2 - A Short Reprieve

Dave: College Sophomore / Philosophy Major - is the recipient of insanely powerful TK abilities he can’t control
Terry: College Sophomore/ Science Major - Roommate and friend to Dave, Bit of a geek and tries to help Dave control his new power.
Jeana: A popular girl who has the affection of both Dave and Terry, finds a way to use Dave’s newfound ability to her advantage.
Krista: A playful goth girl who has a boyfriend named Pete. Accidentally given apparently semi-permanent powers by Dave.
Annie: The captain of the gymnastic team who can be a bit of a scatterbrain.

LOCATION: Campus somewhere in the northeast. Late fall.
TIME: Minutes after the first chapter.

- - -

Dave was still wearing Krista’s clothes as he panted on the floor of the hall, looking behind him. Terry was recovering as well, and Dave next focused on the massive line of inert clothes on the ‘parade path’ they were all on.

Annie was still passed out in her room, but Jeana was wide awake, subject to gravity again. She slipped on a tee and some yoga pants and peeked out in the hall, seeing the boys.

“Holy--” she laughed, seeing both of them still dressed up. “Dave…” She whispered, getting his attention. When he looked up, she motioned him over. “...c’mon!”

Dave shook his head at her, pulling himself off the floor and hearing Krista’s pants squeaking on him. He realized he just exploded in her clothes and wasn’t really looking forward to explaining anything--though it was probably the least of his worries. He grabbed Terry by the shoulder as he passed by him, leading both of them back into their room.

“Wait--hey!” Jeana said, following before he shut the door. “Let me in here!” She slipped in and shut and locked the door behind her. “So...one of you is going to explain what just happened out there--since this obviously isn’t a dream. Right?”

Dave tried to keep his mind clear. He just took a few deep breaths and replied.

“I dunno.” Dave looked at Terry. “Are...are you okay, man?”

Terry turned to Dave, giving him a worried look in his eyes as he wasn’t sure how to explain how this all happened as well. “I-I’m fine. Just a bit exhausted from that. I feel a bit weird, being dressed like this. But more importantly is how are we going to get all the clothing back to where they belong, and how to keep the entire campus from finding out.” He tugged on the skirt a bit, trying to hide his boner from sticking out.

He then looked to Jeana. Despite the make up on his face, he tried to look a bit peeved for the stunt she pulled, fooling Dave into making his power go out of control.

“It didn’t help when you forced Dave to imagine every single piece of clothing coming alive and playing dress up with us. What was that about?” He asked, crossing his arms. Jeana blushed a bit.

“I--I didn’t think it was...actually happening.” She looked at both guys, their clothes showing their own angular frames. “And what do you mean ‘forced to’? I was going along with it! I wasn’t the one that made your shirt swell to the size of watermelons. It was seeing it that gave me the idea. Why would that matter anyway?”

“Because…” Dave said slowly--closing his eyes and trying to concentrate. “Once you gave me an idea--I, um...liked the idea of you giving me an idea.” Jeana shrugged, looking at him.

“And what does that mean, exactly? Are you really doing these things, Dave?” Jeana looked at him as he nodded, eyes still clamped shut.

“I started it when I brought Terry’s sneakers to life and then…” Terry’s sneakers near the bed wiggled for a second, and Jeana jumped back a bit. “...and then thought about other stuff.” The sneakers were still again as Dave did his best not to follow the train of thought. “We echoed, I think. All of us. Starting with me, and moving to Terry and you, Jeana.” Dave’s eyes popped open as he sucked in a breath. “And--maybe Krista?” He felt the stretched out tee he was wearing, smelling Krista’s room in it. “Like--my power seemed to follow...desire.” Dave blushed now, looking down. Only Jeana spoke up.

“But it was...pretty amazing...right?” She looked at Dave, then at Terry.

Terry looked down at his body, despite being dressed like a sissy goth. It actually did feel a bit enjoyable, much as he didn’t want to admit it. “I actually have to agree….It was nothing I ever experienced. Though it defies all logic, I….sorta enjoyed the treatment.” He said hesitantly while shuffling his toes back in the pink boots.

Terry looked back up at Jeana. “We have to try to keep this under control. Please help keep this a secret from the rest of the campus. I don’t think anyone could explain why there’s a bunch of clothes scattered around the floors of the dorms, but we don’t want to give them a reason to look.”

He turned his sights as Dave, who was still in thought about Krista’s body and the desire she displayed during the march of clothing. “Dave, do you think you can do something about the clothes outside?” He asked.

“I mean--we should probably see if anyone else is out there looking first, but yeah--I think so.” Dave looked at his own closet. “I’m pretty sure I should get normal clothes on first.”

