Dr. Haze

Dr. Haze - 4

For much of the time Dr. Haze’s basement laboratory seemed empty. The lights were on, the instruments-many of them advanced instruments from top secret labs-were laid out but the room was otherwise empty. And yet there was a constant sense of movement. Bare feet padded on the floor. A computer keypad clicked and the display on the screen changed. Now and then the mattress of a daybed sank down. Then suddenly a pair of prescription glasses would fly off the desk, fold open and glide and bob over the work tables as instruments were switched on and beakers of fluids were poured into one another.

The glasses snapped themselves closed and glided back down to the desk. A letter printed on high quality watermarked paper floated up off the desk and folded itself open. It was a letter from Bragg University informing her that in spite of the sudden and unprofessional nature of her departure from Calhoun College they were happy to add Dr. Clarice Haze to their faculty. In truth they were eager to have her. Bragg University was an even more intellectually stunted institution than Calhoun College. Needless to say their football team was much better. Dr. Haze however had no intention of improving the school’s academic standing. For her various plans to come to fruition she would need access to all manner of advanced equipment and top secret databases, far more access than even her invisibility would allow her. The government had long used the Bragg campus for various top secret research projects figuring that no one smart enough to figure out what might be going on was likely to be a Bragg student or a member of the faculty. For Dr. Haze of course accessing these top secret projects would be child’s play. Just an evening’s stroll across Bragg’s very pleasant and grassy campus, always a consideration with her bare feet. That the football team also consisted of some outstanding physical specimens was also a draw.

The letter folded itself up and slid back down onto the desk. Off on a work table next to a metal examination table a series of dials were turned. The padding on the examination table sank down. One by one, a series of IV tubes flew off the work table and stuck themselves in mid air, a piece of surgical gauze fixing them in place. “Well, here goes,” Dr. Haze said as a knob was turned. The IV tubes shook. The last time she was so nervous was when she had given herself the invisibility treatment. A light greenish fluid began to course through the IV tubes. The vinyl on the examining table sank down once more. The greenish fluid, light and barely visible began to outline first an artery, then the lesser vessels and capillaries and finally the entire network of an arm. Slowly the green stain spread outward, outlining the lungs and the heart and the other limbs. Meanwhile the veins on her arm began to change into natural colors, shades of red and blue. Here and there, deep beneath the forest of arteries and veins, bits of what looked like cut glass began to form, buts that solidified into hardened bone as they took form. Before long a complete network of veins throbbed and pulses over a complete skeleton. The skeleton shifted, staring up at the ceiling with eyeless sockets. Muscles began to take shape over the bones of the arms and shoulders, a first pink and transparent, then red and solid as they laced themselves down the limbs and trunk. Skin began to appear over the muscles and then finally hair, dead white at first but then turning blonde flecked with grey.

Now completely visible, Dr. Haze sat up and cut off the flow of green fluid. Carefully, she unhooked the IVs. She ran her hands through her unkempt hair and climbed off the examination table. She took a step towards the full length mirror off in the corner. Her body was leaner and more muscular than when she had last looked it over, which had been right after the invisibility treatment before she had dressed to confront-and as it later turned out, seduce-Jeremy. Her breasts had lost some fat but what they lost in size they made up in firmness. Only the lines in her face gave away her true age. All in all not bad for someone who had had no reflection at all for over a year.

She stepped back and drew herself up. Now for the test. She took a deep breath. Layer by layer, her body seemed to unravel itself until within little more than a minute the mirror stood before her completely empty. She grinned and exhaled. At once the glassy bones and crystalline veins began to reappear and before she knew it she was again examining her naked body in the mirror.

Dr. Haze shifted from visibility to invisibility another ten times before fading back into what she now regarded as her natural state-invisibility. The chair to her desk slid out and the keyboard began to type in her notes in her special code. The blood antifreeze had been completed months ago but this breakthrough made her feel like a real super heroine. All she need do now is concentrate-and remove her clothes-and she could vanish at will.

