Lofty Enchantments

01 - Lazy Sunday

Jennifer reached her front door, bags of groceries in hand. Despite being loaded from arm to arm, the lock cylinder turned, clicking open as the door slide itself open. As she walked into the loft, the door slammed and locked behind her, and she let go of the bags, which floated into the kitchen and emptied their contents into the fridge and cupboards. She walked into the house and took a seat on her couch, hearing a voice from inside her bedroom.

“Jennnnnn,” a soft voice said, “why don’t you come in here and unwind?” Jen closed her eyes and chuckled.

“I just got home, you guys. I was actually thinking about doing the dishes.” As her groceries finished putting themselves away, the cupboard under the sink popped open. A pair of yellow rubber gloves hovered out and inflated with invisible hands. Jennifer stood up and sighed. “No, no--come on. Let me feel like I’m actually doing something today.” The gloves hovered toward her and wagged a finger.

“You have done something today, Jen,” said a smoky feminine voice from the vicinity of the hovering gloves. “You got the groceries.” Jen shook her head, smiling.

“That’s nothing.”

“Well, it’s one of the only things we can’t do for you.” The gloves hovered over to the sink, turning on the water and grabbing a sponge. “I’ll do the dishes. If you’re looking to exert yourself, I’m sure there’s something they can do about that.” Jennifer followed them over to the sink.

“Sex, sex, sex...that’s all you guys think about, isn’t it?” The gloves laughed.

“This from someone who used orgasmic rituals to bring her loft to life.” Jen pointed her finger back at the gloves as she giggled, walking toward her room.

“Good point...”

The door opened before she got to it, and even she couldn’t believe what was waiting for her. They’d been preparing. A pair of thigh high leather boots stood in front of her bed, a tight leather dress and a black witch’s hat hovering over them.

“Roleplay, huh?” Jennifer asked, stepping toward the outfit.

“That’s right. I have a spell I want to show you. Hocus pocus.” As she spoke a pair of white go-go boots and a tight mini-skirt and shapely tube top walked out of the closet. “Kazaam.” A pair of PVC knee boots walked out. Fine knit fishnet thigh-high stockings were inside the empty strutting boots, held up with four silky thin straps attached to a hovering garter belt. “Abra--cadabra.” Jen’s clothes pulled her forward, and the door slammed behind her.

“Mmm...what’s happening to me?” Jen said, playing her part like a bad actress. The tight leather dress approached her.

“I’ve got you spellbound.” The go-go boots and PVC boots were next to approach. The button of Jen’s jeans popped open, and the short zipper climbed down slowly. She felt the denim beginning to pull down her waist.

“Oh, no...don’t--” Jen feebly gripped the waist of her jeans as they began to pull themselves down. The go-go boots stepped up and slid behind her. She felt the tight mini-skirt grinding against her as as the glossy material of the boots ran itself over her calves. “Oh my god, they’re all empty. How are you doing this?”

“It’s magic, baby. Do you like what you see?” The busty black dress pushed itself against Jen, who brought her hand up and explored the filled-out straps. Bringing her other hand up, she moved to the dress’ chest, running her fingers over the soft, tight material.

“What--what is it you want?” Jen’s jeans pulled themselves down, and she pretended to faint, bringing her hand up to her forehead. The leather dress laughed.

“I want you to give your body to me.” The dress pressed against her again, sandwiching her between the soft tube top and their leather tits.

“My--body?” Jen laughed, grinning.

“Every inch of it.” the leather boot swept under Jenn’s ankles, tripping her up. Her tight t-shirt and panties gently guided her to the bed as the leather outfit followed behind her. “Let’s get to the main event, shall we?”

“Awwwww, but I was just starting to have fun with her,” The go-go boots pouted.

“I can think of something more fun.” The leather purred as the panties began to pull themselves off of Jen’s hips. The fabric slid down her thighs and peeled away from her already damp pussy. Jen gasped a little, biting her lip.

“Ooh...” The go-go boots danced away from the rest of their outfit and leapt up to the bed, stepping between Jen’s legs. They hopped into the air and landed on either side of her as the panties slid down over her ankles themselves the rest of the way. The leather dress joined her on the bed, laying down next to her.

“Go ahead,” The dress said to the go-go boots. “You go first. She’s waiting for it.” Jen simply nodded at the go-go boots, spreading her legs again. She licked her fingers and reached down over her mound, soaking the area just above her clit.