“No way!” Jeana said. “Did you see how much crap is out there? I’ll go scout. One second!” Jeana ran out into the hall and stomped over the clothes, heading to the stairwell. She took one last look down the hall and didn’t see anyone. “Good...good good good…” She murmured to herself. She ran halfway down the stairs and turned the corner when she gasped.

Krista was talking to Pete in the stairwell. He was dressed head to toe in her clothes, slumped against the wall and shaking. Krista turned to see Jeana, and both of them stuttered greetings at each other before Krista was able to get the first sentence out.

“How much, um...did you see?” Krista asked.

“All of it,” Jeana said, swallowing hard. “You two?”

“Look at him,” Krista asked. “What the fuck happened?” Jeana took a deep breath, trying to decide what to let her in on.

“ESP...of some kind? Telekinesis? Poltergeists?” Jeana said, not even convincing herself. Krista looked at Pete.

“We were smoking some pot,” Krista said. “Plain old maryjane...I think.” Jeana knew she had to get these two out of the hallway to prevent more questions, but to get everything back where it belonged, they’d have to see Dave’s power in action again.

“You should take him back to your room,” Jeana said. “Clean him up and let him get some rest or something.”

“I’m like--right here,” Pete whimpered. “But thanks for the advice. What exactly fucking happened in this dorm? Look at me!”

“Sorry, Pete,” Jeana said.

“Whatever. Just--she’s right, let’s get me back to your room before someone else sees this,” Pete said, standing up. “Is this even real? Like, we’re hallucinating or something...right?”

Both girls gave him a look of pity, and Pete simply looked at the floor, scowling. He was in his girlfriend's stockings, and in the last 15 minutes or so, reality was shattered.

“I’m coming over,” Krista whispered to Jeana. “I have to show you something.” Before Jeana could explain that she’d be in Terry and Dave’s room, Krista added, “The guys at the end of the hall--they saw it all too.” She and Pete headed up the stairs as Jeana followed.

When Krista and Pete were halfway down the hall, Jeana feinted toward her room and then went into Dave and Terry’s door.

“We’re clear, I think! Your best bet is probably now, Dave.”

Terry was still in Krista’s clothing, not sure if it was safe to undress yet. Plus he didn’t want to strip naked in front of Jeana--not that it mattered. She already saw him nude. But he still didn’t want to do it until the coast was clear for sure.

“Alright Dave, you think you can do it? I know most of the clothing came from Jeana’s and Krista’s rooms. But what about the swimsuits and other clothes? I’m not sure where those came from.”

“Well...what am I supposed to do?” Dave said. “I didn’t exactly command all this stuff in the first place, so the only thing I can think of is command everything...but the stuff we’re wearing, for now--back to where it came from.” Dave walked up to the door, then turned to Terry. “You heard Jeana--I gotta do it now, or the questions will be all over the place. Jeana, you agree--right?” She nodded.

“Terry…” Jeana pleaded. “Vote of confidence here? I’m going to go open my door to make sure things shuffle back in quickly.” Jeana held her gaze on him. “Are you good with this plan? I mean...otherwise you better grab laundry baskets, stat.”

Terry looked at Jeana before he breathed in and then gave a sigh of worry. After a moment of thought, he nodded in response and looked back to Dave. “I’d rather be stuck in this get up than stark naked…” He pulled up a laundry basket from his closet and chuckled a bit. “You could just tell this to collect everything.”

“Just don’t distract me,” Dave said. “And no ideas! Please!” Jeana nodded when he stared at her, bolting out the door. “You might wanna stay back from the door, Terry. I don’t know exactly how the...ability or whatever...is going to choose to interpret this.”

Dave silently issued the command, clearly and carefully. Back to your closets, back to your drawers. Sneaky with motion, quiet with doors. Dave chuckled to himself. No wonder spells rhymed. If this kind of power of suggestion was actually real--maybe the old practitioners had to stick to verse to keep it under control. Oh, shit--and leave the outfits that Terry--

The button on the vinyl pants popped open, and Dave shook his head. No no no no--stay here--stay on my body. His next glancing thought was to Terry’s outfit--and his only request. And Terry! Don’t let Terry’s outfit get away from him either. With the best of intentions, Dave kept Krista’s clothes from wandering away from them. As for everything in the hallway…

Jeana watched as the magic started again. She held her door open, and the items in the hallway started lifting up on their own, inflating as they rose, facing away from the stairs. Gothic and industrial outfits started the show, followed by swimsuits, leotards and casual clothing.

Krista’s door opened on its own, and she wasn’t entirely surprised to see her clothes marching back in. She stayed mostly out of the way, watching in wonder as apparently invisible people walked in one after another, some in her shape and others stretching her clothes more than she’d like.

