Dark Mistress

Dark Mistress 8 - In The Flesh

Sarah looked down at the sneakers. They changed her entire day, and Nyxe was offering to change her entire life. If there was any malicious intent in all of this, she'd have that feeling, wouldn't she? The power they displayed was obviously capable of much more; she reasoned that if it was victims Nyxe wanted, she would've taken them.

The sneakers rocked back and forth in front of her, fidgeting without any feet in them. The denim had stopped fighting her for a few seconds, and it was only now that she realized that most of the action in the room had been put on pause. Gwen was smiling at her, peering through half-open eyes across the room. Bridget's paddle hovered near her ass, but it wasn't cocked to strike.

“We're not telling you that you have to be a part of this, Sarah--” the pink and white sneakers finally said. “We're waiting for you to ask.”

And that was it. There wasn't any coercion here. She was being invited to join, and she was too comfortable with what was going on for her to reject that invitation. It was horrifying, actually, to imagine saying “No thanks” and walking out the door. Missing out on the possibilities she was being offered here would haunt her for the rest of her sleepy life.

That wasn't to say her life was bad, but this...

“I trust you,” Sarah said to her sneakers before looking in Gwen's direction. “And I trust you, Nyxe. I want to be part of this.”

“You won't regret it, darling. None of you will.”

Nyxe was giddy, though she had no physical body to express such an emotion. In didn't come through in her voice, which had been grounded in seduction and charm from the moment she hitched a ride in Gwen's car. Now that she was sharing the room with the three girls that would restore her, Nyxe realized the difference between her arrival on this plane years ago and her actions in the last couple of days.

It was a feather-light touch that she needed. Instead of opponents, she had allies. Believers. The best part about it all was that augmenting her strength was part of keeping her promise. Nyxe would get the rejuvenation she needed to protect herself against Ana and her dangerous new student, and the girls would get the attention their bodies begged for and more power then they could imagine.

As soon as Sarah let go of the flaps of her open jeans, Nyxe wasted no time. The jeans stood Sarah up off of the bed; she felt the denim waist slide over her ass and slump to the floor. They didn't stop there, though. She felt them pulling her feet forward as the hovering sweatshirt she had been wearing gently tackled her back onto the bed.

It was like having a living pillow with arms thrown at her. Soft cotton sleeves slipped behind her head and back, guiding her into a reclined position. While she was off her feet, the jeans took the opportunity to slide off of her ankles.

Gwen was watching Sarah's baggy jeans puff out and reform when she felt motion at her chest.

“It's alright, babe—I just want to welcome our new friend personally.” The buttons on the blouse undid themselves one by one, Gwen hopping a little at each motion thanks to the sensitivity Nyxe has worked up in her. Just as the front of the shirt peeled back from Gwen's tits, it moved to the outside of each and constricted, pushing them together. “It doesn't seem fair to leave your girls hanging out all alone like this. Here's plenty of other company to keep you occupied; they know your every curve very intimately.”

The blouse pulled itself over her shoulders, letting her breasts slightly drop and sway. A drawer at the foot of her bed slid open, and a silky blue camisole jumped out. Nyxe continued pulling her outfit off of Gwen, unzipping the skirt and shimmying it down over her ass. The waistband of the pantyhose followed behind.

Meanwhile, Sarah's tee slid its way up her stomach, bunching up under her chest as she continued wrestling with her own empty sweatshirt. She was laughing as she tried to hold the sleeves—soft to the touch, but with an immovable amount of strength. Suddenly, the thick hoodie slid around behind her, spinning the ends of its sleeves around her arms and pulling them up over her head.

Sarah gasped as her t-shirt stretched over her modest but well-shaped mounds, exposing a lacy white and green bra. Her socks pulled themselves off of her feet as her tee pulled over her head, sliding off her arms and onto the hoodie sleeves still wrapped around her. Sarah watched as the tan blouse that had been on Gwen now approached her.

A couple of long-sleeved tees hovered up to Bridget. Instead of filling out, the cotton sleeves coiled around her wrists and pulled them toward the metal frame at the foot of the bed. Once the shirts had tied her tightly, the hovering wooden paddle behind her wound up to strike again. The look on Bridget's face and the vibrations rattling off of her body delighted Nyxe to no end.

They were fearless. They wanted all Nyxe had to offer them.

Nyxe's time with her new friends made her understand the difference: it wasn't her hunger for these creatures' psychic releases that made them fear and imprison her 15 years ago; it was her vast power on this plane. No sooner than she was invited here, she was quickly trapped behind a material wall and sealed with a spell from the same ones who summoned her--locked away in limbo for doing nothing more than accepting an invitation from another reality.

She almost made the same mistake when she was released from her prison by Tiffany. Being trapped for so long had left her weaker than she expected, and something about Tiffany's taste made her believe the girl could restore her power entirely. When she attempted to harvest what she needed while Tiffany was asleep, it backfired. Nyxe had caused some fundamental change in the girl, and she found her energy slipping away as Tiffany unknowingly absorbed it.

Years of eavesdropping on her jailer's conversations had taught her much. The ones that invited her here and trapped her on this plane—these “witches”—were rare. Apparently their abilities were held by only by a portion of their numbers, and of these, most abilities remained dormant through life.

As for Nyxe's own assistants, Sarah had the greatest promise of natural ability, but the other two could easily be taught to command magic like Nyxe's once she was restored completely by the upcoming ritual. Then it would be time to pay Tiffany and her teacher a visit.

Nyxe had questions she wanted answered, namely by Ana. Her vengeance streak wasn't as wide as one would expect from a prisoner confined to a solitary plane. She wasn't as angry as she was hurt. Given the opportunity, she would certainly confine her former jailer to a prison of her own making, but not nearly for as long as Nyxe herself was imprisoned—and only to let Ana know what she did wrong.

There would be plenty of time for that once Nyxe completed the next phase of her plan, which was just a few moments away.

With Bridget's wrists now tied to the foot of her bed, Nyxe held up her head, pulling at her ponytail with an invisible hand. Bridget propped her ass as high as she could, wiggling back and forth in anticipation of the stinging wooden slaps that randomly changed cheeks.

