Heiress in Bloom

4 - Mary's Training

“Th-those aren’t my clothes. Not all of them.” Zach looked around to see a pair of pink and red robes filled to female form, their sashes untying and opening their sides up as to imitate a venus fly trap waiting to wrap up their prey.

Aside them were several articles of lingerie, stockings, bloomers and frilly bras puffed out way beyond their normal sizes. Pink thigh high socks and a nightie sauntered towards Zach as he was still floating in Suzie. The stockings and legwarmers held him in place. Every article was ready to bounce on him like a cougar waiting for it’s prey to be consumed in their silky embrace.

Zach was stuck in the air unable to do anything to get away from the approaching ensemble. Suzie took action, laying him down on the bed on his back. The sheet hem at the head of his bed turned over his wrists and wrapped around them to keep him from getting up.

“Don’t make this hard Zachy, or we’ll play rough before you even get in the bed.” Suzie purred all around his waist as the stockings and leg warmers raised his legs up for them to slide right off. Suzie gave one last squeeze around his cock before sliding over his legs, leaving him bare once again. Zach was still erect after the attention he got from his coat and Suzie’s soft touch before leaving his bare skin to the cold.

“Hey--where are you going?” Zach asked, finding his question a little funny after trying to be free of these clothes all evening. He wasn’t lonely for long, though.

A pair of pink panties floated right on by and pointed themselves right over his dangling feet and slipped right up and snugged against his waist tightly. The pink bloomer shorts followed by grabbing his feet into it’s silk vice and held them out for the pink socks to move right in.

“We each have our duties,” Suzie said to him. “I don’t need sleep, but as your primary guide, there are other things for me to do. You’ll be snugly, safe and sound in here with them--I promise.”

Zach tried to twist his feet around, but the bloomers kept them perfectly still so the socks placed themselves right around his thighs. With his legs perfectly snug in the frilly socks, the bloomers sailed right over his panties and wiggled his hips after setting into place. A pair of pink slippers with white ribbons on top placed themselves over his socks and fitted on snugly.

With his bottom half fully dressed, the sheets let go of his wrists and Zach raised his arms into the air before any other items tried to jump him. It was a big mistake as he didn’t notice a silk nightie was waiting over his head in order to strike at the right moment. It then swooped down over his arms and crawled right over his face. Zach could see through the thin fabric as he struggled to get his arms through the loops and it pulled itself down over his chest as he was finally dressed in rusque pajamas that was both revealing and overly girlish for him.

Zach looked at himself in the mirror by the wall. Seeing himself in a rather cutesy but otherwise absurd outfit made him wish he could wear his old pajamas. Even if they were filled out to some crazy, curvy shape, it would be better than this.

“Seriously?! Why couldn’t I wear my own pajamas? Ordinary people don’t sleep in outfits like this.” Zach complained.

Just then the outfit swept him off the bed and closer to the mirror. He kept expecting his toes to hit the ground as his body danced over, but the outfit hugged him evenly at every point--the thick socks and slippers able to direct his toes and soles just inches from the wood floor. He strained to hold his body upright, not realizing at first that he didn’t need to balance. This new outfit’s grace was every bit as good as Suzie’s.

“For now, you can wear whatever’s tasked to take care of you,” Suzie said. “Like I said, we share our duties--and you’re our resident guest. Now, be a good boy...maybe let the ladies indulge a bit...and maybe they’ll see about letting your old pajamas out for a visit.”

Zach’s door clicked open as Suzie hovered out.

“Sleep well, Zach,” Suzie said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Wait,” Zach said. “Let them indulge in what?” He stared at the door, waiting for a response, but she was gone. He looked down at his outfit, posing him in front of the mirror. “Would you--please knock that off?”

The outfit whirled him around in response, aiming his butt at the mirror as the nightie lifted. The bloomers suddenly wedged themselves into his asscheeks, taking the panties beneath right with them.

“Oww! Stop that!” Zach said. “She said you’re supposed to get along with me!”

The top drawer of the tall dresser across from him opened up, and he turned away from the vanity mirror to see a long, wide hairbrush lift itself out of the drawer and hover toward him. When the drawer slammed shut again, he noted the sound of many many small, hard objects inside. Some of them sounded like they rolled--others slid. Other than his own stuff, he wasn’t sure what else was in this room--but he knew that hairbrush wasn’t his.

“I don’t need my hair brushed,” Zach said through gritted teeth. “Now put me down, and--” He felt himself lifted high by his bloomers, and the force bent him over in midair. Before he could react, the hairbrush swung across and slapped him hard on the ass.

Zach yelped, and another blow came from the haunted brush, hitting his other cheek.

“Yow! Stop!” The bloomers shifted, turning him upright before they puffed out on his body, letting the panties alone pull themselves higher and higher. He winced as he reached down toward the puffing bloomers, but his nightie flared out, preventing him from reaching anywhere near his waist. Inside the inflated bloomers, the living panties shifted and tightened on him, teasing between his cheeks and lifting higher as the front gently cradled his plumping cock.

Zach panted, clearing his throat a little as the panties kept up their play. Now the nightie relaxed again, swishing around his waist and gripping him, lifting him away from the vanity mirror and toward the far threshold. The darkened space beyond lit up as a switch inside flipped on.

