Dark Mistress 7 - Origin

“I think some part of her may have escaped,” Ana said, strolling down the mall corridor. While she didn't appear to be panicking, Tiffany could tell she was concerned. There was a pensive change in Ana's demeanor.

“I'm sorry for snooping through your things, Ana. If I hadn't--” Ana snapped her fingers, and Tiffany's mouth stuck shut. Her eyes went wide, but she otherwise continued walking without making a scene.

“None of that, now,” Ana said. “You need to remember something, Tiffany.” Still muted by the spell, Tiffany looked at Ana. “You've got an gift, young lady. You're no ordinary girl. You must understand that by now.” Tiffany nodded. “We weave our own fates, girl—and yours was revealed the moment you unclasped those boots.” She smiled. “If you hadn't found them, maybe you'd have never found your gift. You might have gone your entire life knowing nothing about your own potential.” The look in Tiffany's eyes revealed the gratitude her mouth was currently unable to utter.

There was no mistake about this. Tiffany was meant to finish what Ana had started years ago. The girl's talents were already highly developed. If she had the power to scare Nyxe into hiding, she certainly had the power to exp el her once and for all.

“Speak your mind, my dear—but no more apologies,” Ana said. A squeak escaped Tiffany and she realized she could talk again.

“Wh-What can we do?” She asked.

“We can stop her.” Ana made a sharp turn toward a shoe store, and Tiffany followed. “More importantly, you can stop her—but we're not done here yet.” Tiffany and Ana entered the massive shoe store, heading into rows of women's sneakers and dress shoes. There were a few customers and clerks in the store, but it certainly wasn't crowded.

“What are we going to do?” Tiffany asked, looking over at a pair of violet sneakers in their box. She took a quick look up and down the aisle, looking back at the box on the shelf when she saw that no one was around. One of the sneakers lifted a toe over the edge of the box and tipped forward, pulling the heel out with it. When the other sneaker followed, both were standing on the corners of the display box, looking like they were ready to leap.

Ana let out an *Ahem--*, and when Tiffany looked over at her, Ana diverted her eyes up. Tiffany's followed, and she saw a black dome on the ceiling. Cameras. Tiffany stiffened up for a second, and the violet shoes dropped back into their box.

“Did it--”

“Well, not from that angle, but at least you didn't make them jump out of the box and dance around.” Ana let out a short laugh and shook her head. Tiffany joined her in casually looking through boxes of sneakers. “What we're going to do here is a little more complicated than our last experiment.”

“How so?” Tiffany asked.

“Because this time you're not going to control something—you're going to imbue the command and let it go.” Ana smiled.

“Isn't that kind of risky? I mean, what if I--” Tiffany clicked her heels together and her eyes went wide, then immediately narrowed as she glanced down at the boots. “Okay, okay—so what should I do?”

“You heard the only new condition,” Ana pulled a a pair of shoes off a shelf and had a seat on a bench in the aisle. “The others are the standard: don't let any obvious magic get caught by the cameras, make sure you blend into the scene, and keep the focus of your command on a single target.”

“But you said let the command go, so...”

“You're going to make something run a course, but you're only going to be in command of that course in the beginning. After that, let the situation happen so that you can stand outside it and observe it as a surprised bystander like everyone else. Just make sure the course has a definite end.”

Tiffany had some idea what Ana was talking about, but what would she do? Ana slipped off her pumps to try on the pair of sneakers, and Tiffany felt herself pulled away from the shelf she was facing.

“Trust us, Tiff...” her T-shirt just barely whispered as her boots and the rest of her outfit made her saunter down the aisle, turning the corner to find a bored-looking guy and a woman on the bench with a stack of shoe boxes in front of her.

The leather boots navigated around the couple, and the man glanced at Tiffany's rear as she passed by. A couple rows down, she was guided back into another empty aisle.

“I have to speak for your boots so we can keep it down,” came the soft voice from her collar again. “Think of a way to play around with the woman somehow. Formulate a story. Then give us a sign when you're ready to go back past them. When we walk you back by her, drop the command and leave it out of your mind. Got it?” Tiffany nodded her head, prompting the clothes around as she examined some shoes, but letting them hold her weight.

It was almost like swimming through the air, in a way. She felt the weight on her toes, but her legs and back didn't have to hold her up. Being imbued, the clothes gave her little prompts of their own from her knees to her shoulders.

The bra and panties occasionally gave special attention to the only parts of her they possibly could, and while the caressing was nice, it wasn't always easy to control her reactions to the living lingerie. They'd been pushing her little by little, increasing the intensity only when she got used to it—almost as if they were conditioning her to their constant attention.

As Tiffany thought about what she wanted to do, she remembered Ana's wardrobe; she didn't have to know what was in it to issue a command, she just had to know what she wanted to do. She started looking through shoes as she thought about how to lay out the command. One of the boots lifted a heel and started tapping Tiff's foot against the floor.

It gave her an idea: she'd enchant the next two pairs of shoes the woman put on.

The first would follow her lead, mimicking whatever she did in them after the fact. If she turned her heel to glance at the side, they'd do it again themselves. If she hopped up and down, she'd find herself hopping again. As soon as she figured it out—when she started expecting it, if she attempted to demonstrate it to the guy with her--the repetition would cease.

If the first pair didn't freak her out enough to forego trying on the others, the next pair would be a little more dramatic—they'd do the activity they're suited for. If they were slippers they might make her shuffle around for a little while. If they were running shoes, she'd take a lap around the store and stop where she started.

“Perfect.” Tiffany slid her fingers over a pair of black suede Mary Janes, and a pair of size 6's on the next shelf up came to attention in their box. Tiffany had to keep herself from laughing. Having power like this was awesome—and it would be a cakewalk as soon as she finished off whatever was locked in the boots to begin with.

As soon as she picked up the shoebox, her jeans squeezed her ass. She was turned back down the aisle.

“Watch the guy,” she heard the voice at her collar whisper. She was just about to ask what that meant when her t-shirt and bra arched her back. She felt the jeans constrict themselves around her thighs and ass, sticking to her like denim skin. She gasped a little. The cups of her bra lifted her tits, and the straps pulled her shoulders back. Now the boots made her strut with confidence. Before she reached the end of the aisle, she played her role--narrowing her eyes and giving a subtle, sly smile. When she rounded the corner, she reviewed the command in her mind one last time.

His girlfriend was busy opening another shoebox. His eyes caught Tiffany as soon as she was in his sight, as if he'd been waiting for her to come around the corner again. She didn't avert her eyes toward him; they glanced, instead, at the running shoes his girlfriend pulled out of the box. In that moment, she confirmed her command one last time. When she turned away, she dropped the thought and returned her focus to the outfit carrying her. It accentuated every tight wiggle of her body as she walked away from the practically-drooling boyfriend.

