Dr. Haze

Dr. Haze - 3

Since becoming a bouncer at The Rumble Room Sid Grube had seen some weird shit-chicks naked save for genital piercings, bald musclemen in drag-but this took the cake. Standing at the end of the line of the line was a couple who looked like a pair of chic accident victims. The chick was tall and curvy, dressed in a white skirt and matching jacket, sky blue blouse with long high heeled boots that went up to her skirt. The body the clothes hung on was boss-great big tits, and real too, Sid could tell. But her face was covered by a sheer silk scarf that outlined a profile as striking as those tits while showing none of it. The scarf was tucked under a wide brimmed hat and her eyes were obscured by mirror shades. Her boyfriend was equally freaky. Dressed in a matching white suit and blue shirt, his head was completely covered in bandages a pair of ray bans covering his eyes. Sid noticed that they were both wearing leather gloves.

Oh what the hell, “You, Mr. and Mrs. Traction, inside,” he said waving them across the velvet rope. Without a word traction man took mummy girl by the hand and led her in.

Inside the already curious couple further baffled their waitress by insisting on a table off to the side, away from the action. The two waited silently, the woman shifting in her seat, the man strumming his gloved fingers on the tablecloth until the waitress had given them their drinks and left. The woman leaned back and scanned around with her silk wrapped head to see if anyone was watching them.

“Ready?” she asked placing her gloved hand on his.

“You got it baby,” he said briefly taking her hand.

The two let go and the woman sat up pulling off her scarf as she removed her hat, the sheer silk sliding away from thin air, the woman’s mirror shades floating over an empty collar before a gloved hand took them and put them down on the table. Across from her, the man had removed his shades and was unraveling his bandages, his head disappearing inch by inch until she too was looking into an empty collar. The two headless figures leaned forward across the table stopping right where one might imagine their lips meeting in a kiss. Then the two of them leaned back in their chairs and began to pull their gloves off. They had no hands. Slowly, as if performing for some soft core video, they slid off their stylish jackets and began to unbutton their shirts. The man’s shirt which limned a hard, muscular torso fell back across empty space, leaving a tight, empty pair of pants sitting in the chair while across from him a large white bra thrust itself over the table as the woman’s blouse crumpled onto her chair. The pants kicked off their shoes and with them their feet while the bra tightened and then snapped open, hard nipples disappearing from the fabric as it slid forward and dropped to the floor. The now literally topless woman turned in her seat sliding her boots out from under the table and stretching them out in front of her empty skirt. The empty pants, their crotch bulging, got up, walked over to the other side of the table and knelt down in front of the boots, first one boot, then the next slid away from thin air as the skirt came unbuttoned and folded open, revealing a tight little pair of thong panties, the crotch soaked through. The panties floated up from the chair and righted themselves standing right in front of the now upright pants. Slowly the belt came unbuckled and the pants unzipped and fell down while the panties stretched and crumpled to the ground. Their drinks floated up from the table, glasses clinking together.

“Cheers,” the woman said from somewhere in front of the table.

People in the crowd felt a woman’s hip or a muscular torso press against them from time to time but for the next few minutes there was no sign of the mystery couple. Then suddenly a man was knocked out of his chair and the chair flew up and crashed through the glass into the DJ’s booth.

“THIS MUSIC SUCKS!” a male voice shouted as a second chair followed it sending the hapless DJ scrambling for his life. The music stopped cold. The crowd was screaming and running wildly. Female laughter began to echo from behind the bar as a hose flew up and began to spray the crowd wildly. The bartender tried to grab it onto to be doubled over by a kick to the gut. Sid rushed in leading a platoon of bouncers only to have an unopened bottle of champagne fly off the table and hit him square across the side of his head. The bottle didn’t break but Sid went down and the other bouncers began to fight amongst themselves as they all received punches and kicks to the gut. The hose was going full blast and the crowd was out of control fights breaking out everywhere as people scrambled for the exits.

By the time the police had arrived it was a full scale riot spilling out onto the strip. The chaos spread into a nearby casino, drinks were spilled, punches were thrown and stacks of chips were tossed into the air, security tacking people right and left who tried to grab the chips and quickly cash them. As the police pushed back security and poured into the casino, nobody noticed how one of the now abandoned craps tables had begun to bump and rattle or the soft moans and grunts that could be heard over it or the smell of sweat and musk that went wafting over it.

In fact, stretched out across the table completely naked was Dr. Clarice Haze, formerly of Calhoun college and equally naked and thrusting away deeper and deeper into her, her legs wrapped tight around his hips, was Danny Rios. They were celebrating. They had just ripped off Area 51, not all that hard to do when you’re invisible. Actually it had been pretty rough. They had walked for miles in the desert sun and Danny had been nearly mangled by guard dogs. All for some data or something that Dr. Haze wanted to hack. Having discovered invisibility she wanted to find out if she couldn’t attain other superpowers like super strength and invulnerability. She said she wanted her and Danny to become literal gods invisible and all powerful.

