Apprentices of Xenthe

Apprentices of Xenthe - 02

Eva woke up to rustling noises. When she opened her eyes, some key things appeared to be missing from her room. She threw her blankets off and slipped on a black silk cami and matching shorts. Thoughts of the night before still lingered in her mind--in fact, she didn’t even remember getting home.

She grabbed her phone. Nine AM.

As she sat up, groggy, she realized she must have left her car in the parking garage across the city. She certainly didn't remember driving it home. She’d have to grab a cab or take the subway back to it. She looked through her phone logs.

“Do sorceresses even have cell phones?”

Another massive thud from the wall, as if something big had just slammed against it. Eva collected herself as she stepped through the threshold into the hallway.

She stopped in her living room to see a large stack of cardboard boxes in one corner. In another, an open box sat on a table as her knick-knacks floated into it. She leaned against her sectional, staring at the strange sight until the couch moved under her, floating a few inches off the ground. She backed away from it.

“So I guess we’re not chalking up yesterday to a dream…”

The clinking of dishware turned her attention to the kitchen, where plates were gently wrapping themselves in newspaper and dropping into even more boxes. Even behind her in her room, she heard her closet doors slide open on their tracks. When she looked in, she found her luggage floating out of the closet, her clothes hovering off the shelves and placed into the yawning bags.

“You must be here then--aren’t you?” A full coffee mug gently placed itself in her hand.

“One of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday,” A familiar voice called out from behind her. Sitting on her kitchen counter was Jen. “Sorry for waking you--you’re such a light sleeper! I even did you a favor by shutting off your alarm.”

“I heard--my stuff packing, I guess,” Eva said.

“Well, I figured all that alcohol would keep you conked for a while, but I guess you’re a pro. Hope you don’t mind I help you with moving day,” Jen beamed. Eva remembered her offer from before, but never expected things to move so quickly.

“So soon? I still have another eight months on my lease here.”

“I told you that your new apartment’s ready,” Jen said, snagging a mug on its way to being wrapped in newsprint. She brushed it over toward the coffee maker, where it hovered as the pot filled her cup. “I’ve already taken care of everything for you, including dealing with your landlady. Turns out she had a few requests I was more than happy to oblige.” Jen gave Eva a smile and a wink.

“But I mean--how are we going to get all this stuff over to Sorgina? My car’s across town--and I certainly can’t fit the furniture in it. You have some magic moving trucks too?”

“No, silly--you’ll see.” Jen sipped at her black coffee. “Suffice it to say no one even needs to see you leave this place.” She snapped her fingers, and light glimmered on Eva’s living room wall. The wall almost seemed to liquefy and glow until the horizon of the luminance gave way to an entire space on the other side, where Eva’s office should be.

“Wha--what is that?” It was full of windows and high ceilings, hardwood floors topped with thick plush rugs.

“That, my dear, is your new apartment.” Jen walked over to the glow and stepped through, looking back at Eva. “Cool, right?” She walked deeper into the space, looking out the windows and back at Eva. “Welcome to Sorgina, hun!”

“That’s--that’s amazing.”

A saccharine sweet pop song rung in the air. A cell phone slipped out from Jen's pocket and hovered to her ear. All she did was listen for a minute or two before it slipped back down into her coat.

"Sorry hon, hate to do this but I have to go. Jennifer's board meeting in five minutes."

"But how do I deal with the move?"

"You don't. Let the magic do all the work. You just need to relax." Jen’s eyes lit up as she thought of something. “If it does seem to get a little out of hand, though--just act like you’re in charge. That should work well enough.” Jen chuckled. “It’s your stuff, though, so I guess it kind of depends on the person. Have fun!”

Jen popped from her view in a split second. Wide-eyed, Eva ran over to the portal on her wall, cautiously looking inside.

“But Jen, what do--” Back in her room, Eva’s cell rang. She took a quick look at the new apartment before running back to get her phone. “Hello?”

“As you can see, yes--sorceresses do have cell phones,” Jen said, “Though I’m not sure ‘sorceress’ is totally accurate. Listen, I’m borrowing your cup--I’ll give it back next time I see you. Promise!”

“Jen--” Eva’s phone beeped as the call disconnected. She looked down at it as touchscreen buttons pressed themselves, typing in Jen's contact info. Just then, Eva felt a tap on her shoulder.

It was one of her favorite skirt suits, a black leather skirt and jacket with a grey silk blouse.

“Don’t worry about a thing,” the skirt suit said. "Why don't you go check out the apartment and relax? I’ll take care of everything."


"Leave it to us--you can always change things around later."

"Al...right,” Eva said, shrugging. “Sounds okay to me.” If her clothes really wanted to handle it, she wasn’t going to stop them. “So you can talk now too?”

“Everything has a voice, darling,” The skirt suit said, hovering out into the living room. “It’s a question of how we’re speaking and who’s listening.” The tight leather blazer pointed a sleeve to Eva’s sectional, which rose higher into the air now. Piece by piece, the set hovered through the portal and into the other space. Eva found herself dodging other furniture as the blazer waved another sleeve through the room.

“Um--I feel like I’m kind of in the way,” Eva said.

“So go check out the new apartment, honey,” another voice said behind her. She turned to see her tight red cocktail dress, filled to her curves and slinking its way out of her room on the stride of scissoring invisible legs. “We got this.”

"Alright, you guys do whatever you need to. I trust you." Eva waited for the last sectional piece to go through the portal and followed behind, cautiously crossing over the strange threshold once more.

On the other side, she turned around to see that the portal was created in a wide doorway. She stared back into her old apartment and watched as things continued to bob in the air, apparently directed by both the skirt suit and the dress.

In the new apartment, the sectional simply hovered in the middle of a wide open space, having plenty of room to do so thanks to what had to be eighteen foot ceilings. The apartment had a spacious kitchen with a bar and island dividing it from the living room, great open doors on either wall leading to a den and a bathroom, and a brushed steel staircase leading halfway up the space and leading to a loft-style bedroom situated over the kitchen. It was like having a massive loft apartment--but in a high rise instead of a converted factory. Eva walked up to gigantic panel windows covering one entire wall, looking down to see the bustling city around Sorgina Tower.

“You get two views, you know,” said another voice. Eva looked to see a red vinyl slicker, hovering over a pair of wiggling knee-high rubber rain boots. Behind the outerwear, Eva saw a trail of her toiletries, towels, lotions, makeup, and blow dryer bouncing slowly through the air toward the bathroom.

“Huh,” Eva said, looking the rainwear up and down and chuckling. “What do you mean?”

“You can’t see the other one just yet--but we’ll take care of that as soon as everything’s over here.” The shiny vinyl coat turned to the hovering line, following it as the rubber boots squeaked toward the bathroom. “Oh, heeey…” The coat purred, turning back to her. “You haven’t enjoyed a good bath in a while, have you?”

Eva shook her head, wondering for a second if an enchanted rain coat could ‘see’ her gesture.

“Well, come check out your new bathroom. You’re gonna love it.” With a squeaky laugh, the coat and boots danced into the bathroom as the lights flipped on. Eva followed behind.

“Whoa,” Eva said, looking at the massive bath. It was already filling with warm, steamy water from two flowing spigots on opposite sides. On the far side were windows looking out toward downtown. Thick glass encased either side, and a dainty double curtain pulled open at the divide to reveal four rainshower heads at each corner. “This is--crazy. I’ve never seen this kind of thing anywhere.” As Eva took a closer look at the tub, the hovering slicker pointed at drawers and cabinets as Eva’s bathroom accessories organized and found their places.

