Heiress in Bloom

3 - A Friendly Staff

“But, um...shouldn’t Zach come with me? How will I know what to get?”

“Molly will take care of that, dear,” The Domme outfit said to Mary. “She knows her task. She’ll just need you to help her into Zach’s apartment. We enchantments cause quite a stir when we try to do too much in public on our own.” Mary took this in, thinking about what might happen if she took her new friends to a mall, for instance.

“So I’m just the driver, pretty much?”

“Oh, no--” Molly said, making Zach let out a little moan as her soft voice vibrated all around him. “You need to start building your skills right away, Mary Lynn.” Mary’s eyes went wide as she turned to Zach, hearing her middle name.

“So...you’re all serious, then?” Mary asked. “You’re going to teach me magic?” The Domme outfit stood in front of her, resting the palms of its leather gloves on her shoulders.

“We have plenty of fun, my dear--but our business is serious as can be, and your assistance is very much part of the ideal plan. We’re going to train Zachary to grow stronger, and he’ll need stronger people around him still. You should be the first and most trusted.” Mary blushed and turned away a little bit, and soft leather fingers caught her chin. “Seek your fortune with us, my dear. Destiny awaits.” Mary nodded.

“Lead the way,” she said, beaming.

“That’s the spirit,” The domme outfit said, releasing her. Suddenly Zach howled, making Mary turn toward him. The maid outfit had puffed up and was trying to lift off of him. Zach held his arms out at first, but relaxed once he realized the outfit wasn’t trying to fly him away.  Molly’s main dress slipped away from him as the boots unzipped and slipped out from his nyloned feet. The stockings and Suzie led him softly back to the ground. In another second the stockings plumped, and Zach felt a woosh that sent him off the floor again as the hyperinflated, shining nylons returned to the shape of cute petite legs and joined the dress. The choker unstitched itself from Zach’s neck and joined up with the dress. One of her white gloves slapped Zach’s ass while it was still on his hand. When he examined his hand, the glove made it wave at him one last time before shooting off of him, joining the outfit with its mate, which pulled away from his other hand a second later.

Mary giggled, looking at Zach in the bloomers alone.

“He’s cuuuute, isn’t he, Mary?” Suzie puffed up on Zach, and he felt his dick stand at attention as he took a deep breath. Suzie pulled him off the ground a few inches, and he let out a laugh as she stroked his balls inside the puffing bloomers. “It’s only been a little while and I can make him do things you wouldn’t believe.”

“Suzie…” The Domme outfit warned. Both human faces in the room were bright red, and Suzie felt electric everywhere she covered Zach’s waist and legs. She was feeding on this tension--and for the first time, Zach realized that he could feel that--by intuition.

“Apologies, mistress--I’m just so glad he’s here.”

“Now off, you two,” The domme outfit said to Mary and Molly. “We have our own preparations to make, and Zach must become acquainted with the rest of his new responsibilities to the property. “

Mary and Molly headed back to the entrance, and Zach started to follow. The door slammed in front of him.

“Hey!” He yelled, turning back to the domme outfit. “Enough of this. You can’t just keep me cooped up like a pet.” Suzie squeezed his crotch after he said it, and his knees went weak feeling her tease him.

“Zach, we’re not keeping you cooped up--there are simply things we need to do.”

“Let-me-out,” Zack said.

“You can leave the room, but we have a schedule to tend to. Suzie will see to that.” The door popped open, and Zach walked out

“Whatever,” he muttered to the Domme outfit. Once in the hall, he followed Mary and Molly’s voices.

“Zachary, why must you be so difficult?” Suzie’s voice hummed. He knew she could stop him cold at any moment, but she only asked questions for now--so he answered.

“I think you should all slow down a little,” Zach said. “I get that this is...something special, but this dressing and undressing me as you please--” He was stopped by her laughter, which made his prick stand up. She was inflated all around him, giggling against his butt, thighs, dick, and all through his senses. It was hard to focus.

“Who should slow down, cutie?” Suzie had to lift him into the air as he lost his stride, drowning in sensation.

“Luh...Let me down…!” The words were feeble, like any physical struggle he tried to offer. Out of pity she did as he wished, letting him down as he scrambled again, finding renewed effort when he spotted his outfit cavorting with Mary down the hall.

“Wait!” Zach said. “Wait up!”

“Zachary, we’re going to stay here,” Suzie said.

“That’s fine,” he responded. “But gimme my clothes!” He ran now, and Suzie didn’t resist. His outfit and Molly took Mary by the hands and drifted her down the hall as he followed, catching their feathery pace without a problem. He ran up behind his own clothes and leapt into the air, ready to tackle them.

Just before he made contact, his outfit inflated to capacity, stretching in every direction like the skin of a timpani. He bounced off the outfit and into the air. Suzie caught him before he hit a wall.

“You can’t just wear them anymore, Zachary. They have a job too.” Zach’s shirt stretched out again, this time only across the chest. Zach made a confused face as he watched his own outfit grow tits.

“What the hell is this?” He asked.

“Part of their job,” Suzie said. “See you soon, everyone.”

“Bye,” Mary squeaked, grabbing Molly’s hand as they walked out to the car together. Zach watched, mouth open as his own outfit--overinflated with female curves--got into the driver’s seat as Mary and Molly got in back.

“Wh--what if they get pulled over?” Zach asked.

“Lucky officer,” Suzie said. She got Zach to snicker.

“But--what am I going to wear now?”

“You’ll see,” Suzie said, suddenly slipping down to his ankles. He stepped out of her before he even realized she was gone, and when he finally reacted, she was reinflated in front of him.

“Hey--n-now I’m totally naked! What am I supposed to do?”

Suzie wiggled her butt, stretched into a kind of half-split on both sides, and took off running. Zach looked back at the front door, which had just closed, latched and locked all by itself. Suzie was already turning the corner when Zach finally took off after her, running naked down the hall.

When he turned the corner, there was nothing. No Suzie, no domme outfit, no sounds. Just an empty hall, a lot of doors, and--something green?

Something green and glossy. Shiny. Clothes? No. Something like it…

Zach approached the green mass and picked it up. At first he thought it might be a blanket or a bolt of the fabric, but it wasn’t--it was a cloak.

Zach looked what was underneath the cloak: a pair of green flats that were left alone on the floor. The flats were shiny with a gleaming light reflecting off their sides. He questioned why there was just a pair of shoes left on the floor with the cloak. He just shrugged it off as it was better than being buck naked in the hallway.

Zach pointed out his index finger and poked at the toe of the left shoe, seeing if they would react to his touch.


They didn’t stay in place or even push back. Maybe not everything in the mansion came to life. Even if they weren’t moving, Zach decided he’d rather go barefoot than put on the girlish footwear. The cloak would do to cover him up. He took it and swung it around his shoulders. With the shiny fabric covering most of his body, save for his bare feet showing. Zach thought It was better than going totally naked through in the house.

Zach looked over the corner of his shoulder to see that a hood was hanging on the back of the cloak. He swirled his body around to watch the cloak’s edges swishing around and showing its’ gleam. “This is kind of cool. I wish I had something else underneath, but at least I can kinda cover up.”

After admiring the the smooth and sleek touch of the cloak, Zach got back to finding Suzie, wherever she ran off to.

At that instant, the cloak tightened itself around his body. The fabric smoothed itself out as it wrapped it’s folds around his legs, forcing them to kick his feet up in the air.

“What the hell!? Again?!” He screamed in surprise. The cloak was playing possum to lure him into wearing it, and now it wrapped him into its folds, levitating him into the air with his feet dangling. The flats he left behind stirred as well, joining in the takeover. The folds slid down to his ankles and forced his feet down and against the insoles of the flats beneath them.

Now with his body wrapped tightly by the cloak and his feet snugged in the flats, he was once again helpless to the whims of the clothing that intended to play with him.

Suzie sauntered up from behind the corner and came up to Zach while rocking her hips. “You said you didn’t want to be naked, so there you go.” Suzie cooed when the domme outfit appeared at the end of the hallway, its black gloves crossed underneath the shapely bustier.

“If you’re done fooling around, please remember we have a schedule to keep. At least you’ll be cozy until Molly returns.”

“Cozy?” Zach asked, looking down at the stretchy cloak writhing around him, tightening his limbs against him. “I’m wrapped up like a psych patient!” Well--wh-what is it doing to me?” Zach asked. “Can’t you just give me some normal clothes to wear? If I’m so important and a--” The cloak stretched over his mouth, winding around his face just below his nose.

“This way…” The domme outfit said, strutting down the hallway with Suzie walking next to her. Zach was barely audible behind the rubbery encasement, much as he tried to get their attention. Before he knew it, he was rocked backward and picked up by the cloak, hovering down the hall behind the two in a seated position. When he found his eyes jumping back and forth from Suzie’s butt to the Domme outfit’s, his prick jumped, and the cloak apparently knew it.

Zach felt phantom fingers tracing over his ass, and he looked over his shoulder to see the ground under him. His eyes rolled back as the tracing fingers turned to kneading. Before long, the cloak was squeezing his cheeks one by one, pushing them together, then wedging itself between them. Zach was shaking his head back and forth as he hovered down the hall, helpless.

