Dark Mistress

Dark Mistress 2 - Diversion

Tiffany stretched, still recovering. She peeled off the now lifeless blue satin blouse, which flew down and rested on a couch cushion. Articles of clothing caught Gwen's eye as they stepped out of the master bedroom.

"Shall we get dressed for bed?" The boots asked, approaching the staircase. Descending the stairs now, a lace and satin nightgown with a matching sash bobbed down each step. Behind it was a red velour robe.

"I imagine those are for us?" Gwen asked. Tiffany stood up abruptly.

"Um, can I just have my bra back, please?" She pointed at it, staying a good distance away from her. Tiffany glared at the boots. "What's the deal?"

"Wouldn't you rather wear something more comfortable?" The lace gown asked, turning toward Tiffany as it reached the bottom of the stairs. Tiffany looked back over at her bra.

"Uh, yeah--I guess so," Tiffany said, "but why isn't my bra listening to me?" The clothes behind her started lifting off the couch. She saw the movement with her peripheral vision; instead of inflating this time, they folded and stacked themselves on the couch cushion. She looked back over at Gwen and the voluptuous outfit holding its curves, both still seated on the chair.

"Maybe it doesn't trust you," Gwen laughed. "They saw what you did to their friends." Tiffany glared at the boots.

"So, tell it to listen to me, would you?" The boots walked toward the bra, which moved into place above them and oriented itself as if it were attached to the same body. Tiffany watched as the boots and bra approached her.

"Do you really want your clothes back on? Wouldn't you rather let me take care of this?" The sash untied itself as the velour robe opened up and offered its sleeves toward Tiffany. She puffed a little, but eventually shrugged and turned around, holding her arms out behind her. the robe pulled itself on and wrapped snugly around her waist. The long velvety sash tied itself. The ends of the sash rose up to her breasts, looking as if they were about to pounce.

"Behave," Tiffany said, reaching up and grabbing the ends of the sash. They slithered against her grip as Gwen laughed at her. "Come on now, I was nice enough to wear you..." The ends of the sash slowly dropped, and Tiffany let them go. She felt the robe pulling her forward. Her stocking-covered legs cooperated, walking toward the staircase. 

"Let's take you to a nice warm bed," A soft voice came from the robe. Meanwhile, the lace and satin nightgown approached Gwen, who was watching Tiffany step toward the staircase. The robe swung her body around to face Gwen.


"Sorry, Tiff." The robe squeezed her ass. Tiffany made an annoyed squawk.

"Hey, quit it!" She looked up at Gwen. "Are you going to be alright down here? With them? Tiffany motioned to the outfit seated next to Gwen and the silk and lace nightgown standing next to the chair.

"Well, you're all going to let us sleep, right?" Gwen asked.

"Of course, hun." The tan blouse replied, straightening the stockings under it.

"As soon as you're properly dressed for bed," The gown continued in a voice as delicate as its stitching. "I know you just snuggled yourself back against her, but it's my turn." The gown's sash waved over Gwen's chest, and her yellow bra bounced back off of her, allowing her tits to drop just slightly again. "Put your arms up, my dear." Gwen did, looking back at Tiffany.

"Yeah, I think we're going to be fine," Gwen replied. The nightgown turned around and unzipped as far as it could go. Tiffany watched as the gown pulled itself over Gwen's body.

"Alright--then I guess I'm going to sleep," Tiffany said. "Have fun." When Gwen could see again, Tiffany was already halfway up the stairs. "Hey, I told you to cool it. I'm not wearing you to bed, you know." Gwen snickered a little bit as Tiffany walked into the upstairs bedroom. The door shut behind her. "Good night, Gwen!" A muffled shout came from behind the door. "Just yell or something if you have any problems!"

"Okay Tiff, nite!" Gwen shouted back. She looked down at the silk and lace gown hugging her curves, then over to the couch. "So, uh--I don't suppose that folds out?" Gwen's button down that had paired with the leather skirt sauntered over to the couch. The deflated and folded clothes picked themselves up and hovered into Tiffany's duffel, all save the satin blue blouse, which hovered into the air and draped itself over Tiffany's bra. It began buttoning again, taking the shape of Tiff's feminine torso.

