Dr. Haze

Dr. Haze - 7

Nobody at the Bragg Sheraton knew how the conference room on the 3rd floor had been rented, only that it had. Nor did they know how it had been paid for, only that their computers said that there was no money owed. And none of the staff who set up chairs in the conference room paid much attention to the slim dark woman, dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt, who busied herself hooking a laptop up to the overhead projector, save to comment on her fine rack. Nor did anyone notice much when the same tee-shirt and jeans along with a pair of tennis shoes turned up neatly folded in a stall in the ladies room. Many of them were part time students at Bragg University where the first lesson of all the marketing/management courses was: whatever you do, NEVER QUESTION MANAGEMENT.

Just before 2PM Sandy Vasquez climbed the stairs to the conference room. Clad in jeans and a tank top that gave a perfect view of the sleek natural muscles of her arms and shoulders, she was over six feet tall with skin the color of latte and prematurely gray hair cut in a stylish bob. Her chiseled features looked a tad tined and taut, the only thing that belied her 47 years. A year ago she had won the bronze at the Olympics but her manager had turned out to be a swindler who had involved her unwittingly in his check kiting schemes and now she was penniless. And then this call from a Dr. Clarice Haze about the most exciting discovery of the new century. At first she was suspicious. But then she googled Dr. Haze and corresponded with her. She had no idea what this was about, the Dr. sounded cagey but she was intrigued.

She looked around. Seated around her were about twenty other women, all middle aged or older, attractive in the way most women who take care of themselves late in life are. Some she recognized from business or the media. Others looked like academics of one sort of another. They all glanced about at one another. One thing was certain. No one knew what this was about.

They heard a lock shut. The doors to the conference room was now closed. Sandy scowled. Who closed the doors?

“Good afternoon,” a tall woman on the good side of forty with long ash-blonde hair sashayed out from a rear door and stepped in front of the raised platform in the front, “I am Dr. Clarice Haze.” Sandy arched an eyebrow. Dr. Haze was dressed in a black wide brimmed hat, thigh high black leather boots, matching gloves and a black raincoat open just enough at the front to reveal a very healthy stretch of cleavage. Dr. Haze may not have been an Olympian but she apparently kept in shape. “I am sure you are all wondering what this meeting is about.”

“Damn straight,” someone muttered.

“Well then, let me give you a demonstration,” Dr. Haze smiled and struck a campy pose. Sandy gasped. As the doctor’s lips widened into a grin, her face began to grow faint, then transparent, the hair that spilled over the lapels of her raincoat dissipating like smoke. Sandy could see the lining of the raincoat right though her rapidly disappearing breasts. And then nothing. Stark shadows cut into an empty raincoat and floating hat.

“Completely invisible!” the figure flung off the hat and ripped the raincoat away to reveal nothing between the thigh high boots and the long black gloves.

“Is this a joke?” a tall black woman stood up.

“No joke,” the boots stepped down off the podium, “I am here but you cannot see me. Care to put your doubts to rest?”

The woman hustled her way up to the podium. The boots seemed to lean back on their high heels, the gloves swing back as if Dr. Haze were thrusting her torso forward. The woman stopped in front of the boots, stretched out an open hand and then snatched it back, “Holy shit!”

“Anyone else care to find out? Or how about I give you a more personal demonstration?” The gloves drew themselves up and began to pull at one another’s fingers until they went limp and fell to the floor. Then one by one, the boots came unzipped, seemed to pull themselves loose and toppled over. Several of the women stood up. There was not a trace of Dr. Haze.

Suddenly one of the women jumped back. Then another shifted nervously on her feet. Dr. Haze’s laughter floated from somewhere in front of the podium. Sandy stood up. She could chart the Doctor’s progress from the way the women reacted to her invisible presence. Suddenly she felt a finger brush down the side of her cheek. “Nice to see you Vasquez. Sorry I can’t return the favor.” Sandy thought to grab her, to show that she wasn’t scared but by the time she had brought her arms up, the good Doctor was gone, her laughter trailing in Sandy’s ears.

The projector snapped on and a pointer flew up from behind the podium. Dr. Haze began to explain the principles of the invisibility process. Sandy couldn’t understand a word of it but she listened closely as Dr. Haze explained her reasons for using the process on herself. Sandy could understand that. She stood up, “How do you become visible again?” She was beginning to get turned on by the whole invisibility idea. But she didn’t want to not see herself.

