Alexis the Dark Fairy

Alexis the Dark Fairy 3

Vanessa is woken out of a dead sleep to the sound of a screaming rock band as her alarm went off. "6:00am" it displayed in bright red numbers in her dark room. She removed the covers and looked down to see that she was dressed in a black tee-shirt with a pink glittery skull and the same pink panties that she wore yesterday. She was clearly back to normal size and no sign of her new fairy friend in the room.

"Damn it, I couldn't have dreamed all that could I? It all felt so real." She quietly said to herself. She slowly dragged out of bed and stretched her arms back as she normally would, but felt unusual tension in her shirt the more she stretched back. She looked down, and sure enough her breasts were much larger and barely contained within her shirt. Remembering that Alexis enlarged her breasts with her magic she began to think maybe it wasn't a dream after all. She slowly walked to the full length mirror in her closet and saw the outline of her breast through her shirt with the bottom of it barely touching her stomach.

"Alexis?," she whispered as she gazed around the room. Suddenly she started feeling feather light touches on her nipples. She looked back in the mirror and her nipples were standing at full attention, but no one or nothing was there. She gasped as she felt unseen hands caress her breasts. As she looked in the mirror she saw indentations of fingers around her breasts as they were squeezed and rotated. She moved her hands in front of her but nothing was there.

She grinned and bit her lip knowing her magic friend was still around somewhere. She let out a squeal as her ass was pinched. She quickly looked behind her and saw nothing.

"Alexis, I know you're in here," Vanessa whispered teasingly. She gasped as more fingers were felt along her sides, rubbing her up and down. She began to get wet and almost as if on cue, a finger was felt rubbing along her nether lips and began slowly tracing over her clit.

"Ahhhh," she began to moan. She laid back down on the floor as her renegade shirt and panties continued to work her over. The phantom finger began rapidly rubbing her clit as her hips started bucking the air. Her moans turned into cries of pleasure the closer she came to release. Just as she got to the edge of no return, a familiar buzz was heard from her nightstand behind her. She looked behind her as her top drawer slid open just wide enough for her pink vibrator to rise out of it on its own. She felt her panties part to the side as the vibrating phallus made its way to her entrance.

"Oh, yes. Fuck me right now." Vanessa was still bucking the air against the phantom finger, as the vibrator began to bathe in her womanly juices. Then, as if welcoming a guest into a home, her vaginal lips parted on their own and the vibrator darted in. Quickly Vanessa scooted back to her bed where she stuffed the sheets in her mouth so she did not wake the entire house. She came with such intensity that she soaked the floor beneath her as she collapsed on her back. The vibrator switched off and rolled away on the floor. Her shirt puffed out like a windsock and forced itself off of her. Her panties followed suit leaving her naked on the floor.

"Alexis, where are you?" Vanessa said under her breath.

She then felt a stirring inside of her pussy and a small head emerged from within her folds.

"Hi, teehee." Alexis blushed as she pushed herself the rest of the way out. "Sorry, I kind of made myself at home. I guess you're wide awake now."

"You made yourself at home, inside of my pussy?" Vanessa smirked.

"Hey, it's warm and cozy, plus super sexy to be inside of a super hottie like you." Alexis giggled. "Hope you didn't mind your little morning surprise. Some of your clothes and belongings felt a little left out last night and wanted in on the fun, teehee."

"Ha, felt left out eh? I'm sure....," Vanessa teased. "I have to admit, everything is like a dream come true. Every fantasy I ever dreamed of has come to pass over night."

"I'm glad my mistress is pleased." Alexis blushed again.

"I can't help but wonder though, if I woke up my parents or older brother during our activities," Vanessa whispered.

"Oh don't worry about that, I enchanted this room so that nothing could be heard from the outside. Wouldn't want any intruders interrupting our fun now would we?" Alexis flew down to her shoulder and kissed her earlobe.

"Of course not, ha. I guess I should get ready for school. Unfortunately have to live my life somewhat responsibly. Where will you go when I'm not home?" Vanessa inquired.

"I go where you go. I swore to forever be your companion." Alexis said.

"But how will I explain you to my family and classmates? Is it a good idea for others to see you?"

"Of course not silly but don't worry I'm a master of disguise." Alexis glowed for a moment as she morphed her body into a necklace with a heart shaped, red gem in the center. She then snapped herself around Vanessa's neck.

"How's that?" Vanessa heard Alexis' voice coming from the gem.

"Perfect, and beautiful to boot." Vanessa walked back toward her closet when her pink bra sailed to her breast and snapped behind her before she could think. "Whoa!," she exclaimed as she rose several inches off the ground, allowing her panties to slide over her feet and back over her hips.

"Hey now, are you guys going to behave if I wear you today?" Vanessa smirked. Her bra bounced her breasts and her panties pinched her ass in response. "I take that as a no. You better be inconspicuous then," she giggled. "I do need a shower though, but I guess I'm running late now huh?"

"Don't worry about that," Alexis said as the necklace glowed and Vanessa's body sparkled for a split second. Suddenly she felt clean and the smell of sweat was gone. She looked in the mirror and her long brown hair began to move as it braided itself into a pony tail. Her face glowed as red lipstick appeared on her lips along with black eyeliner around her eyes. Her black, skull tee-shirt floated back down and forced itself upon her. The fabric extended and stretched to accommodate her larger breasts. Her jeans filled back out like the evening before and walked toward her. The button and zipper undid themselves while Vanessa began float and rotate in the air until her jeans slid up her legs. They fastened themselves around her waist and then her socks floated up from the floor and rolled up her feet. Tennis shoes then walked out of her closet unlacing themselves as she descended back down to the floor landing gently back into her shoes as they laced themselves back up.

"How's that for getting ready in a pinch?" Alexis giggled.

"Awesome!! Where have you been every other morning I needed you?" Vanessa laughed.

She walked out into the kitchen where her mom and older brother Jamison sat eating breakfast.

"Wow honey, I was beginning to wonder if you woke up this morning. How'd you get ready so quietly?" Her mom raised an eyebrow.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just that good." Vanessa smirked. She looked over at Jameson who was staring intently into his bowl of eggs.

"What's wrong with you? Not sleeping well?" She asked

"I don't want to talk about it." Jameson got up and stormed out the front door.

"Jameson caught Elaina cheating on him last night. The little whore was in bed with his best friend James." Her mom stated with a snarky tone.

"That bitch!!!!! Someone needs to teach them both a lesson." Vanessa started toward the door.

"Vanessa, don't do anything stupid." Her mom scolded.

"Don't worry, I won't do anything.....illegal that is," she remarked as she walked out the house.

As she walked toward her white Honda Civic she heard her devious friend's voice from her necklace. "I don't mind helping you get revenge you know. If you don't mind me having a little fun with the cheating bitch," Alexis giggled.

"I was kind of counting on it love. Let's go have some fun."