“Your quarters and Mary’s quarters are here, as well as any other corporeal guests you or we invite,” The domme outfit said, stopping and turning about. “Zachary, are you paying attention?”

Zach’s dick was standing straight up. The cloak accommodated him by tightening all the way around him, starting from his backside and bringing its sides together front and center.

“Please, Zachary. Try to keep your urges under control while we show you your quarters.” The domme huffed as she walked to the doors by the left of the hallway. Her leather glove waved to the door’s knob, making it turn itself without contact. The door slowly opened. The domme outfit and Suzie stepped off to the side to let Zach float by and enter the room first. He could only move his eyes around due to the cloak covering his mouth and neck. Zach gazed his sight upon a wide, furbished room with a wooden floor and plenty of space inside.

It was empty save for a queen sized bed with velvet sheets over it and a vanity table across from it. By the side of the bed, a double doored closet opened itself up and revealed a huge walk-in closet inside. The coat racks lined with many hangers and shelf space hanging over them. If this was indeed Zach’s room, it had plenty of space for his clothing, if he ever got them back.

“Now, your things are on their way, of course...but there’s something here that’s always been yours.”

“Mmph ruumph?” Zack mumbled, rattling through the latex cloak.

“Precisely--your trunk.” The domme outfit clicked her heels, and two pairs of gloves in white and black leather sailed in. “Ladies, we’re going to collect Zachary’s trunk. Suzie, follow me.” The two outfits and pairs of leather gloves headed toward the door and out of the room.

He groaned in frustration, realizing he was now stuck alone with this cloak and shoes. The entire cloak completely wrapped around his body like a mummy, save for the top of his head and feet sticking out--which were now held in place perfectly by the flats. He couldn't move an inch of his body; he was completely trapped. He was defying gravity at the whims of this green latex cloak. When he swung around the room and higher, he wasn’t sure what to expect next.

Zach tried to move his limbs against the cloak, but it just tightened around him and swept him around the room, lifting him higher. He started panicking, but the cloak slowed and started rocking him back and forth gently.

The fear receded to excitement. This was a little weird, but it was also interesting. In a way, it was a fantasy come true. Things like gravity, life, possibility, magic--they were all redefined for him now. That would have been enough to excite him on it’s own--but he was a part of it--central to it. He literally couldn’t get away from it, and for the first time, he appreciated that position--if only for a second.

It was still pretty scary to be eight feet off the ground and under the whims of a keeper he couldn’t really talk to. And then he wondered why that was…

“Mmm...uaa camm uoo tpph?” The cloak retracted from his mouth, sliding up around his jaw and not as tight. “Thanks,” Zach said quietly, not wanting to give the thing a reason to muffle him again. “Why can’t you talk?”

The cloak he was wrapped in moved him into a sitting position while still floating in the air. He watched the flats wiggle on his toes as he hovered forward, toward the doorway. He drifted down the hall, and back into the room with the ornate furniture and dazzling clothes. It was Serecia’s room again.

He wasn’t alone--there were already things in the room moving in their own. He looked to the vanity, where he saw a pair of tan stockings sitting on the stool, wiggling their translucent toes inside pink wedge-heel shoes. The phantom feet planted, and the stool moved away from the vanity. The stockings stood, and now Zach saw a pair of matching pink puffy bloomers wrapped around their hips. He watched as they paced a wide circle around him, meeting up with a short nightie. A robe draped itself around the nightie, and together, the ensemble approached Zach.

“Show me our grown up Zach,” The outfit said in a bubbly voice, different from the others he’d heard so far. Before he knew it, the cloak opened wide, and his legs straightened under him. Zach was exposed to the world. He expected to fall, but the slippers kept his feet under him--he just held himself as if he was standing, and the top of the cloak balanced him. His hands immediately went to cover-up duty. “Oh, don’t be silly--Zachary. I’ve known you for a long, long time.”

“Y-you’re not my…”

“Ha! No! No, heavens no, silly.” The laughter made the silky robe and nighty shimmer, and Zach tried to keep his eyes away from the curvy form. “Oh, but aren’t you shy, though? It walked up close to him, and his green flats brought him down to hover only a couple inches from the ground. “You’re not frightened of me, are you Zach? I used to take care of you a long time ago.”

“Okay, but--like you said--I’m grown up now, and like...I’m supposed to be dressed.” Zach knew it was probably pointless, but he figured he should try.

“I like your outfit just fine,” the outfit said. “It was nice of Felicia to remake it for you. She’ll be happy to see you again too.” Zach looked lost.

“What do you mean remake it?” Zach tried to reach out to the edges of the cloak and pull it over him, but it defied his grip, puffing up and flapping as if caught in an intangible updraft. The outfit laughed as he struggled to gain control over the cloak.

“It’ll come back to you over time,” The outfit said. “Oh it’s just so good to see you well, darling.” The outfit went it for a hug, and Zach put his arms up, keeping out of its way. The robe brushed against his dick, and he tried not to react--until one of the ends of the sash wrapped around it. “Some of you is more grown up than the rest, hmm?” Zach gulped as the sweet voice vibrated against his body, through every square inch of silk against his skin. “You still have your delicate pixie frame, but this is certainly new.” The sash tugged on it, and Zach shuddered.

“Don’t...please don’t do that,” The protest was unconvincing, especially given what his cock was up to. Up was the keyword.

“Says who, Zach? I’m not really hearing a united front from your parts here…” The torso of the outfit recoiled slowly, pulling away from its embrace and releasing Zach’s cock--until the whole outfit hovered into the air and mounted him, spreading its legs and letting his dick slide against the juncture of the puffy pink bloomers. The silk sleeves of the robe slid over Zach’s chest, and he shuddered as he felt his nipples flicked by invisible fingers. His cock pumped against the bloomers, and the outfit sighed. “Oh, you’re going to be so much fun to have around again, Zach. We’re just getting started.”

“Y-y-you said you used to take care of me!” Zach managed, trying to start a fight that only his mouth and mind were fighting. His dick was hard as a rock, and his nipples were perked and pink, his whole body begging for more attention.

“Yeah, cutie--like a babysitter. But like we both agreed…” The outfit leaned in and growled, “you’re allllll grown up.” Zach was still, like prey contemplating its last moments. These things were one surprise after another--intense sensation and flirtatious threats and a history he couldn’t recall.

“I see you’ve reacquainted yourself, Jane?” Came a voice from the doorway. The outfit retreated from Zach and landed on its slippers again.

“Dominique!” The outfit said. “I thought you just left him to Kelly, so I figured I’d say hello.”

“Hello indeed,” Dominique chuckled. “But it’s time to take the boy downstairs to meet the others.”

“Of course,” Jane said, approaching the slightly-hovering Zach again and hugging him. This time, he tentatively hugged back, his heart fluttering as his fingers pressed into the hollow silk, giving like firm, warm flesh was inside. “I’ve waited a long time for you to come back to us, Zach…” The sugar-sweet voice whispered. “Soon we’re going to finish what we started here. Very soon…”

Zack drifted up again as the cloak swept under his legs, forming a soft sort of platform guiding him through the air. He smiled a bit and let the flats cross his legs under him, sitting him on the cloak as it hovered toward the Domme outfit. Just as he was starting to get comfortable with the sensation, the cloak took the opportunity to grab his ass with two strong emulated hands stretching through the latex he was sitting on.

“Heeey…” Zach giggled, wiggling his butt against the rubbery fabric. He felt a slap on his ass, and his mouth hung open, wondering how it even managed to do that.

“It’s good to see you getting along,” Dominique said. Zach looked down into the empty domme outfit and nodded.

“I’m...getting used to it, a bit.” Zach said. Dominique laughed again and turned to walk out of the room. Zach hovered behind, under the cloak’s power. “So--why doesn’t...Kelly talk?”

“Some of us do, some of us don’t,” Dominique said. “It’s mostly a matter of choice and not ability. Talk is will-by-proxy. Why use words when intention is so much clearer?”

Zach wasn’t sure what to make of that response, so he let it go.

“Where are we going now?”

“Kelly’s allowing you your mouth again, Zachary. Don’t overuse it.” Zach scrunched his face at the Domme outfit’s goads, knowing better than to talk back at this point. Just then, he felt the collar of the cloak stretch up on one side.

“And I wouldn’t make faces either,” Whispered a new voice, gentle and feather light. “She doesn’t need eyes to see you, you know.” Before Zach could even form the ‘K’ in his throat, the cloak's collar tightened just enough to get him to stop. “Hush. I talk for you and you alone.”

“You’ll meet a few of those responsible for your care, and the care of the house and guesthouse,” Dominique said. “Suzie’s settling an arrangement with some of your new furniture while I introduce you. You’ll be left in their hands to see how the household functions, and then we’ll see the remainder of the grounds together.”




Zach descended straight over the balcony, making him inhale sharply as he saw the ground go from three feet under him to fifteen feet under him. Dominique walked down the stairs in a deliberate metre and met Zach in the hall below, where he now drifted in front of her.

“You’ll be oriented first--allowed to gain your bearings...but you will learn the care of this place from starting position to the management of the estate.” Dominique’s boots clicked behind him, but he looked straight ahead and listened as she continued. “Your birthright earns you as much responsibility as privilege. Do you understand?”

