Selena's Book of Shadows

Selena's Book of Shadows

The end of the day was creeping ever nearer and Kate couldn’t wait.  All day she had eyed the clock on the other side of her uncle’s antique shop rolling her fingers on the side of the cash register.  “5:00 pm”, it displayed seemingly teasing her as the last thirty minutes of her shift slowed to a crawl.  She couldn’t complain too much since it helped pay for college and it was only for the summer after all.

The store was all but vacant, so Kate walked around to check things out.  It had been a year after all since she had started and there were possibly new items she had yet seen.  As she neared the back, a black Gothic antique mirror caught her eye.  It was a full-length mirror nearing her height from the floor and had cobras carved into the sides. 

Being a Goth she took a liking to it and started looking herself over in it.  Her silky black hair was shoulder length when worn straight, but she typically kept it in pigtails.  Her white button-down barely kept her d cups at bay while her black skirt came just below her ass.  Her black and white stockings came up to meet her skirt, which complemented her three-inch black stilettos.  The top two buttons of her shirt she always kept undone just to tease her classmates with her sexy cleavage.  She stood about five foot and four inches tall and prided herself in being everyone’s dream girl in college, though she never really dated.

Kate’s uncle suddenly walked in the store with a box full of new items.

“Damn it, Kate, you look like a fucking whore with your shirt like that!  I’m not running a porn shop you know!”  Her uncle scorned.

Kate rolled her eyes as she reluctantly buttoned her shirt.  “Sorry, Uncle John.  Was I not closing tonight?”  Kate asked as she looked through the box.

“Well, I had someone drop this by me today while I was out and didn’t want to lug it home… some weirdo with a cobra tattoo.”  John snarled.  Kate’s curiosity was sparked and she began to rummage through the box on the counter.  She came across a black hardback book that looked a bit weathered.  She opened it to the front page and it read: Selena’s Book of Shadows

“Wow, this is some kind of spell book!”  Kate exclaimed.

“Jesus, Kate, don’t tell me you believe that shit,”  John laughed.

“I don’t know.  There must be something to it,”  Kate smirked as she thumbed through the book.

“Well, why don’t you take it home with you then.  It’s just junk to me anyway.  I couldn’t sell it if I tried,”  John laughed.

With that, Kate slipped the book in her handbag and went to clock out.

“Hey, you still have fifteen minutes,” John laughed as Kate slowly turned around and sighed.

“Ah fuck it go ahead.  Just don’t hex me with that if you can help it, haha,”  John sneered.

“Thanks, uncle.  See you tomorrow,” Kate said as she skipped out the door.

Her apartment was only a few blocks down from the store so she started walking that way as she read through the book.  She was not a witch, but something about the idea of witchcraft had always sparked her interest.  She had a difficult time believing the validity of this spellbook, however.  There was nothing special about the cover and the spells were written in modern day English.  At any rate, she figured it would be a fun read.  While skimming through the index something caught her eye: Object Enchantment and Animation

“Hmm, this looks fun.”  She thought as she turned to it and it read:

Object Enchantment and Animation

Please heed the below warning very carefully.

Enchantment and animation spells should only be attempted by an experienced sorcerer.

Certain conditions present during the incantation can affect the behavior of the animated object.   (DO NOT attempt to animate an object that had been bloodstained as it may give it a murderous personality.)

If the spell needs to be reversed please refer to page 375…

Kate laughed to herself thinking about the ridiculousness of some of the ‘killer’ objects that came to her mind.  'I can hear the newscast now,”' Kate thought, 'Local man claims his sex doll attempted to kill him when local police found him nearly strangled to death in his own home.'

Kate read on:

Touch the object you want to enchant with your index finger while touching this book with your free hand.  Chant the following words:

I call upon the sacred power

On this day and in this hour

Give me the power to animate this

I cast this spell and give it bliss.

Come to life with my sacred power.

'This is too simple.  No way is this real,' Kate thought.


When Kate arrived at her apartment, she stripped down to her underwear and started toward her bed.  She was exhausted from work and figured a short nap was in order before grabbing some dinner.  She fell to her bed and was nearly asleep as she collided with her pillow.

A couple of hours later she awoke and noticed she had slightly soiled her panties.

'Damn, I must have had a wet dream,' Kate giggled to herself as she rose up in her bed.  Come to think of it, she was slightly aroused; it had been a while since she had been with a man after all.

She stepped out of bed, accidentally kicking her purse over in the process, and knocked the book of shadows out onto the floor below.

'Why the hell not?  It’s not like anyone’s here to witness me making a fool of myself if it doesn’t work,' Kate thought to herself.

She picked up the book and turned back to the object enchantment page from earlier.

'In the slight chance that this does work, how do I know for sure this enchanted object will be friendly?'  Kate asked herself.

