Dr. Haze

Dr. Haze - 6

Steve Hardible stowed his track uniform in his locker and staggered towards the showers. He had a bod for sin. Lean, muscular and almost perfectly proportioned, it looked like it had been carved in marble for a museum. His face was boyishly pretty, clean shaven, just hard enough to suggest he was no longer a boy, framed with thick black hair. Normally Steve was up for sin, usually with his girlfriend. Though that flaky chick who was always following him around, Maria Gutierrez was always good for a lay. Today though he was wiped, his normally swinging dick little more than a button lost among his pubic hairs. Coach Ziegler had been running the track team hard over the last few weeks. Now that the basketball team as well as the football team had fallen apart due to the players all turning gay or something, the track team was all that remained to uphold Bragg’s once stellar reputation in sports. That the women’s teams were all headed for the finals didn’t matter. Nobody cared about chick’s sports. In addition to all the additional training the team had been subjected to a barrage of abstinence education courtesy of Shining White Ministries as well as a long harangue from alumni chief Stanley Ridgeway on Bragg’s proud history in sports and unlike his regular classes he was actually tested on them! He had flunked which had led to these additional runs on the track that he had just finished.

He turned on the water and began to soap himself up. Ah, that was a relief. The hot water soothed his aching muscles. He closed his eyes for a second, Then opened them. Suddenly that water coming down in front of him seemed to shift and waver and then take a kind of form as if flowing over something made of clear plastic or glass but much more pliable. Steve darted back. The water seemed to be splashing over two full, firm breasts. Their nipples were even erect. Then the breasts seemed to shift up and back as if someone was stepping back from him, losing their distinctive shape as they came out from under the water. Steve though thought he could make something out through the shower, two shimmery breast like shapes. He shut the water off. The phantom tits were gone. He shook his head. Tired as he was, all that talk of abstinence had given him a case of sex on the brain. He grabbed a towel and dried himself off. Suddenly the shower went on again. Steve turned and dropped his towel. The waters outlined a pair of long legs with firm calves and a hand vigorously stroking the space in between them. Holy shit. The water shut off and the legs, shimmering and translucent, disappeared as they slowly walked towards him. Steve panicked and sprinted towards his locker. Someone grabbed him by his arm and spun him around. Teeth gently caught his ear and a tongue slipped into it. Steve broke free and ran to his locker. “Who the fuck is it!” he shouted. But there was no one there. Now he was angry. He ran through the lockers, ready to beat the ass of whoever the prankster was. He thought he heard a woman laugh. After a while he began to feel stupid. He was horny that was all. He needed to get laid. He sat down on the bench and started to dress.

He felt warm skin brush against his face and the hardened tip of a nipple push his way between his lips. “Don’t be scared,” a voice with a cool transatlantic accent whispered. A pair of fingers caught the tip of his penis and began to stroke it. Steve began to get hard. For the next few minutes he sucked on the nipple while the fingers stroked him. His eyes strained for any sign of his lover but there was nothing just thin air. Suddenly the nipple slipped out of his mouth. He though he heard scuffing on the floor beneath him. A pair of lips closed over his cock. Steve through his head back and moaned. It was the best blowjob he’d had in ages. This ghost really knew her shit.

His cock felt cold air. He felt a pair of hands touch his shoulders and gently push him down onto a bench. A crisp white shoelace floated up from the floor and hung limply in the air. Steve watched in amazement as it tied itself around the base of his cock. The laces were pulled tight. Then he felt a pair of fingers grip his shaft and his cock brush against a thatch of pubic hair. He moaned and bucked. This was incredible. A moist soft pussy slipped round him and he began to thrust. A pair of legs pressed against his hips and fingers dug into his shoulders as the ghost began to meet his thrusts. He reached up at the empty space in front of him. Surely there was more to this girl than just tits and a pussy. A hand grabbed his wrist and guided his hand upwards until he was palming an erect nipple. Now he began to explore her, running both hands not only over her breasts but over her shoulders and down her sides.

Steve began grit his teeth. He was starting to lose control. Suddenly he felt something hot and salty wash over his crotch and belly. “Whoops! Sorry about that!” the voice said. But Steve was too far gone to care. He began to buck wildly blowing wad after wad of cum. He fell back exhausted. As his dick shrank, he felt it slip out of her. He felt cool air over his soaked crotch. He stared up. Thick white cum limned the lips and insides of a pussy. The wad of cum bobbed towards him. A pair of lips brushed gently against his own. He watched in amazement as his cum bobbed across the locker room, sticky droplets hitting the floor. A door swung open in front of it and it disappeared down the hall.