Tiffany turned the corner as the woman started lacing the first sneaker. When she saw Ana again, there were two boxes sitting next to her. She was trying on another pair of sneakers.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” Ana tied the sneaker and stood to face Tiffany, seeing the box of Mary Janes in her hands.

“Perfect fit,” Tiffany grinned.

“Well, have a seat and try them on to make sure.”

Around the corner, the woman was just finishing tying the shoes. They seemed to fit well, but she wiggled her toes to make sure. After finding just enough room, she jumped a little. The toes of the sneakers seemed to shift a little on her feet.

“They good?” The bored young man asked, trying his best to appear patient.

“I'm not sure.” She stood up and picked up one foot, then the other. Now that she was standing in them, they seemed to fit well, but...

She let out a yelp as her left foot lifted up, her leg curling behind her just like a second before. When it planted back on the ground, her right foot did the same, almost making her lose her balance.

“Hon,” the man laughed. “You okay?” The woman looked up at him, looking confused and flustered.

“They—they moved out from under me,” she sputtered. “They...” She swore she felt something pull her feet out from under her, but nothing had touched her—just the shoes on her feet. Had she just imagined it? Her boyfriend looked worried, prompting her to calm down a bit. “I mean, I think I'm okay,” she finally lied.

“Well, what's the deal?” He asked. “You're not woozy or anything, are you?” She shook her head and jogged in place for a second.

“No—not at all. They're just lighter than I expected them to be. I'm fine.” She stopped, and just as she was about to stretch to the toes of the sneakers, her feet hit the ground back and forth, mimicking the jog in place. The gasp was quiet, but her surprise was obvious. She choked out a little laugh.

“What is it?”

“Nothing, just...” She rocked back and forth on her soles again, curious to see if the sneakers would mimic the movement again.

“They feel okay?” He waited for an answer while she just stared at her sneakers. “Babe?” She took a few more seconds before she finally answered him.

“Um—yeah, they feel fine.” She put a hand up to her face. Maybe she really had imagined it. She tapped her left foot a few times and waited again. Nothing.

“So decide already,” the guy said playfully, leaning over the stack of boxes. “I wanna see what these look like.” He pulled out a pair of lipstick red patent pumps.

No sooner than Tiffany had slipped the Mary Janes on, her outfit pulled her to a standing position. She swore she felt the jeans grab her ass like a pair of powerful hands halfway through, but she didn't say a word.

“I trust you planned something bold enough for me to notice it before I buy those pretty shoes for you?” Ana asked. Tiffany's body gracefully spun with the movement of the clothes, and she nodded. “Good. Then if you're happy with them, let's get going. We have some work to do.”

Tiffany's clothes walked her back down the aisle toward Ana, and as she felt each step in her soft new Mary Janes, she spilled magic into them—imbuing them while keeping them mute. She felt their motions take over from her ankles, and she wiggled her toes inside of them as if to signal back. They stepped in front of the mirror between the benches, and Tiffany loved what she saw.

Unvocalized communications were going on between the items of her imbued outfit regarding the Mary Janes. Her panties were reporting that she was getting wet; her jeans confirmed the dampness. They couldn't wait to take her further.

“Tiffany?” Ana put a hand on her hip when Tiffany flashed her an excited grin.

“Coming, coming.” Her clothes took charge again, twirling her in a three-quarter turn and placing her carefully on the bench. As soon as she reached close to one of the shoes, the buckle undid itself. She rolled her eyes and reached for the other, knowing it was just going to unfasten as soon as she came anywhere near it.

Ana headed across the store to a checkout. She still hadn't seen anything happen, but the magic was here. Tiffany had done something—she could feel it.

Tiffany's pant-legs lifted her feet out of the shoes, and her sleeves led her hands back to the boots. She slipped on of them on, and the zipper rolled up its track without her help. She swore she heard a happy sigh that coincided with the leather embracing her like a hug. After she slipped her foot in the other boot, its zipper also sprang to life. She placed the Mary Janes in their box as it climbed its track, gripping her other foot, ankle and shin.

“Mmm...” Tiffany whispered. “Good to be back.”

“She says likewise, Tiff,” Her collar whispered in response. “Grab our new friends; we'll take you to the checkout with Ana.” Tiffany's sleeve pointed her hand at the shoebox. She snatched it as her outfit propelled her off of the bench.

“Honey—whoa! What are you—hey, quit it!”

She didn't know how it happened. As soon as she slipped the second red heel on, she stood up—or was stood up by something—some impulse. The left heel slid forward, pointing itself at her boyfriend, and the next thing she knew, she spun around and landed in his arms.

“That was a neat trick,” He chuckled. You stood up so fast, and--” Now he gasped. The side of a patent heel moved up his calf and back down again. It was pretty hot, but right in the shoe store--

The heel tapped the floor, and the woman's body shifted away, pulling him with her. Her hands grabbed for his own out a concern of falling, but she'd managed to drag him into the right step. One heel planted, and other slid her long leg back, gracefully as a dancer. The most amazing part was that he was actually following her.

“Honey—what are we doing?” He laughed, following her in rhythm down the rear aisle now. She was leading the dance with wide-eyes; as far as he was concerned, she was doing well trying to pretend she wasn't responsible.

“I—I'm not sure.” She said, giggling a bit. “I mean—you started it, right? And now you're just letting me lead?” This only made him laugh harder. He'd never seen her this spontaneous.

“I think those shoes are fucking with your head,” He said, still playing along with what he thought was a joke. His words stuck with the woman, though—who watched as her feet glided with his toward the main area of the store.

“You've got to stop dancing with me,” she said. “We can't just dance all over the store in front of those people.” He looked at her, incredulous. She looked so serious, but she was the one making the moves. No--if she wanted to play, he could play right back.

“I'll stop when you stop,” he smirked.

“No, no—you don't get it,” she insisted. “I'm not doing this!” Apparently contradicting herself, she twirled away from him to an arm's length and then gracefully back, sliding one of her legs behind his again.

“You're so fucking hot,” he whispered when she was close. “I don't know what's gotten into you, but I like it.” The arousal in his voice registered despite her confusion. Whatever was happening to her, it was making him want her. She was in his arms long enough for her to think it was over, but she twirled away again, leading him by the hand out to the main area.

At the checkout, the cashier glanced up at the dancing couple briefly before going back for the double take. When she realized she was staring, she turned back to Ana and laughed.

“Sorry—I've seen a lot of things in here, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone dance.” She chucked, shook her head, and finished bagging up Tiffany's shoes with Ana's. Tiff caught Ana glance in her direction and give a subtle nod of approval.