"Allow us, my dear," the boots said.

The blue blouse hovering over the boots and Gwen's button-down attached to the leather skirt grabbed the couch cushions with their sleeves, flinging them aside. A shimmering blue sleeve wrapped around the fold-out handle, hovering back and pulling the bed out. The fabric of the nightgown pulled Gwen up and forward. She stood. Gwen walked toward the fold-out as the two outfits on either side pulled the blankets back.

"The bedding is all fresh if I'm not mistaken," a voice came from the gown draped over her. "But if you don't mind wearing me to bed, it'd be nice to be wrapped around you all night." Gwen felt the gown swish back and forth against her tits. "Time to take these off," the gown said as Gwen's panties fell to the floor. She felt the waistband rub against her ankles.

"Hey, lift your feet up!" Her panties said. Gwen lifted one of her feet, then the other. Her panties hovered up and rounded out to her shape and laughed. They shook back and forth in front of her and rose up to eye level. Gwen smiled, reaching her hand out to the panties.

"So when you said, 'that's what the whole thing feels like,' does that mean you can...um--" Gwen wasn't sure how to phrase it. "--remember things from before you were brought to life?" Gwen stroked the damp patch on the bottom. The underwear pushed themselves against her fingers.

"Mmm....yeah," the panties responded, "but it's not like you remember things. My world is all form, motion, and scent." Gwen laughed. "You think I'm kidding? I'm one of your favorite pairs. I remember the first time you wore me. I remember the first time youtouched me." Gwen laughed, looking over the the boots.

"You're doing that, right?" Gwen asked. The blue blouse above the boots shook back and forth.

"Not at all," the boots said. "They're telling the truth. Everything's got a memory, it's just a question of whether we can express the information." Gwen's gown puffed up around her as it pushed her backward onto the fold-out. It set her down slowly as the sheets pulled themselves back. The material of the gown moved in sweeping motions as Gwen felt caresses all over her.

"You should get some sleep now," the full-figured tan blouse said.

"Just let yourself sink into me," The gown told her. As the leather skirt outfit went to turn down the lights, The tan blouse and stockings pulled the covers over Gwen.

"I'm going to wake up tomorrow and you're all going to have been some kind of crazy dream," Gwen said softly, letting herself drift off to sleep. The boots snickered.

"Oh, I wouldn't count on it." The tan blouse responded. Gwen was asleep a few moments later.

* * *

A few hours later, the tan blouse, skirt, and stocking outfit watched as the boots walked silently up the stairs.

"Remember, it has to be done right if we're to absorb her power," The tan blouse said. The boots simply turned and nodded their cuffs in acknowledgment. The door to the master bedroom opened, then closed again, locking itself. Inside, the boots walked over to Anabel's dresser. The top drawer opened, and a pair of leather gloves slid out. They pulled themselves on over unseen hands and pointed at the other drawers, which began sliding open.

Ana's lingerie lifted out of the drawers. A black lace bra and matching panties hovered over the boots, positioning themselves as if they were part of an invisible body holding the outfit together. The cups the the bra and seat of the panties inflated to shape and walked toward the bed, where Tiffany slept soundly.

"Who would have thought that the one doing the unbinding would be hiding power of her own?" The boots asked quietly. "If we're careful, we can use it to our advantage."  The gloves reached out to the edge of the blankets and peeled them back. The robe Tiffany was wearing lifted itself off of a chair and filled out.

"Do you need my help?" It asked gently.

"Sure," The boots answered. "That sash of yours could be really handy. I have a plan..." The sash shot out of the hoops in the robe and hovered at the head of the bed. the robe hovered over Tiffany as the gloves pulled the blankets the rest of the way off of her. The boots unzipped themselves and hovered level with her feet, orienting themselves sideways. They were poised to slip onto her.

"Ready?" The robe asked, barely loud enough to hear.

"We might only have one chance at this, so let's do it right. I'm going to slide onto those sexy little feet nice and slow. If she wakes up, you both know what to do." The robe's collar and one end of the sash both bobbed in apparent agreement. The boots slowly slid themselves over her toes. They continued over her feet, requiring a little force to push themselves on past the halfway-point.