“Oh fuck--not again...” Pete whined, watching his girlfriend’s clothes moving around on their own once more. They didn’t seem to have any special interest in him this time, but instead headed back toward Krista’s closet and dresser, the outfits splitting themselves up and deflating, either jumping onto a hanger or folding into a drawer as they collapsed.

“Look...they’re just going back,” Krista said as her boyfriend held himself against a wall, terrified. On their return to her room, she’d taken everything off of him but her panties, which were now wiggling themselves on his body, trying to get off.

“What--wh-what the fuck!” He squealed, sliding them off. He watched as they took to the air and sailed into Krista’s laundry basket. The rest of Krista’s clothes were well behaved--returning to their places with no hassle. When it was over, Pete simply sat on her bed, throwing her covers over him. “I--I mean...is it over?”

“I think so,” Krista said. “Guess it’s a good thing I’ve got a single room, hmm?” Pete huffed.

“Babe, you were here--like right here--when your...like...clothes just leapt out of their drawers and forced their way onto me, right? And started parading around?” Krista half-smiled and shrugged. “Yeah! Like, it happened!” Pete looked over at the pot--still sitting in his unfinished pipe. “It’s not that, either. Weed doesn’t make you hallucinate.”

“No, it absolutely happened,” Krista said. “You’re not crazy.”

“So--how in the hell can you be so calm?” Pete asked.

“Because I’m trying to figure this out…” She bit her lip. “Are you going to be okay here while I go talk to Jeana?” Pete looked around at her drawers and closet, uncertain that they’d stay put after his girlfriend left the room. He bolted out of the bed.

“You know--I’m going to get dressed and...just gimme a call, okay? I think I need to like sleep--or think--or something.” He practically tripped over his pantleg trying to get his jeans on.

“Pete, it was--totally weird, but don’t you want to know what exactly happened to us?” He looked around, and then back at the pot again.

“You seem like you’re totally okay--but really, I gotta sleep this off. I’m sorry.” Krista nodded as she frowned at him, reaching out for a hug.

“It’s cool. Call me after your nap.” She felt Pete hug her, trembling. She tried not to chuckle--but it really was harmless, wasn’t it? When she watched it happen, her clothes seemed to be so gentle with him. Still…

“I will. Later, babe.” As Pete wandered down the hall, Krista eyed Jeana’s door...

Dave kept his eyes shut as the guys clothes returned to their room, filling out their normal owner’s shapes. The last of the clothes from the stairwell had passed by them now, and without so much as a scream from the hall. That was a good sign. The plan was going off without a hitch but for two points--first, Krista’s little secret; second, the mini parade of clothes heading back to the suite at the end of the hall, where a lightly-sleeping Annie was liable to wake.

Annie was still asleep. Exhausted from her supernatural encounter with her own living leotard--and the absolute confusion that came with it--she didn’t stir at first when her suite door opened to let the floating clothes make their way towards her dresser. Her leotards and clothes folded themselves away and slid into her drawers and closet, each opening up by itself and swallowing the clothes. Her roommate’s competition swimsuits strutted in next, the one piece suits deflating themselves to slip their shoulder straps onto hangers in her closet. Now both her roommate’s clothes and underwear walked in, and one of Annie’s skimpy bikinis followed the rest of the clothes with a final leotard bringing up the rear, bouncing into the room.

The leotard that rubbed it’s cloth against Annie’s clit floated towards the edge of the bed and flattened itself out to hang out on the side, along with the leg warmers and slip on flats, which walked themselves nearby the closet.

Annie’s eyes started to twitch when she felt a draft come through the opened door, blowing on her naked body. The cool air caused her to shiver, and like natural instinct, she tried to grab anything nearby to keep her warm. What she grabbed by accident was the same leotard that put itself by the side of the bed.

The smooth touch of the fabric felt familiar to her, causing her to open her eyes and wonder what it was.

“Uh...what’s that I feel? Is that my leo---” Her sentence was halted when she turned her head and saw the leotard lying flat on her bed, which she thought that she wore on her body before falling asleep. It was then that she noticed her body was laid bare on the bed and her door was wide open for all to see.

“Oh. My. God. Why am I naked? Did I strip in my sleep?” She tried to cover herself with the blanket by her side. She was trying to process what happened during her last few hours while being unconscious.

“Oh. Oh, god.” The dream she had--stretching and being taken advantage of by her own leotard. It didn’t…

She tried to mentally square exactly what was real as she stood up from the bed with the blanket wrapped around her. As soon as she got to the edge of the door to grab the knob, she noticed a pair of her grey ugg boots walking through the door by themselves.

They passed her feet, ignoring her as they headed towards the closet. Those were followed by her khaki skirt and a green blouse, floating by her and hanging themselves on hangers that drifted aloft and sailed back to the closet all on their own.