Zach nodded, and decided to get a little bold.

“Yes, Lady Dominique.”

Zach floated toward a closed door at the end of a wide hall, but as it clicked open…

“Stop a moment, Kelly.” The cloak swiveled and turned Zach toward the domme outfit. “Zachary, this is the only moment you’ll hear praise for doing as you should do--but that response...it was spoken like a true Elsterbrook.” Dominique raised a latex glove under Zach’s chin and stroked it. His eyes drifted closed for a moment as he soaked up the touch, letting it happen. “You are Serecia’s greatest work, boy--follow your destiny, and learn the balance you need to fulfill it.”

Heavy words. Like everything else about this place, the depth of it and his lack of control scared him--but at the same time, his heart jumped at the sentiment. Yes. Follow my destiny.

Zach opened his eyes and nodded, looking at the filled-out bustier, and then the space above it. He tried to imagine a face.

“Kelly will lead you through to see the staff. Show them the same respect you’ve just shown me, and you’ll get on well.”

“Thank you, Lady Dominique.” It was like music to him--he was almost swaying with his own syllables. Suddenly, he was moving backward, away from the domme outfit and through the doorway. The room smelled like fabric softener and steam, and Zach realized immediately that it was a laundry room.

Kelly turned Zach around, and his eyes went wide as he saw an enormous room. Only the entrance had a rug, with a few glass-front washer/dryers on either side. Beyond that, everything was tiled, with tapered drains and gleaming porcelain basins and long washtubs, all with stainless steel hoses and rain sprayers. For his part, Zach watched an animated blouse being washed in one of the tubs by an animated sprayer, rinsing soap through its fabric as it twisted and turned in the water. He stared at the perking nipples behind the hollow fabric until he felt something grab his dick.

“Whoa!” Zach said, looking down and spreading his legs in surprise. Between them was a yellow rubber glove, its inflated fingers wrapped around his cock and slowly wiggling up and down. A second later, its mate was at Kelly’s string, untying her from Zach’s neck. When the tie was loose, the cloak stayed under him, suspending him in the air while the other rubber glove mussed his hair before sliding down his chest. Now two more rubber gloves in pink grabbed his wrists and lifted him right off the cloak, and the yellow pair followed in concert, one jerking him off as the other slapped his ass.

“Knock it off!” Zach protested. “Kelly, help me!” His green flats slipped off in response, but disappointment showed on his face as they did nothing but skip back to the rug, joining up with the hovering cloak and apparently watching. Zach was carried toward one of the bigger porcelain basins, but he was held above it until a silver one-piece swimsuit rose from a laundry basket and filled out, spreading its shoulder straps and hovering directly under Zach. “Wait, what are you--” Zach gasped as the pink gloves dropped him. He sailed toward the tub, but slipped into the swimsuit between him and the empty tub.

He expected to feel a terrible wedgie any second, but as he slid into the swimsuit, it puffed up around him, and the space inside seemed to become thicker somehow. He slowed and hovered right in the middle of the swimsuit, marveling at the curves swelling around him. He looked down at a pair of silvery tits, feeling them up and gasping when he felt fingers feeling up his own chest inside.

The yellow gloves slid into the suit, grabbing his ass and cock once again. The pink gloves returned with a sponge and tube of body wash, much to Zach’s relief. He figured laundry detergent wouldn’t be too good for his skin.

“I--I just took a shower!” Zach protested, moaning when the body wash was squirted onto the yellow glove stroking his cock. The pink gloves squirted the body wash liberally, and when they let the bottle go, it hovered back onto the shelf by itself. Instead of working the soap over Zach’s body, the pink gloves ran themselves over the swimsuit as hundreds of invisible fingers swept over Zach’s torso, building up silky lather all over him. “Wha-what are you doing to me…?”

Zach was swept up in the sensation, bathed by ghostly fingers as he was being jerked off. The puffing swimsuit started to shrink again, and Zach could feel the silvery fabric clinging to his soapy body as it lifted him into the air. The yellow gloves retreated, and two shower hoses snaked toward Zach’s direction and sprayed him down, rinsing the soap off of him.

“Now now--you know the rules. Prepare him. Stimulate him, but don’t take what isn’t yours.” The domme outfit appeared in the doorway with Susie floating in, snaking around from behind her. The bloomers swooped toward Kelly, and the cape and shoes hovered into the air and seemed to dance with Suzie, swirling around until they seemed to occupy the space of the same body.

Zach was left hard, still hovering in the swimsuit and rinsed clean. Three fluffy pink towels folded up on a shelf danced to life, snaking through the air toward Zach. One settled horizontally, and the swimsuit hoisted Zach onto it, inflating its shoulder straps as it pulled itself halfway off of him. The suit squeezed his package one long and loving last time, teasing him to rigidity again before a towel corner snapped at the swimsuit.

The suit slid quickly down Zach’s legs, leaving him at the mercy of the towels. The one he was seated on wrapped up his waist, squeezing him and turning him over. Another snapped at his butt as the third ruffled his hair, drying it. After a few playful slaps, the second towel went over his lower legs and his shoulders, drying him off the rest of the way.

“Get on with it, ladies. You’re to help Suzie and Kelly show Zachary around. You can take a place in his room with his other things if you follow directions to my satisfaction.”

Zach was turned upright and forward, and he watched as a couple of white articles drifted through the air. Another sailed by on a hanger--a turtleneck dress that began to twist and inflate.

Something from behind him came over his head and mashed against his face. He squinted his eyes shut and realized it was smooth and soft, like silk. When it pulled back, he opened his eyes to see a filled-out pink satin bra with white lacy trim. It bulged at the band, and the cups jutted out. Zach’s eyes lit up, and he reached out to grab the invisible chest.

Suddenly, the bra unclasped, flipped around and slid over one of his wrists. When he reacted and tried to pull back, the opposite shoulder strap found its way over his other wrist.

“Wait, stop! I’m sorry!” Zach cried as the bra slid itself over his shoulders and clasped. He gasped as the cups themselves seemed to inflate, even though the band and shoulder straps stayed tight against him. When he tried to pry the bra off, he slid his fingers over the pink cup, shuddering as the sensation carried through to his body.

“Don’t be sorry, Zach,” Suzie said. “I think it’s exciting that you’re getting so curious.” Before he could react, she swept her waistband over his toes and slid up his legs. When Zach tried to wiggle away, the towel went vertical, like a terry cloth wall--dumping him forward and dropping his weight squarely into the bloomers. Unlike all the floating sensations before, he sank into Suzie hard here--and she moaned as he bounced against the inside of her crotch.

“Wait--that’s--that’s…” Zach cried. Suzie grabbed his shaft and rubbed it up and down, making him hazy from the handjob. Suddenly, she stopped and inflated. Zach floated to the center of the bloomers, and invisible force squeezed the tip of his penis to back him away from release. “All that lovely energy--store it up. It’ll be worth it later, I promise. Come over here, Kelly.”

Zach’s bra squeezed his chest as Suzie played gently with his ass. Kelly swished around Zach’s shoulders, and the cape gently hugged his torso as the shoes danced toward his feet. Before they slipped on, though, the white turtleneck dress danced over, heavy stockings and leg warmers dancing along with it. The turtleneck swallowed Zach up like a constrictor before he could even react, and as his arms searched for the sleeves, the snuggly turtleneck trimmed with plushy white fur lifted him into the air and let the stockings slide up his legs. A pair of grey knee length leg warmers followed by sliding up his stockinged feet and wiggled around his calves to get comfortable. Kelly’s cape slipped out from under the turtleneck as Zach’s arms slid into the sleeves and held out wide to either side of him. She tied gently around the turtleneck’s shoulders, and the green flats slipped over Zach’s feet.

He looked down at himself and realized he was now only in control of his head and his hands. He was stuck again, and the Dominatrix outfit stood before him as if it were admiring his new outfit. Kelly smoothed out, draping herself gracefully over Zach's shoulders. The outfit drifted back to the ground, and suddenly Zach watched his turtleneck swell out in front of him. Suzie expanded as well, evidenced by her extra wiggle and the pressure he could feel all around his waist, crotch and ass.

“Now you’re fully dressed for the rest of our tour.” Zach’s outfit took control of his body and made him walk with the domme outfit down the hall to the sewing room.

He just let himself be carried step-by-step, feeling the odd motion of his limbs being pulled and pushed by enchanted fabric. He looked down at his cottony swell, watching it emulate a bounce as he moved from stride to stride. They approached voices at the threshold of the next room, and as soon as Zach was able to see inside, his heart jumped.

“You know you don’t have to fill them so tightly, right?” came a disembodied voice from near a sewing table.

“Yes I do--it’s my fit. We’re ‘skinny jeans’...we’re supposed to be skintight.” The second breathy voice seemed to come from a pair of tightly-fitting denim jeans standing on their own in the center of the room. Zach watched closely as the jeans bent over, showing off a tight ass stretching as much as the zipper could bear before it popped open. The booty only slacked a little in the jeans. “Oops! You just need to reinforce the button this time and make sure it doesn’t…” The jeans suddenly stopped and turned to look at Zach. “Well now...what do we have here?”