Having given up the outfit containing Nyxe to Sarah, Gwen was now naked except for the camisole. After the soft microfiber pulled over her tits, she cooed as the top shifted and compressed against her. Now lacy bras and soft, long sleeved shirts and sweaters shuffled out of her drawers.

Nyxe walked the outfit over toward Sarah, whose eyes jumped from the two other girls in the room to the living blouse, skirt and hose. Apart from her underwear—which were still shifting on her body, Sarah's baggy outfit had reformed its shape and headed over to Gwen's vanity.

Gwen watched a few of her favorite tops, swooping around her and teasing her skin with their invisible touch. The busty intangible torsos filling out her living shirts and brassieres occasionally bounced against her. As a delicate black bra pressed against her own tits. The sensations were beginning to get overwhelming.

Now Nyxe's outfit was coolly gliding over Sarah's skin. The girl was sitting on the bed, watching in awe as the silky blouse pulled itself over her shoulders and began buttoning. As the pantyhose and skirt approached, the blouse pulled Sarah back down to lie on the bed again. With her legs in the air, the skirt and hose slipped themselves over her feet and glided up her calves. From the moment they slid over her toes, Sarah could feel a comfortably warm hug from the pantyhose. She felt the same thing from the blouse, which seemed to embrace every delicate curve from her shoulders to her waist.

With the other two girls, things were getting heavy fast.

A vibrator hummed out of one of Bridget's drawers and went straight to its target, floating under the strike zone of the unceasing paddle and sliding its side against her exposed lips from behind. Bridget chirped delight as the toy slid up and down, its rounded tip getting closer and closer, flirting with penetration as Bridget's pussy lubricated the plastic.

Gwen's living shirts didn't hesitate to go to work all over her. She was soon surrounded, flanked on either side by her own haunted clothing as her legs were gently pulled open. A pair of silk panties hovered between them. Instead of fully taking shape, only the crotch of the panties gently rounded. They made contact and slide softy up and down like a silken tongue lapping at her pussy.

Bridget sang delight as her vibrator slowly twirled and teased itself against her. She moaned sweet pleas to the other girls to hurry; she was going to come.

Briefs, bikinis and boy shorts danced out of the drawer Sarah's enchanted outfit had opened. Each item swelled to Gwen's full-figured curves. By now, her arms and legs were gently held by living shirtsleeves as a lacy black bra hovered, face down, just below her legs. Gwen felt the straps push up her legs, giving the silk panties better access to her glistening labia. They worked every nerve from clit to pussy.

She had closed her eyes to immerse herself in the incredible sexual ministrations of a phantom mouth, but the scent of clean clothes and a soft nudge against the tip of her nose made her open them again. A pair of red bikini briefs took up her gaze, and she sputtered a laugh as she wrinkled her nose to try and hold off the tickle of the soft cotton against it.

“Lick,” Nyxe's voice said, coming form the direction of Sarah's body. Gwen licked her lips and obeyed, sliding her tongue beneath the soft, red fabric. As soon as she did, a curvy white sports bra and blue strapless bra approached. Gwen let out a low moan as her camisole was pulled just over her breasts enough to expose her pink nipples. Now the two bras held themselves against her breasts, squeezing the empty cups around each of her tits.

In the meantime, Nyxe used her blouse sleeves to pull Sarah's hands to her thighs. She followed along, tracing her fingers against the translucent stockings and up toward her panties, which were still shifting around on her. Rather than pulling themselves off of her body, though, they teased around her ass and clit as Nyxe's outfit caressed her skin.

Pairs of enchanted panties now took turns nuzzling against Gwen's mouth, begging to be licked and sucked. When she complied, her reward was more intense attention from the silk panties teasing and licking her toward orgasm. Gwen detected her own faint scent in the clean panties when she wet them down, which drove her wilder. She soaked the front of each pair with her tongue, mumbling to Sarah to hurry. Hurry...

The outfit that Nyxe first escaped in was wrapped around Sarah's body, shifting and pulsing around it. It pulled her into a standing position; she didn't even need her own legs to hold her body up. They wouldn't be able to anyway. Sarah was taking deep breaths and breaking into laughter, repeating how thankful she was that Nyxe picked her and how she'd never dreamed of something so--

Something so...

Sarah's face flushed. The attention at her every nerve and the pleasure-soaked purrs from the other girls edged her closer and closer to release. It's what Nyxe wanted, right? It's what they were all here for. Bridget had been murmuring plea after plea to Nyxe, and Gwen's muffled voice seemed to echo the same intentions. It was time. Sarah could feel it in every cell.

“I'm gonna come...I'm gonna come!” Sarah gasped, breathing faster as Bridget and Gwen echoed her sentiment in animal howls, their enchanted attention intensifying as the moment approached.

“Come for me—” Nyxe's slippery soft voice beckoned. “Make my energy yours. Let it deep inside you.” Nyxe herself let out a low moan, and the girls began to sing with her, harmonizing.

“Oh—godgodgodgod—YES!” Gwen shrieked, coming back into harmony 2 octaves up. Her clothes pinned her to the wall as her body rumbled, sounding her release.

“YYYYYYEAH!” Bridget followed shortly after, her lower half lifted higher by the empty sleeve of an enchanted sweater as her knees came right off the bed.

Sarah let out a low shudder as warmth poured into her from every point of contact with Nyxe's outfit. She threw her head back, her hips swinging violently and involuntarily. Electric pulsed from her pussy to her fingertips as she felt some new sensation taking over. She clinched and relaxed her fingers, feeling the feedback of the power welling inside her. Was this what Nyxe was promising?

“Do you...feel it?” Sarah managed between gasping breaths. As the vibrator playing with Bridget slowed, she nodded.

“Mmmm...mm-hmm, I feel it. It's like—tingling!” Bridget sighed, looking back at the clothes and toy finally easing their luscious assault.

Outside, Chelsea had her ear against the door, a look of disbelief written on her face. Bridget and Gwen weren't exactly quiet girls, but she'd never heard anything this interesting behind that particular door. She'd heard so much that she couldn't believe how long she was able to eavesdrop without being interrupted by someone else walking into the hall of the dorm. From what she could tell, there were four of them in there, squealing and moaning without a care in the world.

With everything quieting down, she knew she shouldn't linger much longer. She had already pushed her luck. After a couple more seconds of hesitation, she paced down the hall and back to her own room in quick, quiet steps.