Across the campus at Davis Hall theatre club members Viola Harris and Nathan Block took the concept of method acting to new extremes in their roles of Romeo and Juliet. As Harris’ sleek black form rode Block’s buff blonde body like a cowboy on a bucking bronco even smacking his ass to get him to thrust harder, neither noticed the soft smell of musk that came from the chair across from them or the soft but intense sighs that were occasionally heard.


Nobody noticed the wad of cum as it bobbed down the shadowy halls of the sports center. The athletes were too busy following the orders barked by the coaches and the coaches were too preoccupied with making up for the failure of the football and basketball teams. By the time the door to the track field had appeared to open and close by itself the semen had completely disappeared. From there on nobody noticed the occasional slap of bare feet on the concrete walkways or the wistful sigh that came out of mid air from time to time. And nobody noticed the occasional bare footprint that formed in the grass outside Davis Hall just as no one at the governments semi-secret cyber warfare research facility noticed that some of their data had been uploaded to a remote and unknown computer. A half hour later the door to Dr. Haze’s house opened and closed the locks all clicking shut, a key darting and bobbing its way to a table. The door to the basement opened and closed and soft padding could be heard going down the steps to the lab. There a computer keypad typed in numbers as the screen displayed its data. The typing stopped and a chair swiveled round and rolled slightly towards the steps.

“I can’t believe you,” Dr. Pradesh said.

“Jealous Devi?” Dr. Haze asked.

“Perhaps. But I am more concerned about the risk to your health.”

“Never you mind. I check the campus health center’s records before choosing my victims.”

“Are you ready for tonight?”

“Yes. But are you sure they can’t trace us?”

“You mean me. And I have not really existed since I vanished that afternoon in your office. Besides, he has no idea that he is ELITE ENTICEMENT’S one and only client.”

Dr. Haze giggled. The computer shut itself off and one by one the lab machines began powering down. Two sets of feet padded their way upstairs. An hour later a key card floated down an empty hall at the Bragg Sheraton. It slid into a lock and the door opened. On the bed were two large boxes and two smaller ones. The door closed shut locking itself. One of the smaller boxes popped open revealing a complete makeup kit that floated over the dresser. Meanwhile one of the bigger boxes opened. “This must be yours,” Dr. Pradesh said as a black dinner jacket floated up from the box and laid itself out on the bed. The second box opened and a cane floated up jauntily in the air.


Waring Kardash sat nervously in his hotel suite dressed in a bathrobe and pajama pants, his two hulking bodyguards, Elmo and Louie flanking him. He had the impatience that comes from knowing that you are probably going to be disappointed. The woman at ELITE ENTICEMENTS had told Louie on the phone that their services were like nothing they had ever seen but Kardash doubted it. Since first making his fortune selling the defense department exotic and wildly overpriced weaponry, Kardash had tried almost every escort service known to man. Conventional sex bored him, so did S&M. He was eager for some new kink, some new frontier of gratification. He doubted that he was going to find it here where even the head of the physics department insisted that Genesis had some sort of scientific veracity. Oh well some blonde coed was going to give him a blowjob, that would at least make up for the lack of good wines at the hotel bar.

There was a knock on the door. Elmo opened it. Two women dressed in what might be described as Las Vegas magician’s outfits strutted into the room, tottering on glass heel shoes. They wore top hats with black cutaway jackets over white ties and white tuxedo vests that gave a view of their cleavage. Rounding out the outfit were white gloves, black thong panties and canes. Kardash was disappointed. Both women were clearly in their forties. He made a point of only fucking girls who were under twenty-five.

The women were also mismatched. One was tall and blonde, the other short and dark, probably Indian. They smiled like two housewives out on a lark. The Indian set a small MP3 player on the table while the blonde leaned on her cane and ground her hips. “We are the Erotic Magicians,” they said in unison. At that the Indian girl set the MP3 player going and they began to dance energetically but without much style. Kardash groaned. He was in for a long night. Dancing face to face the two women took off their top hats and began fanning themselves with them, covering and uncovering their faces. Suddenly they threw the hats aside and all three men gasped. Their heads were gone! Neat little white ties floated in the empty space between the collars of their cutaways and the crisp swell of their white vests. Kardash suddenly noticed how perfectly the vests seemed to catch the swell of each woman’s bosom and how where there should have been warm skin there was nothing but thin air and shadows. He glanced down, the thong panties shifted and shimmied beneath the white vests just as empty. He could see down into the crotch.