“You like it, then?” The slicker asked. Eva watched her fluffy towels drape themselves over heated towel racks as her shampoo, conditioner, and body wash sailed into the tub, placing themselves on glass shelves in the corners.

“It’s amazing,” Eva said. “I’ve can’t even imagine--” She gasped a little as her skimpy black shorts teased down over her ass.

“You don’t have to,” The slicker said, pointing at her waist as the silk shorts descended the rest of the way. “You can absorb the whole experience.” The bathroom door slowly clicked shut as Eva’s silk cami teased at her nipples before sailing up and over her chest.

Back in the livingroom, Eva’s leather skirt suit directed the rest of the larger pieces into the new apartment. Eva's entertainment center, a plush leather chair with an ottoman, end tables, coffee tables and a small writing desk and hutch sailed through the portal, hanging in space when they arrived in the new apartment.

In the meantime, Eva's red cocktail dress stood in her office, wiggling in front of her large computer desk and filing cabinet. All at once, everything lifted off the ground, even with her computer and lamp still on it. Eva's office chair navigated the bobbing office pieces, rolling up to the cocktail dress, which turned around and sat, sinking into the cushions and rolling back out to the living room as the rest haphazardly followed.

A section of the desk had to turn sideways to get through the door, causing her flatscreen to fall halfway to the floor before steadily defying gravity with everything else.

"Hey, be careful with that!" The leather skirt suit said. "Some of us need to do actual work on that thing."

"What are you, the supervisor?" The cocktail dress asked, rising out of the rolling chair and floating closely in front of the skirt suit. "Just cause I'm not office-friendly doesn't mean you get to boss me around, stuffy." The office chair rolled through the portal as the desk pieces and cabinet followed, trailed by the screen, mouse, keyboard, and snaking loose wires.

"Stuffy?!" The leather jacket put its sleeves against the hips of the skirt. "I'll have you know I'm one of her most versatile ensembles. Yes, I'm classy and professional enough for the office, but I get as many eyes on me when we go to the club as you do."

"Ha," The cocktail dress said. "You'd like to think so, maybe."

"I know so, little miss cocktease."

"cockTAIL!" The red dress seemed to lift an invisible leg, stomping it on the floor with her angry response.

"You might have the plunge and plumage, but you can't match the way I make her ass look." The skirt suit turned to demonstrate, showing off a tight butt in black leather and accentuating it with the smack of an invisible hand at the end of a jacket sleeve. "Shiny round perfection," the skirt suit said. "Stuffy," the suit mocked. "Puh-leeze."  

"If you're so professional, how come you're clogging up all the new space, bosslady?" It was true. All the pieces moving through the portal were jumbled together in the center of the new apartment, bobbing against each other in a giant hovering gyre. "Get that ass you're so proud of in gear and start sorting things out!"

"Maybe if some impatient party girl had waited until the living room was done to start moving the office stuff..."

Back in the bathroom,  Eva lounged in the tub, reclining and looking out the windows as it continued filling.

"This is wonderful--but why would anyone need a tub so big?"

"Because maybe you'd like company..." came a soft voice from under her. Eva looked back at the lipstick red slicker, then down at the rainboots.

"Was that--either of you?"

"No, Eva--it was me." The voice seemed to reverberate all around her, and suddenly the bathwater in front of her began to rise, starting as a simple liquid lump and slowly developing two long, watery tendrils from the sides.  As Eva watched in awe, she felt water start to flow swiftly under her body, drawing her away from the wall of the tub and closer to the amorphous bulb rising in front of her.

"What's going on...?" Eva rose up on a platform of water shaped like a recliner, sliding close to the form still taking shape. It was vaguely human now, the tendrils sweeping into slender liquid arms with finely articulated fingers. The bulb shape became a clear upper half, forming a head, shoulders, swelling chest, a narrow waist and wide, lovely hips just barely emerging from the bath.

"I thought I'd introduce myself," the liquid form said, her details becoming clearer. "I'm Isidra." The shapely water-woman leaned closer to Eva, kissing either cheek with warm, transparent lips. Eva could feel the warm, curvy body against her, and just looked down at the tub and her impossible seat.

"Uh--Eva," She said, watching the woman slide away from her and over to the corner where her body wash sat. "You're--you're a..."

"Nymph," Isidra turned, smiling at her. Her glassy hand took hold of the body wash and squirted some into her other palm, lathering it after the put the bottle back down. "I can't help but notice where your eyes are fixed," the nymph said, looking down at her bouncing clear chest. "Do you like my body?"

Eva swallowed, nodding up and down.

"Well, perhaps I can oblige you with a lovely wash," Isidra said, grabbing her chest with her soapy hands. Eva watched as the nymph lathered her massive, glimmering breasts and moved closer. "Would you like that too?"

Another speechless, blushing nod from Eva brought on a giggle from Isidra.

"Wonderful..." The nymph started at Eva's feet, lifting her lower legs one by one and soaping them up with her soft, warm liquid fingers. As Isidra moved up to a thigh, she placed Eva's dainty foot squarely in her soapy cleavage, sliding it up and down between her breasts as her hands glided up Eva's thigh. Doing the other leg the same way, Eva was undeniably turned on, seduced by a mythical creature of antiquity.

" this for everyone?" Eva asked, showing Isidra a shy smile.

"Not exactly," Isidra said. "There are a few of us here--nymphs--but some tenants prefer other forms." With Eva's legs out to her sides, Isidra slid between her legs and began scrubbing her stomach and breasts. "Not you, though..." the nymph chuckled. Eva's eyes narrowed as warm wet caresses traveled over her chest.

“How did you end up here?” Eva asked, purring the words as Isidra washed her arms.

“There aren’t very many of us left, but Lady Xe--I mean--Jen offered us a home here in exchange for keeping the tenants happy. We’re not the only magical beings you’ll encounter here, but we like to consider ourselves some of the more hospitable ones.”

"You're--lovely," Eva smiled.

"Then we should be good friends, yes?" Isidra stretched her arms, and as her fingers formed watery fists, Eva watched as the sudsy translucence seemed to flow down and out of her, leaving a perfectly transparent form of water once more. "This is my favorite part," Isidra winked.

Before Eva could say a word, the nymph wrapped her arms around her, taking her into a warm, slippery embrace as Isidra rinsed the soap from her body. Her form seemed to melt into Eva, flowing down her until she was dripping with clean, pure water.

Now the bathwater beneath Eva retained the gray, soapy water while her elevated liquid seat was entirely clear.

"Isidra?" Eva called. She heard a giggle under her and gasped as a crystal female head emerged from her seat, right between Eva's legs.

"Still here," Isidra said. "There's so much more I'd love to do to your lovely body, Eva--but some things are best built with anticipation," She grinned. "Here's a little tease, though..." Eva's eyes went wide as Isidra's head moved up between her legs until her plump lips met Eva's clit. She felt an enchanted water tongue slide against it, moaning softly as Isidra encased it in her lips and sucked.

"Ohhhh, fuck..." Eva cooed, reaching down and holding the back of Isidra's head. Just as soon as it started, though, the nymph descended back into the elevated cushion of water, which shifted over to the tub wall.

"I'll see you again soon, Eva," The voice echoed from beneath her as the seat raised her nearly upright. Unsure how to safely step out, Eva cautiously wiggled against the lounge of water as her slicker pointed vinyl sleeves at both Eva and her towel. Eva lifted into the air, and the towel fluffed and wrapped itself around her, patting her dry as she slowly moved toward the bathmat. "So long..." Isidra whispered as the water started quickly draining.

"Oh, come back any time, Isidra!" Eva grinned, turning to the bathtub. "Any time." Fading laughter was her only response.