Zach just stared at the jeans, watching their zipper climb the track on its own.

“Speak, Zach!” Suzie commanded, goosing Zach’s ass.

“Zach! Zachary Ellis!” He spurted at Suzie’s pinch, trying to keep his erection from showing through her puffed shape.

“Wronnnng…” Suzie said, pulling herself down over his bottom. Kelly wound up all at once and swished fast, snapping the tip of the wound-up cape against Zach’s ass.

“Owww...Elsterbrook!” Zach howled. Suzie pulled up over his rear again and gently patted it. “Zach Elsterbrook,” he said again, trying to square himself without making a bigger deal of it. He felt heat on his face and he was sure he was bright red, but he knew it was ridiculous to feel embarrassed by a pair of jeans.

“You certainly are…” the jeans said, strutting around him. “You girls gonna hog him all night?” Zach felt like prey. He was trapped in clothes he didn’t control, and being surveyed by more.

“I’m not budging,” Suzie said protectively. “We’re giving him a tour, and when his room’s all set up--he’s staying forever. You’ll get your turn.” Zach watched the jeans, and his cock batted against Suzie as he imagined what the pants wanted with him. Forever, though... That part wasn’t exactly lost on Zach.

“Oh my lords and ladies...it’s a flesh and blood man,” came a delicate voice from the back. “It really is. Come and get it, honeys...someone started hunting again!” Behind hanging bolts of fabric came two black leather gloves, elbow length with two onyx snaps and a delicate lace pattern. Following behind, a chorus of giggles and whoops as two more pairs of gloves sailed out--both wrist-length satin gloves, one pair in white and the other in black. A pair of pink cotton gloves took up the rear, and all eight of them sailed toward Zach.

“Dibs,” The lead pair said, heading toward Suzie’s waist. Just before they reached in, Suzie puffed out to full-capacity, and the turtleneck’s fur trim held the gap closed.

“I’m afraid ‘dibs’ are long established on this one, Sasha.” The domme outfit aid, stepping into the room, and the other three pairs of gloves immediately tried to look innocent, the pink pair twiddling its thumbs while the two satin pairs played pattycake. “Ladies, I know what you do to the lured. Let’s not pretend otherwise.”

Now the gloves seemed offended. A silky white hand flipped the bird and the pink pair did an entirely different lewd gesture at the outfit.

“If I can’t scare the hell out of him and jerk him off, what good is he?” Sasha asked, bringing an open palm up to Zach’s face. “Cute though, aren’t you?” Under the caress of the leather, Zach nodded his head.

“Zach is Elsterbrook Line, ladies,” Dominique said. Every enchantment in the room but Suzie, Kelly, and the rest of Zach’s outfit froze. Sasha, who’d pulled away, now put both her hands up.

“Zach! Serecia’s…” The black glove grabbed Zach’s chin and turned it to the side, then back. “It’s…” The gloves sailed down to his waistline. “Sorry, girls, but can I at least…” Zach’s turtleneck sailed up, and Suzie obliged the gloves by sailing down his legs.

“Gentle,” Suzie said. “He’s not ours...yet.”

“What are you doing!?” Zach shouted, in full undress as Sasha approached him. “You were just--(!)--you were pro--protecting…” Seeing Suzie give in, Dominique sighed, crossing her arms under her tits.

“You may as well have your fun--though Suzie’s right, I’m afraid. We’re not to set him off.”

Zach muttered something about being talked about like he wasn’t even...remembering what he was thinking about. The leather glove gripping his cock was so buttery smooth, so soft that…

“Lay off him,” Suzie warned. “At least off the wand.”

The leather glove was joined by the other as they glided up his stomach, zipping under the turtleneck and rubbing his chest. One of the satin pairs glided over the turtleneck instead, and Zach struggled in vain, feeling the insane proxy sensations.

“H-how do you do that?” Zach asked, exasperated. The white satin pair sailed between his legs, squeezing and slapping at his ass. The pink cotton pair just cradled him, feeling the pulsing power he was generating. All of the gloves giggled again in an eerie chorus. Just as Zach was giving into the idea, Dominique spoke again.

“I think that’s about enough, ladies. If you’ve made the impression I think you have, Zachary will be back in no time.”

“He better,” Sasha said. One of the black leather gloves cupped under his chin as the white gloves slid under Suzie to pinch his ass. “Leave him to the mistresses, girls…” The pairs of gloves retreated, and the jeans followed them.

“Felicia, I’d like you to meet Zach,” Dominique said. Zach looked around, but didn’t see anyone else in the room.

“Zachary...it’s wonderful to see you again.”

“I...um--I guess when I was young?” Zach asked, still looking around.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that…” A pair of delicate white kid leather gloves hovered off the sewing table and filled out to a graceful pair of hands, all the way up to the elbow. “I suppose you’re still only using your eyes to see us…”

“The boy’s untrained,” Dominique said. “She wanted it that way for a reason. But he’ll learn quickly enough. His confidante is a very quick study, and they’re practically inseparable.” Zach shot the domme outfit a look for talking about him in the third person while he hovered there, but she simply carried on. “This is Felicia,” she said, clearly to Zach this time. “With the exception of the lovelies we’ve taken in, and perhaps a few specialty imports, most of your mother’s closet and the house staff were created by her.”

“It’s...it’s nice to meet you...again,” Zach said.

“Certainly more polite than your mother at your age,” Felicia laughed. “I’m sorry I’m not fully dressed for the occasion--the rest of my usual get up is up for a bath.” The white gloves hovered closer, one of them caressing Zach’s cheek as he felt the pick of a gentle kiss on his other. “You look quite a lot like her when she had short hair,” she continued, the white glove turning Zach’s chin. “And you’re quite pretty when you’re all dressed up. Only missing the green hue,” she said, stroking his hair.

“Felicia’s going to keep your closet kept up and well stocked,” Dominique said.

“Th-thanks,” Zach said, not even daring to ask about his new clothes.

“We’ll figure out your favorites and make a whole wardrobe just for you, my dear.” Felicia stroked his cheek again. “A face and body like that are going to make plenty of friends around here…” Her gentle voice giggled.

“He already has,” Dominique said. “And speaking of--I’d love to let you catch up, but we have quite a lot of ground to cover before his balance returns.”

“Well, then--plenty of work for me to do as well. Take it all in and make yourself at home, Zachary. We’re all looking forward to your time here.”

“See you soon dear,” Dominique said, heading out of the room. Kelly swished her cape around Zach and kicked her flats back into gear, making him follow Dominique.

They wandered down an ornate stone hall with a huge sliding iron door on one side. It was open, and a red leather jumper and white apron swooped into the hall, matching leather knee boots under it. Zach could see silky black bloomers underneath the flared skirt, and the voice of the outfit squeaked as it almost ran into Dominique.

“Sorry! Coming through…” The outfit gasped as it paused, facing Zach. “Whhhhoa. Who’s the special guest?”

“Are you bringing in the deliveries yourself, Frances?” Dominique asked.

“Last of it, almost--” The jumper said, letting go of a crate and letting it guide itself into the kitchen. “Kelly, have the cutie grab the last one for me--it’s light.” Zach’s flats kicked into gear immediately, and he was walked out to what looked like a shipping dock. The night air was cold, and when he was bent over to grab a small crate of specialty ingredients, he could feel the chill.

“There are deliveries?” Zach asked.

“Mostly building supplies and equipment,” Suzie said. “And whatever we buy from the net. Since we have a gate, they just leave it at the dock.”

“But all this food?” Zach asked as Kelly marched him back toward the kitchen.

“That’s what I said,” The red jumper said. “But I guess now I get why we have it.”

“Frances, this is Zachary--our new caretaker.”

“And so nicely dressed his first day,” the jumper said, approaching Zach. “I’ll take that, hon.” The crate hovered out of his hands and toward a pantry shelf. “So you’re the kid, aren’t you?”


“Why all the decorum, D? It’s pretty clear he’s not a stray--you’d be milking him 24/7 in the sub-base--”

“FRANCES,” Dominique’s boot struck the floorboards. “This is Serecia’s son, Zachary.” Petulant laughter came from the jumper now.

“I knew that anyway,” She said, her sleeve rising toward Zach. He felt a hand clasp his shoulder. “I knew you were the kid. You’re not freaking out like the others.”

Zach wasn’t sure he should speak out of turn with Dominique upset, but the first mention of any other flesh-and-blood people on this compound made him too curious to resist it.

“Uhm...others, Lady Dominique?” He gritted his teeth right after he asked.

“You’re incorrigible, Frances.” The dom outfit’s chest heaved with a lungless sigh. “Zachary, my dear--we’re imbued with life, as you can see. And, as you can also see--we don’t have mouths or any of the other awful maws or processes that come after. This means, plainly, that we must obtain our energies from...other sources.”

“We harvest SOULS!” The red jumper bellowed. Zach chuckled a little, realizing she was joking--but all the same he knew Dominique was being careful about what she was revealing.

“We...fine trespassers,” Dominique said, “But we don’t exactly use the court system.” There was a hint of laughter there.

“What does that mean, exactly?” Zach asked.