The pointer floated down onto the podium. “Whenever I want,” Dr. Haze teased. The room was still for the longest time. Sandy stepped back. A pair of shoulders seemed to take form from the air in front of her, wreathed in hair like smoke. Dr. Haze’s head and shoulders floated in front of her like a flesh and blood cameo. Instinctively, Sandy leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, her hands reaching down to cup those invisible breasts. Sure enough the nipples were erect. Dr. Haze gasped and seemed to step back as she faded away.

“That was very naughty,” she said from somewhere in front of the crowd, “Fortunately, I can also disappear whenever I want. I have complete control over every part of my body.” Shimmering, pulsing blue lines began to appear out of thin air, lacing themselves together to form an outline of a human figure. Then a skeleton began to take form beneath them and the veins and arteries began to fade away. “I think therefore I am not,” the skull tapped out with its teeth. The skeleton strode jauntily down the center aisle before the bones turned to crystal and disappeared.

A slim woman of about sixty stood up. “But this is amazing! Why haven’t you told anyone until now?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Dr. Haze asked from somewhere in the back of the room, “I will allow my associate Dr. Pradesh to explain. It was she who organized this meeting.”

At that Dr. Haze’s trench coat jumped off the platform and took form around a somewhat shorter but still quite curvy figure. “Because to reveal it to the larger world would mean putting it in the hands of men,” a thinner accented voice said as the raincoat floated down off the podium. Long, brown legs appeared beneath the hem of the coat and an intense face with high cheekbones and long black hair appeared over the collar, “They would simply make it another weapon in the military industrial complex. Dr. Haze and I feel that invisibility would be more effectively used to subvert and ultimate upend the established order. It puts us beyond the reach of both policemen and terrorists. If they cannot see us, how can they stop us?”

“So what’s your plan?” one woman in a skirt suit asked.

“First we hope to extend the power of invisibility to as many women of power and talent as we can. To create a literal invisible sisterhood. We hope that you will join us and become evangelicals for the cause.”

“And if we’re not interested in the cause?”

“Fine with us. We are still happy to share our secret with you and you can do whatever you like with your invisibility. All we ask is that you do not share it with the larger male world. For those who do join us we have a larger goal. Currently the process as it has been developed can render invisible any living thing. The problems with inanimate objects are insurmountable, hence Dr. Haze’s and my nudity. However we believe that with your help the process can be re-engineered so that it only affects women. Our goal isn’t to raise an army or gain power but to give every woman in the country and finally the world the ability to become invisible. When all women have the power to disappear at will we suspect that relations between the sexes will change a great deal.” At that Dr. Pradesh turned around and flung off the coat. Sandy caught a glimpse of long black hair, a pair of strong shoulders and well formed buttocks before she completely vanished. A moment later the click of a lock was heard and the doors to the conference room were open again.

Sandy got as far as the lobby when she felt a hand on her shoulder and felt a pair of full, firm and very bare breasts push against hers. “So it appears that you wish to sleep with me,” Dr. Haze said.

Sandy shrugged, “Sure. I’m game for it. I don’t usually do chicks. But an invisible one…”

A finger ran down her chest, “I enjoy women too. But I must warn you. I much prefer men and I am quite promiscuous.”

“Even though you’re…”

“Precisely because I am. The poor blockheads don’t know what’s happening to them. Only that they enjoy it. But I think you’re less interested in sex with me than in becoming invisible yourself.”

“Ooh yeah!” Sandy grinned, “What have I got to lose?”

“Then would you do Devi and I a favor?”


“Our car is parked in the garage and we’d rather not go through the trouble of tracking down our clothes. Could you drive us home? We can start the process tomorrow.”

“And tonight?”

A finger traced her lips. Dr. Haze laughed. “But I warn you, I like my men and there’s a whole campus full of them.”


Twenty four hours later Sandy was following Dr. Haze up the steps from her laboratory. Sandy was clad in a thin robe, Dr. Haze in glasses and a lab coat and nothing else. The lab coat was even open so that nothing of the good doctor’s curvaceous figure. This morning she and Devi had materialized so that she wouldn’t be too disconcerted during the process. But even though she had spent the previous evening making out with the invisible doctor on the chaise lounge in the living room it was disconcerting seeing her and Devi go about their business almost or completely naked. “Don’t you ever wear clothes?” she asked.

“Only when we have to,” Dr. Haze replied, “Sandy, you must understand, Devi and I are usually invisible.”


