Dr. Haze

Dr. Haze - 1

Jeremy Stone headed up the stairs to the administration building. He was in a good mood, as well he should be. Star quarterback on the Calhoun College football team, he was tall and blonde, with straight windblown hair and a face that while essentially boyish was set off by a strong jaw and hard angular cheekbones. Beneath his tight jeans and varsity jacket, his body was solid muscle, perfectly proportioned, like a Greek statue. The only thing out of proportion was his cock, ten inches when armed and ready. This was good for besides sports the only thing that really interested him was sex. Through judicious lying and driving from one end of the state to the other, Jeremy had not one but three full time girl friends plus whatever he could snag off his frat brothers.

Today though, he had even more reason to be happy. As always life had gotten him out of a scrape. Intellectually challenged by THUNDERCATS re-runs (what’s with that Mum-ra guy anyway?), Jeremy had never been academically inclined and Coach Mancuso had worked hard to see to that Jeremy and the rest of his boys never came anywhere near an actual college course. Alas, Dr. Washington, the new academic dean, had decided the Calhoun should be known for something other than its football team and had hired a host of new professors and with them a revamped set of academic standards. Jeremy’s remedial science class, which was supposed to be PHYSICS FOR DUMMIES was taken over by Dr. Clarice Haze who promptly failed him when she realized that his final exam was written in somebody else’s handwriting. Jeremy had panicked. Unable to understand how paper airplanes worked, he was hopelessly mystified by even the most basic physics. He couldn’t take the exam again. But if he failed the course then he couldn’t play football. He turned to the only person he could, Coach Mancuso.

Coach Mancuso terrified him. Thick and gruff and always dressed in grey sweats, Coach never called him any thing but sissy girl and constantly told him that he wasn’t playing hard enough. But this time he was reassuring. Don’t worry about Dean Washington, he maybe in charge of academics but he wasn’t president of the college and the president of the college was himself a former lineman who knew that there was nothing more important that a winning football team. As for Dr. Haze, forget about her.

And so it was that he entered President McSweeny’s office almost grimacing in his efforts not to smile. Not since he had bagged two Spanish chicks at once had life gone so good. Officially he was supposed to be there to discuss his academic failure with Dr. Haze, Coach Mancuso and Dr. McSweeny. In reality Dr. Haze would be coming to announce that she would be giving Jeremy a passing grade for the good of the college.

It was a bright, early Spring day, with just the slightest chill in the air, the sunlight streaming down bright and clear. And yet when he stepped into the office, he found the curtains drawn tight.

“Good afternoon, Jeremy,” Dr. Haze said in her dry transatlantic accent. She stood behind McSweeny’s desk looking up at the painting that hung over it, a bunch of Roman guys in bed sheets. She didn’t look like a bio-physicist or whatever she was. On the good side of forty, she had a refined, well chiseled face with a strong aristocratic profile and long waves of ash blonde hair. She was kind of tall too, with long, lean legs and a nice fleshy ass. But her crowning glory was her tits which even in the most conservative outfits seemed ready to burst forth from the cloth that barely contained them. But Dr. Haze always dressed a tad flashily. Even today with her head about to be handed to her, she was dressed in a short suede skirt and long stylish leather boots, a white duster thrown over a blouse so tight he could almost see her abdominal muscles through it. Top it off with a white wide brimmed hat, cocked jauntily on her head. Oh and her glasses, set on her pert little nose. The one thing you’d expect a biophysicist/whatever to wear.

“Where’s the Coach and Dr. McSweeny?” Jeremy asked.

“They won’t be here for another hour,” Dr. Haze said glancing at her watch, “You see, I was the one who told you to come at this time.”

“What?” Jeremy gasped. This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. Coach had arranged this and with Coach, everything happened according to plan.

“You see Jeremy, things have actually turned out better than you can imagine. You have not merely been giving a passing grade but Coach Mancuso and Dr. McSweeny are to tell you that I have been fired.”

“Then why are you here?” Jeremy was feeling very uneasy. Something about Dr. Haze was scaring him and girls, even forty year old doctor girls, weren’t supposed to scare him, they were supposed to give him a hard on. “To tell me what a prick I am?”

“No, to show you something.”


“An experiment I’ve been conducting.”

“Some test tubes changing colors I suppose.”

Dr. Haze grinned prettily, “No, something a tad more exciting I think.”

“So what is it?” He had no patience with chicks who thought they had brains.

“Just watch. I ran the process on myself this morning. If my calculations are right, it should be taking effect about now.”

Jeremy was about to say something but Dr. Haze simply smiled and folded her arms in front of that heroic bust of hers. He shook his head. Wait a minute. Dr. Haze’s face, normally very pale was starting to turn colors bright red and blue. He glanced up at her. A whole network of veins had begun to emerge from beneath her skin. Her hair seemed to have turned dead white.

She grinned, her teeth looked like glass, “What’s the matter Jeremy?”

