Heiress in Bloom

2 - A Destined Meeting

A Destined Meeting

“You don’t really think it’s haunted,” Mary said, looking at the photograph of you as a baby. “There’s no doubt about it, though--this is you.” She looked at the photo and back at Zach. “I think you were just freaked out because of the whole...situation, you know?”

“Nah,” Zach took a long draught of coffee from his mug and put it at the edge of the table for a refill. “Mary, there’s no explaining away what happened to me this afternoon.” She looked at the empty mug.

“Yeah. Maybe switch to decaf. It’s like 8PM.” Mary smiled, but Zach didn’t.

“Of course I don’t blame you for not believing me,” Zach said. “But you believe I believe it, right?” Mary sighed and shook her head.

“Let’s go. Can we just go there?” Zach waved his hands and gestured to the cup. “Dude, that’s two. You don’t need a third.” Mary looked up over the counter. “Just the check? Thanks!” Zach rolled his eyes as her smile beamed at the waitress watching the counter. He pulled out his wallet. “You don’t want to go.”

“I’d rather go back when I can air the damn place out,” Zach said. “I’m excited, but--it’s way out in the middle of nowhere. The lighting is ancient. We might break our legs.” The last bits were lies, and Zach knew it. The place was old, for sure--but the decor in some rooms was also modernized, and nothing--no matter its age--was in disrepair.

“I’ll lead the way,” Mary said. “I’m like an urban explorer veteran.” Once the bill was on the table, Zach left bills enough to pay for their coffees and tip 0and headed out with Mary.

“Tomorrow, Mar. When we can see. When I can think straight.” Mary got a step ahead of Zach and turned to face him, arms crossed.

“You can think two-cups-straight, Z. You are taking me to the damn mansion that - happened - to - fall - in - your - lap - this - morning.” She was smiling, but her eyes had a ‘do not fuck up my fun’ look that Zach wasn’t going to say no to. He didn’t want to go--certainly not at night--but he also didn’t want to disappoint Mary. She was one of the outgoing girls, he was a wallflower--that was the same--but they were in college now. Zach had to at least try to keep up with her.

“Fuck it. Let’s go.” Zach let himself break into a smile, and Mary’s eyes lit up. She clapped her hands like an idiot and ran to the passenger door of Zach’s car.

“You DO have courage, you see? It was in you all along!” Mary giggled.

“Spare me,” Zach laughed. They both got into the car as Zach headed west, toward the state game lands.


* * *


Before the two arrived, lights in the house popped on all over. A hypothetical someone seated in the entryway would have heard shuffling from every room, light swishing sounds or spray bottles. The activity peaked and receded to silence moments before Zach’s car pulled into the driveway.

The lights remained on.

“It sure looks like someone’s here. You didn’t talk to anyone?”

“Just the attorney, suit...angry guy from earlier. But he wasn’t in the house at all. He didn’t want to go near the place, I don’t think.” Zach walked up the steps of the porch, and Mary admired the facade, looking at the lighted pillars and gardens and wondering how many full time staffers it took to keep this place looking like it did.

“It’s--it’s astounding. How could you even be creeped out, Zach? Every square foot of this place is bathed in light. Even the porch and the gardens...and the big barn out there!”

“Keep your voice down, Mary,” Zach said. “I’m going to use the bell again.” She scowled at him for a second, but was as curious as he was after he pressed the doorbell.

Nothing for seconds afterward.

“So…?” Mary whispered. Zach hit the doorbell again, letting the chimes play. Mary stared.

“Okay, okay.” Zack knocked loudly on the front door and placed his key, turning the door open again. “Hello?” His voice boomed in the entry. “It’s Zach again--the caretaker Mr. Green spoke to on the property earlier?” He looked at Mary, who shrugged. “I’ve just got a real estate agent here to see the place,” Zach joked, talking to no one. Mary hit him playfully. “Just trying to see what kind of scratch a 26-room place gets out here in the woods.”

“Not so haunted anymore, Mr. Ellis?” Mary asked, poking him as he went up the stairs.

“It is pretty well lit,” Zach said, “Which in some sense is freaky because I still haven’t seen anyone--but it just looks so homey now. Kinda familiar.” Zach shrugged as he reached the landing and looked around. “I mean, I’m sure it helps that you’re here.” He continued up to the 2nd floor. “Maybe you were right--too many weird old memories to process at once.”