Ana ran her card while the couple bobbed and dipped in the main store. The man's laughter had become contagious with the woman, and she'd given up trying to convince him that is wasn't her moving the shoes. She didn't even know anymore. Maybe it was. Maybe she was just aching for spontaneity so badly that she convinced herself it wasn't. She had no other explanation.

It didn't matter. Both of them were laughing, and a couple store clerks were chuckling and even clapping to the elevator music they stepped and twirled to. They looked absolutely silly, but as she glided back into an aisle, pulling him with her, she didn't care. She didn't need an explanation. She just let it flow.

As soon as Tiffany and Ana were out the door, Ana snickered.

“Now that was impressive,” she said. “It was only her shoes, right?” Tiffany nodded.

“I didn't know what to expect—but I certainly didn't think it would happen so gracefully and without much commotion.”

“People like a little magic in their lives,” Ana said, “but for most of them, it has to be in small enough doses so that they don't get scared of it.” Tiffany had given the lightest touch, and she not only used magic inconspicuously to a conspicuous effect—but she had another responding to it in rhythm without even detecting that anything was awry. Ana was impressed. “I believe you're everything you need to be to find whatever's left of the bound one and face her down.”

“Well, what now?” Tiffany pushed open the glass doors to exit to the parking lot, holding them for Ana as she passed.

“Well, I have a plan--” Ana snapped her fingers, and her car honked a few rows away to let her know where it was. “but before I can explain it, you need to know exactly what she is and where she comes from.”


“Do you have the silver?” Beth asked.

“I've got the silver, iron, and copper.” Ana put the metallic disks on the table. “Oh, I brought candles, too.”

“I've got the gold and lead.” Brooke said. “I know we've already proven ourselves in some ways, but I don't know about this alchemical portal thing.” She held up the gold medallion. “You know these medallions were almost four hundred dollars? What exactly is it we're trying to do again?”

“It's a summoning spell, kind of,” Ana said. “Did someone remember to get soil?”

“Yes, I did.” Brooke looked over at Ana. “Did I mention four hundred dollars?”

“Relax, Brooke.” Beth picked up the silver coin and looked at it. “I've got a hundred and thirty for you. Let's take care of it after.” Beth looked over at Ana, who was already focusing her energy, holding her fingertips together and slowing her breathing. “So what now?” Ana held a finger up and reached under the table, pulling out white candles and a lighter.

“Now we stick the candlesticks to the bases.” Ana demonstrated with the iron coin. She held the ignited lighter under the candle to soften the base, then stuck the hot wax against the flat iron cylinder. “Stick them on, but don't light the flame yet. Anyone else got a lighter?” Brooke pulled out a lighter and grabbed a candle. Before long, the candles were stuck atop the 5 metal coins.

“Shallow bowl of water, right?” Beth waited for Ana's nod and went off to retrieve it. She came back with a crystal glass bowl half-filled with water. Beth placed it on the table, and Ana centered it, rearranging the coins equidistant from adjacent coins and the center of the bowl.

“Ok, we're set. Now before we start, let's—” Ana was stopped by a knocking sound.

“Girls!” Came a muffled voice. “Release this barrier and let me inside!” Ana and Beth looked at each other, and Ana's eyes narrowed.

“Is that...” All of a sudden, Beth's eyes went wide with realization.

“My fault! I sealed the door so no one would bother us. Be right back.” Beth ran out of the room, calling “Sorrrrrryyyy!” as she bounded down the stairs to unseal the house.

“Remind me—how did you decide on animating a pair of boots to use as a familiar, and...why aren't we animating MORE things like that?” Brooke asked. Ana's boots—the same that would be found in her closet fifteen years later—served as her first familiar, her guide the world of magic that she'd been introduced to a couple of years before when she came of age.

“Well, it took a lot of expertise to imbue her so that she'd stay animated,” Ana said. “I had a lot of help from the woman I trained under. I'm not sure I'm powerful enough to do it on my own.”

“If this thing works, you will be.” Brooke said. “I mean, that's why were trying to do it, right?”

When Beth returned, she was followed up the stairs by the pair of empty boots. When Beth walked back into the room, the boots stopped at the door. “Do I sense...a talancort configuration?”

“A what?” Beth looked to Ana for an explanation. “What's that mean?”

“You do,” Ana replied to the familiar as the living boots walked into the room. “Do you want to explain it to them?”

“Talancort is one of the methods for opening a gateway to a world not your own,” The boots said, leaping up onto an empty chair. “and unless you know what you're doing, you're playing with fire.” A black leather boot took the step from the chair to the table top, and the other one followed behind. “You've already set the whole thing up?”

“Sure,” Ana said. “All that's left is to put the little bit of earth at the base of each candle.”

“So I have to assume you know what you're doing,” The boots said sarcastically. “You know where you're calling out and what you're going to get as a response.”

“We want a magic breeder,” Brooke said, grinning at the boots. “You said yourself that we were prepared to accept more power, and Ana said this would be the perfect way.” The boots leapt off the table and back into the empty chair.

“There are many wonders beyond this world, my dears...but a gate like that is nothing to fool about with. You might find what you're looking for, but it's far more likely that you'll run into something that's looking for you.”

“That's why we need your help.” Ana said. “Guide us through it. You got us this far.” The room was quiet for a second as the girls awaited the familiar's answer. A defeated sound came from the direction of the boots.

“You're all very eager young women,” the familiar said. “And my fear is that I if I don't agree—you're all going to go ahead and do it anyway.” Ana nodded, looking a little guilty. The other two followed suit. “Well, I suppose that means you've done your homework, then?”

“I've got the incantation to deliver what we're seeking,” Ana said, “and I think I understand the safeguards, but I want to make sure I'm pronouncing everything right.” She pulled out a sheet of paper. “Ytes-kar-am-oh-zhed...cort-al-grahd...erm-so-rhe.”

“Am-oh-aw-zhed,” corrected the boots. “They aren't tied together.” Ana took a closer look and gave the boots a thumbs up. “Say it again.”

“Ytezchar ahmoau'xed, qort'al graad, earhm saorye.” Ana spoke the words confidently, like a well-versed linguist. She repeated them for good measure.

“Beth, I presume you're the one protecting the house...and the rest of the outside world?” Beth nodded at the boots.

“Absolutely. Triple barrier.” Beth pointed at the table. “One around the portal configuration, one around the room, one around the house.” She shrugged and looked at the other two girls. “With Ana on the portal itself and Brooke running safety and feeding concentration where we need it, we'll be good.” The boots turned to Brooke.

“Are you confident with this plan, Brooke?” She shrugged.

“I mean, I think we'll be fine, but—though I've seen a lot of crazy things this semester, can we really open a door to a whole different...universe?”

