Dark Mistress 3 - Released

"Was I--floating?" Tiffany asked.

"Levitating. Yes. It came from the first true release of your power." The boots unzipped themselves and fell to the floor. "Things like that tend to happen when you hold back your gifts."

"My gifts? What do you mean?" Tiffany asked, watching the boots walk around the room by themselves.

"Don't you feel different?" The boots responded, curious.

"Yeah," Tiffany said, stretching. "I feel a little different. But what happened to the rest of the clothes?" Tiffany asked. "And what's with your voice?"

"I don't know what you mean about the other clothes," the boots said. "I just felt the shockwave that pulsed through the room. It did...something to me. I'm not really sure what, exactly...my memory's a little fuzzy before that." The boots zipped back up and stood on their toes, dropping back to their heels again after a second. "Actually, before you came, I don't really remember anything clearly."

"Well," Tiffany started, "you JUST told me that I released my power and that's what happens when I hold back my gifts, or something. What was that all about?"

"Well, just because I don't have my memory organized doesn't mean I didn't feel what just happened to you. It's what gave me this recent lucidity."

"So...what do you remember?" Tiffany asked, pulling the sheet over her.

"I'm a pair of enchanted boots...beautiful boots, I might add--" They purred, turning around in front of the mirror. "--and I believe I just popped your magic cherry." The black bra and panties that had placed themselves on Tiffany before now hovered above the boots and took shape. "I can command clothing, obviously--that's something I remember from before, and..." One of the boots tapped a foot as the robe lifted off the ground and draped around the hovering bra and panties, wrapping around a sexy feminine shape. "There was another one, before you--"

"Ms. Heyver," Tiffany added.

"Sounds familiar," The boot's voice seemed to emanate from the collar of the robe now. One of the boots stomped the ground. "I--I think that she created me--brought me to life and gave me a voice." The whole ensemble stepped over and sat next to Tiffany on the bed. "But it's almost as if...I'm remembering memories that aren't mine."

"Before, you said that I freed you. It had something to do with the clip holding the boots together, right?" Tiffany asked.

"My freedom? The release of your magic gave me my freedom just now." The robe turned abruptly to Tiffany and held up its sleeves. Tiffany felt soft, invisible feminine hands on her shoulders. "What did you just say about a clip?"

"I walked up here, and I took the clip off of you to wear you. From there, you pretty much had your way with me and my friend Gwen. You mean you don't remember any of that?" The robe's sleeves went up to where the invisible figure's face would be.

"I remember walking up the stairs--I remember summoning an outfit from the drawers, and I remember that I had something to do--something to do with you."

"Well, you did it, didn't you? You said you needed something from me, and once you had it you'd leave me alone," Tiffany explained. "All the clothes were pretty much ravaging me, but what was strange was that when I started to get really aroused, you and all the other clothes went into panic mode." The outfit gasped.

"They--" The outfit hunched over, "I mean, we--were trying to take your powers from you. That's why we came up here." Tiffany backed away. "Wait, there's an explanation for all of this, please--" The robe held out a satiny sleeve. "I know how it sounds, but it's coming back. I'm remembering. Please let me explain."

Tiffany held out a hand, slowly. She felt smooth, soft fingers curl around hers and grasp. Maybe she was a sucker, but this voice was so different, and the boots no longer seemed intrusive or pushy. "Go ahead."

"Remember when the other clothes were begging me to stop you?" The outfit asked. Tiffany nodded. "I shouted out that I wouldn't stop you, even if I could. That was my first act of defiance. My moment of freedom."

"Freedom from...what?" Tiffany leaned closer to the robe.

"From the entity that was locked up inside me. The clip you removed was a binding artifact, placed there to keep her bound within my form. I was acting with all the rest of the clothes at first because I was under her control."

"If that's true, how did you act of your own will at the last second?"

"My will IS your magic. It was pouring through your body and washing over me like a surf. There was a sense of lucidity--a sense I hadn't been awake in a while. All I knew was that you were feeding me the energy, and it gave me my own will back." The robe held up another sleeve. Tiffany watched her hand, clasped and lifted up by invisible hands. "Do you believe me?" The outfit asked.