But the dress. The dress had happened, hadn’t it? Now he wasn’t sure. He couldn’t find the thing, nor the wand or hat after waking up. Maybe he drifted off on the bed and THEN had the dream. He walked past a small bedroom and glanced to see a gown--with shoes and gloves--moving through the room. He froze and went back to the door, almost slamming into Mary as he did--and saw nothing.

“What? Geez, you almost made me run into you!” Mary said. Zach was focused on the room.

“I...I swore I saw something in here. Zach walked to the closet and flung the door open to reveal--nothing. Bare hangers.

“The chest, dude. I wanna see that.” Mary stood at the doorway.

“Yeah, yeah. This way.”

Zach went out and down the hall once more, heading to the room he thought contained the chest. There was the bed, the bureau, a desk--but no chest. Everything else in the room was exactly the same.

“It’s gone,” Zach said, raising his arms and looking around the room. “It was totally in here, right at the foot of the bed. It’s gone.”

“You’re sure it was this room?” Mary asked, peeking back into the hall. “Yeesh, the property must go back a quarter-mile.” Mary wandered down the hall a bit. “But look at this room…” Mary’s voice got farther away as Zach continued to look around. Eventually he heard: “Holy shit, Zach!”

Zach jogged out of the room and down the hall, following Mary. He entered a large room that must have belonged to the mistress of the house. The furniture was all ebony and marble, and included a massive five-mirror vanity, an imposing dresser, a wardrobe on obsidian legs, and finally an open walk-in closet full of clothes of all kinds. There were costumes and old-time clothes; formal wear to modern business wear.

“Look at this, Zach!” Mary burst out of the closet holding a latex domme outfit on a large wooden hanger. There were even accessories dangling from it--long red gloves and a black riding crop slung around the hook. “Just like--open and visible! Whatever kind of kinky stuff goes on in your new house, I have got to know more.” Mary slapped Zach on the back, handing the outfit to him and she went back into the closet. “Seriously, you should get a load of these boots, dude. I think--” Mary pulled out a pair of long thigh-high boots. “Oh my God, Zach--did you inherit a bordello?”

Dangling on Zach’s side as he held it almost at arm’s length, the outfit on the hanger swayed with his motions, all except the crop, which suddenly turned horizontal. Neither of them noticed.

“I don’t think you should be pulling things out of closets, Mary.”

“Please...it was open! The closet door too!” The crop snapped and slapped Mary right on the wrist, just enough to irritate her for a moment. “Hey!”

Zach held the outfit away from him, looking at it suspiciously.

“Did--did I just feel it move?”

“Oh, haw haw, Zach--the haunted stripper outfit was mad I called it a stripper outfit.” She grabbed the hanger back from him and went into the closet with the boots. “I was just saying--it was open. And we pretty much have confirmed no one’s been here all day.” Just as Zach was about to respond, “Annnnd it’s legally yours.”

“Because I inherited it,” Zach said. “Apparently. But that doesn’t really mean you should be rifling through other people’s things.” Mary blushed a bit and shrugged.

“Okay, okay--but all I’m saying is that if I didn’t want people to pry through my stuff, I wouldn’t leave it in an open bedroom--in an open closet. Didn’t mean to make it awkward for you.” She brushed off her hands. “Next room?”

“There’s a door through here, actually,” Zach said, indicating to another in the room. This one seemed to lead right to the next room behind it. Mary headed toward it, opening it to a dazzling parlor.

“Wowwee...and a little bar, but no icebox. Which means there’s a bigger bar, and probably a dance hall somewhere,” Mary said.

“How would you even know that?” Zach asked.

“Seems like...1920s, right? It’s that kind of mansion. It’s massive. You said 26 rooms?”

“I was guessing,” Zach said, following to the door. “I didn’t know you knew--” The door slammed shut in Zach’s face before he reached the threshold.

“Whoa! Are you okay, Zach?” Mary said from behind the door.

“Um--a little freaked.” Zach tried the door, but the knob wouldn’t budge. “A little...more freaked.”

“Relax, I probably knocked a doorstop over. It’s an old door; it’s probably not supposed to be closed. Just push.” Mary. Always the optimist.

“Nah--it’s closed. And the knob won’t turn.” Zach just sighed and looked at the other door. “I’ll go around.” The moment Zach took a step toward the door to the hall, the other door slammed shut. A second later, he swore he heard the lock turn over.