“I've no doubt of that.” The boots leapt onto the table again. “You girls have gone to lengths to get pure and uniform metals where common craft would call for trinkets with trace amounts, or in the worst case, substitutions with similar alchemical qualities. You're fortunate to be in a place of such resource.”

“Yeah, I'll say,” Brooke huffed. “Over two weeks' pay worth of resource at my par t-time job.”

“Brooke!” Beth hissed. “In a little while, you're going to be on your way to becoming one of the most powerful witches on the planet. Stop whining about being set back a hundred dollars. It's a lump of gold. We can sell it back.”

There were only three of them. No backup. The familiar had a bad feeling about this idea, but given the situation, it was her duty to protect these apprentices as best she could. With reason to believe they'd try this stunt without her, this was the only option.

“You must follow every one of my directions,” the familiar said. “Talented as you've all become, I've no other sense but magic—so my intuition is to be trusted at all times. If I give a command, you are to ask no questions. Is that clear?” Beth and Brooke both waited for Ana's nod, following after her.

“Thank you for helping us,” Ana said.

“Don't thank me yet, girl. The night is young.” The boots turned around. “Brooke, take three hairs from your own head, three from Ana's, and three from Beth's. Take one of each and tie them together. We're going to make sure you three can distribute energy to each other as needed.” The boots began walking out of the room. “Beth, follow me. We're washing your barriers. I'm going to supervise the creation of new ones.”

“What should I do?” Ana asked as the boots headed out the door with Beth in tow.

“Repeat the words, deepen your focus, and know the strength of your own will. If you find what you're looking for, it MUST know you as its master.”

After a few minutes, Beth and the boots returned from setting a barrier around the house to set another inside the room, finishing with a final one around the configuration itself. Ana set the earth at the base of each candle, and Brooke wound the tied hair with yarn to make each girl a bracelet.

“Tie the bracelets around your left hands. If any one of you should falter, the other two can compensate.” The girls put on their bracelets while the familiar continued. “Have your wits and impulses about you. Knowing what you are are summoning is quite different from knowing what to expect of it. Ground your focus and be willful. Is everyone ready?”

It started like any other ritual, but it didn't take long for the girls to understand that they were getting into something big. No sooner than Ana completed the first phrase had a heatless lightning started sparking between the metal pillars, producing a stark white flash before fading into a soft purple hue.

Brooke's eyes narrowed at the flashes of light. A smile spread over her face. It was really working. The light from the pillars pulsed from purple to white as the water in the bowl at the center started to wave and tremble with the same rhythm. Ana repeated the words again and again now, invoking the power that would open a gateway to more magic than they could want.

Beth kept her mind on the first barrier as she watched the configuration begin to warp reality. The water was being scooped up, almost drawn to the center of the space between the five metallic pillars. The pulses of light flared even brighter, and tongues of white and purple light reached out to the center, where a hazy fog grew outward from the point where the light, water and air joined.

Brooke's eyes danced with the pulses, her head gently swaying back and forth. When she focused on the portal, she felt something incredibly warm swelling within her. She noticed it disappear when she turned away for a second, so much so that when she set her eyes on it again, nothing could take them off of it.

Beth felt her eyes drawn to the configuration too. There were the most beautiful patterns being constructed at the center now, miniature starbursts reflecting off the pillars and making the growing fog glow. It was flowing outward spreading between Ana's fingers and filling the space behind Beth's first barrier.

Ana could feel it. It was about to happen. The energy pulsed around her fingertips, and she knew it was time to pull her hands back before the portal opened so that she could be clear of the first barrier. The warm, heavy feeling that Brooke and Beth both sensed from a distance was assaulting Ana more directly; she didn't have the will to pull her hands out of the building purple mist.

This was it—the source of the magic they were looking for. Maybe if she just held on when the portal opened, she could receive the full effect of the power for herself. It felt like she was being fed by the glowing and sparking lights in front of her. It wanted her to feel this.

The familiar, of course, saw the danger first. With her hands over the configuration, Ana was serving as a conduit to breach the first barrier. Whatever came through, they couldn't afford to start in such a vulnerable position.

“Ana, pull your hands away from the configuration! Get away from the barrier!” Ana turned back to the familiar, misty shades of purple and white swirling through her eyes. She smiled.

“I can't. It feels so good.” The fire in Ana's eyes was enough for the familiar.

“Girls, get outside the second barrier!” The familiar shouted, knowing they were doomed if the being passing through Ana was able to infiltrate the whole group. Beth jumped into action after taking one more look back at Ana's possessed smile, but Brooke continued staring at the configuration. If she noticed Ana's state, it didn't matter. She didn't care about anything but the light. “Brooke!” Nothing.

Beth finally noticed this and came back, shaking Brooke until she snapped out of her tunnel vision. Brooke didn't fight when Beth pulled her out of the room by her hand. When they were both out, Beth shouted through the doorway.

“What about Ana?”

“Bind her!” The familiar didn't hesitate with the answer. Beth started chanting a binding spell as she gripped her bracelet. It took Brooke a second to catch on that she needed help, and when she began chanting with Beth, Ana's face drooped into a frown and turned to the two girls outside the room..

“Why would you do that?” The possessed Ana said. “Maybe one of you two want to be my recipient?” Ana's eyes swirled white and glowed as she stared at Brooke, but the girl wasn't affected. “You can't stop me,” Ana said, smiling. “You're all far too luscious for me to go back so soon. I'll find another way.” She looked around the room, finding a basket of garments in the corner. Plenty of essence to sustain her, too. These beings were so full of fuel that they left it in the air. The purple light blazed out of Ana's eyes and into the laundry basket. Ana slumped over the configuration, knocking a couple of candles and the water bowl over. The patterns emanating from the configuration disappeared. The tipped candles were doused with spilled water while the ones left standing flickered out on their own.

The room was quiet again for the moment. Beth and Brooke stood away from the doorway, watching Ana at the center of the room. Almost as if she'd just broken the surface after being underwater, Ana took a deep breath and sat up.

“She's up,” Brooke murmured.

“Are you okay, Ana?” Beth shouted. Ana pulled her wet hair out of her face and turned back to Beth. It was Ana this time. Her eyes were back to normal, and she looked nervous.

“What...happened?” Ana asked.

“Get out of the room NOW, Ana!” The familiar shouted. Ana responded quickly this time, bolting out the door as a purple glow began to shine through the clothes in the basket. “Unbind her, girls. We're going to need all your strength focused on that barrier!”

A pair of bright red panties lifted themselves out of the laundry basket, hovering away from it and inflating to round invisible curves. A smoky purple form expanded from the invisible hips, forming translucent glowing legs and a torso. As the hands and head took shape, female laughter echoed through the room.