“We prefer it that way. If someone decides to raid the house they will be unable to find us.”

“Oh, I see,” Sandy grinned.

“Or rather you don’t,” Dr. Haze grinned back.

They stepped into the living room. Dr. Haze turned and faced her. “The process should start taking effect in a few minutes. First you will become invisible. Then after the nanobots take effect you will be able to toggle from visibility to invisibility just as Devi and I can. You can see your transformation in this mirror.” She turned and gestured towards the large three way mirror in the front of the room.

Sandy stepped forward and looked at herself. “You know the whole idea of this is a real turn on. Care for a repeat of last night?”

Dr. Haze reached over and gently stroked her cheek. “Certainly but let me warn you. This can only be casual. I’m a loose woman not a lesbian.”

“So am I.”

Dr. Haze faded away as she slipped off her lab coat. Her glasses bobbed and darted forward before folding themselves closed and gliding onto a mantel piece. Sandy felt a pair of soft lips press against her own and a tongue slip into her mouth as a hand grabbed the sash of her robe and pulled it open. Fingers slid the robe back across her shoulders. “My, my Sandy, you’re already disappearing!” Dr. Haze gasped. Sandy looked down. The lower parts of her legs had vanished, her thighs seeming to hover over the floor. “Interesting. You appear to be vanishing in installments,” Dr. Haze said as her lips travelled down her belly. Sandy’s thighs faded just as Dr. Haze parted them and her unseen face pressed itself against her mound. A tongue slipped in and began flicking her clit. Sandy closed her eyes and threw her head back, her head vanishing as she gasped for air. Her hands and forearms vanished as she reached down to stroke Dr. Haze’s hair. Within a few minutes all that seemed to remain of her was a floating torso with erect nipples, the lips of her vagina opening and closing with the movements of unseen fingers. Slowly the breasts faded away, the abdominals came unraveled until all that remained was Sandy’s mound floating in mid air. Then that faded and all the remained was Sandy’s clit, flushed and engorged, visibly throbbing as Sandy and Dr. Haze began to moan. Slowly, much more slowly than the rest of her, it grew faint until only a vague heated pink remained and then that vanished. “You’re all gone Sandy,”

“Not very scientific.”

“Oh, I take notes even when fucking. Still horny Sandy?”

“Yes, amazingly enough.”

“Invisibility has an interesting effect on the libido.”

“Let’s have a three way with Devi.”

“No. Devi deals with her sexuality and her invisibility her own way. I have a better idea. It’s time I showed you my idea of fun. You were a swimmer, yes?”

“Bronze medal.”

“Good. The dorms the swim team stay in are a short walk. Don’t worry. I checked all their records in anticipation of this.”

“How are they?”

“They are terrible swimmers. But I doubt we’ll have any need for that. Up for it?”

“Why not. Boy’s, you’re about to get fucked by the invisible woman.”

“Actually, I’ve already slept with most of them. But I can point out the best of them”

Sandy laughed. The front door came unlocked, opened and then closed.


Over the next month or so some of Dr. Haze’s neighbors found themselves becoming very curious about her house but were not exactly sure why. There seemed to be a vague air of business about the house. One heard on the streets what sounded like the faint sounds of activity yet no one saw anything. A number of women were seen entering the house, all attractive and well dressed. But none was ever seen leaving. Delivery men recalled either entering an unlocked door to an empty house and being told by a voice from the next room where to leave their packages and pick up their money or of being met at the door by a woman clad in little more than a robe who nevertheless carried herself like a business executive or army officer.

None of this had gotten any attention at Bragg for the college and the entire town were riveted intensely on the new football season. Last year had been a disaster for sports at Bragg. Homosexuality had broken out on a massive scale wreaking every one of the school’s teams. True almost every man had reported, in some cases protested that the experiences involved sensations of a female body but they had all happened in all male locker rooms and dorms. Dr. Prance, an expert on prayer therapy brought over from Blinding White Ministries believed that Bragg had recruited too many students from major urban areas where gaiety was out of control. Bragg, he suggested should recruit from real American type areas, Utah would be ideal except that it was overrun with Mormons. After months of crossing the nation in his mobile command center, Coach Furio had succeeded in recruiting a whole new team from areas of Kansas and Colorado so remote the government had forgotten to electrify them. “These boys only think about Football and God,” he reported proudly.