“’s sooo hot when you tease me like that,” the boots said, one of them leaning forward to meet her soaked clit. Jen immediately grabbed the shaft of the boot and pulled it toward her until she felt the vamp against her pussy. She looked down to see the empty space inside of both boots as the other boot hovered parallel to its partner, sliding its toes gently over her thighs.

“You want me to get off on you tonight--or is it someone else’s turn?” Jen asked, starting to breathe more heavily.

“It’s up to you,” The go-go boots responded. “But I wouldn’t mind you riding me the rest of the night.” The boot at her clit wiggled at the ankle, spreading her lips and teasing against her.

“Nooooo-oh. No, I wouldn’t mind that either. And speaking of riding...” Jen grabbed the go-go boot sliding against her and flipped her leg around it. Now she was on her knees as the boot hovered off the bed and continued slipping against her wet lips.

One of her dresser drawers opened, and a pair of black wet-look leggings hovered out. A pair of glossy black ankle boots danced out of her closet, and the ends of the glossy leggings draped themselves into the boots before inflating to shapely thick legs.“Mmmm...much as I’d like to give you a ride--I think I’ll start off being ridden.”

“Ooh...breaking out your favorite imports, huh?” The leather boots said. Jennifer laughed as she laid back against the bed, waiting for the leggings. They tapered up to such a small waist that the proportions seemed almost impossible.

“Nothing smothers me better than that bouncy French backside,” Jennifer said, watching the thick shiny legs strut over to her. The leather dress rolled atop her, pushing its invisible leather breasts against her cheeks.

“Maybe not, but that won’t stop me from trying,” The leather sighed as the front of the dress pressed against her. Jennifer took in a breath of rich leather and wrapped her arms around the dress, trying to wrestle it off of her as the go-go boot at her pussy nudged and slid against her faster.

“Leave zis slut to me,” The glossy ankle boots said in a sensually commanding French accent. They turned around and showed off a tight, voluptuous ass on the other side of the bed, and the leather dress rolled out of the way. “Elle peut lécher mon derrière, non?” Jen’s wide eyes watched as the massive booty lowered itself over her face. She licked her lips before they made contact, and her pussy tingled as the cheeks gently engulfed her,

She breathed slowly though the soft, shiny fabric blocking her vision, feeling something catch at the sides of her shirt. Her shirt pulled itself over her ribs, pushing it as high up as it would go over her bra until it ran into the enormous lycra ass. She felt hard rubber soles and heels against her stomach, recognizing it after a second as the leather boots. The heels lifted, and the toes drifted up toward her bra. She couldn’t see it happening, but she knew what was next. The toes of the boots danced over her nipples through the fabric of her bra.

“Vous l’aimez?” Her ankle boots said, making the ass wiggle against Jennifer’s nose. “Can you ztill breathe, my little vixen?”

“Yeaah...” Jennifer’s muffled voice said. As her head was kept in place by the glossy leggings, she reached up to squeeze the soft form. It shifted against her, inflating itself even tighter and bouncing up and down against her. Jen began moaning through the fabric loudly as the go-go boot gliding against her began to slow.

“Oh, we’ve got so much more for you. Don’t come just yet.” The toes playing at her nipples backed away, and the go-go boot stopped gliding against her.

“Time to change positions,” The leather boots said. The leggings stood up again, and Jennifer was free. Before she could move, her shirt pulled itself up and over her shoulders. The leather boots unzipped themselves and moved down to her dangling toes, taking aim and slipping onto her legs. “Now you’re going to get the kind of ride I want to give you.”

The boots zipped as Jen’s bra sat her up. The slick go-go boot returned, gliding between her legs again. She grabbed it tightly and leaned forward, letting her weight fall against it. The go-go boot and the leather thigh-highs began lifting her into the air. As the lycra leggings were left behind on the bed, the PVC boots began their approach, walking up the walls and onto the ceiling. Once they were directly above Jen, they glided off the ceiling and flipped a half-turn, gently stepping onto Jen’s flat stomach. The boots felt nearly weightless as they walked toward her breasts. Kneeling down, the thigh-highs and garter belt deflated and slid themselves out of the boots. With a quick motion, they made a jump for the bed, giving the boots plenty of room to work.

“Alright, mon cherie,” The PVC boots said in a sweet sounding French accent. “I’m going to try zomething I’ve never tried before. Zis might feel a bit strange.” The boots, still on their knees, inched closer to Jen’s breasts. She looked down at the empty interiors as they cupped around her tits, the strong shiny material forming a loose seal around them. As the empty shafts began to work her tits, the leather boots felt Jennifer’s toes curl inside of them.