“You can't stop me,” the phantom voice mocked as the form completed itself. “Your stray energy alone is enough to sustain me here.” The glowing purple hands pointed back at the laundry basket, and the pile of clothes began glowing again. In a quick twist the arms shifted, and now one translucent palm faced a dresser as another faced a closet. As more dirty laundry lifted itself from the basket, the dresser drawers flung themselves open, throwing underwear, socks and jeans into the room. Shirts and blouses burst out of the closet, filling themselves to exaggerated curves and dancing into the room.

“As soon as you spend all your energy on this mischief, you're going back where you came from,” The familiar said. “Our first barrier failed, but the second one obviously works. Stop this at once and your summoners might not immediately banish you from this plane.” Socks of all lengths and colors filled out and landed on the bedroom floor, surrounding around the living boots. The glowing purple body sauntered toward the familiar and laughed again.

“You're outnumbered,” echoed the voice. “And I wonder what kind of tasty magic you're made of?” The purple form extended a hand toward the boots, but instead of getting brighter, the hand got darker—smokier. The darkened purple hand was pulled back.

“Lost your appetite?” The familiar taunted. “Ready to cooperate yet?”

“Being indigestible doesn't make you clever,” The voice responded, not at all discouraged. Ana's clothing filled the room, enchanted by the power they unleashed. “You'd have just been a snack to me anyway. I want them.” The translucent form glowed bright as it turned to the girls outside the door again. “I know your essence now,” It said, staring at Ana. “And I can touch everything it's attached to.” Ana gasped. She felt something between her legs.

The front of her bikini bottom was rubbing against her clit. She could feel it moving beneath her jeans.

“No...” Ana whispered, cupping her hand over herself. “Noooo...” As she tried to tend to her tingling pussy, her bra started in. At first it only lifted her tits, but Ana let out a yelp as the cups of her bra pinched around her nipples and tweaked them, slowly coaxing her forward toward the door.

Beth and Brooke saw enough of what was happening to step in, but when they each grabbed one of Ana's arms, she kept lurching forward and let out a moan. Ana's tits swished back and forth slowly as the cups of the bra continued teasing and pulling on her by the nipples.

“Bra!” Ana finally managed to sputter. “It's...pulling me...” Brooke looked at Beth, who shook her head in confusion and unclipped Ana's bra right through her shirt by grabbing the right point on the back and squeezing so the hooks came undone. As they tried to pull her back again, another moan. “nnnnggh...n—nipple. Nipple-nipple-nipple...”

Beth saw it now. Ana's tits were being held out on front of her, elevated by invisible force clamped around her nipples. It looked like the shirt and bra had puckered around the sensitive points on Ana's breasts. What she didn't see were the ankles of Ana's jeans and the wrists of her shirt starting to constrict around the girl's limbs.

Beth cupped her hands around Ana's chest from behind, trying to offer some relief from the clothes pulling against her nipples. Her panties continued sliding up and down against her, and now the rest of her outfit was pulling her forward.

“Keep her away from the barrier!” The familiar shouted. The boots leapt over the socks surrounding them as the glowing being in Ana's panties approached the bedroom door. The familiar began chanting something at an almost undetectable volume amongst the chaos.

“You called me,” the voice echoed. “Why do you resist now? Don't you want to see what I can give to you?”

“It's her whole outfit,” Beth said. “It's pulling her into the door!” Beth reached down to grab the hem of Ana's shirt, but something stopped her. She watched the bra straps flail beneath Ana's shirt for a second before hooking themselves together again.

With all three of them making contact with the now-enchanted outfit on the other side of the barrier, it was time to hit the weak point. The glass-like face of the translucent magic being twisted into a smile as a smoky purple hand drew down to the front of its panties. As the magic fingers made contact, the glow intensified.

Ana cried out with pleasure as she felt a warm finger press her damp panties into her. Beth and Brooke both gasped, feeling their underwear moving against them. The bracelets they'd made as a precaution were giving off a dim purple glow now; the being was using their own safeguard against them.

“Now reach out your hands and give me a proper welcome,” the voice said, reaching her own phantom arms toward Ana. Even with her own panties beginning their assault on her clit, Beth held onto Ana, trying to hold her back from the barrier. It was no use, though. The quivering Ana had no more control over her shirtsleeves than she did the sexual electricity running all over her. She lifted her hands up and through the barrier at the doorway, allowing the being's glowing hands to grasp her own.

Ana felt the energy running into her fingertips. The being walked forward through the barrier, grasping Ana's hands the entire time. Now Beth and Brooke's outfits were working them over powerfully. Brooke's own outfit pushed her against a wall. It felt like invisible fingers exploring her ass and thighs as her skirt came to life. Beth felt ghostly caresses down her legs. She felt something snap open and looked down just in time to see her jeans unzip.

As if that wasn't enough, once the being was through the doorway, the enchanted clothes followed behind. The second barrier was null. Now all that stood between this being and its escape was the final barrier around the house.

“Hold yourselves back as long as you can!” The familiar called. “We can't let her out!” Leaping socks and phantom stocking feet chased after the boots, apparently trying to spear the opening at the ankles with nylon and cotton feet.

Ana's jeans were pulling themselves off of her now, her fingers still entwined with the translucent smoky fingers of the being they unleashed. Bras, panties, pants, skirts and shirts all breezed by either side of the two, flowing into the rest of the house. Beth's toes slid across the floor as a busty blouse hovered to meet her, wrapping its arms around her and pushing her body down the hall. Her jeans were halfway down her thighs and easily holding back futile kicks from her legs. Her panties played with her, pushing themselves up inside her.

As the being held on to Ana, she began to rise off of the ground. Her hands tingled with magic, and she felt herself giving in to the sensations. It was flowing through her—invading her. To make it worse, every wonderful sensation in her memory felt like it was being pulled to the front of her focus, revealing her affinities from casual to carnal.

“It's you, my dear.” Ana heard the voice so clearly that she wasn't sure she was hearing it with her ears. It was crystal clear over the shouting of the familiar and the voices of the other two girls—whose objections only got weaker as their own clothes revolted against them and restrained them. The apparent phantoms wearing Ana's clothes knew how to make them surrender. As the being's energy swelled in the room, she understood more and more about how to use these wonderful creatures to her own devices. “You called me here. Isn't this what you want?”

A pulse of pleasure charged through Ana's hands, running straight down to the dampness between her legs. Other things in the room barely registered now--Brooke's moaning from the phantom force exploring her body, Beth shouting something about no longer touching the floor...

The being was right. This was what Ana wanted. Some part of her believed this was just a phase...that once this transition was over, everything would be okay. She just needed to stop worrying and let the wonderful pulses take her higher. Her inner thighs tingled with aftershocks form the psychic sex being generated by her contact with this entity. It was hot sticky electric...bolts of blueberry syrup bubbling through--

“E'TAS IMMUNAX EC'SEPTINOQ!” The familiar bellowed.