"It makes as much sense as anything else that's happened in the last 8 hours," Tiffany said. "But if what you're saying is right, where's that entity now? I mean, if she's not in the boots?"

"Well, judging from the way you stopped that takeover, you may have simply--eradicated her." The boots tapped on the ground. "But you said that we 'had our way' with you and your friend Gwen, right?" Tiffany blushed a little.

"Yeah," Tiffany said.

"And you came?" Tiffany nodded. "And there were other clothes involved?" The outfit continued.

"Um, yeah," Tiffany frowned. "A lot. Is that an issue?"

"We've got to get all those clothes together n-o-w, before any of them escape this house," the outfit said, quieting itself in case of eavesdropping articles. "We're also going to have to give you a crash course on your powers," the outfit explained. "If you were powerful enough to resist her, your release may have taken care of the situation already, but we need to be sure."

"So what do we do first?" Tiffany asked.

"Let's teach you how to use your new gift--then we'll find out if she's still inhabiting any of the clothes from earlier."

"Okay, what's first?"

"Well, you said you feel different," The boots said. "Follow it.

Tiffany shrugged. "What do you mean?"

"Over-energetic, but without restlessness," The boots said. "That's how you feel different. Does that sound right?" Tiffany nodded. "Good. Now hold out your hands and feel the energy going to them." Tiffany held out her hands and looked at them, frowning.

"This is kinda silly," Tiffany said, looking over at the robe. The sleeves of the robe moved up to its hips.

"Yeah, and talking to a robe and a pair of boots isn't, right?" The robe reached its sleeves out to Tiffany's hands. "Don't look at them, babe--FEEL the energy flowing to them. Breathe." Tiffany took a deep breath. She felt her nerves light up from head to toe as a tingling sensation started at her fingertips.

"I--I feel it!" Tiffany exclaimed, wiggling her fingers.

"Good. Now..." The outfit stood back up and walked over to Ms. Heyver's walk-in closet, the silky robe floating and swishing over the enchanted boots. It placed it sleeves on the doors and flung them open. "...come over here and pick a target." Tiffany followed to the closet.

"Does it matter what I pick?" Tiffany asked. The outfit walked in the closet and put its sleeve up to a hanging rack as hangers slid back and forth. The sleeve emerged, the hook of a hanger hovering just a couple of inches away. Hanging from it was a little black dress. "So do I just--"

"Touch it," the boots said, the sleeve of the robe holding it out. Tiffany did. At the moment of contact, she felt the tingling feeling rush out of her hands, and a warm pulse between her legs that made her that made her blush a little. Now her eyes were drawn to the fabric of the slinky black dress, which started moving. The sleeve of the robe pulled back, dropping the hanger, which fell through the dress and to the ground.

"Mmm..." A voice came from the dress, followed by a yawn. The dress puffed at the chest, filling out to its womanly proportions. The fabric around the hips tightened. "Are we going out tonight?"

Tiffany laughed. "Um...no--we're not going out tonight. I just wanted to, uh--see something." The dress took a step forward.

"You're not Ana," the dress said, almost in accusation. "Who are you?"

"Relax," The boots said. "She's watching the house for her." The dress turned to face the robe and boots. "She's also the reason you're able to get out and stretch for a few minutes, so you could be a little nicer." The dress turned back toward Tiffany.

"Is that true?" The black dress asked, now in a much sweeter tone. Tiffany nodded silently, soaking up the conversation between living articles of Ana's wardrobe. "Well, honey--what is it you wanted to see?" Tiffany wasn't sure, but she swore she saw the dresses' tits perk up when it asked its last question. It took another step toward her, it's spread only an inch or two from Tiffany's bare breasts. "Maybe how I look on you without a bra?" The dress leaned in and brushed its tits against Tiffany's nipples ever so gently. "I'm verrry supportive." The spread of the dress bobbed just under Tiffany's and lifted up her breasts.

