing.” Dave took a deep breath. “We’ll go small first, because I don’t think I’m ready to even see the big stuff again.” Dave shook his head. “Okay--so watch the television.” Dave looked up at the TV and nodded up. The television flipped channels, and he did it again. He smiled and turned to Terry, blinking. When he blinked, the TV went out, shutting itself off.

“There you go,” Dave said. “React to that first. And before you give me any shit, the remote is on your side--on your desk. And my cellphone is on my nightstand.”

Terry took a minute to process what happened. He looked to the side of the his desk where the remote was. Just as Dave said. He put his hand over his mouth and tried to utter what few words he could think of. “H-H-How did you do that without the remote? Strings? Magnets? I’m not one to judge, but did you wake up with mutant powers or something?” He asked Dave with a blank stare in his eyes.

“That’s like not even the beginning, man.” Dave looked over at his desk, and a pen rose into the air. Dave shuddered a little, watching it. “I mean, you can see that--right?” The pen shot to a piece of paper on the desk and started writing madly, bulleting points on the sheet as a textbook on the desk flipped open. Dave swallowed hard, backing away from his desk and sliding up against the wall. “Terry, you’re seeing this, right? It’s doing way, way more than last time!”

Terry turned his head and watched the pen float in the air and wrote on the paper by Dave’s command. He took two steps back away from the desk and looked back to Dave. “I’m seeing it, and I don’t know if I can believe it!” He watched the textbook flip open it’s pages without any sight of hands touching it. Then Terry questioned what Dave said before. “Wait, what do you mean last time? Was there something else you made to come to life?”

“All I did is make the pen write my name on the paper!” Dave said. “Now it’s doing my modern Europe assignment!” Dave panicked, walking toward the desk now. “I guess I can’t just let this…” He tried to grab the pen, but it went zooming along the paper even with him grabbing it. He gasped and jumped to the side of the desk, slamming the textbook shut.

Suddenly it rose off the desk, flew behind Dave and swatted him on the butt before he could react, and returned to the desk, the pages fanning open to return to his current chapter. He grabbed the seat of his athletic shorts. “What the hell was that?” He tried to think of some way to keep control of what was happening. Maybe if he focused on something else...he spotted Terry’s sneakers next to the door. He thought about them walking around the room, wondering if refocusing his thoughts would change where the power was directed.

As soon as Dave focused his thoughts directly to Terry’s spare sneakers left by the edge of his bed, the front part of the shoe started to wiggle it’s toes. Then the laces soon themselves tied into knots before making the right shoe made it’s first step. Soon the left pair followed its twin in tandem and started to walk around the room as if they were worn by Terry himself. Terry was speechless as he watched his own pair of spare shoes walk on their own without his feet being in them. The shoes even walked in a similar fashion like Terry as they skidded across the wooden floor. “Oh come on, why did it had to be my stuff? I don’t need my own shoes walking on their own now.” After saying that, the left shoe snuck behind Terry’s feet and gave a slight kick to his calf and walked back to the other shoe. “Ow! Did you do that on purpose Dave?”

Dave watched Terry’s shoes, then looked back at his assignment. The pen was already on its third page, and Dave figured it had to be close to done. But if the pen and book would give it a rest when they were finished, what about Terry’s shoes? Dave had a thought in his head about the assignment, but as far as these sneakers went…

“No, I didn’t do that at all! All I did was--” He realized what happened. “Damn it, Terry--this is your fault! You said ‘brought to life’, and then I thought about your shoes and--well, you gave me the idea! So this...whatever I’m doing is my fault, but your shoes--you helped!” Dave pointed at them. “Stop it, you guys! I gave you that ability, and I bet I can figure out how to take it back!” Terry’s shoes cooled, standing next to Terry and rocking back and forth on their soles. Dave looked up at Terry when he realized the shoes were more or less obedient. A few seconds of possibilities raced through Dave’s mind, and immediately he knew he was in deep trouble.

Because the thoughts weren’t just thoughts now.

“Holy shit, Terry--I think I messed up big time.” Both of them heard a female shriek outside in the hallway.

“What the fuck is happening to my clothes?” A coed cried out.