His own bathroom was ornate--decorated in river stone and shining white tile. There was an oversized clawfoot tub with a showerhead poised at each end and a faucet over the far side. It stood alone in the center of the bathroom over its own recessed drain. Zach had never seen quite a design, but he figured someone could pretty much take a plain old shower anywhere in the middle of the bathroom and not hurt anything at all. The showerheads had long, coiled hoses that seemed to suggest the possibility.

Before he could consider anything else about the bathroom, he was placed in front of one of the twin sinks. A toothbrush sat in its original packaging, and his toothpaste--or, at least the brand he liked--sat in a brand new box next to it. There was a clear crystal glass with the blue-grey letters ZE etched into it. Once Zach was sure the outfit wasn’t going to jerk him away, he reached for the glass.

The faucet turned on by itself as Zach took the crystal glass in his hands. When he tried to get a closer look, he gasped, dropping it.

So he thought. He realized what was happening when the glass stopped short of the marble and held itself under the cold water flowing into the drain.

“Okay…” Zach watched it happen. The nearly full glass rose out of the sink on its own as the toothbrush and toothpaste packages both popped open at the same time. The tube and the toothbrush hovered in front of him, and he watched carefully as the cap spun off and allowed the tube to place a dab of paste on the bristles. “That’s pretty cool,” Zach said, “and really nice of you. So just…” Zach reached out for the toothbrush, running itself under the cold water for a split second.

It dodged his grip and sailed up to his mouth, plunging inside.

“Heeeegh!” Zach cried through gritted teeth. He tried to grab the toothbrush again, but the handle spun, switching sides as the nightie lifted up again. “Nuugh--nugh!” Three quick slaps from the hairbrush told Zach that he wasn’t to interfere--he was supposed to let routine happen its own way. Defeated, he put his hands on the counter and waited for the brush to work its way around.

He didn’t think about it at first, but the stuff trained him quickly. When the brush paused, he knew to spit because he needed to. He left his mouth open because he knew the brush needed inside. He rinsed with cold water when his monogrammed glass hovered to his mouth, and by the time the process was done, he realized the bloomers and panties were both being nicer.

Between the teasing throughout the day, the caress of the panties, and the process of having to obey pushy toiletries and a hairbrush, Zach was hard. Now he was even harder as the puffing bloomers played against his ass and the panties beneath them stroked his cock.

“That’s...not really half bad.” Zach didn’t want to admit it--but he also wasn’t sure about these new things, and wanted to sound agreeable. Nothing had spoken to him since Suzie left his room, and it was really hard to tell what kind of mood these things were in.

Or maybe not. After all, Zach provoked them pretty readily when he resisted. Now that he was playing things their way, they were showing him a gentler side. He made a note to himself to keep it up--if only to see how it would play out.


Across the hall in Mary’s room, a pink silk pajama top finished buttoning itself on her. She looked down at herself, watching the silk waist-tie loop around itself and cinch.

“Comfortable?” A voice from the pajamas asked. Mary nodded and wrapped her arms around herself, spinning around in the mirror.

“You’re soooo soft…” Mary said. “And these fit me like they were sewn for me.” They gently puffed on her, seemingly filling with air as she hugged them. She let out a soothed sigh and giggled as she let her body go limp--letting the pajamas hug her back now. “Mmm...is this what Zach’s getting, too?”

There was sweet laughter back from the silky PJs, and they nudged Mary’s body forward, carrying her into a whirling dance and keeping barely a tenth of her own weight on her slippers--barely touching the floor.

“Felicia made us for you today, actually…” They said, puffing to capacity and lifting Mary off the floor and over the footboard to her bed. She held her arms against the plumping silk, looking over her shoulders when her slippers fell off.

She realized they hadn’t simply fallen when they danced back over in front of the mirror, admiring themselves.

“That’s so awesome,” Mary said. “So...if you were made today--does that mean you were brought to life today?”

“As I am to you now--yes,” The PJs said. “I have certain early memories as part of a bolt...faint trails of being spun and wound to a spool...but the voice that you’re hearing now was mine today.”

“When she finished you.”

“No--when you first touched me.” The seat of Mary’s silky pants gave her a gentle squeeze, and Mary blushed, rolling over on the bed. “Oh, you liked that a lot, hmm?” She felt another full-ass grab, this one a little tighter. Mary giggled now, running her own fingers over the active, hand-shaped indents in her rear.

“I...guess I’ve made an impression on you,” Mary sighed, laying on her stomach and letting the hands continue.

“The house’s magic animated me as components--but your touch gave me my spark of personality,” the pajamas said. “Zach is an Elsterbook; we’ve known him since birth...but the house needs to get a feel for you.”

“You’re getting a pretty good feel right now,” Mary moaned as the hands divided once, then again. Now there were invisible hands all over the silk--two stroking her legs, two playing with her butt, two massaging her back, and two more sailing silky fingers along her shoulders and arms.

“And you’re taking it so well because you know it’s your idea,” the pajamas said. “But we also have another motive for getting you a little worked up…”

“Mmm...what’s that?” Mary asked, rolling over on her back again. She could still feel the invisible hands massaging her through the bed--realizing it made sense because it was the pajamas themselves. She looked down at her chest, and the faintest thought--the slightest inclination that it might be nice if the hands...maybe...moved up?

