Apprentices of Xenthe

Apprentices of Xenthe - 01

Eva passed by the store every weekday morning for two months. Did it really stand in contrast to all the other shops and storefronts in bustling Midtown? Not at first. In fact, maybe she wouldn’t have noticed it at all if it wasn’t in the same building as her new job.

But then there was that dress--glowing at the window, catching her eye like it had reached out and grabbed her. Then there was the clutch, demure and professional and somehow dazzling at the same time. Then the boots...oh, those boots--all burgundy leather and just waiting for someone to break them in with a confident, I-own-the-fucking-world stride...

She finally went in, one cold Monday afternoon. And okay--these were Midtown prices. She’d just buy a top.

Then on Wednesday, new front window displays. Maybe just a new skirt suit, because the one she saw just looked so her.

When her lunch break came on Friday, she decided to try and hunt down the boots she saw in the display window earlier that week--but the displays had been changed, and she couldn’t find the pair she was looking for. With the clerks busy with other customers, and her break about to end, she decided to leave empty handed. As she passed through the doors, she didn’t notice the one free clerk at the rear counter who’d been keeping an eye on her.

“Three times this week,” The clerk said--apparently to herself. “I feel like it should’ve been this time.”

“Oh, she’ll be back,” came a soft voice in the air. “Getting impatient?”

“Nah, I trust you,” The clerk answered. She jumped a bit when indentations appeared in her black leather skirt, goosing her.

“Good,” The disembodied voice laughed. “You’ve got every reason to. She's got a good aura on her. Let it simmer for a while.”

On Monday, Eva waited for the clock to tick away to her lunch hour--and finally gave up, slipping out early after wrapping a phone call with a client.

“There’s your girl, Rosa...” It was same disembodied voice from before--but now it came from the mouth of a raven-haired woman leaning over the counter, watching Eva come in. “And tops today? Denim?” She smiled. “”

“She works upstairs, right?”

“Mm-hmm. Uncanny--the ad-house on 12.”

“She’s such a sharp dresser,” Rosa said, teasing her dyed blond hair. She sighed. “Jennnn...can I go find out what she’s looking for now?” Jen laughed.

“Go on...we’ve let our customer service lapse enough on her, I think.” With a wink, Jen motioned to the footwear department. “Go get her. I’ll be waiting for you guys on the other side.” Jen walked out from behind the counter, her hips swinging back and forth in her tight skirt as she headed to the lone chrome elevator in the back of the store.

“What if she finds what she’s looking for here?”

"She won’t..." Jen shook her head, never turning around as she walked away. Don't forget who you’re dealing with, my dear. Jen’s voice continued in her mind.

Rosa stepped from behind the counter, smoothing out her tight red pants as she clicked out on the floor in midcalf leather boots. She approached the platinum blond Eva, her hair coiled into a tight, professional-looking bun, matching her formal business wear and thick-rimmed glasses.

"Welcome to Jennifer’s," Rosa said with a sunny voice as she stepped foot in the shoe displays. Eva turned and looked at her, her full red lips in a slight pout and dark blue-grey eyes staring at her through designer frames. Rosa was taken aback--almost intimidated by this buttoned-down beauty. "Can I help you find anything?" Rosa’s smile wasn’t immediately reciprocated. Eva’s fine, flawless face seemed like a doll’s, frozen in porcelain until she spoke.

“The knee-high boots in the display a few days ago,” Eva said, almost with an urgency. “I’m looking for those.”

“I’m sorry, we change our displays so often, and we’ve got four different street displays--do you remember any other details?”

“Burgundy. Leather. Maybe patent? Brown stitching.” Eva pushed her glasses against her nose.

"Oh, those...I’m afraid we sold out last week,” Rosa said. “I even sold the display pair. I can show you some others, though--maybe we’ll find something else you’ll like?” Eva was visibly disappointed, her shoulders drooping a bit.

“Well, I’m on lunch...but if you have a few things in mind, I’ve got a couple of minutes.”

“Wonderful,” Rosa said. “What’s your size?”


“Great! I’ll be right back.” Rosa clicked about the boot section, grabbing a few similar styles in Eva’s size. She’s gorgeous, but she doesn’t seem too friendly, Rosa projected to Jen.

Well, she’s been in the store a couple times and this is the first time a sales attendant has walked up to her... Jen’s voice giggled in Rosa’s head. You can see through that whole ‘important woman’ image, can’t you? Jen asked. Like I said--trust me...

“Okay, okay,” Rosa whispered, well out of Eva’s earshot as she balanced four bootboxes and carried them back to her customer.

On another floor, Jen laughed as she checked out a display in denim.

“Distracted?” A voice next to her said. Jen looked over at a tightly filled pair of blue jeans, sauntering around the display as a few stacks of folded jeans shifted themselves.

“Rosa,” Jen said. “She always gets so flustered when she sees something she wants.”

“Ah ha...” Came the voice from the jeans. “How is this?”

Jen took a step back, looking at the whole display. Like the jeans walking around on their own, three more pairs hovered inches above white plastic display boxes, filled out to invisible curves and held motionless with magical force.

“What are those--two, four and...”

“Eight,” The jeans answered.

“Hmm...” Jen pointed a finger at the middle pair, which deflated and folded themselves, dropping neatly onto one of the stacks of folded denim. “Customers of all shapes and sizes,” Jen said. “We don’t wanna be too petite in our representations...”

Another pair of jeans hovered from the pile, filling tightly to voluptuous dimensions and striking a pose. Jen made a tapping motion with her finger, and they froze eerily into place, hanging inches above the display box with the two pairs flanking them.

“See what I mean?” Jen asked.

“Yeah,” The animated jeans said, stepping over to her and facing the display. “Those’ll certainly get someone’s attention.” Jen nodded, smiling.

“How’s gymwear doing?”

“Uh--last I checked they were all reorganized...probably just rotating older stuff to clearance now.”

“Great! Keep up the good work.” Jen winked and headed down the main aisle.

“Will do...”

As Jen passed through casuals, she saw a top modeling itself for a customer, filling to her shape and slowly turning with a hanger still in the neckhole. As the woman shrugged, it deflated and hung back on the rack, prompting the next one in line to hover out and fill the same way.

In gymwear, a brown-haired girl waved her hands at wall hooks holding sports bras. They dutifully descended one by one, filling out and bobbing in a line to a floor rack marked ‘30% off’.

“Nice work!” Jen said, giving the clerk a thumbs up. “Everything cooperating?”

“More or less,” The girl chuckled. “Some of the print leggings got a little snotty about their placement, but we worked it out.” Jen sneered. Leggings. They were a dime a dozen a few years ago, but with the recent trends popularizing them, they were the new prima donnas.

“Well, be sure and let me know if you have any issues...”

“Thanks, Jen!” The girl smiled as her boss headed toward intimates.

Downstairs, where the clothes were just clothes, and the customers had to use their hands to find what they wanted, Eva stood in a mirror, looking at a pair of brown, block-heeled leather boots on her legs.

“How do they feel?” Rosa asked.

“They’re wonderful, but...” Eva frowned. “I mean, they’re comfortable, and they look nice--but I guess I just had something louder in mind.” Eva broke a gentle smile, looking up at Rosa. “I mean, those burgundy boots--I could’ve worn them to work, but they would’ve been hot night out boots too, you know?” Rosa nodded, smiling. “I’m sorry I’ve been so difficult--you’ve been very accommodating...but there’s nothing here really catching me like those.”

"No, I hear you.” Rosa played as if she were deep in consideration. “You know--we do have some more...exotic styles on one of our upper floors if you'd like to come with me.” Eva fished through her purse, looking for her phone.

“I’d love to, but like I said, I’m on a quick lunch and have a client call at twelve-thir--” She pulled out her phone and looked at the screen, reading 12:06. “That’ you have a clock in here?”

“Right up on the wall,” Rosa pointed. Eva looked at the stylish analog face, the brass numbers and hands built right into the wall itself. There was no second hand, and the hands registered the same--just after five past the hour.

"Wow..." Eva said, astounded that it had only been about ten minutes since she came downstairs. She sighed relief as she removed the boots and placed them back in the box. "Let's do it! Apparently I’ve got more than enough time."

"Alright, we'll be taking the elevator at the rear of the store. Don't worry, I'll get you back to work in time."