To celebrate the rebirth of Bragg sports, Stanly Rideway had organized a mega-rally at Benjamin center. Marching bands and cheerleaders would be there and what remained of the drama class would sing the theme from SEMI-TOUGH. Attendance was mandatory for students and faculty. Alumni were flying in from all over the country.

That evening there was one person missing from the Pre-Rally faculty dinner at the Houlihans on Jackson Street. Stanly Ridgeway noted huffily that Dr. Clarice Haze of the physics department was nowhere to be seen. He was so incensed that he was determined to seek her out. He was tired of her lack of school spirit. In fact he had wanted to give her a good talking to but had never been able to find her. But then word came from Coach Furio. An ex player had seen her dressed to the nines at the Bragg Sheraton.

Indeed Dr. Haze was entering a private dining room at the Sheraton, dressed in a strapless form fitting red evening gown, along with about fifteen other women, all similarly attired. Among them was Devi in a blue and green sari with gold trim and Sandy bucking the formal wear in skin tight white jeans, tank top and matching jacket. The ladies all primly took their seats at the table where the food and wine had already been laid out for them. The waiters retreated and closed the heavy oak doors behind them. Sandy strode over and locked it. After dinner Dr. Haze and Devi stood up and raised their glasses. “Thank you all for coming,” she said, “As you all know but may not have seen-“ there was a ripple of knowing laughter at this, “or sisterhood has already grown well beyond the original twenty. From what we’ve been told Major Shandre Harris is in Iran right now, carrying out her mission her way without any cumbersome clothing or equipment while Dale Tenny can’t be here as she’s in the midst of a business conference her rivals thought they had kept her out of.” At this the women all smiled and raised their glasses. “But I digress. As you know no matter how often we go back to our regular lives the house here at Bragg has become close to say the least.” She paused and now glanced over at Devi.

Devi smiled, “Therefore we have managed to acquire the Clearwater Ranch in Laughing Gas, New Mexico. Conveniently close to the new air force proving grounds. The location was a dude ranch with a swimming pool and spacious accommodations. And the weather is warm year round perfect for women such as ourselves. It even has a small landing strip.”

“Do we have a plane?” asked one woman.

“We will soon,” Dr. Haze smiled, And now if I may.. Tonight marks the start of what passes for the academic year at Bragg and more importantly the official start of Bragg’s one true faith. Therefore I have chosen not to leave but to,” her smile widened, “disappear from Bragg. Though not without leaving my mark. So if any of you ladies care to join me…” She raised her glass up high, “To the invisible women.” Dr. Haze brought the glass to her lips and as she drank she and the other women began to slowly lose whatever color was in their skin and hair and then fade until standing at the table were fifteen sets of empty clothes, each perfectly filled out and each draining a flute of champagne. Dr. Haze’s glass floated down from in front of her empty dress to the table. There was a pause of about a second, Then the zipper moved down the back of her dress as the full, firm breasts outlined by the fabric began to lose shape. At this whoops and giggling began to erupt from the table as one by one the dresses cam unzipped, unbuttoned or undone and fell to the floor. Sandy’s top flew off, her jeans coming unzipped as they stepped away from the table while across from her Devi’s sari unwound itself into a heap of colored fabric on the floor. All over the room empty bras came unsnapped, shoes were kicked away and stockings rolled themselves up into nothing. Finally Dr. Haze’s thong undies twisted themselves in mid air and fell onto her chair. And that was it. Sixteen heaps of clothes lay where there had been sixteen women.

A moment later a pounding came on the door. “Dr. Haze!” Stanly Ridgeway bellowed, “I need to see you!”

Giggles erupted from the table. “Let him in,” Dr. Haze said from the head of the table.

The door came unlocked. Ridgeway burst in, followed by one of the wealthier alumni-an heir of course as Bragg produced no entrepreneurs. “What the-“ he gasped.

“They were havin’ an orgy!” the alumni drawled pointing at the discarded clothes.

“By God!” Ridgeway muttered, “Dr. Haze!!!”

“Over here!” came the answer.

Ridgeway spun around, “Where!”

“Over here! Catch my dress though I’m not in it.” At that Dr. Haze’s red dress flew off the floor and hit Ridgeway square in the face. He roared and thrashed about. Jerkily, his arms moved behind him and pinned themselves behind his back. A pair of pantyhose flew off a chair and tied themselves tightly around his wrists. Terrified, the rich alumni turned and broke into a hard run straight out the room only to be tripped and fall flat on his face. A dress flew off the floor and tore itself into strips, strips that were used to hog-tie the stunned man. Across from him, Ridgeway landed on his ass with a loud thump and found his legs bound up by a pair of thong panties. “Those were mine,” Dr. Haze said from somewhere over him, “So treat them nice. Now ladies! On to the rally!”