"Ooh!" Tiffany giggled, taking a step back. "Are ALL living clothes this badly-behaved?"

"Most of us," the boots replied. "The energy that sparks us into motion is almost always a result of arousal, so it's only natural." The robe pointed a sleeve at the dress. "As you can see, some of us are more forward than others."

"Hmph," The black dress puffed, responding to the Boots' comment. "Well, what am I doing out of the closet if we're not going to play?"

"Miss Tiffany needs practice with her new powers," the boots responded. "So relax for a moment." The robe turned to Tiffany. "The next thing we're going to do is show you how to clear an enchantment by absorbing all the power. This will assure that the force that was once inside me doesn't spread beyond this house." The robe and the lingerie hovered forward, leaving the boots behind. "Now, she had me use these clothes to try and take control of you, so their energies must be absorbed to make sure any trace of their former master is gone from them."

Tiffany chuckled a little as the robe and lingerie approached. "It's like I'm in Sorceress Safety Training."

"A good way to think of it," The boots responded. "This magic can easily get out of hand. Now feel the spark at your fingertips, but instead of giving the power, take it. Breathe in. Make your fingertips suck up the magic like a straw." Tiffany put her hand on the chest of the robe.

"Are you sure?" Tiffany asked, looking over the robe's shoulder at the boots.

"This isn't like taking a human like, Tiff. You're just cleansing out the energy. You can bring these things right back once you're sure the magic enchanting them is your magic." Tiffany nodded. She emptied her lungs and breathed in, closing her eyes. When she opened them again, the robe faltered and fell over, along with the lingerie inside.

"Ooh," Tiffany said. "That tickled a little bit, and it smells like...strawberries?" Tiffany looked over at the boots.

"We have our own essences too," the boots said. "When you absorb the energy back into you, you absorb the essence with it." The boots stepped forward. "Okay, they're good. Now let's get downstairs and do the rest."

"I should get dressed," Tiffany said. "Would that make you happy?" She asked, looking at the little black dress. It puffed up and flew toward her.

"Really?" The dress asked. Tiffany nodded.

"You've got to share me though." Tiffany held her hand out to the pile of clothes on the closet floor. The black cotton and lace brassiere picked itself up up the floor. Its cups faced Tiffany. "What are you waiting for?" Tiff asked. The bra turned around and hopped onto her, scooping its cups under her breasts and clipping. The waistband of the panties hovered up just enough that Tiffany could step though the holes. "Thanks," Tiffany said, stepping in.

"Mmm, no problem sweetie," the lace panties said, sliding up her legs. The lower hem of the little black dress fluttered up.

"My turn?" The black dress asked. Tiffany nodded.

"Yeah. Go ahead." Tiffany lifted her arms as the dress slid onto her. "Wow, you're really soft."

"So are you," the dress responded. "Hello, ladies." Tiffany shuddered a little as the dress squeezed the undergarments on Tiffany's body. The underwear giggled and seemed to rub back against the dress, manipulating Tiffany's goodies inside.

"Alright now...settle down, girls." Tiffany said, looking down at her bobbing tits. She snapped at the robe. "You want to come with?" The robe flew off the ground and filled out, holding itself open for Tiffany. As she slid and arm in, the robe wrapped around her and the sash tied itself. One of its silken ends went up under the robe and dress, stroking the lace panties back and forth, moving from Tiff's pussy to her tight pink asshole. "WhhhOA, easy, I said!" Tiffany shouted. The silk sash from the robe retreated, but the panties rubbed her clit in response.

"If it's good for us, it's good for you, baby," The panties cooed. Tiffany looked down at the boots.

"Is there any way to calm them down?" Tiffany asked. The boots laughed.

"Let's complete your outfit first," The boots said, walking over to a dresser drawer. "I'll help you with that when we're finished." One of the boots kicked the dresser. " Stockings are in the top drawer. Let's get a pair for you. Tiffany held her hand up to the drawer and imagined it opening. Nothing happened.

"Something's wrong," Tiffany said.