“Oh, she likes that.” The leather boots said to the PVC pair. “I’ll have to give it a try sometime.” “Mmmm, vous aimez quand le joue avec les nénés? Zey are la forme magnifique!” The ends of the PVC shafts flattened and slid under her tits, holding them up as if to admire them while the boots rubbed their glossy feet gently against Jen’s sides. The shafts slowly rounded out once more, the top halves gently playing against her hardened nipples as they glided over her breasts again. The pressure and suction started again as her soft breasts filled their shafts and popped back out again. Jennifer’s mouth hung open in ecstasy as she barely managed a nod.

Down on the bed, the fishnets and garter belt slid into the leather dress, whose hat and shoulders turned toward the seated leggings.

“I want a better look at that ass of yours,” The leather dress shook its shoulders at the voluptuous leggings, which turned to the dress.

“Permittez-moi de se reposer mon derrière upon you, zen...” The shiny leggings replied. They stood on the bed, aiming their ass squarely above the straps of the leather dress. The leather shoulders leaned in toward the leggings, and the ghostly negative space of a pair of lips began appearing, working over the very back of an empty camel-toe from behind. “Oooh--j’aime vos lèvres...”

“Yeah, I thought you would, curvy girl.” The words came through loud and clear despite the leather dress leaning deeper into the gigantic ass, showing more of its invisible face with a faintly-outlined nose and two slender cheeks. The two started hovering in the air as the leggings began softy moaning.

Jen ran her fingers around the heels of the PVC boots at her sides. She pressed her arms against them, feeling them inflate and deflate as they continued manipulating her breasts. Beside her, the wet-look leggings rose into the air, movement playing between an engorged camel toe. The free go-go boot joined its pair, standing in front of the enchanted mounds of the leggings as the other continued rubbing itself against Jennifer’s dripping pussy.

“Qu'attendez-vous?” The PVC boots said. “Get zose leggings going, and I’ll do the zame to madamoiselle Jennifer.” The go-go boot obeyed, gently moving into the union of the thick thighs of the leggings as the shiny ass firmed up, driving it hips against it. The leather dress kept up its stimulation behind them.

“Ooooh...oui, oui, ouuuuui...” The leggings cooed as the ankle boots at the end of their shiny legs tensed up.

“C’est exact...” The PVC boots said to the go-go boots. “If we keep working zem like zis, perhaps we’ll wake Rosaline from her nap.”

“Or have her join us without waking her,” The leather boots laughed, massaging Jen’s thighs and calves as the go-go boot continued to move in rhythm with her hips. “It’s not like she’d mind. Does someone down there want to go get her?” The closet opened up and a pair of black latex calf-highs stepped out.

“Oh, I’ll call the whole troop over. Her collection’s just as slutty as she is.” The bedroom door swung open, and the latex boots trotted out to the open space again. “In fact, there’s far more room for all of us out here.” The drop shades on the floor to ceiling windows drew themselves down, cutting the loft off from the outside world. Dancing up the half flight of stairs to the enclosed area of Rosaline’s room, the latex boots stood in front of the door as it softly clicked open.

“Psst...” the latex boots said softly into the darkness. “Party in the loft tonight, ladies. Come on out, and bring that horny little pet with you.”

“Give us just a second,” A hushed voice replied. “We’re having our own little party in here...and I’m getting the cunt-linking of my life.” The voice let out a quiet moan.

“Ah, so Rosaline hasn’t been sleeping at all!” The boots said.

“Shhh...” Another voice in the room said. “She’s sleeping, alright--but she’s doing the most amazing things with her nasty little mouth. The panties go crazy for it. When she moves on to the next pair, we’ll be right out, okay?”

“I’ll let the others know...” The latex boots climbed up the railing and jumped down. They were about to head back into Jen’s bedroom when Jen and the boots floated out of the door and into the living room. Jen moaned and gripped the black boot shafts manipulating her tits as the go-go boot giggled, sliding against her.

“She’s absolutely soaking me.” It said.

“Rosa and the girls are on their way,” The latex boots announced. Jen felt her body hovering toward the high loft ceiling, the leather encasing her legs and the go-go boot against her pussy bouncing up and down with every thrust and grinding motion Jen made. The girl was getting more aggressive now, driving herself against the smooth vamp of the go-go boot and making sweet, needy grunts begging her enchantments to lift her higher and bounce her body faster.

