Alexis the Dark Fairy

Alexis the Dark Fairy 2

"Wanna see more?" Alexis giggled.

After Vanessa finally got her bearings she looked down at her vagina and started poking it.

"Don't worry honey, the spell was only meant to last 5 minutes or so. Your pretty little pussy is back to normal. At least for now." Alexis said with a sly grin.

"Holy shit, the-that was amazing." Vanessa stammered.

"Well, I do aim to please my sexy young vixen and that's merely a fraction of what I can do."

Vanessa looked around at her enchanted clothing still floating in the air and moving around on their own.

"So, are they actually alive now or are you just controlling them somehow?"

"Oh they're very much alive. Unless I revoke the spell, they are sentient beings just like you and I. Right now they are learning their environment. Living clothes are always shy at first unless you enchant them with a specific command. Once they warm up to you, you can wear them again and I promise, there are many hot things enchanted clothes can do to you". Alexis smirked.

"That's really cool. Kind of like taming a pet in a way." Vanessa walked toward her floating pink bra and it began to back off from her as if being timid. She slowly reached out her hand and began petting one of the cups with her fingertips.

"I guess you're right haha. I could make them more intelligent, but it could be dangerous if you're inexperienced. It would be a disaster if we lost control of them or any other enchanted object and they got loose outside this house."

Vanessa retreated her hand and looked back toward Alexis as her face turned from amazement to sheer curiosity.

"Yes? Go ahead and ask I can tell you're full of questions teehee."

Vanessa couldn't help but blush as she looked toward her new, winged friend. "So, if you were to leave my pussy enchanted, I would have to tame it too?"

Alexis burst out in laughter. "Oh honey, I didn't enchant your pussy in the same way as your clothes. I controlled it with telekinesis and object materialization more or less. Bringing life to body parts has always been strictly forbidden so I've never really done it. Seeing how unpredictable it can be, I would rather practice on someone else in case something bad happens. I'm not sure I know how to reverse it, since this type of spell takes a different level of skill."

"Wow, that's amazing. It felt very much alive to me."

"I'm flattered. I have to admit that was my first attempt on anyone else besides myself". Alexis giggled.

"You used the spell on yourself, like to masturbate?"

"Hey now, fairies get lonely too you know, and it's not like I can practice this stuff amongst my friends. I'm just lucky I found myself a horny little guinea pig." Alexis winked.

Vanessa blushed and bit her lip while staring Alexis down.

"Spit it out teehee. You have an idea for some fun don't you?" Alexis playfully flew around in a circle.

"With everything that you can do, can you make me the same size as you?"

"Ooooh, a shrinking spell, that's easy", Alexis giggled as she pointed her finger at her nude friend. Suddenly the room started getting bigger and bigger as the top of the room moved further and further away. Alexis swooped down to the shrunken girl and kissed her on the lips. Vanessa was startled at first but welcomed the kiss as she pulled her new lover closer. Alexis pulled away and her devious grin came back.

"Wooooow, human girls taste so yummy." Alexis giggled.

Vanessa stared in shock at her beautiful friend. She could have easily gotten lost in Alexis's magical lips. The look of shock grew back into a grin and Alexis was the one blushing this time.

"So, is being tiny like me all you want or is there a little more to this request or yours?" Alexis said as she traced her finger down her breasts in a teasing fashion.

"The amazing thing you did to my pussy earlier, would you be able to do it to both of us at the same time?" Vanessa turns blood red.

"Oooooh fun, you wanna watch me cum while you do, don't you? You naughty little human you, teehee". Alexis laughed.

"In a manner of speaking." Vanessa seductively walked toward Alexis and traced her finger down the fairy's stomach until she reached her nether lips, and then whispered into her ear, "I want to know what it would feel like for both our pussies to eat each other out."

A sly grin formed back on the devious fairy's little face. She pushed Vanessa onto the floor and pried her legs open as she mounted her in the scissor position. As soon as their nether lips touched, Vanessa felt her vagina tingle as a magic sparkle shot from Alexis into her. Then almost as if on cue, she felt the tongue return inside her pussy. She was not in control of the tongue but it felt as if every nerve ending from her g-spot was attached to it. As it moved inside her, her skin flushed as she began bucking her hips. Then without warning, the tongue shot from her pussy and inside of Alexis. The feeling was nothing she could describe if she tried. Both her labia and Alexis' were moving and sucking like that of two mouths making out with each other. Her nether tongue intertwined with Alexis' and licked all around her cavity. Every movement of the tongue made her want writhe in pure ecstasy. A tiny moan escaped her lips as she arched her back. Alexis did the same and began rotating her hips in sync with hers.

"OH FUCK YEAH!!!!!" Vanessa exclaimed as the most amazing orgasm hit her full force. She felt Alexis tense and buck harder.

"AHHHHHHHH, YEEEEEEEES!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! GIVE ME MORE MY HUMAN LOVER!!!!!" Alexis yelled as she bucked against Vanessa. Suddenly the licking inside their living vaginas became several times more rapid and their clits extended just long enough to rub against each other. Another magic jolt and their clits started vibrating harder than any vibrator Vanessa ever felt. Suddenly her nipples began rotating and vibrating in circles as unseen hands began to caress her breast. The sensations all at once were too much and the orgasmic pressure was building up so fast she thought she might explode. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she clinched her fists as her whole body began to spasm in orgasmic bliss. This continued for several minutes until she passed out, out of sheer exhaustion. Alexis reversed the spell and sat up to look at her limp lover on the ground.

"Next time I'll have to do something about your stamina won't I?" She giggled as she picked her up and flew her to her bed.