Dr. Haze

Dr. Haze - 2

Danny Rios didn’t know what to make of Dr. Clarice Haze. The very fact that she called herself a doctor for one thing. Nobody in his line of work, as far as he knew, ever finished High School or at least graduated. But there she was, seated in the passenger seat of his car. He couldn’t help but look at her even at the risk of not watching the road. Part of it was that he was just out of prison. Danny was a career criminal; ever since he had learned that you could take things by beating other kids up and get girls by giving them drugs. Part of it too was that Dr. Haze was one smokin’ mama. She was older all right, in her forties, he guessed. She had a long chiseled nose, upon which rested a pair of designer shades and high cheekbones, her black hair thick and lush. Her complexion was a bit too slick, too made up for him, but her rack. What a pair of tits! And they were natural too, and long legs, sheathed in black stockings. Still she talked like a doctor, very cool, and dressed like one, beige skirt, blouse, jacket. But what was with those little black gloves? And why was she wearing shades at night?

Danny planned to find out. His own body was lean and hard, all sharp angles. His cock was of average length but when he got hard he was rock hard and he was like a volcano. His last girlfriend had said that and his other girlfriend had agreed. His face was also lean and hard, clean shaven, his hair short and black. He was eager to get his clothes off and Dr. Haze’s. He needed a good fuck, not just a hooker.

He pulled over into a clearing. “So what are you looking for, Doc?” he asked.

“I hear you have connections,” Dr. Haze replied, “With the Russians.”

He nodded, “What for?”

“There are certain substances, chemicals, and certain machines that I want. I cannot explain, at least not here, but I have undergone a sort of transformation. I live life at a different level than other people and I wish to attain still higher levels.”

“Sound’s cryptic to me.”

“It’s not.”

A bright light shot through the car, first from behind, then from the front. Through the glare, he saw the police lights switching on and men and women darting out of heavy sedans just beyond the clearing. The fuckers! They’d been tracking him ever since he got out!

Suddenly he heard a soft tearing sound from behind him. He glanced over to see Dr. Haze’s gloved hands slide off her wig of black hair while tearing off her face which turned out to be a latex mask. Behind them was absolutely nothing! Just thin air! Danny found himself staring into an empty collar.

The headless figure leaned towards him as it wrestled off the jacket, leaving it crumpled down on the seat. Danny pressed himself up against the door utterly stunned. Dr. Haze’s face and hair lay discarded on the floor of the car. The gloved hands went up to the blouse and began to rapidly undo the buttons, the blouse parting to reveal a little more empty shirt. Suddenly the blouse parted and a large empty bra thrust forward, its empty cups limning what would have been almost perfect tits. The gloves went up and slid the shirt back off the shoulders, arms and shoulders falling away as it crumpled up against the back of the seat. The bra and gloves hovered over the empty skirt. Carefully, almost daintily, one glove pulled the other one loose and then tossed it away then it was pulled loose and dropped to the floor. The bra suddenly gave a jerk, its back flying open, the straps slid down and the cups seemed to lose shape as it slid down a ways before dropping to the floor.

Police with drawn guns were approaching the car shouting warnings. A detective was calling Danny by name and calling him names. Soft mocking laughter filled the car. The skirt, still seated beside him, rippled as the buttons that ran a long its side came undone and then folded open across the seat, revealing nothing but the beginnings of the long black stockings. Then, with a laugh, one stocking drew floated up at a saucy angle and began to roll itself up, disappearing inch by inch. As the leg vanished past the ankle, something knocked the shoe off the foot and foot lost all shape as the stocking slid off of it. Then the stocking, all rolled up in a ball, dropped to the floor, bouncing off the latex mask.

There was a tap on his window. A uniformed cop was shining a light in his face. Danny glanced over to the passenger seat. Half a stocking leg kicked off Dr. Haze’s remaining shoe and continued to roll itself up.

“Roll down the window asshole!” the cop shouted. Danny did.

The car shook. Danny looked over and saw the passenger seat shake and lean back slightly as Dr. Haze’s skirt slid to the floor. The bitch was all gone now.