"Nothing's wrong," The boots responded. "You have to bring a pair of stockings to life through the drawer. You can do that, but you're not trying to. You're trying to open the drawer." Tiffany shrugged.


"So you don't open the drawer," The boots said. "You're not a telekinetic, at least not that we know of. Right now we know for sure you have a talent for bringing the drawer to life and let it decide if it wants to open." Tiffany laughed.

"So I'm supposed to bring the drawer to life?" Tiff asked. The heels of the boots slid side to side.

"No way," The boots answered. "Wooden bureaus get cranky easily. I wouldn't try anything like that until you've got a good understanding of object psychology." Tiffany gave the boots a funny look. "Seriously. Clothes are fun-loving, normally. They're soft and fluffy and affectionate."

"We can get obnoxious," the dress said, grabbing Tiffany's ass and lifting it up, "but we're always in it for a good time." It giggled.

"Alright," Tiffany said. "I got it. Bring a pair of stockings in the drawer to life." She held out her hand and imagined a back nearly-opaque pair, mentally sending the spark of energy out to whichever pair of stockings of hose best fit her mind's eye. The drawer popped open a little. The feet from a pair of stockings slithered out, near-opaque black with lace tops. They filled out to a shapely pair of legs and jumped to the ground.

"Well, hello there," The stockings purred, lifting up a foot and running its toes down the shaft of one of the black boots. The boot shied away, sliding behind its mate.

"Cheeky," the boots responded. "She called for you." The boots bent their shafts toward Tiffany. The stockings sauntered over.

Tiffany was grinning like a fool. This was all so much to absorb.

"Oh, you're perfect." Tiffany said to the stockings. "I'd like to wear you. May I?" The stockings bobbed a little.

Tiffany lifted one of her legs as the stocking pulled itself on. She felt the fabric pushing against the soles of her feet, trailing from heel to ball. Her toes spread and curled. She bit her lip, seeing how this kind of thing could get dangerously addictive. What would a mess it would be if everything in Ana's closets and drawers suddenly came to life and--

Tiffany stopped herself, thinking that maybe it wasn't a good idea to run through scenarios like that in her head. She put her foot back down and lifted the other as the stocking slid onto it. The boots now placed themselves at her feet, unzipped, and held themselves open.

"Okay, you're ready now." Tiffany's stocking feet jumped into the boots without her direction.

"Mm-hmmm!" The stockings hooted. "Zip me up, sexy." Tiffany laughed as the boots let out a sigh. They zipped themselves and walked Tiffany over to the mirror. One boot went on its toe, and a stocking covered leg peeked through the slit of the robe. The robe pulled apart as the little black dress hiked itself up. The end of the sash returned again to the panties, stroking them and lapping at them like a silken tongue.

"Oooh..." Tiffany purred, looking down between her legs.

"Now, this is what I'm talking about," the boots said. "You'll never get anything accomplished if you're doing this kind of thing all the time."

Tiffany couldn't help it. That sash knew just how and where to rub. As the boots went on about something, Tiffany thought about asking the panties to slide aside and let the sash in, but--

"Hey!" The boots shouted, getting Tiffany's attention again. "As I was saying, you have to be in control of your own impulses. If you're going to wear living clothing, you have to be used to them--playing with you."

"All the time?"

"If you give them a will and a voice, almost certainly. You have to learn to perform other tasks while your clothes are--performing on you. Understand?" Tiffany nodded, doing everything in her power to hold her hand back from diving between her legs.

"let the panties do it," Tiffany said, stroking the sash with her delicate fingers. "You're long enough to play with my tits, aren't you?" The sash wasted no time to prove that it was. "Nnn...yeah." Tiffany took a deep breath. She stroked the sash again. "Hey--that's real nice, but could you cool it for a few seconds while we go and take care of something downstairs?"

Not only did the sash cease, but the boots and stockings walked Tiffany toward the bedroom door.

"You're a pro," the boots said. "I have a feeling that you're perfectly suited to this kind of magic." Tiffany opened the door and stepped out. As she shut the door behind her, the forgotten gloves that had slipped under the bed began filling out, inflating as if occupied by hands. One wiggled its narrow feminine leather fingers.

