Selena's Book of Shadows

Selena's Book of Shadows 2


Kate woke up naked in the middle of the floor, still questioning in her head if what happened really happened. She rubbed her eyes and looked around the room to see her outfit neatly folded on the bed along with the naughty sheet that probed her. 

"What the..." Kate muttered to herself before she was cut off by a tiny voice behind her.

"Wakey wakey sleepy head." The tiny voice said with a giggle. Startled, Kate spins around and nearly fell back down at the sight of a tiny winged female perched on her mirror. Speechless Kate stands there with her mouth agape at the creature before her.

"Surprised to see me I see. You know I'm getting a lot of that lately. Humans have really forgotten about us fairies huh?" The fairy said.

"Wait... you're a fairy? Of course. Why wouldn't you be? I find a working spell book and shortly after I meet a fairy. I'm dreaming still. That's the only explanation. Clothes can't come to life and fairies don't exist." Kate began to laugh hysterically. The fairy began to wear a puzzled look on her face.

"Silly human girl I can assure you this isn't a dream. The name is Arianna by the way. My master sent me to retrieve Selena's Book of Shadows as he had somehow misplaced it. I was going to take it but letting you keep it for a while is way more amusing." Arianna wore a devious smile.

Kate pinched herself. "Ow!" She exclaimed.

"Wow... okay, so I'm not dreaming. Which means this is all real. My clothes really were alive and there is a living and breathing fairy in my room." Kate took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Actually, your clothes are still very much alive, I merely put them to sleep so to speak. I don't actually have the power to reverse the spell since that tome is even more powerful than me." Arianna jumped down and flew toward Kate until she was eye-level with her.

"Wow, so why would you trust a mere human like me with something so powerful?" Kate asked.

"Don't worry honey, there is nothing you can screw up so badly that my master can't fix. I would recommend being a little smarter with your spell casting though. Luckily I stopped your outfit before anyone saw it walking around on its own." Arianna giggled.

"Good point. Well, when does it wake up?" Kate said while sheepishly looking toward her bed.

"I dunno. Probably anytime I guess. Oh, and if I'm not mistaken, you animated a piece of clothing soiled in your vaginal fluids, right?" Arianna giggled. Kate turned red as a strawberry.

"That's what I thought." Arianna laughed hysterically.

"What's so funny?" Kate asked as Arianna flew toward the window.

"Just try not to get too wet in public. Your lady fluids are now enchanted. Anything it touches will become animated and probably try to fuck you. Bye bye now". Arianna flew out the window.

"Wait!" Kate yelled but Arianna was already long gone.

"That's just great", Kate said as she picked up the spell book and began flipping through the pages until she found the animation spell again. She wasn't sure that she wanted to reverse the spell completely considering her little fuck session just hours ago was amazing, but being able to control it better was paramount. If Arianna didn't come when she did, she could have easily lost her entire wardrobe to the spell, not to mention the uproar she could have caused.

"But then again, what do I care?" Kate thought with a mischievous grin on her face.

She grabbed the spell book and turned back to the "Object Enchantment and Animation" page when she suddenly remembered what Arianna said.

"Wait a minute, that fairy said that my vaginal fluids are enchanted." She pondered for a moment. She looked at her dormant outfit on the bed and began to remember certain details about her encounter.

"I was so caught in the moment at the time that I didn't realize but the enchantments were using my fluids to bring other objects to life. When I passed out on the floor they left." She continued to brainstorm as her outfit began lifting off of the bed.

"Shit!" She exclaimed as she made her way to the door.

Her clothes filled out once again and began to float toward her as she fumbled through the spell book.

"Hey! Clothes of mine, can you understand anything that I am saying?" Kate sheepishly asked feeling rather stupid but oddly enough the top of her shirt seemed to nod in response.

"Oh wow, okay... um... are you as an outfit one entity or is every article of clothing its own separate being?" Her shirt shrugged its shoulders in response.

"If only you had a voice, this would be so much easier." Kate sighed. Suddenly the spell book flew out of her hand and began to glow as the pages flipped on their own.

"Hey!" She yelled. Puzzled, Kate watched the phenomenon in front of her until the book spun itself around facing her. Near the center of the page read:


Granting Sentience to Inanimate Objects


"Woah... um okay, let's see here..." Kate muttered as she skimmed through the spell and description.

"Okay, according to this I can grant a single animated object sentience or a group of objects as one sentient being. Considering you are pretty much an assembled outfit I would say the latter would be the obvious choice, wouldn't you?" The shirt once again shrugged in response.

"Fair enough, I guess. According to this, I need to make a circle on the floor made of salt surrounding the animated objects to be made sentient." Kate eyeballed her living outfit suspiciously.

"I need to go to the kitchen for the salt. How do I know you'll behave yourself and stay put?" She inquired as the outfit crossed its arms and tapped its boot.

"Oh well, fuck it. Please don't move alright?" Kate pleaded as she rushed out of her bedroom and into her kitchen. She tossed several items in the floor as she rummaged her pantry until she finally came across a large pack of iodized salt. She ran back to her room and to her relief her living outfit was still patiently waiting for her.

"You're being oddly compliant considering our encounter earlier," Kate stated as she poured the salt in a circle around the outfit. She began to read the spell from the book:


In this circle, I've created life of a kind

But now I wish to give this life a mind

Please lost soul come forth for me

Enter this vessel I've prepared for thee


The outfit within the circle began to glow as a bright light flashed through the room. Startled, Kate dropped the spell book and fell backward. After the glowing subsided, the outfit picked up the spell book from the floor.

"Hello, there human girl. Are you the one who released me?" A female voice resonating from the outfit asked.

"Uh..." Kate's jaw dropped and she stood in startled silence as the disembodied voice spoke to her.