Terry heard the scream from out the hallway and turned to Dave. “You don’t think that when you brought my shoes to life, that you might’ve thought about more than just shoes walking about?” He quickly opened the door to the hallway and walked down to hear the scream coming from a room several doors down from theirs. His spare shoes stayed in the room, bobbing back and forth as they continued to serve out Dave’s last command.

Terry noticed that the door was unlocked and creaked open slowly to reveal a brunette. She was struggling with her purple blouse, which eventually freed itself from her grasp by slipping over her head and shimmying up her arms. Now her blue skirt was unzipping by the side. Terry couldn’t believe what was happening; her clothes were revolting against her. He looked back to Dave. “What else were you thinking? Can you stop this?”

“Shut up, shut up!” Dave cried out. “I’m trying but--” Dave rose into the air, floating toward the door of the dorm doom. He tried to brace himself against the frame, but the force pulled his body and tugged at his clothes until it had him bobbing down the hallway where Terry split his attention between Dave and the brunette. “I can’t stop thinking, Terry--do you know how impossible that is? The best I can do is direct the focus...elsewhere?”

Dave hovered into the brunette’s room, and his power dragged Terry right behind him. The Brunette was nude in the corner, her clothes free of her, but they didn’t seem interested in bugging her any longer. In fact, the drawers of her dresser and vanity had sprung open as Dave bobbed in, releasing a collection of tight tops, leggings and underwear that would be the envy of any chic girl. The clothes all beared down and Dave and Terry as the brunette watched, frozen in awe.

“I’m...I’m sorry about this, Jeana! I can’t help it!” Dave kept his eyes on her best bra, staring him in the face. “Oh, god--it’s so hard not to think about what might happen when what’s really happening shouldn’t be possible…!”

Terry watched in awe as he was held in place, free of gravity within the dorm room. “Dave! You got to fight this!” He called out to his friend, but it seemed to have done no good as the bra that Dave stared at started to inflate its cups to the size of buxom melons too large for normal standards. The inflated bra floated over to Dave’s face and brushed the tip of his nose with the silky touch of the right cup, making him feel the touch of a phantom breast behind the lingerie. The other cup joined in and pushed both forms between his cheeks and brushed in circular motion. The bra seems to be fulfilling the lust coming from Dave’s thoughts and the power that he has little control over, as if his own power was being used against him, but using pleasure as it’s weapon.

“Dave, what the hell are you doing with my bra?” Jeana shouted, watching her other clothes surround the two. She was still in shock from the impossible event happening in her down room, but after his muttering when he literally hovered into the room, she had the sense to blame him for her overactive underwear.

Her silk robe fluttered over to her, and her first instinct was to back away from its flapping sleeves. It held its flaps open as if to shield her from view, and when she realized it wasn’t going to get any closer, she stood up straight again, covering her tits with one arm and her pussy with her opposite hand. She looked over Dave, who was still motorboating her hyperinflated bra. She looked to Terry next, but her panties seemed to be surrounding him, inflating to her curves and teasing as they hovered around. The briefs boasted camel toes while the string thongs simply wrapped around a narrow clue of the shape and loveliness of the woman who wore it. In this case, every single pair belonged to Jeana--a year-off freshman who both the guys had a crush on ever since they started the semester.

“Oh…” Dave moaned as another pair of full-coverage cups bounced against his athletic shorts, tit-fucking him through his clothes. “You--you guys are just going to have to go with it--because I can’t--I can’t stop. I can only try to make it as...mmm…” Jeana’s phantom tits swallowed up his syllables between satin pads, and a pair of microfiber briefs mashed themselves against Terry’s face at the same time.

Other panties took this as their cue to act, and with the last of Dave’s resistance coming to a halt, Terry was set upon from all sides by Jeana’s underwear. A thong slipped its thin strip of fabric against Terry’s fingers, making them respond. Fuller-cut briefs danced against him from in front and behind him, squeezing his hips between them as they danced back and forth. He watched as his belt snapped open, shooting out of his pant loops as Jeana’s underwear shimmied his jeans down his legs.

