Dr. Haze

Dr. Haze - 8

Donna Halgren pulled over behind a trash bin and put the car in park. She had a determined look on her face which went well with her features. She had the profile of an antique statue, a strong jaw and a sharp, straight nose, set off by shoulder length blonde hair. Her face and neck were lined from her fifty two years, two grown kids and failed marriage. But the rest of her was taut and in shape. She worked out. She wore a crisp white blouse, grey skirt and navy blue blazer, her feet in open toe sandals. Two parking lagoons or half a mile down was Magnatek International’s research center, where Donna had worked until two months ago when she had been taken off a project and replaced by a man fifteen years her junior. That had burned her. Donna had years and had put in long hours studying on weekends and after hours to get that position. It infuriated her to lose it just because one of Mr. Ripper’s new cronies considered her an old lady. Her whole body tingled with anticipation when she thought of how she was exactly going to get even with them. So they wanted a centerfold, huh? She’d show them she was still hot.

Or rather, she wouldn’t.

It was almost eight. The parking lot she was in was empty but Magnatek would still be busy. They ran round the clock trying to get the project done on time.

“You don’t have to do this, Donna,” a voice with a cool transatlantic accent said from the back seat. Donna glanced behind her. The seat was empty but in the shadows she could make out a slight depression in the fabric on the left hand side. “You’ve told me more than I need to know to do it myself.”

“Yeah,” Donna replied, “But now that I’ve got this thing, I want to take it out for a spin, try it out in the real world. Not simply play hide and seek at the ranch. Besides, it’s still my project. I’ll know exactly where to look.”

“Well then why don’t you become nobody?” the voice from the back seat said.

Donna grinned nervously and leaned forward.

“Just think of it and it’ll happen,” the voice said, “Remember, nobody can catch you.”

Donna sat up straight and nodded. She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. Her face and hair instantly melted into the shadows. The empty cuff of the navy blue blazer reached up to the rearview mirror and adjusted it so that it reflected the empty collar of her blouse. A nearby light cast deep shows inside the blouse even as it detailed the seams of the sleeves and shoulders. The blouse shrugged off the jacket and wrestled it down to the seat. The blouse held its hollow sleeves out in front of it as if marveling at its missing hands. The right sleeve went up to the left cuff and the button popped loose. Then the right cuff went up the left and that button popped free. The sleeves then went down the front of the blouse, the fabric rippling as one by one the buttons popped open. The sleeves reached up to the lapels and the blouse peeled itself back onto the seat. A big, lacy blue bra, cups taut against something large and full hung over the seat in front of the steering wheel. Slowly the bra tightened and the straps tore free. The bra slid forward, the big cups losing shape before it dropped to the floor. The sandals toppled over empty. The zipper on the skirt slid down and the skirt slipped down to the floor before being kicked away. A pair of lace panties, its fabric limning wide hips and a full mound, sat on the driver’s seat. A naughty giggle came from somewhere in front of the head rest of the driver’s seat as the waistband stretched out and the panties slowly slid down and over the seat, becoming rolled up and shapeless as they hit the floor. They were sopping wet.

“Let’s roll,” Donna said from somewhere behind the steering wheel. The front driver’s side door flew open and then slammed shut. The rear passenger side door did the same.


Twenty four hours later Magnatek’s corporate headquarters were in complete uproar. The building was in lockdown and no one either there or at Magnatek’s research facility was allowed to leave until security completed a series of elaborate background checks. A back up drive containing the complete files for the company’s newest and most top secret project had appeared on the desk of Magnatek’s CEO, Keith Ripper.

Ripper was a still youthful forty five with a trim, muscular build honed after many hours at the gym. His face a little weathered but still boyishly handsome, clean shaven with thick dark blonde hair. Tonight he had a little stubble and his tie was loosened and his shirt rumpled. Standing before him was Ted Tite, Magnatek’s head of security. Bald and built like a fire plug, Tite was a former SWAT team commander and usually intimidated everyone around him, even ripper. But at this moment he looked like a twerp, clutching the only other item that had arrived with the backup drive: a little black cocktail dress.

“I don’t suppose there are any fingerprints on that?” Ripper asked leaning back in his chair.

“Nothing,” Tite answered draping the dress across the back of a chair. Behind him were several of Magatek’s best technicians and programmers. None of whom had any of idea of where the hard drive had come from.

“It has to be an inside job,” Ripper said, “The mainframe has no external links. Even the computers it’s linked to have to external links. And we got ten cameras on it twenty four seven, right.”

Tite nodded, “Everyone at the facility has been accounted for too.”

“Were the cameras tampered with?”