Inspector Tamaya opened the passenger side door and leaned in, shining a light onto the now apparently empty seat. “What the fuck is this?” he asked picking up Dr. Haze’s blouse. He shined a light in the back seat, then at Danny, “Really got into the jailhouse sex, eh Danny?”

“Fuck you.”

“Apparently your heart’s desire.”

Danny was pulled out of the car, cuffed and thrown up against the hood. It soon became obvious what they wanted. The same thing as the recently dissolved Dr. Haze-his Russian contacts. They already had a drug beef on him, damn his partying ways. They also wanted to know where the chick he had been riding with went. There was no point to telling them. Who would believe him?

The brought him down to where they had parked their cars and stood him up against a tree. A uniformed cop stood over him. “Back to you soon,” Tamaya said as he walked to his car.

Suddenly Danny felt something warm and soft brush up against his arm. He felt what he thought was an erect nipple through the fabric of his shirt. A pair of lips brushed against his cheek. “Don’t speak,” Dr. Haze whispered. He glanced over. He was alone save for the cop who looked away bored. “Do you want to get out of here?” Dr. Haze asked from somewhere beside him.

He started to speak but then gave a quick nod.

“Then give me a few minutes. You’ll be free soon enough.” He felt a second peck on his cheek. What the fuck was going on?

After what seemed an eternity, a policewoman, tall and leggy with tits barely contained by her uniform shirt came striding over and grabbed him by the arm. “Come on!” she shouted, “We’re taking him in!” The other officer turned towards her but she waved him back. “No, no. I’ve got him.” The cop looked at her and shrugged. The policewoman pushed him forward and he felt his ass get pinched. “My you are cute Danny.” It was then that he noticed that the police woman was wearing designer shades and little black gloves.

She pushed him into the back of an unmarked car and took off. As he sat himself up he realized that he was not in a police car.

“Whose car is this?” he asked.

“I stole it.”

After an hour, the car turned off the highway and went down a dirt track till it reached a small creek. The car braked and Dr. Haze shut the engine off. “Mind if I make myself more comfortable?” she asked taking off the shades. The eyes were black holes, “I feel so much safer when I’m not wearing clothes.”

“Mind if you get my cuffs off?”

“Ooh! Not scared. I like that.” She pulled off the police cap and with it the back of her head. Then she peeled away her face mask.

“What the fuck are you?” Danny asked as the now handless cuffs of the uniform began undoing the buttons in the front.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Dr. Haze asked as the shirt began to wrestle itself off, “I’m invisible.”

“Neat trick.”

“Took me ten years of my life to perfect.”

“Is it permanent?”

“Yes. Unless I choose to reverse the process.”

“But you won’t.”

The shirt flew over the front seat and hit him in the face. It smelled of perfume and sweat. “Why should I?” she laughed.

The door lock popped open. The driver’s side door flew open and the uniform slacks got out, the gun belt still strapped around them. They walked over to the door nearest him and the door flew open the slacks stepping back to give him room. He slid out, lost his balance and landed on the ground on his knees. The dark blue slacks paced in front of him, letting him see the curve of her hips and the swell of her ass. Then they stopped and the belt popped open and hit the ground. The slacks seemed to lean forward giving him a perfect view as the button popped free and the zipper slid down. The open pants slowly snaked to the ground. With one then two soft thuds the shoes were kicked off and that was it.

“I am your invisible goddess, Danny,” Dr. Haze declared from somewhere in front of him, “Serve me and you will be rewarded.”

“And how do I do that?”

“Do as I say and bring me pleasure. Surely that can’t be too hard.”

“Well, with these cuffs on…”

Soft laughter came from nearby, “Oh yes. I think not being able to see me is enough.” The pants gave a quick jerk and a set of keys floated up from the discarded uniform. Danny heard soft footsteps and felt a pair of legs brush against his back. First one wrist was loosened, then another and the cuffs were pulled away. “There,” Dr. Haze said. Danny stood up and flexed his arms.