“What the fuck?!” She shouted while covering her mouth, trying not to let the whole dorm hear her. “I must’ve worked out too hard...That’s it. Just dehydrated or something...and dreaming of walking shoes...and flying clothes.” She tried to reason to no one but herself, trying to deny what she saw. “And…” As she tried to comfort herself, her spandex shorts and beautifully filled t-shirt jogged in through the door and stopped right at her laundry bin. They shook their inflated ass and dove into the dirty laundry, falling flat after they landed.

Annie dropped her blanket in response to seeing all this, showing off her bare curves through the open door. Two passerbys, a couple of jocks coming from the 5th floor, glanced through her open door. They made it into the hallway just as the last of the clothes disappeared into the dorm rooms, but they still got a surprise shot of the captain of the gymnastics team in all of her glory.

Both of them were awestruck by the sight of the confused Annie in her birthday suit. She was still looking at her closet, where the animated clothes had now settled. Out of pure impulse, one of them pulled out their phone to try to take a quick photo.

After she heard a quick snap and the flash of light from behind her head, she finally noticed the two muscle brained jocks took a picture of her in the nude. Realizing she was exposed, her face grew a bright shade of cherry.

“You...You fucking perverts!” She bellowed like an angry banshee and moved to the doorway, slamming it shut in the face of the burly student holding the phone. He and his friend stared at each other grinning, looking at the phone as they continued down the hallway. Suddenly, they slammed into a woman going the other way.

“Oh! Sorry about th- th-...what the fuck?” He was standing face-to-face with an empty outfit--the last on its way back to Jeana’s room. The jock threw himself against the wall to get out of the way, and the outfit walked right between the two, heading toward Jeana’s door. The jocks bolted, and probably wouldn’t ever cut through the 4th floor ever again.

Annie sat on her bed, trying to absorb what just happened. Someone had a naked pic of her, and her reputation wouldn’t ever be the same after that--but sight of her clothing walking back into her room without anyone inside them--she wasn’t sure what really happened and what she was imagining.

She turned her sights to the athletic uniform left on her bed and wondered.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Annie pinched her own arm. “Am I still dreaming?”

* * *

Jeana watched wide-eyed as Krista hovered up into the air, apparently under her own power.

“I told you,” Krista said, sailing up a foot--then two. “And watch your desk.” Jeana watched as her keyboard seemed to press keys on its own, typing out a message in a window.

H-i-y-a J-e-a-n-a

“That’s...that’s crazy.” Jeana’s door clicked open, and the outfit that freaked out the jocks came in and calmly stepped into her closet. “And that’s not you?”

“Uh-uh,” Krista said, heading back to the ground. “I also couldn’t do this fifteen minutes ago, Jeana.” She stared at her. “You’re taking it all pretty well.” Jeana realized it was an accusation.

I’m taking it all pretty well? You can fly!” Jeana looked at her closet. “You saw that, right? If it wasn’t you--”

“Dave and Terry,” Krista said. “Down the hall.” Jeana played dumb.


“They saw this--all of it. I think the clothes had them captured or something. Pete too.” Jeana just let her talk. “Should we go talk to them?” Jeana’s mind was racing. She was pretty certain that Dave was the cause of all of this--but what about Krista’s obvious abilities? Were people on this campus just developing superpowers at whim, or…

“When did you first...notice you could do things?” Jeana asked.

“You know--I sailed off the ground into the hall, and then I saw the guys all dressed up. After that--like right after I saw Dave, actually--something happened to me. I felt like...I dunno--like I had new senses. That probably sounds weird.”

Jeana was jealous now; Dave was the cause of Krista’s abilities, and she wanted to know why she didn’t get powers of her own.

“I think...you should keep this cool for now,” Jeana said. “Something weird is happening here, and we should figure out what it is before you show off power like you have.” Krista realized she was probably right. Jeana wasn’t stoned, after all.

“So...the guys?” Krista asked.

“Let me talk to them,” Jeana said. “In the meantime, I won’t tell a soul.”

“Okay,” Krista said, heading for the door. “Jeana--what was with the clothes? Yours came to life--mine did...I think I saw some swim team stuff out there…?”

“That’s what we’re gonna figure out,” Jeana said. Krista waved to her as she went back into the hallway. She looked back at Dave & Terry’s room, then down the hall toward her room. She listened to hear for any doors, and grinned before sailing into the air again, gliding down the hall toward her own door without taking a step. In front of her room, she gazed at the doorknob and its components, letting her mind flow to the bolt holding it shut. Without touching the knob--physically or psychically--the bolt pulled back on its spring and the door opened.