After slipping her shoes back on, Eva met up with Rosa at the elevator. As she approached, the doors opened up, as if beckoning to her. Inside, the elevator had an old art-deco look, with silvert gilt and pearl buttons--some of which, curiously, didn’t have any floor markers on them at all.

“Wow, this looks as old as the it hasn’t been changed in 80 years.”

“It’s a charmer, isn’t it?” Rosa said. Seconds later, the doors rolled open, and Eva was anxious to see the rest of the ‘more exotic’ boot selection that wasn’t displayed downstairs. The anticipation was killing her.

The upstairs seemed to Eva like any other retail space, albeit a little less crowded than the ground level.

"Now, unlike street level--we’ve got the entire floor up here," Rosa said. "So don’t get lost." She led the way down an inlaid hardwood aisle, and Eva followed close behind. As they both paced down the long aisle, Rosa glanced at a shopper near the wall racks, looking at blazers. One of the jackets seemed to come off the wall on its own, the hanger drifting down into the shopper’s outstretched hand.

“What’s--I mean...” Rosa stopped and turned at Eva’s stutter.

“Oh! This is our formalwear. You’ve obviously got impeccable taste in that department,” Rosa smiled, “So if you ever need anything special for an important meeting, presentation--we’ve got it.” Eva glanced back at the shopper, who reached up and grabbed a blazer from the first rack--with her own hand.

“Yeah,” Eva said, feeling a bit silly. “Looks like some stuff that would be right up my alley.” The two continued down the aisle, which forked at the denim display Jen was at earlier. Rosa passed right by it, and Eva gave it a quick glance, took a few slow steps, and then turned back again. The three pairs of jeans being displayed looked like they were being worn by clear mannequins at first, but when she looked closer, Eva realized she couldn’t see anything at all making the jeans hold their shape.

Rosa finally turned around when she no longer heard Eva’s heels clicking behind her.

“Need some jeans?” Rosa asked.

“I was just...admiring your display.” Eva walked closer, looking up inside a leg hole a few inches and seeing nothing inside. “Are those on--some kind of wire, or...?”

"Trade secret,” Rosa winked. “Let's move on, shall we?"

It was only a matter of moments before they finally arrived at footwear. As Rosa led Eva into the boot section, she peered down another aisle.  Another young professional sat on a bench, admiring a pair of boots on her legs--when Eva thought she saw the zipper on the side sliding down the shaft all on its own. Just then, another woman passed in front of her view wearing a pair of glossy mary-janes with knee socks--only something seemed off.

Eva could see the gap between the knee socks and the skirt. There weren’t any legs there. She looked up at the woman, and just before the figure moved into an aisle out of her sight, she saw a white, fluttering blouse with no hands at the ends of the sleeves--and no head above the collar.

She blinked a couple times, but the ghostly woman was gone. When she turned back to the young professional, she was simply slipping on her shoes. Nothing strange about that. Jeez, what’s with me today? Eva thought.

“Did you see something you liked over there?” Rosa asked. Eva shook her head.

“Uh, no...just--just taking in the place.” Eva tried to recover quickly. “Like you said, it’s a big space. How much more do you have that isn't downstairs?"

"Quite a bit. The options downstairs are a bit more professional. Up here is where we keep the fun items, especially when it comes to our boots."

Eva looked around the boot displays, unlike downstairs everything here seemed to appeal to her. Everything, that is, until she saw the burgundy boots she came here for in the first place--almost. These were thigh-highs instead of the knee highs she saw earlier that week. Like the jeans on display, the boots took on the shape of human legs with no stuffing or visible wires. They looked even more perfect than they did on the blocks of the clear plastic display.

"I thought you guys said you were sold out?"

"Oh! Of the knee highs. I wasn’t sure this length would suit the work-and-play detail. What size were you again? Six-and-a-half?" Eva gently nodded as Rosa turned toward the display boots. "Be a dear and grab a six-and-a-half for her?"

Eva wondered who exactly the clerk was talking to, when suddenly the burgundy leather boots on display stood straight up, their shafts bobbing a bit as they jumped down and wandered into an aisle. Eva audibly gasped.

“How--what did you--”

“Don’t worry, they don’t mind a bit,” Rosa said. “You can imagine that just standing there looking pretty all day can get a little monotonous,” she chuckled. “Now, if you like these boots--can I maybe suggest a pair of leggings that would go really well with them?”

“I--um...” Eva couldn’t answer. She simply watched as the boots sauntered down the aisle stopping halfway down as a box slid out and hovered above them. Another woman walked into the aisle, clearly seeing the boots--but she never looked twice. As the boots walked back toward Eva and Rosa, hovering box in tow, Eva saw the apparently-empty knee sock outfit walk by the aisle again in a flash of white and blue.

“Sorry, we can take it one step at a time--I just find that leggings can be so comfortable with the thigh highs, especially this time of year. Lets see how you like them first. Did you want to have a seat?”

Eva blinked, still watching at the burgundy boots sauntering toward her. As if by some automatic response mechanism, she crouched and fell back onto the bench, planting her arms on the wood on either side of her as she stared at the empty, walking boots.

“Thanks!” Rosa said, taking the hovering box. The burgundy boots simply bobbed again, seemed to face and regard Eva for a second, and then gracefully found their way back on top of the display from which they came.

“C--could you please tell me what's going on?" Eva stammered. "Is that another 'trade secret'? Boots aren't supposed to move like that without anyone in them."

"So let’s see how they move with you in them!” Rosa pointed a finger at Eva’s boots, and Eva leaned back in the bench as she watched her own boots unzip, unaided by fingers or hands. The top of the boot box hinged back, and the burgundy thigh boots in her size rose out of the box and placed themselves on either side of her legs. Eva’s own feet seemed to pull out from under her, extending at the knee as Eva’s black boots pulled themselves away.

“How--how are...”

“Don’t worry, we’re doing fine for time, I’m sure,” Rosa smiled. “Let’s just get these on you. I bet you’re perfect for each other.” As the burgundy boots slipped under her ankles, seating her feet inside them, Eva tried in vain to figure out what was going on here. No one else seemed to be reacting to the strange things she was seeing and hearing. Bad food? Work stress? Something slipped in her coffee? Some drastic change in her antidepressants?

For now, she simply took the bizarre experience in stride. If I am losing it, the best thing I can do is not make a scene here...

Eva watched as the zippers slowly climbed their tracks, feeling the leather hugging around her calves. She spread her legs a bit as they finished zipping up her thighs. She simply looked up at Rosa, who was wearing a smirk. Maybe I’m not going cr--!

Eva suddenly felt the shafts of the boots extend, pulling her up off the bench. She gasped as the burgundy boots started walking on their own--with her inside them.

“They’re--they’re...” She gasped, looking down at her legs as one boot went gracefully in front of the other, clicking her steadily down the aisle despite the rest of her body being unprepared for the automatic locomotion of her new footwear.

“Comfortable, right?” Rosa asked. “They look like a perfect fit.” After a few paces to the main aisle, the boots turned Eva around and walked her back toward Rosa again.

Letting the stride of simply happen this time, Eva felt her body tingling with anxious excitement as she was moved around under the apparent power of the glossy red-brown leather. Despite the completely unexplainable circumstances--they were quite comfortable. She closed her eyes, feeling the leather wrapped around her legs creasing and lifting with every step. When she finally stopped in front of Rosa again, she opened her eyes and sighed.

Was this really happening?

“Well, what do you think?”

“She’s perfect,” came a soft, sultry voice from Eva’s legs. “I think we’ll take her.” The voice and Rosa both chuckled, and once again, Eva’s mind was thrown completely off-balance.

“I told you guys you were perfect for each other,” Rosa grinned.

“Okay--okay...” Eva put a hand up to her head. “I’m--I’m trying to keep it together, I really am--but is someone going to tell me what’s going on around here? I mean, I want to chalk it up to a joke, or a trick or something--but there’s just no way anymore.” She pulled off her glasses and looked Rosa in the eyes. “At this point, just tell me I’m not crazy.”

“I’m sorry,” Rosa smiled sheepishly. “I could tell you were having a rough time processing all this, but the first time, sometimes it’s best just to act normal and see if you’ll just go with it.”

“Go with what?” Eva asked, her eyes pleading for an explanation.

“I won't play around with you anymore, I promise. Ask me whatever you want and I'll answer as honestly as I can."

“Did these boots--just answer you?” Eva asked.