“What was that?” Mary asked, muffled. Zach only whimpered, low enough that he hoped she didn’t hear him. He heard her footsteps move away, then another door opened as Mary’s footfalls became closer to the other door. “Zach, the other one too?”

“I--I didn’t close it...you’ve got to get me out of here, Mary!” Zach said, looking at both doors. The house was doing things again, and it separated him from his only witness.

“Hey--relax.” The knob rattled, and Mary huffed. “Damn, this one too.”

“Mary…” There was a tremor in his voice now. She thought he was overreacting, but she also saw the door fly shut in his face. There had to be an explanation, but for someone like Zach--who took anything as proof of his superstitions--this place was already freaky. Could she blame him?

“It’s cool, Zach. They all look like skeleton locks--more modern ones, right--so they still take an old timey-looking key, but they snap lock when they shut. Probably why everything was propped open. I’ll find a key!”

“What do you mean you’ll find a key?” Zach mumbled. “How would you even know where to find one?”

“Skeleton keys usually unlock the whole house,” Mary said. “If you didn’t get one from your dude--who gave you like...everything other key to this place--then the inside door keys are all still in here. In most of these houses, the skeleton keys hang out in the bathrooms.”

“Again, why would you know all--any of this?”

“Because my mom’s a realtor and I’ve seen a million of these gilded-age places, and I’m a romantic design nerd like you’re a nerd about--all the ghosts you’re scared of right now?” Mary said, chuckling. That was the right frame to lighten it up. Zach laughed.

“Alright...I guess I’ll have to trust you,” Zach said.

“Listen, I’ll find a key, or I’ll get an axe from the shed, okay?” Mary laughed. “Heeeeeere’s MARY!”

“Shut up and find the key,” Zach said, propping himself against the door. “Of course I’m stuck in the room where you had to point out all the kinky clothes.”

“Heh! Don’t try anything on. Be right back!” Mary trailed as she headed down the hall. Zach looked up to the closet where Mary had gotten the latex clothing.  

Zach looked around the room, searching the bureau and nightstands for a key. He looked at one of the panel windows, opened it with ease, but found there was no way to drop the 20 feet to the garden and stone wall below. If Mary didn’t come up with a key, he’d have to figure something else out. (She had to be joking about the axe.) As he closed the window once more, all the clothes that were in the closet started to sway on their closet rods.

A draft. It had to be a draft, right?

When Zach walked over, the clothes kept right on swinging, despite the fact that he’d shut the window. The swaying became more pronounced, and Zach found himself backing away in the bedroom. Now a dress sloughed off of a hanger, now a whole shelf of clothes tumbled out of the closet. Finally, he watched in horror as the boots mary was handling earlier clicked out into the center of the closet, walking all on their own--and straight toward Zach.

He stared at the impossible, backing up more as he watched the fallen clothes pick themselves up one by one, each of them beginning to take the shape of a curvy woman.

“What--what’s happening here? M-mary?” Zach didn’t get an answer as he inched toward the door, praying that Mary was about to be behind it with a key. “Mary…? Mary!” Zach looked back at the closet, and by now it seemed like the whole closet of clothes were coming to life and filling out to shape as if there were invisible women wearing them. He tried to keep his distance, but was startled when he backed into something soft moving against his backside. He turned to see some poofy bloomers with frills, wiggling against his midsection. Like the other clothes, they were hollow, yet still filled with obviously feminine curves. He tried to back away again, only to run into more clothing.

He did another one-eighty to see a dominatrix costume with shoulder-length red latex gloves, a latex bustier with massive invisible breasts jutting from its front, and under it, a floating latex mini skirt with stockings, couched in knee-high boots with 4-inch-heels. It also had a black cape wrapped around its invisible shoulders, and a riding crop in its hands.

It was obviously the outfit Mary had handled earlier.

A host of other outfits ranging from old-fashioned formal dress to bawdy costumes and downright kinky outfits all fell into line behind the invisible domme, who seemed to take the lead. He backed against a wall now, seeing that even the vanity and dresser drawers were open, and the underwear, socks, hosiery and gloves in them were hovering and bouncing around the room, filled to the shape of the hips, breasts, legs and hands that might otherwise be occupying them.

As the swirling clothes in the room sailed over the outfits from the closet, the bloomers hovered under a poofy skirt, which became a part of a maid's outfit with white opera gloves, white stockings and thigh-high boots. There was a choker hovering just above the spread of the maid’s blouse, where a slender neck would be--if someone was actually wearing the outfit.