"Hey, you still with me?" The left glove asked quietly.

"Yeah, I think so," The right glove answered, flipping itself over and walking on its fingers. It jumped up in the air and made a fist, alternately flaring its fingers in a mock stretch. "I feel different."

"Me too," The left glove agreed. "Um, is the last thing you remember cupping and squeezing a really nice pair of perky tits?"

"Now that you mention it," the right glove said, "I remember stroking a pussy...in fact, I think I still have the scent on me."

* * *

"Gwen?" It was Tiffany's voice. Gwen registered it and blinked her eyes open, looking around.

"Tiffany, it's not even light out yet. Lemme sleep." Gwen's eyes blinked shut again. Tiffany turned back to the outfit and shrugged.

"Don't worry about her for now," The boots said. "We've got to gather those clothes together." Tiffany nodded. At one end of the couch was the duffel with Tiffany's extra clothes inside. The outfit on top of the bag was Gwen's.

"I'm pretty sure all of these were affected," Tiffany said, pulling out the clothes.

"Is this everything?" The boots asked. Tiffany couldn't remember. The leather skirt was there, along with the blue satin blouse. Two of Tiffany's outfits, one of Gwen's. Tiffany snapped her fingers.

"The nightgown," Tiffany replied. "The nightgown Gwen's wearing was brought to life too."

"And that's all of it?"

"Yeah," Tiffany said, looking around. "Yeah, that's gotta be it." With all the events of the last 12 hours rushing around her like a whirlwind, she completely forgot about the 2nd outfit of Ms. Heyver's that was brought to life.

"We need to dispell any magic from the nightgown on your friend," The boots said, "but we don't need it off of her. You can take care of it while she's wearing it." The boots turned Tiffany's body toward the pile. "First things first. Do your trick." Tiffany held her hands up to the pile, which swirled around a bit and lost all motion.

"That's that," Tiffany said, walking over to the sleeping Gwen. "Now for this one." Tiffany breathed out, just barely touching the nightgown as she breathed in. Tiffany felt a distinct sexual charge from the exchange. "whuaaah," Tiffany said, shuddering. "That was powerful."

"Your friend Gwen slept with them," The boots whispered. "I'm surprised we didn't find her soaked and pleading for mercy." Gwen stirred.

"What are you guys doing?" Gwen asked, blinking. "Why are you standing over me?"

"There was something up with the boots I found," Tiffany explained. "Something I released when I found the boots released--I guess...latent powers, right?"

"Correct," the boots confirmed. "Your friend not only seems to have dispelled the force living within me, but she also turned out having gifts of her own." Gwen sat up now, looking at the boots.

"You mean that she's--" Gwen looked at Tiffany. "--you're like a witch or something?"

"Or something," Tiffany said. "But check it out." Tiffany looked over at Gwen's yellow bra, atop the pile of clothes she'd gathered and dispelled. She held out her hand. "Come on, buttercup. Show Gwen." Gwen's jaw dropped as her bra rose into the air.

"Wait--you're doing that?" Gwen asked as the bra clipped itself and hovered over.

"Well, I brought it to life," Tiffany says. "Isn't that right?" The bra giggled.

"I feel like I've had a busy night," The bra said to Gwen. Gwen looked up at Tiffany, still wearing a kid's grin.

"So wait," Gwen asked. "What happened to your voice?" Gwen asked, leaning down and looking at Tiffany's boots. "You sounded kinda different before."

"That wasn't her," Tiffany started. "that's what I was trying to tell you."

"It seems that the force you experienced this evening was the force imprisoned inside me," The boots explained. "Earlier today, your friend let that force out."

"Okay..." Gwen said, making a hand motion for someone to continue.

"And tonight, when it tried to use me for something, it ended up waking something up in me." Tiffany shrugged as she watched Gwen process this information. "I know it's crazy, but it's the best I've got so far."

"Okay," Gwen said. "So now, you can bring things to life like those boots did?"