“Sure did, honey,” The boots said, squeezing her legs gently from toe to thigh. The strange tingling feeling made Eva squirm inside them.

“They handled that one,” Rosa chuckled. “But yes. They talk. And walk. And lots of other things.” Rosa motioned to the sales floor. “Almost everything around here does--or at least has the capacity to--as I’m sure you may have caught sight of.” Eva took a deep breath, putting a hand up to her mouth.

“So at least I’m not going nuts.” Eva pulled out her cell phone, reading 12:13. Impossible. "And the clock, that’s your doing too, isn't it?"

“Only up here. The tweak downstairs required a little bit of extra effort that I’m not capable of on my own.” Eva looked down at her boots, then back to Rosa.

“ this place? And if you’re not just a sales clerk, who are you?”

“Well, those are both long stories, Miss...”

“Stillman. But--I mean, Eva. Call me Eva.”

“Long stories that my boss and I hope you’re interested in hearing,” Rosa blushed a bit, “Because we’re kind of interested in you.” Eva frowned a bit, perplexed. As she looked around the store again, she saw a woman and and empty outfit walking side by side, a rack of clothing pushing itself along the floor with no human assistance, and another woman in intimates examining a filled out bra hovering in front of her. No one else seemed the least bit worried or surprised by what was happening.

“Why me?” Eva asked.

“Because ‘you’re more than what you allow people to see on the surface’,” Rosa said, shrugging. “My boss’ words, actually. She’s kind of got an eye for talent.” Rosa smiled. “But I agree with her. There’s something different about you. Good different. Like us.”

“So--your boss?”

“Jennifer,” said a voice behind Eva. She turned around to see a dark-haired woman with emerald green eyes--and a strange kind of calm washed through her.

“Jennifer, like...’Jennifer’s’ Jennifer?” Eva asked?

“Jen’s fine,” The raven-haired woman smiled, holding out a hand. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Eva.” Eva shook her hand gingerly.

“You--you own the store, know--I mean--what is all this?”

“You’re in a very special place, Eva, because you have a very special invitation from me,” Jen said. “There’s more to our world than most people know about...and you’re seeing the other side of it for the first time.”

“You mean we’re--we’re not in the store anymore?”

“We are, but we aren’’s not so easy to explain everything in one go, but I want to show you, Eva.” Jen stared into her eyes, and Eva felt something burning in her--some great mystery penetrating her to the core of her being. Whatever this was, it was big.

“What...what do I--”

“You don’t need to answer now,” Jen said. “It’s important that you understand this is an invitation--nothing more. Like I said, you’ve seen a side of things few people know or understand...and plenty of people would rather not know.” Jen smiled. “So I want you to take these boots as my gift--go back to work, finish out your day, and mull it over.”


“And then, if you decide you want to know more about me--and about this place--come back at the end of your work day and meet Rosa at the back desk, near the elevator on the ground floor.”

“I--okay. That’s really generous with the boots, but I don’t feel right just taking them. Shouldn’t I--”

“You heard the lady,” The voice under her said again. Eva swallowed hard and looked down at her footwear as they hugged her legs again. Jen laughed.

“They chose you too, Eva. Value exchange isn’t exactly necessary when you’re both getting something you want.”

“You said it, Jen,” The boots said, massaging Eva’s lower thighs as she let out a sigh.

“I--I don’t understand any of this,” Eva stuttered, trying to focus through the leathery touch.

“There’s more to it than I could explain in a whole week of talking,” Jen said. “All you need to know four hours from now is whether you want to understand it.” She winked. “It was nice meeting you, Eva. Hopefully we’ll see each other again very soon.”

Eva simply nodded, trying to catch her mind up with everything she was being told.

Jen turned to Rosa. “I’ll be at home if you need me, otherwise I’ll see you in the club later.”

“Sounds good,” Rosa said. Jen strode down the aisles and around the corner with smooth, deliberate steps as Rosa clasped Eva on the shoulder. “Something else, isn’t she?” Rosa asked, giggling. “How you doing there? Still with me?”

“Uh--yeah,” Eva said, shaking her head and looking at Rosa’s name tag. “Rosa, is this how you” Rosa chuckled.

“Uh-uh, not me. Jen’s been in my life since I was in diapers. Friend of the family. Plenty of other staff and customers you see around here, though? Same look on their faces you’re wearing right now--at least the first time. But, listen...I think Jen’s got something special in mind for you.” Eva looked worried. “No, no, no--hear me out. I want you to know that I’m sure I speak for Jen when I say: no pressure here, Eva. You’ve been shown this place, and whether or not you decide to jump in the deep end, you’re welcome here. Browser, customer, whatever.”

“You--you’re sure?” Eva asked, breaking a smile.

“Absolutely.” Rosa patted her on the back. “Don’t take all this too heavy. Like I said--I think there a slot for you here--something big...but you don’t have to take it. Jen’s never been that way. It’s your choice. Got me?” Eva nodded.

“I’ve got you.”

“Good. Now, did you wanna wear those back to work, or...”

“Are they gonna--I mean,” Eva said, looking down. “Are you gonna talk in front of my coworkers?” Giggling from under her.

"Only if you want us to,” they joked. “But I don’t know if we can stop ourselves from things like this...” Eva felt the pressure of what seemed like fingers working their way up and down the back of the calves through the leather. “You’ve got such lovely legs, honey.” Eva took a deep breath.

“I--” She bit her lip, smiling a bit. “I think I’m gonna keep them on for the afternoon.” Rosa beamed at her.

“So behave, girls,” Rosa said, looking down at the boots. “She’s trusting you.”

“We promise,” the boots said.

"You can just take the main bank of elevators back up to your floor.” Rosa said. "On the first floor we only have the one, obviously, but since we have the whole floor here...”

“That’s why 2 and 3 are greyed out on the main banks,” Eva said.

“Right,” Rosa smiled. "Outs but not ins. You can imagine a stuffy executive type stumbling upon a place like this unguided.”

“Yeah,” Eva smirked, “I think I can imagine it.” Both girls laughed. "Well, I'll think it over. In the meantime, I have to get ready for my meeting. Oh, and Rosa--" Eva smile widened. "Thanks. This has been an interesting experience to say the least."

“It gets better, Eva. Come back and see,” Rosa smiled. Eva nodded and headed toward the columns in the middle of the expansive floor.

On the elevator, Eva already had her mind on the end of the day. It was real. It had to be real, she thought, looking down at her boots as she realized something.

“My boots!”

“They’ll be fine,” The burgundy leather thigh highs responded without missing a beat. “Hell, knowing Jen and Rosa, they’ll be even better than you left them...and now you have to go back.” Eva sneered at the comment and nodded.

“Can I ask a favor?” Eva said.

“Ask away.” The leather hugged her legs.

“Do my walking for me,” Eva grinned. "Remind me for the rest of the day that this wasn’t just some crazy dream.”

“Oh, we can do more than that,” The boots said.

“Well,” Eva said anxiously, “Just don’t get too--”

“Subtlety, my dear, is something Jennifer’s brand knows well. You saw all those women shopping in there, didn’t you?”


“Well, since you haven’t heard stories of talking clothes and footwear out for a stroll on their own on the 6 o’clock, don’t you think we know how to handle ourselves out in the world?”

“I suppose so,” Eva smiled.

“So trust us. It’s gonna be a lovely afternoon.” Eva sighed as she felt the massing leather fingers on her calves again. “ lightweight. There’s not even a doubt in your mind that you’re coming back here, is there?”

“Uh-uhhh,” Eva melted.

And they did as they promised. Leaving her alone for her client call save a few gentle squeezes on her calves when she tensed up, they knew just when to move, where to walk, how to stride--and the entire afternoon, Eva could only dream about heading back to Jennifer’s and hearing more about this magical place she knew nothing about.

When she was alone in her office, typing out a few emails, the boots even took to whole leg and foot massages, whispering quietly about her soft skin, the perfect arches and curves in her adorable feet, her smooth calves and toned thighs...

She knew next to nothing about the capabilities and limits of these enchanted boots, but their strange, quiet affections were doing a number on Eva’s senses, piquing her curiosity and making her wonder exactly what else Jen, Rosa, and countless others in the store did when they interacted with speaking, moving, living magic. She could barely focus on her work for the rest of the day.

And when the last teleconference call was through, when her assistant had left for the day, and all that remained were the copywriters and designers who would be burning candles until deadlines were met, she headed back to the main banks with giddy delight.

