Alexis the Dark Fairy

Alexis the Dark Fairy 4

After getting into her car Alexis changed back to her normal self and began flying around inside the car.

“What are you doing?” Vanessa asked.

“I’ve never actually been inside a car before. We fairies had always relied on magic and flying. What makes it work?” Alexis was buzzing around so fast Vanessa could hardly keep up with her. Vanessa let out a soft giggle.

“I’m not a mechanic so could not tell you exactly but to put it simply it runs off of gasoline, which is a flammable substance that the engine runs off of.” Vanessa replied.

“I have to admit, I haven’t been entirely honest with you. I was excommunicated from my fairy clan due to my curiosity in human technology.” Alexis stated while she was eyeballing the stereo in the car.

“Why would they care about your interest in our technology?” Vanessa asked.

“Well, we dark fairies are known for being mischief makers amongst humans. Sometimes we steal shiny objects, hide things, make humans trip; you get the picture teehee. While causing someone’s misfortune we are not supposed to be seen by humans at all or leave anything behind that could hint that our kind exists.” Alexis turned red.

“And, you were caught?” Vanessa asked.

“Sort of. It was my first time on the human plane and it was my initiation as you might call it. While in this girl’s house I forgot the most basic rule, and that was to change my appearance. I probably would have been fine since she was sound asleep but I began to explore and tinker with things I have never seen before. I was admiring the TV she had left on. I thought it was a magic mirror of some sort and tried to fly through it. I knocked it off its stand and before I knew what happened she was starring straight at me. I was caught and needed to make my escape and as you already know teehee, I’m a little bit of a pervert and might have, kinda sorta, brought a dildo to life to distract her while I made my exit.”

Vanessa’s eyes widened. “How is that a banishing offense? I mean, surely one of your kind could have come back and erased her memory right?”

“Well, as the enchanted dildo and the girl had their fun, it kind of turned me on. She might have caught me masturbating in the back of the room. Our leader was able to erase her memory but still thought I was a danger to our people. Fairies can’t die easily so we don’t have a death penalty. Banishment is all they could really punish me with.” Alexis giggled.

“Haha wow, I guess that’s a relief in a way. So, since you’ve been banished it doesn’t matter if you reveal yourself to humans, right? Vanessa inquired.

“True, to a point. I mean I won’t get in any trouble with my kind or anything but I’m not a fan of most humans and prefer my existence to be our little secret teehee. I’ve been watching you for some time and the reason I like you is that you have a natural respect for nature around you. You respect all living creatures and don’t misuse the earth’s resources. Your fantasies for magic intrigue me, and you’re a little hottie to boot. “Alexis giggled and blushed.

“Sooo, I didn’t really save you from those boys?” Vanessa looked sheepishly at her fairy friend.

“I may have sort of orchestrated your rescuing me a little bit, but you didn’t disappoint.” Alexis kissed Vanessa’s ear.

Vanessa pulled the car into the parking lot of her high school.

“Soooo, my little sexy vixen is this where we’ll find your brother’s cheating little slut?” Alexis giggled.

“Elaina will be here but unless we are able to catch her and James alone I prefer not to strike at the school. I don’t want any witnesses.” Vanessa demanded.

“Awwww, can I at least cause a little bit of mischief?” Alexis said in a pouty voice as she kissed the nape of Vanessa’s neck.

“As long as you don’t get caught I guess.” Vanessa laughed.

Alexis smiled sarcastically and gazed at Vanessa. “Honey, no one will even know I’m here. There may be events no can explain teehee, but nothing to prove that I did it”. Alexis blushed and kissed Vanessa’s neck again.

“I’ll meet you back here after your school is over I promise.” Alexis flew from the car into the school out of Vanessa’s sight.

“Well, this ought to be a fun day.” Vanessa chuckled.

Alexis changed into her firefly form and flew into the school unnoticed.

“Let’s see ... where can I make some mischief?” She thought to herself. The hallways were full of high school students heading to their classes, lockers, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary until she spotted an 18 year old petite cheerleader with platinum blonde hair, possibly C-cup breast, and a gait with an attitude. She did the typical cute waive and smile at the jocks while turning her nose to the “not so popular” girls as she walked by. She suddenly stopped and slammed a locker shut on brunette girl with glasses, causing her to spill her drink all over the front of her shirt.

“Oh ... my ... god, what is this I hear about you going with Steven to the dance on Friday? That simply must be a mistake”. The blond taunted

The brunette looked down at her wet shirt and then slowly looked up at her assailant.

“I’m sure Steven is just taking you to humiliate you. There is no way he could possibly be interested in a little skank like you”. The blond smirked

“Shut the fuck up Tasha. Everyone knows you’re the village bicycle. Steven is going with me because he doesn’t want his dick to fall off inside that used up snatch of yours.” The brunette smirked back at Tasha while Tasha’s balled up her fist by her side. Tasha spit in her face and stormed down the hallway.

“Well, well looks like I have my subject of fun teehee. I think someone needs an attitude adjustment”. Alexis said as she followed Tasha to her first class. Tasha sat down at her desk toward the back of the classroom next to a boy in a letterman jacket.

“Hi Steven.” Tasha said while seductively biting her lip.

“Uhhhhh hi”, he said.

“I heard through the grapevine that you are taking Sonya to the dance this Friday. I was hoping you would ask me. I’m soooooo disappointed Steven.” Tasha bent down within an inch of Steven’s face, giving him a good look of her cleavage down her cheerleading top while resting her hand on his thigh.