Mary squeaked as her nippled were squeezed just slightly. When she sucked in her lips to keep from making more noise, all the ministrations ceased but two hands gently on her shoulders.

“Hmmm…” Mary wrapped her arms around herself again, feeling the echoes of all the sensation. “Why’d you stop?” She asked, sounding almost disappointed. The pajamas laughed.

“We’ve got what we need from you, darling,” The pajamas said. “More play later--but for now, look at the full-length mirror.”

Mary spotted it on the side of the room, realizing it matched her own back at her parents’ place.

“Hey, that’s--” Her mouth dropped when she realized the image was wrong. It was actually her room at her parents’ place on the other side of the glass.

“Your room,” The pink PJs said. “Now, you can bring anything you like--we’ll make them all feel at home--but I would suggest you leave enough to keep your family from suspecting anything.”

Mary hopped off the bed, getting a floaty feeling as she drifted toward the ground at a slower-than-usual pace. Her slippers dutifully met her feet and guided her to the mirror--exactly where she intended to go.

“That’s...really my room?” She gasped when her top reacted, thrusting her arm into the glass. “Whoooooa.” It was like the glass didn’t exist. Her hand went straight INTO the mirror, passing from the mansion to her own house.

“Just demonstrating,” The pajamas said. “We can bring your things to the mansion this way. “Also, this will allow you to spend as much time as possible here without making anyone concerned there.”

“That’s useful,” Mary said, “How come Molly and I didn’t get Zach’s stuff this way?”

“More magic practice for you. Also, Zach lived alone. We didn’t need to sneak around or hold back in stripping his room. Your challenge will be maintaining both lives...but that’ll get very easy for you as you learn more magic.”

“You’re pretty smart for being new,” Mary said.

“Likewise,” The pajamas laughed. “But let’s get this settled so we can close the window. Just think of what you need, and let the house’s magic reach out to it. Don’t go crazy--remember, you’ll soon be able to go back and forth as you need.”

“What if I bring more pajamas?” Mary teased. “Are you gonna get jealous?” The pink pajamas sneered, making Mary’s arms do an exaggerated ‘no way’ motion.

“The more the merrier,” They said. “All your silky friends can team up with me and have one big Mary massage pool in your new king bed.” Mary blushed again.

“That could be fun,” She said. “I’ll be quick. I only need a couple things…”

Mary slowly approached through the mirror with a mix of excitement and cautiousness. Being used to magic clothes and learning magic was one thing, but defying the laws of space was a completely new experience when she can step into her normal bedroom and her new one with just a single step.

She looked all around her room, several dvds and cds hanging underneath the tv all alphabetized to her specific standards, a couple posters stuck over her door with the image of a scantily clad female character wielding a sword on it. This was the epitome of anime geekiness in a bedroom.

“You have quite the exquisite taste. I can see why the Dominique has an interest in you.” The pajama top purred around Mary’s breasts after seeing the poster of the latex clad swordswoman hanging over Mary’s door.

“I kinda blame Zach for introducing me to this stuff. But what can I say, I’ve always prefered this kind of thing over whatever the cheerleaders and preppy girls were into. I felt like I was the only kind of girl who liked technology and you know...nerdy stuff like this.” She looked over her room and then back down at the puffed out pajamas floating around her form.

“But after finding out Zach being an inheritor to a mansion full of magic wonder and living clothing, how could I refuse to be a part of it? I’ve been his friend since forever. It’s actually kinda cool to live out something that normal science can’t explain.” Mary smiled as she waved her hand toward her shelves and the dvds and cds started to float into the air and stacked against one another in the same order they were in on the shelf. They separated into three stacks, each with a different genre of anime in alphabetical order.

“That takes care of entertainment...and some of these things might actually give the girls here some ideas! Now for the other basic necessities.”

Mary waved her finger towards her bedroom door on the other side, where the bathroom would be. She focused on what she needed just as the pajamas directed. “This is the kind of thing I’m talking about. Zach always wondered about magic being real. And I was always the skeptic one at first. Now here I am, walking through mirrors and moving stuff through the air...” She laughed to herself; the way her life changed so drastically, it was almost like she was a character in an anime.

Mary grinned. Her toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, hairdryer, towels and every other bathroom necessity drifted right into the room, apparently following her command without an issue. A large black duffel bag was the last to come out and unzipped to let the other items slide right in for travel. Of course the last item to bring over was a make-up chest she got from her older sister a Christmas ago. Mary wasn’t too keen on when when she first got it, but where she was headed, it made sense to have along--if only to help mess with Zach.

“Looks like that’s everything but the bathroom sink.”

“We can bring that along too if you wish.” The pajama bottoms joked while vibrating around Mary’s ass. The feeling made her wiggle against them, closing her eyes and sighing.

“You can certainly pick up humor pretty fast,” Mary retorted with a smirk. “And your voice tickles when you use the pants.” Mary blushed a little. “Okay, next up is an essential.”