And Ana's eyes were open again. The mischievous translucent smile on the misty being disappeared into a scowl. She turned to the black boots behind her, which were still dodging a troupe of enchanted socks trying to pin them down. Still feeling invisible teasing fingers all over it, Ana still found it hard to concentrate, but she had more control over her own thoughts than just a second ago. She looked around and saw her friends moaning and shrieking, unearthly delights tracing over their skin and tasting every square inch of their aroused bodies.

“Know your place, chargeling.” The being's eyes glowed, and now the troupe of socks were dimly illuminated from the inside by the same violet color. They moved faster, one of them just missing the ankle of a boot.

One boot turned around and jumped between the misty being's 'legs', jumping under a now horizontally-suspended Ana. The other boot quickly followed, and now both were together, under Ana. Just as Ana's jeans pulled themselves off of her suspended legs, the boots saw their chance. They unzipped and leapt into the air as the socks and stockings in tow maneuvered their way around the misty being.

As the boots slipped onto Ana's bare-feet, Ana felt weight returning to her. She was able to pull her legs under her and stand on her own before the gravity gradually returned to her body, but she couldn't pull away from the warm and tingling fingers intertwined with her own.

“Reject them!” The being commanded, its face showing a strange ambiguous determination. Ana shuddered with pleasure as her bra lifted and squeezed her tits. “You can't stop this, chargeling! She called for me!”

The tingling feeling become stronger. It was sweeping down her arms and bubbling into her again, and now she felt the sensations at her clit again. She was losing it, and this time she could sense it happening.

“You've got to lock her out!” Ana shouted. “Stop her from taking me!” Instead of trying to break free, she gripped the magical fingers in her hands tighter now, trying to repel the energy being sent into her body.

“I—I can't! She's already within you!” The boots responded.

“Stop this, you silly, silly creatures.” The being sensed her advantage again, and the smirk on the misty face returned. “You've made your decision. You summoned me. Now ACCEPT!” Both girls behind Ana panted heavily now, and Brooke began mumbling something.

“I'm...I'm gonna...I'm gonna...” Brooke's sputtering accompanied the echoes of pleasure Ana and Beth felt through the connection of the bracelets—and it made Ana realize that surrender by one of them could mean total surrender. Brooke was getting closer and closer, held against the wall and explored by her remaining clothes. Her legs were held in the air by sleeves of a sweater, whose collar came just under her thighs. Her panties were slid to one side, and her clit worked itself up and down as if a body in the sweater were giving her the cunt-licking of her life.

“She's feeding on our—our arousal?!” Ana shouted. “Isn't there anything we can do?” The familiar couldn't beat back the entity. It had already effectively taken control of Ana twice. It was an inevitability unless...

“There's a way, Ana, but I have to make you forget!” The familiar couldn't do it without permission. It was direct action on the summoner, something she was bound against without command. “I have to wipe your memory of this, of me, of everything!” Part of her hoped Ana would refuse, even as the familiar realized that the majority of this world—magic-blind and naïve to powers like this invading force—would be completely vulnerable against a fusion of this being and the already formidable powers in Ana.

“Do it!” Ana said. “We—we can't let her out.” Ana's eyes bored into those glowing in the foggy face. “I won't let her out.” And that was it. The resolve, the sacrifice, the responsibility—everything the familiar had sensed in Ana from the beginning—was now burning the remainder of Ana's resistance at both ends. She was fighting off the force herself, but it couldn't last long.

“Unnnnh, unnnhh, unnh...yesssss...lick it, lick it, lick it...” Brooke was about to give now, but it wasn't affecting Ana. She was locked in a stare with the mysterious, swirling eyes of the summoned being. Just as the familiar was about to start the process to reset Ana's mind to tabula rasa, she had one more idea to save her summoner.

With Ana momentarily able to control herself and hold the being back, they might have enough pull to try something trickier. If Ana turned her own will over to the familiar and simultaneously gave in to the invading force of the being, the familiar might have enough control to pull the entity into herself. If all the girls came at once, the flood of energy might even disorient the being for just long enough to pull off the plan.

“Ana—I'm sorry...” The familiar had to make the being believe she'd won, and to do that—she couldn't let Ana know her surprise maneuver. “It's time. Let me in.” Ana felt the same tingling at her feet, recognizing the energy of the familiar. As she allowed it to seep through her, she lost concentration on the impulses shooting through her arms. The warm, syrupy reality swelled up around her again. She felt her will slipping away. She only had one more thing to say before it was over.

“Thank you,” Ana said, her voice slipping into an ecstatic stutter. “If—if this is goodbye...thank you for all your help. Thank you for—” Ana's voice cracked, and she felt the feeling growing inside her. Beth's panting and Brooke's uninhibited sexual babble pointed to the same thing. They were going to come together.

With the energy of the three's sexual climax filling the room, the being was getting more and more confident. She'd won. This incredibly rich new world was going to be her home. She feasted on every sensation she could pull from the ether, and there was more than plenty to take.

As the familiar's energies mixed with those of the summoned being inside Ana's body, she could feel the interaction. As the girls built to the final seconds before climax, the invading energies were less focused. More erratic. Almost drunk with power. It could work.

“I'm—I'm coming, I'm coming...I'm--” A last stutter from Brooke as she licked her lips. It was upon them. Beth, now impossibly pinned to the ceiling by one of Ana's living outfits, broke into passionate shrieking at the other end of the hall as invisible fingers at the end of a sleeve worked her into a fiery clitoral orgasm. Brooke's magic cunnilingus yielded the same result, her sex soaked in her own juices as she willingly pumped her hips against the invisible mouth.

“Now, Ana...come for your honored guest. Welcome me into you.” The being started laughing as Ana's gaze finally broke. She worriedly looked down, the pleasure deep inside her betraying every sense of resistance she had left. This was the end. Ana took a deep breath, and her body began to tremble. The sexual chorus in the room matched the echoes of pleasure she felt from the other two girls.

Just as the howl of orgasm coursed through her, the familiar found exactly what it was looking for. The misty form of the being was spilling into Ana, and just as the familiar could sense Ana, Beth, and Brooke—it could now sense the very ether of the invading being.

In a sense, this being was undergoing the same kind of release. It wasn't a controlled fusion—the being was simply covering everything. Just as the familiar hoped, this included her own corporeal form in the boots. As the invading force flowed in, the familiar flowed out, keeping a focus on all of Ana's body.

She'd only have one opportunity for the most critical move, and if she failed—there'd be nothing left to do but wipe Ana's mind entirely. Thought, speech, sense—everything. Destroying Ana's mind would leave her body alive, but she'd never be the same person. It would be the only way to seal the being away. The familiar was determined not to let it come to that.