Terry expected the denim to fall to the floor, but instead they got up and swelled far beyond their intended wear, displaying voluptuous hips and a luscious butt before sauntering out the door. Dave watched the oddity, realizing he must’ve had something to do with the female shape of Terry’s clothes. With his inhibitions beaten back, he imagined every outfit, every shirt and pair of trousers, every sock and anything else growing to lovely feminine shapes, no matter their intended wearer. It was softer that way, wasn’t it? Prettier.

Dave snapped out of it again, but one more time--not before realizing he was way too late. It wasn’t hypothetical now--it was the way things were. Dave’s clothes themselves swelled to bouncy proportions and left him hovering in the middle, dangling in the center of his outfit almost without touching anything--except the swollen dick cradled against his newly-shaped athletic shorts.

Terry was both amazed by the sheer magnitude of Dave’s power. It not only caused it’s spread of Jeana’s wardrobe, but it was also able to make all their clothing come to life--expanding to womanly shapes far beyond normal. With Dave’s thoughts of a woman’s form overriding everything in the room, it was only a matter of time as the rest of Terry’s clothing soon grow to size as his black t-shirt expanded all around his torso. The front section of the chest puffed out to the same size as the inflated bra that massaged Dave’s face and soon started to float over his head as his sleeves forced his arms to move up to allow the shirt to slip off of his body. After the shirt drifted away from it’s former owner. His own shoes unlaced themselves and slipped right off of his feet, followed by his socks which slipped right back in the sneakers.

He was left with nothing but his red briefs, but these were busy inflating too. Terry tried to keep what little dignity he had left by holding onto the sides of the waistband. The briefs that cradled him from earlier wrapped around his wrists and pulled his hands to loosen his grip. They let the briefs slip down his legs and join the rest of his now living outfit. The panties let go of his hands as he was left in the air with his dick standing at full attention in front of the inflated panties that played with him. He felt very exposed during the moment, especially in front of a girl he barely knew--who was also fully nude.

He tried to fix it by covering his crotch with his hands, but the clothes had other plans. The thong that rubbed it’s cameltoe along his fingers wrapped it’s strings around his hands to show off his package once more. It wasn’t for long as a pair of pink colored panties inflated to feminine curves decided to slip right up his feet, slowly when rubbing the silken touch between his calves that made him shudder in pleasure. The panties adjusted themselves as soon as they were situated around his waist, with his dick leaving an imprint in the front of the puffed out lingerie.

Jeana was still covering herself up when her robe slowly drifted over her shoulders. She flinched at first, but once she relaxed, she felt the silk move softly up her arms. The sash magically tied itself around her as she looked back up at Terry and Dave.

Terry was precariously hovering in mid air, looking down at Jeana’s pink ruched underwear holding him hostage. Dave had his hands all over the cups of one of Jeana’s haunted bras while another one bounced in his face. She watched as Dave’s clothes kept inflating, keeping him in a womanly bubble of fabric as his cock teased against the inside.

Jeana went flush. Both the boys were hard as a rock, actually. The living silk robe flowing over her own body wasn’t actually half bad. She breathed out, grabbing her own chest as she watched the two virile bodies panicking against the unexplainable. Dave opened his eyes, taking a break from Jeana’s perfume-scented underwear to take in the real thing, who just happened to be grabbing herself through a robe brought to life.

There was a twinkle in Dave’s eye now as another silent command was broadcast through his thoughts--this one intentional. He saw Jeana’s reaction to the spectacle in front of her and wanted to see her revel in it, so he let his unconscious mind follow her. He commanded everything that had been listening to tune themselves to Jeana’s fantasies as well.

Dave still didn’t understand the positive feedback loop he’d created, though. Terry’s obsession had gotten him tangled up in Jeana’s panties, and Dave had already turned his and Terry’s own clothes into a pair of bawdy characters run amok, stretching tits and asses into clothing not meant to have curves. Now that Jeana had seen this, her own mind ran with the idea...and decided that both Terry and Dave would make excellent dollies.

Dave had a kind of synesthesia now as Jeana’s mind wandered over the other girls on the floor. There was the tall goth girl down the hall; the full-figured gymnast, swimmer and diver that shared a suite at the end...if Jeana’s clothes could get aggressive, what would the rest of them be like?