The various machines in the laboratory switched themselves off and the lights flicked off. Bare feet padded their way up to a large and luxurious bathroom. The door to the shower opened and closed and the water came on hard and hot, outlining a firm female torso in rivulets and suds. The water stopped and a shimmering outline of that torso stepped out of the shower. A towel flew off the rack and slowly dried away the translucent curves. The towel flew back onto the rack. Now a brush slowly arced its way through thin air combing out the Doctor’s invisible hair. Dr. Haze suddenly remembered that she could become visible now but decided not to. She had grown so used to being invisible.

The brush glided back to the counter in front of the mirror. The room seemed completely still; the only sound the softest rustling of skin against skin. Absorbed in her latest project, Dr. Haze had not had sex in several weeks. She was eager to have a man, to track him down and seduce him. Since Danny had disappointed her she had taken to a series of casual encounters, her momentary lovers rarely-if ever-realizing what was happening to them. On her last adventure she had introduced two trim gay lovers to the pleasures of cunninglingus and vaginal sex. The memory of it began to arouse her. She began to gently rub her nipples with the palm of her hand while her fingers began to explore the folds of her vagina. Her breathing deepened. The feel of her fingers slipping inside her came as a great relief. Slowly, the nub of her clitoris became visible, a little pink bud throbbing and moving with the movements of her fingers. Beneath it, the rest of her vagina began to form, the folds opening and closing with the movements of her hand. Above it, her nipples, brown and erect, faded into view and full, firm breasts gradually took form around them. The breasts rose and fell with her breathing and gradually ribs and a flat belly took form beneath them. Before long a disembodied torso hovered in front of the mirror, shifting and quivering with each breath.

Suddenly the torso shuddered and jerked straight and quickly faded back into nothing. She hadn’t expected that. Downstairs she had seen that she could become visible or invisible at will. But she hadn’t expected her control to extend to individual body parts. She drew herself up and concentrated. “Just my abs,” she thought, “Just my abs.” Sure enough the flat muscles of her tummy slowly appeared from out of nowhere. Then she changed her mind and they just as quickly faded out. A few moments later her eyes appeared followed by her lips. Then Dr. Haze completely reappeared. She stood grinning in front of the mirror. This was amazing.

Her hands slid back down to her crotch and she began to masturbate in earnest. As she began to loosen up, she sank down to her knees and threw her head back. As her orgasm began to overtake her, Dr. Haze began to fade and fade until nothing remained but her teeth hanging in mid air. The teeth closed and one by one grew glassy and disappeared. The bathroom lights switched off. A minute later the light in the bedroom switched off and the bed shifted and sank down.


Three days later Dr. Haze stood in the lobby of the JT Benjamin Auditorium at Bragg University completely visible and fully dressed, clad in a white oxford shirt, white jeans, a navy blue sports jacket and a wide brimmed hat, her glasses perched midway down her chiseled nose. She was quickly introduced to her new colleagues by Dean Manheim who had greeted her on her first day with little more than an offer of coffee. Then the Dean quickly hustled her and the others into the auditorium. A new addition to the physics department (or anything else) hardly mattered compared to Coach Steve Furio’s annual press conference on the upcoming football season. With the coach today was wide receiver Irv Flutie, subject of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED article that claimed that he could barely read or write because he had never seen the inside of a classroom since his enrollment at Bragg and had spent all his time at Bragg practicing plays. Coach Furio devoted much of his conference to loudly refuting these charges while young Flutie sat slumped beside him. The attention of the crowd, many of them alumni and boosters was rapt. After about an hour, Dr. Haze decided to excuse herself so that she could get her office in order and prepare for class. This earned her angry glance from Stanley Ridgeway, the head of the alumni association. A bald, bespectacled walrus, Ridgway was the only person to speak to her at any length about her appointment at Bragg mainly to impress upon her, several times that “Bragg must be tops in football.” He and his association had a lot of influence on the school, enough to have various visiting scholar programs and upgrade in laboratory equipment cancelled in favor of new equipment for the football team and a special “mobile command center” for Coach Furio. With no real interest in Bragg other than use it for her own purposes Dr. Haze was prepared to ignore him but his glare was seconded by Dean Manheim who sat right beside him. She quickly took a seat in the back row. For several minutes she sat struggling to stay awake while Coach Furio tried, not quite coherently, to explain how America was football. Then it occurred to her. There wasn’t an eyeball in the room not focused on Coach Furio and his young demi-god. It was time to have some fun.