With the last wisps of mist trailing into Ana's body, the panties the form occupied slumped to the floor. The other clothes in the room began to waiver and slowly descend, the two deliriously post-coital women gently fluttering down with them. As the final purple spark was absorbed, the familiar felt the bounds of the entire being just before the being itself did.

“Gotcha,” The familiar muttered. Ana's possessed body bent over to look at the boots, a smirk on her face.

“Too late,” The possessed Ana said. “I've already got what I want.” She pointed a finger at the boots, and her smirk widened for a second before dropping. Nothing happened.

“You got more than you wanted,” The familiar said, clutching its own invading energy back from Ana's body. “You got me.” The finger pointed at the boots curled as Ana's arm shifted to place the finger squarely on her own nose. Her face twisted into worry as the force occupying Ana's body realized it was no longer in control.

“No! How did you—” The finger tapped on the nose again and again. “Stop it!” The clutch came again, and now Ana's body convulsed, throwing both of her arms into the air. “You can't...pry-me-out-of-here!” But the protest was meaningless. Her control drained from Ana's body as the familiar pulled the force into its own form on Ana's feet.

As this was happening, Ana regained awareness of her own thoughts. She felt her body collapsing and placed her hands out just in time to break her fall. Her whole lower-half felt asleep as the rest of her body was cleared of the two magical beings inhabiting it.

Bind the clips and seal the boots, came a voice in Ana's head. She still didn't understand what happened. She looked around at the clothes strewn around the room and found her friends behind her, both of them panting heavily, otherwise silent with disbelief or shock. It came again, inexplicably. Bind the clips and seal the boots. Bind the clips and seal the boots. Bind the clips and seal the boots.

She had feeling in her hips again, and as the overwhelming tingling in her thighs continued receding, she began to understand. She tried to stand up, but the tingling below her knees made it impossible.

“Brooke—are you okay?” Ana managed. She didn't get an answer. “Beth?”

“Okay,” Beth half-laughed. “Pretty fuckin' lost, but okay. What did we—”

“Can you stand up?” Ana looked back at Beth, who stood up in response.

“Can't you?” Beth walked toward Ana.

“No! Stay back for a second,” Ana said. Beth looked confused. “I think—I think they trapped her, but we've got to do something to make sure.”

Present Day

Ana's steering wheel guided the car over the highway smoothly as Tiffany sat listening. Her clothes were caressing her, but they stayed away from her more sensitive areas and kept a more therapeutic role so that she could focus on Ana's story.

“After we bound the clip and used it to seal the boots, we never practiced magic together again. Beth and I kept in touch for a few years, but I don't think either of us ever spoke to Brooke...” Ana stared down the highway, a little sad.

“And with that kind of danger inside those boots, you just left them around for someone to find?” Tiff asked.

“I kept them locked away for a while,” Ana drifted, unfazed by Tiffany's momentary accusation. The girl had a right to be upset about it. Everything had been fun and games when they were convinced Nyxe was gone—but now she needed Tiffany to help her recapture something that was brought to this plane by Ana's own irresponsibility. The fact that Tiffany had abilities of her own didn't make up for the fact that she'd been roped into helping stop this unleashed magical force.

“Since I moved into this house I kept them well hidden, at least at first.” Ana shook her head. She knew she'd been careless. “Over time I realized that the housekeepers and assistants I'd hired wouldn't even go anywhere near the closet I kept them in.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I'm not sure if it was a vibe they got from what was contained, or if it was the boots themselves warding off any people to prevent them from finding what was locked inside—but none of my help would even open that closet unless I was in that bedroom with them.” Ana shrugged.

“Did they know you were a w—I mean, did they know that you practiced...”

“You can say witch, girl. Sorceress has a prettier ring, but I find it a bit haughty for my own humble mastery and... Some knew, others didn't,” Ana answered. “Either way, none of them had ever laid eyes on the boots themselves—at least not that I know of.” Ana looked down at the boots. “Though I suppose now I can finally just ask.”

“Ask what?” The boots said.

“When you were bound,” Ana leaned over toward the passenger seat, “was it you keeping my help from discovering you?” The toes of the boots bobbed a bit.

“I thought it best to drive away any temptations an outsider might have,” The boots said, “Even if it meant projecting raw fear.” They squeezed Tiffany's feet. She reached down and stroked one of the leather shins.

“I wasn't afraid—at all.” As she ran her fingers around the top of the boot, the zipper ran slowly down its track.

“Ah, but we know why that is,” Ana chimed. It was the reason the situation would all come to balance—Tiffany's abilities. “Your natural predilection toward magic must have trumped any repelling broadcast they gave off.”

“I even tried pushing harder,” the boots added, unzipping themselves all the way now and sliding slowly off of Tiffany's slender feet. “But you were determined to try me on. I couldn't do anything but watch you unbind me.”

“But you could—project fear even when you were bound?” Tiff ran her feet over the soft, cool leather, now holding their unzipped shape without her in them.

“Unspoken projection was all I could do. The binding was a physical limitation preventing me from motion, speech, and—of course—letting the one inside me out.” The zippers ran up the boots again, wrapping intangible calves in snug leather.

“But even when you were unbound, you weren't you.” Tiffany admired the boots, running her fingers over the curve at the back.

“She sensed a moment of weakness and took control,” The boots responded. “I was just as helpless as Ana when she was momentarily possessed—at least until you expelled the bound one's power.”

“And that's what I really don't understand,” Tiffany looked back up at Ana, who was zoning out on the road ahead of her. “How is it that I beat her? Are you sure I'm going to be able to do it again?”

“How did—all of this happen?” Sarah had processed the last couple of hours pretty well—that is, having had a conversation with living shoes that could make her walk on their own. Now she was in a dorm room with more magic clothes and two confident-looking girls she'd seen around campus.

“Well, yesterday—” Gwen's response was turned into a gasp and halted by something gripping her tits. Sarah's jaw dropped. The front of Gwen's blouse looked like it was being gripped tightly by two slender, invisible hands.

“Let me tell the story, my dear.” Deep impressions of fingers and palms pressed and contracted against Gwen's chest, and her hands moved down to her stomach, pressing against it as she watched herself being groped by phantom hands. She looked back up at Sarah, blushing. When Sarah's eyes caught Gwen's, she quickly diverted her gaze to the hovering blue shorts.

“I bet she doesn't mind you watching,” The sneakers said. The shorts approached Gwen now, and Sarah's eyes were back on the girl being felt up by her own outfit.

“Um, maybe you can explain...” Sarah took a step closer to Gwen, but it wasn't under her own power. “and then I can leave you to do--”

“Don't worry,” Bridget laughed. “It's not just you--she's been moving kind of fast with us too.”