Inside, a hyper-aware Nyxe could sense the spy in the hall retreating to her room. Nyxe wasn't sure exactly what she heard, but she could feel the curiosity emanating from behind the door. The entity could feel a constant feedback of energy from her anchors—the three spent girls in the dorm that were now discovering the effects of their magic orgasm.

Sarah leaned back, and Nyxe's outfit guided her onto the soft bed. As the panting from all three subsided, Nyxe spoke.

“I've kept my promise, girls. You should already feel its effects.”

Sarah held up her hands in front of her, bringing her fingertips from both hands closer together without quite touching. She could feel something like a humming interference between them.

“It's...I feel like I can feel the air around me—like, in detail,” Sarah said. “It's hard to explain.”

“Like static electricity almost,” Gwen said, running her hand against one of her filled-out shirts, “except that it won't dissipate.”

The same power that allows me to exist is now anchored to the three of you,” Nyxe said.

“And the same power that...can make all this happen?” Bridget asked, pointing at the toy bobbing away from her. By now her wrists were untied from the bed frame. She slumped on the bed, stretching out her arms.

“The very same,” Nyxe answered. “And while Sarah does a small favor for me, I'd like you two to stay here and learn to use that power. I promise it won't take long for you to get the hang of it.” Sarah felt her leg lift under the power of the stockings. Without another thought, Nyxe had her step in front of the mirror. “A little flushed, but still presentable,” Nyxe said. “Let's get you back to your room and put you in something a little more—showy.”

“Like this isn't showy?” Sarah lifted her hands up to the exaggerated chest of the blouse, filling beyond her own chest. Nyxe caressed her with unseen fingers beneath, and Sarah squeaked. “Hey, if we're going outside, you gotta cool it with that. And um—I'm not sure those sneakers go with this outfit.”

“Oh, I've got a solution for that,” Nyxe said. A shoebox slid out from under Bridget's bed, and a pair of glossy white heels leapt out. “I knew I'd have a use for you.”

“I'm happy to be of service, my queen.” The heels replied, softly, but clearly. They marched themselves in front of Sarah, whose stockings slipped into the shoes without her assistance.

“I've got a job for you, too,” Nyxe said, making one of Sarah's arms gesture to the sneakers. “Get in the box.” Sarah's pink sneakers giggled as they complied with the command. The cardboard top fell back atop the box as it hovered off the ground and into Sarah's waiting hands. “Come along, we've got to hurry.” Nyxe marched Sarah toward the door, shifting a blouse sleeve to place Sarah's hand on the door.

“Wait, Nyxe--” Gwen stood up, pushing her idle, but still shapely and hovering clothes out of the way. “How do we use our powers?”

“You've played this game before, my dear—but where you made requests of my former enchantments, now you may command them as I do.”

“By—telling them to do things?” Bridget asked.

“Yes,” Nyxe replied, “not just in word, but in thought and action. Experiment and play, but be discreet. I'll be in touch a little later, and I want you to learn as much as you can about my new gift before then.” Sarah felt the skirt squeeze around her ass. “Let's go, my dear.” Sarah gripped the door handle to open it—and Nyxe did the rest.

“Have fun,” Gwen said. Sarah winked back as the dorm door shut behind her.

The bathroom at the end of the hall, my dear. Sarah could hear Nyxe's voice as she walked down the hall, but it didn't overpower her footsteps, the hum of the flouescent hall lighting, or the bass coming out of a room far down the hall. Nyxe was speaking to her inaudibly—directly to her mind.

“How did you--”

Hush-hush, my dear. We don't want anyone getting suspicious. Just think what you want to say to me. The voice was soothing, sending euphoria through her when it spoke. Sarah's eyes narrowed in delight as Nyxe walked her down the hallway.

You can communicate telepathically? It was strange to her, being able to ask a question without so much as moving her lips.

You girls are my anchors now. I can speak with all or any of you in the most intimate way. Now, I'm going to walk you into the bathroom at the end of the hall. If I'm not mistaken, there's not going to be anyone in there but a nosy hallmate of your two new friends. Sarah mentally acknowledged understanding as Nyxe continued. I don't know whether she'll initiate a conversation with you, but whatever happens, I want you to repeat exactly what I say as I say it.

Sarah protested for a moment, not in words, but in a split-second doubt about being able to repeat Nyxe's words as she received them.

You're a natural, honey. I know you stay to the outside of social situations and pick up on little details most people don't see.

Was that true? Sarah didn't think she knew people at all.

Oh, but you do—and I'm going to show you how fun it can be when you use that to your advantage. Just trust me.

Nyxe turned her toward the door and brought up a blouse sleeve to push the door open. Sure enough, Chelsea was at one of the sinks, washing her hands. Sarah approached another sink and immediately felt the girl's eyes on her. Nyxe bent Sarah over, pulling her up again when she placed the shoebox on the floor. Her sleeves moved her hands to the sink, which she took as a cue to wash her hands. After a couple of seconds in silence, Chelsea herself advanced Nyxe's plans.

“Hey, I've seen you around school, I think—but never in my hall. Are you a friend of Bridget's?” Nyxe could tell the nosy girl was going to make this very easy. Sarah got her command, and even in her hesitation to carry it out, the act was good enough. Sarah stopped washing her hands for a second and gave the girl a sly smile.

“Something like that,” Sarah responded. “I'm Sarah.”

“Chelsea,” the girl responded. Then, after a few beats: “So is Brij—a pledge?” Chelsea raised an eyebrow. Sarah just continued smiling as she washed her hands off in the sink. “I don't want to pry if it's going to get her into trouble or anything, I just didn't figure her for--”

“A sorority sister? No, nothing like that. Sororities are too official--too inclusive. The group we're in prefers to be a little more discreet...about our extra-curricular activities.” Sarah turned and winked at Chelsea, who—by now—was locked onto Sarah's every gesture.

“Yeah? You're not being awfully discreet right now,” Chelsea smiled back. Sarah shut off the faucet, and Nyxe turned her gracefully toward Chelsea and took a step forward.