"I think we're going to do juuust fine here," The slicker said as the rubber boots under it rocked back and forth. "You two certainly made fast friends." Eva shrugged.

"Well, you know my tastes...right?" Eva asked.

"Who better than a girl's clothes?" The gleaming raincoat said. "Now what's next...ah!" The slicker pointed a sleeve to a sliding drawer, which produced Eva's lotion. Eva reached out for the lotion bottle, and an end of the coats vinyl sash slapped it away. "No no--you're going to have to get used to having things done for you," the slicker scolded. Now just relax and let me have my turn.

"And I say it should go against the far wall!" The skirt suit said, swinging a sleeve at the hovering sectional. "She left me in charge, remember?" The furniture bumbled around each other, trying to heed opposing instructions.

"No, you said 'we'll handle it'--us--and she said she trusts us. Plural." The cocktail dress snapped. “Stop going for a promotion, stuffy--we're NOT in the office!"

"I meant US as in this stunning ensemble--and for the last time, stop calling me stuffy!"

'Stop BEING stuffy! If you would listen, you know-it-all, I think the sectional's better against the other wall, here--next to the windows." The cocktail dress sauntered over and wiggled again, making the sectional shift through the air to obey its magical command. "It frames the room better."

"That makes the room lopsided," The skirt suit said, throwing its leather sleeves into the air. "Not that you'd know anything about balance."

"Me!?" The cocktail dress said, "You factory second, you're really, really getting on my nerves now." The leather sleeves of the skirt suit clinched its tight leather hips again.

"Yeah? What are you going to do, slut--wiggle at me?"

"Um--guys?" Eva said. "Er--girls? Ladies?" She was clad in a towel, and the slicker and rubber boots followed.

"I'll wiggle you right through the wall, honey." The two seemed to be at each other's metaphorical throats now; given their proximity, they'd be standing toe if either had any toes at all.

"BOTH OF YOU!" A voice shouted from the planned bedroom, empty save for a bedframe and a few boxes. Everything out in the living room froze as a pair of tan suede thigh boots stepped out. "That's not how clothing with poise should be acting, especially around Eva. She said she trusted all of us to help her with this move." Eva looked down at her footwear, impressed. They turned to face the skirt suit. "You do know organization, so you should use that to your advantage and go arrange Eva’s things in the office."

"Sure, I can handle that." As the skirt suit floated away, the boots turned their attention toward the cocktail dress.

"And why don't you go sort things out in the bedroom and closet? You probably know how to bring out Eva's sex appeal better than most of us."

"Yeah, I do,” the cocktail dress giggled. “Okay--you got it, hon." The dress made its way to the bedroom, bumping a floating nightstand and king-sized mattress with its hips and making them follow behind her.

"And let’s we have anyone on kitchen duty?" A pair of green rubber gloves and a white apron took shape behind the bar, giving a salute.

“I’m all over it,” a sultry voice said before getting to work.

"Excellent.” The suede boots marched over to Eva. “As for you, little miss, why don't I put your recliner by the windows? You can watch the view change while we wrap up."

"Wow," Eva said. "You really whipped everything into shape. Nice job."

"Thanks," the boots replied. "Someone has to be the balance between business and casual around here." They walked over to the window and stopped as Eva's reclining chair hovered over and settled next to them. "Now if you’ll excuse me..."

As Eva walked over to the windows overlooking the city, her towel came loose and unwrapped itself from her body.

“Hey!” Just as Eva turned around to grab the errant towel hovering away, her royal blue satin robe slipped one of its sleeves over her arm.

“Time for her to hang out and dry, sweetie,” The robe said. “Lemme take it from here.” Eva looked down, holding her other arm out for the robe as it slipped itself over her shoulders and hugged her. Eva sighed, wrapping her arms around herself and feeling the satin move against her skin.

“You know--all this sweet-talking and snuggling--you’re really going to spoil me,” Eva said.

“Hmmm...that’s the point honey.” After the sash snaked around itself and tied, Eva gasped a little as she was lifted into the air by the enchanted fabric.

“Whoa...that’s gonna take some getting used to,” She said as she drifted toward her bedroom. Inside, the cocktail dress was apparently making short work of her task. There were already plenty of things settled in the closet, hanging or neatly placed on shelves. Eva couldn’t help but notice a few of her sleeves and pant legs exploring each other, as if they were engaging in some kind of unspoken flirtation she wasn’t privy to.

“Well...hello again,” The cocktail dress said, bowing slightly to a small bag containing the bulk of Eva’s underwear. “You’re right on time--I just got to these.”

"Oh good," Eva beamed. "Could you get me out something casual?" Her bras hovered into the air, taking her shape and dancing around the room in a flutter of bright colors and inflated cups and straps.

"Sure--there's just one thing I want to hunt down first." Boxes one by one began to open as the dress took a peek in each one. "Oh, I hope they didn't get left behind in the--aha, there they are!" The dress perked up a bit as a pair of black satin gloves floated out. "Remember these from the Halloween party you bought me for? These should help out a little."

"What do you need those for?" Eva asked, watching as the dress seemed to pull the gloves onto svelte invisible arms.

"Oh, you know...directing your clothes into the right drawers, opening up boxes, getting a good feel of those melons of yours. That kind of thing. Magic is all fine and well, but it’s also nice to have something more...tactile."

"Wow, I had no idea my clothes were this pervy." Eva let out a nervous chuckle.

The satin fingers under her chin traced along her cheek, running down her neck and over her collarbone, sweeping gently over her chest. Eva watched every deliberate motion of the soft, shiny glove, realizing that the dress was right. What was more was that she was outnumbered by these textile vixens by a factor of a hundred.

“Now as much of a shame as it’ll be to cover these lovelies up,” The dress said, cupping one of Eva’s tits into a black satin palm, “we’ve got a housewarming celebration to get you all prettied up for.”

"Like a party? I'm barely moved in."

"Don't doubt us, honey. Your move is gonna be done in another 20 minutes--less maybe some details here and there. Now let's focus here--once we've gotten you dressed, we'll get your hair and makeup taken care of." Eva let out a slight moan as she felt satin fingers run down her cheek.

"Mmm...but--I can't really throw a party yet--I barely know anyone here."

"That's all taken care of, my dear--but I don't wanna give away the details. That would spoil the fun!" The dress spun, looking around at the hovering bras. "Now, speaking of fun--who wants to be charge of Eva's tatas for the next couple of hours?" The ghostly brassieres all raced to be first in front of the dress, but a strapless red lace bra beat the rest. "You'll do. Jump on, sugar."

The satin glove let go of Eva's chest as its mate reached for the satin sash, untying it. Next, it went for the opening in her robe. Eva nearly let out a moan as the pair of deft hands peeled it off around her. The bra scooped under her, lifting her tits with airy scalloped lace and securing itself behind her. Eva heard dark, sultry laughter as the lacy bra jiggled her breasts in its cups.

"And the matching panties please?" The cocktail dress said. As the rest of Eva's bras placed themselves neatly in a drawer, every red pair danced out and inflated to curving hips, vying for the prize of snuggling against their owner's pussy. "No, no--your enthusiasm is appreciated, but I'm only looking for the match." Every pair slumped but one--translucent red panties with a sheer crotch and delicate lace decorations around the band. "Now don't mope, girls. When the party gets going, everyone's going to be invited." Eva's eyes jumped to the dress.

"What do you mean 'everyone'?" The dress simply giggled.

"Don't keep her waiting," It said, sliding a black satin finger over the sheer crotch. The excited panties leapt down toward the floor, sliding themselves over Eva's dangling feet and sweeping up her smooth legs. Eva rose into the air a bit as the panties worked their way over her hips and rippled over her ass, between her cheeks and up her pussy until the thin sheer material vibrated gently against her clit.