“WHAT!” Ridgeway shouted. Thrashing about, he began to shout for Dr. Haze as the doors to the dining room closed behind him. Three hours later the hotel staff untied him and presented him with the bill. By then the rally was over.


Stanly Ridgeway’s absence from the rally was remarked upon and it did cause concern. He never missed anything connected with Bragg football. But when Coach Furio took the stage with his new players everyone became so overcome with Bragger pride that everyone forgot about Ridgeway. At the height of his speech no one noticed the doors to the auditorium open and close. Up on the stage, the new players, lined up behind coach, all began to sense the presence of something warm and soft right in front of them. Here and there a tongue teased an ear and lips brushed against a mouth or cheek. The players all began to grow tight and hard. Suddenly Coach Furio’s presentation was interrupted by the sound of loud moaning from several of the players. As they fell back against the wall, their cocks literally burst out of their pants. Furio turned and staggered back from them falling off the stage. Women began to scream. “OH my God! It’s out of control!” Dean Cundy shouted, “Stop them! Stop them!” Security guards rushed towards the stage onto to have a fire extinguisher fly up from behind a curtain and spray them head on with foam. One man rushed from his seat only to have the extinguisher conk him on the head as it tumbled to the floor. On the other side of the auditorium a fire hose shot off its holder, came to life and began spraying the audience which quickly fell over themselves to clear their seats. Up on the stage, the afflicted players dropped their knees as one by one they blew massive loads onto the stage. Several of the other players slipped on the semen and fell as they scrambled to get away.

By now the police had arrived and were forcing their way through the crowd. When they got through they were taken aback. The auditorium wax now filled with water, almost an inch deep, trash and flyers floating past their legs even where they stood. Ahead of them, it was literally raining, the hose out of control. Standing by the hose were four or five hazy outlines or silhouettes, all unmistakably female. “Get ‘em!” the lead cop shouted, oblivious to the fact that they were transparent. The figures screamed and ran out the back. The cops gave chase through the rear into a tight, narrow courtyard. “Where are they?” one of them gasped. They were the only ones in the courtyard. Giggling came from somewhere near the door. Suddenly it closed, locking them out.

With the main fire hose spraying out of control, the auditorium flooded and people fainting from panic, the fire department and EMS arrived. Their efforts soon degenerating into a low level struggle with the police over who was in charge. The chief of police was convinced that someone, probably student sabetours, had caused the chaos while the Fire Chief was convinced that it was a burst pipe or some sort of structural damage to the Benjamin auditorium. Amid the arguing no one noticed the small, portable bar that rolled across the campus from the faculty lounge to the indoor swimming pool. There wine glasses clinked and hovered in mid air while the occasional female figure streaked across the pool while off in the odd corner came the sounds of soft moaning and skin against skin. Had one taken Dr. Haze’s retrovirus one would have seen a pornographer’s dream. Fifteen women, ages thirty to sixty, lounging naked by the pool, Devi and Sandy sipping wine atop the diving board while here and there some of the women had paired off and were making love. The only one missing was Dr. Haze. She hadn’t finished with Bragg yet, she explained.

Across the campus, outside Dean Manheim’s office. Coach Furio was holding an impromptu press conference. He was not sure what had happened, he told the assembled reporters. But he was sure the homosexual agenda had something to do with it. Those guys hated football. Suddenly he was cut off in mid sentence, his mouth hanging open, lips puckering open and closed as if he was sucking on something. The reporters and assembled faculty watched in amazement as his belt cam unbuckled, his pants came unzipped and his phallus popped out fully erect. Furio fell back into a chair and began to moan. Dean Cundy, screamed and threw himself out an open window. Pinching the base of his penis to make sure he didn’t cum too soon, Dr. Haze rode him vigorously, massaging her clit with her other hand to make up for Furio’s stupefied passivity and keeping her full firm breasts against his face to keep him quiet. Somehow, she thought as she pressed her teeth down on her lower lip to make sure that her orgasm passed quietly, it seemed appropriate that she finish out her brief tenure at Bragg by having some vigorous sex with Coach Furio.