Zach heard heels clicking toward him again, and now he looked up to see the dominatrix outfit standing right in front of him.

“Wh-wh--how is this happening? I--” A wrist-length leather glove shot out of nowhere and clamped over his mouth, staying on it like glue. Zach’s resulting scream was muffled by the move, and when he tried to remove the glove, it wouldn't budge. Whatever magical force was controlling this glove was far stronger than him--which probably meant all the other clothes were too.

Zach was panicked, his eyes darting around as he struggled to overpower these clothes--but the more he did, the more his own clothes seemed to move like syrup--like they were resisting his own motions. The domme outfit stood calmly, letting its glove up on his mouth.  He wasn’t expecting it even for a second, but the outfit spoke with a sexy female voice.

“It would seem that we have an unexpected guest coming into our home, hmm? We haven't had a male here in years.” The other female outfits were murmuring as if they were people, and the domme outfit silenced them by raising her hand. “...though maybe not quite unexpected...” The gloved hand rested above the collar, as if it was covering an invisible mouth. “I know you...don’t I, Zachary?”

Zach gasped as the long, flowing latex cape swept around the dom outfit and coiled around him, compressing his clothes against him. The elastic rubber stretched around him, and he felt the cape pulling his limbs against his body, hugging him and restraining him further.

“Wh--how do you know me? Who...what are you?” Zack managed, never taking his eyes off of the strange living sheet of latex slithering over him. He knew the dress had really happened last night--that much was sure. And he was seeing magic--capital M magic that had nothing to do with card tricks or wires. These clothes were animated by some force--and Zach knew it was the same force that he encountered earlier.

For some reason, it calmed him. So did the sultry voice coming from thin air.

“We’re enchanted clothes that were given life by the mistress of this mansion, Zachary. Do you know who that is?” Zach opened his mouth to respond when his vision was flooded with darkness. The latex cape seemed to swallow him up before he tripped over his bound legs and fell to the floor.

At first, he didn’t realize everything fell with him. When he realized the latex had gone slack, he peeled it back from over his face and looked around the room. There were only piles of clothing all over the floor where the imposing living outfits had been.

Now he heard the door rattle.

“I told you there’d be a sk--” Mary swung the door open and stopped mid-word when she saw Zach tangled in the kinky BDSM getup. “Um…” She looked around the room at all the open bureau and nightstand drawers, then at the closet. Everything was bare. “Find anything you like, Zach?” Mary snickered.

“You took long enough!” Zach said, more urgently than he wanted to.

“Whoa--look at your eyes,” Mary said, looking around. “Seriously, what happened in here?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Zach said. “Pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before.” Mary shrugged.

“Listen, you saw something before. What was I supposed to say?” Zach pulled the cape from around him and jumped up, backing away from all the clothes.

“I dunno if I can take much more of this house. We should probably go.” Zach started toward the door, and it slammed shut.

“Whoa,” Mary said, staring the door down. Her eyes darted around. “Zach, I just saw that door slam on its own.” Zach bit his lip for a second. “I’m listening. What happened to you?”

“You’re not going to believe it.” He stubbornly headed for the door, and the lock turned over. He looked up at Mary when she gasped.

“Here,” She said, producing the skeleton key. She threw it to Zach, and in a shaky arc to his hand, it was caught.

By a long, black glove--hanging in space. The slender, shining arm gripped the key between finger-and-thumb as another long glove swooped to cover it. In a second, the key was gone, and both of the shiny hands opened their palms face down to prove it.

One of the gloves wagged a finger at Mary, and she started backing away.

“Zach?” Her voice was small and far away. Zach watched her through the dancing gloves, and Mary froze in place as she watched a bustier rise up off the ground and fill the space between the gloves. The skirt and limp stockings hovered into position, waiting for the boots to flop up and zip. The moment they did, the entire dominatrix outfit swelled.

Zach watched it with more human eyes; no longer the scared animal from a few minutes ago. There was absolute sensuality in the way the clothes walked and moved, and Zach’s heart thumped as the outfit approached Mary.

Mary shrunk back a bit as the outfit faced her menacingly. Zach watched it from behind, staring at the round shape of the skirt for a second. It seemed even bigger than before. As the outfit approached Mary, she let out a short scream. Just as with Zach, a short leather glove clamped over her mouth as the other brushed against her face.

Zach knew it wasn’t going to do any good, but he tried to pull the outfit away from behind. He darted toward it like a cat, doing his best to blindside something that didn’t have eyes, but it was pointless--the latex cape was right under him.