Jeremy was speechless. It looked as though he could see the blood flowing through some of the bigger veins in her neck. Her hair was like smoke. He looked up at her face and her skin was gone, glass veins hovered and pulsed over a skull that looked as though it were made of crystal.

“Oh shit!”

The skull drew itself back as if suppressing a laugh and then seemed to disappear. One by one the glass veins seemed to retreat, the bright red and blue blood flowing down past the collar of her still visible blouse where the swell of her breasts still pushed against the buttons.

Jeremy looked up and almost fainted. Dr. Haze’s glasses hung in mid air beneath her stylish hat, which he could see up into. Beneath them he could see inside the collar of her silk blouse, right down to the tag in the back. Her clothes were all filled out, rising and falling with her breath. Jeremy staggered back, shaking out of control. The glasses and the hat seemed to pivot in his direction. Slowly, the empty sleeves of the duster drew themselves up towards the equally empty collar.

“As I can see from your reactions, Jeremy and a click glance at my hands, the experiment appears, if that’s the word, to be a success,” Dr. Haze said, her voice seeming to come from somewhere above her empty collar, “And now you will excuse me while I make myself more comfortable.” At that the left arm of her white duster reached up and seemed to guide her hat as it seemed to lift off from and fly down to the desk. Then it reached back up and her glasses slid down and followed the empty sleeve down to the desk.

Jeremy fell back against the wall. “What are you doing?” he blurted out.

The headless figure paused and turned towards him. “What do you think?” Dr. Haze replied, “I can hardly go about like this,” the empty sleeves reached up and tugged at the lapels of her duster. “But don’t worry Jeremy, it’s not as though you’ll see anything.” At that the sleeves pulled back on the lapels and the duster slid off the shoulders of the blouse and on to the floor. Jeremy shuddered as Dr. Haze’s empty clothes walked right up to him, thin air flashing between her boots and the hem of her skirt. They stopped right in front of him and he felt her breath on his face. He glanced up at her empty collar and he heard a light teasing laugh. Without a word the empty sleeves went up to the top of her blouse and one by one the buttons popped open as the sleeves traveled down the front, a bright blue satin bra pushing out from under the white silk as he heard Dr. Haze gave a sigh. With the last button undone, the sleeves reached up and the blouse drew itself back from across unseen arms and shoulders before balling itself up behind the brown suede skirt and falling to the floor. Jeremy gasped. The blight blue bra hung empty in front of him, and he could feel the heat of her skin. Empty as it was the bra was spectacular, hanging a good three inches past the waist of the empty skirt, nipples visible through the fabric. He glanced down only to see down her skirt to the inside of her panties, fabric taut around her ass and mound. Suddenly the bra tightened and the nipples went away, the back straps swung open and the bra seemed to collapse forward, sliding down towards him before falling to the floor limp. Then the skirt gave a tug and rippled down the curve of her hip as buttons all came undone of their own accord. The skirt fell open and hit the floor.

Jeremy couldn’t believe his eyes. A pair of blue satin panties, fitting tightly over her unseen mound hovered over a pair of fashionable high heel boots, tied at each hip with a bright blue bow. The boots and panties turned and walked over to a couch by the window. Here they turned and the boots slid out as the panties sat down, the couch sinking beneath them. A boot lifted off the ground and its zipper slid open. The boot slid forward and fell to the floor with an audible thud. Then the other boot lifted up, came unzipped slid forward and hit the floor. On the couch the panties seemed to lean back a bit. The bow on the right hip pulled outward and came undone. Then the other bow pulled itself loose. The panties fell open like a pair of diapers across the seat of the couch which slowly rose back up. From somewhere near the couch, Dr. Haze let out a long, satisfied sigh.

“So Jeremy, how do I look?” she asked, her voice breathy. Normally Jeremy would have found that encouraging but now he panicked. He ran strait for the door. The knob turned and locked itself.

“You know, divesting myself of my garments has had a very interesting effect,” Dr. Haze said from somewhere in front of him, “I may look like nothing at all but I suddenly feel very sensual. Previously I was just going to give you a good scare, but now…”

Jeremy felt hot breath blow in his face and felt her breasts swell against his chest. A hand took his and guided him down, brushing past some sweaty skin to dip his fingers into the folds of something hot and wet.

“OH SHIT!!” he shouted as he jumped back and broke free. Dr. Haze merely laughed and no sooner had he staggered back from the door then he felt her arms come around him and her teeth gently nibble on his ear. He tried to push her away violently but pushed into thin air and began to fall forward. He felt her grab him from behind and start to pull off his varsity jacket. From here on Dr. Haze seemed to come at him from all angles, hands pulling at his clothes and reaching into his trousers while lips skimmed teasingly along his skin. While his mind struggled to find away to escape her (if only Coach was here!) his body became increasingly aware of the voluptuous female body it was struggling against and began to welcome it as his varsity jacket was pulled off and his shirt pulled open, teeth gently catching his nipples. By the time he felt his pants come unzipped and a pair of fingers take his cock out and gently trace their way along its tip, he was hard as a rock and could feel every whisk of skin.