The thought of these girl’s clothing sparked the imagination of them coming to life and having their way with the boys was enough for the outfits to start wiggling on their owners’ bodies.

“What was that?” The gymnast asked herself as her leotard started to shift around on her body. Annie was on a mat in the common room of a three-person suite. Like every Tuesday night, she was doing her stretch regimen while her roommates were at swim practice. She plucked a wedgie from her butt, wondering how and why the otherwise well-fitting leotard suddenly slipped between her cheeks.

Just as smoothed the material over her butt, she felt something squeeze it. She turned around to react and saw nothing--but now the front of the leotard stretched downward, slipping over her bust and revealing her perky tits.

“What the hell?” Her shoulder straps ballooned out, and her leotard shimmied down her body while the strip of fabric over her crotch puffed out and doubled back to poke at her pussy, making her squeal. While the gymnast's outfit was busy keeping her preoccupied, her closet and drawers opened up, spitting out tights, leotards, underwear and casual clothes.

This continued in her suitemates rooms, where a line up of floating one piece swimsuits, filled out speedos in different colors, and the rest of their clothes sprang to life. As the outfits and pieces of clothing were marching out of the girls’ rooms to follow the source of the energy that was calling them, Annie’s outfit wasn’t through with her. She fell onto her back on the mat while having her pussy penetrated by her own leotard.

“St-stop that!” The shiny fabric was slicked with her own juices, dancing along her clit and sliding down to plunge back inside her. “N...no...how is this possible?” Her involuntary arousal wasn’t enough to stop her from trying to fight the suit, but when she tried to grab the possessed crotch, the floor mat she was on shifted under her, lifting into the air and taking her with it. “Wh-what?”

Suddenly the mat curled up around her as she watched outfit after outfit pour from the suite’s bedrooms.

Her juices started to leak out and stain the strip that was pleasing her, inserting itself in and out. After giving one last thrust into her labia, she let out a loud moan that echoed throughout the room. She watched in total disbelief as the mat continued to hold her, rocking her back and forth as she came against her leotard. Annie panted, physically and psychologically exhausted by the experience. After a few hyperventilating breaths, she passed out, still wrapped up by the mat. At that point, her leotard decided it was time to join the rest of the clothing. Her white ballet flats slipped off of her slender feet, followed by her pink leg warmers that join the flats to create the illusion of long legs contained within. Her leotard gave one last squeeze of her breasts before slipping itself off of her body to join the rest of its components. The gymnast uniform drifted away with the others as it gently closed the door to make sure it didn’t wake the now sleeping Annie.

Krista was smoking pot with her boyfriend, carefully blowing it out the window when the creaking started. She and her emo-looking dude stared at the dresser drawer, which seemed to pop out on its own. Krista’s vinyl pants squeaked as she turned around and laughed.

“Weird…” She said. “Spooky, right?” Her boyfriend nodded and took another drag as he saw something move in the mirror. Krista’s eyes followed it too, and it seemed to fly into the closet.

“Yo, did you see that?” Krista’s boyfriend asked, standing up and heading to her closet as he handed off the joint. Krista coughed when she heard every drawer not only open up, but fly out of the furniture and tumble to the ground. All of her clothes, every pair of knee socks, glossy leggings, skinny jeans, corsetry, and the gothic, industrial and steampunk outfits sauntering out of her closet beset themselves on her boyfriend. When she dropped the joint a pair of leather gloves picked it up and slipped themselves onto her boyfriend’s hands, making him stare down at them.

“We...we got a hold of some bad stuff!” He squealed as the gloves dragged him into the air. Krista watched in awe as a pair of her leather pants sauntered out of the room, followed by pair after pair of tight, ass-hugging leggings. Her pink go-go boots were next, and for a second Krista wanted to plead with them to stay when she realized what she was doing.

Her boyfriend was hovering in the air as a pencil skirt sailed up his legs, swapping out for his jeans and boxers. Once his underwear were clear out of the way, a pair of Krista’s gold stockings slid their way up his legs, stretching to accommodate him.