Danny felt a set of fingers slip into his pants. He looked down to see to see his belt coming unbuckled. “And now I’d like to seal our arrangement with something a bit more intimate than a handshake,” Dr Haze said as he heard the dirt shift in front of him. “I’ve been watching you Danny, alone in your hotel room, pleasuring yourself. You’re the kind of man I like, hard and rough.” His zipper slid down and fingers slid into his briefs. His cock, already rising became ramrod straight. “I am still a woman and even if you cannot see me I am sure I can excite your other four senses.” At this a pair of soft lips closed themselves around the head of his penis, a tongue flicking it. Danny gave a hard jerk and grinned. “Very good,” Dr. Haze purred. The lips closed over his dick again and began sucking in earnest while a pair of hands reached up and pulled his pants down to his ankles. Danny kicked off his shoes and stepped out of them and then pulled off his shirt. He was now as naked as he guessed Dr. Haze was.

Suddenly the lips left his cock and a pair of hands gripped his shoulders, pushing him down. He was surprised by the force in those hands. Dr. Haze was strong. He went into a kneeling position and felt something brush up against his nose, soft kinky hairs. Of course. Nervously, ever so carefully, he brought his hands up his eyes seeing nothing in front of him but the empty clearing. “Here, let me guide you,” Dr. Haze whispered as she grasped his wrists and his fingers brushed the wet folds of her pussy. His fingers parted her lips and he closed his eyes, letting instinct take over as he drew his head up and felt around with his tongue for her clit. He soon zeroed in on it and the soft moans coming from above told him he was doing well. As he ate her out, he reached up with his hands and felt her body. Dr. Haze was an Amazon all right, strong and tall with powerful legs and arms. It was a pity she was invisible.

Danny felt a sudden urge, to take charge if only for a moment. He grabbed hold of her hips and lifted her off the ground, Dr. Haze screaming and wrapping her legs around him for balance as he drew himself up onto his feet. Holding her unseen form aloft, he ran over to the car and slammed her ass onto the hood. Then, keeping a grip on her side, he grabbed his dick and pressed it in where her legs seemed to end. For a minute his dick bent upwards, pressing against slick, sweaty skin. But then-bingo-he slid right in and thrust deep.

“How do you like that?” he said.

“Oh very good,” Dr. Haze said breathlessly, “Do it harder.”

“Okay,” Danny said as he thrust in even deeper. Dr. Haze let out a soft moan. He had been hoping to scare Dr. Haze, to shock her with his force and violence. But instead the deeper he pushed into her, the more delighted her moans sounded and the more she said things like “Very good, Danny.” Before long the feel of her, moist and tight around him and that soft moaning began to get to him and he began to lose control. As he did, as he began to lose his sense of rhythm, he began to feel Dr. Haze buck and thrash beneath him, the hood visibly banging as she grew more violent. He felt her hair in his face and her lips brush against his own. A set of finger nails raked down his shoulders. Her legs pressed around him tighter. Finally he couldn’t take it any more. Gritting his teeth, he closed his eyes and exploded into her and for several minutes all he felt was himself pumping away, spilling jism into her.

He fell back sliding out of her and landed in the dirt. He looked up. He could see his cum, swirling just over the hood, outlining the inside of her pussy as it slowly faded away into wisps. But what was even more amazing was the way the hood continued to bang and shake, Dr. Haze letting out cries and shouts as the whole car began to shake. Suddenly she let out a piecing cry and a crack formed in the windshield. Danny began to notice an odor of sweat and musk from just over the hood. For several minutes the only sound was Dr. Haze’s ragged breath.

“Very good Danny,” Dr. Haze said, “But you will have to learn to keep up with me next time. You can do this again and be less trigger happy?” The car shifted and Danny thought he heard leaves crunch beneath bare feet. A pair of hands slipped under his arms and helped him up onto his feet. A pair of lips pressed against his own and a tongue briefly entwined with his.

“Come on,” Dr. Haze said her breath in his face. He felt an arm slap itself across his shoulder and guide him forward.