“Uhhhh sorry, what are you...”, Steven was cut off as she licked the tip of his nose and noticed the growing bulge in his pants.

“Ooopsie, did I do that?”, she giggled. “Maybe I’ll see you Friday night. I could help you with that little problem you have there”. Tasha pranced to another desk while Steven stared down this bimbo dumbfounded.

“What a bitch. I gotta help poor little Sonya out teehee.” Alexis flew over and landed under Tasha’s desk unnoticed.


“Okay class open your biology books to page 322”, the teacher said looking down from his glasses. He looked to be in his mid 40s and had a tall/slender build. Everyone in the class proceeded to slam their books on their desks as the lecture began.

“Sigh. Fuck this shit; is it time to go home yet?” Tasha muttered under her breath. Alexis flew up Tasha’s skirt and began zapping her cheerleading outfit with magic starting with her panties.

“That ought to do it”, Alexis giggled and flew to the ceiling to watch the show.

Tasha sighed once again as the teacher lectured when all of a sudden she felt a finger goose her ass.

“What the hell?!!!!!” She quickly stood up and slapped the boy behind her.

“What?!!!” The boy protested.

The teacher spun around and glared at Tasha and the boy.

“Tasha, do you care to explain why you’re disrupting my class?” The teacher scolded.

“This pervert just grabbed my ass that’s what!!!!” Tasha stared down the red faced boy.

“Mr. Thompson I swear to god I didn’t touch her!!” The boy responded.

“You fucking liar!!!” Tasha screamed

She rolled her eyes and sat back down as Mr. Thompson glared at her and the boy.  The boy shrugged his shoulders and sat down as well.  As Mr. Thompson slowly turned back around to teach something happened that this time, she could not explain.  She began to feel feather light touches across her nipples as if fingers were barely rubbing up against them.  She gasped and looked down as her nipples slowly became erect, but there was nothing there.  She tried to ignore it but after several minutes the cups of her bra began contracting around her breasts, as if caressing them.  She slowly looked back down and saw movement underneath her top.

“What the fuuuuuuuu…….”is all that came out before Tasha felt a finger tracing her entrance down below.

Mr. Thompson turned around to scold Tasha again, but was caught off guard as he saw her death grip the desk with a look of astonishment in her eyes.  Everyone in class began to stare as a slight moan escaped her lips.  She began to chuckle as her shirt fluttered around her navel, tickling her stomach.

“Are…..are you going to be okay miss Tasha”, Mr. Thompson inquired as Tasha struggled to respond.

“I’m f-i-i-i-i-i-ne”, she groaned as her cheerleading skirt began massaging her inner thighs.  She began to soak her now living panties as they began to mold themselves around her vulva and clit, massaging her vagina with expert precision.

“Ho, ho, hooooly shit!” She yelled as her head tilted back.  She didn’t know how it was happening but was too caught up in the moment to care.  She began rotating her hips and hyperventilating as the pressure of her pending orgasm built up inside her.

“Time to take this up a notch”, Alexis giggled as she flew back up her dress unnoticed still in her firefly form.  She pointed at the living panties and gave them another magical jolt before flying back to the ceiling to observe.

Tasha yelped as the inside of her panties suddenly felt like a mouth, and a tongue filled her cavity much deeper than any of her previous lovers ever could.  The tongue swirled inside of her as the mouth suckled her clit.

“OH FUCK YEAH”, Tasha screamed with a look of pure lust in her eyes.  She bucked herself backwards, flipping herself out of her desk as she came harder than she ever had before.  Her bra gripped her breast more forcefully and the tongue inside her moved more and more rapidly as her pussy began to spasm.  Everyone stood up and stared with jaws dropped as she soaked the floor underneath her.

“Okay now, fun’s over.  At least for you teehee.”  Alexis giggled when suddenly, Tasha’s skirt sailed down to her feet. Her stockings coaxed her feet above the floor, allowing her skirt to escape her legs.  Caught up in the moment, Tasha doesn’t notice at first.  That is until her cheerleading top unzipped in the back.

“Huh?”  Tasha slowly opened her eyes as her top turned inside out and covered her head.  As she began to come to her senses, she tried to pull her top down, but it forced itself over her head and slid off her arms, leaving her in only her stockings, shoes, and underwear.   Mr. Thompson dropped his dry erase marker as he and the rest of the class watched in awe.  The skirt and the top floated in mid-air in front of her, filled to her shape.

Tasha attempted to cover herself with one arm while grabbing at her top with the other, but it escaped her grip.

 “What the ... What the fuck is going on?!!!!” Tasha began to tremble on the floor when her shoes flew off her feet.   The tongue retreated from her pussy and the panties took this opportunity to slide off her hips.  

“What the…..HEY!!!!” Tasha screamed as her knee-high socks pulled her legs back together, allowing her panties to slide off her feet with ease.  Her bra thin unclasped and flew off her chest, leaving her on full display in front of her class.  Her living clothes then flew to the other side of the classroom completely out of her reach.

Horrified at being nude in front of her class she shot up and ran for the door, but fell back down, face first as her socks forced themselves off her feet.  She looked behind her to find her socks filled to her shape.

“THIS IS FUCKED UP!!”  Tasha screamed as she ran out the door.

“Well I guess my work here is done. Serves you right little whore,” Alexis giggles. She zapped the living clothes and reversed her magic, leaving them inanimate on the floor.

“Guess I should find Vanessa. Something tells me this school day won’t last too long teehee.” Alexis made her exit from the classroom and giddily looked for her human lover.