“What do you mean?” Sarah's shoes walked her over to the bed and turned her around. She cooperated with the sneakers, sitting down next to Bridget. Gwen turned around, but it was clear the outfit was doing all the work. Her eyes were closed as she absorbed Nyxe's touch, magically suspended in nylon and silk.

“Yesterday, Gwen here saved me from certain doom,” The syrupy voice started. “Between her and Bridget, they nursed me back to health—so to speak—and gave me the opportunity to repay their kindness.” The fingers on Gwen's blouse had moved up and away from her more sensitive areas for the time being, and her eyes were closed. She was letting Nyxe hold her in place, massaging her shoulders and neck as the unseen entity performed a few more unseen acts a bit lower down. The tops of her labia were being gently nuzzled side to side, and the sensation would randomly hit at her clit, making her body jiggle each time it happened.

“And while I've had some fun with Gwen and Bridget, I can't truly repay them until I've been completely restored to my former strength.” Bridget's upper half was pulled forward and pushed against the bed. Sarah jumped away from her and watched as a wooden paddle hovered into the air. “In order for that to happen, I need three.” Bridget's slacks unbuttoned, unzipped and shimmied down her backside, exposing her. The slap of broad wood hitting flesh followed.

“Nyxe!” Bridget yelped, laughing after the paddle struck her. “She just got here!”

“She's fine with this. Aren't you, Sarah?” Nyxe's voice was so smooth and luxurious, unmistakably feminine, but powerful and resonant. Sarah could feel it in her, calling out to join these two girls. Gwen was gorgeous, and from the moment Sarah saw her own outfit pawing at her, she couldn't help but wonder what it must be like to have more than magic sneakers on. Bridget had just been turned over and spanked by a possessed paddle, and her reaction was nothing more than laughter. She was more concerned with Sarah's perception of the situation than with the forces messing with her body.

Sarah's expressions were frozen awe, but deep within her, her mind was processing much more than a vividly complex 'what-the-fuck' moment. There were two beautiful girls being played with before her eyes, compelled by something Sarah couldn't see. There was an unknown entity binding them together, and Sarah was being invited to join their bliss. She was being handed a membership to the most bizarre and incredible club she'd ever heard of.

“I'm fine with it,” Sarah said, picking up her jaw. “But why me?”

“Because, my shy little vixen, I see something rare in the three of you. From the perspective of a being like myself, it's not easy to explain in words.”

“Why not just go with it?” The sneakers asked. “You've been letting us play with you.” The sneakers started to untie themselves. “You've liked it so far, right?” Sarah nodded, not thinking about the fact that what she was responding to didn't have eyes. “And you like what you're seeing here—don't you?” She shrunk back a bit as her untied sneakers started pulling and slipped off of her feet.

“Y—yes...” Despite the amazing things happening in the room, she was still a bit shy in admitting how much she wanted to be handled like the other two. That was okay with Nyxe, though. The sexual energy inside the girl was starting to bubble up, and her inhibitions were getting weaker by the second. Her curiosity was far outpacing her reluctance after she saw the first phantom fingertip tracing along Gwen's luscious bustline.

“But my dear, you aren't at all dressed for the occasion,” Nyxe made the waist of Sarah's sweatshirt tug away from her. “Why do you hide behind that tent of clothing?” The thick floppy cotton of her sweatshirt and the baggy tee beneath pulled up over her belly button, exposing her trim waist. She let out an awed half-laugh as her baggy jeans unbuttoned themselves.

“H-hold on one more second,” Sarah said, reaching down to grab the two denim flaps, which parted as the zipper joining them buzzed down its track. Even as she held them she could feel her jeans pulling against her, trying to escape her grasp. “What's the catch to all of this?”

Another slap came from beside her, and Bridget moaned delight. Her arms supported her upper body, holding most of her weight as a result of her pants dancing her ass higher and higher. The waistband was still pulled down over her exposed ass, and now it was beneath her round cheeks, pushing them up, kneading them and bouncing them as the paddle made teasing little slaps in-between.

Chelsea stood outside the dorm room, trying her best to sort out the sounds emanating from it. She heard moaning and groaning, some chit-chat, and the undertones of a low, velvety voice that reminded her of a silver screen actress—but no male voices. Just what was going on in there?

“A very simple catch,” The syrupy voice said to Sarah. Just then, Gwen went up on her tiptoes and gracefully stepped over toward the bed. The tracing fingers came over her shoulders and once against dove down and pressed into Gwen's glossy, silk-covered orbs. Gwen brought her hands up for relief from the sensations, but the tan sleeves held her back and pulled her arms over her head instead. “Give yourself to me, just as they are. Make me whole again with the power of your earth-shaking release; submit to me sexually—and I'll teach all of you how to use power like mine.”

Chelsea's eyes went wide. She made out submit, sexually, and power. It told her everything she needed to know—either Bridget or Gwen (maybe both) had been hiding some interesting hobbies. She didn't want to push her luck any farther--either by looking like a nosy eavesdropper or being caught by one of the girls behind the door; she tiptoed away from the door and back down the hallway toward her own room.

As Sarah held on to her jeans, the waist of her sweatshirt started riding up again. She kept a firm hold on the uncooperative denim flaps, but now she could feel her pale blue briefs starting to move under them. The waist of the panties began playing toward her mound.

“That's all?” Sarah's voice stuttered, her shy smile breaking through as Nyxe began to explore her. The touch was as smooth as the voice. The gentle fingers started at her shoulders and worked their way out to her sleeves, massaging her arms as they headed to the ends of her sleeves.

The sleeves shot over her hands, her arms were lifted by the living sleeves. The collar rose up and slid over her chin, the hood lifted off, and the sweatshirt was pulled off of her in one smooth motion. It hovered in front of her, never losing its shape. Now she felt the tee starting to shift on her.

“That's all, my dear. Give me your release, and I'll give you my power.” Being stripped of her clothes by this supernatural force was unbelievable, especially in the presence of two other girls who were enjoying the same invisible advances. None of the clumsy boys that had attempted to handle her in the past could possibly compare to this kind of excitement.

Sarah's resistance was all on the surface. There was no fear in her, only curiosity. Nyxe could feel the desire burning within her, waiting to be unleashed upon the world. Sarah's self-imposed sexual austerity only made her inner passions deeper and denser.

“And they want the same thing?” Sarah looked back at Gwen and Bridget after asking, and based on their reactions, she already knew the answer.

“Yeah—we've been waiting for you,” Bridget said, Nyxe's magic attention still at her backside. “And now that there's three of us, we can really start playing. Right, Nyxe?”

“That was my promise, my dear—but now it depends on the three of you. You have to trust me. You must let go of all your inhibitions and give yourselves to me completely.