Rather, her boots did.

When she got into the elevator heading down, she was alone. She pressed the “lobby” button, only to see the grayed out ‘2’ dimly illuminate behind the space for a button that wasn’t even there.

"No waaay," Eva cried out to the elevator itself. "You too?"

“This building has lots of secrets,” the boots said. “You’re gonna see a whole lot more of them real soon.”

The doors popped open on the huge retail floor again, and Eva walked out into the same wondrous space she left. Two high-school girls, still in their uniforms, giggled to themselves as a procession of lace and satin underwear bounced around them, posing and showing off. They were picking items from the air, pointing as each deflated and fell into a cart. As she watched the girls and their selections, she heard a voice behind her.

"Well, if it isn't Miss Six-and-a-Half." Eva looked down to find a pair of boots identical to the ones she was wearing. "Rosa's waiting for you in the back--by the other elevator."'

"Thanks." Eva looked down at her boots. “Shall we?” As she felt the boots carry her through the aisles toward the rear of the store, she saw a woman in gymwear standing in front of a few pairs of yoga pants, touching the fabric of each and motioning to them to turn and show how they’d sit on her.

Arriving at the rear, she noticed a young woman walking down the aisles. Beside her, a pair of long black leather gloves were pushing a baby stroller.

"Kinda reminds me of my childhood," Eva looked to find Rosa standing in front of the counter. "Jen was kinda like a babysitter and big sister to me,” She motioned to the empty gloves, “so you can imagine I’ve gotten used to constructs like that helping out.”

“So--how is it that you knew Jen when you were so young?”

“My family actually owns the building,” Rosa said. “Mom and Jen have been friends forever too."

"So wait--your mother owns this place?!"

“On paper. But it’s really through a bigger arrangement with Jen. I’ll let her tell you the story upstairs.”


"Yeah, we're heading up to the fourteenth floor." Rosa pressed the button for the elevator. "I'm gonna show you a special project of mine. I call it The Space Between."

"Is Jen waiting for us there?" The doors to the elevator opened up and the two stepped inside.

"She is." Rosa didn't even need to hit the button. The elevator automatically knew where it was going. "So, what's your story Eva? Got a boyfriend or husband waiting for you at home?"

"Oh, no. I'm single. Haven't had much time for that."

"No shame in that." Rosa watched as the little yellow light climbing up the floor numbers slowly turned purple. "So where are you living right now?"

"Oh, I rent a place just outside the city. Commuting sucks, but it’s cheaper living."

"Any roommates?" The light was now up to the tenth floor.

"Nope, studio." Eva chuckled. "Maybe you know of a cheap place around here?"

"Maybe I do," The elevator stopped and the doors opened. Eva could hear loud house music coming from down the hall. Once again, her long burgundy boots started moving her forward all on their own.

The music grew louder as she approached the double-doors in front of her. Standing watch was an empty black latex catsuit, with high platform boots,  shiny black hands holding onto a clipboard, and a wig hovering over the empty collar, just above where she'd expect a face. Eva's eyes lit up as she looked at the black bobbed hair, swishing with the motions of the collar as the phantom seemed to regard the list.

"Hi there, Rosa," the catsuit said. Eva froze, staring into the empty space at the collar, then at the inside mesh of the wig when the invisible head looked back up.

"She's with me," Rosa said. "VIP status." The wig nodded as the tight black catsuit grasped a door handle and pulled it open.

"Of course," the suit said dutifully. "Can I get a name for the list?" Rosa nudged Eva.

"Uh--Eva," she said, staring at the pneumatic, magically-inflated curves. "Eva Stillman." Rosa wandered into the club, and Eva started to follow when a glossy black hand touched her shoulder.

"Nice boots, Ms. Stillman..." The catsuit purred. "Enjoy your first visit."

"Easy there, Luscious," Rosa joked. "Why don't you let her take in the scene a bit first?"

"Don't let her fool you," The catsuit said quietly, leaning into Eva's ear as the black hair tickled against her. "Rosa doesn't know the meaning of moderation."

"Says the same catsuit who trapped my most recent new hire inside her curves and made him beg for mercy?" Rosa chuckled. Eva had no idea what that could possibly mean. "Maybe when you get off shift I'll put those fingers to work doing more than checking names on a list."

"You'd best be careful or I'll take you up on that offer." The catsuit giggled as it stepped back into the entrance hall, letting the door go. "You two have a lovely time now..."

Eva's boots caught her up with Rosa, who was shaking her head at the transaction.

"She's a riot, isn't she?" Rosa asked, raising her eyebrows.


"Some enchantments get a more permanent status, depending on a few factors...task, willpower, so on...Luscious back there has been on security detail for us for a while now."

"So, she's the catsuit?" Eva asked.

"She's essentially the will inside the catsuit--the wig, the boots--it's where her magic is centered."

"She's...she's gorgeous," Eva said, glancing back at the closed door.

"Hmmm, glad you think so!" Rosa said as they passed into the main bar and dance floor, the music getting louder. "Maybe she'll come hang out later if you'd like." Eva nodded enthusistically, making Rosa laugh again.

"But what did you mean about--'trapping inside her curves'?" Eva asked. Rosa rasied an eyebrow, laughing a little to herself.

"She likes forcing unsuspecting newbies like you to wear her," Rosa said, winking. "And her last victim was a cute young adonis-type I hired to go-go dance on ladies' nights." Eva flushed, thinking about her self-walking boots and wondering what it would be like to have every inch of her body controlled and teased by skintight living latex.

"And--she did that to a guy?" Eva asked.

"Oh, guys, girls...other enchantments--Luscious isn't picky. She does like fresh meat best though," Rosa grinned, slapping a daydreaming Eva on the back. "What's your poison, hon?"

"Uh--gin and tonic I guess," Eva said. Rosa motioned to the three-step raised area where the VIP tables were, and a velvet rope unclipped itself,  the free end hanging in space before linking to the other pole.

"After you," Rosa said. Eva's boots climbed the steps and at one of the posh, glowing tables, a chair pulled itself out. Eva's footwear moved her in front of the chair and felt the thighs of the shaft bend her legs as the chair pushed in behind her. Rosa looked over to the bar and snapped before joining her to sit, her chair providing the same courtesy. "So...what do you think?" Rosa asked.

Eva looked around at the scene. There was a mesh bodysuit doing a sensual dance around a pole, long white satin gloves trailing from its sleeveless arms. On another pole, a topless woman in a pink thong performed impossible, gravity-defying moves, proving just how literal 'gravity-defying' was when she let go of the shining steel and twirled around it with her limbs gracefully outstretched.

"It's--it's insane," Eva said. "It's incredible. This--this really can't be two floors above my office, can it?" Rosa shook her head.

"No--not exactly," she said. "Two floors up and one universe away," She shrugged. Eva looked confused. "Here come the drinks! That'll make all this easier to explain as the night goes on," she grinned.

A white vinyl tube dress with black lace trim sauntered over to Rosa and Eva's table, a pair of long black latex gloves gripping onto a tray with two drinks on top. The phantom waitress gently placed the drinks on the table.

"Thanks hon," Rosa said, her hand groping the tight ass of the dress. She dropped a fifty dollar bill onto the tray. "Why don't you get us a dancer for our table?" She motioned to Eva. "I'll let her choose."

"What are my options?" Eva asked, looking back at the pole dancers, then at the dance floor, where human customers were mingling with both each other and enchantments.

"Trust me when I say this club's got anything you're looking for," Rosa said, gulping down her first drink. "Hon?" Rosa said to the tube dress again, goosing its butt this time. "Another one of these, too--" She produced two crisp hundreds. "And just keep 'em coming." The tube dress finally laughed.

"You got it, boss," said an adorable high-register voice. "And your pleasure, miss?"

Eva took a sip from her drink, emboldened by Rosa's display. "Boots. Black. High platform. Empty." She looked toward Rosa, flashing a smile at her. "Also, some tequila."

"Right away," The enchanted waitress said, sauntering back toward the bar. Eva looked on as Rosa licked her lips.

"Now it's a party," Rosa giggled, watching the white vinyl ass bounce back and forth, refracting the shine of the stage lights. She turned to Eva. "Can I tell you a secret?" She asked.

"Sure," Eva shrugged, smiling politely.