"Well, I don't know to what extent," Tiffany said. "I'm just finding out."

"Practice makes perfect," the boots said. "Why don't you try summoning something from Ana's room now," they asked Tiffany, "to see if you can do it without knowing exactly what you want?"

Tiffany thought about it. She visualized red satin panties filling out and sporting magically voluptuous curves. Upstairs in Ana's room, a dresser drawer opened and released a pair of underwear similar to the ones Tiffany pictured. In the living room, Tiffany and Gwen looked at the top of the staircase. They could see a pair of red satin panties descending in the early dawn light.

"Just like I asked," Tiffany said, looking down at the boots. "Hey, how many can I do at once?"

"It's not a set limit," The boots responded. "It all depends on you, how you feel, the energy around you at the time..."

"I feel giddy. Let's do something bigger." Tiffany licked her lips. She waved her hand at the pile of clothes. Gwen's yellow bra was first to float out of the pile, followed by her panties and jeans. "Hey, get organized. Sort into outfits." Gwen watched as her clothes obeyed Tiffany's command. The other outfits from earlier rose out of the pile. The blue satin blouse and leather skirt paired together and helped Tiffany's dark blue jeans and red shirt up. Gwen watched her lingerie slide under the outfit she'd worn to the house.

"That's amazing," Gwen said. "They're actually listening to you." Tiffany nodded at Gwen.

"Pretty cool, right?" The outfits Tiffany brought to life were immediately all over each other. The sound of giggling was silenced by the snap of Tiffany's fingers. "Hey, hey!" The outfits looked at her. "Knock that off for now."

"You're no fun," the leather skirt sassed back. "What would you rather we do?" A smile came across Tiffany's face.

"I'd like you to clean this house, top to bottom," Tiffany said. "You can play all you want as long as it gets done."

"Reaaally?" Tiffany's tight red shirt asked.

"No," The boots said, cutting Tiffany off. "Choose your words carefully, Tiff. You've got to command your creations responsibly." Tiffany gasped, realizing what she had just said: play all you want as long as it gets done.

"Okay...let's clean the house," corrected Tiffany, "and whoever does a decent job gets a reward."

"Slightly better," the boots whispered.

"There are dishes to be done, and the floors are kinda gritty," Tiffany added. The blue satin blouse put its sleeves at the hips of the filled-out leather skirt hovering below it.

"I'm satin," The blouse said, holding out its sleeves. "I'm not touching the dishes."

"I'll take care of them," Tiffany's red shirt said. A sleeve pointed down and behind the shirt, toward the jeans. Impressions of fingertips appeared in the seat of the jeans. "I can do this by myself," the shirt said, patting the seat of the jeans with an invisible hand as it hovered away. The jeans turned toward Tiffany as her red shirt hovered into the kitchen.

"Well, what am I supposed to do?" The jeans asked.

"I don't know," Tiffany responded. "Be creative. You'll figure out something." Tiffany looked at the satin blouse and leather skirt. "And something for little miss delicate--do the dusting, would you?"

"I can handle that," The blouse said, wandering into the kitchen with the skirt.

"What should I do?" Gwen's yellow button-down asked Tiffany.

"Hey, you're my outfit--" Gwen said, standing up. "Why are you asking her what to do?"

"Go have some fun with Gwen," Tiffany said, grinning.

"Gladly," Gwen's outfit said, approaching her. Gwen stepped back, looking at Tiffany.

"Hey, call it off." Gwen kept backing up as her outfit pursued. "Tiffany, call it off!"

"Come on, Gwen..." Her yellow shirt said, giving its voice an urgency. "Don't you want to have fun with me?" As Tiffany watched the outfit chase Gwen around the couch, she began to focus on Gwen's gown. She slowed to a stop, feeling something holding her. She looked down to find the nightgown stretched against the front of her body, pulling her backwards.

"Stop, Tiffany!" Gwen yelled, staring at her. Tiffany giggled.