“Neither is standing behind a door for a matter of minutes.” It took all of Nyxe's self-control not to physically reward Sarah for such a fantastic delivery. She was playing her part so very perfectly; the confidence inside her blossomed vivid and powerful, even beyond Nyxe's high expectations. Chelsea visibly shrank, blushing. “You didn't think more than a few seconds was a bit greedy?”


“Next time you want to spy on someone, stand to the side of the doorway and--lean in.” Sarah was inches from Chelsea's face as she leaned toward her, locking onto her eyes. Nyxe could feel the adrenaline rushing through the girl. Chelsea backed up.

“Listen, I really didn't mean to pry, I was just--”

“Curious. That's obvious.” Sarah backed away from Chelsea and pulled a paper towel out of a nearby dispenser. “So I have a one-time offer for you.” She balled up the towel and tossed it into the small can near the door before picking up the shoebox again. “If you're really curious, come to Yarmouth 3018.”

“You're kidding.” Chelsea didn't know what to think. She'd seen this girl around, but she certainly didn't peg her as the aggressive queen-bee type talking to her now.”

“No strings attached,” Sarah said. “Just some details. A little overview.” She headed toward the bathroom door.

“I'm not really sure I'm into the same kinds of...activities that your secret club is into,” Chelsea said with a shy smile.

“No one's sure until they try,” Sarah said. “But like I said, no strings attached. If your curiosity gets the best of you, head over to Yarmouth in ten minutes.” She pulled the door open and shot a knowing look back at Chelsea as she slipped back out into the hall.

Chelsea looked at her reflection in the mirror. She couldn't help but smile.

“No strings attached,” she whispered. “Why wouldn't I?”

Back in Gwen and Bridget's room, the girls were learning just how much power Nyxe had to offer them. Bridget had commanded a line of her tightest fitting pants and jeans to life. She wasn't focusing on anything but the hovering paddle behind them, following her eyes and thoughts, jumping from article to article and giving each a slap. Gwen was on her bed with a tight t-shirt, her hands cupped over the growing orbs on the enchanted shirt's chest.

“Check this out,” Gwen said. “I'm going to see how much this thing can take.” Bridget's paddle held steady in the air as her attention turned back toward Gwen. The spread of the empty t-shirt began to swell, and Gwen pressed her fingers deep into the soft cotton as they did.

Bridget snapped her fingers, and a pair of sweatpants jumped out of her closet and floated over toward Gwen.

“Do those too,” Bridget said. “They're super stretchy.”

Gwen focused on the pants, and they filled to shape and sat on the edge of her bed. She let go of the enormous cotton mounds on her enchanted t-shirt, and it hovered over to join the sweatpants. Now the articles were inflating together, and the sound of popping seams bounced through the room.

Bridget approached the oversized articles, watching the curves in the soft outfit get bigger and bigger. She looked at Gwen.

“Make our curvy friend here bend over your bed,” Bridget said. Gwen nodded, and the outfit stood up and turned around. The hips, thighs and breasts of the outfit reaching cartoonish proportions. As the outfit bent over, Bridget jumped up, leapfrog-style, over the wide hips of the sweatpants.

“Brij, what gives?” Gwen watched her wrap her legs around the waist of the tee.

“Make her stand up again!” Bridget said, grabbing the back of the empty neckhole. The outfit stood upright again with Bridget clinging to the back of it, piggy-back style. The stretched cotton hips and ass of the sweatpants were more than enough purchase to give Bridget an easy ride. She busted out laughing.

“Okay, I've decided how I'm getting to class tomorrow.” Bridget reached behind her slap the ass of the outfit. Gwen let out a laugh and rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, I'm sure that's what she had in mind when she asked us to be discreet.” Gwen waved her fingers at the clothes Nyxe had brought to life.

The shirts folded and hung themselves while the brassieres hovered over to her. One of Gwen's drawers slid open, and a handful more joined the bras already in the air. Gwen made a circular motion with her finger, and the lacy colorful lingerie hovered around her, the cups and shoulder straps filled with invisible force.

Still riding the tee and sweatpants filled well beyond voluptuous, Bridget turned to look at the hovering paddle, still waiting next to the tight denim and cotton derrieres standing in a row.

“Gwen, these powers are effortless,” Bridget said. “What do you think Nyxe has in mind for all of us?”

There's plenty of time to explain that later. Both girls looked at each other.

“You heard it too,” Gwen said.

You're my anchors, girls. I don't need to be with you to speak to you anymore. Nyxe's voice came in clear, but like Sarah, the girls could tell it wasn't coming through their ears. They heard Nyxe in their minds. In another fifteen minutes, I want you to come down to Sarah's room. Until then, keep playing.

Bridget waved her hand at her hovering paddle, and it bounced over in front of Gwen.

“You heard her,” Bridget waved her hand around as the paddle swooped at the air. “Until then, keep playing.”

“Wherever you find your friend, you'll find Nyxe,” Ana said. She paced back and forth in the living room as she tried to remember every detail--every piece of strategy--she could offer to Tiffany and the boots. “Remember, don't try to take her on alone. Get her back here first. Once she's in, bind the house.” Ana looked down at the boots. “If things get bad, turn her loose.”

“Understood.” The boots clicked Tiffany's toes together.

“And Tiffany...” Ana's eyes locked with her student's, and Tiffany felt the gravity of the situation at once. “If they turn you loose, don't hold back. Take command of the situation and do what it takes to get yourself back here. I'll have everything set before you get back.”

“It's been...kind of a weird week, hasn't it?” Tiffany asked. Ana's lips curled into a tempered smile as she shrugged.

“Don't worry, dear. From my understanding, it's not so often that things get quite this out of hand, but when they do...” Ana took a deep breath. “Bring her back, Tiffany—help me finish what I started fifteen years ago.” Tiffany nodded.

“See you soon.”

Chelsea stood in front of 3018. The sounds of carefree pleasure she'd heard an hour earlier echoed through her. What exactly was the girl behind this door going to tell her about? The things she'd heard earlier? Some bizarre initiation ritual for this exclusive club? Just as she was about to knock, the door popped open.

“Come in, Chelsea.” It was Sarah, but she was sitting at her desk. The door opened wide, and there wasn't anyone behind it. It was a little creepy. “Come on, come on.”