"Wow, naughty and speechless I see." The voice giggled.

"Sorry, you caught me off guard there for a second. I'm still getting used to this whole magic thing. I'm Kate by the way. What exactly do I call you?"

"Hi Kate, I have to thank you so much for releasing me. Now we can have more fun than you could possibly fathom. When I was a living fairy, they called me Penelope", the outfit said.

"Holy shit, you used to be a fairy?" Kate asked.

"Yes, the particular spell you just used releases a lost soul into an enchanted object, which means the object you brought to life no longer requires your life force to stay alive, but because of the nature of your original spell I'm still drawn to you in a most special way," Penelope said seductively.

"Drawn to me? What do you mean?" Kate's eyes widened as she began to wonder if she made a grave mistake.

"Calm down love I do not wish to harm you. I'm just here to make you cum, which as I recall was why you gave me life in the first place right?" Penelope giggled as she stepped out of the circle. Kate just stared in stunned silence as the living outfit went down on all fours and crawled between her legs.

"Mmm, there's that delicious life-giving pussy of yours" her outfit purred.

"Wait... lost soul? So, you're like a ghost or something?" Kate trembled as she felt the phantom breath between her legs.

"Kind of. To better explain, all living things have a soul. A soul gives its possessor a life force as well as independence to think rationally. Before granting this vessel sentience it was simply an extension of your unconscious mind," Penelope explained.

"Wait... when I animated the panties, they acted completely on their own and used me to animate the rest of you as well as that bedsheet," Kate jumped as an invisible mouth kissed the inside of her thigh.

"That's the nature of animation spells. They are controlled by your subconscious mind. In the back of your mind you wanted the clothes to do all those naughty things, did you not? Why else would you animate a pair of panties soaked in your juices if you weren't planning to get a little naughty?" Penelope giggled as an invisible tongue traced the inside of Kate's thigh. Kate gripped the floor beneath her as she began to moan.

"Shit... oh..."Kate stammered. "Then why did the clothes try to leave when I passed out?"

"I'm not really sure honestly. I guess your subconscious mind had other plans for them while you were dreaming." Penelope said with a sultry tone. "Kate, darling, why don't we put this little questionnaire of yours on hold and have a little fun." The outfit suddenly dispersed and the different articles of clothing floated to different parts of the room except for her black lace panties. The panties flew toward Kate's face, bumping her nose with its crotch.

"Woah... hey... how did you..." Kate stammered while her panties rubbed its ass against her bare chest.

"How did I separate?" Kate heard the same voice but from just the panties now.

"My dear sweet Kate my lifeforce is spread amongst your clothes, but that doesn't mean I'm tied to only one form. Now come on, I know you brought me to life for some naughty fun, so how about it hmm?" The panties flew down to her feet and Kate blushed as she stepped inside. Her panties slowly slid up her legs, teasing her all the way up until they finally rested on her hips. Kate let out a yelp as the panties magically lifted her off the ground and sat her down on her bed.

"Now be a good girl and lie back my dear. You'll love this I promise." The panties giggled.

Kate was a little nervous for what this being had planned but her apprehension was slowly replaced by curiosity as the fabric of her panties, once again, molded to her mound. Unlike last time, however, she noticed something rather different. The crotch of her panties actually felt like a pair of feminine lips against her pussy. Slowly the lips began to kiss and nibble on her mound causing Kate to bite her lower lip.

"Mmm, you like that don't you naughty girl." Penelope teased as she talked through the lips in the panties, slowly blowing her hot breath over Kate's slit.

"God this is unreal," Kate said under her breath as she began to massage her breasts.

"No, no love. Allow me." Penelope said as Kate's bra flew back down to Kate. She removed her hands and the bra snapped itself around her breasts, bouncing them up and down. Just like before, the cups massaged and kneaded her breasts, causing her to moan in response.

"That's a good girl. How about I show you a trick?" Penelope asked when suddenly Kate felt tiny mouths in the bra cups sucking and licking on her nipples.

"Ah fuck!" Kate exclaimed as the mouth in her panties continued making out with her vagina.

"Fuck, Penelope you are amazing," Kate grunted as she began to soak her living panties.

"Oh my, someone's giving me more magical fluid to play with. I've been aching to try something." Penelope taunted once again. Suddenly Kate felt the wetness in her pussy reform into a water-based tongue as it began to explore her tight hole, licking all the right spots as it darted in and out.

"Oh God Penelope, I don't even care how you're doing that but please don't stop!" Kate shouted as she began to grip the bed below. She was caught in the moment; she didn't notice some of the juices trickling out of her panties and forming a ball in midair. As she reached the edge, the water-based tongue reformed into a giant cock and plunged itself into Kate, causing her to yelp in response.

"Yes, fuck me please!" Kate yelled as the cock vigorously pumped inside her. Her bra gripped her breasts with each thrust as the tiny mouths inside it continued to rapidly lick her nipples.

"Someone's getting close. Are you going to cum for me, baby?" Kate now heard Penelope's voice whispering in her ear.

"Fuck yes! I'm cumming!" Kate screamed as she bucked her hips in the air. The panties sailed to her feet just in time for Kate to squirt more fluid in the air as she came. When her orgasm subsided, the water cock left her pussy and dispersed into the ball of fluid floating in the room. When Kate got her bearings, she slowly opened her eyes and saw the outfit reassembled in front of her, blocking her view of the fluid floating in the air.

"Was that good for you, dearie?" Penelope asked.

"Oh yeah. You and I are going to have a ton of fun. I can't wait to see what else that book can do," Kate said with a smirk. The ball of fluid hiding behind the outfit escaped through the crack under the door unnoticed and made its way to the bathroom. From there it forced itself into the faucet and dispersed into the water main.