"That fine piece of ass at the door is right about me, you know," Rosa swished her empty glass. "I do get a little bit overboard...especially around new customers who can jump right into the deep end." Eva blushed.

"If that isn't the understatement of the evening..." Said a voice behind Eva. She turned around, but didn't see anyone. "Having fun?" The voice said into her other ear. Eva quickly turned the other way to see Jen standing behind the chair between her and Rosa. She was in a tight red sequined cocktail dress, lo-cut enough for Eva to realize she wasn't wearing a bra beneath it.

"Y-yeah," Eva said shyly. "Thanks for inviting me."

"It's our pleasure," Jen said. "Right, Rosa?"

"It's alllll pleasure," Rosa said, baring her teeth. Jen laughed, snapping her fingers as the chair she stood over disappeared. She leaned back, seemingly landing on nothingness as her body bobbed in the air, her legs sliding under the table. "And we ordered without you, show off." Jen smirked, looking over at the bar. A bottle of fine red wine lifted itself from the wall rack as three glasses followed behind.

"I've got more vodka coming," Rosa said.

"I'm sure," Jen smiled, holding out her hand as a wineglass drifted into it. "This'll be more ceremonial." She nodded to the bottle, which uncorked itself and poured a short drink into the three glasses, the other two hovering in front of Eva and Rosa. "To new experiences," Jen said, raising her brow at Eva. Eva put down her gin for a moment and carefully grabbed the delicate stem of the hovering glass of red.

"To new friends," Eva said, clinking against Jen's glass. Rosa snagged her own and hit it against the other two.

"To popping your magic cherry!" She said to Eva, swigging the wine in one gulp.

"Cheers," Jen laughed before taking a sip. Eva sipped her own slowly. "Now Eva, there's a few things I want you to know about what you're seeing here," Jen said. "I trust Rosa's left a lot to me?"

"Well--we're...we're in a different universe?"

"Something like that--though the term's a bit misleading," Jen said. "We're really in the same universe that you know and love...but we're on the other side of it, so to speak." Jen and Eva both sipped their wine. "You see--ours is a special kind of existence...sister realities existing simultaneously, but divided by an unseen wall that most beings can't perceive."

"Kind of over my head, I think," Eva said.

"Well, it's not important that you understand the mechanics of it all right away, but I say this because...I want more people to know about this other side," Jen raised her eyebrows, "Much to the chagrin of some of my peers."


"Other beings like me," Jen said. "I'm not exactly human like you and Rosa.The same in form and compassion, except that I come from this side of our universe, and here I perform a kind of special role."

"Just fuckin' say 'I'm a goddess,' Jen. Geez..." Rosa groaned.

"Not a term I like to use myself given the polarizing effects it occasionally has," Jen continued to Eva, "But the term is probably rather apt as most of your society understands it."

"A...goddess?" Eva asked.

"Don't take it too seriously, my dear," Jen said. "More important that you consider me a friend and mentor--and that you understand why you're here."

"To get laaaaaaid!" Rosa cried out, grabbing the bottle of wine from the air and pouring more into her glass. "Wooooooo!"

"Behave," Jen said, wrinkling her nose at Rosa as invisible hands sank into the front of her blouse. Rosa gasped a bit, putting her glass down as she grabbed her tits. "But yes, even seeing as much use as we get out of these constructs, their primary job is pleasure--that kind of pleasure."

"So I'm here to..."

"You're here to enjoy yourself, to experience what I have to offer you, and to either accept an invitation as one of my students--or to simply be part of the short list of people from your side of the universe with access to our more...accommodating advantages."

"One of your students..." Eva thought. "I--I mean..."

"No answers yet, my dear," Jen said, wagging a finger at her. "As I said, you're under no obligation. Tonight, I want you to see what we see, feel what we feel, and then decide on your own...whether you'd like to make these wonderful experiences a carefree escape from the rigors of your day-to-day life, or whether you'd prefer to make your relationship with place-- and with us--a more central component."

Just then, the tube dress approached once more.

"Excuse me ladies," the cute voice called gently. Eva looked to see the latex glove balancing a tray. On it were a bottle of tequila as well as three shot glasses and Rosa's new drink. "Sorry to interrupt, but your drinks and entertainment are here." As soon as the drinks were handed out, the perky white dress stepped away, and a pair of black leather knee highs stepped up onto the table.

Jen leaned back, reclining on her cushion of air as Rosa lazily pointed to the tequila. The bottle lifted itself and poured three neat shots as the leather boots on the table deftly stepped around the hovering bottle and shot glasses. Rosa tipped back her second glass of wine as Eva and Jen finished theirs with noticeably more poise.

Eva was entranced by the filled leather boots strutting on the table top, clicking across the glossy table, slightly illuminated from under the thick smoky glass.

“Some more room, maybe,” Jen said, nodding slightly to the center of the table. Her and Eva’s empty wine glasses placed themselves on the tray with the wine bottle while Rosa’s pulled itself out of her hand. The tray hovered up and away, leaving only the tequila, shotglasses, and Rosa’s Screwdriver.

“Shots,” Rosa said, slamming a palm down on the table. The three tiny glasses lifted off and hovered in front of the girls as the leather boots on the table crossed over each other with sultry, exaggerated motions. Rosa leaned in, staring at Eva. “Grab it, toots.” Eva looked over at Jen, who just shrugged and smiled, grabbing the shot glass in front of her.

“Rosa would like us all to be just as smashed as she’ll be,” Jen rolled her eyes.

“Right, like that’s even possible, miss blood-alcohol-level-doesn’t-count-for-me,” Rosa slurred.

“Oh, I feel it,” Jen said, saying it more to Eva than Rosa, “But self-control simply comes a bit more naturally for me.” Jen winked. “With great power comes great responsibility and all.”

“Shut up and drink, my liege,” Rosa said, laughing. “One...two...three!” The girls held up their shot glasses and tipped them back at once. “Another!” Rosa said. Eva started laughing.

“I can’t, Rosa!” Eva laughed, feeling the buzz beginning to flow through her. “Give it a few minutes.” Eva leaned over the table, resting her chin in her hands as the leather boots stepped right up to her.

“Lightweight,” Rosa snickered, making a hand-signal to the tequila bottle. This time, it poured a single shot into her glass, which promptly picked itself up and tipped back into her waiting mouth. “Hoooo....goodness,” Rosa said, looking at Eva as her glass placed itself back on the table. “I like the way you’re looking at those boots.” Eva blushed.

“It’s okay, Eva.” Jen said. “You don’t have to be shy. Unlike this kind of entertainment in your neck of the woods--our rules aren’t so strict.” Jen beckoned to the leather boots, which slowly stepped in front of her. She reached out and ran her hand around the back of the shaft, caressing it from the calf to the ankle.

Eva and Rosa both watched intently as Jen gently lifted the boot by its ankle, the leather toe pointing to her lips. She kissed the very tip of the toe with the lightest touch, sliding her fingers out from behind it and letting the sole hit the table again. The boots wobbled a bit as the affection of a goddess electrified their enchanted senses. Jen looked back at Eva, whose face betrayed awed arousal.

You see? Jen’s voice echoed in Eva’s mind without her lips so much as parting. Let go, Evangeline...this is your night. Eva felt her pulse quicken as sexual heat started to envelop her. She turned to Rosa, whose intoxicated eyes were locked on her own.

"Ain't she graceful?" Rosa asked. "Your turn, gorgeous. They like being played with."

Eva took a deep breath, grabbed the bottle of tequila and poured herself another shot, shooting it back in a desperate attempt to steel her nerves. It was all fine when she was just an observer, but once she realized they wanted her to participate she was frozen with sexual electricity. The boots stepped in front of her, extending a pointed foot as she placed her shot glass back on the table.

She reached out to the empty boot, sliding her fingertips up the leather toe. She cupped her hand around the ankle, softly squeezing the empty shaft and feeling the pressure of a phantom leg beneath the creamy leather. As her left hand moved up the calf, she joined the motion with her right, wrapping her hands around the circumference and stroking the buttery, glossy black leg up to the knee. At the top of the shaft, Eva licked her lips and ran her pointer fingers along the top of the hollow shafts, hooking them inside and feeling nothing but the magically inflated boot.

“Oh, fuck yeah...” Rosa growled just loud enough to hear. Eva continued caressing the leather as she looked up at an already tipsy Rosa, watching intently with an ear-to-ear grin. She didn’t notice it at first, but invisible fingertips were swirling themselves around the nipples of Rosa’s blouse, creating almost imperceivable fabric waves over her breasts.