“How did you do that?” Chelsea stepped in, searching the door for wires. “Seriously, am I being messed with? Are you really going for the whole 'mystic society' thing?” As soon as she was clear of its arc of motion, the door slammed shut. Chelsea gasped. “Okay—nowyou're going to tell me how you did that, right?” Chelsea watched Sarah's black hair flow over her shoulders when she broke into laughter.

“I'm not going to tell you a word, eavesdropper.” Sarah grinned. “I'm going to show you everything—including, of course, the unearthly pleasures you were so curious about earlier.” Nyxe's words out of Sarah's mouth, but Nyxe didn't even have to generate them anymore. She was beyond right about Sarah's abilities, but what she didn't expect was the fire of ambition. All the girl needed was a spark from Nyxe. She could stoke the flames all on her own.

“If this is a test, I failed, all right?” Chelsea had no idea how the door was rigged. “I'm creeped out. You can stop now.”

“I was creeped out at first, too...but once she does things to you—the most amazing things you've ever felt...” It was the perfect lure. Sarah's words revived Chelsea's curiosity.

“Once who does things to who? Bridget?” Sarah giggled. She'd thrown the door closed with her thoughts, and this girl was more interested in the Sapphic symphony she'd witnessed earlier.

“Bridget and Gwen. And now me. And now you, if you want.” She licked her lips with dark and savage intention, but it was all too much for Chelsea. She couldn't help but laugh.

“It's not—I'm not judging you at all, but this is all so crazy to me. That was the three of you—those moans and shouts I heard earlier back in Bergen Hall?” Nyxe stood Sarah up and walked her closer to Chelsea.

“All three of us,” Sarah whispered. “And the magic touch.”

Chelsea took a deep breath now, well over her laughter. It was the absolute WORST time for a wedgie, but for some reason her underwear had decided that now was the best time to ride high between her ass.

“The m-magic touch?” Chelsea twitched, feeling a light pinch on the back of her arm.

“Magic—touch.” Sarah echoed. She folded her arms under the exaggerated bust of the satin blouse, and Chelsea let out a short noise of shock. She felt fingers at her chest, and when she looked down, she could see the evident outlines of invisible fingers squeezing and caressing her through her blue tank top.

“What—what the hell is this?” As soon as she put up her hands to cover her chest, the fingers were gone. She slowly took her hands away and looked carefully at the material of her tank top, motionless again except for her own minor trembling. She looked up at a smug Sarah with a contempt, though the emotion was well-tempered with her disbelief of what just happened. “Either explain, or I'm walking back out the door.”

“I am explaining,” Sarah playfully bit her lip, holding back a laugh. “Like I said, though—show works so much better than tell.” Chelsea looked back down at her top and shook her head.

“But I felt—I mean, you...” Whatever, Chelsea thought. Spit it out as simply as possible without making yourself look crazy. “Was I or was I not just being felt up?” Sarah unfolded her arms, took a step back and plopped down on her bed.

“Are you always wound this tight?” Sarah motioned to the bed across from hers. “Sit down a second.” Chelsea took a step toward the bed and stopped.

“You know what? I think I'm going to go,” she said, turning to the door.

“Wait, wait,” Sarah's face dropped to a pleading smile as Chelsea looked back. “Seriously—I'll explain. Just sit down.”

“Listen, I stood outside the door for way too long, it wasn't any of my business, and I'm sorry. Okay? I won't say a word, I promise, but if you make that kind of noise over at Yarmouth in the future, don't expect to keep it a secret long.” Chelsea just barely got the door open when the handle pulled away from her. The door slammed shut, leaving her frozen in her tracks.

“I asked nicely, Chelsea. Now sit down.” Every imperative word out of Sarah's mouth made Nyxe tingle. The mousy, reserved girl had shed her skin completely. When Nyxe's confrontation with the Heyver witch was over, Gwen would be rewarded handsomely for saving her life, but Sarah...Sarah would become her equal.

Chelsea gasped as she felt her foot lift and pivot. The rest of her body followed, turning her around to face Sarah. She didn't notice the balled up pair of socks hovering out of a drawer just outside her peripheral vision.

“How—how is this happening?” Barely any force behind Chelsea's words. Sarah wondered if she'd need to gag her at all. The girl was in total disbelief; if she were going to scream, wouldn't she have done it already? She could only watch in awe as her foot lifted off the ground and pulled her forward. Chelsea's neck was craned in such a position so as to try and watch her own gait, and Sarah wondered if she looked that silly when the pink sneakers walked her around on their own for the first time.

Do you feel it, darling? She's not fighting you. Can you tell? Sarah silently affirmed Nyxe's question as she continued making Chelsea's outfit walk her back to the bed. Her sock drawer had closed again, but the clean, balled-up pair hovered in reserve just in case Chelsea lost her cool. As Sarah made Chelsea's outfit gently sit her on the bed, the two girls locked eyes again.

Sarah made a kissy-face, and Chelsea's face twisted into a frown.

Easy now, Nyxe silently conveyed. She's in no condition to be pounced. Reassure her. Talk to her. Right now, she's not sure--

“The sound from behind that door were so over-the-top, so...” Chelsea was breaking down to a mumble now. “and—and no one else even came into the hall—the whole time I was there listening, NO ONE came into that hall, so...so I've got to be dreaming. I've got to be. I—I can't even control my own body.”

“Chelsea, relax. I know this all seems insane, but I'm not going to do anything to hurt you. We're just sitting, okay?” Chelsea patted herself down as if to try to confirm her own existence. She held her face in her hands and looked up at Sarah.

“We're sitting,” Chelsea repeated, slightly more evenly. “I'm dreaming that I'm sitting. Across from a girl I dreamed confronted me in a bathroom because I dreamed about hearing her have lesbian sex in my hallway.” Deep sigh. “Okay. I think I'm okay.” She shook her head. “Continue, quiet girl I've seen around campus who is apparently worth a lead role in my sleep.” Sarah couldn't help but laugh at that one.

Does this happen to you creatures often? Nyxe asked Sarah. When you see something out of the ordinary, do you just assume you're not awake?

“If you're dreaming,” Sarah said, “answer me a question?” Chelsea let out a soft laugh and nodded.

“Lucidity,” Chelsea said. “This is what lucid dreaming is like. The detail, the self-awareness...” She trailed off as Sarah stood up and approached her.