She took a glance over to her desk to see her laptop folded neatly on top. The charger was plugged into the wall socket and connected directly to the laptop. Mary made a little come over here motion with her finger towards the slim device. The laptop slowly rose into the air away from the desk and drifted forward to it’s owner. The charger cord disconnected from the socket and wrapped itself around the battery, then it’s velcro strap clamped around it to finish the job and joined the laptop in their new room.

“Is that all?” The pajamas asked her, vibrating their voice through the seat of the silky pants again. Mary bit her lip on hearing the doting voice and feeling the pants again. She gripped the waist, pulling them up against her body.

“Well...I really like the way you feel on me, but...I can bring some of my own stuff too, right? As far as clothes go?”

“Oh, of course!” The voice came from the top this time, hugging her waist just slightly before teasingly lifting Mary’s tits for a second. She gasped a little.

“Mmm...you’re sure?” Mary asked. “I don’t wanna step on any toes.”

“Your things are as welcome as you are, my dear. Call over anything you want--we’ll be sure and let Dominique know that they’ll need a wake-up session.”

Mary thought out what she might need in the next few days and focused on her drawers and closet, calling to a few outfits--even some more PJs.

“What do you mean ‘wake-up’?” Mary asked, directing her fingers to the drawers and watching them open as her clothes began floating out.

“Zach’s things have an innate magic in them--from being near him and belonging to them. You, however--have just recently been connected to the energy,” the pajamas said. “You could probably imbue something with a voice, but at your current level it would be pretty taxing.”

“Imbue…” Mary thought about it, watching a pair of poly shorts and a soft tee come together and walk through the mirror, followed by a replacement bra hovering over her favorite jeans--filled out to her shape. “You mean...I could make my stuff like you?”

“Yes indeed,” The pajamas said. “Real autonomy and will...and usually a name, should you lift them to that level.” Mary had been talking to these pajamas since she came into her new room, but only now did she realize...Suzie. Molly. Dominique.

“I--never got your name,” Mary said. “I’m sorry--I didn’t even think about it.”

“Phoebe,” The pajamas said, hugging her tight. “Worry not, darling--you’ll get used to the ways here. You’re a quick study. Besides, we’re all so happy to have a flesh-and-blood woman in the house again--especially one that makes Zachary so happy.”

Mary blushed a little more now, unsure of what to say to this. Between the attention she was getting from Phoebe, discovering her own magic, and her place here with Zach…

“Don’t read too much into it,” Phoebe said. “Just focus when you use your magic, and it’ll all fall into place. You’re doing splendidly already.”

Mary yawned as she watched a couple more pairs of her jeans get up out of her closet, bringing a handful of her favorite tees with them. Some more of her panties and bras followed as Phoebe squeezed her again, lifting her off the bed just enough to let the sheets and blankets pull back.

“You’re sleepy, my dear--it’s been quite a day already,” Phoebe said. “How about curling up in your nice new bed?”

Mary sighed as her weight settled on the soft mattress. As soon as it did, she watched the sheets and blankets magically pull themselves over her. She smiled, rolling over and pulling them around her as they hugged her body. The softness of the sheets and a pleasant, air-dried scent surrounded her.

“This is all so nice…” Mary giggled. “And it’s like you line-dry everything,” she said, inhaling the scent of the sheets.

“Line dry? Ha--only if we’re expecting a delivery that day. We’d rather dance and fly ourselves dry if we’ve no one to hide from.”

“That I’d like to see sometime…” Mary whispered, closing her eyes.

“Soon, darling. For now, just relax and get some sleep. We’ve got a few more surprises for you in the morning.”

Mary had a grin on her face as she rolled over again, lying on her back and letting Phoebe and the sheets massage her off to sleep.


“I mean--I don’t mind, but do we have to do all of this now?” Zach was still in the bathroom. His hair was set, his teeth were brushed...but now a pair of nail clipper and a file were going to each of his fingernails and paying more attention than he ever did when he took care of himself.

There wasn’t any response from the instruments or the clothes. He didn’t try anything like pulling his hands away or fidgeting--trying to stick with his plan to cooperate.

“Well--are any of you at least going to talk to me?”

The panties started stroking him again, and he smiled, letting out a little laugh.

“I mean--that works for me.”

“We’re glad…” A breathy voice said from all around him. “Now that you’re here with us, we’re not going to let you fall even a little behind with things like this.” The voice made his whole outfit tremble, and he wiggled his hips as the bloomers tickled his ass.

“Wh-what do you mean behind? My nails weren’t that long.”

“But they weren’t as well-manicured as we’re going to make them,” the outfit said. “You’re a noble, Zachary. You should be presented as one.” Zach looked as his hands were held by wrist-length black satin gloves. They kept his fingers extended, gently gripping them one-by one as the clippers and file did their jobs.

It was strange not being able to do anything by himself. The dressing made sense, if all of these clothes had duties, responsibilities and thoughts of their own--but things like brushing his teeth and clipping his nails? He began to wonder if he’d ever do anything on his own again.

“There now--doesn’t that feel better?” The satin gloves gripped his palms and held them up, showing Zach his trimmed nails. “Oh! One little thing here.” The bathroom mirror folded open, and a small pair of cuticle scissors came out and clipped a tiny hangnail.

“Good with me, I guess…” Zach said. “You’re...the outfit I’m wearing, right?”