The two figures shrugged off their jackets, arms and backs sliding off with them. The vests and ties hovered rigid over the snug thong panties, the white gloves floating and bobbing in front of them. The two sets of empty clothes turned as if to face each other. The white gloves came up, undoing each other’s tie. The ties came loose and slid away, limning necks and shoulders. Then the gloves began to unbutton the vests, the tight bosoms losing shape as the vests came undone. As the vest fell open the gloves seemed to mime feeling up their breasts. Kardash thought he saw a nipple fleetingly outlined in fabric. The two semi figures drew in close as if kissing. The gloves floated up and each slid the other’s vest back. The white silk fluttered to the floor. Now all that was left was the gloves floating and bobbing in front of the black thong panties. For a moment the gloves and panties seemed to shift and slide in front of each other until Kardash wasn’t sure which gloves were in front of what thong. Then each pair of gloves floated up over a corresponding pair of panties and began to pull at each other, the fingers going limp one by one. “And now the gloves come off,” a soft Indian accented voice said as the gloves flicked themselves at Kardash and his guards.

“And so does everything else,” a cool transatlantic voice answered as the glass heel shoes toppled over. There was a hard pull on the waistbands of the thongs and they broke open like diapers and fluttered to the floor.

Elmo and Louie stepped forward, each man leaning over a pile of discarded clothing. Suddenly both men groaned loudly and doubled over, grabbing their crotches. A second later their heads each gave a hard jerk and they fell to floor. The limp white vests jumped off the floor and began tearing themselves into strips. Strips that quickly fastened themselves around each man’s wrists and ankles. Within seconds both men were hog tied.

Kardash, who had been watching stunned until now, jumped out of his chair and stepped back. A cane flew up off the floor and jabbed at him. “HIY-Yah!” a mocking female voice shouted from somewhere in front of him. Kardash stumbled back and fell into the coat closet. The doors slammed shut. A heavy coffee table slid from the couch to the closet trapping him inside. As he pounded against the closet doors and made muffled cries for help, his laptop floated up off the bed. The door to the room opened and the laptop floated out into the hall.

Twenty minutes later, Elmo and Louie staggered up onto their feet, shaking their heads and groaning. Hearing their boss struggling and cursing, Elmo pushed the coffee table aside and opened the closet door.

“You’re both fired!” Kardash shouted, “Get out of here!”

By then his laptop was melting in the hotel furnace.

The data however was not lost. A mile away, the computers in Dr. Haze’s basement tapped away, processing it. Very interesting, Dr. Haze thought as she enjoyed the feel of a faint breeze across her invisible skin, they might one day walk through walls but they would still be unable to wear clothing.

Nobody at Bragg or even on their block was aware that Dr. Haze had a companion now. But then few were even aware of Dr. Haze anymore. Aside from her classes she was never seen. She no longer even bothered to appear at faculty meetings though that did not prevent her from sitting in on them invisibly. This was mainly to make sure that no one was getting any inkling of what she was really doing at Bragg or of Devi’s presence. But of late it had become obvious that she could have sent them a memo detailing all of her and Devi’s plans and they still would have been clueless. Now she and Devi used the occasions to play cruel tricks on her erstwhile colleagues. Coach Furio rarely had a meeting where his pants didn’t fall down.

A chair in front of one of the computer terminals swiveled. “Have you thought about my proposal Clarice?” Dr. Pradesh asked.

“I’m still not sure. Isn’t it a little daring?”

“Isn’t that the point?”

“Yes, but couldn’t we begetting in over our heads?”

“Nonsense. We’ve already stolen several million dollars in government secrets. Isn’t that getting in over our heads? Don’t get me wrong Clarice, given my upbringing you have no idea how liberating it is to just dispense with clothing or to walk the streets. But I want to do much more than just seduce next year’s junior varsity captain. You checked the list of names I gave you.”


“All beautiful, all brilliant all festering in mediocre positions. You don’t think they wouldn’t do a great deal if granted the ability to become invisible?”

“No. But can we trust them?”

“Clarice, we’re not men. Yes some of them will go off on their own, use invisibility for their own ends. So what? The world is big enough for all our schemes. Clarice, remember that thief you told me about, that Danny. You also told me that I was everything you had wanted in Danny, except of course sexually. You share everything with me now. Well, think of a secret sisterhood all gifted with this power. It is time for the Invisible Women.”