She then remembered what the book said: Certain conditions present during the incantation can affect the behavior of the animated object

'My panties are a little damp from my wet dream.  I wonder if they’ll get a little naughty if brought to life,' Kate giggled to herself as she slid them off.

She laid her black silk panties on the ground and set the book down next to them. 

'Okay… Let’s see here… ' Kate skimmed through the spell in her head.  She touched her panties with her index finger and touched the book with her other.  She chanted the spell:

I call upon the sacred power

On this day and in this hour

Give me the power to animate this

I cast this spell and give it bliss.

Come to life with my sacred power.

She stared at her soiled underwear for several seconds but nothing happened.

'Oh well, I shouldn’t have expected any different I guess,' Kate sighed feeling stupid.  She knelt down to grab them off the floor when they slid slightly from her hand. 'Whoa… did that really just happen?'  She thought to herself.

She knelt down again and snatched them in a quick motion, but some unknown force tugged them away from her.  She gasped and backed away while watching her panties fill themselves out in midair.  She watched enamored by the sight as she could actually see the shape of a camel toe and ass in her panties.  She slowly approached them and put her hand inside them, and sure enough, nothing was there.

“Incredible,” Kate said.  The panties floated toward her until they were level with her crotch.  They nudged toward her pussy and Kate blushed a little while slightly parting her legs.

“Guess I was right about the spell environment huh,” Kate playfully said to her now living underwear.  The crotch area of the panties crept itself into her folds and began playing with her clit.

“Mmmm, you really know how to please a girl you naughty little things,” Kate tilted her head back and unsnapped her black silk bra, letting it drop to the floor as she grabbed both her chests.  She backed up to her bed and laid down, while her panties remained attached to her wet pussy.  The front of her panties began to mold to her labia as it massaged her vagina with expert precision. 

“Oh… oh fuck,” she stammered as she neared her peak.  She rolled her erect nipples with her index fingers and her thumbs and then squeezed her breasts as the wave of her orgasm hit her.

“Ahhhhh, fuck, yeah,” she said under her breath as she soaked her panties.  Just then, the panties detached themselves from her and hovered over her bra in the floor.  Kate stared dumbfounded as they wrung themselves out in mid-air, dripping her love juices over her bra.

“What the… “ is all that came out before Kate saw the straps of her bra wiggle on their own.  She gasped as it leaped off the floor and onto her breasts, snapping itself on in one quick motion.

“Oh fuck you too?  But how?”  Kate asked but ceased to care as her bra began to knead and work her chests better than any lover she ever had.  The panties darted down to her feet and slid back up around her waist.

“Holy shit, this is intense,” Kate said under her breath as her panties resumed playing with her clit.  She arched her back and violently bucked against the air as her orgasm hit harder than before.  Her already soaked panties began dripping onto her sheets below and the bed sheet underneath her began to flap underneath her.

“Wait… No, don’t tell me…” Kate stammered as she came to the realization that somehow her living panties were transferring their magic through her pussy juices.  Each time she came, any object she soaked would come to life.  As amazing as her fuck session was, she knew this could quickly get out of hand and needed to reverse the spell.

Kate lifted herself off the bed trying to ignore the continuing prodding of her naughty underwear when she was startled by the bed sheet flying off the bed behind her.  She put her hand over her mouth and watched as the sheet rolled itself in midair until it looked like a fabric tendril.  It spiraled down to the ground and wrapped around her right leg as the crotch of her panties moved to the side, exposing her entrance.

“Oh fuck, you’re kidding right?”  Kate asked as the tendril slid inside her and curled around to her g-spot.

“Oh my fucking God!” Kate exclaimed as she fell to her knees, succumbing to this fabric tentacle.  She moaned and closed her eyes as the twirled sheet stroked her g-spot and clit at the same time.  Her bra squeezed her breasts hard like an enthusiastic lover and pinched her nipples while the tendril worked over her swollen pussy.  She put her hands on the floor, bracing herself as she felt the most powerful orgasm she ever experienced build inside of her.

“Ahhh, fuck!” Kate yelled as her pussy began to spasm.  The tendril pulled itself out and reshaped itself into a phallus before plunging back in. 

“Oh fuck, yes!” Kate screamed as the fabric tentacle fucked her hard.  She gritted her teeth and growled as she came, soaking the fabric phallus and the floor beneath her.  After her orgasm subsided she passed out and collapsed exhausted. 

The bed sheet unrolled itself and soaked up all her juices before wringing them out over her shirt, skirt, and stockings lying on the floor.  Her panties slid off her legs and resumed floating in mid-air.  Her bra unsnapped and yanked itself off her chests and began floating above the panties.  The stockings filled out to her shape, along with her shirt and skirt.  All articles of clothing joined as if being worn by an invisible girl and walked toward the door. 

The bed sheet flew to the door and wrapped itself around the door handle and opened the door for the living outfit.  Both the outfit and the bed sheet escaped while Kate slept.