She slipped her feet out of her open toed shoes and wriggled her toes just as they faded into the shadows under her seat. Her hands slowly disappeared as the arms of her jacket went down to her lap. The button of her jeans popped loose and the zipper slid open. Guided by the cuffs the pants slid down past the seat and to the floor, leg vanishing inch by inch. Once on the floor, white undies tangled up in them, the white jeans gave two upward jerks and then slid under the seat. Dr. Haze took off her glasses and fanned herself with her hat. Her lips widening into a teasing smile as her hair turned gossamer white and she faded away, leaving nothing but her upper teeth which hung in the air for a moment before becoming glass and disappearing.

As Coach Furio explained the 20 laws of highly successful projects, the headless figure shrugged off its sports jacket and the buttons of the oxford shirt began to come open one by on. A he detailed his own college career as a quarterback, the shirt slid down to reveal a white lace bra which hung heavily over the seat. As he recalled his first year coaching the bra had come unhooked and was falling to the floor.

Coach Furio was not even aware that Dr. Haze had been hired for the physics department, let alone that she had come in, though he had admired her bust line earlier in the morning. Right now he was too busy explaining his philosophy of winning. Twenty minutes later while recounting his favorite anecdote about being trapped in an elevator with Howard Cosell, Coach Furio stopped and stammered. A pair of woman’s breasts very firm, and very natural looking appeared directly in front of him, seemingly hanging in mid air. The nipples he couldn’t help but notice were becoming erect. Then, just as quickly as they appeared, the breasts seemed to fade into the shadows. He collected himself and began to resume his story when suddenly an index finger pointing directly upwards appeared in front of him. He stopped and scowled in shock but the next time he looked the finger was gone. He smiled, drew himself up and resumed.

“Yeeow!” a hand reached down and grabbed him by the crotch, giving his dick a hard squeeze. Coach Furio jumped back a good two feet. “What was that!” he shouted.

“BOOBIES!!!” Irv Flutie shouted as he lunged at thin air and fell off the stage.

Twenty minutes later the conference resumed. Stanley Ridgeway grunted angrily as he noticed Dr. Haze pulling on her jacket as she took her seat. “I had to freshen up,” she explained.

Coach Furio and Irv Flutie’s curious performance was reported and shown all over cable and the internet. The coach was sure it was a practical joke of some sort and he was sure that Irv Flutie-who had been disciplined earlier in the week for not practicing enough-was somehow behind it in spite of his near total ignorance of almost every subject besides football. Nevertheless the first game of the season was Friday and it was against Bragg’s arch rival State. Stanley Ridgeway had written an article in the campus newspaper which argued that advocating the assassination of State coach Curtis Jefferson-who had been very successful last season-was merely a sign of school spirit.

That Friday night Dr. Haze sat in her red Nissan at the far end of the Davis Stadium parking lot. She was wrapped in brand new Burberry raincoat. From where she sat she could see the stadium ablaze with lights and hear the roar of the crowd. She leaned back in the driver’s seat and closed her eyes. Slowly, almost imperceptibly her ash blonde hair and elegant profile grew light, then transparent and finally vanished. The Burberry raincoat undid the belt tied around its waist and fell open across the seat. Nothing lay beneath it. The car door swung open and the driver’s seat and the coat that lay across it shifted, a set of keys darting and bobbing in the air. The door slammed closed and was locked. The keys darted down and landed behind a bush near the edge of the parking lot. Here and there fallen leaves rustled and shifted on the way to the stadium.

Ten minutes later a security guard, sitting half asleep outside the Bragg locker room felt a tap on his shoulder. Stumbling up onto his feet, he looked around. There was nothing. Five minutes after that assistant coach Joe Petroni was forced to break up a fight that had broken out on the bench between two defensive linemen. “What the fuck is going on!” Petroni shouted.

“Somebody bit my cheek!” a baby faced defensive lineman roared.