“Seems like...my stuff has a hold of you,” Krista joked, laughing her ass off. Her boyfriend’s face turned to fear when he realized Krista wasn’t taking this seriously. “Let me have another,” Krista said, giggling as the leather gloves pulled themselves back off her boyfriend’s hands and sailed over to her. One glove caressed her face as the other gently held the joint out for her to hit.

“Seems like pretty good stuff to me, Pete. Really good stuff.” Krista looked menacingly at her hovering boyfriend as two pairs of wellingtons marched out of her closet, a pair in yellow and another in red. They flowed out of the room along with most of her other clothes down the hall toward Jeana’s. Krista was tall and slender, but the nature of Dave’s commands puffed all her clothes out to their max, making even her unstretchy vinyl clothes take on an imposing stature. Their seams popped and squeaked as they walked, and the same went for her pvc skirt, which wiggled back and forth like a real woman’s ass even though there weren’t any visible legs in it. At almost six feet, Krista’s shiny leggings and stockings took on gorgeous amazonian proportions that kept her stretchiest clothes inflated to beyond three times her size.

Hundreds of clothes were gathering to the source of the commotion where outfits were being assembled by not only Jeana’s clothing, but also articles of Annie’s and Krista’s clothing, forming different combinations. A swimsuit mixed it up with the leather tights and jacket. A pair of Krista’s cartoon-proportioned yoga pants joined up with one of Jeana’s massive bras and danced with the swimsuit. Jeana’s desire telepathically mixed with Dave’s and created a dangerous force in the clothing that brought more and more clothes to life on the floor of the dormitory.

Both pairs of Krista’s wellingtons walked into the doorway and headed towards the boys. The yellow pair headed towards Terry while the red pair marched towards Dave and Jeana. The boots posed in front of them, and suddenly the shafts stretched upward, thinning the tight rubber and filling out to the proportions of long and curvaceous legs that reached up to the knee. The gymnast outfit bounced into the room and inflated with each stride, stretching out with large breasts that could barely fit in the lycra while a phantom cameltoe could be seen at the bottom of the leotard shaped like plump lips. It walked over to Jeana’s hovering form and decided to float aloft as well. It slid up against her body, wrapping it’s legwarmers around her thighs as the smooth lycra grinded against her stomach and the filled out breasts rubbed itself along her rock hard nipples.

The pink gogo boots from Krista’s room walked in, followed by a purple pvc skirt with black-and-white striped stockings and a black tube top with detached purple sleeves at it’s sides. It walked towards Terry to join in the magical domination the panties began by trapping his rigid dick. Terry looked down at the go-go boots, unzipping slowly as the shafts opened and uncurled a bit to let the stockings climb in. They then wrapped themselves around the invisible legs inside, zipping up to complete the outfit.

Dave laughed, watching Terry’s situation unfold when Jeana started moaning. She had her hands around the waist of the gymnast’s silvery leotard, letting its crotch glide against her own pussy. The robe exposed her whole front to the phantom outfit while massaging her arms and back--the lower half even grabbing her ass with invisible hands articulating into the flowing silk. Now Jeana growled with delight, reaching down and tugging at the leotard’s ass--sinking her fingers deep into the bouncy lycra. She drove her own hips against the now-slippery emulated pussy lips in the gymnast outfit, willing it against her body as it drove her against the wall and began lapping deeper and deeper between her own labia.

Dave felt his dick go rigid. When it pumped up, the female-shaped shorts and shirt around him inflated again, but this time he hovered into the air as the inflation happened, making him gasp as his outfit turned to face Jeana directly.

She was panting now, staring at Dave as he floated toward her. She grinned and waved a hand at him. Suddenly, Dave’s outfit turned horizontal inflating big enough to pop the seams of the clothes as they bounced against the ceiling. The force around Dave seemed to hold him tight when the bounce happened, and his first instinct was to grab the chest of his own shirt. He didn’t know how to feel about feeling up the curves in his own clothes, but his dick apparently did. It pumped again, turning red as Dave’s clothes wiggled, apparently responding to his own stimulation.

Satisfied with her effects on Dave, Jeana turned back to The outfit menacing Terry, waiting to see what happened next.