“Nothing as bad as you’re imagining,” she assured him, “but some people who have wandered onto the premises are a little too curious, or even malicious. Depending on the severity of their transgression, we collect accordingly.”

“Sneak onto the property…” Frances started,

“And you might have a pair of brooms after you on the porch,” Dominique said.

“Vandalize the buildings…”

“And you and any buddies you bring get to be special guests of my re-education classes,” Dominique finished.

“So...you scare people,” Zach laughed. “Like--grade A scare, when they deserve it.”

“They always get grade A,” Frances said. “But if they came with ill intent, they get slapped around a bit and embarrassed to piss when we spit them back out into the world.”

Something about all this was exciting to Zach. What would happen if someone was to step out of place with him and Mary there?

“How often does this happen?” Zach asked.

“Maybe half-a-dozen times a year,” Frances shuffled around the kitchen, directing things into their places. “Which is enough. We milk the bad ones really well so we can let the good ones off easy.”

Zach was guessing he knew what ‘milk’ meant.

“So you can get a...power source...from that?” Both of the outfits laughed now, and Dominique’s was particularly loud.

“The energy, silly boy,” The domme outfit jiggled with laughter. “Only the emotional potential. Cum leaves stains.”

“I’ve seen her swallow,” Kelly whispered into Zach’s ear, forcing him to hold back laughter.

“And then you just...let them go?” Zach asked.

“They wake up in their cars...or at a bus stop,” Dominique said. “The only evidence that we ever leave is evidence they never want anyone else to see,” She laughed.

“Something like this,” Zach motioned to his outfit. Kelly swept up and wrapped around his face.

“What’s wrong with this, mister?” He could feel the latex cape form lips against his, shoving a tongue into his mouth and violently kissing him. Kelly’s flats squeezed him, and once again his skirt rose with his hardening cock.

Something like that,” Dominique’s collar nodded, “but I think Kelly might be upset you compared her to an inert we’d send off with a thug.”

“Sorry,” Zach whispered when Kelly’s magic tongue withdrew. He smiled as she let him out--getting the feeling he might like another one of those. “So...what about the cops, then?” Dominique chuckled.

“Last time we had an authority out here was a very long time ago” Dominique said. “before either of your time here. Zach’s mother handled the situation directly, and she did a rather good job.

“She zapped him into a little tykes policeman,” Frances said, nudging Zach with her shoulder.

“Enough of that silliness, Frances, she did not.” Dominique turned to Zach. “You met Mr. Greene?” Zach nodded. “He helped your mother to turn this property into a compound, and he’s kept the locals at bay. He’s our ‘human affairs’ man on the outside, though he doesn’t know it.

All of the lawyer’s nervousness made sense to Zach now--Greene really didn’t know everything.

“So he doesn’t know that you’re…”

“Clothes?” Dominique laughed, shaking her collar. “I’ve a feeling he suspects something strange--maybe even supernatural, but he’s paid well enough that he doesn’t ask questions about the oddities. He simply handles business, which is why he’s so valuable to us.

“So the authorities haven’t been an issue since Mom lawyered up,” Zach said.

“A crude, but correct way of putting it.”

“Pretty smart.”

“She’s a smart lady,” Frances said. “And while I’d love to ask you how you survived a mundane household with her aura in you, I kinda do have work to do. I don’t get a lot of practice with food prep.”

“She wants us out of her space,” Dominique said. “She could have every instrument and appliance in here working in concert without her if she wanted.”

“But then I don’t get to play Betty Crocker.” Frances punctuated with a curtsey. “I like doing some things myself.”

“Shall we carry on?” Dominique turned and motioned through the Kitchen and toward a staircase, leading down.

“Um..the sub-basement?”

“Not yet, silly. You’d have to break the rules pretty severly first. This is just housekeeping.” Zach followed Dominique with Kelly’s every step. It wasn’t a full floor down--more like a mezzanine. Light spilled through skylights, and Zach could see various cleaning and house supplies.

“You really need a housekeeping staff?” Zach asked.

“Certainly, but we’ll especially need a full staff now that we have permanent residents again.” Dominique stopped near a huge dry-erase board that had a list of duties with checks, x’s and o’s. There was a large lounge sort of space with commercial-looking furniture, a brand new flatscreen and what appeared to be personal effects and notes. “Ladies? I’d like to introduce whoever’s here to Zach, if you have a moment…”

Zach watched as a large walnut wardrobe popped open at the side of the room.

A petite white glove floated out from the wardrobe and turned itself around and waved it’s finger with a come hither motion for the rest of it’s friends to come out. What followed was a black and white blouse with crinoline and puffed sleeves drifted out from the wardrobe. It’s sleeved joined with the wrist length glove and two shiny black mary jane shoes stepped out onto the floor with cream white stockings in them. The stockings were filled out with slender legs and wrapped around white bloomers bouncing underneath the crinoline skirt.

The outfit had a white apron wrapped around the dress and endowed with ghostly breasts jiggling inside the white fabric. What finished the outfit was a black hairpeice with white ribbons tied to each end. The maid outfit stood beside the wardrobe with both of it’s gloves holding each other in front while waiting for it’s other two compatriots to step out. The other two maid outfits were different from the first as the second outfit had black pantyhose wrapped in brown knee high lace up boots and shoulder length kid leather gloves hanging beside short puffy arm sleeves.

The last outfit daintily stepped out from the wardrobe in a short skirted dress with elbow length black gloves, white stockings with black heeled shoes and a leather choker wrapped around an invisible, slender neck. It’s shoulder straps however were lower than the other two outfits as it’s gloves hugged it’s own fabricated breasts in front of everyone.

“Lady Dominique, did you bring another one for your ‘treatment’?” The invisible maid seemed to look Zach over. “The outfit you picked doesn’t seem to be fitting for the occasion. Unless he’s the one we’ve been hearing about…” The low cut maid dress practically growled the the words with anticipation.

“He is indeed,” Dominique answered simply. “And as he’s now in the charge of Molly and Suzie, you’re all to assist as required.”

The low-cut maid outfit leaned back against Zach, sliding the ass of her skirt against him as she turned a 180 and faced him.

“Ooh, we’re happy to help.” A black glove reached out to a cart, where a pink feather duster hovered into the air and twirled toward Zach. “What a shame the ladies in laundry got to you before we did.” Zach’s sweater dress pulled itself up, exposing Suzie. “Mind a look, Suze?”

Suzie’s giggle went right through Zach’s cock and up through his spine, making his back arch. Suzie pulled herself down over his cock, letting the feather duster wisp over it, painting just a tease of sensation over him. He found himself ogling the bouncy, scoop-necked maid’s dress in front of him.

“We can take care of him now, if you like,” Said one of the first two maid outfits, wrapping her hollow gloves around Zach from the rear and grabbing the empty tits in his sweaterdress. The fact that his own chest wasn’t there didn’t stop Zach from feeling the ministrations, and now the tension left him as he swooned, turned to putty by voluptuous intangible maids.

“I can’t have that just yet, but do build him up. There’s plenty of work to be done when his balance returns.” Hearing Dominique say the word again, Zach finally realized that she wasn’t talking about spatial orientation. His ‘balance’, as she kept putting it, was Mary.

“W-wait...what are we going to do when Mary’s back?” The words didn’t come easy...dainty pink feathers were tracing under his balls and tickling his asshole.

“One step at a time, Zachary. Won’t you say hello to Jessica?”

“Hu-hi…” Zach said, looking down into the maid’s dress. She was still right next to him as her feather duster hovered away. Suzie slid up over Zach’s cock again, and he winced, making all 5 of the present voices laugh.

“Ahhh ha...getting a little close to the edge, hmmm?” Jessica asked as the feather duster feinted toward Zach again. When he cowered, it held still in front of him and the crowd roared laughter. Frustrated in more ways than one now, Zach was able to compose himself even as an obvious toy to these five entities. “Well, you’re going to have to come back and visit when you’re no longer under...release restriction. We’ll put you to work--I promise.” Zach’s sweaterdress pulled back down over his butt as the feather duster gave him a hard switch with its handle, making Zach cry out.

“When we’re busy finishing Zach’s room, I’d like you ladies to tend to anything his balance needs. She’s quite an agreeable girl. She’ll grow to be a sharp sorceress given the right direction.” Dominique hadn’t quite said all of this to Zach. Mary’d learn magic--he heard that much, but Sorceress? It sounded like such a heavy label for the girl he grew up with.

He thought better of jumping into the conversation and let the maids sort their upcoming tasks with Dominique. When she led him back off the Mezzanine level, they wandered back through the kitchen and toward the courtyard.

Meanwhile, Zach’s apartment had so much activity going on that his neighbors assumed the quiet kid next door finally had some company. There wasn’t anything too noisy going on, so--fortunately for their own mental health, none of them got curious enough to knock on the door.

What they would have seen wouldn’t have been digestible to the average human. Inside, Molly had spent time focusing with Mary--helping her to unlock the abilities Dominique made mention of earlier. She explained Mary’s position with some detail, but there were a lot of unanswered questions. Mary didn’t let it bother her too much--she was learning at a furious rate, and the first spark of magic to fly from her fingertips made everything so exciting that she was ready for Molly’s every direction. She wanted to learn more and more.