“One did go out. We found prints on it. But no records. Even our friends at the NSA couldn’t trace ‘em.”

“Somebody may have figured out a way to hack the mainframe,” Armin Ghast the chief programmer said. He was a wizened man in a cheap suit.

“Wouldn’t that leave traces?”

“We’re working on it.”

“Okay,” Tite said, “We don’t know the how. But could we figue it out if we could figure out the why?”

“To show off,” a voice with a cool transatlantic accent said.

Everyone stood up and looked around. The voice was clearly that of a woman but the group in Ripper’s office was all male.

“I uploaded the files onto the backup drive and then deposited them on Mr. Ripper’s desk,” the voice continued.

Tite visibly stiffened and narrowed his eyes, “Where the hell are you?”

“Right beside you, Mr. Tite.”

Tite gave a start and jumped back, his jaw hung open.

“What?” Ghast asked.

“Somebody poked me!”

“I did,” the mystery voice replied, “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Dr. Clarice Haze. I am a biologist with a sideline in physics. A combination that led to a rather interesting line of research as you can see, or rather not see.”

Ripper stood up and put his fists on his desk, “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding.”

“Perhaps I should make myself a little less comfortable,” the sultry voice replied, “It won’t be face to face but at least it will give you something to look at.” At this the dress shot up off the chair, the hem of its skirt opening up. As the dress slid down, its fabric limned a face shoulders, breasts and finally full hips and a flat belly. The straps slid up across phantom shoulders and, as the zipper slid up, the fabric tightened across two full, firm, almost perfectly formed breasts. Ripper thought he saw two erect nipples poking through the fabric. The empty dress arched its back and thrust its breasts forward. “As you can see, or rather not, I have succeeded in making myself completely invisible. All I need do is remove my clothing,” the straps of the dress tugged themselves, “And I can go wherever I want.”

“It’s a joke,” Tite said.

“Care to find out Doubting Theodore? I have no objection to being touched, even by you.”

Tite scowled and stepped towards the dress, hesitantly stretching his hand out towards one of the shoulder straps. His fingers seemed to brush air about an inch from it before he snatched them away as if bitten by a snake. “Jesus Christ! There’s something there!”

“Of course there is. I am.” The dress walked over to Ripper, hem swishing a good foot and a half above the floor. “Take your liberty Mr. Ripper,” the voice whispered. He felt warm breath in his face. He stretched his hand out to the same strap Tite had checked. His fingers touched warm, soft skin.

“Mmmmmm….” The voice let out from somewhere between the straps, “Strong hands. I like that.” He felt fingers encircle his wrist and guide his hand upwards. His fingers brushed hair, a pair of nostrils and soft, full lips.

“My God!” he grinned, “You really are invisible! But how did you do it!”

“It’s very complicated. Involving biochemistry and quantum mechanics. I could spend all night laying out the basic principles. Suffice to say, your Project Phantasm has similar principles. I now pass though light and most forms of radiation. You wish to pass though solid matter.”

“So that’s why our cameras and security didn’t detect anything. There was literally nothing to see.”

Tite lowered his head and scowled.

“Yes,” Dr. Haze answered, “I simply walked in and downloaded the files to a remote computer.”

“But how did you know about Project Phantasm in the first place?” Tite asked.

Soft laughter came from somewhere above two rigid yet shifting straps of the dress. The two empty cups of the breasts shifted gently. “Because this wasn’t the first time I have visited your research facility. I know all about your various projects.”

“But why send us the files you stole?” Ripper asked, “Why reveal yourself, if that’s the word, to us?”

“Because I have ambitions, Mr. Ripper. Since becoming invisible, I have done a great many things. But in order to achieve everything that I want to do, I need a large and fully equipped research facility.”

“And the staff that comes with it,” Ghast said.

“No!” the dress briefly turned towards him, “I can work very well alone. But I need the latest equipment.”

“Obviously you intend this to be mutually beneficial,” Ripper said.

“But of course. I wish to negotiate an arrangement.”

“Fine,” Ripper said, “We’re here.”

The dress walked, as if pensively to the door, “I wish to negotiate with you alone Mr. Ripper. I wish my activities here to be as secret as possible.”


“Isn’t it obvious? I became invisible for a reason. It has allowed me to do a great deal that I would never be able to do as a mere biochemist. And there is a great deal I intend to do after this project is over.”

“At our expense,” Tite said sourly.

The dress pivoted towards him but Ripper shushed him.

“And if we refuse?” Ripper asked.

“Well…” the straps of the dress tugged themselves outwards.

“No need for that Doctor. Let’s make arrangements, you and I.” He glanced over at Ghast and Tite, “You two, out.”