“They’d better hurry,” the leather boots replied. “This one’s about ready to let it all go.”

“Commmming...” A pair of silk panties buzzed with a loud whisper, hovering over Rosaline, who was still asleep. Her lips were sucking on the panties, her tongue occasionally running itself up and down the silky crotch in a figure-8 pattern. “Ooohh...I’m coming too,” they giggled.

“Il est’ve gotten ze girl to do zat in en dormant?” the ankle boots said, as their thick legs contracted around the go-go boot nuzzling itself between them.

“That wasn’t us, though we’d love to take credit. We just got curious about what would happen if we perched ourselves over her sleeping mouth, teasing against her lips, and...well, this was the result. It’s like it’s a reflex or something.”

“Elle mouille pour nous, n’est-elle pas?” The PVC boots giggled back, talking dirty to their francophonic sisters beside them.

“In more ways than one,” The panties hovering over Rosaline replied. “She gets us wet--” they said, wiggling themselves against her mouth...

“And we get her wet,” the living sheets wrapped around her responded. With Rosaline drifting well out of the room with her living sheets cradling her, a small entourage of her wardrobe followed behind.

“I’m glad you decided to come get us,” The panties said.

“The more the merrier, right?” The leather boots replied. “What do you say, Jen--should we fuck her while she’s still asleep?”

“Not...entirely--” Jen managed even as the PVC boots continued the incredible suction pushing and pulling on her tits. “But as long’re making me wait for her anyway,” she sighed, “I want her to be actively involved.” She looked over at the sleeping Rosa, her tongue working over another pair of soft satin panties, soaking a sticky shape of labia into their crotch. “But before she wakes up--I might want a piece of the tongue-work you’re getting.”

“Oh,” The latex boots added. “I’d love to be part of that one.”

“Yeah?” The sheets chuckled. “You wish you were a sheet set, then. I’ve seen action like you couldn’t even imagine.”

“I’ll bet,” The boots asked. “Though it’s kind of a shame that you can’t do more than carry and snuggle.” One of the corners of the sheet rolled itself up and started swishing around.

“Not true. As you can see, I’ve some some crude implements like this, or...” The corner unfurled itself, and a section of the sheet spread out flat. A shape began rising out of it, the satin folded and curled to a shape mimicking teardrop breasts with small nipples protruding from their peaks. “There are also more delicate ways of doing things.” The breasts slid down and into the sheet, under Rosaline. The sheet flowed slowly around her, curling itself around as a torso emerged from the other side. It was low, somewhere near her thighs, and now a pair of arms seemed to reach under the sheet and up Rosa’s sides. When the hands reached her breasts, the shape fell out of the sheet.

A second later, the sheet began pressing down against Rosa. Her breasts shifted, displaced by some unseen weight pressing into the sheet. Instead of mimicking a body beneath it, the living sheet made emulated fingers and breasts caress and play with Rosa from the outside now, making it appear as if a shapely invisible woman was riding atop her hovering body. Rosa’s legs began to tense.

“You see?” The sheets added. “Delicate as a flower petal.” The glossy black leggings and ankle boots riding a go-go boot hovered over to Rosa. The boots themselves hovered close to Rosa’s moist mouth, her pink lips remoistening themselves with every smack as she hungrily licked the satin panties.

“Je veux sa langue à l’intérieur de mon chatte...” The boots purred, “That tongue. I want it... now.”

“No problem,” The panties replied. “We get enough of this on a nightly basis. Just let us get out of your way and she’s all yours.” The go-go boot drifted away from the leggings and hovered over in Jen’s direction.

“Look at the body on you,” the sheet flared, reaching out to skim against the thick thighs. Jen’s body hovered upright to let her see the escalating interplay between her and Rosaline’s belongings. Now she was riding against the go-go boot, and she reached down to pull the shaft against her, squeezing the PVC boots and holding them against her body. Jen saw the go-go boot approaching her, and she reached out her hand and made a beckoning motion. As her leather boots spread her legs wider, the go-go boot joined its twin at her crotch.

The tight, shining leggings hovered just over Rosa’s face now. She wasn’t so much licking as she was mumbling, moving her lips in her sleep. But as the tight, phantom ass approached, Rosa’s lips opened wide, her pink tongue protruding, reaching out to the tight fabric. She took a lick, remoistened herself and took another. Soon, her tongue darted off in every conceivable direction, ensuring to hit every nook and cranny. Almost instinctively, her subtle licking became intense penetrations.