The corners clamped like a venus fly-trap as Zach was swallowed whole by the stretchy latex cape. It pulled him off his feet and slithered under him entirely, throwing him into the air. Zach spread his limbs as best he could, but the latex sprang back, hugging him tight and suspending him before the dominatrix outfit.

“Well, he does have some courage in him, hmm?” A muffled Zach could be heard fighting the wriggling cape, and Mary’s eyes went from the imposing outfit to Zach’s latex trap. “Speak your mind, child, but howl again and we’ll wash it with soap.” The leather glove loosed its grip.

“Don’t--hurt him…” Mary plead. The cape popped open and smoothed itself, leaving Zach to sink in wherever his weight sat. He looked shaken, but his eyes went to Mary.

“He’s fine, dear. We didn’t want him to do anything foolish.” The domme outfit turned to Zach and waved an arm at him, and his jacket pulled itself right off his shoulders and danced toward the door. When it unlocked and popped open, Mary flinched and turned away from the glove.

Her dash for the door was stopped short by a black and white maid outfit. She ran straight into it, caught by the soft white gloves. She found herself looking down into the hollow outfit before taking a step back. Now more clothes were coming to life, and Mary craned her head in all directions to watch underwear and leggings dance with boots, stockings, heels and socks.

“You haven’t howled again, that’s commendable.” A chair sailed across the room and placed itself in front of the girl. “Have a seat, child. You are our guest.” Out of shock and self-preservation, Mary did as she was told, sitting on the comfy antique chair.

“So what am I, then?” Zach asked on the latex sheet, trying to maneuver himself. Every time he managed toward a side, the edge of the cape would lift up, and the slicked surface would slide him back.

“Uncooperative, at the moment.” The domme waved an empty glove at him, and now his green t-shirt inflated on him as if a fan was blowing from straight under it. He struggled to hold his arms down and found himself lifting off the latex sheet with the shirt itself. Just as he was trying to use this new development to his advantage, his red tennis shoes untied themselves and jumped off his feet.

Mary gasped as she watched her friend suspended in the air. When she let out a peep she covered her mouth and looked over at the domme outfit, now standing next to her and watching Zach. A latex hand patted her on the shoulder and began to rub her back.

“You may gasp in awe, my dear,” the outfit chuckled, “But to howl or shriek is unbecoming of a lady of strength.” Mary looked up at the well-filled bustier and directed an unsure smile where she thought the outfit’s face would be.

“He found the box,” Mary said, to the point. “He must have some connection to this place...right?” She looked up at Zach and held back a laugh. By now his pants were pulling themselves down and running out of the room with his socks, but he stubbornly hung onto his ballooning shirt suspending him six feet aloft now.

“Zach is of the blood of the house,” the domme outfit said.

“I’m what?!” He shouted, clinging to his shirt with one hand. His boxers shifted on him and he used the other hand to hold them. “Stop it! Make them stop, Mary’s in here!”

Mary had to laugh now. She was blushing watching Zach fight with his animated clothes, but she couldn’t pull her eyes away. He was going to do what they wanted him to do, and right now--they wanted him naked.

“Darling, we’re pleased to know you have such good taste in women,” The domme outfit said. “I believe your friend Mary has just the kind of mind we’re going to need.”

Mary’s face took on a maroon side of red now as she snickered, covering her mouth as she laughed. When she did, the antique chair hopped on its legs, making her grip it tightly. It sailed into the air and her laughter continued as the floating chair brought her closer to Zach.

“What are you laughing at?” Zach cried, holding his boxers on as they tugged harder. “Do you think this is normal? You’re supposed to be the--” Zach gulped as his underwear were torn away. He let his other arm out of the ballooning tee and dropped to the latex cape below. “--the skeptic one!”

Zach’s pillowy tee floated over to Mary for a moment, letting her feel the stretchy cotton. A chill went down her spine as she ran her hands over the fabric, feeling only a little give even though there was nothing but air inside. Zach’s shirt drifted away from her and out the door as the bloomers and maid outfit danced in front of Mary.

“Mary,” The domme outfit said, “I’d like you to meet Suzie and Molly--Zachary’s primary familiar and taskmaster.”