“Oh, very good Jeremy,” Dr. Haze moaned.

Suddenly he felt a pair of lips close over his penis and Jeremy lost all resistance. He closed his eyes and leaned back, oblivious to the hands that reached up and pulled his pants down to the ankles. Then he felt the lips go away. For a moment he felt abandoned. Then he felt hands reach behind him and slide his shirt off, leaving him naked.

“Come over here,” Dr. Haze commanded as he felt her push him towards the couch, “Lie down.”

Jeremy did, his skin sticking to the dark leather. He felt the couch shift and he was suddenly aware of a great weight poised over him, a hot wetness buried itself in his face. Struggling to catch his breath, Jeremy’s tongue escaped from his lips and traced the length of Dr. Haze’s cunt. Before long instinct took over. He could not see anything but the ceiling over his head but he knew where he was from experience. He began to eat her out in earnest, tongue slipping in and out of her folds, teeth gently catching her clit.

“Oh very good Jeremy, very good!” Dr. Haze purred. He felt her mound slide a ways and suddenly her lips were again around his penis, sucking him with a delightful hardness. Jeremy felt himself coming to a climax. He began to spasm.

Her lips went away again. A pair of fingers gently pinched the base of his penis, stopping the flow of sperm.

“Not yet,” Dr. Haze said. The couch shifted and he felt her damp heat leave his face. Then the couch shifted again. Two deep round indentations formed in the leather on either side of his loins. He felt a hand grip his cock and damp hair press against its very tip.

“Don’t hold back Jeremy. I’m on the pill,” Dr. Haze said.

Jeremy braced himself. Dr. Haze’s unseen weight pressed down on him before her fingers moved his cock and guided him into the folds of her cunt. As he slit up into her he felt himself getting harder, the cum literally boiling hot inside of him. He looked up. He not only felt but saw his cock bump against the end of her vagina after a particularly deep squat by Dr. Haze. He couldn’t believe it. He could feel Dr. Haze, hot and wet, all around him, his cock deep in her cunt, her breath in his face, her hair brushing against his chest. Yet all he could see was his dick standing at attention, the remains of his circumcised hood moving up and down with her thrusts.

Dr. Haze began to moan. He suddenly felt soft skin brush his face and an erect nipple push past his lips. At once he began to suck like a little child wondering if she would give clear tasty milk. Atop him, Dr. Haze’s thrusting became more intense, she began to let out fierce little grunts as she began to ride him faster and faster. This in turn set him off and he finally began to let go, throwing his head back and crying out as he seemed to shoot load after load into the air.

Dr. Haze let out an extremely satisfied sigh.

Jeremy looked up with amazement. As he felt his cock slowly deflate and slip out of her, he could see a little cloud of cum swirling just over his loins. A pair of lips gently pressed against his own, a tongue briefly darting out and entwining with his. “That was very satisfying,” Dr. Haze said, “You are forgiven Jeremy. May I give you a bit of advice?”

He tried to look at her but couldn’t of course.

“You have no intellect and as a football player you are mediocre at best. Calhoun College is spectacular in its mediocrity. However, you are physically beautiful and an outstanding sexual animal. You should devote your life to pleasing women. Particularly powerful women who need pleasure.”

There was a second kiss, a peck this time. The couch shifted and he felt her climb off him. The little cloud of cum disappeared as it floated away from him. “Goodbye Jeremy. Be sure to put your clothes back on before Dr. McSweeny and Coach Mancuso arrive. As for me of course…” at this her duster flew up off the floor and fell across the desk. Dr. Haze laughed, light and teasing. A moment later he heard the door unlock itself. Jeremy sat up on the couch and watched as the door opened and then closed.


Midnight that evening, Coach Mancuso’s prize corvette sat in front of Dr. McSweeny’s beach house. Inside the house was empty but food had been eaten and a bottle of the doctor’s most expensive wine had been consumed. In the master bedroom the sheets on the four poster bed were sunk down, the wrinkles of the sheets vaguely outlining the curves of a tall and voluptuous woman. Doctor Haze lay halfway between wakefulness and sleep, luxuriating in the power of her invisible body, honed over many hours at the gym. She did not mourn the loss of her reflection. She knew every muscle, every sinew of her body from the curve of her cheeks to the muscles of her arms intimately by touch and knew that if she were ever to become visible again, indecent exposure would be the last crime they could accuse her of. Indeed her mind raced at the thought of what she could now do. Perhaps, in time, she would take over the world. But her thoughts kept on going back to Jeremy and the intensity of her encounter with him this afternoon. He was not a likely object of her affections. He had no brains or morals and his achievements on the playing field were to her a matter of indifference. But he had excited her sexually and she found herself particularly interested in that side of him. Perhaps she should make contact with him and run some tests, highly enjoyable tests, to see how consistent he was in satisfying her. Somehow, she suspected that she would see a lot more of Jeremy even if he had seen the last of her.