Danny started to tremble as he began to feel himself starting to cum. Dr. Haze’s arms came around him and he felt her soft firm breasts push up into his face. He felt around with his tongue and he began to suck on one of her nipples. Suddenly he felt a pair of fingers press down on the base of his cock, cutting him short.

“Not yet,” Dr. Haze said, “I have an idea.”

She gave him a gentle push and he stepped back, sliding out of her. His cock felt like a breath of air would set him off. She took his hand and guided him to where the police, who had gotten things under control and were now booking people, had laid out a mass of coffee and bagels from the casino restaurant. Leaning him over the table, she reached down and began stroking him. His cock just exploded. Danny grinned as he blew cum all over the food, invisible splooge that no one would see until it dried out hours from now. Hand in hand, they walked out onto the street.

Over the course of the night several other bars had incidents where fights broke out or chaos erupted at the bar. About an hour in Danny felt himself getting hard again and this time he fucked Dr. Haze nice and sweet on the bar of the now ruined Hard Rock Café. Sex had been challenging enough when it was just Dr. Haze he couldn’t see but now he was beginning to literally feel his way around the Dr.’s body. It took him only a few tries before his cock found its mark. As he began to cum inside her, Dr. Haze grabbed the seltzer gun off the bar and sprayed water all over her body, giving him a brief view of her face and stunning view of her tits.

Come dawn nobody at the motel just off the strip noticed the slap of bare feet in the parking lot or noticed the key that floated up from under a doormat in front of one of the second floor rooms and slid into the lock. The door flew open and then closed the locks all clicking shut as the key landed on a nearby table. Then the bed sank down, vaguely outlining two tall fit bodies. The invisible man and the invisible woman slept.

A few hours later the bed shifted and the door opened and closed. Danny Rios walked the streets naked and invisible, ignoring the way the sun baked concrete burned his calloused feet while allowing himself to brush up against every attractive woman he could find. He was frustrated. For the first few weeks he had been a virtual prisoner at the Doctor’s hideout, Dr. Haze warning him that the police were combing the area for him and were sure to catch him if he went out and wearing him out in the bedroom every night while going on as if conducting a lecture how becoming invisible had completely recharged her sexuality. Then she began putting him to work running errands for her and driving her around when she would break into places to steal data or some kind of exotic compound. It seemed that Dr. Haze disliked having to put on clothes or anything else that kept her from being invisible. Afterwards if it had been a particularly good heist, she would climb into the front seat and fuck him as he drove the car, Danny watching the road through her invisible but oh so solid tits.

And then finally the offer. She liked him. She liked him sexually and she liked what his criminal experience and contacts had to offer. She was willing to make him invisible, to make him an equal partner. Now Danny would join her as she penetrated top secret research labs and downloaded date from supposedly secure computers. Often they would deliberately trip the alarms and fuck while watching the police conduct their investigations. They took turns, dressing up to drive the car, stripping for action once they got to the night’s target. They did well. Dr. Haze stole a lot more than just research data. They transferred billions into an account in the Cayman Islands, gave themselves the Royale Suite in 4 star hotels and stole fancy clothes just to wear them once and toss them, just as they had at the night club. And Dr. Haze was a major slut. He had had more sex with her than all his other girlfriends put together.

Nevertheless, he was unsatisfied. While it was cool to be the invisible man, fucking the invisible woman was another matter, even if she was hornier than he was. He was tired of touching, tasting-everything but seeing Dr. Haze. He was tired of having only a disembodied voice or a pair of glasses suspended in mid air. And that was another thing. He was fucking invisible. He should be able to do whatever he wanted; fuck whatever piece of meat caught his eye. He was tired of helping Dr. Haze break into various corporate and university labs so that she could do her fucking research. What Dr. should’ve been researching was making herself visible again so that he could really enjoy those class A tits of hers.

He had no intention of leaving her. No he was doing pretty good with the Doc. He liked getting laid at least once a day. He wanted in on those superpowers she was working on, the invulnerability and all. But he was the boss and he wasn’t taking orders anymore. First off he was going to try some chick who didn’t signal her orgasms by going “Very good, Danny”.