Rhythm, Molly explained, made everything a little bit easier--especially when it came to animating the inanimate. Objects given their own will were subject to creating an understandable level of mischief, but keeping them on task was a little bit easier with the application of rhythm. Zach didn’t care much for top 40 radio, but Mary was in the know enough to recognize what she heard--and she used the flow of the melody to bring Zach’s belongings to life, little by little.

At first it was long sleeve shirts and pants, or hoodies and jeans. A half-dozen of these outfits danced to life, shuffling around to the beat and getting a laugh from Mary. They moved in time, but their ‘moves’ seemed to match Zach’s dancing ability--which was to say...not much.

Still, with Molly’s help, Mary was able to get these first outfits to cooperate. She send each to another part of Zach’s department to pack, leaving them to everything--his spartan kitchen supplies and service-for-two dish set, his very simple and very male toiletries, his comfortable living room with a decent flat screen and a computer he paid too much for--everything except his bedroom.

“Mmm..Molly?” Mary was staring at the back of one of Zach’s filled out hoodies, poking its shoulder and watching it react.

“Question, darling?”

“Can it hold my weight?” Mary asked, pointing at the hoodie. Molly’s dress jiggled as she laughed.

“And much more, I’d say,” Molly said. “They can do whatever the fabric can handle, but once you learn more I can even show you how to enchant that property.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“There aren’t any muscles to operate inside that sweatshirt,” Molly said. “You be hard-pressed to fatigue enchanted sleeves, but cotton and stitches can still rip--for now. There are advanced spells that can make silk a hundred times stronger than steel, but still as soft to the touch as the day it was on the loom.” Mary took all this extra information in and distractedly looked at the hoodie again.

“So, like...it could piggy-back me.” Molly squealed delight at the idea and slapped Mary on the shoulder with an encouraging glove.

“You’re too much fun!” Molly said. “I’m so used to seeing your type clam up and run scared when they see something unusual…” The chest of the maid outfit heaved as Molly let out an audible sigh. “I have to tell you, babe--I’m happy Zach picked the right one.” Mary made a mental note of that framing--’picked the right one’--and saved it for later. “Yes--it could and would give you a piggy-back.”

Big questions needed more time, but while the smaller ones had easy answers…

“Hi-ho silver,” Mary chuckled, leaping straightaway onto the back of the plushy-soft hoodie. Zach had a habit of buying his overclothes big, which meant a lot of extra fabric to grab onto. Hooking her arms around the hood and clamping her legs around what looked like an invisible Zach, Mary leaned in and whispered to the hoodie, feeling energy rush to her fingertips again.

Mary took a deep breath as the magic flowed from her--like a compression nozzle in this instance. Zach’s baggy jeans and frumpy sweatshirt began growing as she commanded. She hugged them harder as they inflated, carrying her gently down the hall. With another whisper, the puffing outfit began a slower, bouncy gait--as if they were on the moon. Mary nuzzled against the back of the hoodie, catching Zach’s scent on it and wondering to herself if she’d be as carefree with his stuff if he were watching her pack it.

She blushed a little and sat up, trying to get her head on straight again. She was enjoying every second of this as if it were a perfectly natural thing to be riding your bestie’s magic clothes into his bedroom. As if it were perfectly natural to oversee a team of ghosts doing all the packing for the move.

In Zach’s room, she held tight to her new ride--now ballooned out to silly proportions that made the once-baggy clothes tight as a timpani.

“Oh! Here’s a fun one--and something we’re going to have to do anyway,” Molly said, stepping daintily into Zach’s room behind her. The maid outfit pointed to one of Zach’s old yellow t-shirts, still inert.

It slowly rose out of his closet shelf and swelled to life, but not exactly as Mary expected. Once it reached Zach’s proportions, the chest and lower hem of the tee kept growing, jutting out three more inches--then four, five, six--until like the hoodie--it swelled to capacity. It didn’t have a puffy, cylindrical shape like the filled-windsock look of the hoodie, though. It was stacked like a fetish model, with huge, jutting tits and a tiny midsection. The lower hem expanded again to accommodate the hips Mary imagined to be below.

“Whooooa,” Mary said. “That’s a pretty neat trick.” She let go of the hoodie, walking a 360 around the hovering t-shirt before reaching up to the chest.

“I--I can do this, right?” Mary asked Molly.

“You, my dear, need never ask to touch another breast again, so long as it’s empty.” Molly’s laugh set Mary at ease. She reached up to Zach’s tee--one she’d seen him wear again and again--now filled with unreasonably-sized globes. She didn’t have any idea what band size this counted as, but the yellow tits were at least double D’s. Probably bigger.

When Mary squeezed the cottony chest, she could feel herself blush again. She looked back to see Molly, still looking in her direction.

“Grab and squeeze, sweetie. I promise they won’t bite no matter how rough you play.” Mary cracked a smile and couldn’t help but chuckle--but it didn’t mean her face stopped being red. It also didn’t stop her from kneading her two full hands, the tight yellow fabric spilling from her grip. Mary bit her lip and bobbled the orbs, watching in wonder as they swayed back as if they held mass and weight. “You like?” Molly asked.

“It’s…” Mary shook her head and finally let go. “It’s fucking amazing,” she said, grinning like a fool and putting her hands to her face. “Can we make all Zach’s clothes strut around like bimbos?” Mary giggled. “Could you imagine his face if he saw it?”

Molly let out a long laugh, punctuated with the first words she tried to say through it.

“You...did you read my mind, you sneaky, sneaky human?” Mary’s eyes lit up at the accusation.

“Ha! You mean this is the thing that we have to do anyway?” Molly’s headpiece and collar simply nodded, detecting Mary’s gaze. “Then I wanna do more!”

At the mansion, Zach and Dominique wandered through a well-landscaped courtyard lawn, surrounded by various installations of small trees, flowers, and topiaries. Zach’s eyes caught wellingtons sloshing under shapely hovering gardening aprons and work gloves, hovering about the grounds, some of the pairs using trowels or carrying water cans. Other animated tools on the scene, like the slithering gardening hose, clearly didn’t any assistance.

“We have parties out here on occasion,” Dominique said, “though I can’t really remember our last.” The domme outfit shrugged. “With you and Mary here, we’ll have to start the tradition up again.” As they continued through, Zach caught a glimpse of the enclosing building on the other side--a broad, long wall of glass, divided by small stone pillars. Inside the building--was a ballroom.

Zach’s eyes flitted over the forms on the other side of the glass--wispy, graceful, shapely...hollow. There were ballet dancers--outfits, he caught himself--executing leaps and pirouettes. There were gymnast outfits on the far end, some of them sailing through the air with their moves, others tumbling across a padded floor like invisible athletes.

“Our ballroom,” Dominique commented, nearly whispering the word so as not to break Zach’s concentration. She could feel the excitement welling in him--feelings Zach was barely aware of-- bursting through the pheromones in his sweat. There were unseen belly dancers in translucent flowing veils, stacked halter tops and bustiers tied to jeans and leggings dancing a sexy bachata with each other, two tango dresses weaving around each other...so many of them, all partying together in a grand ballroom.

When Zach squinted, he saw a group of swimsuits in the back, at the ballroom’s bar area. When he watched them, apparently modeling for each other, he noticed the double doors on the far side of the ballroom leading to a shimmering space with a blue hue. A few of the swimsuits disappeared though the glass double doors, and Zach said it aloud.

“You’ve got...a pool.” How big was this place? He added to himself.

“Four seasons,” Dominique answered, matter-of-fact. “Enclosed and heated. Eighty-two degree water.”

Zach sighed, watching a tight red one-piece swimsuit head into the pool. Some impulse growled in him, and he wanted to grab a handful of the round, red ass. He watched the material slightly wedged into an invisible butt, wiggling back, and forth...back, and…

“I asked if you wanted to be introduced, Zachary.” Suzie giggled as Dominique brought Zach back to attention with latex fingers snapping in front of his face.

“I’m not so sure the blood flow reaches the head you’re talking to,” Suzie clucked in a mock-brat tone. “It’s all in this one…” She pulled back over his cock as his sweater dress retreated, displaying a gorging red member.

“Just as well,” Dominique said. “I’ve a sense that Mary and Molly are on their way back. Our poor Zach is barely going to make it.”

Zach just smiled, letting Suzie stroke him gently with her waistband before swallowing him up and snuggling his cock once more.

“No coming yet, baby…” Kelly whispered ever so lightly. The cape upturned itself, and the two lower corners swooped around either side of Zach and grabbed the sweaterdress’ tits. “Build a little more.”

“Let’s go meet the water rose you’re so smitten with,” Dominique said, pulling Zach toward her with a finger. Kelly set him into motion, this time making him lead ahead of Dominique as he approached the double glass doors leading into the ballroom.

“Wanna really impress her?” Kelly whispered to Zach. “I’m going to walk you right up to her--full stride. Address her somewhere between formal and Frances, introduce yourself, and ask for a swim lesson sometime.”

Zach just shook his head, not wanting to make himself audible.