“I have a safe house just beyond those trees.” He tried to go back to get his pants but the arm caught him and kept him from turning. “Don’t worry about your clothes. You won’t be needing them.”

The house turned out to be an ordinary two story affair modestly furnished save for the bedroom which had a large canopied bed. Dr. Haze provided him with a quick meal before ushering up into that bedroom and pushing him down onto the bed. He wound up fucking her three more times and by the time he guessed she had dropped off he himself was too exhausted to even think about escaping.

The next thing he remembered he was stretched out across a metal table in a brightly lit room, leather straps tightening themselves around his wrists and ankles. Panicking, he struggled only to find that he was tied fast to the table. “Relax,” Dr. Haze whispered from somewhere beside him, “This is all for your benefit.” A syringe floated up from a nearby table and injected a clear fluid into the base of his penis. “This is for your stamina,” Dr. Haze explained, “I am a very sexual person, Danny, I need a man who can keep up with me. There hormones will make your arousals more intense and longer lasting. They will also tie them to my pheromes. When I become aroused so will you.”

A second syringe floated up, this one filled with a light green fluid. “And this I stole from a former colleague of mine,” Dr. Haze said as the syringe pumped the fluid into his arm, “It is a kind of organic antifreeze. It will render you impervious to all but the most intense cold. Rather useful when one no longer wears clothing on a regular basis. And now for the grand finale.” A third syringe floated towards him, this time the fluid seemed to glow with a color he had never seen before. The needle went in and he felt something akin to an electric shock go through his arm. “Intense, isn’t it?” Dr. Haze whispered.

“What is it?” Danny asked terrified.

“You’ll see so to speak.”

The syringe floated back onto a tray and Danny though he heard the padding of soft feet, then a door open. Danny drew himself up, the restraints cutting into his wrists. Through a glass window he saw what looked like a pair of work pants drawing themselves up. Then a pair of arms took shape and a zipper slid up revealing some kind of radiation suit. A pair of thick black goggles floated over the empty collar. A hood slid up and suddenly Dr. Haze appeared to have a head. “Don’t be afraid,” she said as she stepped back into the lab, her voice muffled by the thick fabric. Her hands took shape under thick, padded gloves. “What I am about to do is quite harmless. I can assure you from personal experience. It is just that an additional dosage may cause unwanted complications.”

“Like what?”

“You will only get the needed dosage.”

Dr. Haze’s suited figure sat down at a computer keyboard and began typing. A long robotic arm with a strange projector like lamp at the end slid over him. “You may want to close your eyes,” Dr. Haze warned. The lamp switched on and Danny immediately screwed his eyes shut, the light was intense. He felt an intense heat pouring right through his skull. His eyes ached even though they were tightly shut. From the sound of the robot arm and the way the waves of heat travelled from one part of his body to another he could tell that the lamp was moving down the length of his body. Suddenly the heat stopped and he heard the arm retract. “Okay Danny, open your eyes. It’s all over,” Dr. Haze said, her voice unmuffled. Danny sat up to see her now headless figure-goggles floating over a folded down hood-stride past him, pulling off the thick padded gloves. He watched as the empty contamination suit stepped into the other room, unzipped itself and collapsed down past the window. A few minutes later, it floated limp up onto a hanger. The goggles flew up and landed on top of the contamination suit. The door opened and shut and another syringe floated off the table

“This will let you sleep for awhile,” Dr Haze said, “So that everything can take effect.” Danny felt the needle slide into his arm. Within a few seconds he was fast asleep.

When Danny awoke he found that the straps were undone. His skin had a weird heated feeling as if he had been out in the sun too long. An empty chair slid back from a desk where a computer screen showed a series of brightly colored charts.

“Excellent,” Dr. Haze said, “You’re just in time. Come upstairs. There’s something for you to see?”

“That hot bod of your’s?”

“Oh no Danny. Nobody will ever see me again. Come upstairs.”

He sat up and felt a soft hand slip into his, pulling him down off the table. The hand let go and a door opened in front of him leading to a flight of stairs.