Tite gasped at him in shock but he motioned for them to leave. When they were gone, he gestured towards an empty chair. The dress sat down in it. He was now looking directly across from where the fabric limed those big solid breasts. The fabric was stretched taut over them. He could even see the nipples clearly. But beyond that thin air with shadows falling on the inside of the fabric. “A pity you can’t show yourself,” he said, “You appear to have a nice body.”

“I take very good care of my body,” Dr. Haze answered.

“Don’t you have any invisible clothes?”

“No. The process only works on living tissue. But I don’t mind. I’ve found nudity to be very liberating. I almost never wear clothes Mr. Ripper.”

“That’s sad, since that appears to be the only way anyone can see you.” His eyes noted the way the fabric of the dress shifted any time she appeared to move or breath.

“I make good use of the remaining four senses, Mr. Ripper.”

“So what do you need?” Ripper asked, “I’ll give you whatever you want. Provided Magnatek gets to use what you discover. And of course I want the specs on the invisibility process.”

“But of course. I will give you a list of the equipment and chemicals I need tomorrow. But what I need primarily is space. I need a floor to myself. Somewhere where I can work undisturbed.”

“And how will I know that you are keeping to our arrangement?”

“I will send you regular reports. Isn’t that how technicians at your research facility are supervised? I will send the reports directly to you.”

“The researchers on my payroll are also supervised.”

“Mr. Ripper. I am going to give you the secret of invisibility and I am fairly sure that I can figure out the impasse on Project Phantasm using my work on invisibility. Keeping this top secret should be in your own interest.”

“All right. Then I’ll supervise you. Agreed?”

“Certainly boss.”

“Now then,” he said reaching for the phone, “Let me call Ghast to make all the arrangements.” He was stopped by the sound of a zipper coming down. He glanced up. The dress stood hovering in front of the chair, the loosened ends of the back flying free behind it.

“I thought that we could seal our arrangement with something a little more intimate than a handshake and some champagne,” Dr. Haze said as the straps of the dress slid down. The full, heavy breasts seemed to collapse as if deflating as the dress came down around the waist like a dismasted sail. Above the waist, nothing but thin air. Inside the waist, he could see the cheap seam work of the dress. The dress outlined Dr. Haze’s wide hips and flat belly as it seemed to wrestle itself down to the floor. The dress rotated around to give him a glance at a big, but very well shaped ass, jutting out forward as if the good Doctor was mooning him before it lost shape and slid to the floor.

He stood up glancing down at the dress on the floor. The room now seemed to be completely empty. Yet he could hear the whisk of skin against skin and the pad of something soft on the carpet. Soft laughter came from somewhere in front of him. “Think of it as a practical demonstration,” Dr. Haze said as the zipper of his pants were tugged down and fingers reached in to pull out his dick. For a second he panicked, but then he thought of the ass the dress had all too fleetingly outlined as it was coming off. He began to get hard.

Dr. Haze pressed her back against his and then pressed her full firm breasts against his chest, erect nipples poking him through his shirt. Slipping behind him, her fingers reached under his jacket and slid it off. He turned around and tried to grab her but she slipped away, his fingers brushing against her skin as the room became filled with her laughter. Suddenly, her lips pressed against his and her tongue slid into his mouth. Fingers undid his tie and then slid it from his collar. The tie streamed through the air and then landed on the floor. Fingers now began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Mmmmn,” Dr. Haze said as more and more of his hard musculature came into view, “I see you take good care of yourself.”

“You seem in pretty good shape yourself, for a ghost.”

“I’m very much alive, Mr. Ripper. And that dress gives only a hint.”

The shirt was now all open and immediately the belt came undone and the button of his pants popped open. Two hands pulled his pants down to his ankles. The tip of a nose brushed against his belly. Fingers gently massaged his balls, then ran along the length of his shaft as a pair of lips closed over his dick. Ripper glanced down in amazement. His foreskin was moving back and forth with the lips yet there was nothing in front of him. Even so, he leaned back and let himself get as hard as rock. He had always been good in the sack and figured that a good fuck might just get a handle on the invisible Dr. Haze.

Suddenly, the lips and the fingers left his dick. He was standing alone, in his office, his hard cock sticking in the air. “Cold feet, Doctor?” he asked.

“Only in contrast to the rest of my body,” Dr. Haze replied, “I would very much like you to explore it.”

“Fine, but where is it?”

Soft laughter came from somewhere in front of him. “I am sitting on your desk and I’m afraid I’m dripping vaginal juices on some of your important papers.”

“What?” the papers in front of the didn’t seem to be stained. But then he noticed that some of them were damp. “Jesus Christ!”