“Of course,” The voice said. “Not the gloves, though. They’re just assisting at my request.”

Zach gasped a little as his outfit shifted him from the mirror, walking him out of the bathroom. He thought he was heading toward the bed, but instead, he sailed over it--floating through the room.

“Wh-what are we doing?”

“Just a couple more things before you go to sleep, cutie. Relax.”

The stool in front of the vanity in the room pulled out, and the cushion fluffed itself before Zach’s weight settled on it.

“I mean--aren’t I ready for bed yet?” The stool pulled itself in under the vanity as two of the drawers next to him opened up.

“You might be ready...but we’d like to give someone else a go at you before you do.”

Zach had no idea what that meant, but he was determined to stick to the plan. At least for the rest of the night.


Mary was fast asleep. She was quick to fall into a dream--an incredibly lucid dream that seemed to make sense, given her circumstances. She found herself in Zach’s room...his new one that she’d seen earlier that night.

Zach was dressed up in the outfit he was wearing when Mary went to bed--but he was in front of his huge new vanity, apparently just sitting there.

Mary had a strange sense about her own view of the room. She was well above the floor--looking up and down, she realized she had to be close to the ceiling.

This is new

She thought she said it aloud, but there wasn’t any sound from her voice. Zach looked around the room for a second, and focused on his own face in the vanity mirror again.

“Was that one of you?” Zach asked any enchantment that was listening.

“I didn’t hear a thing,” his outfit said.

When Mary looked down again, she noticed something else: she couldn’t see her feet. Or her nose? In fact, everything about her vision seemed different. When she made the effort to move, it all fell into place: she didn’t take any steps.


Her POV dashed around the room--toward the vanity, around it and through the closet door. Excited delight rushed through her senses as she went back out into the room and through the windows themselves. Now she found herself outside, but she didn’t feel the cool fall air.

How am I doing this?!

After what she’d seen today, there wasn’t any fear in the experience. Her POV floated through Zach’s room one more time, across the hall, and back into her own bedroom.

And there she was, sleeping soundly in the bed below her own line of sight. Curious, she intended to try and pull up the blankets over her body, but as she moved closer, she realized she didn’t have hands to move it. Closer still, she realized she could feel things near her--not exactly the texture or the weight--but something.

Well, even if I can’t touch anything this is still pretty n--

If she was still in her body, it would’ve produced a gasp. She pulled her ‘sight’ closer and closer to the blanket until she passed through it. Yet...not through it.

Am I...

She could suddenly see all around her. The ceiling above, the sides of the room...and even a darkened sheet beneath her. And she felt...drapey?

No way.

She tried her original intention again, and felt herself stretch upward, carrying the silky sheet below with her. She felt the shape of her entire body beneath the sheet--from the front--and realized exactly what happened.

I’m *in* the blanket!

She waved the edges of her new ‘body’, feeling the sides hanging over the bed flutter a bit. When it was all too much for her, she tried to back away again, and sure enough, she was suspended over the bed again as the soft, stretchy feeling dissipated. It was true--she’d just occupied the blanket with her own will.

That’s sooo cool!

Now she flashed back to Zach’s room, double-time. She watched as the vanity opened itself up. Drawers opened and let out various items--blush, make-up, lipstick, nail polish...a manicure kit...brushes and combs, curlers and perfumes.

Now you understand...came a soundless voice. Mary looked around instinctively, but only a murmuring Zach was in the room, watching the show in front of him. He didn’t seem to hear anything. No, child--I’m in here just as you are, but only for the moment.

Now Mary recognized the floating voice in her dissociated awareness--it was Dominique.

I...don’t think I totally understand, Mary answered.

Yes you do, silly. We’ve given you all the toys. Play with him to your heart’s content.

Energy shot through Mary’s ethereal presence as she realized her training was still ongoing, even as her body rested up across the hall. Zach sat and looked at the spread on the vanity, gulping and looking at the gloves.

“You’re not going to let me get out of this even if I tried to, are you?” He asked.

“Smart boy,” his outfit said, the panties and socks hugging him. “Go with the flow, Zach.” He sighed again, expecting the gloves before him to start going to work. Instead, they quickly whipped around and drew themselves onto his hands.

He rolled his eyes and prepared to watch his own hands do...whatever was coming next, but instead, they placed themselves in his lap and held them there.

To my heart’s content… Mary said, approaching him. She circled him closely, which seemed to set something off in his awareness, but other than darting his eyes around, he didn’t do anything. Well, Mary thought, let’s start here.

She looked at the set of curlers on the vanity, moving on them just as she had the blanket. Before she knew it, she could feel the parts of it. Every curler, every clip--and the stand itself. The same charge of static delight moved through her as she tested out exactly what she could do.

Mary instructed every curler to twirl into the air, one by one as they hovered vertically towards Zach’s hair. She imagined every curler spinning around Zach’s head like ballerinas on ice as each one started to latch onto the side of his bangs. Zach twitched at the feeling of the curlers rolling and nudging on his shaggy locks. At first, he was expecting pain with the rolls pulling his hair stright into the air, but they were gentle as they curled his hair around.

“It’s one thing to be dressed like this, but the hair curlers might be going a bit too far for my tastes.” Zach groaned, despite letting himself become their make up doll.