Beneath the table, though, Rosa’s panties had no need for subtlety. They were stroking gently between her legs, pressing softly against her mons and pushing themselves up and down as she watched Eva play with an enchantment for the first time.

As Eva played over the leather of one boot, the other rose off the table, extending its toe to her. Eva looked up at the hovering boot, never taking her fingers of the shaft of its mate. As the toe came closer, Eva leaned forward and kissed it. She adorned the toe with a slight peck at first, and then another, longer-lasting kiss.

Eva felt her own burgundy boots tighten around her legs, hugging her feet and calves as she slid a single hand down to the ankle of one leather boot and gripped it hard. The leather collapsed under her grasping fingers a bit before inflating against them even tighter, making every crease in the leather disappear. Eva let out a pleased sound through parted lips as she grasped the heel of the hovering boot and pulled it closer to her face, wrapping her lips around the tip of the toe and sucking on it. Eva felt her own boots massaging her calves even as she released the toe of the hovering boot, easing her grip on both boots and letting them stand back on the table.

Only now did she see the enchanted impressions working over Rosa’s blouse. Her eyes were half-closed as her magical abilities softly caressed her, powered by the drunken lust exacerbated by Eva’s display.

“Do you like watching this?” Rosa purred, catching Eva’s eyes on her chest. Eva’s face reddened as she nodded, watching the simple swirling indentations become whole invisible hands, pressing deeply into Rosa’s blouse and massaging her chest. Rosa let out a moan as she sat back, letting the hands work her over as her panties soaked themselves, pushing their slippery satin deeper between her labia and playing against her clit. “Get your lips back on that leather,” Rosa growled. “I’ll show you even more.”

Eva nodded again, hypnotised by Rosa’s phantom molestation.When a ghostly leather boot blocked her view, Rosa leaned in and kissed the shaft, craning her neck to the side to continue watching Rosa as she licked the leather from ankle to shin. She coiled her fingers around the magically inflated shaft, squeezing it again as she kissed at the very top, looking into the intangibly occupied hollow.

When her eyes jumped up to Rosa again, the panting woman reached down and grasped her chair. As Eva’s gaze followed, she watched the front of Rosa’s skirt hike itself up, nudging higher and higher until she could see Rosa’s red satin panties performing a teasing assault on her pussy, stretched against it and pushing its wet satin into her.

She continued worshipping the living boots on the table with her lips, not daring to break from them lest she stop the incredible magic she was witnessing--but she couldn’t entirely ignore her self-consciousness. She looked over at Jen, who was simply watching the two of them, reclined on her seat of air and gazing at her tablemates, deep in thought. Her eyes caught Eva’s.

Don’t mind me, darling. Keep playing. Jen smiled, nodding at Eva.

“You’re--” Eva felt her voice disappear from her lips as some invisible force pulled at her bunned hair and unwound it. The same force grasped her now loose ponytail and forced her face back into the shaft of the boot. Across the table, Rosa gritted her teeth, telekinetically dominating Eva.

Just watching my lovely girls at play, Jen said in Eva’s mind. It’s not me you need to please, she continued. It’s the horny magic-user sitting across from you. As Eva looked back at Rosa, she could tell from the determined expression that Rosa was responsible for this playful new show of force.

Eva was more than willing to give Rosa a show, but she suddenly found herself being pulled away from the boots. Looking down, she found her chair slowly sliding out from the table. Eva looked over to Rosa, whose grin began to slowly widen. As her chair slid out in front of the short steps leading up to the VIP tables, she caught sight of a woman in a cocktail dress sipping from a martini glass.

"Jen?!" Eva called out.

Relax. Jen projected. Looks like Rosa's actually willing to share tonight.

With Eva facing the dance floor and the rest of the bar, Rosa made a sweeping motion with both hands, sending the chair sliding right off the top step. Eva clenched the wooden seat beneath her, her body expecting gravity to cause a mess of the situation, but when she opened her eyes again, she was still seated, suspended three feet above the dance floor in her hovering seat. The chair slowly turned itself to show the surprised woman off to the crowd, and the woman in the cocktail dress gave a loud whistle and a few others clapped.

The leather boots climbed down from the table, sauntering their way down to the dance floor and circling under Eva as her chair hovered down and made contact with the ground.

Up in the DJ's booth, a record floated out of the rack and prepped itself while the other slowed to match a new beat. The speakers began to hammer a slow, rollicking beat as the leather boots stepped and crossed in front of Eva. They marched up to her legs, one kicking the ankle of a burgundy leather boot, changing step, and then kicking the other.

Eva watched as the zippers at her thighs stood at attention, slowly crawling down her legs as the black boots sailed into the air and landed, balancing their soles on her knees just after the deep red leather peeled away from them. Eva felt the thigh-high boots slide off of her feet, rezipping themselves and strutting to the beat as the tightly-filled leather shafts gently tip-toed up her thighs.

The woman in the cocktail dress swayed with the music, watching Eva intently. Back at the VIP table, Rosa snapped her fingers, and the woman's silver hi-heels jumped off her feet, clicking over to Eva to join the burgundy boots circling her. Once again a black leather vamp presented itself to Eva's lips, hovering in front of her face as its mate caught her skirt with its heel, hiking it higher in front of the crowd.

Eva blushed, putting her mouth to the dark, creamy leather as more and more of her thighs were exposed to the bar. As the lifting skirt began to reveal the crotch of her dark, translucent pantyhose, she felt motion at her chest as her blouse began unbuttoning on its own.

Eva kissed up the leather shaft, feeling the thrill of newfound exhibitionism even as the embarrassment turned her cheeks a cherry-red. The leather boot yanking up her skirt with its heel made a slight retreat for just a moment, pointing its toe down and sliding it between her thighs, right up against her crotch. She grabbed a hold of both empty shafts in each hand, pulling one harder against her exploring mouth while trying to keep the other at bay between her legs. It coxed gently against the gusset of her nylons, making her moan through her kisses as her opening blouse exposed a lacy black bra holding double-d tits.

"Yeah, honey--work that leather!" The woman in the cocktail dressed called out as the bar's attention focused almost solely on the new blood. The instinct to modesty pulsing through Eva's thoughts washed in futility as she was shoved into her first public show via Rosa's persuasive magic. Engaging in this slutty, socially-condemned behavior with nothing but a pair of empty boots turned her on in ways she couldn't believe--and the cheering around her made her hotter and hotter.

Rosa groaned at the VIP table, her unrelenting panties practically eating out her pussy as her blouse squeezed her tits. Beneath it, the cups of her bra alternately pinched and sucked at her nipples. Her trembling hand pointed at the bottle of tequila to pour her another shot as Jen chuckled, shaking her head.

"Really into this one, aren't you?" She said just loud enough for Rosa next to her to hear.

"God, look at that body," Rosa said, nearly tripping over her words from the effect of her drunken, ever-needier lust. "I wanna fuck that body, Jen..." she said. "I wanna fuck that hard body with my magic."

Eva moaned loud as she felt something hot and firm between her lips. She shuddered, pushing away the leather shaft as she looked down at her crotch. Her pantyhose and lingerie still on, she nevertheless felt her pussy invaded, filling with something unseen. She brought a hand to her nylon-and-lace shrouded clit, running her fingers over it and down over...nothing at all.

"Ohhh...fuuuuuck!" Eva cried aloud, echoed by more cheers. The black leather boots jumped down to the floor, unzipping and sheathing her curling toes before zipping up again. "Mmmm...god, that's--"

Do you like feeling me inside you? She heard Rosa's voice say clealry in her mind, above the music and the cheering. Eva felt the invisible force filling and contracting, pushing itself in and out of her pussy to the beat of the music. We're not even close to done, baby--so don't you dare think of coming until I say you can.

Eva looked over her shoulder, peering back to the darkened table where she could only make out Rosa's nod.

You see that horny little minx in front of you? Eva lifted her eyes to the woman in the cocktail dress, watching as tiny indentations sailed up the sides of the tight blue fabric and sank into her chest. You're gonna dance with her.

Eva gasped as she was thrown forward out of her chair. Her pantyhose tightened around her legs and ass as the cups of her bra lifted, perking her tits. Her blouse pulled itself off her shoulders, fluttering away and buttoning itself again over her invisible shape. Her hiked-up skirt popped open, unzipped, and fell neatly around her ankles as the black boots stepped her out of it.