“Then I’m going to walk you up to her anyway. If you don’t speak a word, I’ll throw you in the pool.” Zach knew he was outdone when he felt the vibration of giggling from his entire outfit. Whether they planned on flying him over the pool and slipping off or diving in with him--it wasn’t the first impression he wanted to make.

The suit turned when Zach and Dominique were a few paces behind her and the two others. The tight red suit shifted on a hip, and Zach looked down to see an intensely cleft cameltoe in the shiny spandex material. He swallowed hard and looked back up around the shoulder straps, distracted again when the glossy red breasts of the suit swelled and bounced.

“Well now...I didn’t realize we’d have visitors tonight, headmistress.”

Dominique didn’t return a word. Zach felt a heat build in him, and Suzie pinched his ass a little, trying to save him from Kelly’s promise.

“Sorry to barge in, miss…”

“Tricia,” the voice purred. “No miss.” The suit shifted again, and now it stood an arms’ length from Zach.

“Tricia...I’m Zach.” He stared at the tits now--practically talking to them. The suit didn’t seem to mind. “I’m going to be, uh, living here...and I noticed you--” Stutter one. He dropped his eyes back down to the cameltoe unwittingly, and now the material seemed to be shifting and sliding over the cleft. “I mean, I noticed your…”

Zach was jello. Tricia’s one piece swimsuit seemed to gyrate, swell and bounce as if it was in slow motion. His eyes shot back up to Tricia’s chest, and he managed the last bit.

“You should...put me down for a swim lesson,” Zach said, rushing through the words. “I mean, If you have time in your schedule.” Awkward. At least he wasn’t going in the pool.

“There are all kinds of lessons I can put you down for, sweetie.” The suit moved in, and suddenly Zach was being pushed against the huge red tits. He couldn’t tell whether Tricia was using unseen arms to pull him near, or if Kelly was forcing him toward her. Either way, Tricia’s tits seemed to take on a life of their own, separating outward and letting Zach into the cleavage before squeezing together again.

If Zach meant for his wince to signify discomfort, it was unconvincing to the entities. He was hard as a rock, and Suzie held him there, regulating him every step of the way. He wanted to cum...but they wouldn’t let him yet. They kept talking about it, too. Suzie was edging him on purpose.

When Tricia released him from her embrace, she shrank back down again--sleeker, but still voluptuous. Zach couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“What...ever you wanna sign me up for,” Zach smiled, feeling stupid.

Had he been more attuned and trained to listen to magical conversation, he would’ve heard Dominique joke about his newfound boldness to the others. She went on to say--in a language inaudible to Zach, that if the boy was already comfortable enough to try and flirt, maybe the process wouldn’t be so long as she first imagined.

“The works,” Tricia giggled. “My kind of bravery. When you’re all settled in, come down and see us in the south wings.” The two suits ahead of her continued on their way to yet another set of double doors, looking like another great hallway. Tricia followed soon after. “See you around, Zach...”

He watched her, mesmerized by the swimsuit’s ass. Suzie’s gentle stroke kept him swaying just slightly, held steady by Kelly’s support.

“And now it’s time for us to return to your quarters, Zach. The ladies are here.” Zach barely paid attention to the words, squinting as he looked through the glass double doors.

“There’s--there’s like a whole other wing?” Zach took a step closer, but Kelly held it to a half-stride. “This is only half of the mansion?”

“The south wings aren’t all,” Dominique said. “But too much too fast can cause us problems. For now, you will remain in the North wings, and you aren’t to go beyond the pool room.”

Zach shrugged. Even if he wanted to, the clothes on his back were probably going to stop him anyway. All in due time, he supposed. He felt a slap on his ass, and he looked up just in time to see Dominique’s glove return to its place at her side.

“I asked if you understood, Zach.”

“Yes. Yes, headmistress. I am not to go beyond the pool room.” He couldn’t believe how easily the words came out of his mouth.

“Mmm...that will do just as well as Lady Dominique, Zach.” The domme outfit leaned in toward him, and he felt the warm peck of soft lips on his nose. “You are a smart one, aren’t you?” She reached down to slap his ass once more, and this time it sent Kelly into the air, pulling Zach off of gravity’s threads again. “Let’s hurry back. We don’t want to miss the show.” As Zach hovered into the air and out the opposite doors back into the ballroom, he looked back toward the south wing hall once more.

When it was out of sight, he passed through what he realized was a divide in the ballroom. The space had a moveable wall in the center, and now Zach realized that the ballroom space was actually twice as big as he realized.

Beyond the divider were the same high ceilings and big space, but this one had another stage with an elevated runway built out into the space. There were at least 200 seated hollow outfits, and on the runway, dozens of articles drifted about, apparently modeling for each other as they matched into outfits and mixed up again. When the separates drafted back down the runway and backstage again, a line of swimsuits came next. Zach was immediately mesmerized, and though he was looking for Tricia, these were obviously other entities. One was a gold bikini, another was a strapless blue sheath. There was a thong silver one-piece, and two identical lurex swimsuits in red and black. Looking at those tightly filled swim suits with invisible curves was strange, yet arousing to him.

Kelly must have felt Zach’s imagination wandering, because she had an idea as one end of her cape reached under his dress and into the waistband of his bloomers. It completely wrapped around his cock and started to rub all over it. He began to feel more aroused with the cloth jacking him off. The invisible curves in his clothes were making him shiver in pleasure.

They were in the main hall again when the entourage was entering. There weren’t any boxes or handtrucks--just Zach’s very own stuff, sauntering into the house and heading toward his room. He laughed when he saw a chair hopping one leg to the other, making its way in front of Zach’s dresser, which bucked gently back and forth to move itself over the ground. It was mostly hovering, and it almost seemed as if the rigid furniture “strides” were just for show. When Zach’s favorite recliner entered, he chuckled to himself, wondering if Suzie would let him ride it upstairs.

Just then, Zach heard Mary’s laughter around the corner. When she came into view, he realized she wasn’t walking--she was...riding a hoodie?

“I can feel you blushing,” Kelly whispered. “I’ll be nice. Just for you.” Kelly retracted her grip on Zach’s dick, sliding out of his bloomers and out from under his sweaterdress.

“Heya, Zach!” Mary waved, pulling on the hood of the sweatshirt as if it was the reins to her puffing clothing beast. And that’s when Zach noticed how it was puffing.

“Heya...Mary. Are you...doing that yourself?” Zach asked, looking in particular at the hoodie’s chest, pointed toward the ground. But pointed in particular. She nodded excitedly.

“All me! Well, kinda. Not ALL me, because I needed Molly to spark still. I can manifest commands, but I can’t get things to jump to life or anything. Not yet.” She flew closer, making Zach’s hoodie nudge against him. “Also, truth be told, your things are like...SATURATED in magic. It’s so crazy.”

“You can tell that?” Zach asked.

“Uh huh! It’s why it’s so easy for me to fly around on this. I’m not even close to powerful enough to just fly myself around. I’m using up stored energy in your stuff.” Zach was overwhelmed. In only a couple hours, his bestie was set light years ahead of him as a magic-user. Mary seemed to detect the worry in his face. “Hey--don’t sweat it, Zach. YOU’RE her son, remember? They need to teach me fast so that I can help teach you.” Which made him smile. Mary might’ve come back with magical sorta-superpowers, but she was still Mary.

“So like…” Zack looked closely at the hoodie. “What’s with the, um...boobs on your ride?”

“Don’t you like them?” Mary replied. Giving one of the fabricated breasts a quick squeeze on the jacket. Trying to get a reaction from Zach’s lower head. “While I was bringing all of your stuff to life, Molly just gave me the idea of all of your clothing having round and pointy curves. Thought you’d like to see some sexy curves since you’re technically the ‘lady’ of the house now.” She said coyly.

“But not with my own clothes!” Zach said in annoyance. It was one thing to be forced into girly clothing, but seeing most of his own clothes marching into the foyer in over-inflated curves was gonna take some getting used to.

Some of his clothes were already baggy and loose to walk in before. But now being pushed to their limits by magical bouncing busts and butts made it look like they could rip at any moment. It would be hard enough to walk in them now with the fabric wiggling and jiggling all over his slim frame. Not that he would have any control over them anyway.

As more outfits walked by and walked up the stairs. Several pairs of his boxers filled beyond their usual shape floated on by and one of them even juggled it’s curvy cheeks to Zach before scooting back into formation. Mary giggled, riding Zach’s hoodie higher and surveying the scene from closer to the ceiling.

“Aren’t they cute?” Mary asked. “Haaa--look at your sleepshirts!”

Zach gulped as he looked back at the door, following Mary’s gaze. It was an old habit--get the biggest, most comfy tee he could find, and use it as a lounge shirt with shorts or sweatpants. Bigger the better.

Now, though, the entirety of the shirts were filled--stretched to capacity, in a couple of cases--and these weren’t just ‘womanly’ curves. Zach was convinced that no human in the world looked like this. One of the corporate logo tees looked like it was being worn by a gigantic unseen barbie torso.

“Did--did you have to do this to ALL of them?” Zach stuttered. He was more concerned than angry, really. Even without full sleeves or legs, it was intimidating. The thing bobbed through the entry thanks only to the french double doors. “I mean...I can’t really ever wear that again!”