“They--they have names?” Mary said, grinning like a fool. “I don’t mean any disrespect,” She said to the outfit and the adorable puffing underwear, “but--I mean--” Mary looked around at all the animated clothes in the room “--it’s kind of a wonder I’m not already dead of a heart attack. How on earth is all of this happening?” Mary’s hovering chair gently rocked her back and forth, and she closed her eyes as she snuggled against it for a moment.

“Too many questions at once, my dear. Yes--some of us take names as articles, others as outfits. Some of us do with ‘Mistress’, like me.”

“Um...I don’t mean to interrupt here,” Zach said, cradling himself with both hands as he did his best to shield himself, “but can I have my clothes back?”

“You are interrupting,” The domme outfit said, waving her glove into the air. In a moment, the cape bulbed in the center and lifted Zach up, at first. Then the folds of the cape swirled around his hands and feet, keeping him from moving them as the bulbed cape forced him into a sitting position with his naked torso fully exposed to Mary. Zach was about to yell out, but his mouth was quickly muffled by the same wrist length glove that silenced him earlier. It flattened out and covered most of his face and cheeks like silken duck tape.

“That should keep you quiet for awhile. You should be thankful that we didn’t use more extreme measures for your poor lack of manners.” The latex outfit said as it too began to join Zach and Mary by defying gravity as it levitated to their level.

“Even though you are the ‘master’ of the house. You will live by the rules that our mistress has set out for you, and that includes your attire. Those rags you call clothes will not be acceptable to wear in this household--we will decide what you wear.” The shiny glove pointed to the fluffy maid outfit and bloomers, signaling them over. “That is where Susie and Molly will come in. They will be your primary garments at all times, unless we decide otherwise.”

The maid outfit and bloomers sauntered toward Zach. The bloomers hovered over his naked body and wiggled its puffy bottom in front of his flushed face. “Je vois someone was very naughty,” A feathery-soft Parisian voice said. “Ze mistress will not tolerate mischief, even if you are zis cute.” Susie’s voice growled as the bloomers’ bottom swelled, bounding against Zach. “I bet you’ll look very adorable with us, no?”

“He certainly’s got a girly frame for a guy,” Molly said in a playful southern drawl. Zach watched the maid outfit walk around him, sizing him up. “Doesn’t look like he’s played a sport or done a hard day’s work in his life, but that’ll only make him look more girly once he’s dressed up,” Molly giggled as she floated up from behind Zach and rubbed under his chin with her white satin gloves. “He’ll look so adorable!”

“Mary has much to learn as our new apprentice,” The domme outfit said, “and you have yet to prove one shred of cooperation. You shall be treated according to your nobility when you’ve earned it, but until then--do not interrupt.”

“Your...apprentice?” Mary said, staring at Zach’s predicament. As soon as she opened her mouth, Zach’s eyes glared at her, and she could almost hear the words. He wanted her to fight for him--to protest. Instead, she seemed receptive. She shrugged at him and smiled, and the glare turned immediately to hurt betrayal. Receptive didn’t cover half of it!

“Your position for the taking.” The black latex glove pointed to the doorway, and the door swung open wide. Mary’s name seared into the oaken door at the opposite door in the hall, and it clicked open. “At will employment, leave at any time--I don’t deal in souls or flesh, just time and work ethic like any other employer. Life extension...just another perk of working with magic.” The outfit wiggled its way out into the hall and invited Mary through.

Mary looked at Zach as he muffled curses through the glove clamped on his mouth. She chuckled a bit at the oddity of it--a floating cape in the shape of a bubble with its corners restraining his limbs--Zach was the one looking for magic, and now he wanted it to stop!

“You can’t tell me you aren’t loving this, Zach,” Mary said, following the domme outfit out the door. “All you talk about is the possibility of some other world, and you’ve got a front row seat in a house you inherited...sorta.”

“Now my dear, as far as your dressing goes…” The door to the bedroom softly closed again as Zach was left alone with Susie and Molly. The glove came off his mouth almost immediately, and he bellowed.

“MARY!! GET BACK HERE AND--” The glove clamped over him again, and a couple of outfits in the background shrugged at each other. Mary popped the bedroom door open.

“I’m not saving you. I pretty much trust these guys.” She grinned. “You do get that, right? You are MEANT to be here. There was that trunk--the pictures--I’m going to help them, because you’re MEANT to be here. Go with it, Zach. It’s magic.” She waved as she slammed the door again.

Zach swallowed hard, staring at the door. The glove slowly removed itself one more time, and Zach looked around--silent. Mary’s words slowly sank in as he looked around the room, marveling at the shapes in the clothing that surrounded him.