Tiffany stirred. The robe and sash were ready to pounce, but she didn't wake. The boots slid into place as the zippers moved slowly, climbing the shafts again tooth-by-tooth. The black leather gloves descended over Tiffany, holding themselves just barely above the swell of her chest.

One of the leather fingers traced itself down an arc of Tiffany's teardrop-shaped breasts. Tiffany let out a light moan. The other glove slowly pulled one hand up over her head, then the other. The sash looped around her hands, gently binding them together.

Tiffany stirred again, this time trying to pull one of her arms down. When her body found resistance, it tried harder. Tiffany woke up in a panic. There were no blankets on her. Instead, she found a robe hovering over her, two disembodied leather gloves, and a black bra and panty set standing aside the bed. Tiffany tried to move her hands again. She made a furtive noise as she struggled against the sash. She noticed the boots after she found that trying to kick her feet was futile.

"What the hell are you doing?" Tiffany asked. "Let go of me! Get off of my feet!" The boots squeezed her in response.

"If you'd relax, this process would be a whole lot easier," they replied. "Do us both a favor." Tiffany struggled against the sash holding her wrists against the bed. Tiffany thought she was overcoming the strength of the sash when she felt one of her arms break free, but she was wrong. Her released hand swung up and into the cuff of a waiting leather glove.

"Damn it!" She cried out. "How did you--" Before she could even finish the sentence, another glove slipped on her other hand as the sash released completely. Tiffany understood why. Her hands held themselves in front of her, even as she was swinging her elbows and twisting her shoulders; she tried to pull herself out of the leather gloves with little success.

"Quit tiring yourself out, please," the boots said calmly. "We're not going to hurt you. There's something we need from you. and we'll leave you alone as soon as we get it." Tiffany continued struggling, and the gloves threw her arms back. Now she was sprawled over the bed. The gloves and boots kept her limbs out at her sides, making Tiffany virtually immobile. "There now. Are you going to calm down?"

"What exactly is it you need from me?" The boots lifted up and pushed her legs together. The black panties dropped away from the apparent invisible body and headed to the toes of the boots. They sailed up her legs. "Hey, hey--I'm not playing dress up right now. You can't just--"

"I need you to be wet, first of all." The panties said to her. Tiffany's eyes went wide as her hips lifted themselves off the bed and thrusted slowly into the air.

"Hey! I--"

"Yeah. give her a minute," the boots said. "She likes when you start out slow." Tiffany's arms shifted over her head and parallel with each other. She squeaked again. The black bra unhooked itself, dropped and flew past her. The bra straps flung themselves over the fingers of the gloves. Once the straps moved down her arms, they pulled her forward with the bra's help, sitting her up.

"You had your fun earlier! Now stop it!" The bra clipped around her, the cups immediately gripping and kneading the soft flesh they encased. Tiffany shuddered. "Ah--you can't just--" One of the leather gloves darted down to her waist, a finger stopping short of the black underwear wrapped around her. "I don't want--to do this right now." She heard a sneer.

"That's not what I'm seeing," The panties answered. "Looks to me like one pair of lips is lying." The rest of the ensemble laughed, including the otherwise silent gloves. Tiffany would try one more time.

"Please stop," she pleaded. "I've been nothing but nice to you, and--" She shuddered, looking down at her waist. her panties peeled themselves back as the glove suspended over her placed a finger on her clit. "Nnnno, I don't--" Another shudder. The glove laughed.

"Wooow. That's powerful. I can feel her." The glove traced the finger up, then down and between the folds of Tiffany's lips. Tiffany let out a moan. "Oh, the things we'll be able to do with this one." Now another finger joined the first. The leather was getting damper with every stroke.

"Careful," the boots said. "This has to be done right." Tiffany's legs were held down by the boots as her own hand, controlled by the glove, stroked her pussy. The other glove moved her hand up to her face, gently tracing her lips with a leather finger.

"Stopppppp," Tiffany whined. "I--I--" It was something welling deep within her. She clinched all her muscles at once. A shockwave of sexual electricity echoed through the room. "Yeaaaaaaaah." The gloves pulled away abruptly.