When he looked in the mirror, he saw that his entire scalp covered by the curlers rolled up in his hair. The curlers wiggled around his scalp as every lock of hair was being warmed up by their touch. It felt like his head was being rubbed all over.

“It feels like my hair is wrapped around a hundred curling irons.” He shook his head alittle from side to side, but the curlers stayed in place. He couldn’t move his head at all after that as the curlers took control of it. Zach’s head turned side to side by itself as to show him the full view of his hair being steamed by the curlers.

Mary smiled as she watched the curlers showed off Zach’s new hair-do in the mirror and decided to take it to the next step. With Zach’s hands and feet under the control of the socks, slippers,and gloves, his nightie and bloomers looked inviting. Mary dove straight towards Zach’s back and melded into his pajamas.

The moment she did, something felt different about it than the blanket and the curlers.

Well hello there, said a warm voice from all around Mary. I was told that this might happen.

Mary hadn’t thought about the implications of running into an already-enchanted item with a voice, but the tone and the feeling weren’t at all hostile.

No, honey--by all means! Mi casa, su casa. It was as if the enchantment could feel Mary’s momentary trepidation. Mary felt something like a warm embrace--despite not having any other body but the pajama set she was occupying. I won’t get in your way, cutie...I like your style so far. Let’s see what you’ve got in mind for Zachy-poo.

Mary sent her mental gratitude back in response, letting her ethereal self fill the fibers of the pajamas. When she did, she realized she could feel Zach’s skin everywhere around her--his shoulders, his chest and back, his waist...and his butt and upper thighs. She felt a little giddy when her awareness swirled around his crotch, realizing there were a pair of panties wrapped around him beneath the bloomers.

You can come into here and the socks and slippers too...no need to be shy.

But Mary was. This was already a lot to take in. She was literally the outfit Zach had on--touching his skin in a way that even the most endearing hug didn’t compare to. She wasn’t sure she was ready to cradle the things between his legs just yet. Mary had another idea, for now.

Let’s share, Mary responded. I’ll just hang here for now.

She felt a sentiment something like ‘suit yourself’ as she got a feel for Zach’s clothes. She played her soft translucent pink fabric against Zach’s nipples, which made him shudder and look down at his chest. Mary silently giggled at the reaction. She not only saw his face looking down at her--she could feel his arousal through every point of contact.

It also wasn’t lost on her that the pink bikini-cut panties on Zach were swelling--and not through the help of the entity occupying them.

With Zach’s attention at his chest, Mary went for something drastic, filling the fabric as far as it could stand.

“Whoa…” Zach sputtered, watching the nightie’s chest swell with empty space. The draping fabric that was resting against him and playing with his pecs a second ago was now rising like baked bread, puffing away from him and quickly swelling through b- and c- cups.

“Hmm...you like that, don’t you, Zach?” His outfit asked. The black satin gloves picked themselves up off Zach’s lap and grabbed the inflating chest, squeezing the invisible tits as Zach looked in the mirror and blushed at the sight. The panties were getting ever tighter, and the tingling electric that Mary felt from him became stronger.

He really does! Mary sent to the entity sharing his clothes. Watch this...I think he liked it when I made his own sweatshirt do it earlier tonight...but I didn’t get to experience it from the inside.

Now the hem of the nightie began expanding around him, and he looked down to see his bloomers doing the same. Mary began willing herself into the air as she puffed the clothing up, and Zach found his hands under his control again, though the satin gloves stayed in place.

“Hey, hey…” Zach felt the seat of his bloomers lifting him off the vanity stool as they inflated--and when he reached down to hold the sides of the stool, he found resistance in the puffing nightie, soft against his satin-covered wrists, but firmly blocking his attempt to grab the stool and stop himself from rising into the air. Zach groaned again as the panties gently squeezed his package, encouraging his arousal more as he lifted inches, then feet above the floor, still in a half-seated position.

Can you feel that? The outfit asked Mary. He doesn’t want to admit how much he likes it, but--

Mmm, but he does, Mary responded. I can feel it running through the fibers!

Higher...the outfit replied. Tighter!

Mary felt the spark of arousal growing, fueling her further. The excited, static-like energy she felt from Zach’s body was calling to her, even as she inflated his nightie and bloomers to their very capacity. Before long, Zach’s butt fell away from the backside of the bloomers, and he found himself suspended in the middle of the hyperinflated pajamas, even as the panties and socks continued tracing teasing touches over his skin.

Even though the fabric Mary occupied was only glancing Zach’s skin here and there, she could still feel him everywhere inside her--as if she was occupying the entire empty space between the silky knit and Zach’s body.

“Ohhh, fuuuuck…” Zach moaned yet again as he felt the panties grip and stroke his hardened cock. Now the empty spaces around his body seemed to be groping him, and as he looked down inside the nighty, he could see invisible forces playing at his nipples, squeezing his butt and caressing his thighs.

It’s...it’s too--I can’t help myself… Mary thought. She found herself surprised by her own shameless advances on Zach’s body, but at the same time, she wasn’t willing to stop. It felt too good to have this energy running through her--and the fact that Zach was none the wiser about her ethereal presence somehow made it even more exciting.