With the gothic outfit setting it’s sights on Terry’s vulnerability by the way his dick was standing at attention in the puffed out panties. The outfit decided to join in the fun by separating it’s top from the rest of the clothing to start its work on his body. The purple sleeves went first by sliding up both of Terry’s arms at once, to gain complete control of his movements. Terry tried to move his arms in order to get the sleeves off, but they wouldn’t even budge by the force of the clothing that clung to his limbs. He couldn’t even wiggle his fingers as they too were under the influence of the sleeves.

The cloth made his arms raise up to allow the filled out tube top to slide down onto his bare chest and wiggled into place, leaving a weighted feeling upon his nipples as the ghostly breasts jiggled in the shapely top. “D-Dave! Can you tell them to stop this? I’m not a doll!” He cried out to Dave, who was too enthralled with the power that has overtaken him and Jeana.

The pvc skirt went up his legs next, but was met with rebellion by Terry, who wiggled about to impede its progress. That’s when the stockings quickly slid out of the boots and snaked their way up to the tips of his feet and clamped onto them like a python. His feet were stopped cold as the stockings snaked their way up his legs. Now with his lower half under control, the skirt finally made it’s way up to his waist. The skirt inflated itself like a wide leathery tube to allow room for the already puffed out panties. The skirt had a bubbly ass to show off its curves, much to Terry’s embarrassment. The skirt made a pressing motion into the panties, causing Terry’s cock to stand at attention. He felt a squeezing pressure all around it from the panties. The last thing to add to the costume were the pink boots that stood on the floor, wrapping Terry’s stocking feet in a leathery embrace. The boots decided to unzip, lifting into the air for Terry to slide right in. His feet were being rubbed by the rubber insoles inside as if to relax him as the zipper made its way up. The zipper passed all the way up past his knees. When the boots were in place, he was finally dressed from head to heel in the gothic attire.

Jeana grabbed the shoulders of the leotard and leaned into its chest, feeling the lycra tits bobble and sway against her own. The pair sailed away from the wall again as Jeana hovered down toward Terry, giggling and panting as she hovered by.

“You’re cute, but you know what would make you even cuter?” Jeana sat up, sliding her hands over the chest of the leotard and grabbing onto the shiny silver tits. She got rough with them, moaning as she kneaded the lycra and stared at the closet. Out of it floated a short-haired black wig with the bangs highlighted pink. Her eyes darted to her dresser, where some of her makeup rose up and hovered toward Terry.

“Jeana…” Dave said, his heart thumping as his dick was rock hard and arched behind his overinflated outfit. “Jeana--we’ve gotta control ourselves. You’ve gotta help me stop…” He felt something grab his cock, and he looked down in the overinflated clothes to see one of Annie’s purple opera gloves gripping it.

“No, Dave. We’re not stopping until I’m done.” Jeana hovered gracefully before him, grinding against Annie’s exaggerated form in her gymnastics leotard as Annie’s gloves teased his own body. The other opera glove pinched and tweaked his ass as the first began stroking him. “And I wanna see you in something prettier.”

Dave’s outfit bounced him into the very center of the room and split, the shirt hovering over him and the shorts flying beneath him. Both matched up again when they headed toward the door and rushed out like a curvy jogger.

Now Dave was naked, with Annie’s purple gloves drawing more attention to this fact. A squeaking sound came from down the hall as Krista’s vinyl pants turned the corner, no longer with her in them. They were smooth as glass and stretched to the max, and the button popped open as they approached Dave.

“Are--those aren’t going on me.”

While the vinyl pants walked their way toward Dave, the wig that floated over to Terry planted itself onto his scalp and stayed on like it was glued. The curly black hair straightened itself out as the pink bangs stood in place over his forehead. The humiliation wasn’t over, though--the makeup kit from Jeana’s dresser came by and started to work on his features. A red lipstick popped out and scribbled bright luscious lips in the air, as if there were was a mouth floating in place. The red lips came closer to Terry’s mouth and gave him a passionate kiss as the lipstick became one with his skin and puckered out once he lost control of them. Next, a dab of eye shadow was added over his eyes to add a bit of flare to his face. A compact opened itself up as the brush flew out with a puff of blush that was added to his cheeks. The powder from the brush made Terry cough in response as he was nearly finished with his makeover into a gothic drag queen, filled out with a womanly figure by the outfit.