There was some kind of stimulus, some psychological reward from using her power. Krista felt the surge of accomplishment run through her and sailed inside, anxious to see what else she could do. She also carefully considered what she was and wasn’t going to say to poor Pete, who might not be able to handle her at this point.

Jeana knocked on the guys’ door, and the door popped open without anyone there to answer it. Dave sat on his bed, eyes open now, smiling at Jeana as she walked in.

“Thanks a lot for your help, Jeana.” Dave said. “Mission accomplished, I guess?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Are you guys both okay?”

“I’m feeling kind of energetic, actually.” Dave said. “I’m trying to stay calm, though--I think it’s probably the best thing for me.”

“I’d thought you would be drained and have a massive headache after doing all that.” Terry said, trying to rub the makeup off of his face. He grabbed a nearby towel to dry off the water still dripping on his chin. “So again, Dave--when did this happen? Trying to cram every single detail in your test increased your brain function? I don’t get it.” He laughed after putting the towel up by the rack. “But I guess everything is almost back to normal, despite our current state of dress.”

Terry looked to Jeana. “By the way, how are Krista and Pete? Do they know everything that went down? Not to mention--how are we going to explain the two of her outfits still not in her closet?” He asked Jeana with a curious look in his eye.

“I dunno, you might want to get changed. I figured you’d both be out of them by now,” Jeana said. “Pete’s apparently pretty shaken up. Krista...seems fine.” Dave’s power seemed to run on suggestion, so Jeana wanted to be careful. “You guys are still awful cute in her stuff,” she chuckled, “even if they aren’t filled out as well as they were before.” Dave wiggled uncomfortably in Krista’s clothes as he thought about it, looking up at Jeana.

“Could you not?” Dave said, chiding her. “Don’t give me visual cues. They’re way too easy.” Jeana thought about Krista’s abilities and wondered exactly what it would take to get Dave to extend the same to her.

“Visual cues?” Jeana grinned. “Like making you two into dollies? Seems like at least one of you started that--because I didn’t have the idea. I just encouraged what was already there. But you know--I absolutely wouldn’t mind being an evil dominatrix. Could you picture that?”

“Seriously, cut the crap!” Dave said, blushing a little. “You saw what you just saw, Jeana--is what I have going on something you really want to mess with?”

“A little,” Jeana said. “And it doesn’t actually seem like…” Jeana held herself back from mentioning something. “I bet you wanted to be dressed up, didn’t you, Dave?” He rolled his eyes, shaking his head.

“You don’t know crap, Jeana,” Dave said. “When it started to get out of control, I could feel people getting scared just like I could feel when I brought all the clothes to life. The only idea I had to compensate was to keep everyone safe and happy--or...that’s what I thought.” Jeana turned to Terry.

“So...this must make you happy, then?”

Terry shook his head and wave his arms. “Hey, I didn’t have a choice in all this. Dave’s power just sort of went on it’s own after the images you gave him. His ability is still uncharted territory; it should be contained until mastered so something like this doesn’t happen again.”

He looked down at himself, remembering how the clothing filled out to shape of a busty woman put itself all over him and controlling his actions. Now reduced to normal clothing and hanging on his skinny frame. He first had doubts if he actually liked the treatment of being forced to dress like a girl.

Especially since, unlike Dave, he never dated. This whole disaster probably marked the most female forms he’d ever been around at once, and one of them was even wrapped around his body before. He didn’t exactly regret seeing Jeana’s sexy curves during the escapade.

Maybe it wasn’t so bad being dressed up like this--if he was forced into it anyway. The stockings on his legs were smooth and comfortable, not slipping off his heels like the usual socks he wore. Even the latex from the skirt and boots felt amazing; every time he walked around through the hall. The way they lifted and cradled his feet and dick so gently...

Could he actually admit that in front of Jeana and Dave?

“I-I don’t know. It wasn’t bad to say the least, but I was still scared of our situation. I wasn’t sure what would’ve happened if all those clothes went out in public. Especially with me and Dave dressed  like this. We would’ve been expelled for sure, or worse. Being taken to a science facility and Dave being tes-” He stopped himself in mid sentence and clamped his mouth shut, leering his eyes to Look at Dave. Knowing what he said could really make the moment more awkward than it already is.

“Eh, never mind. Let’s just change and call it a night.” Trying to change the subject, he decided to tug at his sleeves in order to start changing. Only problem was, that the sleeve wouldn’t slide off his arm or even budge.

“The fuck?” He tried to get a better grip on the sleeve, only to meet with the same result, it wouldn’t move in his favor. “Uh...are these clothes filled with glue or something?” He tried to pull the zipper down on his pink gogo boot. The zipper went down all the way to his ankle, but as soon as he lifted his hand off of it, it slid itself all the way back to it’s original place.