"Uh..." The hovering Eva moaned, holding a hand to her crotch and feeling the panties moving. "Oh my goddd..." The dress joined the lingerie set's laughter.

"Oh, we've missed you, Eva," the bra said in a smoky, seductive voice, gently pinching her nipples.

"Yeah--what's the deal? You think we're only good for impressing new prey when you're on the hunt?" The panties asked, wedging themselves in her ass and wiggling against her firm, round cheeks.

"Hey--" Eva panted. "I didn't--nggghh--mean anything by it, it's just....oooooooh!" Eva felt her pussy getting wet with stimulation as the lingerie continued toying with her. "Unnngh--go...easy!"

"Now, what else..." The dress wondered aloud, ignoring Eva's pleas. It hovered over to two large suitcases. "Most of the hanging stuff is all set, but that's mostly formal and evening wear...we want something a little bolder." The satin gloves pointed fingers at both suitcases, which popped their latches and flipped open. "Last stop--everyone out!"

One by one, Eva's jeans and pants rolled out of the suitcase, inflating just long enough to walk across the room before diving and folding back into a dresser drawer. Tight blue denim, pocketless khakis and painted on leggings followed each other in a neat line as the dress shifted, apparently considering each choice.

From the other suitcase came tees and turtlenecks, tank tops and polos. The tees and tanks headed into another drawer while the dressier tops found hangers in the closet.

After a pair of wet-look leggings passed the dress, a squeaking pair of drum-tight leather trousers marched by. The dress turned to follow them.

"Hmmm, now hold on right there." The leather jeans stopped, halting a group of ballooning casual skirts behind it. "Uh-huh, you. The leathers. C'mere." The rest of the suitcase contents continued their parade to the drawer after the leather pants stepped out of line and sauntered over to Eva and the dress. "Yep, you'll do quite nicely. Go ahead and get on her. The rest of you can go find your places," The dress said. "Oh! Except for one white t-shirt," it added.  "The tightest she has."

A small white tee danced out. It remained flat as a hung sheet until it presented itself to the dress.

"Is this tight enough for you?" The shirt began swelling chest-first, and Eva watched as the shirt ballooned out to her shape, filling the shoulders and chest and turning the thin cotton translucent. Two hardened points even formed at the tips of the breasts, faithfully copying every nuance of Eva's body.

"Perfect," the dress said. "What do you think, Eva?" Eva bit her lip, still holding her teasing panties.

"'s so tight on me that it's see through--" She panted. "I don't even know...unnnngh...why I kept it!" The tee bounced over to her, its bulging tits hanging right in her face.

"Because you love being hugged by your clothes, you little minx," The soft, cottony breasts leaned forward, burying Eva's face in them. "And you like looking a little slutty sometimes. Don't try to play demure--we're your clothes. We know all your secrets."

"I suppose we could find you a little more coverage if that's what you want," the dress said. "I'm sure the girls won't mind." The dress hovered over to the closet as Eva's tee relented and slipped itself over her head.

"Arms up, honey," the tee said. Eva reluctantly complied, lifting her hands into the armholes.

"Something to match that passion-red lingerie on her," The dress said, holding out a black satin hand to a shelf of sweaters. "Come along, darling, I bet you're every bit as clingy as the rest of this outfit." A ribbed red sleeve reached out from the track, and as the sleeve inflated, the black satin glove seemed to grasp an invisible hand and pull the sweater out.

It swelled to shape as it came out of the closet, floating up to the dress and hugging it.

"Oh! You're a friendly one," The dress said. A giggle echoed from the filled ribbed sweater.

"Well thanks for including me," A sweet voice said. "Us ladies in red gotta stick together."

The tight leather climbed Eva's legs now, smoothing around her thighs and wrapping up her bouncy butt.

"Oooh, hello there," Eva's panties said. "I don't think we've had the pleasure." Eva looked down at her outfit, jaw agape and dizzied by the conversations in her clothes. Now they were even talking to each other...

"No, I don't get a lot of play unless Eva's really looking to blow some dike's socks off," The leather pants chuckled. "I have to say, though, it's nice to be wrapped around this body again..." The seat of the shiny pants tightened around Eva's ass, slowly kneading it as Eva grabbed herself and let out a long moan. With her hands at the back of her hips, she could feel the leather creasing and pressing into her flesh, kneading her with invisible, intangible fingers.

"Mmmm, it's gonna be a great party," Her tee said, squeezing her tits together and releasing them. "Come on, beautiful--slide over me and make us complete over here!"

Eva's red sweater floated over, wrapping its sleeve around her waist.

"Oooo, we all get to play together!" The ribbed sweater said. "This is gonna be so fun, isn't it Eva?" Eva looked down at the sweater, overwhelmed with the attention and the clothing taking advantage of her. Another squeeze on her ass forced another moan from her, and in the same moment, the short, tight sleeves of her tee coaxed her arms up again. As the ribbed sweater pulled itself over her, the dress hovered back to Eva, pleased with its work.

"Looking good, ladies," The dress said as the sweater situated itself. Eva's leather pants zipped and snapped closed, and now her skin was surrounded by the whims of soft, living fabric. "Now there's just one thing missing...but I don't see the better part of them in here. Bring Eva along, girls."

The dress hovered back out into the living room, and Eva's outfit drifted over the bed, rotating her upright and keeping her toes just above the ground.  Even without ground to stand on, the outfit made her body mimic a walk inches above the wood floors. It was like when the boots hugged her feet the day before, except that every square inch of fabric on her body was doing the walking for her.

As her levitating stride carried her into the living room, the pieces of her outfit continued flirting with each other, either whispering commentary about her body--or what they planned on doing to it. Mentally, she didn't much appreciate being treated like a doll, but between her light, sweet sweat and her wet pussy, her body was betraying her.

When she looked around at the new apartment now, it already looked like home. Her entertainment center and furniture were set up; her kitchen was stocked with her small appliances, dishes, utensils, and food.  The suede boots wandered around the room as wall hangings hovered above them, finding their places with the boots' unspoken directions.

"All done?" The suede boots asked.

"Our bedroom's done, but we seem to be missing the rest of your sisters," The dress said.

"Ah, right," The boots said. "The trunks are still through the portal--save the best for last, right?" The dress laughed.

"Sure, honey--whatever you say." The dress hovered through the portal while the boots walked up to the sauntering Eva, her eyes nearly closed and her teeth clamped on her lower lip. Her outfit stopped its stride in front of the suede pair.

"And how's our gorgeous owner doing?" The suede boots asked.

"I'm...ohhh--I can't--" Eva let out a moan as her sheer panties fingered her pussy, diving between her labia and stroking her.

"Mmm, glad to hear it," The boots laughed. Eva shuddered delight as she felt her nipples pinched and tweaked by her enchanted bra.

On the other side of the portal, the cocktail dress wiggled at the two large trunks, which clicked open. The stereo hooked up to the entertainment center switched on as sultry latin music pumped through the speakers.

"Come on, girls--time to see your new home." Pair by pair, boot shafts rose out of the trunks and inflated,  stepping out and walking toward the portal. The only other things left in the old place were a vacuum sailing over the carpets all on its own, and the green rubber gloves and apron--which took it upon themselves to scrub Eva's old kitchen once it was done with its tasks in the new apartment.

The boots marched into the new apartment two pairs at a time, led by knee-high black leather stilettos and white go-go boots. The whole of Eva's collection marched in step, including office-friendly leather boots, shiny riding boots, fur-topped tan lace-ups,  outrageous red thigh-highs, patent leather ankle boots, and silvery crotch-high stretch boots.