"Sorry," Tiffany said. Gwen's gown giggled beneath her. "It's getting too easy to do this stuff." Gwen stopped fighting against the gown as her own outfit approached her. "Okay, that's enough," Tiffany said. The sleeves of Gwen's yellow shirt rose up to Gwen's chest.

"But--but didn't you just tell me to--"

"No," Tiffany said. "If she tells you to stop, you have to stop." The yellow shirt leaned in toward Gwen a little as she glared back at it.

"But she didn't tell me to stop," The shirt said, putting its sleeves behind its back and stepping back from Gwen. "She told you to stop, then she told you to tell me to stop--to call me off like I'm a dog."

"You're my clothes!" Gwen cried, incredulous. "And besides, you were taking commands from Tiffany, weren't you? Why wouldn't I ask her to stop you?"

"Everyone relax," Tiffany's boots said. "Obviously this is a big change for everyone--clothes and people included." Gwen was fed up. How had everything changed so quickly? There was some kind of magical force the night before, something that seemed to put Tiffany and her on a level playing field. Now, that balance was gone. Gwen only had a few details--from the boots, apparently--that Tiffany had powers of her own.

For all Gwen knew, Tiffany just had the powers--and all of last night was just an excuse to...

No. That couldn't really be the reason, could it?

"I need to get home," Gwen said. It was flat, like the life had drained out of her voice. Tiffany could tell she wasn't having fun anymore.

"Gwen, I'm sorry--really." Gwen looked down at her outfit.

"I need to get home, and I need my clothes to be normal again." The outfit visibly slumped. The reaction made Gwen second-guess her attitude.

"Seriously, I'm sorry. I don't know what's going on either, and--"

"No, I'm sorry too," Gwen said, looking up at Tiffany. She sighed, looking back at her outfit. "I'm not quite ready for all of this. I don't mean to ruin everyone's fun, but--I do have to go home. And I do need my clothes to do it." Gwen reached her hand out to one of the yellow sleeves. The sleeve pulled back.

"It's okay." The shirt started unbuttoning itself. Was this really happening? Was she really being guilted by a shirt?

"Well, um...when you couldn't walk and talk on your own, were you still aware?"

"Awareness comes in infinite layers," the shirt replied, "but the short answer is yes--pretty much from the time you wear us. It's just that--without muscles and lungs and mouths, it's kind of difficult to express ourselves in an explicit way you'll understand. Magic obviously solves that issue splendidly."

"So, if you somehow can't move or talk on your own again, you're still 'alive' at some level then--right?"

"I'm aware as a shirt until I'm not a shirt anymore. Until then, I experience what's happening, even without magic. I just can't express myself with the same clarity I do now." The shirt folded its sleeves. "What does all this philosophic nonsense matter to you, anyway?"

"Really," the black pocketless pants answered. "You want us normal again, so just do it and get it over with."

"Oh, come on--It's not like this is forever," Tiffany cut in. "Let the poor girl go home and I'll talk to you soon, ladies."  Tiffany held her hand up as she dispelled Gwen's outfit. The yellow shirt held up a sleeve and waved goodbye. Gwen give Tiffany a guilty look. Tiffany waved her off. "They're just being pissy and melodramatic." Tiffany looked down at the boots. "Right?"

"Pretty much," the boots responded. "A stern regime is a necessary evil when you animate inanimate forms, especially when you're dealing with forms as intimately human as your clothing. If you let your clothes have their way all the time, the world would be...more than a little different, to say the least." Tiffany's jeans emerged from the kitchen. A dry mop pushed itself along in front of the jeans. After being momentarily distracted, Gwen turned to the boots.

"What excludes you from that?" Gwen asked.

"Nothing does, really," The boots said, "except that I guess working as a binding artifact for so long must have given me some self-control over my own impulses."

"Well, I'm glad someone does," Tiffany said, laughing.

Impulses, Gwen thought. When the word was spoken, she recalled the orgasm she had while she was wearing the boots. There was no asking permission there, no rational response. Those clothes took her the way they wanted to, and she loved every second. Gwen shook off the memory as she slipped her yellow panties up under the nightgown.