“Punish me Keith. If of course you can find me.”

He lunged at the desk but the papers rustled and Dr. Haze was gone.

“I’ll play fair Keith. I’ll stay in this room.” Dr. Haze’s bare ass brushed against his own. He whirled around to grab her but go nothing but laughter in his ear. Suddenly fingers closed gently around his dick. They pulled him gently back to his desk. His fingers reached out and touched a cleanly shaved leg. His fingers traveled up the inside of the leg till they grasped the inside of a hip. His other hand reached over, feeling past the tangle of damp hair over the Doctor’s mound for the other him. Fingers slipped round his wrist and guided his hand into the hot wet folds of her snatch. Fingers encircled his dick again and began to play with his foreskin.

“What if I told you that I have had many times more sexual partners since becoming invisible?” His free hand was now limning strong, sinewy arms and brushing against her nipples.

“You seduce them?” His fingers found her clit and gently brushed it. Dr. Haze moaned.

“Very good Keith. They enjoy it.”

Ripper decided to get down to business. He now knew where Dr. Haze was in relation to him and the general layout of what felt like a strong and impressive body. He brushed her hand from his cock and quickly felt his way to her hips, pushing her legs apart.

“Let her rip, Keith,” Dr. Haze said, her breath in his face, “Don’t worry about a condom. I know you’re clean.”

He took his dick in his fingers and thrust his pelvis forward. He saw and felt the tip bump against the inside of her thigh, coarse hair brushing against it. Two invisible fingers caught the space between the shaft and the head and guided it until the tip was pressed against the wet folds of her cunt. He looked down. Dr. Haze’s arms were now around him and her cheek pressed against his yet all he saw was his hard dick throbbing over his papers. He gave a qick thrust, the head of his dick slipping inside.

Dr. Haze shifted and let out a long moan. He almost did too. Her cunt was delicious. Slowly he slipped into her, deeper and deeper. Then slowly he slipped out till only his head was inside her. Her arms slipped free of him and he felt her violently shift. A light thud sounded from the desk and papers rustled to the floor. Ripper slowly slid himself back in watching as his foreskin folded back seemingly on its own accord.

He reached down, running his hand along hot sweaty, yet invisible skin before cupping a full firm breast. He reached forward, fingers brushing hair before skimming nostrils the brew hot breath and soft full lips. At the thought of what the doctor might actually look like, he began to thrust harder. He got out a bottle of Vaseline, fumbling with the cap before sticking his finger in it. He traced the skin from where his cock met her vagina, Dr. Haze letting out a delighted groan as he did so and found her asshole. Carefully, he slid his vaselined finger in. Dr. Haze began to cry out. Continuing his thrusts into her, he worked the finger in deeper, gently massaging her insides. He must have looked ridiculous, wriggling a greased up finger in mid air while while fucking his desk yet he could feel and hear Dr. Haze bucking and writhing beneath him and feel her legs wrapped tight around his waist and smell sweat and musk coming off of her invisible body.

Finally something slipped inside him. His thrusting became hard and involuntary and he could feel the cum shooting out of him in what felt like tremendous wads. He looked down. The semen seemed to be billowing out of his dick in sticky little clouds. He slipped out of her, cum and juice dribbling over his day planner. Hovering just over the wood of his desk were little ropes of jism outlining the folds of a pussy and the beginnings of a cervix He lost control of his thrusting as began to blow wad after wad of cum, semen billowing up in little clouds from his dick. When he finally slipped out of her, the folds of her pussy and the inside of her cervix were limned with dripping jism.

Her legs tightened around him. He felt her arms slip around his back and her breasts swell against his bare chest, erect nipples brushing against his skin. “Very good, Keith,” Dr. Haze whispered, breath in his face. Her skin was sweaty. A pair of soft lips brushed against his and a tongue briefly slipped into his mouth and intertwined with his. Then the arms and the legs let go of him and he felt the breasts pull away from him. The papers on his desk moved and he saw the wad of cum shift and bob away until it was nothing more than a hazy splotch hanging over the carpet.

“Remember our deal,” Dr. Haze said, “I am almost always invisible and prefer to be. I don’t want reports flying around this building about a haunted laboratory. This entire project should be our little secret.”

He gave a quick nod, “And what about what just happened?”

“We’ll get together every night. Wherever you want. It can even be a public place if you like. Remember, nobody can see me. I’ll report on my progress for the day and then you and I can do something to ease the day’s tensions.”