Eva was mesmerized by the sight--a small army of her footwear marching into her new apartment, followed by the empty trunks and the enchanted vacuum. As the hollow gloves and hovering apron directed a line of floating cleaning supplies through the portal, it began to fade.

Eva's outfit placed her back on the ground, holding her in a standing position and continuing to play against her most sensitive areas.

"Everything's all set," the gloves and apron beamed as they stepped back into the new apartment. "You are officially moved out, miss Eva."

"So you're all done?" Eva asked.

"We're done moving in," Eva's leather pants said, pinching her ass, "Now we wanna start on something else entirely." Eva gasped as her left leg jutted out,  spreading her stance as her knees bent. The leather pants sank her hips nearly to the ground before bouncing back up and making her shake. The rubber gloves clapped, and some whistles came from the gathered group of standing boots.

"Hey," Eva laughed, "Come on--knock it off!"

"We just saved you at least a week's worth of work," Eva's cocktail dress said, moving to the rhythm with her while its black satin gloves clasped her waist. "Dontcha think you owe us some fun?"

"I guess, but--" Eva wailed as her sweater squeezed her tits,  coiling around them like fabric fingers and gripping them tightly.  The boots standing around her started to dance as well, rocking to the same pace Eva's own possessed outfit was moving. "Do you have to--ooohh!" As Eva's ass danced into the air, her black panties teased against her clit, and a ghostly lace finger played around her asshole.  A roar of laughter came from all around her body.

"Mmm...such a nice ass," Her leather pants said. "Eva, darling, we spent all that time in your closets and drawers waiting for the next opportunity to hug your sweet body--but now we can do so much more than just hug. Someone grab those wiggling toes," They said.

Eva's legs and ass kept themselves moving over the floor. She watched as her skirt suit returned to the living room, prowling over to her and dancing into the air to meet her.

"Wow, don't you look hot?" The skirt suit said. "I've always loved the way you make her ass look." Eva blushed, looking down into the collar of the skirt suits blouse. She was about to answer when she heard the leather pants respond for her.

"You look great too," The pants said. "Like a badass boss." As the blazer's sleeves wrapped around her hips, Eva felt petite hands grip her ass tight.

"Uhm?" Eva was caught in the middle of her own outfits flirting with each other. Her leather pants let out a low moan.

"Yeahhhh," The pants said.

The skirt suit held Eva closer, twirling her into the air as its invisible hands massaged her ass.

"Hey, heyyyy--" Eva gasped as her breasts plumped and swayed, manipulated by her sweater. By now, the outfits that helped her unpack were now gathered around her and the dancing boots, apparently tending to themselves and each other as a knock came at the door to Eva's new apartment. “Wait--wait!"

Eva’s attention turned to the front door, which unlocked itself and opened.

"Yeah, ladies," Came a familiar voice from the other side of the door, "wait for the rest of us!" On the other side were a pair of outfits. One was a smart-fitting pencil skirt and shimmery translucent blouse over a tight black tank top. Glossy black high-heels clicked beneath it as it walked in. With it was an ultra-tight denim miniskirt topped by a form-fitting white turtleneck boasting an enormous chest, hovering over a pair of cream-colored mary janes. There were two bottles of champagne floating between them. “Sorry we didn’t RSVP, but Jen asked us to check on the we thought we’d make a party out of it!”

Eva looked at the pencil skirt and see-through blouse, recognizing the voice.

"Rosa?" Eva stared at the two outfits sauntering in.

"Well, I certainly hope we didn't interrupt anything!" The busty turtleneck outfit cackled. The voice was Bev's for sure.

"Bev?" Eva watched as the turtleneck and miniskirt bounced over to her empty cocktail dress.

"I hear you can 'make things happen' with that wiggle of yours," the turtleneck cooed, wrapping its white sleeves around Eva's red dress. The hips of the cocktail dress slid back and forth, grinding against the taut denim.

"Mm-hmmm, all kinds of things..." The dress giggled, dancing with the voluptuous outfit.

"Wha--what's going on?" Eva asked nervously. "Is this party for me or them?"

"It's for anyone that feels like partying," Rosa's outfit seemed to say, pairing up with Eva's slicker and rainboots. "And you're just cute as a button, aren't you?" The rubber boots pigeon-toed inward as the raingear giggled.

"You're making me blush," the outfit said.

"Hmmm, that's just a start," Rosa's translucent sleeves grabbed a hold of the vinyl backside, pressing it against an invisible butt. "I wanna get you wet." Eva's eyes went wide as she watched the two new empty outfits encourage her own already-horny clothing.

"Hey, I don't wanna spoil the fun, but--" Eva gasped as her leather pants tightened again, sending a delicious shock through her pussy.

"So don't," the leather pants said. "Just let us play." Eva let out a long moan now as her lacy panties pushed between her labia, lapping gently at her clit.  Rosa's outfit sailed over to Eva, still in the grip of her own skirt suit.

"You don't mind if I cut in, do you darling?" Rosa's outfit asked.

"By all means," The skirt suit answered, sliding away from Eva.

"I think we should get your owner so drunk that she doesn't know which way is up," Rosa's outfit said, seeming to stare right into Eva. Eva could only stare back at the filled-out bra suspended inside the see-through top. She felt invisible hands slide down her ass again, gripping and pulling her hard. Eva's leather pants giggled.

"I think she's already there," the pants said. "She can't even tell the difference between our touch and real flesh and blood hands."

"What do--you mean?" Eva asked between coos. "Wait, you're not--" Rosa's translucent top leaned in, and soft unseen lips met Eva's own, assaulting them with a berry scent and moves like a pro.

Eva melted as the invisible mouth commanded her own, drinking deep from her. Eva faintly heard a satisfied chuckle vibrating through the invisible touch binding her lips. When the long, passionate kiss ended with a smack, Eva moaned, her eyes rolling back.

"Rosa," Eva purred. "That's not a nice trick at all."

"Oh, you didn't think so?" Came a whisper from above the see-through collar. "The rest of your wardrobe thinks otherwise..." Eva's living outfit laughed as Rosa revealed herself, turning a glassy translucent in the empty outfit before Eva. "Don't feel bad," The ghostly Rosa said, slowly solidifying, "They can even mimic things like heat and pressure if you really give them a charge. It takes a kind of sixth sense to really feel the difference."

"If you even really care about the difference," Beverly said, turning visible in the tight white turtleneck. "I wouldn't mind having some of your lovely ladies here go to work on me," Bev shot Eva and Rosa an evil grin.

"Mmm...I'm willing to try if you're gonna reciprocate," Eva's cocktail dress responded.

"If you're half as naughty as your mistress," Bev said, "I won't be disappointed." The cocktail dress bulged and tightened, accentuating its lovely curves.

"Maybe even more so since we don't hold back," The dress said. Bev chuckled again, looking over at Eva.

"I think that's a dare, Eva," Bev joked. Eva laughed, red-faced.

"I didn't expect my belongings to be quite so..."

"Horny?" her slightly-muffled panties asked, pulling themselves into a wedgie while they continued playing over her clit. "What'd you expect?" Rosa laughed, smacking Eva on the ass through her tight leather pants.

"They feel pretty much whatever sexy little impulse you've ever felt while wearing them," Rosa said, grabbing one of her thighs, "Beside the fact that they also run on lust."

"Which means when you're horny, we're horny," Eva's leather pants said, rippling up her legs and squeezing her thighs.

"So how about that Champagne?" Rosa asked.

"Allow me," Eva's rubber gloves and apron said, hovering into the kitchen and making a come-hither motion to the bottles. They slid across the marble counter as the shiny green gloves pulled a drawer open, producing a corkscrew.