“Jeana, stahp it with this. You’re tri-cking Dave into doing this, a-a-aren’t you?” He muttered out as best as he could, but the lipstick on his mouth was keeping him from speaking clearly.

The outfit made him raise his own hand and pinch his own cheek as a response for his outburst, followed by a sudden squeeze on his ass by the panties and skirt, making him yelp in surprise while he continued to defy gravity as the outfit held him prisoner.

Dave couldn’t will the makeup to stop. His focus was on Krista’s red vinyl pants, sliding up his legs and shimmying over his ass before they buttoned shut and inflated again. The opera gloves slipped away from Dave’s cock and ass, feeling up his chest and shoulders as one of Jeana’s unpadded lace and mesh bras filled out with amazing round orbs, even as the band unclipped and sailed toward Dave.

The gloves grabbed his hands suddenly and pulled them forward as the straps of the bra glided around them. The bra clipped behind him, and now he watched as the translucent tits jiggled and bobbed on his chest. He couldn’t see a thing in the space between his own pink nipples and the mesh cups, but somehow he felt a weight in the band, as if the invisible breasts inside them were his own. He reached up to one of the cups and touched it, shuddering as he felt a tweak on his own nipple. The opera gloves pulled his hands away again, but this time slid right over his fingers and slipped themselves on.

Once his hands were raised straight into the air, a white tee with massive breasts sailed over him, and he could tell from the perfume that it was the swimmer from the end of the hall. She wasn’t as outgoing as Annie, but she had phenomenal breasts that were accentuated even more by the haunted force in all their clothing.

Dave’s jaw hung open as the opera gloves bobbled and squeezed the cottony breasts jutting from between his shoulders. He felt the vinyl pants pull up on him at their very back beltloop, pulling the glossy vinyl up between his cheeks and giving him a wedgie. He groaned as his already hard dick pumped against the tight vinyl, making him think he was going to explode.

“Not yet--” Jeana commanded, panting as she rode the leotard around the room. The athletic girls’ sports bras and spandex shorts had now joined the party, and Jeana was grabbing handfuls of bouncy overinflated tits as they sailed by her. “I think we should give the dorm a little parade.”

With those words coming from Jeana’s mouth, the clothes that gathered from her closet and from other rooms decided to come together in ranks. Those that made complete outfits lined up from swimsuits, exercising outfits, to the gothic attire from Krista’s room were the first to march out of Jeana’s room and outside of the dorm. Separate articles such as gloves, panties, and bras followed behind by floating out in tandem like a carnival on the go.Shoes and boots weren’t too far behind, walked out as the last group to follow.

Now only Jeana and her puppets remained.

“Come on Jeana, this has gone too far, you need to make Dave stop before things get out of-” Was all he could say before his sleeved hand came over his mouth and kept him quiet. The outfit that trapped his body decided it was time for him to join in the parade of dancing clothing and floated out the doorway. “Dav-mph!” He muttered as best as he could before his pleas were getting softer under the constant attention to his torso by the panties and tubetop.

Krista’s vinyl pants bounced into action, carrying Dave into line with Terry. He was practically drooling over the outfit controlling his body as it marched him out into the hall. In the distance, he saw Krista’s boyfriend, also dressed in her stuff and marching toward the main staircase. Krista herself hovered out of her room, giggling as her outfit carried her weightless. Her seamless satin panties danced against her clit, and she turned over in the air to see the parade of clothing wandering down the hall.

“What a crazy dream…” She muttered to herself, barely loud enough for Terry to hear. For the moment, the lipstick on his mouth stopped him from responding. To Dave, she looked like a superheroine--or villainess. Krista was tall and gorgeous--but she had a boyfriend. Dave got an eyeful, knowing her boyfriend was subject to the powerful dancing clothes taking him down to the third floor to lead the parade to a wider audience.

Krista felt something well up in her, and she sank into her animated outfit as a warmth spread out over her body from her hips. Dave’s abilities were finding all new dimensions of manipulation, and now it was literally making Krista into the goddess he imagined when he saw her float out of her room.