“If you're dreaming, answer me a question.” Sarah leaned down to Chelsea's ear and blew, making the girl shudder. “Do you think I'm pretty?” She stood upright again slowly, and Chelsea's gaze followed her all the way up.

“Well, you're beautiful,” Chelsea smiled. “But it's funny--there's no way you're this hot in real life.” Before Sarah was even able to react...

That's a compliment, darling. This IS real life, so you obviously ARE this hot. NOW you can pounce, my dear. Sarah's lips curled into a smile.

“You know what you can do in a dream, Chelsea?” Sarah's voice was soft and warm. When Chelsea looked up at her, she saw a smiling face and a hand rising toward her cheek, which she gently clasped and held to her face. She laughed.

“I can think of a lot of different things,” Chelsea said.

Nyxe was in absolute disbelief. If only she'd known how useful selective subtlety could be before arriving on this plane, she could have been starting this work years ago, with Ana. She'd have long finished building a new home here by now.

“Thinking isn't the same as doing, Chelsea.” Sarah stepped away from her and back toward her own bed. With her full attention still on the retreating girl, Chelsea noticed movement up at the collar of her satin blouse. “So while you might be able to think of a lot of things, I can do things you can't even imagine.” The top button of the blouse popped open, and Sarah's hands weren't anywhere near it. Being convinced she was in a dream-state still didn't prepare Chelsea for what she saw next.

The corners of the collar were literally pulling themselves apart, putting pressure on the next button. Chelsea took in everything. Sarah was being stripped by something unseen, and apparently enjoying it. The next button had popped open, and Sarah's green-and-white bra was exposed. Sarah was laughing at this point, spreading her fingers over the cool, shiny fabric that seemed to have a life all its own.

A small snap and the sound of a zipper came from below her, and now Chelsea watched agape as Sarah's skirt seemed to shimmy itself down her hips. For Sarah's part, she playfully wiggled and let out little sounds of surprise as Nyxe peeled her outfit off.

I've set the stage for the others, so don't worry about explaining anything to them. Just remember to keep your subject engaged—it's in our best interest to believe she's dreaming right up until the very end. Nyxe's directions were clear to Sarah--except for that last part. What exactly did she mean by “end”? In order to stand a chance against the witch, I'm going to need flesh and blood. That's why we're here.

Terror flashed through Sarah for a split second before psychic reassurance came.

Sarah—that's terrible! I'd have no reason or right to do such a thing. I'm only borrowing her body. Relief flowed in Sarah's mind again, and as far as Chelsea was concerned, the strange, magical striptease before her went uninterrupted. Nyxe could tell Sarah needed a bit more, so she continued. When I'm finished, she'll be rewarded for her service to me, and trust me—I'll leave her body even better off than when I borrowed it.

The tan blouse released its final button and billowed open, sliding off Sarah's shoulders. The skirt had worked its way out from under her ass and slid down her thighs, slipping off easily once it reached the knee.

“Here's the fun part,” Sarah said, standing up and raising her eyebrows at Chelsea. The tan blouse was free of Sarah's body and hovering on its own, filling out to Nyxe's full-figured shape as the buttons all refastened without a visible body inside. The skirt did the same, hovering under the tan blouse with a set of hips Sarah's couldn't quite match. Chelsea's eyes jumped from the girl in her underwear to the ghostly outfit expanding to a full-figured shape.

“This is so, so strange,” Chelsea shook her head, snickering at Sarah. “Your clothes are dancing without you in them.” As if she'd uttered some kind of trigger word, Chelsea's outfit stood her up, placing her right in front of the floating blouse and skirt. In the next moment, soft satiny sleeves wrapped around her waist as the blouse's invisible tits lifted up Chelsea's own in the embrace. “What—what's it going to do to me?”

She soon realized she didn't need to ask. She felt fingers slide down her back at the ends of the sleeves. Fingertips. Palms. Heels. Invisible hands, guiding themselves over the small of her back and over her butt. Sliding up again over sides, making her giggle.

“Magic touch,” Chelsea mumbled, looking into the empty collar of the shirt. When she turned to Sarah, she saw the stockings sliding themselves off the girl's calves.

“Isn't it wonderful?” Sarah asked, letting out a squeak afterward. It was when she broke out into laughter that Chelsea noticed the cups of Sarah's bra shifting around. She was on the bed, her legs spread open as if someone was holding her ankles. Off of her legs now, the stockings bulged out to thick, tone thighs and slender calves and jumped up onto the bed with her.

Chelsea wrapped her own arms around the soft, shapely outfit, catching every detail of Sarah's display. A slender, smooth indentation sank into the dampest part of Sarah's panties, eliciting a delighted whimper.

And now I can pounce, Nyxe said in Sarah's mind, because she wants exactly what I'm giving to you, my gorgeous student.

“Uhhh-huhhhh...” Sarah moaned, her cunt being stroked through her panties. Chelsea's attention was broken when the satin blouse let go, hovering away from her a bit. The ends of the sleeves went to her sides, and Sarah lifted her arms to get a clearer view of the visible indentations running toward her stomach, following the ends of the shiny sleeves. Just as they came to the swell of Chelsea's chest, the door to the dorm room creaked open part-way.

Gwen's head peeked out from behind the door, finding Chelsea staring back at her as Nyxe's outfit ran its invisible hands over her.

“Party's started, Brij,” she said quietly into the hall. She looked back at Chelsea and entered as Bridget followed behind. “How's it going, Chelsea?” The girl laughed and shook her head.

“It's...incredibly vivid,” Chelsea said, looking back at the living outfit before her. “Everything is so vivid.” The door shut itself after Bridget slipped in carrying a backpack.

“It only gets better,” Sarah said. “Just wait and see.” Nyxe's empty outfit playfully nudged Chelsea back against the bed, and Gwen had a seat next to Sarah as Bridget rustled through her backpack.

Chelsea looked down at her waist, where the enmpty satin sleeves of the blouse were pointed. Her blue tank-top started to ride up her stomach, and she could now see the outlines of the invisible fingers reaching higher between her clothes and her tingling skin.

“Hey, what--” Chelsea looked up at Sarah and Gwen, watching intently. “I can't think of any explanation for this.”