"You ladies worked so quickly," Rosa said. "I didn't even get a chance to see any of Eva's goodies."

"We'd be happy to oblige," The cocktail dress wiggled over to Rosa and grinding against her, sandwiching her between the red dress and Eva. "It wouldn't hurt to get some sugar from an experienced sorceress, though," it whispered, pushing its soft curves against Rosa's backside. Rosa raised her eyebrows to Eva and grinned, letting her go and turning to face the dress.

"Let's start with this," Rosa said, gliding her fingers gently down the shoulder straps and over the dress' chest, abruptly grabbing the ghostly tits.

"Unnnnnh!" The cocktail dress arched its back, pressing its tits into Rosa's grasping hands. Rosa laughed and reached a hand down behind the dress, grabbing its ass before reaching lower and pulling up the hem. She slid her fingers beneath it, as if she was playing with the intangible ass inside. "Yeah yeah yeah..." Eva's dress moaned. Eva's eyes went wide.

"That's enough to start," Rosa said, releasing the dress and spanking the red butt. "Now show me some couture while we have our bubbly."

"" The cocktail dress sauntered over to Eva's bedroom and did it's patent wiggle again, swinging its hips in a silent command. Doors and drawers slid open, and Eva's wardrobe started up like an assembly line, matching a lot of her clothes into complete outfits while leaving some of the showier items to march out solo.

The apron and rubber gloves hand-delivered flutes to Eva and Rosa first, then returned to the counter for Bev's.

"Why thank you, my dear," Bev said, looking the simple outfit over. "You know, there's something so lovely about the way you fill that apron." A shiny glove moved up to cover an invisible mouth as the ensemble giggled.

As all three women watched Eva's outfits and other items pour out of her bedroom in confident struts, Rosa couldn't help but take notice of how many pairs of boots came out all on their own.

"Goodness, you really like your footwear, huh?" Rosa smiled. Laughter came from a pair of tight red lacquer thigh boots.

"Oh, honey--you don't know the half of it," they said. Eva immediately looked down in surprise.

"Some of us have probably spent more time between her legs than on them,” said a pair of grey leather knee boots.

"Hey now," Eva warned. Bev and Rosa both chuckled.

"My my..." Rosa said, squatting down to get a better look at the red boots. "Is that so?"

"Absolutely," The red boots said, stepping right up between Rosa's crouched legs. "Something you're interested in trying?"

"Stop it!" Eva said, holding back a smile. "You can't just--"

"Shh..." Rosa reached up and caressing the long, smooth shafts. "Don't worry about it, Eva," Rosa said, smiling. "Magic like this isn't about propriety or control--you have to dance with the energy." One of the red boots lifted off the ground, bending at the knee and presenting its vamp to Rosa.

"Her scent might even still be on me," The glossy boot squeaked. Rosa leaned in and inhaled, detecting the slightest hint of vanilla and cunt. She bit her lip as the arousal in her spiked. Eva wasn't just a pervert given the magical opportunity to be so...she was a bonafide freak. Rosa opened trembling lips as her wet, pink tongue met the shining toe, licking up the shaft though the ankle. She could taste Eva on the red lacquer.

"Ooh, I want some of that," Eva's grey leather boots said, clicking to Rosa and sliding against her legs like an affectionate cat.

“Haaa...looks like jen picked the right girl, Rosa,” Beverly chuckled. “She was playing with them before they even came to life.”

“Not just her,” a pair of basic black leather knee highs stepped up. “We once belonged to a woman Eva met on a fetish chatroom. Unfortunately we were left behind in the morning, but Eva was more than willing to give us a home. And some entertainment at that.”  Eva blushed.

"You're not ashamed of all the fun we've had together now are you?" Eva's silver crotch-highs stood in front of her, slumped a little as if they were moping.

"Well," Eva sputtered, "it's just..."

"Go easy on her," Rosa laughed, stroking the creamy grey shafts of the knee boots. "She's not used to you all having an opinion on the matter."

"It's nothing to be shy about though, Eva," Beverly shrugged. "Especially after last night." Bev's eyes followed a pair of white vinyl ballet boots, strutting under a delicate white pair of panties and a lacy babydoll. "Besides," she added, licking her lips. "I think your taste in kink is rather intriguing."

"Do you?" The lingerie and ballet boots asked. "Maybe you'd like to learn a little more..." The outfit strutted up to Bev and did a cute little spin in front of her.

"Well now--what did you have in mind?" Bev flirted, drinking her champagne. One of the ballet boots lifted off the ground, hovering in front of her and breaking the illusion that it was part of an invisible body. The other floated up and rotated back, advancing horizontally between Bev's knees.

"We can certainly demonstrate..." The sultry voice said, coming from the polished vinyl. Bev smiled a bit as she looked down to see the other bending the tight hem of her skirt as it raised itself against her thighs. She raised her free hand to the ballet boot in front of her, gliding her fingers around the back of the curved heel and up the white shaft.

"Can Eva even take a step when she's wearing you beautiful darlings?"

"Boots aren't just for walking," the form said, loosening its laces and letting the white vinyl tongue extend out toward Beverly's cheek, caressing her. A lusty shiver ran through her as she felt the cool, shining material against her skin.

"Mmm, I like your friend's lips, Eva," The grey leather boots said, one of them resting on Rosa's knee as she continued crouching, kissing the boot. "I wouldn't mind being between her other pair, though..." Rosa chuckled through soft light kisses against the soft, conditioned leather as Eva's jaw practically dropped.

"Rosa--are you...making them say that?" Eva asked. Rosa simply shook her head.

"Just going with the flow, sweetie--and I gotta say, I'm not disappointed."

"But--but..." Eva stuttered.

"Since when are you such a prude?" The red vinyl boots asked, stepping back over toward her. "Stop looking so scandalized and join the fun." Eva looked at Rosa, then back at Bev, who was in the kitchen flirting with her white ballet boots. Two gorgeous women in a room full of dirty-talking footwear--only too happy to oblige their innuendo. As if the night before weren't unbelievable enough, Eva's fantasies seemed to be coming to life all around her.

Why wasn't she joining in the fun?

"It's just that I--I can't keep track of..."

"Hon," Rosa said, eyeing the grey leather. "Don't worry about keeping track. I already said it--magic isn't about control." Rosa bent down and licked the leather shaft from vamp to cuff. "Mmmmm, it's about...learning to dance with the impulses."

"Well, speaking of dances," Eva's cocktail dress said--how about you let those pretty couture escorts of yours play with us while you get more acquainted with Eva's favorite collection? A black satin glove glided over the shoulders of Rosa's shimmering blouse, which rustled a bit before one of the buttons undid itself. Rosa laughed, standing upright again as the grey leather boots stood on the ground.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Rosa said, looking down at herself. "You heard her, girls--go play." Rosa held her arms out as the shimmering blouse ballooned as if it were filling with air. One after another, the buttons opened until the blouse could slide right off of her.

Rosa's pencil skirt popped open, loosening just a bit as it unzipped. She turned over a palm and floated into the air, lifting right out of her black pumps and shimmying her hips a bit as the pencil skirt worked its way off of her. Now she raised her arms into the air, and the lacy black tanktop sailed up over her shoulders and into the air.

"I see I've got your attention," Rosa winked, locked with Eva's stare. She was a vision in black lacy lingerie, smiling at Eva with puffing crimson lips and eyes filled with mischief. Eva looked her up and down, from her toenails painted in sultry red to her dark, wavy hair.  Passing over her luscious hips wrapped in black lace and her full, perking breasts jutting inside the matching bra, Eva didn't remember Rosa looking so voluptuous last night.