The little white splotch bobbed and danced towards door which opened about a foot or so. The splotch disappeared behind it and it closed. The splotch bobbed and weaved its way through the halls before entering an office whose owner had gone for the day. The door closed behind it. The wad of cum settled down over a leather chair, the seat sinking down and spreading out. A tissue shot of the desk and glided down to the cum, scrunching itself up in front of it for several seconds. Then it wadded itself up and shot into the wastepaper basket. The chair leaned back farther. A low barely perceptible sound of skin against skin mingled with drawn breath. Soft sighs became low moans. A musky smell began to fill the room. Like most men, Keith just didn’t last long enough. Still, it had been a too long since she had felt a man inside of her. Back at the ranch with it being all women and all of them pretty much doing without clothing all the time (to the untreated eye, the place looked as if it had been hastily abandoned) quite a few, if not most of the women had begun to pair off. Given her own attitudes towards sexuality, Dr., Haze had no problem joining in, sleeping with a number of the other women and having something of a sustained fling with Sandy, who regularly shared her bed when she was at the ranch. But while she found women satisfying and her sexual encounters with Sandy to be very intense, it simply wasn’t the same as a good hard fuck. It was just that much more intense watching a man get out his clothes and go wild. She enjoyed feeling them inside of her, feeling them thrust deeper and deeper and let go. If only Keith had lasted a little longer before cumming. He was just the tonic after too many petting sessions at the ranch. Once things got going, she would have to train him to be a little more attentive.

The chair leaned all the way back and the room sounded with a long, satisfied sigh. Then the chair snapped back upright. Soft padding could just be heard on the carpet and the door swung back open. A few moments later one of the elevators came to life and rode down several floors. This was one of the levels where Magnatek’s lower level employees toiled and at this hour it was practically empty. Most of the lights were out. The padding of bare feet made its way past the cubicles until it came to a conference room that was all lit up. The glass door swung closed.

Inside a few of the chairs had been pulled out and one could just make out the rustle here and there of bare skin. Dr. Haze focused her eyes, shifting her vision. The colors changed ever so subtly and the chairs came to be filled by Devi, Donna Halgren and Sandy. They were all naked of course and they could all see each other but none of them made any effort to hide their bodies. Devi’s hair fell well past her waist and cascaded down over her chest and shoulders but both her breasts poked out from it. Donna leaned back in her chair seemingly unconcerned with the slight sags middle age had left in her breasts and tummy while Sandy sat erect, letting them all see the hard muscles of her arms and shoulders. Dr. Haze stood embarrassed. They had all gotten used to the sight of each other’s nude bodies of course but she feared that it was a tad too obvious that she had just came away from a sexual encounter. Indeed, she saw Donna give her a wink and a smile while Sandy’s face hardened into s scowl. Donna of course didn’t mind. One of her first acts after becoming invisible was to seduce an ex boyfriend in full view of everyone at a sales conference, stripping him naked and mounting him right on the conference room table. But Sandy had increasingly made it clear that she wanted to be more than just friends with benefits. This saddened Dr. Haze. She loved Sandy and would have wanted her as a companion and lover but she needed her sexual adventures. She enjoyed sex and men too much. One of the main reasons she had become invisible was so that she could indulge her sexual desires with impunity. She was tired of being branded a slut or worse because she chose on occasion to enjoy herself.

She looked away from Sandy and sat down at the head of the table.

“Well?” Devi asked.

“He’s agreed to everything we want,” Dr. Haze replied, “A fully equipped laboratory no questions asked.”

“We’ve been making some decisions too,” Devi said, “While I would very much like to get my hands on this Project Phantasm of theirs, I think we should stick to our immediate priority: creating a version of the invisibility process that affects only women. Especially now that we will be operating here. Right now we can make men invisible just as easily as we can women and I shudder to think of what might happen if that Ghast fellow or one of his smarter flunkies happens to get a gander at our machinery and chemicals.”

“Yeah, we can’t make them invisible,” Donna said, “But I have an idea.”

“What?” Dr. Haze asked.

“We should recruit heavily here at Magnatek. Not just upper echelon executives and technicians but accountants and secretaries. That would give us some cover to keep Ghast and his people from nosing around. After all, our goal is give all women the ability to become invisible, why not start here?”

“And I presume that you can handle Ripper, Clarice?” Sandy asked.

Dr. Haze winced. Normally, she was rather unabashed about her sexuality. At the ranch she would go around to the various women she was close to on a Saturday night and ask if any of them wanted to join her when she went into town to seduce and sleep with various men. But she was too aware of Sandy’s hurt feelings. But then it occurred to her that Sandy had to be all too well aware of how promiscuous she was. She leaned back in her chair and folded her hands behind her head, “I have him right where I want him,” she said.