“Well, now--maybe we talk, yes? Parlez?” The bloomers danced in front of him, and now the puffy fabric filled on all sides until he could see a camel-toe in the crotch. “Maybe zomething else?” The bloomers flew right in front of his face, and he gulped as he stared at the shape.

“I think he likes that shape,” Molly said, slapping his bare ass with a glove. Zach gasped and turned to the maid outfit.

“Ooh, je sais,” Susie cooed as she slid down his chest, rubbing the crotch against his stomach and teasing over his dick. It jumped in response as Zach watched the bloomers go lower, disappearing between his legs.

“Wait...more,” Zach said, wanting to feel the softness of the cleft against him again.

“est-ce vrai?” Susie purred as the bloomers came back, showing themselves between his legs. “You want to feel that again, do you?” The waist of the bloomers faced him, and he nodded. “You heard him…”

The cape’s lower two corners folded his legs up just enough to put his toes at the waistline. By the time he saw what they were planning, the latex dropped his ankles, and his legs fell into the bloomers. The cape dropped from under him, and he gasped for a second as he felt his wrists released. He slid into the bloomers the rest of the way as the waist slipped over his butt. He expected to fall, but the bloomers held him all by themselves now, hovering in the middle of the room.

Zach noticed immediately that the underwear didn’t have to pull against him--he seemed to be floating in them. He took a deep breath and built up the nerve to pull the waistband away, gasping when Molly’s glove slapped his hand away.

“Feels nice, non?” When Susie whispered it, Zach could feel her voice vibrating through his hips. He felt his cock stiffen, but he didn’t dare to reach for it. The bloomers inflated around him, ballooning everywhere but the elastic waist, which held him tight. The ribbons at the leg holes tightened around his thighs, and he felt a pressure surround his dick as Susie’s camel-toe returned and puffed. “Oui, Zachary...don’t you love it?”

Zach let out a groan and reached down to his waist again. Instead of a slap, he felt something slide up his fingertips and grab his arm, stopping him. He pulled his palm toward his face just in time to see one of Molly’s gloves slide up his arm and situate.

“Whoa--wait a minute…” As he tried to pry the sleeve of the glove back, the other slapped his hand. When he pulled it away, the other glove slid onto his hand, now keeping his hands from trying to interrupt Susie’s massage all around his waist. “H-Hey--what are you doing?” The glove that just took control of his right hand wagged his own finger at him.

“You said you wanted more, didn’t you? We’re going to give you the full package…” Molly cooed as her apron untied itself from the black top and frilly skirt and floated off to the side.

The thigh boots unzipped down to the ankles to let the white stockings slip out and flex their long legs before positioning themselves under his feet. The white satin sailed slowly up each leg as they rubbed their smooth silken touch against his skin. It sent shivers down his spine as the stockings made their way to his thighs and stopped right underneath the bloomers.

“Enjoying yourself?” Molly asked. “I bet you’re starting to like being dressed like this. Just wait until the rest of me joins the fun.” The inflated skirt came next. It puffed itself out like a black tube with crinoline underneath. With his feet standing still in the thick stockings, it made it easier for the skirt to sail right up his legs.

The skirt situated itself over the bloomers, already inflated around his hips. The bubbly skirt didn’t do much to cover the puffed out underwear; it actually added more frilliness to its appearance. Next, the billowy top hovered right over the boy, with its short sleeves puffed out to let the gloves work their way up into the black cloth. It flew straight down onto his chest and neatly situated itself around his shoulders and neck. The invisible breasts in the top jiggled around, and he felt the ghostly weight press against his bare chest. The nipples poking through the black satin showed that Molly was enjoying the situation she was putting Zach through.

“I must say, this is an interesting experience. You’re hardly putting up a fight, boy. I bet you’re loving every moment of this, aren’t you?” Molly giggled in Zach’s ear while the boots swallowed up his slender feet and began to wrap themselves around his thighs.

After the boots finished zipping up at the sides, the apron swooshed onto his chest and wrapped the strings around his waist. The rest of the apron went over his new breasts and the loop went over his head to finish the job. The last and final piece was the choker that had hovered in between the puffed out short sleeves.

The choker unlaced itself and clamped right around Zach’s small neck, the final piece of his resistance vanishing as he was dressed from head to toe. Suddenly he felt his legs moving on their own as the boots hugged his legs. Molly marched Zach over to a huge mirror, and he gasped at his own silhouette, a smooth hourglass.