“Then try not to think so much,” Bridget said, pulling a pair of black satin panties and a matching bra out of her backpack. “I'll leave these up to you. I hope they're what you wanted.” Bridget tossed the lingerie, and Chelsea's attention was drawn away from the caressing living outfit as she watched both items stay suspended in the air.

“Like I can help it--the part where I listened to you in the hall, the magic clothes...I mean, I've had some weird ones in the past, but I'm going to be thinking about this one for a while long after it's--”

“Those will do splendidly,” Chelsea's eyes went wide as she heard a smoky, sensual voice that seemed to come from the empty outfit in front of her. “My dear, I would've thought you'd stopped being surprised once you saw Sarah's clothing strip itself from her.”

“And the clothes—talk too.”

“And I still have so much more to show you,” Nyxe's invisible hands slid the hem of Chelsea's blue tank top just under her breasts. “But to do that, you have to wear me.”

“Wear you?” Chelsea asked, lifting up her arms to allow the tank to be pulled off. “I'm not sure I can quite fill that—um—blouse.”

“Take Bridget's advice, dear. Try not to think so much.” The satin sleeves ran against her sides as her tank top was pulled off the rest of the way. She felt her own bra unclip, dropping her sizable tits just slightly. She felt the lacy straps dance off her shoulders, and after the bra fluttered away, the satin sleeves aimed themselves at Chelsea's perky C-cups.

It felt unreal—the silky phantom fingers were on her with the speed of a hormone-laden guy, but once they made contact, their caresses were careful—expert. Chelsea reached up and wrapped her fingers around the empty sleeves and ran them down the arms, feeling the same resistance and curvature from the blouse as she'd feel from a real woman. Fingertips clamped around her nipples just enough to incite a moan from her.

“Mmmm...that's pretty awesome,” Chelsea sighed, letting go of the sleeves as they moved down, hands tracing down her solar plexus and back down her stomach. Now they tugged on her jeans, and the ends of the sleeves converged at the button, which swiftly unfastened. The matching lingerie set disobeying gravity had now taken the shape of unseen feminine curves. Chelsea's eyes jumped to the hovering satin cups as the bra turned around and unclipped. She shrugged and put up her hands toward the shoulder straps, allowing the bra to slip over her arms. She couldn't help but laugh as the bra shuffled over her tits, seating itself perfectly before the tug pulling together the hooks in back. “So I'm getting dressed by...very friendly clothes.”

“And very friendly girls,” said the outfit in front of her, pulling down short zipper on her jeans. “But you already know about that, don't you?” Chelsea gasped as an invisible hand dove under her panties. Fingertips slowly played over fine, sensitive hair, and Chelsea placed her hands back on the shoulders of the blouse for stability as her jeans were yanked down over her legs. The black satin cups holding her perfect tits began to knead and pinch. All the attention made her swoon.

“This is, by far, the hottest strange dream I've ever had.” Chelsea pulled the blouse closer, draping her arms around the collar as fingers played against her clit.

“Happy we could oblige,” Nyxe whispered. Chelsea looked over the shoulder of the living outfit and watched Gwen's sweater pull itself off. Beneath it, a blue camisole rocked and lifted her chest, causing her to lean back and close her eyes. Sarah, still clad in lingerie, was playing with the enchanted stockings. One of them was between her legs, wriggling its toes over her panties. The other stood beside her as her hands explored the contours of the translucent material.

Chelsea's bikini briefs peeled off of her. She was pushing her body against the warm fingers running up and down her clit. The blouse moved to her side with one sleeve still trained between her legs, and the other behind her, guiding her slowly onto the bed. As soon as she was off her feet, her underwear flew off of her ankles, and the waiting satin thong replaced them. On her back now, Chelsea lifted her legs to let the thong slide up her hips.

Her nails dug into the bed as soon as the fabric came into contact with her glistening pussy.

“Ooh, that's—ohhhhhh...” Chelsea was lost in the ministrations of the satin. She could see the blouse unbuttoning itself, and she could see Bridget watching in awe as her body writhed over the bedspread, but all she could focus on was the dripping heat between her legs.

“It's time, girls,” She heard the unbuttoned blouse say. “She's absolutely ripe.” Gwen approached the bed Chelsea was laying on. Sarah followed when the filled-out stockings leapt off the bed and straight onto Chelsea's legs, tickling her into aroused laughter as they crawled up her thighs.

She tried to kick her legs, but the tight nylon held them in place, responding by applying what felt like quick-moving fingers on the soles of her feet. Somewhere between a moan and laughter, her clothes rolled her onto her stomach.

“Give me your arms, honey.” Chelsea obliged the silky voice without hesitation. The control the living clothes took over her legs, the unending pleasures screaming from her body—this might be the best dream she'd ever have. She wasn't going to ask questions.

Satin flowed up her arms and encased her shoulders. She was rolled over again, and as Nyxe's blouse buttoned, she felt something warm and euphoric building within her. The skirt was last, engulfing her nylon-covered feet and ascending her legs slowly.

Once the skirt zipped, the blouse had finished buttoning. A fully-dressed Chelsea saw all three girls standing over her. Gwen made a lifting motion with her finger, and Chelsea's skirt rode up on her. As she watched the smiling girl lift her finger again, she felt the skirt scoot up another couple inches of thigh.

Then Sarah held up her hands together. With a couple of motions, Chelsea's legs spread, and her thighs pressed up to her chest. Now every detail of the thong working her over was visible.

Come for me, baby. Let me inside. Chelsea's eyes closed as the voice echoed inside her head. Satin danced over her collarbones and hugged her chest. The soft fabric of the bra tweaked and teased at sensitive points, and invisible fingers ran up and down her stockings.

Beneath the satin thong, though, something more than the slippery fabric gliding back and forth over clit. She could see that the satin was only teasing her on the surface, but--

“Oh my g--” She let out a quiet shudder as she felt something smooth and warm enter her. With a look down, she confirmed the silk panties hadn't moved. Whatever was softly penetrating her was moving right through them.

The girls seemed to be in a trance state. All three were swaying slowly with Nyxe's motions inside Chelsea.

“I don't know what I'm feeling,” Bridget said, panting “But—”

“It's Nyxe,” Sarah said, eyes closed as her lips curled into a smile. “Nyxe is becoming part of her.” Gwen's eyes went wide. Did that mean Nyxe was taking Chelsea over?