“Unnngh…” Krista writhed in the air as her chest swelled, perking as it inflated. Her ass did the same, and now she was more voluptuous than ever, straining against her clothes as she felt new power in her. She looked at Dave and Terry, marching down the hall with magic clothes just like her boyfriend had.

Except that Dave was watching her very, very closely.

She stared back at him. When Dave didn’t seem as panicked as Terry by all of this, she wondered if he had something to do with it. Focusing on him suddenly made her aware of her vinyl pants around him.

Not just that he was wearing them, either--she could feel him in them...if that made sense. She wasn’t even really sure how it made sense to her. She focused on the glossy tight legs and found herself sinking virtual fingers into them--touching them from a distance with an invisible hand. Dave moaned aloud, followed by a whisper:

“Fuck, Krista--make me cum.”

He knew by now she didn’t have to hear it. It was an inevitability. More phantom hands plied the vinyl pants now, sending sensations magically through the overinflated vinyl and into Dave’s body. As he became more aroused, the clothes he brought to life were becoming erratically more demanding of the humans they encountered.

The clothes all around started to become more aggressive by huddling with each other while still marching along through the dorm. They started to rub against each other, with invisible hands stroking across leather breasts on the jackets and pvc tops. The swim suits made indentations of fingers running across the fabric where their asses would be, squeezing them while also leaning into each other as they progressed towards the fourth floor.

The clothes weren’t just playing with each other. As they moved on, Terry started to feel his own outfit swell further, making him look down and see his own body floating in the outfit without making contact. That didn’t same lack of contact didn’t stop the clothing around him from making invisible fingers all around his stockings and sleeves, massaging his thighs and forearms. Even the boots that kept his feet stuck made rubbing motions on his soles and toes.

He was ticklish down there, trembling at the sensation of his feet being handled by ghostly fingers. Everything seemed to slow as he felt a cool waft of breath down on the tip of his dick. Somehow, he felt the smooth touch of lips wrapped around the head of his penis, slowly licking around it and even stroking it like a sucker. Krista’s influence on Dave was going so far as to give Terry a phantom blowjob within the panties.

The phantasmal tongue didn’t stop, sliding back and forth like someone was blowing Terry. He started moaning like a wild animal; the blowjob that Krista imagined for him was all too much. Terry could barely stand it with the outfit sucking him off while massaging the rest of his body.

Dave reveled in the control of Krista’s Vinyl pants. They gave him another wedgie, lifting him into the air as invisible hands slapped against the plastic cheeks. He commanded the outfit to do everything--anything it took to make him explode inside it. The shiny material slid between his backside, playing against his butthole as an inflated glove stroked him off inside the pants.

He moaned, sailing into the air and out of the queue of clothes as Krista’s outfit plastered him to the ceiling, writhing and twisting with pleasure as Dave’s psychic effects wove through everything. The girls squealed as their labia parted, each receiving a phantom cock that moved and acted like Dave’s. The girls’ clothes bent over and shuddered in line, as if feeling the same effect.

The panting became faster, and with a howl from Dave, the obvious was signaled. Across the hall, everywhere--the animated clothes felt the echoes of Dave’s orgasm, compounded by those around him under his ability’s effects. The clothes seemed to go insane with energy for a few explosive seconds before fluttering to the ground and dissipating, apparently becoming normal clothes again.

In her room, Jeana hovered down onto her bed. Only Krista remained floating in the air--and for the moment, only she realized it.

The moment passed, and  the clothes fluttered to the ground, lifeless. Terry was left floating in the air, still in the outfit, but he had free movement again. He couldn’t imagine what he looked like with the makeup and wig applied to him.

He turned to see Krista’s boyfriend, still dressed, but no longer alert. Terry gently landed on his booted feet and wondered how this all happened so fast. “I can’t believe this all happened from just Dave’s imagination. Not to mention how good it actually felt.” He looked down on his body and tugged his skirt open to see the stain he left behind in the panties that was his prison after cumming from the assault. “Sorry, Krista,” he mumbled, “but it wasn’t as if I really had a choice.”

Speaking of Krista, what was she doing now that the show was over?

And what happened to Dave now that he spent his power on the pleasure and lust throughout the entire dorm?

Terry had to find out...as soon as he could get these clothes off.

* * *