You don’t have to do this by yourself, hon. We wanna join in on the fun too.” Another voice whispered into Mary’s mind. It wasn’t coming from the clothing around Zach or the panties, but from all around the room as a blue satin short-sleeved blouse came out from the closet. It was followed by a pair of dark blue pajama shorts that joined the blouse. A pair of thigh high stockings swung out of a drawer and slithered their way up into the silken pants.

It sauntered up towards Zach and lifted its silky toes into the air as it, too, defied gravity. It came into a hugging embrace as it wrapped it’s sleeves around Zach and pushed the negligees phantom bosom with it’s own D-cups. The sparking energy zipped all around Zach and even Mary inside his own pajamas when the other pair came into contact.

“After all the attention you were getting, It wasn’t fair for the rest of us to be left out, you naughty babies.” It cooed as if it wasn’t talking to just Zach.

As if by touch, The blue satin nightwear began to inflate its’ own curves to bigger proportions in order to match Zach’s curvy shape. It’s satin ass began to jiggle by the energy that Mary was spreading around and made the over inflated breasts jiggle against Zach’s nightie. It not only caused Zach to be aroused by the waving pulses towards his chest, but Mary shuddered in pleasure with her own breasts feeling the same effect.

The two outfits and Zach spun around the room in the air while other articles were starting to wake up from the pulsations running about the place. Mary, seeing everything through Zach’s pajamas started to see that her power affected the other clothing in the room.

Is...Is this all my doing? Mary asked.

Kinda, sweety. Your newfound ability caused a reaction from little Zachary here that made us feel the same effect, so we decided to help you bring out both of your potentials. The whispering voice coming from a pair of purple stockings with a garter belt tiptoeing out from a dresser drawer and joining with a black bathrobe.

The blue pajamas shifted their sleeves down towards the puffed out bloomers and squeezed it as Mary was still possessing it. Zach also felt the phantom fingers massaging his ass. The both of them sighing in pleasure as the robed outfit was joined by a pair of black wrist length gloves and began to massage it’s own breasts. Another pair of black satin gloves joined in, the right one slithering it’s fingers between the stockings.

Mary took control of the gloves on Zach’s arms and made him grab the blue pajamas’ left breast and massage it while the other glove rubbed the crotch of the pants. A soft moan could be heard from the blue pajamas as they continued to massage one another in the air.

Zach began to let himself go, basking in the comfortable caresses of his outfit. The energy was gentler than he was used to, and he focused on his cock, stroked by the panties even as the crotch of the bloomers teased against his tip.

Mary had taken the gloves...and now she could tease little ministrations down the backs of Zach’s fingers even as she used them like her own hands, playing against the front of her bloomers and cupping the tip of Zach’s dick.

Her awareness darted forward to the vanity, and a small metallic tube sat up on its own. Another pink acrylic tube did the same, and just as soon as both were at attention, both uncapped--one with a pop and and the other by spinning and pulling carefully away. An eyeliner pencil followed soon after, lifting its pointed end and launching like a missile out of its compartment.

Zach watched it happen just over the shoulder of the blue pajamas. A tube of dark red lipstick rose off the vanity, followed by a mascara brush. An eyeliner pencil followed, its trajectory slowing to a stop in front of Zach’s nose.

The lipstick rolled in the air, extending its tip toward his lips. He looked at the tube in wonder, shaking his head a bit as it moved closer.

Mary halted it in mid-air, getting an idea. The lipstick backed off of Zach, and he watched as the red stick painted a perfect pair of plump red lips onto the air itself. The juicy lips smacked themselves, spreading the wax evenly over them as they smiled, approaching Zach.

Let it happen… Zach watched the lips mouth. He didn’t hear a thing, but for a moment he was somehow reminded of Mary. The lips dove toward him, and he felt a kiss--pressure pulling against his lips as he did his best to kiss the ghostly lips back.

Mary felt herself in the floating lips, coating Zach’s own as she kissed him. Everything she was occupying woke up with a jolt, and she heard the entity in the outfit’s delight in a kind of psychic laughter.

Take him, girl!

The bloomers pressurized themselves, becoming tight as a drum on the outside as Mary’s energy inflated them. She finally seeped into the panties--wanting to feel every inch of Zach. As she flowed into them, the bikinis stretched wildly and wrapped around Zach’s cock, stroking him off inside the bloomers all on their own.

Power rushed through Mary, and even through all the ecstatic rush, she gained an intense focus on all the places her will manifested. The eyeliner pencil painted Zach’s closed eyes perfectly, tickling his lids as the mascara brush tickled the other. The two instruments changed places, and Mary soundlessly whispered to him with every part of his outfit--and his lips themselves.

That’s right, Zach. Let it happen.

When the instruments were done teasing against his eyes, Zach slowly opened them again, watching the blue pajamas swoop to his side and hug him. He looked right into the Vanity’s mirror, which had risen off the top to show Zach his own face.

What do you think? Zach’s own lips asked the question, and he blushed as he watched his own painted face manipulated by the enchanted lipstick.

Wonder who that sexy girl in the mirror is? That’s you Zach...You’re quite the little cutie when you’re all dressed up like that. The enchanted lipstick said as it made his lips do a kissy motion as his right hand followed with a blowing kiss in the vanity’s direction. Zach’s eyes looked at himself in the mirror and became entranced with his new feminized appearance. The magical lipstick made his lips look puffy and shine like red velvet.