As Rosa drifted back to the ground, the red and gray boots lathered affection on her once more as her outfit took shape and strutted over to Eva.

"How about you?" A voice from the empty outfit said. "Feel like dancing?" Eva looked down at the outfit, boasting an even curvier shape than Rosa's.


"We'd love to," came a voice from Eva's sweater. "You don't mind, do you, honey?" Before Eva could answer, her leather pants and sweater forced her into an embrace with Rosa's empty outfit. The sleeves of the shimmering blouse reached around her back, and Eva felt fingers grip her plump, leather-clad butt as the two outfits began dancing around the room.

Rosa laughed, watching poor Eva try to catch up with the energy in the apartment. As she turned back to the grey leather knee-highs, her eyes narrowed.

"Still wanna meet my other lips...?" Rosa cooed, leaning over and stroking the leather. As Eva was danced around the room, she watched her gray leather boots rise into the air, one of them pausing right in front of Rosa's black panties while the other floated higher, hooking around her back and snagging her bra strap with its heel.

"We wanna meet everything..." The gray boots purred. "Why don't you girls go play with the others as well?" Giggling erupted from Rosa's underwear as her bra unhooked and her panties sailed down her legs in a flash.

"You don't have to ask us twice," they squeaked. The underwear danced away, bobbing through the room and heading over to Bev. She was busy tongue-worshipping a white ballet boot as her hands worked over the smooth curves of an empty white bra. By now, her tight denim skirt was riding all the way up on her, showing off the pink satin panties being caressed by the other phantom ballet boot.

Eva could feel the magic tingling every nerve inside her. Her pussy ached with anticipation, and as she witnessed the creamy gray toe of her knee boot tease against Rosa's trimmed clit, she only wanted to see and feel more.

"Mmm..." came a muffled voice from Eva's waist. "I can taste that sweet desire on you, sexy." Eva trembled with ecstasy as her sheer red panties soaked up the honey dripping from her cunt. When her leather pants popped open and unzipped, her sweater and tee followed suit, riding up her waist.

"Couture-only dance," The ribbed sweater said, sliding up her as she was paused in her forced frolic. "You'd rather dance with someone else anyway--we can feel it." Eva was lifted into the air once more, her leather pants wasting no time in peeling from her. Eva's empty outfit came together and began dancing with Rosa's ghostly clothes once more. Her strapless bra gave her tits one last loving squeeze before unclasping, freeing her milky breasts as she drifted toward Rosa.

Now it was the two of them, face to face. Eva hummed through pursed lips as her sheer underwear lapped at her clit. She stared at Rosa, who caressed and kissed the foot and ankle of one leather boot while the vamp of the other nuzzled and stroked her sex. Rosa's eyes fluttered open, staring into Eva's.

"I've worshipped boots before, Eva, but not quite like this," Rosa admitted. "I've always thought of boots as sexy--but not so directly. They really--mmm--really seem to know what they're doing." Rosa reached down to the empty gray shaft sliding against her belly, her fingers tightening around the inflated leather and pulling them closer.

"They're--they're wonderful..." Beverly sustained, leaning over the kitchen counter and grinding her hips against the hovering boot between her legs. The other white boot simply stood on the counter, wiggling with every one of Bev's licks and kisses.

Unable to resist the well of energy beside them, the green kitchen gloves and apron hovered behind Bev's presented backside, furtively grabbing two rubbery handfuls of ass. Beverly's toes curled inside her mary janes, and she faded from view for a second.

"Ah ha...that was cute," came a soft voice from above the apron. "Does that always happen when you get excited?" One of the gloves pulled her skirt all the way up over her ass as the other spanked her hard, making her fade out again--this time for longer. Bev let out a moan, pushing harder against the ballet boot at her crotch and pinning it to the counter she was bent over.

"Ooh, your friends are so fuuuun, Eva!" The ballet boots cried out.

"And soooooo fucking hot," The gray leather boots moaned in agreement. The vamp at Rosa's pussy pulled away from her and turned around, facing Eva and hovering up to eye level. "Can't you just taste the lust on her pussy?" Eva shot a look at Rosa, greedily scrubbing a leather shaft with her tongue as she stared back into Eva's eyes. Her sultry gaze was playful but demanding, waiting for Eva to let go of every inhibition and take her fantasies to their apex.

Still watching Rosa's haunting dark eyes, Eva reached out and took hold of the boot by its ankle, drawing it closer to her and breathing in the scent of Rosa's pussy. It was intoxicating.

In Eva's wildest dreams she never thought she'd find herself here. Not only was this gypsy beauty engaging her every fantasy; she was hungry for Eva to join her in the revelry. She couldn't pay an escort enough to play these games with her--and even when she found a fellow fetishist, the rigors and customs of the real world and the uncertainties of sex games with a stranger left moments like these unattainable.

But Rosa's eyes--dark and mysterious--they didn't just want to please Eva's appetites. They had appetites of their own, needs that would only be sated by Eva's complete surrender to what was happening. So as Eva's sheer red panties kept coaxing her pussy, sliding against her clit and pushing themselves between her lips, she breathed in Rosa's sweet musk again before latching onto the honey-soaked vamp with her lips and suckling her very essence from the leather.

"Oh....ooooh, fuck yes--lick me!" The gray boots cried, each of the pair at the mercy of the women's lips. With Rosa's pussy now untended, the shining red thigh boots saw their opportunity once more. They stepped between the two women as Eva's sheer panties peeled away from her, soaked by her cunt and full of sexual charge. Each ot the red vinyl boots faced the women and began rising into the air, slipping between their shining thighs as they did.

Eva cried out in pleasure as the cool vinyl touched her slick labia, pressing against her pussy and still rising. She watched as Rosa's hands reached down, wrapping their fingers around the top the the vinyl shaft and pulling it against her. With a passionate growl, Rosa tightened her grip and leaned back, rocking against the long, lipstick red boot shaft as she rose clear off the ground. Her wet pussy lubricated the glossy vinyl, and now she was sliding up and down against it, dipping as low as the ankle as she hugged the upper shaft until it rested between her tits.

By now, Eva found herself lifted off the ground as well, bouncing on her tip-toes against the ground as the magically inflated boot began bucking like an animal. The two women stared at each other's bodies, each admiring the other's glistening skin as their sultry vinyl vehicles disregarded gravity and every other earthly law.

Trembling from the power all around them and sensing their calling elsewhere, the gray leather boots drifted away from the reach of the women's luscious mouths, which wanted now to taste each other more than anything else. As the thigh boots made them fly higher, they also inched closer to one another until they could feel the heat of each other's bodies.

Eva watched Rosa's body, enraptured with the sight of her tawny skin licked against the vinyl boot. The top of the fire red shaft worked between her bouncing breasts, mirroring the actions of the matching boot Eva was riding.

"Do you want me?" Rosa breathed, baying as the plastic worked her clit. Eva nodded, looking into her sultry eyes. "Then say it, Eva."

"I want you," Eva said, grinding against the magical levitating footwear. "I want you!" She wailed it this time, and it was accompanied by their hovering bodies slamming against each other--pinning the living boots between them. With skin and vinyl enmeshed, Rosa reached behind her partner in flight, pulling Eva's lips to her own and kissing her deeply. The two bounded up and down in rhythm, enveloped in sexual thrill now saturating the apartment.

Beverly was similarly suspended in the kitchen, looking like a playful flying outfit due to her sexually stimulated invisibility. Her unseen hands braced against the lower ceiling as the white ballet boot drove itself against the wet, pink satin covering her pussy. By now, the boot's partner had descended behind her, sliding under the pink panties and playing its toe against her asshole as the rubber gloves groped and smacked her invisible ass.