"Whoooa..." One of the gloves said, woozy. "That's not supposed to happen, is it?"

"I felt it too," Tiffany's panties said. "It was like she drai--" Tiffany's gloved hand went back to her pussy, now covered by the front of the black underwear. "--hey, what are you doing?" Tiffany's eyes rolled back as she began pushing her hips up and down, ignoring the clothes arguing with each other.

"I told you guys to take it easy!" The boots chided. "What's going on up there?"

"I can't stop!" The glove said. "I--I'm paralyzed!"

"Me too!" The panties shrieked. "And every time she--oooh..." Tiffany pulsated with energy; waves of magic washed over raw sexuality. Instead of a big explosion at the end, like last time, Tiffany could feel something building in her. Something connected her to the glove and panties lapping at her pussy. What they were doing felt gooood, even if she'd resisted before.

And what were they arguing about anyway? She was getting into it by now, after all--and there seemed to be a delicious sexual synergy going on. They were moving over her just like she wanted them to. It wasn't until the bra spoke up that she realized something on their end had actually gone wrong.

"Guys? What's the deal?" The black bra asked, no longer rubbing itself against Tiffany's soft chest.

"I'm not in control!" The glove over her pussy protested. "She--she's using my power!" Tiffany's eyes went wide. Was that really what was happening? It took some conscious focus, but she slowly realized that the feeling rushing through her wasn't just pleasure. There was something else, too. Something energetic along with the thick, swooning effect of sexual arousal.

"Tiffany, dear," The boots said sweetly, "Don't get too caught up--don't you want to savor the moment?"

Tiffany's eyes narrowed. First they start playing with me while I'm asleep, she thought, then they wake me up and expect me to be cool with it. They tell me there's something they NEED, and that they'll leave me alone once they get it. Now I'm finally cool with it, and they want ME to back off? What are they after?

A couple of the articles once restraining her sounded worried now. If they all needed her to stop, she reasoned, maybe the best way to get some information out of them was to ignore their requests for a little while.

"Hey, you guys started this," Tiffany said, "and you're the ones that wanted to use my hands to do it." She grinned. "You want me to stop...?" She let out a sneer, gritting her teeth and stroking her lips even harder through her gloved fingers and wet black panties. "Make me."

The outfit's components let out a collective moan as Tiffany ramped herself up. The feeling building inside her began to take shape. She pulled her hand out of the glove stroking her through the panties.

The glove held its shape and kept working her.

"H--how is she doing that?" The glove asked. Tiffany's panties were pulled up between her cheeks. In the front, the wet material lodged itself between her lips.

"This isn't the way it's supposed to work, is it?" The panties asked. "I can't stop myself...I just keep--" The panties gave up and let out a low, sensual howl. By now the matching glove was off of Tiffany's other hand, kneading one of her breasts beneath her bra. Tiffany watched the gloves move over her, their voices shuddering and pleading. Every move the leathery fingers made over her clit and nipples made her hornier.

"Hey--hey!" The panties shouted, presumably at the boots. "Sh-sh-shhh-she's gonna come if you don't do something to stop this!" Tiffany giggled between short, panting breaths.

"Stop what?" Tiffany asked. "Isn't this what you wanted?" She glanced down at the boots as a glove slid over to the opposite breast. The glove hovering over her pussy pulled a slick finger out of her and slid it quickly back and forth over her clit. Her panties wedged between her cheeks, playing with her asshole. Tiffany's back arched. Her hands gripped the sheets.

"There's no way I'm stopping this!" The boots cried, rippling over her calves. "I wouldn't if I could!" Tiffany's quickening was coming. The rest of the outfit finally relinquished any hope of mercy. There were only a chorus of feminine moans and squeals as Tiffany's clothes propelled her to orgasm, seemingly against their will. Her unstrapped bra squeezed the breast the glove wasn't occupied with. The glove did the same while tweaking a nipple with its thumb and forefinger. The other glove rubbed her clit while hooking a finger up inside her. Tiffany's hands tore at the sheets, grasping handfuls of linen.