The woman in the cocktail dress gulped down the rest of her drink, licking her lips and looking over Eva's shoulder. Eva turned to see her hovering blouse and burgundy leather boots, joined now by her tightly inflated skirt. The empty outfit marched over to the woman, stepping to the beat as Eva's lower half began dancing on its own, her feet shuffling expertly as her hips lowered and swung back and forth, presenting her shapely, shiny, pantyhose-covered ass to the crowd.

As Eva let the rest of her body flow to the beat, her drum-tight skirt wiggled and bounced in the lap of the woman, who spread her legs to let Eva's possessed outfit get closer.

I like your body, Eva, Rosa's voice purred in her mind. I like that gorgeous, bouncy butt. Eva felt invisible hands sink deep into her pantyhose, the strong fingers grabbing handfuls of ass and jiggling them. I love your tits. I wanna suck on them. Eva moaned, grabbing at the cups of her bra as she felt open, unseen lips against her areolae. A licking sensation swept across her nipples as the ghostly mouths both sucked, pulling at her tits even as she held them in her hands. And I really, really like that

Eva cried out louder as the intangible cock inside her renewed its thrusts, joining the other sensations working over her erogenous zones as her body continued dancing to the beat unaided. With Rosa's magic working her over, she slowly bounced toward the woman getting a lapdance from her animated outfit. Panting as the black boots carried her, her outfit stepped aside.

The woman looked her up and down, still swaying to the beat.

"You're so fucking hot!" She shouted over the music, looking over Eva's shoulder toward the VIP table and mouthing 'I-owe-you-huge'.

You're hers until I say you can come, Rosa commanded Eva in her mind. Give her the lapdance of her life. The black boots danced her between the woman's legs, and she was standing over the smoky-eyed redhead, looking up at Eva's bouncing tits. She bit down on her finger, and Eva's bra unsnapped in the front, spilling her jiggling breasts as the invisible mouths working them over disappeared.

As Eva's bra straps slid down over her shoulders, the black bra flew off on its own, snapping again and filling with enchanted nothingness as it sailed through the crowd, jiggling its cups to the beat all on its own.

As the woman stared at her tits, Eva pressed them together and slid her hands over them, displaying herself like stripper. She leaned into the woman and reached behind her head, grabbing a handful of long red hair and pulling the woman into her breasts as she shimmied her shoulders.

The woman giggled, nuzzling against the softness of Eva's gorgeous tits surrounding her. Behind Eva, her own empty outfit began grinding against her body, and with every push of the tight skirt against her ass, she felt the phantom member fill her pussy tighter.

The sleeves of Eva's blouse slid under her sides, the filled ends pointing at her chest. She moaned louder as her flesh deformed under soft invisible hands at the end of the sleeves, pressing her breasts inward, harder against the redhead's face. The woman looked up at her and smiled, turning to the side and lightly kissing Eva's erect nipple. The redhead looked back up at her as if to ask permission, and Eva nodded enthusiastically through a long moan as the woman began to lick and suck on her tit.

You're so fucking dirty, Eva...I looove it. Eva felt a hand thrust up inside her again as Rosa's laughter echoed in her mind. You know how to jump right in, don't you?

"Unnnghhh...uhhh-huh...." Eva purred, sliding her hands up the redhead's shoulders. The redhead shook her head back and forth between Eva's bulging tits, letting out a delighted moan of her own.

"Fuuuuck..." The redhead cried. "Sooo fucking hot. Lemme see that booty." Eva's outfit released her, taking a step back from her body even as the phantom cock kept pistoning in and out of her. She let go of the redhead as the black boots danced her into a 180, bouncing her ass against the woman.

The redhead happily slapped and shook Eva's ass through her tight, glossy pantyhose as the humming, moaning blond danced against her thighs harder and harder. At the VIP table, Rosa felt the energy building in her hips and made her move. Her chair shot away from the table, and she stood up, her skirt still hiked and her enchanted panties lapping away at her soft, soaked pussy.

"Sat out long enough?" Jen asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

"I can share..." Rosa moaned through the pleasure, "But that doesn't mean I'm not getting the best part." Rosa walked over to the short stairs of the VIP section, feeling the satin of her panties pushing and throbbing inside her as she watched Eva under the power of the magic black boots and the phantom cock.

Rosa slowly faced her palms to the ground, curling her toes as the sexual energy running through her became raw magic. As she slowly lifted off the top step, her soaked satin panties became more aggressive, penetrating and bulging inside her as if an invisible man was trying to push his cock right through them. Rosa glided slowly over the stairs as the bar erupted in cheers. In her element, their host always put on a show that wasn't to be missed, and this time wasn't going to be any different.

She hovered to the center of the floor, approached by Eva's dancing outfit and her free-roaming bra. When they rose up to meet her, though, she pointed a sharp finger at Eva and the redhead.

"You play with her," Rosa hissed. "I want the real thing." The living clothing obeyed without hesitation, the full outfit sailing behind the redhead as the bra bounced over Eva's head and held its bulging cups aloft over Eva's arched back, catching the attention of the redhead.

She giggled, reaching her hands out to the lacy black bra. It responded by bouncing right into her waiting palms as Eva's body began dancing away toward Rosa.

"So big and soft..." The redhead purred, grasping at the phantom tits and playfully pushing the cups together as the sleeves of Eva's blouse reached under her arms and toward the swell of her cocktail dress.

"You're not so bad yourself," The burgundy boots said as invisible hands began groping her cocktail dress. The redhead moaned, putting her hands against her chest as Eva's magic bra pushed its cups right into her face. She could smell Eva's perfume on her clothes as Eva's full outfit wrapped its sleeves around her body and lifted her off her chair, swirling around to the front of her body and pressing the massive emulated tits in the blouse against her own.

The redhead laughed, engulfed by two sets of phantom breasts as one of the burgundy boots slid the thigh of its shaft between her legs.

In nothing but panties, hose and soft leather boots, Eva's body shifted fluidly to the center of the dance floor. She looked up at Rosa's hovering body, watching between her smooth, sweat-glistening legs as her own panties seemed to penetrate her. Rosa shimmied and shook in mid-air, looking down at her new toy and cliching her fingers around invisible space.

Eva gasped, feeling strong hands grasp her ass and pull her off the ground, burying their fingertips deep inside her soft, pantyhose-covered flesh and squeezing her tight as the invisible cock inside her started moving faster and hammering her deeper.

"So," Rosa said, panting as Eva's body drew closer to her own. "Do you have an answer yet?"

Eva drifted directly in front of Rosa, by this point unable to draw the words for a response. Instead Eva decided to embrace her, leaning in to press her lips to Rosa's. Rosa reached up to cradle Eva's blond locks, opening her mouth as the two women's lips and tongues shared their enthusiasm, the heightened energy pushing Rosa's magic deeper into their bodies. They rose higher into the air, hands gliding over and gripping soft flesh even as invisible touch continued over both their bodies.   

Behind them, Eva's empty outfit reached its sleeve up the redhead's billowing cocktail dress, making her cry out in pleasure as the other sleeve wrapped around the small of her back and held her tightly. The dress played with her tits all on its own now as she was brought closer and closer to orgasm, feeling the echoes of Eva and Rosa's energies.

Rosa and Eva kept their wet mouths together, moaning through their extended kiss as they fervently pushed their hips against one another. Their pussies filled with throbbing, red-hot invisible force as their bodies tagled together madly, searching in animal desperation for their final release.

As their muffled moans became louder, the time between their ecstatic sounds shrinking, the booming music and cheering from the tables didn't matter anymore. Each woman's hands gripped the other tighter as their bodies rocked against one another, sending them still higher.

Their lips parted in a harmonic shriek of release, burrowing itself into their every cell and echoing through the bar. The redhead cried out a split second later, her arms wrapped tight around Eva's soft blouse as her pussy contracted against unseen fingers.

All Eva could feel was her own cosmic orgasm, racing through her and awakening sensations she'd never felt with anyone else. Slowly, as the petit mort peaked, she became aware of her surroundings again. Rosa's glowing, soft body held against her own. The lack of the ground beneath their feet--and even, indeed, the ever-insistent pull of gravity. The pounding beat and glimmering lights, and the cheers of the patrons. Everything swelled back into being as her orgasm receded, and looked into Rosa's dark, engulfing eyes--mirroring the same cosmic fulfillment she experienced now.