“What’s going on?” He tried it on the other boot, only for the same thing to happen again. Terry moved to his skirt and tried to pull it down over his knees. The skirt slid down his thighs and his pink panties were exposed for a minute, showing off his dick being trapped upward to his hip. It wasn’t for long as the skirt slid back in place and ruffled itself over his waist.

“Uhhhh, Dave. Please explain as to why the goth clothes won’t come off?” He asked in the best impression of a calm tone, but also a hint of displeasure could also be heard.

“It’s not me,” Dave said. “Why don’t you slip your foot out faster?”

Dave and Jeana both watched Terry’s attempts, Jeana doing a terrible job trying to hide her amusement. Dave wanted to see if he was subject to the same effects, but unlike Terry, he had nothing on under the pants. He’d have to slip them off and jump into something right away--while Jeana was distracted, with any luck.

A quick glance at his drawer made a pair of black briefs slip out on their own and into his hands. He looked back at Jeana, made sure she was still looking at Terry, and unbuttoned the vinyl pants. He yanked them down his legs and managed halfway down his calves when he met resistance--and laughter.

“I’m sorry--but I’ve never seen so much dick in one day,” Jeana said, choking back laughter.

Dave was horrified as the pants seemed to leap to life, trying to swallow his legs up again while he held them back. Before long, the pants lifted him off the ground, and now he used one hand to hold the plastic pants back from his legs while the other pried at his shirt. Dave was red-faced from both trying to fight the insatiable enchanted clothing and from his dick swinging around right in front of Jeana’s face. Her nonchalant attitude didn’t help as she simply laughed at both guys, trying in futility to tear at Krista’s enchanted clothing.

“God, just...command that it get off you,” Jeana said, her howling laughter finally dying down after watching them both struggle. “You told the outfits NOT to allow you to to be undressed, didn’t you? They’re trying their damnedest to do their jobs.” Dave felt stupid when she said it. He had commanded exactly that.

In his stupidity, he made another hasty move.

“Get off us both right now!”

The tee expanded on Dave, filling out to mammoth proportions and lifting away from him. He reached up, trying to grab at the shirt and managing to just barely grab a billowing cotton cuff. In the meantime the vinyl pants inflated on him, making him gasp as he felt his dick hit against the inside. The pants puffed up further, and Dave felt his body lifting up, as if the magic pants were squeezing his body out of them. He moaned as his naked cock slipped out of the inflated pants and bounced out, exposed to the room as he clung to Krista’s ballooning t-shirt.

Jeana covered her mouth, laughing hysterically at Dave and noting that his endowment wasn’t anything to scoff at. Under her control, it could be a very, very useful tool. She looked over at Terry to watch the effect of Dave’s command unfold.

The same command soon unfurled on Terry as he too felt the clothing inflate like balloons all around his body. The tube top stretched itself out wide like an elastic ring floating around his chest. The sleeves followed the same effect by puffing out like tubes simultaneously on his arms. Terry struggled to keep his arms down by his sides to keep the sleeves and top from flying off his body. His fingers grasped on the inner sides of the sleeves to try to stop them from slipping off. It was useless. The force of the sleeves made his arms to raise up in the air.

He started to feel light under his feet as he looked down to see the same was happening to his bottom half. The skirt and panties filled out and started to lift his body up with the stockings still on his legs. The boots didn’t keep him anchored for long. The zippers slid down their shafts and let their velvet grasp loose on his feet. The boots pushed his soles up into the air while staying on the floor, letting him rise in the air. The panties and skirt stayed in their position, still inflated as his dick was on display again for Jeana to see.

The panties slid out from under the skirt after Terry was lifted out of them by the upper half of his clothing and stockings. The ruffled underwear still had the stain in it’s crotch from when it made Terry cum.

Terry wished he could die when he saw Jeana laughing at all of this full force. The only thing he could do was let his right hand let go of the sleeve to let it slide off so he could cover what little dignity he had left.

Not that it mattered anyway; Jeana already saw them naked before being dressed up in goth clothing. He let his free arm slide over his cock while  keeping his left hand on the other sleeve. The tube top pushed it’s way up over his free arm and over his head when it had the opportunity. He was too distracted trying to hide his shame from Jeana to notice when his left hand gave out and slipped right through the other sleeve, leaving him almost naked while hovering in the air with nothing but the striped stockings.

He was gently descending to the ground on his back--the stockings acted as a parachute of sorts. As soon as he plopped onto the floor on his back, the stockings raised his legs up and quickly slid off, planting their feet again, still filled out to shape as they joined the other clothing.

Terry put both his hands over his groin as he sat up while crossing his legs to cover himself. He angrily looked at Dave while having a shade of red on his cheeks. “You should be careful how you word your commands, man! Give me a warning next time.” He sighed as he heard the giggling and short of breath coming from Jeana, even after the show was over.