“You like? Here, check it out. I know you wanna.” Zach’s hands shot to the hollow breasts protruding from the top. The gloves made every move for him as his fingers sank into the chest of the apron and blouse. He felt resistance in the empty fabric--and even though the breasts weren’t his own, he could somehow feel the magical force in the bra manipulating his chest.

“Wh--what are you doing to me?” Zach muttered, looking in the mirror as he was forced to feel up the emulated curves. “Why’d you dress me up like a girl?” Suddenly he felt something grip and stroke his cock. He looked down at the skirt, but couldn’t see any motion beneath the inflated curves. Susie was playing with him again, and he let out a moan.

Under his own control, one of his hands shot down to the front of the skirt. He could only feel the bouncy, inflated bloomers beneath--and they only gave a bit. When he pushed against Susie’s crotch, he felt his own dick squeezed inside the bloomers. His eyes rolled back as he stroked the front of the skirt again, falling into the outfit’s seduction for a moment until he glanced at himself in the mirror again. He blushed and pulled his hands away.

“Oh, why be shy, Zachary?” Susie giggled. He felt the force in the bloomers pinch his butt. When he reached behind himself to grab the skirt’s behind, the bloomers bounced his cheeks up and down. He groaned as the force gently spread them apart and teased his asshole.

“HEY!” Zach cried. “Can you like, back away from there, please?”

“Hmph! I’ll do what I like, boy.” Susie jiggled Zach’s ass again, and he felt the pressure against him increase as the bloomers inflated further. The bra and blouse did the same, and now he felt little traces of sensation sliding over his nipples. When his cock responded to this new attention, Susie reciprocated and stroked him harder. “Besides, monsieur happy isn’t being shy in the least.”

Zach felt Susie massaging all around his waist, making his penis erect inside the enchanted bloomers. Susie was right though, as his dick was being massaged all around from the tip to the bottom of his balls. Zach squeezed his fingers through the fabric of Molly’s skirt, making Suzie coo even louder when his fingers pressed into her plump lap.

“Ooh...naughty boy, you’re such a tease with those paws.” Suzie squeezed again, and Zach trembled, melting into the feeling just as the door to the hall burst open once more. There stood Mary, but she wasn’t wearing the clothes she came in.

“I hope we aren’t interrupting anything,” said a voice coming from her direction--but it wasn’t the silky depth of the Domme outfit that followed behind her. It seemed to be coming from all around Mary herself. She giggled, pulling at the hem of a tight black turtleneck, following every inch of her form.

“It tickles when you talk,” Mary said, smoothing out a tight black leather skirt. It responded by pinching her ass.

“You’ll get used to it,” The outfit said, spinning her around in front of Zach. The translucent tights and patent black boots did the move all on their own, making sure Mary had perfect balance all the way. “And what do you think of your pal here?”

Mary stared Zach up and down, finding him dressed like a sexy maid. She giggled while her face started blushing, and it only intensified when she watched Zach fondle the front of the skirt. Mary started wondering what Suzie was doing under there when she noticed the squirming bloomers under Zach’s skirt.

“So...I never knew Zach looked so cute as a maid,” Mary laughs.

“There’s plenty more for you to see in this house, but we need to finalize the negotiation of our agreement first,” The domme outfit said, raising its palm. From thin air, ornate paper tied with a silk ribbon appears in thin air, dropping into the domme outfit’s glove. The other glove raises its palm to a nightstand, and a fountain pen drifts out of its folder and hovers to the open glove as the domme outfit brings the document over to Mary.

“I’m not, like, signing my soul away to you or something--right?” The silk ribbon untied itself as the scrolling paper unfurled, revealing a rather simple outline of text. Mary read along, muttering the words as she realized it was pretty ordinary English.

“Immortality vanquishes death, my dear--not taxes.” The domme outfit laughed at her own joke. Our offer is generous, but it is not to be taken lightly. Your contract is for at-will employment for your entire lifetime. You may quit at any time, but if you should, you can never, ever come back.”

The empty glove of the domme outfit reached over to Mary, offering the pen. Mary took it, hesitating for only a second before determination filled her. She looked back at Zach, then at the domme outfit.

“After seeing all this, I couldn’t possibly see myself spending my time anywhere else,” Mary said, scrawling her signature on the paper. “I’m in.”

“Wonderful! There’s no time at all to waste,” said the domme outfit. “I have just the task to start you on your training…”