“Léchez-moi, mmmm....léchez-moi, léchez...” Invisible fingers seemed to press on the sides of the legging’s hips, sliding down outside the round cheeks and squeezing them together. “ magique, mon cheri.” Rosa buried her tongue between them, licking the fabric from ass to clit. “Léchez-moi...” The form wiggled against her, and Rosa woke up. It didn’t stop her from responding to the enchanted feminine shape hovering above her.

“Oh...” Rosa muttered to the huge ass hovering over her. “Hmm...what a nice surprise.” She licked again, pressing her tongue between the swollen labia in the shiny leggings. “A very nice surprise.” Rosa’s arms snapped across the legs above her and pulled them deep into her face.

“Oooooh...sorcière mauvaise!” The leggings sounded, their legs curling under them. The seam got tighter through the ass and pussy, and now Rosa slid her lips and tongue all over the slippery material. The sheet continued to shift over her, caressing her breasts and gently working over her clit.

Along with herself, Rosaline, and their hungry clothing companions, Jennifer watched the leather dress and fishnets fly through the apartment, chased by the miniskirt and tube top. The dress turned and stopped, and the outfits met. The well-filled tube top clashed against the soft leather, bouncing and sliding against its tits as the miniskirt seemed to straddle and ride on an invisible,  fishnet-covered thigh.

She was grinding against the go-go boots harder. Faster. She felt them competing over her dripping pussy, nuzzling each other out of the way as the PVC boots around her tits occasionally broke their seals to pinch and prod her sensitive nipples.

“Oooh, Jenny--” The leather boots moaned, feeling her impending orgasm. “You’re getting close.” She didn’t respond. She only let out pleased little sounds, grinding her hips and absorbing every tease, pinch, suck, and pop of her breasts from the PVC boots. They were charging up, becoming more aggressive with each burst.

“J’aime vous baiser, Jennifer...” The PVC boots moaned.

“Yeaaaaah,” Jennifer replied. “You’re gonna make me come.”

“Oooh, oui--et je....make zem both cum! I cannot take much more of zis,” Pleaded the leggings as one of Rosa’s fingers found its way into the bud of the glossy, intangible ass.

“Just-a-lit-tle-lon-ger,” The go-go boots said in staccato with every motion. “Ride me harrrder.”

A pair of black leather opera gloves emerged from within the darkness of Rosa’s room. They clasped their hands together as they approached the hovering, lust-soaked girls .

“Wow--a party like this, and I don’t get an invite?” They asked in a bawdy, burlesque tone.

“ just wanted to be fashionably late--as always.” The sheets replied. They began to peel off of Rosa and gently spread her legs. “The final act is all you ever seem to show up for these days--though I do have to say, it is what you’re best at.” The sheets began to chuckle. “I’ll hold her still, and you finger that pussy of hers until she explodes.”

“Playing director, are you?” The gloves took their positions between Rosa’s legs. “I know my marks, darling. I was her first time for a reason.”

“Which reminds me,” The sheets said. “I wouldn’t mind to have those leather fingers of yours dance over me once in a while.”

“Take it easy, stretch. You’re working for the lady right now.”

“Oh, I know--that’s how I intend to demonstrate my expertise to you.” Between Rosaline’s legs, an unmistakable phallic shape rose in the satin, showing clues to its nature as the sheet bent and wrinkled around it. The fabric pulled taut around the form, and the tip began sliding itself up and down between moist lips.

“I see...” The gloves responded as they hovered over Rosa’s hips. One of them reached down and rubbed two fingers over her clit. The other glove reached down and cupped its fingers against the rock-hard shape in the sheet, pressing it down on Rosa’s pussy and spreading it open.

Rosa let out a long moan as she buried her face deeper in the leggings. They tightened their thighs around her and crossed their legs around her, pulling her closer and forcing her to please them. The soft leather tapping at her clit, the dirty, horny sheet set that Rosa had trained to be as sexually demanding as she was, and the saucy full-figured French leggings begging for her tongue--she was already in the mood by the time she woke up, but the full-on assault of sensation all over her body already had her on the verge of orgasm.

“Oh, mon amour...almost zere.” The leggings were twitching by this point, randomly kicking in the air with each pass of Rosa’s expert tongue.