“Whatever--don’t make it worse,” Dave said, looking over at Terry’s closet. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt loosely danced out, dropping into Terry’s lap as Dave looked over at his dresser and shrugged. “Don’t bitch about my picks here or I’ll make them dress you,” Dave said. He looked at his own closet, and a polo shirt marched out. A pair of tangerine briefs produced themselves from his dresser, and Jeana hooted.

“Hot orange skivvies, Dave?” She asked, watching as he stepped into the hovering underwear.

“You just have absolutely no shame, you know that?” Dave asked as his briefs fit themselves around him. He held his arms up, and the polo glided over his torso.

“You’re getting awfully good with that power,” Jeana said, watching the shirt fit itself over him. “Terry’s right--you’ve gotta learn to keep it focused. How do you intend to do that?”

“Practice, I guess,” Dave said, squinting at his closet again. A pair of his jeans walked out to the middle of the room and held themselves knee-high, waiting for Dave to step in.

He didn’t realize it, but the more his power reacclimated after his orgasm, the stronger the echo in everything he previously affected--starting with Krista and the clothes of the other girls on the floor.

In fact, back in her own room, Krista was telekinetically juggling a few things from her desk when her dresser drawers and furniture started rattling. Her eyebrows went up, and everything she was manipulating started twirling faster. She felt a warm pulse from deep within her, and she cooed a little as she lifted back into the air again.

Using this power felt good, and she didn’t exactly have the words to explain it. Something was charging her from outside, sending spikes of energy she couldn’t hold on to. They were dissipating all around her, and she wasn’t sure why.


After a couple minutes of dressing in his own clothes, Terry wondered what should be done with the clothing that was still filled out to shape. “I guess they should stay in here for the night until we can get the cum stains out before Krista notices. But we can’t let them stay inflated. Someone might knock at the door and wonder why we have living outfits in our room.” He looked to Dave and Jeana now.

“And what will you do, Jeana? Is any of the clothing in your room still moving around before you came back in here?” He asked.

“All my things seemed to go back to their original places,” Jeana said. “But as for Krista’s stuff…” She paced around the two outfits. “I dunno--maybe strike it as a loss and keep them. Like I wouldn’t want to to blow your nose in my blouse and give it back to me…” She looked inside the shapely vinyl pants, wincing a little. “You really came in these!”

“We all came, Jeana!” Dave said, louder than he wanted to. “You were pretty much...spread…” Dave shook his head, taking his mind off the act and coming back to the consequence--the mess in Krista’s clothes. “Seriously, what am I going to do? Become a monk?” Dave looked at the eerie form inside the pants and mentally commanded it to fall away--to drop to the ground.

It didn’t.

With more frustrated eyes, Dave scowled at Krista’s outfits now, drilling the thought at them.

Fall to the ground fall to the ground deflate deflate fall fall fall be normal clothes damn it!

The shiny vinyl pants turned toward him, their gleaming hips swiveling to meet his gaze.

“What are you doing?” Jeana asked, watching him.

“Trying..to make them--” Dave stopped short when the pants took a step toward him. They weren’t under his control--because he actually didn’t want them to be. He had a fluttery feeling of being at the top of a roller coaster when this realization hit, and his encounter with Krista’s pushy outfit flooded right back into his mind. “Awww, man…”

Instead of fighting it, he tried to keep it low-level. There was no denying that he wanted to continue watching Krista’s invisible butt fill these pants, so he willed it. He imagined them dancing, moving to an inaudible beat as they turned and started shaking their shiny ass toward him. He chuckled, looking back up at Jeana.

“This is your fault,” he said simply.

“Ha!” Jeana said, watching the pants. “I think you wanted into those pants for a while now--maybe that’s why they...let you in.” Dave shrugged.

“I can’t believe you can just take all this in stride,” Dave said, still watching the swaying legs and ass moving in firetruck red plastic. “You’re not wrong, though. I used to crush on Krista bad.” Dave looked at Terry. “And you--say nothing.”

Used to. I bet, Jeana thought, walking over to Krista’s white tee, holding itself stock still next to the outfit Terry was dressed in. She traced her finger around the collar of the tee. Terry took notice immediately, while Dave took an extra second to break away from his show.

“Why settle for the bottom half when you can play with these?” Jeana asked, grabbing the tee by the shoulder and pushing it toward Dave. The tee turned at its hip. It didn’t resist Jeana’s push so much as it turned as if it were connected to a body. Her weight fell against it, and instead of knocking the hollow tee over, Jeana slammed into it, front on front.