That afternoon when Dr. Haze rose, she quickly got to work. A small, makeshift laboratory had been set up in the kitchenette and her glasses could be seen floating and bobbing over the centrifuges and computer terminals. She was lost in her work, he was sure of it. So he headed out into the warm summer evening, his dick already hardening in the warm breeze. An hour later no one noticed the extra pair of bare feet slapping on the floor backstage at the Lido Paris Show at the Tropicana. Danny had enjoyed the lavish topless review from a very special vantage point, right up on the stage, next to the dancers. Alone in her dressing room, one of the dancers felt a warm breath against her shoulders and fingers brush against her skin. The touch felt good, soft and gentle, barely there. There was no one else there. She relaxed, began to get turned on. She’d dumped her boyfriend months ago and it had been awhile. The merest hint of a tongue slipped into the crack of her ass. Ooh, that felt good. Slowly the soft fingers began to work their way up her side, loosening her g-string. Hot lips circled her nipples. By the time she felt the hard warmth push into her, she almost welcomed it, all she could do was look up and gasp at the way her vaginal lips parted and the feel of a hard flat stomach pushing against her. Only now did she hear the soft satisfied groans. Those warm fingers still circled her nipples. Danny Rios had considered whipping it out at first but then he decided to cum inside her. Yeah, that was it. He was gonna be a daddy. Knock up every showgirl in Vegas. It was good to be the invisible man.

After he blew his load in the show girl, Danny headed out to the casino floor for some inspiration. He wasn’t turning in until he’d fucked a couple more. This time he’d do it in public. Yeah, right in front of everyone in the casino. He grinned at that one.

“You bastard!” a fist came out of nowhere and hit him straight in the nose. The cartilage gave and blood spurted into his mouth. Danny’s ass hit the carpet.


“Who do you think?” Dr. Haze asked from somewhere in front of him, “Think it isn’t rape because the girl didn’t know what was happening to her? Oh, you’re skillful Danny.”

“But how? How could you have- “

“When I decided to make you invisible I decided to try out another project of mine: a special strain of recombinant DNA that altered the structure of my eyes. I can see you Danny. I have always been able to see you. Watching your naked body has given me a great deal of pleasure. I might have given you the DNA so that you could see me, but I always suspected that your good qualities were few and I was right. Here Danny, a going away present.”

Before Danny realized it, he was staring up a slim metallic tube that hovered in the air in front of him. Where it had been before hand he had no idea. The top pressed down and he was hit square in the face and chest by an icy cold liquid. Almost at once he saw the bones of his arms take shape in front of him.

“You bitch!” He reached up to grab the tube but it had somehow disappeared. Dr. Haze laughed mockingly from somewhere in front of him. Danny staggered up to his feet. By now he was completely visible. People were staring at him, slack-jawed in disbelief.

“Now, how do you like it?” Dr. Haze snarled as finger jammed itself into his ass. Danny jumped up and cried out in pain. Dr. Haze’s laughter echoed around him. Suddenly a hand grabbed him by the balls and twisted. Danny roared and kicked wildly at the air. Dr. Haze continued to laugh. A martini glass floated off a nearby bar. There she was! Danny grabbed a chair out from under a small child and swung it wildly, hitting a man in the face before hurling it at the bar. The bartender ducked and glass shattered everywhere.

“Danny!” Dr. Haze called out from right in front of him.

“You cunt!” He swung wildly but hit nothing. Suddenly four strong arms grabbed him and pulled him back. They were visible and clad in security uniforms. A tall black man and a thin blond woman pinned him to the ground and began to cuff him. Suddenly the man began to rear back, his head jerking wildly. Danny felt a bare leg press down across his back. It was Dr. Haze. For a moment he thought she was rescuing him. She would get him out of here and he would go back to fucking her and driving the car. But that wasn’t it. She was only making the guard mad.

“Oh, yeah motherfucker!” the guard shouted as he slammed his Billy-club into Danny’s skull. The other guard twisted his arm till his shoulder popped out. The LVPD arrived and Danny was carried out and thrown into the squad car head first.

The next morning, still clad in nothing but a towel, Danny was taken to see a grinning FBI agent.

“Well, well Danny, we always knew we’d get you. But we never thought you’d be this stupid,” he said, “Your dick’s truly bigger than your brain.”

Danny didn’t even try to tell them about Dr. Haze.

The next night a limo that had disappeared from the valet parking garage at the Riviera, sat a block from the main labs of a new biotech company. Strewn across the front seat of the car was a latex mask, wig, aviator glasses and complete chauffeur’s uniform. Up in the lab the main computer finished tapping out a program that would erase all traces of its last transaction, the transfer of data concerning a kind of human anti-freeze to another computer. Then a lonely sigh as the chair swiveled forward. As bare feet padded across the lab, a soft musky smell started to waft through the room. Dr. Haze gently fingered herself as she headed back to her car. She decided to leave her pants off when she drove home. Masturbating soothed her. She missed Danny, or rather his body. The rest of him was worthless. When still an undergraduate she had gone through a lesbian phase, carrying on torrid affairs with several of her fellow students and a teacher only to discover that she was not gay. She liked men. She liked their strength, their force. She liked feeling them inside of her. But she could not trust them. No, men would have to remain playthings, like Jeremy, her first conquest as The Invisible Woman. If she wanted a partner, a true ally, someone she could share her power with. It would have to be another woman.