“Oh, you certainly can,” Molly said. “Felicia can have her ladies shrink it right down for you in a steamy hot bath.” She waved a glove at the shirt, and the thing swayed and lifted from its spot, frightening Zach a little when it landed nearby. “But you’re probably right that you won’t quite use it the same way. You could practically curl up atop her and take a nap, if you wanted.” Molly’s gloves buried themselves in the translucent, cottony tits, and the shirt wiggled in response, bouncing its chest against Molly and burying her gloved hands. “Mmm...like a waterbed, but better.”

Mary seemed to get an idea from this, and she nodded at the shirt. When it rose up, it laid itself back with its massive chest pointed to the ceiling. Mary’s hoodie steed floated over the shirt and deflated, dropping Mary with a squeak and landing her on the corporate tee.

“Look at theeeeeese, Zach!” Mary motorboated the massive cotton mounds, looking playfully at Zach as she did. Zach’s cock tightened against Suzie, who simply moaned in the affirmative and let out a slow laugh. Mary whispered something to the hoodie, which filled back out next to her.

The hood nodded at Mary, and at the exactly same time, Zach heard a whisper in his ear.

“Duty calls, sport. See you in your room.” He barely registered the voice when he felt Kelly untie.

“Wait, where--”

“You’re in good hands, hon. Later!” Zach’s dress lifted him out of Kelly’s flats, which danced away with the billowing cape as they headed up the stairs. When the cowl swept up, Zach swore he saw a delicate looking face wink at him for a second before the image disappeared. Now he felt a draft, and looking down, he could see his sweater dress riding up on him. He had time to react, but the dress easily held his arms over him, sliding higher and higher on his thighs until Suzie was exposed again.

“I think someone wants to try you on, babe…” Zach felt Suzie’s voice vibrate in his hips as she spoke. His cock jumped again, and she responded with a sultry laugh. “Not quite, not quite…” Suzie pinched Zach’s tip gently, cooling him down and edging him again as the hoodie wrapped its arms around him in a big, swirling hug.

Zach and the hoodie took off, rising up toward Mary, who was shamelessly bouncing against the belly of the giant t-shirt, making its tits swell and ebb with her rhythm.

“M-Mary, what on earth are you doing?” Zach asked, watching her in absolute revelry of her new powers. She grinned and pointed at the hoodie again, and it let Zach go, sailing over him. Zach was held in the air by Suzie, the stockings, and the magic legwarmers he was still wearing, and he had just enough time to look up before the hoodie sailed over his head and slipped itself over his torso, arms and all. The waistband constricted down, holding his arms to his sides as the rest of the sweatshirt inflated again.

“Having a jolly good time...that’s what I was instructed to do.” Mary rested her head on her elbows, lying on the tee lengthwise with her arms on the tits. “You’re having a good time, aren’t you, Zach?” The hoodie sleeves snaked toward the sweatshirt’s own inflated tits, and when one of the puffing sleeves approached, the cottony form was squeezed by invisible fingers. Zach shuddered, struggling to free his wrists as he felt a syrupy, tickling sensation on his chest.

“Oh, f--f--how?” Zach managed.

“They’re your things, so it’s pretty easy to map the sensations when you’re wearing them,” Mary said. “Plus, like I said--you’re an absolute overflow of magic, so they’re all chock full.” Zach couldn’t believe it. The once skeptic was now talking circles around him in regards to magic.

“You...can’t just give me a break?” Zach asked. Mary beckoned the hoodie over with a finger.

“Suzie, should I give him a break?” Mary asked. “You guys would know better than I would.” She was playing coy again, and Zach groaned as the hoodie sleeves went to town on its own tits, mashing and squeezing them as beads of sweat rolled from Zack’s hairline.

“A break?” Suzie was already caressing Zach’s cock--stroking it in rhythm with the hoodie’s tit massage. “He gets a break tonight, when he sleeps.” Suzie swung Zach’s hips back and forth before he felt a soft slap on his ass. “Besides, aren’t you happy to see all your things again, baby? You said you wanted your clothes--and here they are.”

And none of them looked like him. Zack watched his jeans now--the baggy ones cylindrical and puffing like windsocks, the slimmer ones bearing hips and rears that didn’t match Zach’s shape or gait in the least. Dress pants filled out with seam splitting asses and thighs, but the lower legs stayed slim and slinky. If the clothes could be stretched to a woman’s figure, they would--and if they couldn’t, then they simply filled the key assets.

“But it’s like they’re not my clothes anymore!” Zach said. “Are they going to look like this when I wear them?”

“Oh, Zach...most of these things are fit for keeping you in line better than for casual use. We’ll have much, much prettier things for you to wear,” Suzie beamed. “Like me, of course.” She giggled as she wedged herself into his ass for a second, releasing him when he cried out. “You’re tooooo easy, Zach.”

“What do you mean, ‘keeping me in line’? How much more control could you need? I can’t move my--unnnnhhh…” The hoodie sleeves squeezed their own shapely tits together, making Zach’s eyes roll back when he felt the same thing. Now the hoodie carried the overwhelmed, temporarily-incapacitated Zach up the stairs as his entourage followed.

“Everybody up,” Mary said, heeling the giant tee under her. As the rest of Zach’s things passed through the doorway, the front doors shut themselves. Mary took up the rear, making sure everything shuffled into Zach’s room.

Dominique, who followed the last of the entourage up the stairs, waited outside Zach’s door. The hoodie had already floated him into the room and held him hovering in space as his clothes folded and put themselves away. He couldn’t help but think that some of the items didn’t look exactly as he remembered, but he forgot the thought when the hoodie started working him over again. He wiggled in the air, still unable to move his arms, and still feeling everything the sleeves were doing to the hoodie’s inflated tits.

“It looks as if everything went better than expected,” Dominique said. “The lady of the house would be more than impressed with your progress.” Zach wrinkled his nose in defiance and was about to shout back at Dominique when he heard Mary speak.

“Thanks! It’s all coming even easier to me now. I guess because of Zach’s stuff?” She seemed excited. Dominique wasn’t goading him, she was praising Mary!

“You’ve been friends for quite some time, so you’re very familiar with each other to begin with. The magic flows right into you, now that you know how to call it. You’ll notice that you’re stronger around Zach.” Dominique peeked around the corner, and Zach saw the corset for a second before it retreated to the hall once more. The door to Zach’s room shut on its own, and he heard--just barely...

“Now have fun tonight,” Dominique said. “It’s going to happen naturally--just relax and let it. You’ve done well so far.”

Dominique was still audible, but when Mary responded, Zach couldn’t make out the words. Whatever Mary said, it made Dominique laugh--a full laugh that made Zach wonder what Mary could have possibly said.

“Of course you can,” Dominique said. “Now sleep well, my dear.” The other door closed, and Zach heard the boots wander down the hall. They faded as they tromped down the stairs again.

“Pretty good at multi-tasking, Mr. eavesdropper…” It was a new voice, trembling through his torso. He looked down in horror when he realized it came from his own hoodie.

“Well...speaking up already, are we?” Suzie asked.

“I can’t help myself--ever since Miss Mary came into his apartment, I felt different. Like I’m full of energy. You’re around that antenna of his...you know how excited he is even better than I do.” Zach suddenly found he could move his arms, but when he tried to slide out from under the hoodie, Suzie gave him a wedgie, lifting him right back against the shoulders.

“Heyyy!” Zach cried.

“You need to learn to be patient. You were coming out of that hoodie soon enough, but you just had to push it,” Suzie chided.

“What are you talking about ‘had to push it’?”

“She means I get my turn, loverboy.” The strings on Zach’s hoodie hovered out in front of him and pulled, hard. The sleeves and body expanded as big as they could get, but the waist stayed tight around him, putting him inside a cottony sweatshirt bubble. He could feel the force against every inch of his body, like the air inside his hoodie was getting denser and denser, compressing him. Nothing was touching him but the hoodie’s tag at the nape of his neck--but he couldn’t move.

“H--how are you doing that?!” Zach cried.

“Snuggled alllll tight inside me like that, you mean?” The hoodie purred. “Doesn’t it feel good? I like keeping you warm, silly. It’s what I do.” Zach thought about it for a second, taking a deep breath and letting himself feel it. Suzie didn’t hesitate to help.

“I mean--it does, kinda…” Zach said. So what if the hoodie had tits? This was better than having to march around in a dress.

“I’m glad you think so--because there’s a whole lot more of us who wanna snuggle with you tonight.” The hoodie slipped off of Zach, and he gulped as he looked around--the hood finally off him after the last couple of minutes.

“Th-those aren’t my clothes. Not all of them.” Zach looked around to see a pair of pink and red robes filled to female form, their sashes untying and opening their sides up as to imitate a venus fly trap waiting to wrap up their prey.

Aside them were several articles of lingerie, stockings, bloomers and frilly bras puffed out way beyond their normal sizes. Pink thigh high socks and a nightie sauntered towards Zach as he was still floating in Suzie and the stockings and legwarmers holding him in place. Every article was ready to bounce on him like a cougar waiting for it’s prey to be consumed in their silky embrace.

“Those are your clothes,” Suzie answered back. And it’s bedtime, Zach-y poo.”