"aah..aahhh...yeah..I'm--I'm--" Tiffany started trembling. "I'm...gonna--" The trembling wasn't limited to Tiffany alone. It rattled through the bedposts and down to the floor. The furniture in the room did the same.

* * *

Downstairs at the same moment, the full-figured tan blouse, skirt, and stockings stood at the bottom of the stairs, hearing the sounds of passion and trembling furniture upstairs. The shoulders of the blouse shrugged.

"I seem to have overstepped myself a bit here. That girl's got a little more power than I thought." The full figured outfit turned and walked toward a sleeping Gwen. "Maybe it's best I sneak out of here and set up a new base of operations. What do you think, girls?" She asked, turning to the pile of neatly laid out clothes at the end of the couch.

"Plenty of room for you at our place," Gwen's yellow bra said as it hovered into the air. The cups filled out as the bra clipped. "She doesn't even have to know you're there if you don't want her to. Just sneak into her car while she's asleep." The outfit lifted a stocking wrapped around an invisible foot.

"I can't go outside like this...and the way things are, I can't be wasting any spare magic hovering around. Not until I tap another strong source, at least."

"If you're going to sneak out," a confident voice whispered, "you better do it before she comes out of that bedroom." The pink sneakers turned the corner of the couch. "Come on, hop in and we'll get to the car." The collar of the full-figured blouse aimed down, as if it were examining itself.

"You heard her finish too?" The full-figured outfit laughed. A sigh came from the sneakers as they untied and loosened their laces.

"Didn't everyone?" The shoes asked. The outfit stepped into the sneakers. "Mmm...you've got wonderfully slender feet." The laces tightened themselves around the stockings and tied. "Now let's go, shall we?"

"All set. Thanks for the help." The outfit walked toward the door.

"Us girls gotta stick together..." the sneakers cackled.

"Hey--" Gwen's bra hissed. The outfit turned back. "Without you around, how long will we--you know...last? Gwen's jeans sat up and inflated, obviously interested in the outfit's response.

"Certainly until Gwen puts you back on and you're back in the car with me. For now, though, I suggest you play dead like I'm planning on playing missing. There's no telling what Tiffany's going to do with her new power--and I don't want to run the risk of being bound to a pair of boots again." The outfit slipped out the door and an empty sleeve inched the door shut.

"You heard her," the jeans said. "Let's drop before we're found out."

* * *

Just a minute before, in the bedroom, Tiffany's orgasm spread through her nerves like a flash flood. She was still clutching the sheets, but now she was suspended a couple of inches off of the bed. The bed itself was a few inches off the ground.

"Yesssssss!! OmigodyeSSSSS!!!" The sensation running through her was so overwhelming that the local loss of gravity in the room didn't register. She took deep, sweeping gasps as wave after wave of pleasure echoed through her. Her body shuddered, and the cries of the clothes had faded beneath Tiffany's passionate howls. With the orgasm passing its peak, Tiffany returned to her body. It was when the underwear and gloves were gently swept off of her that she opened her eyes, revealing exactly why she felt weightless. She was.

Just as her first release had subsided enough to bring her into focus, a second orgasmic wave blossomed from within her. A shockwave echoed through the room, throwing drawers open and flinging objects and clothing into the air. Tiffany's womanhood pulsated and contracted wildly, and she let out another low, long moan...this one with incredible vibrato. Transcendent sensation radiated through her--unearthly pleasure, energy--magic. As the clothes flying around the room began to slow their fluttering, Tiffany made contact with the mattress. The bed made contact with the ground a second later. As Tiffany's breathing slowed, the suspended clothes and objects that appeared to be floating in zero G slowly sailed to the ground.

Tiffany sat up. The room was kind of a mess now, but nothing was moving. There were no more voices in the room.

"What on earth was that?" Tiffany asked.

"That was your awakening," The boots replied in an entirely different female voice, "and this is the first day you start reaching your full potential." A perky, cutesy tone replaced the smoky, sultry voice previously occupying the boots. "If you need guidance with your new powers, I am at your service."

Tiffany looked down at her feet. "New powers?"