"I...take that as a yes then," Rosa whispered gently into her ear. Eva simply nodded, resting her head between Rosa's neck and shoulder her magically empowered friend cracked a smile. "Good," Rosa said.

Behind the pair, Eva's empty outfit cradled the worn-out redhead, drifting nearly to the ground before hovering them both over to a long lounge against a back wall. The redhead's heels slipped themselves onto her feet as Eva's outfit laid her against the soft cushions.

"My goodness," Luscious said to Jen, walking up to the VIP table. "Haven't seen Rosa go quite that all-out with a newbie. I mean--we've all seen her party down, but that was something else."

"It certainly was," Jen nodded, impressed. "You're off?"

"Yeah, for the night," the glossy black catsuit said.

"Come and join us at the lounges," Jen said. "I have a feeling Eva's gonna be more than just a regular here." Jen stood from her chair and reached a hand out. Luscious' own slender latex hand joined hers, and the two walked across the dance floor.

Jen whisted to the bar, and a mop and bucket dutifully hovered from behind it as she passed by a hovering Eva and Rosa, still in a close embrace.

"Come, ladies--" Jen said, smiling. "Now that playtime's over, we've got business to discuss." Rosa smiled at Eva again as the two locked their gaze and kissed once more, flying behind Jen and the latex catsuit pacing toward the quieter rear of the bar, among the low tables and lounges. The catsuit turned its collar as it kept walking.

"Your girl's a pro, Rosa," Luscious said, giving her a thumbs up.

"Yeah, you don't have to tell me..." Rosa purred, grabbing Eva's ass and shaking it playfully. Eva blushed again, burying her head against Rosa's shoulder.  

"Mmm, that was fun--but I'm still on the clock," a voice said to Eva from her legs. The black boots unzipped themselves and dropped to the ground, heading back toward the bar area as they pulled themselves back together. "Don't be a stranger, Eva. Next time I want to bury myself in that pussy of yours."

Eva giggled, waving at the boots as she continued hovering to the lounges in Rosa's arms. Jen and Luscious took seats across from the redhead and Eva's empty outfit, while Rosa and Eva hovered down right next to her.

"Suppose you'll be wanting these back now," The burgundy boots said, making Eva's clothes flutter a bit as her blouse and skirt unbuttoned and zipped.

"Yeah," Eva laughed. "I suppose I do." Her black bra floated over, unhooking itself as she held her arms out. It seated itself over her tits and clipped again. As she positioned herself for her skirt, holding out her legs, Jen spoke up.

"Meet Eva Stillman," Jen said to the redhead. "Eva, this is Beverly--one of our regulars." The two gave a friendly wave to each other as Bev laughed.

"Rosa's never quite like that, you know..." Bev smiled. "I think she's really got the hots for you."

"Shut it if you know what's good for you, firecrotch," Rosa joked, making a tweaking motion with her fingers as Bev grabbed her chest. Bev laughed.

"Well now we know she does." The table laughed as Rosa blushed, giving Bev a playful scowl.

"So it's quite fortuitous Beverly had an eye for you back there," Jen explained. "It allows me to explain a major perk of an apprenticeship. Why don't you tell Eva how long you've been a regular of the night life here?"

"Hmmm...60 years, give or take?" Bev counted on her hands. Eva's eyes lit up. "Something like, what, five years after the war?" She asked Rosa.

"Don't ask me, Bev," Rosa said. "I wasn't even a twinkle." Jen nodded.

"1954, actually," Jen said. "I remember the night you and I did that dance..." Jen laughed.

"Oh my god, and the band had no idea..."

"They bolted!" Jen said. "Which was my fault--I got careless." Bev turned to Eva.

"Right--there was this jazz band. Hot stuff--before Miles and the fusion days of course, but these guys were nuts. Booze, grass...Jen thought on everything they were doing they could handle a couple of hip ladies really getting down on the dance floor."

"Wait, wait--" Eva said. "FIFTY-FOUR? As in nineteen?" Bev smiled and nodded.

"This old girl doesn't look so bad for 85, does she?" She held her nose up, striking a model's pose. "Or is it 86?" She waved her hand. "Seriously, once you start living here, time just gets to be a bother getting exact." Eva turned to Jen.

"You--you mean that if I joined you, I--"

"It would still be your choice," Jen said. "You can, of course, be an apprentice and continue aging as usual--though for me it's something of a disappointment to do all that training and teaching just to lose you after a few short decades." Eva's jaw hung open until she turned to Rosa.

"But that means--Rosa, how old are you?"

"Your age, I'd guess," Rosa said. "You're in your early 30s?" Eva nodded. "Yeah. I'm 34. I stopped aging about a decade ago." Eva shook her head.

"That's...that's incredible," Eva said. ", Jen?"

"Not a very polite question to come out and ask a lady," Jen said, laughing. "For now, let's just say I have my place in the history books." Rosa, Bev and Luscious all laughed.

"More like the great epics," Bev said. "You know those stories about Aeneas and--" Jen snapped, and Bev's mouth shut itself.

"Okay, okay," Jen said. "Seriously...I get to tell my tales on my own time, babe. Let's let Eva get a hold of what we've given her so far." Bev waved a hand at her, smiling.

"This all sounds like an incredible gift," Eva said, grabbing one of Rosa's hands in her own. "And--I'm really honored, and, seeing what I've seen and feeling what I've felt tonight, I want to accept--I do--I just...can I just ask why, Jen?" Eva looked at the goddess with conviction. "I'm in, I'm in unconditionally. I'd be an idiot to say no to this. But why me?"

"It's something very hard for me to describe, but in time you'll come to find the answer for yourself. As for why I do this at all, let's just say the gift of magic isn't one I can keep to myself. It's caused me my fair share of grief from my peers over the ages, but I wouldn't change any of it for the world."

"So...what do I do?" Eva asked. "I mean, from here..."

"I want you to come live in Sorgena Tower," Jen said. "We already have an apartment ready for you. You'll even get to be just a few floors up from work!" She winked.

"So I'd--I'd stay at Uncanny then?"

"I think it's a good idea," Jen said. "Trust me, work only gets easier from here anyway...but yes, outside of moving here, you'll still live your old life for the most part. At least for the first few years. Only with a lot more magic that most other people don't get to experience. I've found over the years that simply snatching people away from everything they knew sometimes causes a hard dissonance. Being what I am, it took me a while to figure out exactly why...but it's one of the reasons I had this place built. Here my students can still be part of the world they've always known while becoming part of something greater."

"So, Rosa--your mother..." Rosa nodded.

"You got it," Rosa said. "She stopped aging at nineteen, so some people even think she's my daughter. You'll get to meet her, I'm sure of it." Rosa said. "She has a half floor apartment between Jen's penthouse and the rest of the residentials, where your apartment is."

Eva took all this in. She was about to become part of an insanely exclusive group--part of these apparently ageless women living in this unassuming block. The building she'd already been working in was some kind of magical nexus of possibility. What else was out there that she couldn't even yet imagine? She looked at Jen as she squeezed Rosa's hand.

"Th-thank you, Jen. Thank you for this gift--for this whole opportunity. I don't know what else to say."

"Oh, you said it all tonight, honey..." Bev said, clasping her on the shoulder. "The rest was all formality." Everyone laughed.

"And thank you, Rosa," Eva said, leaning in and pecking her on the cheek. "You're incredible." Eva looked around. "You're--you're all so fucking incredible!" Jen smiled wide, nodding.

"Welcome to your new life, Eva." Jen said.

"Welcome home," Rosa whispered, kissing her.


Halfway around the globe, a young woman lay in a hospital bed in a dim room. Breathing heavily, given oxygen and an IV, she appeared to be on the brink of death. Attendants in black tended to her, as two hulking alert men flanked either side of the bed, dressed in grey.

"My servants..." she panted. "My time in this shell grows short." Her eyes flickered with a power that was awash in her frail body. "But my next arrival will be the last of these tedious temporary forms. My plans...fulfilled by your loyal and untiring work...will now afford us the opportunity to move forward."

"Mistress," an older woman met her at her side. "We rejoice in your new birth."

"Yes, my child--" The young woman said, placing her hand over the woman's. "I will make myself known among you. And when our work grants me everlasting life...I will create--our paradise."