“Jenny’s about to lose it too,” The go-go boots announced. “Let’s put ‘em over the top, shall we, ladies?” While one began to penetrate deeper with its toe, the other go-go boot floated off to the side, continuing to gently massage Jen’s inner thigh. It slid around the back of her leg and slid back up in the other direction, gliding across her ass and burying its vamp between her round cheeks. Now she was perched between the toes of two slippery go-go boots, as the shiny black boots at her tits alternated between sucking, smacking and squeezing. The boots flipped themselves around, shifting their lower shafts from her hips to her face, rubbing her cheeks in slick PVC.

“Mmm...I can feel it. Point of no return, girls.” The leather boots seemed to be losing themselves in the energy radiating off of the legs they held. Jen began to buck against the living go-go boots as hard as she could, shrieking pleasure and wrapping her arms around the shafts of the PVC boots as she held herself against them, smelling the sweet plastic.

“Come...come...Rosa, come with me--I’m gonna, I’m gonnaaaaa--”

“Ohhhhhh...oui! Je ne peux pas s’arrêter!” The ankle boots shrieked. “Lechez-moiiiii!” The massive ass of the leggings began to rumble over Rosa’s wet lips, driving the girl wilder as her own pussy and ass were violated by her living sheets. Knowing Rosa’s penchant for rough play, the leather opera gloves playfully slapped at her tits, bouncing them around as Rosa moaned into the shiny lycra grinding and shaking against her lips.

From the kitchen came the sound of a plate smashing against the floor as the yellow gloves began to moan loudly, one of them grasping the edge of the counter tightly as the other slammed its rubbery palm against it. The sexual energy was beginning to affect other enchantments in the loft, even if they weren’t involved with the ghostly orgy in the living room. The lights flickered on and off, and the television flipped between random pay-per-view porn channels.

In Jen’s room, two invisible feminine figures appeared to emerge between the sheets, writhing and throwing themselves against each other in a fit of passion. The clothes that had come to life were tumbling and grinding against each other, as dozens of purring feminine voices begged for release. Cupboards and dressed drawers quickly opened and shut. The bedroom doors did the same, flailing on their hinges with urgency. The loft itself seemed to creak and moan in time with the girls’ impending release.

Rosa sang the note that set the others off, her body melting to nothing but raw sensation as her sheets fucked her soaked pussy. The sound of her ultimate release set off Jen, who was screaming as she pounded her hips against the toes of her go-go boots.

“Mon con fantôme!” The leggings squealed. Rosa swore she felt the ass swell even more as she absorbed the enchanted clothing’s release. In a final eruption, the gravity seemed to disappear from the apartment. Jen let out a powerful moan as she watched the effects of her magical orgasm with Rosa.

Although still filled out with gorgeous invisible curves, the clothes were disoriented, drifting around the space of the loft after their overdose of sexual energy. Rosa’s sheets let out a sigh as they wrapped tightly around her, embracing her body. The leather gloves brushed her hair from her face, and the leggings and ankle boots that buried her face moved down, gently straddling her waist and riding her.

“Zey have more to learn, but zey bien joué, non?” The PVC boots asked.

The go-go boots fell to the ground, staggering drunkenly across the living room and tracking Jen’s juices across the carpet. A towel floated in from the bathroom to wipe them off.

“I think they did splendidly,” Jen whispered. The PVC boots released Jen’s breasts and slid down her skin, dropping back onto solid ground. “What do you think, Rosaline? Fun?”

“Always,” Rosa said, pulling her arms out of the sheets flowing over her and caressing her. She reached out to the thick thighs of the leggings gently riding her. “You know what I was thinking? We need more imported clothes.” She ran her hands up and down the curvy thighs, giggling.

“Zen allow me to suggest ze latex L’Autriche, ou La Russie? Perhaps ze zentai Japonais ou votre favori Américain--ze ‘French maid’?” A laptop on the coffee table opened u, accessing a browser, after finding a cute looking maid uniform on a French site, it placed an order for several.

“I’d love to hear what a pair of hot Italian boots would have to say if I rode them like Jen rode those go-go boots tonight,” Rosa said. On an Italian website, an order was placed for several pairs of delicate leather boots in a variety of styles and heights.

On a Russian site selling custom latex clothing, catsuits, chaps, corsets, leggings and kinky dresses and military uniforms were purchased. Another website displaying Japanese kanji opened up, and orders were placed for outfits ranging from schoolgirl uniforms to zentai enclosure suits.