Eva's red panties moaned with delight, pushing themselves against Bev's unseen tongue as Eva's white lingerie set, red bra, and Rosa's underwear slid around and played against the well-filled turtleneck. The entire apartment was erupting in ecstatic moans and grunts as all three women became subject to the naughty habits trapped within Eva's belongings.

Eva trembled in mid-air, her pussy balanced against the bulging red boot as she reached out and grabbed Rosa's tits, squeezing them against the top of the hollow shaft. Their long kiss ended with a smack as Eva looked down at their shining bodies, suspended in magical flight by the objects of her ultimate fetish.

"Come on me, girls--come on me!" The red boots growled, bouncing them harder and inflating tighter and tighter against their pussies. Rosa's wicked laughter filled the air as she panted harder, watching Eva take in the otherworldly sight of their ride.

"Mmm...yeah--" Rosa cried. "I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come." Her bewitching voice inspired the same excitement in Eva, already balancing on the edge of release. In the kitchen, the rubber gloves bobbled Beverly's massive tits while a wooden spoon smacked her unseen ass, the lovely sting bringing her closer and closer...

Eva screamed release as she wrapped her arms around Rosa, pulling her and the boots between them into a quivering embrace as the magical orgasm rode through her body. Rosa cried out soon after, and a hot supernatural wind filled the apartment, blowing the scent of sex and sweat through the corridors. Beverly came as the champagne bottle on the counter popped its replaced cork, accompanied by a chorus of rattling drawers and slamming cabinets. Eva's cocktail dress, rain slicker and boots twisted around each other, dancing to the power of sexual release with the other outfits and boots elsewhere in the apartment.

Now the apartment was bound to its new mistress; Eva's essence saturated rooms and halls with the lust-filled thoughts and desires that would provide its character. As Rosa watched the uninhibited blonde nymph ride out her most perfect moment, she silently reaffirmed what had been clear from the first time she saw Eva's gorgeous face a few weeks before: even before Jen's plan was clear--this one was special.


A private jet touched down at LAX, rolling up the tarmac and coming to a stop outside the international gates. Outside of the two-man crew, three silent passengers disembarked. The first and last were clearly security detail, dressed in impeccable suits and wearing dark designer sunglasses. Between them was a solemn woman in formal business wear, carrying a gleaming steel case with the reverence one would expect of a priceless artifact.

With an LAX security detachment meeting them at the gate's door, they were brought to the front of the passengers waiting in customs, rushed in VIP-style to the security checkpoint. Some signal passed between the detachment and the customs agent, who only gave the steel case a perfunctory search before passing it back to the woman with a knowing nod.

Sarah Pennington left the extravagant offices of Top Tier Talent just in time to meet the Limousine curbing itself on Vine Street. The driver exited efficiently, stepping to the door and opening it before tipping his cap to one of Hollywood's rising powers in the agency.

When Sarah sat, she saw the trio sitting across from her, the woman wearing a calm, solemn expression as the two security men kept an alert watch on Sarah.

"So few receive this trust," The woman said, her voice eerily toneless. She lifted her left arm and pulled back the sleeve of her blazer to reveal a small tattoo of an ouroboros, the serpent eating its own tail.

"I understand," Sarah said, politely smiling and revealing the same tattoo on her own left wrist. The two men flanking the case-carrying woman seemed to ease slightly, though they remained on alert.

"You understand nothing until you're in the presence of her power," The woman replied coldly. "I'm sure that I have no need to explain her expectations of your success." Sarah swallowed hard.

"Of course."

The woman carefully lifted the case from her lap and gave it to Sarah as the limousine wound up busy boulevards, driving toward Sarah's Santa Monica condo.

"Do not take your service lightly--a great deal is expected of you," the woman said. Sarah nodded. "These men will remain on watch nearby until we receive notice directly from her that you have completed your duties." Another nod.

“You're sure this is going to work?” Sarah asked. The woman gave her a stern look. “Forgive me--I don't mean to question orders, but you've got to understand I'm putting my career on the line here by involving my star client.”

“Rest assured,” the woman replied. “Her ascension is all but guaranteed. Your loyalty and efficiency will be compensated beyond your wildest imagination.”

“Then I'm Her humble servant, as my mother before me,” Sarah smiled.

“That is as may be, but you would do well to prepare yourself to be in the company of a deity. You will find She is not as forgiving of insolence as her mortal representatives.” Another uncomfortable pause and swallow brought Sarah to nod, and for the remainder of the ride, there was an uneasy silence in the cabin.

When they arrived at Sarah's development, the driver opened the door once more.

"Succeed," the woman said. "There is no alternative." Sarah slowly nodded once more as she left the limousine, feeling the woman's eyes on her back until she was in her front door.

She placed the case carefully on her coffee table in the living room and wandered back to her door to look out the peep, watching as the two men got out of the limo and began walking.

"Geez, she wasn't kidding," Sarah said to herself, latching every lock on her door. As she watched the limo pull away and the men walk out of the peephole's range, she didn't hear the combination locks of the steel case dialing themselves.

She did, however, hear the latches pop open, the metallic sound echoing in her entry. She jumped a bit, turning and looking back into her apartment. It was dark, as if someone had pulled the shades and thrown the curtains shut.

"H--hello?" She slowly walked back into her darkened living room, fumbling at the doorway for a switch as the dots of stray daylight beamed the far wall. When her fingers finally flipped it, she went pale as a ghost.

"Wh-wh..." Rising out of the steel case were a pair of perfect leather boots, placing themselves on the floor and standing at attention as they filled with invisible force. Next, a pair of black leather gloves filled with ghostly, slender hands lifted from the case and drifted toward a trembling, stuttering Sarah.

"Then your faith is less than perfect, is it not?" A smoky voice came from the air itself. "We shall remedy that immediately." A shiny black glove pointed at the floor. "Kneel."

Sarah hesitated, looking back at the case where another larger leather garment began to take shape.

"KNEEL!" The voice boomed as the other glove slapped Sarah's face, leaving a pulsing sting. Sarah reacted quickly now, dropping to her knees and looking up at the gloves. "Your eyes to the earth," the voice hissed, a glove slapping her again--though not as hard. Sarah bowed her head and stared at the ground, watching the boots march over to her on their own.

“M-my mistress, forgive me. Please--"

"Silence, child. You appear to learn quickly; this is a start. Now kiss my foot and pledge yourself to me." One of the empty boots rose just slightly, extending itself to Sarah's bowed head and placing its toe under her lips. Sarah carefully and humbly placed her mouth against the shining leather, closing her eyes and kissing the toe. The leather boot placed itself back on the floor as Sarah heard the rustling and creaking of more, accompanied by steel zippers moving along their tracks.  "Now behold your mistress--and address me as my servant."

Sarah carefully lifted her gaze to the boots, inside which were a pair of shapely leather legs. As her eyes followed the form, she saw the contours boasting strong thighs, unbelievable hips and and a small, firm waist. The leather continued up the torso, boasting perfectly shaped breasts, smooth, feminine shoulders, and delicate arms ending in the ghostly gloves. Above the collar, where a steel ringlet dangled  from the zipper, there was only empty space.

"I--uh--how may I be honored to serve you?” Sarah asked.

"Yes, a very fast learner," the voice said, one of the soft gloves reaching under her chin and lifting it. “My former vehicle could not make the trip," Keiko said, "And even in the short time it took me to arrive here, I miss the feeling of flesh. You will lend me your warmth.”

"As you command," Sarah said, lowering her eyes. She had no idea what the entity before her had in mind, but she was about to find out firsthand.