She won't be harmed, Nyxe's voice echoed in Gwen's head. In order to focus my strength, I simply need to borrow her body for a short time. When it's returned to her, she'll be even happier with it, I promise you.

Nyxe's actions didn't require any convincing on Chelsea's part. Her shoulders tensed and dropped as she let her head fall back, hissing her acceptance through whispers flowing from her wet lips.

“Deeper...” she pleaded. “just a little deeper.” She let out a low and quiet laugh, flowing like sweet molasses. “I--I don't ever want to wake up.” She pulled her head up and looked at the girls standing over her. “More. Give me more.”

Nyxe was only happy to oblige. She could already feel Chelsea's thoughts and impulses. She was no longer limited to feeling the sexual heat rolling off the girl's body; now she was part of the furnace itself. The power she had given the girls was feeding her presence in Chelsea, and in a matter of a few moments, Nyxe would have her own flesh and blood.

Her moaning got louder, more frequent. Nyxe could feel herself inhabiting every cell, every synapse. As Chelsea's sexual pleasure appreached climax, Nyxe felt it as well. Standing over her, the girls were lost in the syrupy, flowing charge of Nyxe's magic. The more she tethered herself to Chelsea, the greater the echo in her three human anchors.

“Yyyyyes!” Chelsea moaned, her voice betraying a depth it didn't have before. “Come, come, come. Make us one.” The words came out of her mouth, but they were clearly Nyxe's. Her breathing got shorter, sharper. Chelsea's body was on the verge of release.

Sarah gasped first. A force invaded her senses, punning from her pussy and throughout her body. She raised her hands up into the air, and Chelsea started rising off of the bed. Nyxe's outfit began flapping and flowing in a windless breeze around her. Flanking Sarah, Gwen and Bridget felt it too. Their bodies went limp as they let the pleasure seep through them, and the only things holding them in a standing position were their enchanted clothes.

Now a foot off of the bed, Chelsea's hand reached anxiously between her legs as she started rubbing soaked panties. With one final cry, her back arched, and a wail of pleasure filled the room. The three girls lost themselves in the same feeling, losing awareness of themselves on the quickening.

Minutes later, Sarah opened her eyes. The first thing she was aware of was the laughter coming from the other side of the room. Blinking, she realized she was seated on a bed, slumped against the wall. She could hear the panting of the girls on either side of her subsiding, and she looked across from her to see Chelsea. Or rather—where Chelsea had been.

“I told you,” The black-haired vixen seated across from her said. “I've made her body even better than it was before.” Sarah's eyes went wide. It was Nyxe's voice; there was no doubt about it. “I can't ever thank the three of you enough,” Nyxe said, marveling at her new body. Sarah noticed it too; Nyxe's new curves filled the clothing beautifully, voluptuously. She looked up at Sarah with a grin. “C'mere.”

With Nyxe's beckoning finger, Sarah felt her lingerie pull her forward, off the bed and into a standing position. Nyxe licked her lips, and the cups of Sarah's bra tightened around tender breasts. Nyxe's body gracefully flowed to stand and meet Sarah's own, and Sarah looked into the deep brown eyes, glowing with violet undertones. The glossy black hair flung over satin shoulders gave off a floral scent.

Nyxe reached a hand behind Sarah's head, aggressively pulling her into a deep kiss. Nyxe squealed sub-vocal delight as their tongues danced. Sarah could feel the magic flowing throughout her body, especially wherever her body was touched by enchanted fabric. Nyxe detached, her shining eyes piercing Sarah's own.

“Now I've only one more favor to ask of you all,” Nyxe said. “When the work is done, our power will be unmatched. Limitless.”

Sarah had just been kissed by a sexual sorceress; she could feel Nyxe's gratitude to her in every touch. She couldn't help but smile. What would come next?

On campus, Tiffany could already feel that something was wrong, but it wasn't clear what. Her boots and outfit practically flew her up the stairs, hitting every other step effortlessly on the way to Gwen's floor. On the landing, the outfit stopped before leaving the stairwell.

“You're ready, Tiffany?” Tiffany looked down at the black boots and nodded.

“One question,” the girl replied. “Am I right in saying that something feels...off?” One of her boots tapped against the floor.

“I felt her presence on the campus,” the boots said, “but it almost feels weaker here. You're sure Gwen is in this building?” Tiffany shook her head.

“I'm not sure at all. She won't answer her cell, so I figured her room would be the best bet.” Tiffany reached for the door handle. “Let's do it.” Her clothes and boots went through the rest of the motions, sweeping the door open and walking her through the hall until she stopped at Gwen's room. She could hear a faint female voice inside. It sounded like Bridget—maybe on the phone. Tiffany knocked.

“Yeah?” The voice was Bridget's for sure, but Tiffany could sense something else.

“Bridget? It's Tiffany.” The glow of the peephole dimmed a second, and the dorm door opened a crack.

“Hey, Tiff. Gwen's not here, but come on in.”

“Cool.” Tiffany stepped inside. “Hey, you don't happen to know where--” She didn't see Bridget. Instead, she was greeted by a mass of fabric as the door slammed shut behind her. “What—wh—Gwen?” It was a whirlwind of phantom torsos and legs, all flowing around her and pulling her onto the bed.

“Gwen's not here, honey,” A tight translucent shirt said, embracing her tightly enough to hold Tiffany's arms to her sides. “She's gone to take care of some business—but if you wait here, I'm sure she'd be interested to talk to you.”

“In the meantime,” a pair of silvery grey panties fluttered toward her, “let's have some fun, shall we?” Just as Tiffany opened her mouth to respond, the underwear stretched around her head, pulling themselves tightly on the sides of her mouth.

“Stop them!” Tiffany's boots shouted up to her. “They're acting on their own—you're stronger than they are!” Flat denim legs wrapped themselves around Tiffany's own, keeping her from being able to take the smallest step.

The translucent shirt embraced her, and the ghostly orbs pressing against her own began to manipulate her tits as items of clothing giggled around her, invading her body with every caress and restraint. She was too shocked to even gather her thoughts; focusing on her newly learned power was already lost to her. She'd already been overpowered and gagged...had she already lost?