It was all bought and paid for using Jen’s magic. Thanks to an untraceable account that never seemed to run out of money, the companies would be paid, and the girls would never draw any attention.

“Well,” Jen said. “I guess our education’s about to get even more interesting.” She was about to return to her room to fix things back up, when a notice appeared on the screen of the laptop.

“Hey Jen,” Came a voice from the laptop’s speakers, “You’ll wanna see this email.” She looked closely at the screen, now displaying her inbox. There was one unopened email from the Uncanny Advertising Agency, the words INTERVIEW SCHEDULED in the subject head. Jen beamed.

“Oh ho--looks like the resume must have checked out. Guess who has an interview?”

“Interview?” Rosa interrupted. “Is it the firm you were looking at before?”

“Looks that way...” Jen grinned, looking back to find Rosa and every article of clothing in the house facing in her general direction. “Pretty sweet, huh? We might be going public sooner than I planned. ” She clasped her hands together. “I told you all that sneaking around was gonna pay off for us. What time’s the interview?”

“10:30. I’m printing out the address for you now.”

“Thanks, babe.” Jen said, tracing her fingers down the side of the screen. A giggle crackled from the speakers.

“But this is the firm right? The one with all the network-level clients?” Rosa asked.

“The same,” Jen answered. “And if I can sneak something into a program with a twenty or thirty percent share--millions of people are going to see it. Better yet, if it gets put online, that millions of Internet users as well. I do everything right, and the whole developed world could will see it. Could you imagine?” Rosa laughed to herself.

“I’m imagining a world full of people sitting in their living rooms as their furniture and clothes announce that things are going to start running a little differently...” Jen made a beckoning motion and Rosa’s sheets whipped toward Jen, taking her with them. In less than a second, she was inches away from Jen’s smiling face. Jen reached out and took Rosa’s hand.

“You don’t seem to mind the regime around here too much,” Jen said. Rosa giggled and made a face at her.

“That’s because you staged a coup,” Rosa said, leaning in closer. “You know damn well I couldn’t have fled if I wanted to. The loft’s in my name, and I wasn’t going to be on the run from a gorgeous super-powered witch AND my creditors.” Jen laughed, pulling her in for a kiss.

Rosa wondered, as she often did in situations like this, if she was more than an acolyte to Jen. The witch she was living with had plenty of agents, but as far as Rosa knew, not all of the women Jennifer Crowley had managed to collect got to experience the same things Rosa did. With their own magic enchantments--maybe something close--but not with Jen herself.

The memories of the night they met rang in her head like celestial bells. Rosa had hosted a party in her loft, and Jen showed up uninvited in a cute little outfit, staying long after the guests had gone. From there, three straight days of hot, sticky sex--with Jen’s magic transcending any boundary of pleasure Rosa knew of. She took on Jen as a roommate within that first week.

There was no way she could leave this. She was having too much fun playing with the magic, the infinite possibilities--but much as she didn’t want to admit it, there was something else. Though she didn’t know a thing about Jen’s power--where it came from, what its limitations were--what she wanted most was to be with this magical goddess rooming with her.

The sheets gently placed Rosa next to Jen on the love seat before leaving the living room and opening up a utility closet door. A corner of a sheet opened up the washing machine as the set slipped in. The laundry detergent and fabric softener hovered into the air and poured themselves into their reservoirs before the door slammed shut and the machine turned itself on.

In Rosa’s room, a new set of sheets climbed onto the bed and folded themselves over the mattress. After a towel finished wiping them down, the gloves squirted some liquid from a bottle of leather conditioner onto themselves, rubbing it into every crevice. Having unzipped and removed themselves from Jen’s legs, the leather boots reunited with the leather dress and witch hat on their way back to Jen’s room. Along the way, the gloves put another blob of conditioner in their hands and began to rub the boots and dress down.

On their way back to the drawer and closet, the PVC boots and tight lycra leggings mumbled French to each other, discussing how nice it would be to have some new maids to play with.

The last of the clothes followed, shuffling back into their respective bedrooms.

A carpet cleaner departed the utility closet and made its way to the living room where the trail of sexual nectar left by the go-go boots and few other visible drops were the only evidence that remained after an enchanted orgy had taken place minutes before. The girls got up from the love-seat and headed, hand-in-hand, into Jen’s room.

“That’s not very fair,” The carpet cleaner muttered. “It’s always cold by the time I lick it up.”