Now both the boys watched as Jeana seemed to collide with an invisible Krista. Jeana was swooped right back to a standing position as the tee went in to embrace her, wrapping its short sleeves around her head as the cottony breasts swelled against her face. Dave smirked a little, and the tee let go of Jeana and met up with the vinyl pants, becoming an outfit again as Dave took a mischevious look at the pants and swung playfully at them, making a tight *SMACK*.

“You did that on purpose,” Jeana said, scowling at Dave, who was having entirely too much fun for her.

“You’re practically goading me into it!” Dave laughed. “You practically caused that sex landslide, Jee. You really want to see another one this soon?” Dave took a deep breath and patted Krista’s vinyl pants again, but this time it was light and non-chalant. The pants and tee calmed a bit and walked over next to the other animated outfit, standing again.

Dave took another deep breath and sat down. Jeana was speechless, but the anger drained out of her. She realized Dave was right, to a point, and figured that whatever else he might still be wrong about, it wasn’t worth getting on his bad side. Clearly Krista was the favorite here, but she could still get around that. After all, she had practically caused it--which meant Dave was still pliable.

Terry watched as Dave used his power on the outfit to fool with Jeana and made her look mad. After seeing how he controlled the outfit and made it stand with the other outfit, he wondered if Dave was starting to get the hang of controlling his thoughts. He knew that Dave had a crush on Krista ever since they both came to this college. Perhaps focusing on Krista herself was the key to keep his powers in check.

“I think you’re getting the hang of your powers, probably by focusing on one thing. Which would be Krista--in essence--since these are her clothes. Maybe when you focused on more than one subject, that’s why the power went beserk.” Terry tried to analyze it from a logical point of view, even if the whole thing still seemed farfetched.

“You know--you might be right, Terry. When these pants started moving toward me again, I went with it a little bit instead of trying to fight it, which maybe just threw my power in all directions.” Dave nodded at him. “I let it flow a little, and then got it back under control.”

Terry walked over and inspected the outfits. He peeked over the skirt to see the stains still in the panties and tried to move his hand over it to take a good look. But the sleeve grasped his hand and pulled it away from the skirt. He pulled his arm back and took a step back.

“Looks like they don’t want to move around--just like you ordered. I think we should follow Jeana’s advice and keep the clothes in here for the time being. Krista might not notice them gone for awhile. Unless you could mentally get the stains out like a psychokinetic washer or something?”

He laughed as he walked over to his bed and sat down. “I think we should call it a night and try to keep this to ourselves for now. As much as I enjoyed being a gothic dress up doll. I’d like to not wake up in drag in the morning, thank you.” He laid on his back and pulled his pillow over his head.

“And how about you?” Dave asked, looking at Jeana.

“How about me, buddy?” Jeana laughed. “What is it you’re asking?”

“Your plans. Obviously you can’t say a word about this to anyone...but like Krista, I guess. But I’m not sure telling her I have like--I dunno. You talked to her, right?” Jeana masked her annoyance.

Bringing up Krista again? I’m right in front of you, asshole.

“Um...she seemed...confused, but okay,” Jeana lied. “I mean--she saw you guys in the hallway too, so she knows you’re involved--at least. Maybe try to keep it at that.”

Jeana wasn’t sure of her endgame here. Before long, they’d each find out about the other’s abilities--but Jeana was nearly certain that Krista’s powers themselves came from Dave’s mind…

Which means he can do the same thing for me--if I give him the right ideas.

“I guess so…” Dave looked a little guilty. “Things got wicked out of hand, really fast. I seem to be handling it better now, but I mean, if I really was the cause of what just happened--doesn’t that mean I…”

Jeana’s eyes went wide, and she shook her head.

“Dave, Dave...you didn’t mean to. And when it got bad, you…” Jeana blushed. “I mean--Terry wasn’t traumatized or anything…”

“Aw, shut up,” Terry said from under his pillow, still listening.

“...and I,” she was beet red now, as if she was holding her breath. She got quiet, whispering to Dave. “I liked what happened, dude.” Dave was taken aback by Jeana’s curt admission, delivered to his ear in a whisper that was as seductive as it was secretive. “I did,” she said again at her usual volume. “I couldn’t really tell you if Krista did...but I did, and I wouldn’t mind more.” She kissed Dave on the cheek and turned to the door. “Good night, boys,” Jeana said. “Try not to have any naughty dreams, Davie...who knows what could happen?”

Dave stared at the door long after she was gone, and eventually Terry pulled the pillow down to his chest so he could see.

“Whoa. What was that about, exactly?” Terry asked. Dave shrugged, shaking his head.

“She’s gonna be dangerous, dude,” Dave smiled. “I really think she does want to see more.”

“I think you’re opening a can of snakes with that one, Dave.”

* * *