Zach’s entire body was feminized from head to toe now and after gazing into the mirror reflecting his sexy appearance. His cock pumped even more under the strain of the bikini panties wrapped around it. Mary could feel his entire body shudder in excitement as his gloved hands moved closer to the puffed out bloomers. As if in a trance, Zach slid his satin fingers against the fabric, trying to relieve himself from the attention of Mary’s very presence pushing him further into ecstasy.

No matter how much you try to deny it honey. You actually like all this attention you’re getting. The smooth and frictionless feeling of these girly clothing cuddling with you, and the limitless ways of bringing out even more pleasure from this magical experience. Face it Zachery, You’re an Elsterbrook, and all this is yours, now, and forever. All you have to do is just embrace it…

Mary’s words echoed into Zach’s ears as her embrace expanded from not only the outfit he’s currently wearing, but also the blue pajamas cuddling against him in the air. Mary now had control over both pajamas simultaneously, and she was using them all to bring Zach closer to climax.


“Do you feel that?” Frannie asked. Jane’s robe nodded as it sat on the counter, invisible legs crossed.

“She didn’t waste any time,” Jane said. “Impressive girl.”

“Serecia had this planned perfectly,” Frannie said. “Of course she was going to be the perfect one for the job.” Frannie’s invisible nipples stood up under her tight t-shirt. “Whoaaa...oh-my-god.” A pair of rubber gloves on the sink puffed to life and grabbed the counter as Frannie’s sleeves joined up with them. “She’s doing it tonight!”

“Mmm...brace yourself, Frances.” Jane hovered into the air, stretching her intangible limbs in the robe and stockings. “It’s gonna be a storm.”

In the lower level, Molly, Jessica, and the rest of the mansion’s maid staff were feeling the effects of the new housemaster’s pleasure. Some of them rode running washers in the laundry room, others danced with the finished laundry as it folded itself, the naughtier items filling themselves instead, bouncing around and rubbing against one another.


Zach moaned as Mary gripped his body, using emulated hands at the end of the blue sleeves to sink her touch deep into the inflated bloomers. She slapped at Zach’s ass, making him squeak as his rigid cock swelled tighter.

“I’m...I’m gonna come,” Zach said. “You’re gonna make me come in you…”

Back in Mary’s room, her sleeping body whispered an answer to the quiet.

“Come all over me, Zach. Cover me in you.” Mary’s blankets slid off of her body as her magic pajamas helped her along, propelling her psychic self’s power even further with her own body’s arousal.

Zach felt the pull of everything. It was as if the whole mansion was calling to him, begging him to blow his load. He sang out a note, laughing wildly as he came into the bloomers. The outfits bobbed him up and down as he blasted his cum into the magic clothes.

In her room, Mary’s body rose out of her bed, groped by her outfit. She could feel the pleasure rushing through her--the warmth of Zach’s cum in her fabric and a new-found ethereal awareness of every part of her magical extension--and her body.

As Mary rocked Zach through his orgasm, she could feel her own gentle weightlessness in the other room, her chest massaged by her silky new friends. The sound of Zach’s laughter was music to her ears--she’d made him forget himself entirely--she swept her energy over him and he let go of reality. He let reality itself please him.

The thought triggered something in Mary, and the silky bottoms playing against her clit finally pushed her over the edge, sweeping through her and bringing her back to her body.

Mary moaned aloud as her eyes opened--her body writhing in the air, convulsing in orgasm from her pajamas’ attention at her pussy.

Don’t worry, Mary--we’ve got him from here, the entity’s voice whispered to her through the walls. You’ve done better than any of us expected, child. Sleeeeeep.

Mary let her body stretch out in zero gravity as she absorbed her own climax. Her pajamas shifted to a gentle massage, and it wasn’t long before Mary fell to sleep under the silky, weightless cradle.


The pool room was steamed up. More than a dozen suits were in the pool, invisible limbs tangled with each other, magically displacing water.

The laundry room and maid station were full of hovering outfits, embracing and caressing each other gently.

In the kitchen, Jane reclined in the air effortlessly. Frannie, on the other hand, was all over. Her t-shirt was swollen to new dimensions, floating on its own. The yellow rubber gloves were grabbing the seat of her jumper elsewhere in the room, and her boots were rocked back on their heels, balancing on their tips.

“What did it feel like to you?” Jane asked Frannie.

“It felt like...mmm...it felt like absolute passion.”

Dominique walked into the room, her boots clicking against the kitchen tile.

“Frances, really. Get yourself together,” Dominique said. “While I certainly share your enthusiasm about what’s just occurred, we must set an example.”

“Aw, gimme a second there, mistress,” Fran joked. “I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“There’s more to come,” Dominique said. “Mary won’t need much more supervised direction,” she said. “Clues here and there, perhaps--but she’s curiously hungry enough on her own, by now. And any of her demure shyness is gone after tonight, I promise you.”

“Mini,” Jane said, “What did it feel like to you?”

“It felt like...her. Didn’t it?” Dominique asked. Jane’s robe nodded in response as Dominique continued. “I think that he’s nearly ready.”