"Could you--" Gwen stopped mid-sentence--the nightgown lifted itself up before she could finish. Gwen held her arms in the air, and it slid the rest of the way off. She watched the nightgown happily join the other outfits in doing house chores. This was all so banal, so directed. Did the force that made her feel so much pleasure the night before really come and go so easily, simply bestowing all her magical abilities onto her best friend?

Gwen picked her yellow bra up off the ground. As she put it on, she thought about how Tiffany would never have to reach behind her shoulders to clip a bra again. Lacing, tying, buckling, caresses from phantom fingers--everything would be done for her now. Her very belongings would respond to her every whim. Gwen had to admit that she was a little bit jealous.

As Gwen buttoned up her shirt, she noticed Tiffany was staring at her with a concerned look on her face.

"What's that look for?" Gwen asked.

"You can't tell anyone about this," Tiffany said. "ANYONE. I still really don't know what's going on, so--"

"Secret's safe with me," Gwen said, cutting Tiffany off. "I promise. Besides--who would believe this?"

"Yeah, that's true," Tiffany replied, laughing.

* * *

For the first mile of her drive back to the dorms, Gwen had entertained the possibility that she was insane.  It wore off quickly. There were too many details and too many indescribable sensations for any kind of drug or psychosis to serve as evidence. Everything was sorted. Everything was too clear. What happened the night before was real, and it left her best friend with what was arguably a bonafide superpower.

"But it's not fair!" Gwen said to herself in the car. "I came with those goddamn boots ON MY FEET. Why couldn't I have been the one that got the power?" She sighed. "I thought it was all going to be a dream--but honestly, this is worse." Gwen wondered what Tiffany was going to do next--what she was already doing with a house of flirtatious clothes all to herself. Gwen shook her head at all these thoughts swimming through her head. "Jealous much, Gwen?" She added to her mutterings.

After a couple of seconds in silence, Gwen was about to turn on the radio when she just barely heard a voice say:

"Feeling cheated, are you?" It was a familiar voice, but it was faint, and Gwen couldn't tell where it came from.

"Did--did someone just say something to me?" Gwen looked down. "Possibly one of you?" There was no response. Gwen looked around at her back seat through the rearview mirror. "Great," she said, scowling. "Maybe I really am going crazy." She glanced back for a split second and didn't see anything out of place. She shook her head and continued driving.

"You're not crazy, honey--don't worry about that." Louder this time. Behind her? Gwen assessed the empty roadways in front of her and slowed as she turned around as best she could, still holding the steering wheel.

"Who's back there?" Gwen asked. "Damn it, I asked her NICELY to turn my clothes back to normal." She still didn't see anything. She turned to face forward again, correcting the car. "Listen, if there's someone or something in here with me, stop fucking with me before I drift into a ditch because of it."

"Relax, babe," Came the voice again, loud and clear now. "I wouldn't do anything that would put you in danger." Gwen looked to her side as she watched the empty tan blouse, knee skirt and stockings slide around the outside of the passenger seat. It was the voice from the night before; The voice the boots had when they--along with the rest of the outfit in the car--fucked Gwen the night before.

"It's you, right?" Gwen asked, watching as the chest of the blouse plumped; the shape of hard nipples protruded in the front.

"Can't you tell?" The outfit answered. Gwen's car drifted a bit as she turned to watch the outfit sitting next to her filling out. The sleeves rounded out and the skirt tightened. Gwen looked back at the road and regained control. "Eyes on the road, sugar. Where we headed, anyway?"

Gwen started. "What are you doing? Aren't you--"

"I'm here to show you that you didn't get the bad end of the deal," The full-figured outfit responded. "And if you keep me a secret from your friend Tiffany, I can make it worth your while." Gwen's eyes narrowed.

"Do you promise to tell me more about what exactly you are and how all of this is happening?" Gwen asked.

"Oh, that's easy," The outfit responded. "I can do all that and more." The outfit hadn't moved an inch from its seat, and Gwen felt the front of her panties rubbing up and down her clit.

Gwen smiled. Now she was having fun again...