On the gridiron running back Grover Denny was deep in enemy territory running hard for State’s end zone when he suddenly he saw what looked like a woman’s ass and lower back take form from the shadows on the sideline. The ass seemed to grind over the sideline shamelessly, long limber legs taking form beneath it. Then it bent over and the cheeks spread revealing the pink delicate folds of her snatch. Slowly the legs and buttocks faded leaving only those delicate pink folds of skin hanging in mid air. They seemed to be dripping wet. Denny was so mesmerized that he ran clean off the field and into the stands.

The ref called foul.

Off on the sidelines, Irv Flutie watched confused as the game seemed to grind to a halt. What was going on? He awaited a signal from Coach Furio.

“Hi there!”

Irv Flutie turned and froze. Standing right in front of him was a tall leggy blonde with big, near perfect tits. That she was obviously past forty hardly mattered. She was hot and she was naked. Irv was already as hard as a rock. “Holy shit!”

“I saw you at practice last week,” the naked cougar said, “I thought you were so hot I wore my best birthday suit just for you.”

“Wanna fuck?” Irv grunted.

“That’s why I’m here.” Irv lunged for her but she stepped back and held up her hand, “Could you, get all that off?”

Irv paused and glanced down at his uniform and defensive padding, “Oh yeah!” At once, clothes and padding began to fly off of him. Within minutes he was naked. Dr. Haze licked her lips. Irv had the body of a god and one of the largest male members she had ever seen. And it was as hard as the rest of him.

“Lie down,” she said gesturing towards the grass. He did and she expertly mounted him. Irv let out a groan of delight as his cock slid right into her. Dr. Haze pinched his base to keep him from coming too soon. As they began to thrust in concert with each other, Irv sat up and began to suckle her breasts. Dr. Haze pressed them to his face and he closed his eyes. As he began to feel himself come, Irv lay back on the grass. Slowly, Dr. Haze began to fade away until Irv was thrusting his massive dick upwards into thin air.

Just then, Coach Furio and his staff came upon him. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!!!!” he roared. But Irv couldn’t answer. He was no longer inside that juicy cunt but fingers were stroking him, bringing him to the brink while another finger played with his asshole, driving him mad. Irv gritted his teeth and blew a spectacular load, so big that some of it hit Coach Furio in the face.

“You little faggot!” he screamed in a strangled voice and he immediately began to stomp on his star player. At once his staff tried to pull him away but Coach Furio had himself been an offensive lineman and even now was a hard man to stop. Things quickly degenerated into a full tit brawl, fought directly on top of Irv Flutie’s unprotected body. Amid the pummeling nobody heard Irv scream.

All across the field fights broke out as players were pinched in the ass or bitten on the cheek. Up in the stands, Stanly Ridgway and the other boosters stood and watched with dismay until a volley of food wrappers and cups of beer-many of them full-hit them from behind. They all turned and glared at the row behind them. “You think that’s funny Staters!” Ridgeway shouted.

“We ain’t State!” a woman shouted, “We don’t know where that stuff came from.”

“Like hell she does!” a voice whispered from behind Ridgeway, “Her husband organized it!” A second later an unopened beer can konked him right on the head. He whirled round to see a group of men grinning sheepishly.

“It flew out of his hand!” one of them protested.

“It sure did!” Ridgeway shouted. At that he raised up his fist and the boosters fanned out across the seats behind them swinging wildly. Word soon spread throughout the stands that State fans were attacking Braggers. A small group of State fans by the fifty yard line were jumped and before long the entire stadium was one big brawl.

The fighting spread out across the campus and into town. By midnight, cars had been overturned and set on fire in the town square and the state police had cordoned off most of the town and campus. Those who had not been arrested were forced to camp out at Benjamin Auditorium until order was completely restored.

All was quiet at Dr. Haze’s new house. Occasionally, a glass of merlot hovered over a chaise lounge in the living room. Dr. Haze stretched her long legs and rested her body made weary by a night of mischief and a long walk home. She was unconcerned about her car. If it was destroyed she would see to it that the dealership in Bainbridge sold her another one for $1. As she drifted off to sleep she faded in and out of visibility before finally disappearing for the remainder of the night.